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June 2009 Archive

    1. Front Mission Evolved changes inspired by CoD and Rainbow Six
    2. Uncharted 2 to get another mulitplayer demo before launch
    3. Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 release date announce "very soon"
    4. Analyst predicts StarCraft II will not arrive until 2010
    5. Red Faction: Guerrilla screens show upcoming DLC
    6. Splinter Cell: Conviction video talks about stealth, changing the series
    7. Ron Gilbert to keynote PAX 2009
    8. Rumor: Taiwanese manufacturers get PS3 Slim contract
    9. Capcom officially announces Gathering Hall for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
    10. Red Faction: Guerrilla getting three DLC packs
    11. Sega says mature titles on Wii show long-term success
    12. Forza 3 shots show the sexy cars soon to grace your 360
    13. Monolith hiring for AAA first-person action title
    14. This week's Forza 3 news has loads of cars, Japanese racetracks
    15. Xbox Live activity for week of June 22 - Halo's back, baby
    16. Full-game downloads to account for 50% of console sales by 2019, says Pachter
    17. Wii Sports Resort moves 353,827 copies in four days
    18. Dragon Quest IX multiplayer video shows Wi-Fi functionality
    19. Wolfenstein RPG for iPhone is ready, being held back by EA
    20. Battlefield Heroes cashes in on Jackson death
    21. New DLC now available for Rock Band Unplugged
    22. Thousands sign pro-LAN StarCraft II petition
    23. HMV reports sales of ?1.95 billion for end of fiscal year
    24. Dark Void to release simultanously on PC and console
    25. Analyst says 360 will be third place by 2015, and that's OK
    26. Gears of War and Splinter Cell get new novels
    27. id planning "third team" for new project
    28. Wedbush: Wii HD could "seriously damage" a PS3 "comeback"
    29. The Pirate Bay sold, going legit
    30. Sony patents Cell-based Emotion Engine emulation
    31. "Fable III" and "announcement" recently seen together in public
    32. LittleBigPlanet dropped to ?7 on Amazon [Update]
    33. Boy added to Square Enix dragon countdown
    34. Sony expands "official licensing program" for PS peripherals
    35. EA will launch "two to three new IPs a year"
    36. Want Serious Sam HD on PS3? Tell Croteam
    37. WoW faction-change service planned
    38. Wedbush: Americans trade 100 million games per year
    39. New One Life Left out now
    40. Dropping StarCraft II's LAN support was "difficult decision"
    1. Over 50,000 download Thriller from Live for free
    2. Mindware announces "mega-bloodbath FPS" Dreamkiller
    3. Uncharted 2 live chat tomorrow
    4. China officially bans gold farming
    5. Female gamers increased in 2009
    6. StarCraft II won't have LAN support
    7. Wedbush: OnLive tech "will ultimately be widely adopted"
    8. Quakecon moves venue to Grapevine
    9. Wedbush - No new consoles till at least 2013, Wii to win current round
    10. Doom: Resurrection hits iPhone today, Quake III "no problem at all"
    11. Droplitz hits PSN
    12. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - three movies
    13. WoW held up StarCraft II for a year
    14. Epic opens Korean office
    15. ODST is open-world, Reach could use Natal, says Bungie
    16. First Ninja Gaiden Sigma II footage shows Momiji in action
    17. Trine PS3 price half that of PC
    18. Warriors: Legends of Troy site launches
    19. 7 minutes of Starcraft II
    20. Ex THQ VP now MTV Games exec VP
    21. Overlord II DLC on the way, says Sas
    22. Rising Star to publish Fragile in Europe
    23. EU PS Blog gets new features, US Blog goes mobile
    24. Only one PS3 first-party exclusive has topped 1 million US sales
    25. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince gets launch trailer
    26. Microsoft signs TV deal with Canal +
    27. Media Molecule announces Sacktue of Liberty skins
    28. Tiga: 83 per cent of UK developers outsource
    29. Sega is "very sad to hear about the passing of Michael Jackson"
    30. New Punisher PSN movie promises punishment
    31. Square Enix teaser site gets a dragon
    32. Spielberg's LMNO is still in production, isn't called LMNO any more
    33. Oliver on Blitz Arcade and Blitz 1>UP - "Digital distribution is the future"
    34. Fight Night Round 4 debuts at no. 1 in UK charts [Update]
    35. Monkey Island Special Edition for WiiWare/PSN? - new platform announce soon
    36. Blizzard: Starcraft II to allow players "to get a lot closer to the gameplay experience"
    37. THQ: We'd rather put out two good shooters than concentrate on diversity
    38. Be a Burnout expert, get a diamond-branded P12
    39. EA: Fight Night Round 4 might get button-play via DLC
    40. Lost Planet 2 demo "coming soon, I guess," says Takeuchi
    41. Greenberg: MS E3 was "historic" - Sony did a "good job" too
    42. Hitman 5 due in 2010, plot will tie in with movie sequel
    43. Yamauchi: GT5 release date will be announced "soon"
    44. 10 minutes of Arkham Asylum... in Polish
    45. Mass Effect 2 characters not reusable in Mass Effect 2
    46. Hulu blocked on PS3
    47. Men of War gets autumn expansion
    1. Michael Jackson's Thriller video free for today on Live [Update]
    1. eBay "Deal of the Day' is Xbox Live Gold Membership for $27.99
    2. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 landing on PSN and XBL in July
    3. Weekly MMO news round-up: EverQuest and FusionFall expansions, Star Wars hitting Comic-Con
    4. Rumor: Sony to start development of gaming phone in July
    5. New Uncharted 2 footage scheduled for July 9 on GTTV
    6. Wolfenstein: B.J. Blazkowicz will remain the strong, slient type; movie in the works
    7. Muzyka talks about the reorganization of BioWare and Mythic at EA
    8. Rhianna Pratchett feels gaming plots have become more important, but need less testosterone
    9. Silent Hill franchise does not need to be platform specific, says producer
    10. Dragon Age: Origins shots show us, well, dragons
    11. GameStop pre-orders of Metroid Prime Trilogy net free t-shirt
    12. Nintendo on cross platforming: "We don't do it for the sake of doing it"
    13. Ninja Gaiden Sigma II screens look rather nice
    14. Warner likely new Midway owner after being sole bidder
    15. Obsidian confirms cancelation of Aliens RPG
    16. BioWare: Mass Effect DLC news "will have to wait"
    17. Mass Effect Galaxy performance patch on the way
    1. More price cut rumors: PS3 and Xbox 360 both getting cheaper by fall
    2. Zeno Clash gets new DLC and 50% off on Steam
    3. Open beta for Champions Online coming in August
    4. THQ has been playing around with Natal dev kits for weeks
    5. inFamous space coming to Home soon
    6. Trine demo lets you try out three player co-op
    7. The Darkside Chronicles may or not see a 2009 release
    8. THQ is developing its own gaming peripheral
    9. Clover and Tank Strike creators say Microsoft doesn't nurture independent titles
    10. Speed Weekend festival part of new expansion pack for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift
    11. Kojima already has three ideas for Metal Gear Solid 5
    12. Mark Jacobs bids adieu to fans and Mythic
    13. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North gets trademarked
    14. Koei merger with Tecmo official in Europe
    15. Australia plans to block online access to games above a MA-15+
    16. PSP Go: House says a "certain premium" is expected with new hardware
    17. SIGGRAPH 2009 session to focus on graphics in Gears 2 and Fight Night Round 4
    18. 1 vs 100 free for everyone on Xbox Live this weekend
    19. US PS movie store update, June 26 - Daredevil, Inkheart
    20. WAR's Jeff Hickman assures that changes to management are nothing to fear
    21. Health games generate loads of cash, suggested for school programs
    22. Modern Warfare 2 weapons listed through trailer analysis
    23. Square Enix site has a lovely countdown
    24. PS3 Firmware 3.0 - Grief reporting, reputation system, background patches, multiple audio outputs, more [Update]
    25. Cage walks through Heavy Rain - three-part movie
    26. Ninja Gaiden Sigma II demo for PSN
    27. PSP Go versus PSP 3000 - Japanese photos
    28. Wolfenstein to include Nazi death stat-tracker
    29. Kaz Hirai gets new deputy
    30. Tales of VS. - tons of media
    31. 25 million Americans played music games in April
    32. Pads biggest hurdle for console MMOs, says Pardo
    33. Silver DualShock 3 goes on sale in the US
    34. id-Zenimax discussions started a year ago
    35. Expanded PSN to "should" launch "next spring"
    36. Bungie to attend PAX
    37. Japanese hardware sales - The "we're not dead yet" edition
    38. Uncharted film in the works
    39. Michael Jackson's dead - here are his videogame appearances!
    1. Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne to give keynote at GDC Europe
    2. US PSN update, June 25 - Brothers in Arms, TMNT
    3. Rumor: New Tomb Raider to possibly be released in 2010
    4. Activision: DJ Hero is "more mainstream" than Guitar Hero
    5. Epic explains Memorial Day event's matchmaking issues
    6. Mortal Kombat film producer files to block Midway sale to Warner
    7. Gearbox confirms "War Hero" as future projects
    8. Rumor: Elite 4 coming to PC, PS3, and 360
    9. Darkfall opening American server and getting patched July 7
    10. Bethesda almost finished with PS3's Fallout 3 DLC
    11. Devolver Digital formed by Gamecock, GOD games founders
    12. Euro PSN update, June 25 - Heroes in a half shell
    13. Sony gives break down of Home figures as it reaches 7 million users
    14. PSP Go: UK games retailers remain uncertain about stocking the handheld
    15. Japanese software sales, WE June 21 - Three debuts land in top 10
    16. Almost half of Crackdown team working on Crackdown 2
    17. id went with Zenimax to avoid "big corporate changes" involved with an EA or Acti buy
    18. Mythic - "There are no plans to change the studio names," says EA
    19. Battlefield Heroes finally launches
    20. Prototype Big Daddy concept art released
    21. Square noncommittal regarding The Last Remnant on PS3
    22. Splash Damage has "rules of engagement," doesn't like ports
    23. Skirmish and online maps included in Red Alert 3 patch
    24. PS3 price cut - Euros "see the value of the machine," says House
    25. Retailers could save $6 billion annually with new disc-based security device
    26. ArmA II demo now live
    27. SCEE to show "much more" on PS3 motion tech at Develop
    28. Left 4 Dead 2 - new shots
    29. Eurogamer Denmark goes live
    30. Agent website goes live
    31. Chinese WoW down since June 7, no date for game to come back online
    32. Serious Sam HD - first shots
    33. Crackdown 2 set in future PC, gameplay has been "altered significantly"
    34. Acti boss - PS360 motion tech "logical" after Wii's success
    35. Schafer: Lemmy "invited me to his house"
    36. Serious Sam remake heading to XBLA
    37. Dawn of War II to get map editor
    38. Rumour: Marvel Vs Capcom 2 heading to retail
    39. Sony: PSP open to "non-gaming applications"
    40. Behold: the Twitter 360
    41. Jolie "furious" at Fox Croft rumours, says Sun
    42. EA and Dr Pepper link for marketing push
    43. Chatty Christian Bale isn't doing an MGS film
    44. Living Beatles were "creative partners" for Rock Band game
    45. Square Enix sued over "concealed" FFXI fees
    46. Icarusish game deIcarusised due to Icarusiness
    47. Dead Rising 2 going underground until TGS
    48. Mythic staffers "shocked" at Jacobs' departure
    49. StarCraft II beta logos appear on BattleNet
    50. Tale of Tales announces Fatale
    51. Worms 2: Armageddon dated for July 1
    52. Gearbox trademarks War Hero titles
    53. Romero not "disgusted" about Zenimax id deal any more
    1. David Reeves to keynote new Games Convention
    2. Free Realms gets guilds
    3. Gran Turismo PSP - new screens
    4. Romero brands Zenimax id buy as "disgusting"
    5. id sale - We'll still publish Rage, says EA
    6. Xbox Live Community games not "financially viable"
    7. Hands-on Halo ODST and Bungie chats for London in July
    8. Mark Jacobs leaves Mythic, Muzyka takes on new EA MMO/RPG group
    9. id sold to Zenimax [Update]
    10. Modern Warfare 2 loses brand awareness without CoD name
    11. Rumour: Wii Netflix survey drops $10 charge
    12. Tigon - Some in Hollywood see games as "meaningless bulls**t"
    13. WoW patch to add quest markers to map
    14. Modern Warfare 2 gets a mobile version
    15. New Tingle game - the best teaser trailer in world history
    16. Agent is "about espionage, set in the 1970s"
    17. Analyst: Natal is "technological solution in search of a problem"
    18. THQ announces global restructuring plans
    19. Max Payne 3 is joint Rockstar Studios effort
    20. Mass Effect 2 reward confirmed for iPhone players
    21. Nintendo confirms two new Tingle games
    22. Microsoft 3DV acquisition confirmed
    23. Study - Games offer US "rare opportunity" to invest in youth education
    24. Rumour: Lay-offs hit Rockstar New England
    25. PS3 Firmware 2.80 incoming, doesn't really do much
    26. Acti boss - Ride lets you skate like Hawk without "breaking your head open"
    27. Pachter: 360 Twitter and Facebook integration "most important" E3 news
    28. Overlord II, Dark Legend and Minions ship
    29. Avatar summer wear out now
    1. Ninjabee hints at flame tossing Avatars via Twitter
    2. Microsoft to release wireless mics for music games
    3. Xbox Live activity for the week of June 15 - World at War tops
    4. New Max Payne 3 shots emerge, look colorful
    5. Pre-order Assassin's Creed II through GameStop, get a free palace
    6. Mastertronic hopes to appeal to wider audience with new Indie label
    7. Adventure Quest play inspired by Sierra Adventure games
    8. Tales of Monkey Island may come to Xbox Live
    9. Media Molecule hiring for a "ground-breaking, AAA, PS3 title"
    10. Gamescom 2009: 300 exhibitors now confirmed
    11. Final Fantasy VII downloaded over 100,000 times on PSN
    12. Three Men have PEGI ratings power, and GTA IV has a meth recipe
    13. Gears of War 2 gets Update 4 release notes but no date
    14. Best Buy store kiosks now selling used games
    15. Rumor: Square job posting suggests FFXIV beta for September
    16. Modern Warfare 2 will have two-player Special Ops mode instead of co-op
    17. Witcher: Enhanced Edition patch to be released in July
    18. Aion: The Tower of Eternity gets a release date
    19. Nintendo weekly releases - Mini Golf, The Living Planet
    20. Global Industry Analysts predicts gaming market to reach $91 billion by 2015
    21. Treyarch working on patch and Map Pack for CoD: WaW on PC
    22. New PSP Monster Hunter bundles shown in Japan
    23. Punisher: No Mercy gets July 2 PSN release
    24. GT5 Citroen concept "does" London in actual life
    25. Tropico 3 confirmed for 360
    26. Fernando Torres joins Messi as PES 2010 cover star
    27. Fallout 3's Point Lookout available now
    28. Rumour: Warner closing on Codemasters buyout
    29. Mass Effect Galaxy now live
    30. New Realtime Worlds project to be announced next year [Update]
    31. DiRT 2 on Wii gets video
    32. Gary Busey laughs like mentalist in Saints Row 2 DLC promo
    33. "Middle audience" next to provide growth in Japan - Suda
    34. E3 Game Critics Awards announced
    35. Moore: Posthumous Madden wouldn't be "weird"
    36. NPD drops weekly PC charts
    37. White Stripes: Music games are "depressing," "sad"
    38. Online survey hints at Command & Conquer 4 plans
    39. New One Life Left out, is good
    40. Sims 3 leak was "demo program," says Riccitiello
    41. The Conduit gets 8.6 from IGN
    42. New Necessary Force concept art released
    43. Read all issues of a now-complete inFamous comic
    1. Eurogamer re-reviews Grand Slam Tennis at 8/10
    2. THQ nets Vigil monster office in Austin
    3. Tekken 6 Campaign mode is a bit, um... yeah
    4. Castle Crashers hits 1 million players
    5. Tekken 6 gets October 27 release date
    6. Tekken 6 to feature Cardboard Tube Samurai
    7. Duke Begins unearthed by Take-Two lawsuit
    8. Dark Void video shows vertical combat, flight
    9. Bleszinski: I'm not working on a horror game
    10. ArmA II dated for the US
    11. Aion has lengthy video, looks bloody amazing
    12. New Tekken 6 screens reveal characters
    13. Gearbox boss wants something new from Bungie and Infinity Ward
    14. Moore: Natal and Sony motion control a "huge opportunity"
    15. SimEarth: The Living Planet heads to Virtual Console - Wii and DSi Ware detailed
    16. Avatar development rules revealed: No sex, decapitation, talking
    17. Rockstar announces GTA: Chinatown Wars for PSP Go!
    18. Telltale: Natal is a "huge thing for what we're doing"
    19. GamesAid announces Eurogamer, Codemasters, Nintendo as company partners
    20. Wedbush Morgan raises THQ, Ubisoft and Activision market valuations
    21. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is Deal of the Week
    22. Developers gave us Max Payne 3 October 30 release date [Update]
    23. RIDE skateboard more as a platform than a peripheral, says Robomodo
    24. New Wii Sports Resort footage looking decent
    25. Ballmer apology: "I confused the issue with my poorly chosen words"
    26. Prototype tops UK chart
    27. New Mass Effect DLC to get detailed this week?
    28. F1 2010 gets concept art
    29. Championship Manager 2010 gets September kick off
    30. Next update will make 360 dash "faster" / "out later this year,"says the Major
    31. You don't have to be a "hardcore, maniac user" to enjoy Bayonetta, says Sega
    32. Splinter Cell Conviction console exclusivity was "a logical step," says Ubisoft
    33. Fat Princess not out this week but "summer," says Sony
    34. America's Army studio closes
    35. Moore to Obama: try EA Sports Active and say you'll "Yes you Can!" to videogames
    36. Point Lookout to give Fallout 3 players "several hours" of play
    37. Rumour - New Michael Jackson game in the works
    1. Weekly MMO news round-up: Rise of the Tomb Kings live, WoW on Flying Mounts, Aion pre-order bonus
    2. Sixth map for Quake Live campaign released
    3. Hitman writer's Eden is based on Lars Von Trier film Antichrist
    4. ArmA II patch improves AI, terrain shape, and multiplayer
    5. Dynasty Warriors 6 videos show customization and Meng Huo
    6. Lord of the Rings Online Book 8 ready for pre-patching
    7. German commission wants to stop sale of banned games through Austria
    8. Rumor: Mass Effect DLC being released in August
    9. NCAA Football 10 demo available on 360 and PS3
    10. Ascaron still working on Sacred 2 add-on
    11. PS3 motion controller has force feedback rumble, other nifty things
    12. Superstars V8 Racing demo arrives for PC
    13. GameStop: Digital distribtion will not be an "addressable market" until 2014
    14. Valve details Left 4 Dead update coming next week
    15. GamersGate has loads of titles on sale this weekend
    16. Modern Warfare 2 shots have more snow, preview gives high marks
    17. Minkley: Identity theft "not a specific problem to videogames"
    1. Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon confirms MK9 is "mature"
    2. Deadline was working on three games before bankruptcy
    3. LotRO growing, no plans for server-merge, says Turbine
    4. UK getting BioShock Oblivion Bundle in July
    5. Mass Effect 3 will have Shepard, but will possibly be "different"
    6. Third-party game accessories coming to iPhone, iPod Touch
    7. Kalypso Media forms Gaming Minds Studios with parts of Ascaron
    8. Bohemia Interactive releases ArmA II launch trailer
    9. SCEA responds to Kotick's PS3 "support" comments
    10. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood "Oh Mama" trailer is best yet
    11. Japanese software sales, week ending June 14 - Infinite Space usurps Kingdom Hearts 358/2
    12. Fallout 3: Point Lookout screens show a creepy Bayou
    13. Steam deals include Empire: Total War, Novalogic titles
    14. EA releases a massive bunch of Brütal Legend screens
    15. Sony on Kotick PS3 drop threat - We respect third-party opinion, but no comment
    16. GameStop breaks Fallout 3: Point Lookout street date
    17. Acti Sony threat - "Of course Bobby's bluffing," says Pachter
    18. PEGI ratings enforcement expected to begin before Christmas
    19. Unconfirmed: dates Gran Turismo 5 for November
    20. US PS movie store update, June 19 - Death Wish II, Fletch
    21. Eurogamer to re-review Grand Slam Tennis
    22. Acti boss - "We might have to stop supporting Sony" next year [Update]
    23. Rare gets Twitterfied, pimps Natal jobs
    24. Battlefield 1943 to get "trial version"
    25. God of War III - 13 minutes of gameplay
    26. Splinter Cell Conviction on PS3? Never, says Ubi
    27. Watch developers play Monkey Island on the internet tonight
    28. Acti - Modern Warfare 2 to be "biggest entertainment launch ever"
    29. StarCraft II gets new Battle Report
    30. id: No Hitler in Wolfenstein
    31. Forza 3 CE detailed, includes "keychain"
    32. Warhammer Online gets Asian launch next week
    33. BioWare "intrigued" by Wii
    34. Japanese hardware sales - The "going nowhere fast" edition
    35. Dragon Quest IX doesn't have Wi-Fi co-op
    36. Ballmer - New Xbox in 2010: Greenberg and Nelson - No there isn't
    1. Empire: Total War patch landing June 22
    2. US PSN update, June 18 - MGS PS1 released
    3. John Pleasants joins social games firm Playdom as CEO
    4. Dawn of War II update There is Only War gets July beta
    5. Bionic Commando Rearmed getting PS3 Trophies and a patch
    6. John Schappert leaves Microsoft, goes back to Electronic Arts
    7. Harmonix talks three-part harmonies for The Beatles: Rock Band
    8. Capcom announces MotoGP 09/10 in development from Monumental
    9. GameTap adds Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament: GotY, updates freebie list
    10. E3 demo for God of War III to air on G4TV tonight
    11. Euro PSN update, June 18 - Pacific Rift, and that's about all
    12. Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 exceeds 1 million downloads
    13. Cliff Bleszinski isn't "burned out" with the Gears franchise
    14. Splatterhouse pushed into early 2010
    15. DiRT 2 features a Colin McRae Memorial Cup race
    16. Sega promotes Naoya Tsurumi and Mike Hayes as Jeffery departs
    17. AMD and Nvidia to release "next gen" graphics chip by year's end
    18. Tomb Raider creator named lead designer for Crystal Dynamics' new game
    19. Rumor: inXile trademarks "Choplifter" with US Patent Office
    20. Koei and Tecmo plan to merge two titles into one game
    21. LucasArts feels digital distribution increases interest in retro games
    22. Sgt. Johnson is playable as a Halo 3: ODST pre-order bonus
    23. Heavy Rain still needs loads of work, says Cage
    24. Warrior Epic expansion gets a July release
    25. Xbox 360 Arcade shipping with 512Mb standard
    26. Champions Online will not go after World of Warcraft
    27. Blizzard: StarCraft II beta is "very, very close"
    28. Leadbetter: PS3 Ghostbusters "simply isn't good enough"
    29. Realtime Worlds hits 250 staff, 40 jobs available
    30. Xbox Live Marketplace issues fixed, says Nelson
    31. Schafer: "Humour would get more people into games"
    32. Xbox Original whacked, moved to games on demand service
    33. Uncharted 2 women talk "subconscious" character recognition
    34. Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer will "always be free"
    35. More Lucas point-and-click could follow Monkey Island
    36. Harold Ramis "glad" he passed up directing Super Mario Bros film
    37. Ghostbusters and SOCOM getting Home space today
    38. Microsoft offers one month of Xbox Live Gold for $1
    39. ESRB makes Valve change L4D2 artwork
    40. Nielsen Halo: ODST has biggest post-E3 "purchase intent"
    41. Ghostbusters PS3 Vs 360 difference shown in screens [Update]
    42. Future US boss quits to form start-up
    1. Rumor: SOE files trademark for new EverQuest titles
    2. Qore Episode 13 bonuses include Spyro the Dragon
    3. Sakamoto encourages Retro to come up with Metroid ideas
    4. Zelnick - We want games like BioShock to sell 5 million units
    5. Oblivion bundled with BioShock is not GotY edition
    6. Natsume discusses how it was picked to be Afrika's US publisher
    7. Microsoft: Too early to discuss if 360 could do OnLive
    8. PC demo arrives for Ubisoft's Anno 1404/Dawn of Discovery
    9. Druid Sackboy being released in time for summer solstice
    10. [Update] BioShock and Oblivion get bundled together
    11. Xbox Live currently experiencing "technical issues"
    12. Pandemic doesn't consider The Saboteur a World War II game
    13. GDR releases list of Top 50 Developers of 2009
    14. New content and Shadow Moses map arrive for Metal Gear Online
    15. My Xbox layout changes show a bit of improvement
    16. Need for Speed: Shift video demos driver profile
    17. EA confirms plans for public Madden NFL 10 demo
    18. Casual online gamers log more hours, but spend less money
    19. Ghostbusters: PC multiplayer was sacrificed for console versions
    20. MAG Developer Diary Episode 1 gives you an idea of what to expect
    21. Former Factor 5 staff suing the bankrupt company for fraud
    22. UK government to open games industry skills training center
    23. Sega delays Euro release for The Conduit
    24. Atari does away with DRM limits on Neverwinter Nights 2
    25. Infinity Ward - Modern Warfare 2 is "the best f**king experience we can possibly deliver"
    26. Forza 3 video shows gameplay, Le Mans Circuit
    27. Activision: It’s “absolutely critical” Singularity gets a demo before release
    28. Dragon Age PC specs released, aren't slight
    29. Sony thinks a Facebook MMO may eventually conquer WoW
    30. UK games must pass "British" test for tax breaks
    31. New Persona teased in latest Famitsu
    32. Pre-order Halo 3: ODST for ?27
    33. Dave Jones "miffed" that Crackdown 2 went to Ruffian
    34. Necessary Force - first trailer
    35. When will UK get PEGI symbols? No one knows yet
    36. Rye Hill prisoners were never allowed PS3s, says government
    37. PEGI unveils new games ratings symbols
    38. NA games to grow by 5.8% for next 5 years
    39. RTW's Jones: "We're very, very happy" with APB
    40. Champions Online looks super in new screens
    41. Live is back up, DEFCON level drops to three
    42. PAIN releasing on Blu-ray this month
    43. Diablo III - screens for the soul
    44. Dragon Quest IX - 7 minutes of video
    45. Marvelous publishing "risky" Grasshopper PS3 title
    46. Ghostbusting: Making a game funny like "writing three hit movies"
    1. AT&T has plans for its own streaming game service
    2. Elder Scrolls titles are up on Steam, 20% off
    3. Midway Newcastle's open-world game is Necessary Force
    4. You can still game on PSP Go in "closed state"
    5. Midway Newcastle and San Diego may have to close in two weeks
    6. Microsoft: Gay Tony is different than expressing sexual orientation
    7. Capcom talks four-player co-op in Lost Planet 2
    8. Monument and Might update is live for EverQuest II
    9. Nintendo weekly releases - Mario Clock and Calculator, Samurai Toasters
    10. Will Wright says that balance is the key to team building
    11. Verizon starts its own games on demand service
    12. SCEE continues UEFA Champions League sponsorship to 2012
    13. Aion summer Beta kick-off begins this weekend
    14. Kim talks third-party, MGS coming to Xbox 360
    15. NPD: Blizzard once again tops PC charts for May
    16. VSC given power to ban games in UK
    17. Crystal Dynamics hiring art director for AAA title
    18. Majesco reports revenue increase of 60% to $20.5 million
    19. BBFC says it can do a better job than PEGI on game ratings
    20. PEGI is sole game ratings board for UK
    21. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 site has a lovely countdown
    22. Blizzard: No date to announce for StarCraft II beta, but no NDA in force
    23. Sega America presidency goes to Hayes
    24. Rumour: "New SKU design" planned for 360
    25. BBFC/PEGI decision coming this afternoon
    26. MS source brands "new Xbox" Natal talk as "nonsense"
    27. Guillemot: Next gen games to cost $60 million
    28. Motion controls for big action games? Not likely, says Ubi boss
    29. MGO gets new level, Old Snake
    30. Tim Schafer solves mystery of the disappearing Dio
    31. Live goes down for maintenance
    32. Motion-sensing is PS3 "essential", says House
    33. Take-Two Duke Nukem Forever lawsuit includes Xbox 360 ports and off-shore bank accounts
    34. Splinter Cell: Conviction - Sam's in his 50s
    35. Visceral boss "not ready" for Dead Space 2 reveal
    36. Valve releases TF2 map source files
    37. US PC charts - Sims leads for week ending June 6
    38. Pre-order Section 8, get exclusive armour
    39. Max Payne 3 to use new voice actor
    1. Sega president Jeffery moves to ngmoco
    2. DJ Hero to have wholly exclusive soundtrack
    3. RTW's Jones - Invest in careers to keep UK at "cutting edge"
    4. CoD: World at War breaks 11 million sales
    5. Console TV revenues to hit $2.9 billion by 2013
    6. Get Burnout Paradise Legendary cars from Big Surf Island - here's how
    7. Games as services concept will radically alter industry, says EA boss
    8. Rock Band Country Pack listed, dated and s**t
    9. Wolfenstein trailer shows glowy Assassin
    10. Aliens: Colonial Marines bumped out of this year
    11. Get BattleNet info in by this Friday, sites told
    12. TMNT reboot gets solid date for UK
    13. Far Cry 2 gets Classics and Platinum edition this month
    14. MGS: Peace Walker gets three new shots
    15. Bionic Commando gets 27,000 US sales in May
    16. Brutal Legend to "capture the essence" of Ozzy Osbourne
    17. Crysis 2: "Discipline" kept Crytek off consoles for so long
    18. Matthews analyses May NPD till it bleeds
    19. Free Realms beats 3 million users in 7 weeks
    20. id thought Nukem canning was a "joke"
    21. Monster Hunter 3: Tri shots show large angler fish
    22. King of Fighters Online looks pretty, a bit rubbish
    23. Fight Night Round 4, your face, punching - video
    24. Acti Blizz drops Starcom for Mediaedge:cia in US
    25. Miyamoto is developer "hero", says survey
    26. PSP Go PC software demoed in movie
    27. The Conduit goes gold, Nintendo holds breath
    28. UK charts - Sims 3 holds lead
    29. Metal Gear Online gets t**s DLC
    30. Famitsu - Awesome Bayonetta scans
    31. UK prison bans PS3 thanks to "escape attempt" fear
    32. Molyneux: I want Rare to have more of an identity
    33. FFXIII's 360 version only a few months old
    34. Katamari Damacy Tribute trailer has balls, rolling
    35. Dio cut from Brütal Legend credits
    36. No multiplay in PC Ghostbusters
    37. Final Fantasy Tactics rated for PS formats
    1. Neversoft thinks turntable integration for Guitar Hero would be swell
    2. Weekly MMO news round-up: Star Trek timelines, EverCracked, EVE rocked by bank scandal
    3. Blizzard reveals more about the map editor for StarCraft II
    4. Watch a thirty-minute demo for Darksiders: Wrath of War
    5. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood trailer is a fun watch
    6. Obsidian working on new title using its own internal engine
    7. Capcom says Street Fighter IV is possible on Wii
    8. Rogue Warrior video has loads of gunfire
    9. Max Payne 3 scans from Game Informer surface
    10. Reggie says that if Wii gets streaming video, it'll be different
    11. Stéphan Sarrazin racing on Le Mans in Forza Motorsport 3 videos
    12. Analyst predicts Modern Warfare 2 will move 11 million units this year
    13. Project Origin Armored Front map pack now available for PC
    14. Rumor: Natal to launch with updated 360 during fall 2010
    15. Warhammer's Land of the Dead patch up for pre-download
    16. Criterion: Nobody's maxed out PS3/360, they're just out of ideas
    1. Spring DLC now out on PC for Flock
    2. DiRT 2 gameplay trailer from E3 shows loads of racing
    3. Nintendo showed Zelda at Q&A because it's a ways off, will use WMP
    4. Miyamoto says Mario games don't need big stories
    5. MMO sale on Steam gives you 20-75% off
    6. Kojima played larger role in Peace Walker than originally planned
    7. Tretton: It's "absolutely conceivable" motion controller will work with current games
    8. Rumor: Sony plans to reveal PSP Go apps at Games Con
    9. Steam mistake reveals Elder Scrolls III & IV heading to service
    10. Kim: Microsoft is not leaving the gaming space
    11. Tales of Vesperia European release trailer
    12. Konami releases video for Metal Gear Arcade
    13. Le Mans circuits to be included in Forza Motorsport 3
    14. Tetris creators talk multiplayer for the series, making it a sport
    15. Pachter expects Wii price cut before year's end
    16. HAWX "Supremacy" DLC is a greatest hits pack
    17. Call of Juarez free when you pre-order Bound in Blood through Direct2Drive
    18. Wada: IPs with region-specific focus are important to worldwide success
    19. Free Realms users hit the 3 million mark
    20. Rumor: Survey suggests online service for Call of Duty
    21. Peter Molyneux discusses how Project Natal will create new genres
    22. US PS movie store update, June 12 - A Fish Called Wanda, Gran Torino
    23. Cross-party Parliamentary members form gaming group
    24. Spinal Tap heading to Rock Band next week, Evanescence too
    25. First round of publishers confirmed for Eurogamer Expo
    26. Splash Damage talks Brink, solo and multiplayer modes
    27. Main storyline in The Saboteur will last between 12-18 hours
    28. Tretton: "People don’t respect confidentiality in this industry"
    29. EA confirms small team working on Mirror's Edge 2
    30. Crackdown 2 studio seeks devs
    31. Dante's Inferno gets dev diary, hellish stuff
    32. Assassin's Creed II gets November 20 date for UK [Update]
    33. Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball launches in Europe
    34. EA: Wii games can't be ports, must have "own unique designs"
    35. Sam and Max coming to XBLA June 17
    36. Super Smash Bros. for VC today
    37. Halo: ODST full price thanks to "ambition," says MS
    38. Pachter "sincerely regrets" PSP Go "ripping off" remark
    39. 360 sells 630,000 units in Australia
    40. Tiger Woods beats $500 million in US sales
    41. Homefront video shows shooting, resistance
    42. May NPD - 360 is only growing console, says Microsoft
    43. May NPD - Nintendo celebrates 20 million Wiis, splits DSi and DS sales
    44. Japanese hardware sales, June 1-7 - The "it's not pretty" edition
    45. US games revenue fall below $1 billion for May
    46. May NPD - UFC Undisputed king of the ring
    47. May NPD - DS and Wii lead hardware pack
    1. Assassin's Creed 2 "Black Edition" is packed with goodies
    2. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona gets fall date for North America
    3. Watch some never-before-seen Duke Nukem Forever footage
    4. Reggie calls Natal and Sony motion controller "ironic"
    5. Doors to Capcom's Monster Hunter Gathering Hall open July 3
    6. Halo 3:ODST Collector's Pack has custom 360 controller
    7. Gabe Newell says there are "good reasons" Valve won't talk about Half-Life 2: Ep. 3
    8. Home finally reveals the mystery of Xi
    9. Green Day heading to Rock Band on July 7
    10. Mass Effect 2 choices could lead to a bloodbath
    11. Shane Kim says Natal launch will be as big as Xbox 360's
    12. Xbox Live Community Games to get a name change
    13. GameStop listing shows Modern Warfare 2 Collector's Edition
    14. Nintendo prevails over Guardian Media in Wii Patent lawsuit
    15. Assassin's Creed 2 not coming to DS, says Ubisoft rep
    16. Kikizo: Natal is a bigger deal than critics think
    17. Metal Gear Arcade gets detailed in latest Famitsu
    18. Japanese software sales May 31 -June 6: Kingdom Hearts still tops
    19. Guitar Hero 5 screens show better graphics
    20. EVE Online's Hilmar Pètursson to keynote GDC Europe, show new title
    21. Mount changes coming to WoW with Patch 3.2
    22. Euro PSN update - LBP Ico costume pack, Galactrix, loads more
    23. WipEout HD Fury screens are bright and colorful
    24. EA boss: Bizarre's Blur is "completely underwhelming"
    25. PopCap releases Heavy Weapon on PSN
    26. Killzone 2's Flash and Thunder map pack hits PSN
    27. Xbox Live update June 11 - CoD, Burnout, Sega Classics
    28. Warcraft Regional Finals to be held in Cologne June 26 - 28
    29. Rise of the Tomb Kings Live Event for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
    30. Overlord II demo now available for PC and PS3
    31. Saints Row 2: The Unkut Pack arrives on Xbox Live
    32. US PS Blog celebrates second birthday
    33. Burnout's Big Surf Island goes live [Update]
    34. PSP Firmware 5.51 goes live
    35. SCEE's Byron moves from PR to SingStar product management
    36. Console Crysis was "literally inevitable"
    37. Other M is a "more traditional" Metroid, says Reggie
    38. Bizarre: Blur is "adult Mario Kart"
    39. PSP Firmware 5.51 to focus on "stability"
    40. UFC disconnect cheat patch in the works, THQ confirms
    41. Newell: Left 4 Dead updates to continue despite sequel
    42. TMNT remake coming to Live first
    43. Assassin's Creed has sold 8 million copies
    1. Under Siege built exclusively for PSN with in-game level editor
    2. DICE lists new features coming to Battlefield Heroes
    3. Ubisoft provides more details for Your Shape
    4. Global Agenda "No Elves" video means just that
    5. Guillermo del Toro says there will not be a Hobbit game tie-in
    6. Advert in Famitsu suggests the return of Tingle
    7. Pachter says Sony is "ripping off the consumer" with PSP Go price
    8. EA confirms Battlefield 3, says it's "looking very good"
    9. Criterion working on a new "revolutionary" Need for Speed
    10. Iwata: Nintendo tried camera-based controllers, went different direction
    11. Assassin's Creed 2 will be more unpredictable and varied
    12. Valve says PS3 is too complex for game development
    13. Tweet My Gaming lists gaming Tweets in real time
    14. Activsion provides workaround for Prototype install issues
    15. Tecmo kept Other M so secret Koei didn't know it existed
    16. Study shows gamers get less sleep than non-gamers
    17. Sony set to launch VidZone on June 11
    18. Pre-order Dragon Age: Origins through GameStop, get goodies
    19. Volcano Pack for Battlestations: Pacific lands on June 25 for PC
    20. Forza 3 shots show sexy cars, interiors
    21. Analyst positive regarding THQ, says next fiscal year will be better
    22. Warriors Orochi Z will not release in the US
    23. Peter Moore says user reviews more relevant than Metacritic
    24. Nyko says that controllers won't go extinct anytime soon
    25. GTi Club+ Rally gets car pack
    26. Dante's Inferno website updates pay homage to nine circles of Hell
    27. Crystal D drops another 25 staff
    28. Sony plans to put "almost all" UMD games up on PSN
    29. Sony had "no other choice" but to include Blu-ray in PS3
    30. ESA research shows 68% of Americans play games
    31. America's Army 3 now available for preload on Steam
    32. Turn 10 “running out of improvements” to make on Forza
    33. World at War Map Pack 2 tomorrow
    34. The Last Guardian - new knockout screens
    35. PS3 Overlord II demo hits tomorrow
    36. First Assassin's Creed PSP shots released
    37. Live down for 24 hours next Tuesday
    38. Sims 3 sells 1.4 million in first week
    39. GameOn! London delayed to November
    40. "Web 2.0" beats "noob" to millionth English word
    41. Kim: Project Natal will "reinvent the industry"
    1. Riccitiello: EA almost invested in a platform extension like Natal
    2. Electricity was chosen for inFamous due to its versatility
    3. Rumor: Max Payne 3 details surface from July issue of Game Informer
    4. Rumor: Max Payne 3 shown on the cover of next Game Informer
    5. Pandora would like to be made available on Xbox 360
    6. Splinter Cell: Conviction will have multiplayer, DLC
    7. Iwata talks competition with Microsoft and Sony motion controls
    8. GameStop gets an exclusive limited edition Forza 3
    9. APB character customization video shows loads of awesome
    10. Rumor: Cryptic working on Neverwinter Nights MMO
    11. Valkyria Chronicles sales jumped 400% in April
    12. Dungeons & Dragons Online goes free-to-play
    13. Pre-order The Beatles: Rock Band through GameStop, get free songs
    14. Here's the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP bundle for Europe
    15. Sony unconcerned with expected retail price for PSP Go
    16. Suda 51 did not set limits with No More Heroes 2
    17. Zeno Clash heading to Xbox Live once it gets a publisher
    18. US version of Ghostbusters will not be region locked
    19. Ubisoft shows RUSE on Microsoft Surface touch-screen
    20. Nintendo weekly releases - Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Swords & Soldiers
    21. Guitar Hero Smash Hits demo now on Xbox Live for all
    22. Left 4 Dead 2 boycott group now has over 20,000 members
    23. Modern Warfare 2 to focus on entertainment not realism
    24. One Life Left back for season five
    25. Mythic to cull career balancing in upcoming Warhammer patch
    26. Acti - Modern Warfare 2 could be biggest selling game this year
    27. ESRB looking to rate App Store games
    28. Atomic still shopping around Six Days in Fallujah
    29. Riccitiello: Aiming for top Wii billing is "obvious"
    30. Crackdown 2 to have four-player co-op, single-player mode
    31. Crackdown 2 to provide "ultimate co-op and competitive multiplayer experience"
    32. Dante's Inferno - Room for "at least" two more games, says Schofield
    33. SCEE to answer your questions on PSP Go this week
    34. Shadow Complex to be "one of the biggest" Live games "ever"
    35. Lost Planet 2 this "winter" in Japan
    36. Labour "looking at" further tax breaks for UK games trade
    37. Microsoft's DIY game-maker "Kodu" launching by end of June
    38. Big Surf Island vid shows new cars, things to do
    39. Remedy is no Alan Wake "factory," takes its time for quality's sake
    40. New FFXIII screens show stupid motorbike
    41. Sims 2 leads pre-E3 US PC chart
    42. Three Nukem games confirmed for iPhone
    43. Qore ep 13 delayed to include "full feature story on PSP Go"
    44. SCEE boss: Still a "very large market" for physical media-based portables
    45. "Industry sources" point to $100 PS3 cut this August
    46. Borderlands shooting for October
    47. Dille: PS3 motion wand is a "prototype"
    48. New Aliens Vs Predator images are proper awesome
    49. SCEE: Consumers will "upgrade" to PS3
    50. Don't "bad-mouth EA", says FIFA producer
    51. Moore: Fight Night and MMA to alternate years
    1. Capcom: Resident Evil PSP is "totally different", devved with "PSP Go in mind"
    2. MAG at E3 was "30 frames per second" and "lag-free"
    3. Apple cuts iPhone 3G to $99
    4. What E3 looked like - photographs
    5. Miyamoto sees game potential in Vitality Sensor, isn't sad any more
    6. More Overlord II footage shows career options
    7. Lazard: Online games now 25 percent of the worldwide game market
    8. New Just Cause 2 shots show explosions
    9. Schafer: This is Brütal Legend's year
    10. New Brütal Legend trailer shows the keeper of the sacred beer tree
    11. New Fight Night Round 4 shots show Gatti, Morrison and Barrera in stunning detail
    12. Pokemon Gold & Silver to get PokeWalker peripheral
    13. BioWare: With Dragon Age we're going back to our Baldur's Gate roots
    14. Wii Fit Plus gets demoed, shaping up nicely
    15. Itagaki: If I made Bayonetta, I'd be called an idiot
    16. Pachter: Microsoft had the most impactful E3 presentation
    17. Pachter predicts 50% hardware sales decline for May 2009
    18. Assassins Creed II 360 screenshots make us want the game
    19. integration gets more details, create your own station, share playlists
    20. The "Trooper is the best ranged damage dealer the Republic has to offer," says BioWare
    21. VG247 freelance spot available, possibly to you
    22. Sackboy gets Ico and Yorda skins this week [Update]
    23. Microsoft and Sony hail "rebirth" of E3
    24. New Wii RPG Monado - Beginning Of The World unveiled
    25. Sims 3 heads up UK charts, week ending June 6
    26. EA details FIFA 10 upgrades
    27. Bethesda admits to Fallout iPhone ideas, but end product still not quite right
    28. Polyphony Digital's Forza 3 E3 try-out proves competition is good, says Turn 10
    29. Beatles Rock Band screens look psychedelic
    30. Guitar Hero, Halo 3, Madden NFL, Solitaire, and Dance Dance Revolution are most popular games in US
    31. Supreme Commander console sequel to have more time, resources, says Taylor
    32. Ju-On: The Grudge makes you jump, screenshots
    33. Bowser's Inside Story gets previewed
    34. Disney: Spector still hard at work on "great project"
    35. Japanese Hardware sales: May 2009
    36. Valve: Left 4 Dead sequel is a "special case"
    37. Feder - PS3 exclusivity will "help launch" Agent
    38. Fils-Aime: Near-term Wii opportunity is 360- and PS3-owning h8torZ
    1. Germany moves to ban the distribution and production of violent videogames
    2. Protest group forms over Left 4 Dead 2, has 11,002 members
    3. Superstars V8 Racing demo now on Xbox Live
    4. Watch side-by-side comparison video for The Last Guardian
    5. Next episode of Wallace and Gromit is called Muzzled
    6. Play ArmA Flash game, top two scores win ArmA II
    7. Rumor: New iPhone will have more gaming features
    8. Weekly MMO news round-up E3 edition: Torchlight, LotRO, Warhammer, SWTOR
    9. Microsoft UK hiring for Technical Art Director
    10. Naughty Dog to fix bugs in the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta
    11. Miyamoto checks out PSP Go, Natal at E3
    12. Infinity Ward explains Modern Warfare 2 name change
    13. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles to continue as a series
    14. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 coming this fall
    15. Undead Knights for PSP looks bloody, sounds fun
    16. Section 8 allows Xbox 360 users to set-up dedicated servers
    17. Watch celebrities play with Project Natal at E3
    18. New releases boost hardware sales in Japan
    19. Nintendo lists release schedule for first and third-party titles
    20. Terminal Reality wrote two-thirds of Ghostbusters script
    21. Artsy game The Path gets a demo
    22. Take Two president talks Agent exclusivity to PS3
    23. Steam weekly top sellers, May 31 - TF2 tops with Orange Box still going
    24. Pefect Dark XBL gets screened, dated for winter
    25. EA doesn't plan on releasing more Godfather games
    1. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks hands-on is very enthusiastic
    2. Capcom confirms PS3 demo for Lost Planet 2 at E3
    3. Bayonetta hands-on seems very satisfying
    4. Development kits for PS3 motion-sensing already being handed out
    5. Quantum video shows loads of shooting, moving towers
    6. Microsoft talks Xbox Live changes, points, Games on Demand
    7. Media Molecule teases Shadow of the Colossus theme for LBP
    8. EA says "we've maxed out 360, but not PS3"
    9. PSOne classics Contra, Spec Ops and Ford Racing coming to PSN
    10. Choice is an important factor in Armada of the Damned
    11. US PS movie store update, June 5 - Heaven's Gate, Donkey Punch, more
    12. New Killzone 2 space coming to Home
    13. Guinness World Records 2010 Gamers Edition already announced
    14. Namco wants to globalize development of Western-focused games
    15. Final Fantasy XIII video shows gameplay, more footage
    16. Metal Gear Solid 4 joins PS3 Greatest Hits collection
    17. Obscure: The Aftermath heading to PSP Go in the fall
    18. New Mafia II screens are from PC version, look just as good
    19. BioShock 2 fact sheet details both single and multiplayer aspects
    20. Project Natal supports finger usage and multiple players
    21. OnLive demoed during E3, just not exactly at E3
    22. Hands-on with Afrika talks about grass, camera angles
    23. Mass Effect DLC date to be announced "soon"
    24. Dante's Inferno protest was brought to you by EA
    25. Metroid: Dread idea is still "within my mind", says Sakamoto
    26. FIFA 10 has images, balls
    27. SingStar Take That coming "later this year"
    28. Molyneux - New MGS role is about "guidance"
    29. Kotick "disappointed" to see no hardware price cuts at E3
    30. We'll have "hardcore, triple-A" Natal titles, says Microsoft
    31. Kim: "Rare is intimately involved with Project Natal"
    32. PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe - PSP Go video
    33. Nintendo: Blogs don't affect strategy, but we need the core
    34. Smash Bros. data services being switched off
    35. Tekken 6 - billions of screens
    36. E3 2009 – Who "won" the press conferences?
    37. The Beatles: Rock band gets new footage (if you're American)
    38. Assassin's Creed 2 gameplay footage is a knockout
    39. Miyamoto airs beautiful art for next Zelda
    40. Iwata: Bringing HD to Wii would add no "significant meaning"
    1. SW: The Old Republic replay value is going to be "mind boggling"
    2. Euro PSN update, June 4 - Trash Panic, Final Fantasy VII
    3. Borderlands shown behind closed doors at E3
    4. Epic says Shadow Complex will "likely not" see price below $20
    5. Sony plans to offer digital replacement for UMD games
    6. Three Katamari Forever videos show how fun and wacky it looks
    7. Sony to launch motion controller "next spring", says Yoshida
    8. Moore says "gesture control" is important factor for Sony and Microsoft controllers
    9. Huxley: The Dystopia no longer cross-platform, goes free-to-play
    10. Paradox releases video of Mount and Blade expansion
    11. Activison moves to block the sale of Brutal Legend
    12. Metal Gear Solid lands on PSN June 18
    13. Mafia II hands-on reveals the game is the same, only better
    14. Sony impressed with Microsoft's motion controller despite certain issues
    15. E3 Expo already dated for 2010
    16. Nintendo "not worried at all" over Sony, and Microsoft controllers
    17. Kazunori Yamauchi talks Gran Turismo PSP, GT5
    18. Tretton says Sony has a "formidable arsenal" of upcoming titles
    19. Xbox Live update: Wolverine "Weapon X Arena", CellFactor
    20. Infinity Ward receives Guinness award for COD4 world record
    21. Yoshida "disappointed" at Last Guardian movie leak
    22. Overlord II demo now on Xbox Live
    23. Dragon Age hands-on calls it "insufficient in the face of BioWare's accomplishments"
    24. Team 17 says Sony is clever for "embracing digital distribution"
    25. Splinter Cell devs: We're more immersive than Metal Gear
    26. Riccitiello expects global videogame players to top 1 billion
    27. Forza Motorsport 3 will span two discs
    28. Killzone 2 patch 1.27 is out today, has loads of fixes
    29. The Beatles: Rock Band - the opening cinematic
    30. Home update ushers in photo sharing, BUZZ, Ghostbusters
    31. Japanese software sales May 24-30: A great week for debuts
    32. Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed "always been planned to be a trilogy"
    33. Jade Raymond: I'm executive producer on Assassin's Creed II
    34. FFVII on Euro PSN today
    35. Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare pushes Xbox 360 to its "upper limits"
    36. Xbox Originals to end after next game
    37. PSP Go now pre-ordering in UK for ?230
    38. We could release GT5 any time, says Yamauchi
    39. Fallout 3's Point Lookout - first video
    40. Gran Turismo 5 - first trailer released
    41. Kojima's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - first mental video and shots
    42. Metal Gear Arcade - first image
    43. God of War III - new off-screen video
    44. Just Cause 2 - 10 minutes of in-game footage
    45. JAW's Gravity Crash - first movie
    46. Kim: Xbox 360 has a ten-year life-span
    47. WipEout HD Fury - first movie
    48. Mass Effect 2 gameplay shows choices, murder
    49. Nintendo to sell black Wii in Japan
    50. Halo: Reach to launch in "fall 2010"
    51. Molyneux promoted to creative director of European studios at Microsoft
    1. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is about primal terror
    2. Konami talks music games: Karaoke and Dance Dance Revolution
    3. Konami E3: Saw captures the "texture" of the movies
    4. Konami E3: Kojima announces four titles - three Metal Gears and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    5. Space Marine in WH40K RPG is a "power-suited badass"
    6. E3 2009 - Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo's conferences rounded-up
    7. E3 Interview: Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg
    8. Peter Molyneux to make announcement at midnight EST
    9. Army of Two: The 40th Day "hands-off" demo looks chaotic
    10. New EyePet screens are playful, family-friendly
    11. Details, screens for Gran Turismo PSP
    12. Dark Void full of flying, orchestral tones, robotic gunfire
    13. Religious group forms protest over Dante's Inferno
    14. The Grinder is full of creepy crawlies to annihilate
    15. Nintendo was at work on another handheld, scrapped it
    16. Greenberg: Ask Square if "not exclusive" FF14 is coming to 360
    17. Classic Controller Pro spotted in the wild at E3
    18. Play Ass Creed PSP, get six new weapons for AC2 PS3
    19. PSP Go! spec sheet released
    20. Kojima not directing Metal Gear Solid Rising
    21. Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta - amazing movies
    22. Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier images for PSP
    23. Here are some screens for Heavy Rain, you may have seen some
    24. Endless Ocean 2 sequel looks, well, endless
    25. Tecmo says that Fatal Frame IV will stay in Japan
    26. Brutal Legend's E3 trailer is full of wisecracks
    27. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box releasing August 24
    28. Molyneux to announce something today at E3
    29. Survey says: Sony is the "coolest" brand for teens
    30. Alpha Protocol screens show more of the same
    31. BioWare: Commander Shepard isn't dead in "brutal" ME2
    32. Demo for Overlord II coming soon
    33. Interaction with Last Guardian's "eagle" is central to gameplay, says Ueda
    34. Perfect Dark theme lands on Xbox Live
    35. Shots for RedLynx Trials 2: Second Edition show extreme motorbiking
    36. New Aliens Vs. Predator trailer is top notch
    37. Microsoft calls Natal "birth of the next-generation of home entertainment"
    38. Lost Planet 2 PS3 will make up for sins of original, says Capcom
    39. First FIFA 10 details unveiled
    40. Supreme Commander 2 hands-on is generally positive
    41. Square "targeting" 2010 for Euro FFXIII
    42. Sony's motion control "doesn't require quite the leap of faith that Natal does," says Riccitiello
    43. Blur hands-on describes "passable damage modeling"
    44. White PSP Go - official product shots
    45. Microsoft: Xbox 360 will have "legs for years and years to come"
    46. Nintendo reiterates stance on price cuts, there won't be one
    47. Dragon Age sex mini-game "painful to watch," says Shack
    48. Crysis 2 on 360 and PS3 runs "about the same," says Yerli
    49. Kratos guest stars in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny to slice things up
    50. New E3 Splinter Cell: Conviction video shows brutal Sam, new projection tech
    51. ModNation Racers allows you to create your own race track
    52. 68 per cent of US homes play videogames
    53. Kojima cipher broken by EG programmer
    54. Darksiders: Wrath of War out 1st January 2010
    55. MAG shots are shots, have guns, men
    56. Beatles Rock Band DLC restricted to that game only
    57. New Bioshock 2 images show early, unspoiled Rapture
    58. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story E3 trailer
    59. New Lost Planet 2 vids puts Capcom shooter in good light
    60. Ubi's R.U.S.E. compatible with Microsoft Surface
    61. Off-screen Gran Turismo PSP footage looks difficult to control
    62. Miyamoto on rivals' motion-control: Make sure it works before you show it
    63. God of War III director shoots down PSP rumours
    64. Project Natal and 3DV unrelated, says MS
    65. Awesome new God of War III footage shows Kratos controlling ogres
    66. New E3 MAG footage shows lots of guns
    67. Agent will be "the ultimate action game," says Houser
    68. Hawk: Natal not "accurate enough" for Ride
    69. ESA: "Our best, brightest, and boldest days lie ahead"
    70. Left 4 Dead 2 off-screen HD cam footage
    71. PixelJunk Shooter is good, say websites
    72. Nintendo unmoved by Sony and Microsoft motion control
    73. Next Fallout 3 DLC due on June 23
    74. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker moves, has snakes
    75. Miyamoto "sorry" for lack of Pikmin 3
    76. Ubisoft patents Eden
    77. Microsoft files Milo and Kate patent
    78. Sony reveals raft of PSN video content partners
    79. Crackdown 2 to "take multiplayer gaming to unprecedented levels"
    80. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves multiplayer beta is live
    81. LBP PSP hands-on is positive
    82. Hawk: Skateboard peripheral is "way better than I envisioned"
    83. JAW's Gravity Crash is 1080p, 60fps - screens and details [Update]
    84. Metal Gear Solid PSN hands-on says it plays as good as it should
    85. Waters: "Impossible" for Last Guardian to live up to "BBC game" hype
    86. Molyneux to make another E3 announcement?
    87. Need for Speed Shift E3 footage takes no prisoners
    88. Uncharted 2 E3 footage could well be best of the lot
    89. New, improved Last Guardian footage looks stunning
    90. Heavy Rain's E3 trailer has pants, dancing
    91. Valve's Lombardi details Left 4 Dead 2 E3 teaser trailer
    92. Wii Sports Resort press conference demo shows MotionPlus precision
    93. Full footage of God of War E3 demo makes us pine
    94. New Super Mario Bros. Wii on and off screen footage looks great
    95. Mario Galaxy 2 is more for the hardcore, says Reggie
    96. Full video of Nintendo's E3 press conference
    97. Lost Planet 2 screenshots show mechs, explosions
    98. Tretton confirms Metal Gear Rising as multiplat to Keighley
    99. Modern Warfare 2 - long, direct-feed gameplay trailer
    100. Miyamoto: Wii Vitality Sensor could be used to help people learn to relax
    101. New Wii Zelda should use MotionPlus, should come next year, says Miyamoto
    102. Mario Galaxy 2 roughly 95% new content
    103. Golden Sun trailer is straight from E3
    104. Final Fantasy XIV MMO screens from E3 are gorgeous
    105. Mario Galaxy 2's E3 trailer is here, you will like it
    106. WET still looking stylish and swordsy
    107. Screens for Fallout 3: Point Lookout show swamp dwellers
    108. Brink screens show Utopia gone wrong, waterlogged world
    109. Guitar Hero: Van Halen shows up at E3
    110. Assassin's Creed 2 E3 video shows loads of cool things
    111. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks E3 video is rather cute
    112. The Witcher getting patched with five new adventures
    113. Perfect Dark comfirmed for Xbox Live
    1. Super Mario Bros. Wii video looks super awesome
    2. Check out the E3 video for Metroid: Other M
    3. SingStar:Motown coming to PS2 and PS3 this year
    4. God of War III shots are flipping excellent
    5. Sony releases list of first party titles on-hand at E3
    6. GT PSP gets screens
    7. Metroid: Other M - first shots
    8. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle E3 trailer
    9. Nintendo E3 2009 press conference - everything on one place
    10. LittleBigPlanet to get Disney DLC this fall
    11. Sony E3 2009 press conference - everything on one place
    12. God of War III releasing March 2010
    13. Gran Turismo 5 previewed at Sony press event
    14. TRICO's new game is Last Guardian
    15. Sony shows motion control tech, aiming for spring 2010 launch
    16. Square announces FFXIV as PS3-exclusive MMO for 2010
    17. PS3 Assassin's Creed 2 can connect to PSP version
    18. Lost Planet 2 coming to PS3 early 2010
    19. Sony announces Rockstar's Agent, a new PS3-exclusive IP
    20. Final Fantasy VII launches in US today for PSN
    21. Jack Tretton announces Resident Evil PSP
    22. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Confirmed for 2010
    23. Gran Turismo PSP gets dated for October 1st
    24. Gran Turismo on PSP has 800 cars, 35 tracks
    25. PSP Go! to cost $249 and 249 on October 1
    26. PSN store now available for PC, called Media Go
    27. Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines announced for PSP November 2010
    28. Sony announces 24 million PSN accounts worldwide
    29. E3 2009 - Sony press conference liveblog!
    30. Reggie announces Metroid Wii by Team Ninja
    31. Mario Galaxy 2 announced at Nintendo's E3 conference
    32. Iwata announces Wii Vitality Sensor
    33. Iwata says that more than 295 million people play videogames
    34. Mario vs Donkey Kong heading to DSi Ware, called Minis March Again
    35. Nintendo DSi to enable posting images on Facebook
    36. DSi sells one million units in US
    37. New Ubisoft DS action game announced: Cop: The Recruit
    38. Nintendo announces new Golden Sun for DS
    39. Kingdom Hearts for DS landing September 29
    40. Mario & Luigi 3: Bowser's Inside Story, coming Fall 2009
    41. Wii Fit Plus announced
    42. [Update] Super Mario Bros Wii gets release window, coming this holiday
    43. New Super Mario Bros. Wii announced
    44. Rumour: New Super Mario Bros sequel for Nintendo E3 presser?
    45. Avatar development boundaries set to "protect sequels," says Cameron
    46. Project Natal "Fall 2010 at the earliest," says Keighley, Dimitri name change for "trademark reasons"
    47. Disney's E3 will feature Split/Second, Armada of the Damned
    48. THQ reveals E3 line up
    49. Avatar updates and improvements coming to Xbox Live
    50. First in-game APB screenshots
    51. More 360 first party titles to come in 2009, says Kim
    52. Heavy Rain to actually be playable at E3
    53. Mickey Rourke to appear at Bethesda E3 booth
    54. Alan Wake, Forza 3 and Halo 3: ODST get previewed
    55. E3 2009 - Nintendo press conference liveblog!
    56. Sin and Punishment 2 to be shown at Nintendo E3 show, perhaps new Super Mario Bros. game too?
    57. Konami announces Zephyr, a new title for XBLA/PSN and Wii Ware
    58. Spielberg 'throws away' current work to focus on 'heart-breaking' Natal
    59. Schappert: We've got the best games and all the franchises on Xbox 360
    60. Gears 2 expansion pack gets price cut
    61. Project Natal - Hands-on with Burnout and Ricochet
    62. Halo 3: ODST new Firefight mutliplayer mode like Gears' Horde, says 1UP
    63. Singularity's E3 trailer has gameplay, guided bullets
    64. Dragon Age: Origins vid looks brilliant
    65. DJ Hero and Guitar Hero 5 being demoed live on stage - video
    66. Jay-Z and Eminem headline DJ Hero event
    67. Halo 3: ODST is "done," says Staten
    68. We don't need to dumb down Crysis 2 to make a kick-ass game, says Yerli
    69. Forza 3 customisation in video
    70. Lips Number One Hits trailer shows young, trendy people and glittering mics
    71. DSi hits 1 million in Europe
    72. Ubi and Mizuguchi to team up on codename Eden
    73. Milo and Kate - impressions and an interview
    74. 11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled shots from E3
    75. Three new Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage shots
    76. Brand new batch of Halo ODST images land, look great
    77. Gamespress lists Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for PSP, Rising for PS3 and PC
    78. Curtain covers huge banner on Nintendo E3 stage
    79. Peter Molyneux's Milo - the whole thing in video
    80. Wolfenstein E3 trailer shows what you'd expect it to
    81. Tetris sells 125 million copies in 25 years
    82. Xbox Live's Joy Ride - a movie
    83. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 trailer shows tight leather, big hammer
    84. Kaos' Homefront is like Half Life 2 meets Ghost Recon: AW, says EG
    85. Avatar gets three E3 screens
    86. Cameron pleased with Ubisoft as Avatar creative partner
    87. Splinter Cell: Conviction video walkthrough
    88. Hang out and eat burgers with Major Nelson
    89. Complete video of EA's E3 presser
    90. Press release confirms APB as PC only [Update]
    91. APB is more like GTA or Call of Duty than WoW, says Realtime Worlds
    92. Complete video of Microsoft's E3 press conference
    93. Nintendo and Sony E3 press conferences today - all timings and details
    94. New from EA and Ubisoft E3 press conferences wrapped up
    95. Ubi working on Tin Tin film adaptation
    96. Assassin's Creed 2 out November 17
    97. Crysis 2 gets E3 teaser trailer
    98. Ubisoft confirms it's to publish No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
    99. Ubisoft’s E3 press conference - all the news in one place
    100. Ubisoft shows Assassin's Creed 2 trailer, sounds great
    101. Ubisoft announces fitness game, Your Shape - uses a camera
    102. RUSE trailered at Ubisoft's E3 event
    103. Rumor: Listing for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Maker, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow surface
    104. Red Steel 2 to be bundled with WMP, per Ubisoft press event
    105. James Cameron shows up on Ubisoft stage, talks Avatar
    106. Ubisoft talks about UPlay at E3, launches this year
    1. Dante's Inferno teaser from E3 looks great
    2. Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 trailer is awesome
    3. Microsoft E3 game announcement round-up
    4. Microsoft's Project Natal camera in action - video
    5. Dead Rising 2 screens show zombie infestation
    6. Mass Effect 2 screens show stuff exploding
    7. Alan Wake video shows a man on a mission
    8. The Beatles: Rock Band gets screened, trailered
    9. E3 2009 - Ubisoft press conference liveblog!
    10. Ozzy Osbourne is in Brutal Legend, lends voice too
    11. EA's E3 press conference - all the news in one place
    12. [Update] EA to publish RealTime Worlds' APB, out early 2010
    13. Star Wars: The Old Republic first ever fully-voiced MMO
    14. Crackdown 2 gets trailered: enjoy it
    15. Halo: Reach trailer shows story prequel
    16. Avatar clothing to be unlocked through XBL Achievements
    17. [UPDATE] Martial arts game MMA announced by EA
    18. EA Sports Active has sold 600K units in two weeks
    19. Fight Night Round 4 to release on June 25
    20. Microsoft video to relaunch as Zune Video this fall
    21. Summer of Arcade promotion bringing new XBL titles to the service
    22. Facebook and Twitter integration screened for XBL
    23. Full game downloads coming to 360 this August [Update]
    24. Left 4 Dead 2 set in the Southern US, has new characters, loads more
    25. E3 2009 - EA press conference liveblog!
    26. Microsoft's E3 press conference - all the news in one place
    27. Peter Molyneux is making game for Project Natal
    28. Microsoft unveils motion-sensing 'Project Natal'
    29. Metal Gear Solid Rising confirmed for Xbox 360 [Updated]
    30. Microsoft to partner with Last FM, not sure how just yet
    31. Xbox 360 teams up with Facebook/Twitter
    32. Alan Wake releases in Spring 2010
    33. Halo: Reach beta coming with ODST, releases in 2010
    34. Halo ODST demo reveals September 22 release
    35. Forza 3 to be released in October
    36. Forza 3 officially announced at Micrsoft's E3 press conference
    37. Splinter Cell: Conviction demo trailer shows a renegade Sam
    38. Left 4 Dead 2 confirmed at E3 as exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC
    39. Crackdown 2 Trailer shown at Microsoft's E3 press conference
    40. [Update] Cliffy B demos new XBLA game called Shadow Complex from Epic
    41. FFXIII set for spring 2010 on Xbox 360
    42. Final Fantasy series has sold over 85 million units, world's first look at FFXIII on 360
    43. Two maps for Modern Warfare 2 are timed exclusives for XBL
    44. New Modern Warfare 2 gameplay shown at Microsoft's E3 press conference
    45. All You Need is Love to be 360 exclusive for The Beatles: Rock Band
    46. Yoko Ono, Ringo Star, Paul McCartney surprise guests during Beatles: Rock Band reveal
    47. Beatles Rock Band shown at MS E3 presser
    48. God of War 3 not coming this year, MS Conference surprise
    49. Xbox pages listed for Halo: Reach, Alan Wake, more
    50. Cooking Mama 3 gets a holiday release
    51. Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition coming to PC and XBL
    52. Epic has "something new to announce" at E3
    53. Spore Hero and Spore Hero: Arena get screened
    54. Secret PS3 game "might" get E3 reveal, says BBC
    55. Digger and Mushroom Wars confirmed for PSN
    56. E3 2009 - Microsoft press conference liveblog!
    57. Halo 3: ODST and Modern Warfare 2 most-anticipated games
    58. Front Mission Evolved gets E3 trailer
    59. Zoo Tycoon makers to release World Zoo sometime this year
    60. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra video is explosive
    61. Forza 2 March Car Pack now 240 MS Points
    62. Modern Warfare 2 fans "won't want to miss" MS E3 conference, says Keighley
    63. Teaser trailer for LotRO's Book 8: Scourge of Khazad-dum lands
    64. Plenty of E3 "shockers" on the way, says Sony
    65. Ex-Dynamix and GarageGames founders form PushButton Labs
    66. Ruffian Games' fridge full of lager - wonder why?
    67. New Arkham Asylum vid shows playable Joker
    68. WipEout HD Fury expansion pack announced, set for E3 reveal
    69. Nintendo DLC: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
    70. Lego Harry Potter - first movie
    71. Lego Harry Potter officially announced
    72. New screenshots show Trine looking better than ever
    73. Microsoft E3 conference - every live video stream
    74. Quantum Theory gets some lovely looking new screens
    75. Fat Princess, Ghosbusters demo and more coming to PSN in June
    76. Guitar Hero Hits demo now on Xbox Live
    77. Colin McRae's Dirt 2 trailer boasts 100 events, 50 drivers and 9 countries
    78. Mass Effect 2 coming January 2010, says marketing [Update]
    79. Brutal Legend has E3 screens, axe included
    80. New Dead Space: Extraction Wii images look grim
    81. 11 Saboteur screens to make your E3 mouth water
    82. Crysis 2 announced for PC, 360 and PS3
    83. Bioshock film needs to be shot abroad to save money, says Verbinski
    84. Rumour: Yamauchi won't talk GT5 at E3
    85. Dante's Inferno will run at 60fps, give "western world’s most definitive view of the afterlife"
    86. Army of Two: The 40th Day gets all-plat screens
    87. Brütal Legend E3 fact sheet promises "A World Like No Other"
    88. Microsoft's official E3 conference site now live
    89. Activision at E3: Guitar Hero has sold for more than a $1 billion
    90. Kojima site reveals a break in the clouds
    91. Blur will be like Mario Kart, only not limited to one platform, says Griffith
    92. Call of Duty franchise has totalled over 35 million products sold, says Griffith
    93. New James Bond, Tony Hawk, Spider-Man and Transformers in 2010, says Activision
    94. 23 million people play games online with friends, says Kotick
    95. Star Wars MMO to have Smuggler class
    96. New Mafia trailer shows gun fire, explosions, amazing soundtrack
    97. Rumour: Epic set for Microsoft E3 reveal
    98. Prototype system specs unveiled
    99. Pixar, Gorillaz and Team Fortress 2 inspiration behind new Borderlands art, says Gearbox
    100. A PS3 price cut would "really boost the industry," says analyst
    101. Microsoft's E3 surprise "musical in nature," says Keighley
    102. E3 2009 - Microsoft press conference starts at 10.30am PST today
    103. Hawk: Ride confirmed for MS E3 press conference
    104. StarCraft II to ship this year
    105. E3 2009 - MS presser brought forward for "very special" announcement