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April 2009 Archive

    1. USTR puts Canada on Priority Watch List for piracy
    2. Binary Tweed releases Clover gameplay video with sad music
    3. US PSN update, April 30 - Marvel vs. Capcom 2 demo lands
    4. Jack smells a conspiracy in Dead to Rights: Retribution
    5. Overlord II gets solid June dates for US and UK
    6. Wolverine demo landing on PS3 and 360 tomorrow
    7. Lionhead dev diary gives a glimpse of See the Future
    8. Blood Bowl's PC screens show cheerleaders urging their team on
    9. Rumor no more: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat confirmed
    10. First-party 360 MMO reveal unlikely for E3, says Roper
    11. Valve suing Activision, Activision threatens to sue Valve
    12. Brand new never-before-seen trailer for Battlefield 1943 on PSN
    13. Borderlands looks fantastic: here's proof
    14. Second map pack for Call of Duty: World at War coming in June
    15. The Darkside Chronicles features dynamic difficulty system
    16. Ubisoft already preparing for new consoles, handhelds
    17. Fallout 3 images of Broken Steel look dashing
    18. X-Men Origins: Wolverine video - first 11 minutes of gameplay from retail code
    19. Dead Rising 2 will have non-killing actions to help you level, again
    20. Euro PSN update, April 30 - Killzone 2, racing packs, LBP
    21. Army of Two: The 40th Day gets new trailer
    22. Need for Speed Undercover Challenge Series free on PSN
    23. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood gets screened, Euro date
    24. GTA: Chinatown Wars giving away unlockable vehicle through Social Club
    25. David Reeves signs out from SCEE - read his quotes as a farewell
    26. Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium Pack on PSN now
    27. Stalin vs Martians now available on Steam, Direct2Drive, others
    28. Images for Battlefield Heroes give first look at Coastal Clash map
    29. Conduit story trailer shows that mankind is doomed
    30. Rumour: Is this the first official mention of Forza 3?
    31. Battlestations: Pacific - 10 minutes of video from the demo
    32. Sims 3 to get second town, online store, more
    33. Intoversion: Chronometer, Defcon DS, Multiwinia were all "failures"
    34. Fable II DLC See the Future out on May 12
    35. Wii-no-Ma video channel launches tomorrow, Satorua Iwata makes giant announcement
    36. Brutal Legend - new high res screens
    37. Moore: PES is in FIFA's "rear view mirror"
    38. EA Sports to "abandon physical media" in PC space, says Moore
    39. Moore: EA Sports Active is "bigger than a game, bigger than a franchise, bigger than a product"
    40. Battlestations: Pacific demo hits Live
    41. Shaun White has sold 3 million, will return
    42. Left 4 Dead free to play this week
    43. Tekken 6 to have "console-specific" content
    44. Magna Carta 2 confirmed for PAL release
    45. Brutal Legend was always going to be released, says Schafer
    46. Japanese software sales, April 20-26
    47. Katamari in 1080p - screens, movie, words
    48. Average US games dev earns $79,000 PA
    49. PS3 to be dominant in 3 - 5 years, says Reeves
    50. Mass Effect 2 gets another bit of concept art
    51. Magna Carta 2 - first proper trailer is proper awesome
    52. Peter Moore Vs VG247 - round one
    1. Microsoft bundles Xbox 360 Elite and GTA IV in "Limited Anniversary Edition"
    2. Get the Dawn of War 2 soundtrack for free on Steam
    3. Fallout 3 gets title update for PC and Xbox 360
    4. Wacky World of Sports is indeed a wacky looking game
    5. P!nk and other join Guitar Hero: World Tour in May
    6. Killzone 2 reaches one million players online
    7. Arkham Asylum video shows loads of fists, tossing, and kicks
    8. Gosen: Public sees games industry "sandwiched somewhere between corporate bankers and taxmen"
    9. Peggle hitting App Store for iPhone on May 12
    10. Sony reviewing Hindu backlash over Hanuman: Boy Warrior
    11. CD Projekt refutes Widescreen payment claims over Witcher
    12. Capcom Unity contest giving away 64,000 MS Points
    13. Pre-order Dragon Age through Gamestop, get exclusive leveling item
    14. Wii exclusive Red Steel 2 confirmed for the holidays
    15. MAG - brand new trailer!
    16. Ubisoft sales for Q4 show increase of 14% to $1.4 billion
    17. Sony first-party embargo lifts - MAG, White Knight Chronicles, more
    18. Timeshift developer Saber Interactive at work on "several titles"
    19. Lionhead to make an "important announcement" tomorrow
    20. Confirmed: Witcher suspended thanks to CD Projekt failing to meet dev payment
    21. NCsoft reactivates expired accounts for City of Heroes anniversary
    22. Ultima Online's Stygian Abyss expansion coming this summer
    23. iPhone app site asks for cash for "expedited" game reviews
    24. BioWare - 360, PS3 and PC all getting platform-specific Dragon Age controls
    25. PixelJunk 1-4 gets first video, naming contest opened
    26. Neverwinter Nights 2 Mysteries of Westgate add-on released
    27. Atari: "We have no information" on Witcher "status" change
    28. Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets PAL release date
    29. Bionic Commando multiplayer demo available now
    30. Banjo-Tooie hits Live
    31. XBLA VOOT out now
    32. ArmA II out June 26 in Europe
    33. Games Workshop has more "forgotten IPs" for game use, says Cyanide
    34. Wolfenstein to have no "obvious" film-inspired moments
    35. VOOT out today, gameplay video firms you up
    36. Red Steel 2 to use Wii MotionPlus
    37. Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny confirmed for PSP
    38. Trixel releases on App Store
    39. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 can't be released on Wii because...
    40. 2K - BioShock 2 multiplayer does not "compromise the single-player experience"
    41. Batman: Arkham Asylum PC specs released
    42. Klonoa gets six new videos
    43. Gamestop - Used games supplied 48% GPM last year
    44. Gameloft sales up 22% in Q1
    45. Killing Floor - new shots
    46. Empire email confirms likely closure
    47. Mass Effect prequel coming to iPhone
    48. Capcom to announce two more games at E3
    49. Livingstone promoted to "life president" of Eidos
    50. CoD4 cheaters to be deadalised by Infinity Ward
    51. 1UP - PSP-4000 is called PSP Go!
    1. Namco: Tekken 6 will release for PSP alongside console versions
    2. Worms on iPhone looks rather decent
    3. Street Fighter IV PC to support Games for Windows Live
    4. Ignition and Tecmo announce Nostalgia for DS
    5. Director says Xbox is "the most dreadful, non-talent friendly company" ever
    6. Killzone 2 Online Championships have $64,000 in prizes, trailer released
    7. Rumor: Witcher cancellation confirmed, CD Projekt Red lays staff off
    8. Gears 2 cheaters get Gamerscore reset
    9. and NCsoft lawsuit moved to California courts
    10. No Trophy support for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
    11. No Trophy support for Assassin's Creed, but sequel will have them
    12. Red Dead Redemption - first trailer next week
    13. Atomic "surprised" by Six Days in Fallujah cancellation
    14. Rumour: Witcher cancelled for consoles
    15. Big three puff chests for E3, MS to "completely transform how people think about home entertainment"
    16. Xbox Live activity for the week of April 20, Halo 3 still tops
    17. Steve Wiebe sets new Donkey Kong Jr. record
    18. Flock patched on PC, reduces time for pigs to eat poo
    19. Bionic Commando demo hitting Xbox Live tomorrow
    20. CAPTIVATE 09 embargo lifts - All coverage rounded-up
    21. Kojima: "I'd like to continue being on the scene making games until I die"
    22. Need for Speed: Shift demo for this summer
    23. Wada: Japanese games industry has become "almost xenophobic"
    24. Alien vs. Predator is aimed at adults, neck-snapping included
    25. Super Stardust HD dev working on three new IPs
    26. BioWare unbans "gay" terms on The Old Republic site
    27. Gunstar Heroes could be coming to Xbox Live
    28. 1 vs 100 will be free for Gold members on Xbox Live
    29. Free Realms launching today
    30. Dead Rising 2 - first proper trailer
    31. Dr Kawashima PC game coming to Europe
    32. Criterion "would be a great team to work with" on Need for Speed
    33. Dead Space violence won't be "watered down" for Wii
    34. New Bionic Commando trailer details combat controls
    35. Square applies for Dragon Quest Wars trademark
    36. Dante's Inferno DLC announcement "probably later in the year"
    37. Achievement-based Avatar gear idea resurfaces
    38. Petroglyph and Trion partner on MMORTS
    39. EVE player circumnavigates New Eden
    40. In-game Singularity movies show time-manipulation, environments
    41. Sims 3 - new shots
    42. New Need for Speed: Shift shots are pretty
    43. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 demo this week, exclusive to PSN
    44. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - 7 direct-feed movies, impressions, screens
    45. BioWare cleansing the term "gay" from The Old Republic
    46. Batman: Arkham Asylum site goes live
    47. US PC charts - Demigod takes third
    48. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 confirmed for PSN and XBLA this summer, first trailer
    1. Kirby celebrates 17th birthday
    2. New Change4Life ad says active games are good
    3. GameBizBlog offering free recruitment ads
    4. Singularity to be exactly the same for PC, PS3 and 360
    5. Burnout Cops and Robbers DLC to cost $10
    6. ESA calls out Iowa games addiction research
    7. CAPTIVATE news - Jessica Chobot wore a bikini in Monte Carlo
    8. Mr T and Will Wright to fight Nazis in game
    9. British games industry shames itself for MCV
    10. Rogue Warrior gets four shots
    11. Reeves: I'm not going to Realtime Worlds
    12. Uncharted 2: First multiplayer video released
    13. Uncharted 2 multiplayer impressions go live
    14. 360 marketing boss - We need to "de-seasonalise" games releases
    15. Koei, Crave and Playlogic sign up to ESA
    16. Max Payne 1 and 2 on XBLA now
    17. WET gets new screens to go with publisher
    18. US gets green DS, pictures prove it
    19. Bethesda confirmed as WET publisher
    20. Two Elder Scrolls novels confirmed from Greg Keyes
    21. Mickey Rourke adds voice to Rogue Warrior
    22. Gary Dale joins Realtime Worlds as CEO
    23. Square: We take too long to make games
    24. CVG giving away 100,000 Battlefield Heroes beta keys
    25. inFamous getting UK release on May 29
    26. LBP and BioShock drop to ?8.95
    27. Next Old Republic comic released
    28. Blizzcon 08 beta key sign-up goes live
    29. UK charts: Unstoppable Wii Fit keeps top slot
    30. GTA: Chinatown Wars struggled "because of what people are looking to buy," says Dead Space dev
    31. XBLA VOOT to cost 1,200 MS Points
    32. Dead Space: Extraction - screens and art
    33. Rumour: Uncharted 2 multiplayer gets first details
    34. Need for Speed: Shift like Gran Turismo? Nope: we want our game to be fun
    35. GTA IV PC patch zaps stuttering problem
    36. Eidos to remain mostly independent under Square Enix
    37. Sega Japan press conference vid shows Bayonetta, End of Eternity, more
    38. Uncharted 2 screens show multiplayer
    39. Report: Radical working on new Spider-Man game
    40. Dante's Inferno PSP - first screens
    41. SFIV Championship mode out now
    42. Report: Konami drop Six Days in Fallujah
    43. New Achievement rules allow more Gamerscore per game
    44. Spector: I changed Will Wright's mind on importance of Cloud gaming
    1. Weekly MMO news round-up: WoW on iPhone, Spellborn launches, MMO birthdays
    2. Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage and The Pitt getting disced
    3. Xbox Live Silver members get Gold status May 1-4
    4. Texas Governor signs tax break for game companies
    5. EA dismisses talk of NFL lawsuit rumors
    6. Huxley: The Dystopia gets teaser site with countdown
    7. Atlus site hacked, trojan may have infected visitors' PCs
    8. Microsoft overbills for Braid, hands out refunds and an extra 100 points
    9. Mad Dog McCree: Gunslinger Pack heading to Wii
    10. Lord of the Rings Online turns two, special discount in celebration
    11. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People DVD available for pre-order
    12. Terminator: Salvation video demonstrates co-op mode
    13. Limited Edition contents revealed for The Conduit
    14. Tournament Challenge mode detailed in new Tiger Woods video
    15. Gardening Mama demo available for your virtual gardening pleasure
    16. Extra details surface for FFCC: My Life as a Dark Lord
    17. Alpha Protocol video gives you a bit of a walkthrough
    18. The Saboteur - new and old screens
    19. Driver: The Recruit trademarked by Ubisoft
    20. BioShock movie halted due to budget concerns
    21. Report: Empire bites the dust
    1. Private funding for games companies is down 60%
    2. Killzone 2 sells 20K copies day one in Japan
    3. Rumor: Xbox 360 has Joker DLC for Arkham Asylum too
    4. Sega confirms VOOT XBLA date
    5. ACE plans to release a demo, SDK, and DLC for Zeno Clash
    6. Get access to Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta when you pre-order inFamous
    7. Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles sneaks onto iPhone and iPod Touch
    8. Get The Orange Box for $9.99 on Steam this weekend
    9. US PS movie store update, April 24
    10. Metal Gear Solid Touch now available for iPhone and iPod
    11. Grand Slam Tennis review says it's very life-like
    12. Check out the intro to Ghostbusters: The Video Game
    13. Watch Criterion play Cops and Robbers dressed like silly persons
    14. Rumor: LostWinds 2 reveal at E3, Lime Green DS bundles on the way [UPDATE]
    15. GameStop announces Guitar Hero: Van Halen pre-order, then pulls the ad
    16. American McGee says approval process for XBL and PSN needs work
    17. Hideo Kojima named 'Person of the Year' at Famitsu Awards
    18. Warner Bros readying potential bid for Midway
    19. Take a look at Yakuza 3's free DLC
    20. Jane’s Addiction heading to Rock Band with Nothing's Shocking
    21. Major Nelson's Saleen Mustang S281E now available for Forza Motorsport 2
    22. ESA's head of government relations leaves after one month
    23. Madden NFL 10 cover athletes are Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu
    24. GamersGate offerings surpass 1,000 titles
    25. Europe to get Red Faction: Guerrilla a week early
    26. Aion pulls in one million players in China
    27. Bethesda prepares to get WET
    28. Champions Online dated for July 14
    29. Takahashi: Cloud success is "almost inevitable"
    30. Midnight Club LA DLC - second pack trailered
    31. Let's Tap! trailer exhibits champion smiling
    32. Guild Wars sells over 6 million units
    33. Armored Core PSP - first movie
    34. Radical - Prototype ‘sidewalk smasher’ move is “quadruple-awesome”
    35. The Saboteur - "We're not even alpha yet"
    36. Champions Online villain creation shown in movie, screens
    37. Totilo - Kotaku move allows access to new audience
    38. 7 Studios counter-sues Genius in Scratch legal spat
    39. Madden 10 - first Wii, PSP, PS2 vid
    40. Watch iPhone Silent Scope being played
    41. Noby Noby two-way Boy fusion multiplayer shown in video
    42. ESRB: Bayonetta has "jiggling" t**s
    43. Japanese hardware sales - The FFXIII mega-boost edition
    44. Fallout 3, Rockstar, LBP win at MCV Awards
    45. Capps clarifies "exploitation of power" comments
    46. US PSN update, April 23
    47. Microsoft moves 1.7 million 360s in quarter, sees sales drop
    1. Arkam Asylum: Eidos confirms Joker as PS3 exclusive playable character
    2. Pachter says Chinatown Wars sold poorly because DS is not aimed at mature audiences
    3. New Punch Out!! shots show versus mode
    4. Pirate Bay attorney files for mistrial, says judge was biased
    5. Mass Effect 2 OXM subs to hit late May
    6. Video and game shots released for FUEL
    7. Using Vita-Chambers will make Bioshock 2 game world "different," says 2K
    8. PopCap releases Peggle add-on for World of Warcraft
    9. Play as the Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum PS3
    10. Star Trek: D-A-C heading to XBLA in May
    11. Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom booster pack hits PSN
    12. Exhibitors and musical acts announced for Penny Arcade Expo 2009
    13. More tracks announced for Guitar Hero: Smash Hits
    14. Fable 2 "See the Future" achievement list unveiled
    15. Sony promises "electrifying announcement" on April 27
    16. Euro PSN update, April 23 - Godfather II bundles and loads of other ad-ons
    17. EA Sports Complex launches on Home
    18. Rumor: Uncharted 2 to have multiplayer and co-op after all
    19. Nolan Bushnell to keynote LA Games Conference
    20. Rebellion offers up a few details on Alien vs. Predator
    21. Capcom wants to crown you Ultimate European Street Fighter Supreme Master
    22. Lionhead may possibly announce a new franchise at E3
    23. Spider-Man 4 and another Transformers expected in 2010
    24. List of Final Fantasy XIII changes between demo and retail version
    25. GameCity returns to Nottingham City in October
    26. Peter Moore hits London, talks turkey with VG247
    27. Battlefield 1943 heading to PS3 and Xbox 360 in June
    28. Rumor: Matthew McConaughey to star in Uncharted movie
    29. TimeGate and Paramount reach settlement regarding Section 8
    30. Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed DLC released on XBL and PSN
    31. UFC 2009 Undisputed demo out on XBL and PSN
    32. Singularity has age control, not time travel
    33. Mot?rhead hits Guitar Hero: World Tour
    34. Codies HD F1 out 2010
    35. Red Faction: Guerrilla demo out for all
    36. Aliens Vs Predator - first scans
    37. Radical - Original Prototype was "too huge," delay has helped "realize vision"
    38. Lifetime Tomb Raider, Kane & Lynch, Deus Ex and Hitman sales revealed
    39. BioShock 2 impressions swamp internet
    40. Trixel - first movie
    41. iPhone games give indies monthly cash and allow "way lower" entry point than "big three" dev
    42. See tons of BioShock 2 shots on German website
    43. Microsoft Japan releases trailer for spring showcase games
    44. Final Fantasy lifetime sales top 85 million
    45. Japanese charts - Wii Fit exits top 10
    46. Wii video service to launch May 1
    1. Refer-a-Friend to Warhammer Online, get an exclusive mount
    2. Rumor: Clone Wars co-op game coming to PS3 and 360
    3. Velvet Assassin goes gold, new game shots released
    4. Turbine launches LOTRO in Korea and Russia
    5. Pepsi's Rock Band contest is a rumor no more
    6. Xbox Live update: Avatars go hip hop and Lode Runner arrives
    7. American McGee feels users should be compensated for created content
    8. Character list for X-Men Origins: Wolverine should look familiar to Marvel fans
    9. LEGO Rock Band details include rock-themed challenges
    10. PlayStation Portugal says Uncharted 2 will release in September
    11. US PC chart for week ending April 11 - WoW shockingly the clear winner
    12. Rumor: Possible Tony Hawk reveal coming soon via GameTrailers TV
    13. EA Sports announces 500 millionth sports game played online
    14. Damnation assets show off a fine looking game
    15. Analyst says Guitar Hero will be the clear winner in its genre
    16. Nintendo: "No plans to release a Skype application for DS or DSi"
    17. Battlestations: Pacific demo to invade PC and XBL on April 30
    18. NCsoft's MMO titles now available on Steam
    19. Ada Wong to appear in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
    20. New Halo comic Helljumpers scheduled for July
    21. Sega to integrate its eastern and western divisions
    22. Valve lists changes to Left 4 Dead Survival Pack for PC
    23. MySims Agents heading to Wii and DS this fall
    24. Black Rock Studios says racing genre is “dying”, Split/Second will save it
    25. Amazon: No plans to bring WiiWare codes to UK
    26. Retailer Game posts record financial profit and turnover
    27. Nintendo UK ad campaign pushes online capabilities
    28. Amazon now selling download codes for WiiWare games
    29. Dante's Inferno confirmed for PSP
    30. Tales of Symphonia gets autumn PAL release
    31. Lifetime UK console sales revealed
    32. Sony - Levels of PSP piracy are "sickening"
    33. Dead Rising 2's main character is called "Chuck"
    34. Guitar Hero Arcade appears at Brighton Pier's Palace of Fun
    35. Watch video of Square's 0 Day Attack on Earth
    36. Grandia Online to be revealed on May 20
    37. Sims 3 delayed for simultaneous Mac and PC ship
    38. Report: New Bizarre racer is Blur
    39. Wii hits 8 million in Japan
    1. G4 named official broadcaster of E3 2009, will cover Nintendo conference live
    2. Zeno Clash launches on Steam
    3. Karaoke Revolution coming to PS3, 360 and Wii
    4. Wil Wright still involved in the Spore franchise, is now an EA consultant
    5. European Assault Pack landing for HAWX on April 23
    6. Team Fortress 2 update includes new backpack menu
    7. Retail listing confirms three-part harmonies for The Beatles: Rock Band
    8. Dragon Age: Origins producer Dan Tudge moves to Disney
    9. Muramasa: The Demon Blade acquires new publisher, release date
    10. Sony teams up with Conservation International for Earth Day, announces Trash Panic
    11. Warhammer Online event Beyond the Sands is live
    12. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood video details plotline
    13. Facebook event launched for PixelJunk 1-4
    14. Killzone 2's Steel and Titanium map pack gets priced, trailered
    15. PS3 Sacred 2 video released
    16. Square XBLA shooter Project Cube gets video
    17. Court approves Square's take-over of Eidos
    18. Live play charts for week of April 13 - Halo 3 still on top
    19. EA Sports titles to be bundled with Wii MotionPlus
    20. New HD Banjo-Tooie trailer now on XBLM
    21. Rumor: China to get StarCraft II beta before May
    22. Fry confirms VO work on LBP PSP today
    23. Halo Wars add-on, Strategic Options, confirmed and detailed
    24. The King of Fighters: Sky Stage is what you'd think, only with shooting
    25. Huxley screens show Brave New World indeed
    26. Fallout 3: Broken Steel - first screens, release date
    27. Lego Rock Band confirmed for 2009 release
    28. Take-Two to webcast annual stockholders meeting this week
    29. Magna Carta 2 gets first screens
    30. Lost Planet 2 - new screens
    31. Brutal Legend confirmed for October launch
    32. Left 4 Dead Survival Pack DLC goes live for 360
    33. Terminator Salvation "attack" trailer isn't rubbish
    34. End of Eternity - first proper trailer and new screens
    35. New Tekken 6 trailer brings the power
    36. Magna Carta 2 gets first trailer
    37. Stephen Fry doing LBP 2 voice work?
    38. Confirmed: Prototype fully-focused on single-player
    39. Kojima Productions: What would you do for a new Zone of the Enders?
    40. Madden 10 - new screens
    41. Gears of War 2 gets summer release in Japan
    42. Microsoft to give away 1 million MS Points in Japan
    43. VOOT XBLA out April 29 in Japan
    44. End of Eternity gameplay shown in Japan
    45. Dead Rising 2 - first gameplay footage shown in Tokyo
    46. Lost Planet 2 - four-player co-op demoed in Japan
    47. Acti ordered to return Scratch code to Genius
    48. Left 4 Dead Survival Pack out today
    1. Weekly MMO news round-up: Second Life shows growth, Shadowbane to close, STO gets lored
    2. WiiWare devs retroactively paid for all sales below threshold
    3. Totilo joins Kotaku as deputy managing editor
    4. Fight Night Round 4 movie is proper stylin'
    5. Rock Band Wii gets another 12 tracks
    6. Microsoft Japan press conference tonight
    7. Stephen Totilo leaves MTV this week
    8. Monster Hunter 3 (-tri): 10 mins of gameplay
    9. Moore - Microsoft looking "further" than motion control
    10. Mark Ward joins Warner Bros
    11. Mass Effect 2 - BioWare hints at pre-E3 info-drop
    12. IGN enters Germany with buy
    13. Report: 3 million US children addicted to videogames
    14. Barron's - Nintendo's been oversold
    15. NCsoft releases another gorgeous Aion video
    16. High Voltage talks The Conduit - loads of staff interviews
    17. PSP Firmware 5.50 to release tomorrow
    18. Buy new PSP bundle, get two months GO!VIEW free
    19. Old Republic pricing will depend on MMO "standard," says BioWare
    20. 360 Game of the Year bundle announced
    21. Fallout: New Vegas announced in London [Update]
    22. Pikmin 2 for Wii - 162 screens
    23. SCEA: "We've captured the hardcore" with PS3, will push for casual later this year
    24. WiiWare devs sales target limits rumoured
    25. UK charts - Wii Fit stays tough at the top
    26. Arkham Asylum special edition gets UK price
    27. SFIV PC date to be announced on May 1
    28. Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate confirmed for April 29 release
    29. 2K president - Games to shift towards "server-based" model
    30. LittleBigPlanet falls below ?11 in UK
    31. Mafia II impressions get rounded up, stabbed, shot
    32. Retired NFL players suing EA and Madden for putting them back in the game
    33. Bethesda applies for Fallout TV and movie rights
    34. Virtua Tennis calls Andy Murray English, Scottish men cry a bit
    35. DEFCON for DS in Q3
    36. Daigo is first SFIV world champion
    37. US E3 preview to show Heavy Rain, more
    38. World Analysis War victor Gama posts March NPD graphs, enjoys armistice
    1. Killzone 2 patch next week, big list of stuff fixed
    2. Games for Windows client update expected next week
    3. Contents of Slimer Edition revealed for Ghostbusters, along with Wii debut video
    4. Woot selling refurbed 360s for $140
    5. McCartney shows first Beatles: Rock Band footage at Coachella
    1. Take a sneak peek at the new Dead Space: Extraction blog
    2. Sacred 2 dev files for bankruptcy protection, add-on and third game in works
    3. Rumor: German Ratings Board outs Guitar Hero: Van Halen
    4. Digital-only US Patapon 2 release detailed
    5. Killzone 2 shots show off Steel and Titanium map pack
    6. Mafia II screenshots and video look mobalicious
    7. Team Bondi looking to hire extra folks for LA Noire
    8. Get double XP this weekend with CoD: World at War
    9. Universal Society of Hinduism wants Sony to pull Hanuman: Boy Warrior
    10. GOG gets Postal, Stronghold goes on sale
    11. The Conduit hits Europe on June 26
    12. Ninety-Nine Nights II - first proper screens
    13. Fight Night Round 4 demo to feature Hatton and "Pac-Man" Pacquiao
    14. Win a trip to E3 and a car - if you're American
    15. Uncharted 2 boss - "The demo's getting closer..." [Update]
    16. Still Life 2 demo available for download
    17. BioShock 2 - first shots and impressions
    18. Arkham Asylum movie grabbed from US game store
    1. Blue Dragon: Colossal Beast of the Underworld screens surface
    2. Punch Out!! Wii challenges detailed, may contain spoliers
    3. Persona gets PSP intro video, looks good
    4. Another Virtua Tennis 2009 video released
    5. Tales of Vesperia gets eleven new screens
    6. Reggie says Nintendo has "a number of important" games coming to Wii, DS
    7. Three Speech says goodbye, thanks community for support
    8. Tales of Versus screens are pretty cute
    9. Red Faction Guerrilla gets first developer diary
    10. SOCOM US Navy Seals: Fireteam Bravo 3 gets video
    11. PSP and PS3 versions of Rock Band will not make beautiful music together
    12. City of Heroes Architect players go user-content mental
    13. Midnight Club: LA video showcases new South Central vehicles
    14. FFVII: Advent Children Complete sells 100,000 on first day
    15. Silver Dual Shock 3 controller hitting States in June
    16. Dragon Age's elves hate humans, aren't "angelic," says Muzyka
    17. REO Speedwagon and Styx heading to Rock Band next week
    18. Final Fantasy XIII Dengeki scans focus on characters
    19. Turbine to release second patch for LotRO's Book 7 next week
    20. Battlefield Heroes to release this summer
    21. Sacred 2 is golden, invades Europe June 5
    22. Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers pack coming April 30
    23. Left 4 Dead blog reveals extra details on upcoming Survival Pack DLC
    24. Watch over 20 minutes of StarCraft II footage
    25. Kevin Bachus talks Phantom, says it was ahead of its time
    26. SCEA: E3 2009 to be one of the biggest in the past 11 years
    27. March NPD: MadWorld sells 66,000 units
    28. Wolfenstein multiplayer - If you liked RtCW, you'll like this, says Raven
    29. March NPD: US sales weakness to continue for "months," says Pachter
    30. Wolfenstein - the opening cinematic
    31. Eurogamer Expo details to be announced on May 8
    32. EG giving away 2,000 copies of LotRO for second birthday
    33. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 XBLA looking highly likely
    34. Batman: Arkham Asylum - Harley Quinn revealed
    35. Pirate Bay founders sent to jail
    36. IGA - 36% of gamers seek product info from in-game ads
    37. Japanese hardware sales - Wii failing to recover, PSP wins out
    38. March NPD: Chinatown Wars likely to be "marginally" profitable
    39. Australian 18+ rating debate to go public
    40. New Wolverine vid talks movie, shows Blob
    41. "Brand new Activision property" for Edge 202 reveal
    42. March NPD: Nintendo shares fall on "severe" US sales data
    43. Another Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers video posted
    44. Star Trek comes to PlayStation Home
    45. SCEA finally gives SingStar Queen a release date
    46. SFIV Championship mode to hit April 24
    47. March NPD - Everything in one place
    48. March NPD: DSi sells 435,000 in first week
    49. March NPD: Microsoft points to YoY 360 rise in response
    50. March NPD: Nintendo sticks to hardware domination in press release
    51. March NPD: Sony sticks to software in figures response
    52. March NPD: GTA Chinatown Wars sales less than 100,000 in US, says report
    53. Poster makes cryptic references to GT5
    54. March NPD: Killzone 2 sales put into perspective
    55. Demigod - 18,000 sales, over 100,000 pirates
    1. March NPD - Frazier calls for restraint as sales crash 17%
    2. March NPD - Resident Evil 5 takes top spot for 360
    3. March NPD - Wii still on top with 601,000 in hardware sales
    4. March NPD - All the raw data
    5. US PSN update, April 16
    6. Interplay ended 2008 with no money
    7. New Tales of Graces images are quite lovely
    8. Killzone 2 surpasses 1 million units sold worldwide
    9. Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition launches website
    10. Madden retires from broadcasting, will not affect Madden NFL franchise
    11. LA court finds "no evidence of wrongdoing" in Scratch case
    12. New MS Platinum Hits packaging heading to retail
    13. Mars video and shots released, looks OK
    14. Capcom to play Resident Evil 5 with Home users tonight
    15. March NPDs 20 Best Selling PC Games: Total War wins over WoW
    16. Ninety-Nine Nights II expected before the end of the year
    17. High Voltage confirms June 23 release for The Conduit
    18. Borderlands new art style officially revealed
    19. Square to publish new WWII RTS, Order of War - details and video
    20. F.E.A.R. 2 Toy Soldiers multiplayer map pack released
    21. Target announces $1 pre-order program with $5 gift card incentive
    22. EA hands out 75,000 Battlefield Heroes beta keys
    23. UFC 2009 Undisputed demo headed to PSN and XBL
    24. SingStar Trophies delayed into next week
    25. StarCraft II Collector's Edition in the works, will include "making of" DVD
    26. Assassin's Creed 2 - second trailer released
    27. The Beatles: Rock Band priced for Europe
    28. SOCOM US Navy Seals: Fireteam Bravo 3 heading to PSP
    29. Mass Effect 2 wallpaper - here's another one
    30. Sony says that larger franchises are heading to PSP this year (again)
    31. Assassin's Creed 2 trailer due today
    32. Bethesda challenging Interplay's rights to Fallout MMO
    33. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge to support eight-person multiplayer
    34. Rise of the White Wolf site update includes background on Geralt and the brotherhood
    35. Why did Blizzard switch to NetEase in China? For $90 million a year, says Pachter
    36. Gears boss on 360's limits: "There's still more it can do"
    37. Acti Blizz outperformed last quarter, says Kotick
    38. Borderlands art process explained
    39. Aion gets lovely new screens
    40. 2K Marin: There's no "dead weight" on BioShock 2 team
    41. Japanese charts - Wii Fit prepares for top ten exit
    42. XBLA Banjo-Tooie to cost 1,200 MS Points
    43. New FF Agito XIII trailer released
    44. Gamestop boss: "Nintendo key property coming out by the end of the year
    45. American men get Advent Children PS3, take pictures of it
    46. Confirmed: Blizzard partners with NetEase for China opps
    47. Assassin's Creed 2 - loads more secrets unlocked by woman that cares a lot more than you
    48. Killzone 2 gets 32/40 in latest Famitsu, as does HAWX
    49. Flower was most downloaded PSN title in March
    50. Gamestop boss: Wii cut may come to US, PS2 drop was too late
    51. Stardock boss promises "more servers, multiplayer fixes for Demigod
    52. inFamous is gold, says Sucker Punch
    53. God of War III CE survey hints at PS2 games on the disc
    1. Lineage II expansion Gracia Final contains a whole new continent
    2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty novel due November 24
    3. Simpson's creator trademarks Life in Hell series for possible videogame
    4. Midway offers employee incentives if firm is sold for $30 million
    5. Virtua Tennis Wii to have online features and buttons are optional
    6. Kojima "very interested" to work with western devs
    7. Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen previews are all over the place
    8. Ghostbusters gets multiplayer dev diary and screens
    9. Dawn of War II demo and patch released
    10. New Batman trailer shows Bane
    11. First RUSE walkthrough shows gameplay, looks awesome
    12. Rolando 2 site goes live
    13. Eat cake, get on Fat Princess beta
    14. Wii Motion Plus will not work on older Wii games
    15. MCM Expo dated, 35,000 expected to attend
    16. Extra details surface for Rabbids Go Home, toilet humor included
    17. Square Enix files trademark for Vanguard Storm
    18. Stardock working on multiplayer fix for Demigod
    19. Bionic Commando multiplayer demo coming to XBL in a few weeks
    20. Rumor: Beatles Rock Band to have multiple microphone support
    21. Microsoft meets GLAAD over Live gay rights
    22. IGN has first look at Assassin's Creed for iPhone
    23. Capcom shoots down Devil May Cry for PSP
    24. Extra multiplayer details emerge for The Conduit
    25. The Conduit slips to "summer," gets multiplayer trailer
    26. Duke Nukem Forever hits development milestone
    27. SingStar to get Trophies tomorrow
    28. Banjo-Tooie for XBLA on April 29
    29. SCEA: "Exclusivity is something that doesn't truly exist in this cycle"
    30. Eidos Montreal project to be revealed "soon"
    31. Hawkins: iPhone is "freaking out" Sony and Nintendo
    32. Braid PC has a level editor
    33. FFXIII demo - three direct-feed movies
    34. Six Days in Fallujah may not make it to Europe
    35. Rumour: David Reeves moving to Realtime Worlds
    36. Burnout Paradise calls the cops - movie
    37. David Reeves quits SCEE, Andrew House named as new president
    38. We get Venice postcard, smell Assassin-shaped rat
    39. Saints Row 2 DLC delayed a week
    40. Rock Band PSP - impressions, shots, movies, kitchen sink
    41. OutRun Online Arcade on Live now
    42. No Killzone 2 co-op as DLC, says Guerrilla
    43. WoW patch 3.1 - now out everywhere
    44. Madden 10 - another screenshot
    45. Necrovision refused Australian classification
    46. Report: WiiWare devs have to beat sales threshold to get paid
    47. Acti sued over Scratch: The Ultimate DJ
    48. FFXIII - 30 HD shots from the demo
    49. Ninety Nine Nights 2 seen in Famitsu, snapped
    50. Fight Night Round 4 screens pack punch
    51. DC Universe Online - new screens
    52. Halo back on top of Live play charts
    53. FFXIII gameplay stream, on the internet, now
    1. Halo Wars to get patched soon, multiplayer bugs to be fixed
    2. Fable II for PC? "No comment," says Molyneux
    3. More media for Grand Slam Tennis released
    4. Apple: Crash Bandicoot is most downloaded on App Store
    5. Trine trailer is really, really ridiculously good looking
    6. Clover could land on Xbox 360 "as early as next week"
    7. Booster packs coming for Magic Ball, Cuboid and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom
    8. Killzone 2 Steel and Titanium DLC launching April 30
    9. NCsoft's California offices named Paragon Stuios
    10. Netflix seeking an engineering leader experienced with multiple platforms
    11. Video: Jaffe, Gerstmann and Pachter talk gaming in the recession
    12. GameTrailers' Shane Satterfield promoted to Spike VP of Content
    13. PS3 has a higher attach rate than Xbox 360, says Sony
    14. Former Edge editor Kris Graft joins Gamasutra, IGF
    15. Final Fantasy XIII releasing in Japan this "winter"
    16. EA Sports Active video demonstrates the pros of adding the Balance Board
    17. Stig Asmussen hopes Dante's Inferno is a threat to God of War III
    18. Binns: Edge Online changes to give "more flexibility in news gathering"
    19. Bayonetta screens are practically drool-worthy
    20. id will show "new stuff" at E3 this year
    21. Damnation to release May 22, gets four new shots
    22. DS to provide Tokyo Disney Resort visitors with info and games
    23. Sega to support tri-Ace's End of Eternity for "10 years"
    24. Hollenshead: Doom 4 is "not a sequel" or a reboot
    25. Wii MotionPlus to his US on June 8, priced $20
    26. Edge Online gets new ed staff
    27. Wii MotionPlus confirmed for June 12 in Europe
    28. Outrun Online Arcade priced, Europe-only for PSN
    29. The Beatles: Rock Band CE detailed
    30. Sony trademarks Starhawk
    31. Microsoft extends warranties for E74 failures
    32. Report: WoW patch 3.1 launching today
    33. Bayonetta out worldwide this autumn
    34. 360 exclusivity has "helped" Gears of War, says dev boss
    35. Mass Effect 2 - another wallpaper
    36. Former Edge Online boss blasts Future over "fiddling with Excel spreadsheets"
    37. Sony: Microsoft "writes cheques" for games thanks to first-party line-up insecurity
    38. PC Gaming Alliance loses Activision, gains SecuROM
    39. Rumour: Lost and Damned sold 1 million
    40. Japan: HD games at second and third place in Q1
    41. Demigod DD released early thanks to Gamestop gun-jumping
    42. Game sales to peak this year? "Rubbish," says Pachter
    43. Vandal Hearts destined for PSN and XBLA
    44. Sims back on top of US PC charts
    45. Patapon 2 to be a digital-only release in the US
    1. Halo 3 Campaign kills hit 10 billion
    2. Live Deal o' the Week is GRAW 2 Co-Op Collection 2
    3. Patapon 2 UMD-free?
    4. inFamous release brought forward to May
    5. UK Charts: Wii Fit holds top spot
    6. Six Days in Fallujah screens are direct from realism central
    7. People in America play SAW game, write about it [Update]
    8. Fresh Take-Two buyout rumours boost share price
    9. Rumour: Deadline Games may be aptly named
    10. EEDAR: Limited Chinatown Wars sales prove "risk" for M-rated DS titles
    11. PS3 closed gap on 360 in US last month, says Pachter
    12. Tri-Ace's End of Eternity - shots and art
    13. Assassin's Creed 2 GI feature - proper scans
    14. Video Games Live to perform at E3
    15. Valkyria Chronicles chap interested in sequel
    16. Halo mobile project hinted at in jobs listing
    1. Weekly MMO news round-up: Dune hates Second Life, EVE gets an iPhone app, Guild Wars turns 4
    2. Judge Mathis "consequence" game features prison rape
    3. PixelJunk Eden Encore to release next week
    4. CAPTIVATE09 announced for Monte Carlo
    1. Dan Aykroyd likes the look of Ghostbusters on Wii
    2. Italian site posts Assassin's Creed II Game Informer scans
    3. Four new videos for Muramasa: The Demon Blade released
    4. Braid makes its way onto PC, Steam, and other direct download sites
    5. Dragon Age: Origins shots and video show off the Mage
    6. BioWare unveils planet Ord Mantell in Star Wars: The Old Republic
    7. EA sends out brass knuckles with Godfather II, wants them back
    8. Q Games working on PixelJunk 1-4 demo
    9. Feel site opens, includes picture of howling boy
    10. Call of Duty: World of War PC patch goes live, fixes multiplayer issues
    11. No game based on Green Hornet movie says Seth Rogen
    12. Rare releases teaser video for Banjo's Stop 'N Swoop feature
    13. Peggle Complete Pack 50% off this weekend on Steam
    14. Hollenshead: Independent Wii development is unjustifiable
    15. Bayonetta may be the best thing ever, video proves it
    16. New Bionic Commando trailer shows arm in action
    17. GameStop's new and used game sales policy could be considered "deceptive"
    18. Rumour: New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in works, Call of Pripyat for 2009 release
    19. Free Halo 3 multiplayer all weekend
    20. Dawn of War 2 Patch adds new map, balance changes
    21. Painkiller: Resurrection - first details and shots
    22. New WET trailer has more sliding, shooting
    1. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion shots show no love for kangaroos
    2. Rumor: Upcoming 360 Elite bundle to include Fable 2 and Halo 3
    3. Official websites for all three new Tales titles go live
    4. Team Ninja wants Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 to be "sleek and sexy"
    5. Xbox Live activity for week of March 30 - Call of Duty is king
    6. Manifesto co-founder calls out Epic's Michael Capps over "exploitation of power"
    7. Capcom says customers did not pay twice for RE5's Versus DLC
    8. New Borderlands art style shown on next PC Gamer cover
    9. New Bayonetta trailer shows saucy witch who likes to spank
    10. Sony files patent for PSP-controlled car
    11. Reggie promises Nintendo will do better at E3 this year
    12. Bethesda's Pete Hines says DLC works better in smaller doses
    13. Tales of Graces gets first trailer
    14. Ghostbusters Blu-ray to include making-of game featurette
    15. Street Fighter IV announcement expected next week
    16. Leisure Suit Larry creator says Box Office Bust is a "disaster"
    17. Game Informer cover proves Assassin's Creed 2 character pic is legit
    18. Guns n' Roses' Chinese Democracy to hit Rock Band 2 next week
    19. Final Fantasy VII released for PS3, PSP in Japan
    20. US PS Movie Store update, April 10
    21. Darkest of Days dev diary discusses folly of time-travel
    22. First Killzone 2 DLC confirmed, called Steel & Titanium
    23. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - impressions, shots, Climax interview
    24. Braid PC demo out now
    25. Grudge director working on new Wii horror, Feel
    26. Midnight Club: Los Angeles vehicle packs to start arriving next week
    27. Batman: Arkham Asylum special edition detailed, shown
    28. Joystiq launches full Japanese language version
    29. More boxers shown for Fight Night Round 4
    30. Get Red Faction demo for PS3 or 360 right now
    31. New Red Faction vid shows walkers, stuff blowing up
    32. Japanese hardware sales - PS3 still beating Wii
    33. Report: Live to generate $1bn PA by 2013
    34. Borderlands isn't cel-shaded after all
    35. PunchOut!! multiplayer shown in video, Giga Mac confirmed
    36. Assassin's Creed 2 - rumoured details from Game Informer
    37. First BioShock 2 gameplay footage released
    1. OutRun Online Arcade debuts on XBL and PSN next week
    2. US PSN update, April 9
    3. HBO drama shows Guitar Hero as a partial cause in messy divorce
    4. Nine Inch Nails frontman tried to get game published
    5. Strong Bad's sales double thanks to new Wii storage
    6. Xbox co-creator warns of "generation gap" between developers
    7. Blue Oyster Cult pens WAR theme song, Kiss My Axe (While I Drink My Beer)
    8. European PSN update, April 9 - price reductions on loads of titles
    9. Sign up for Blood Bowl beta through its new website
    10. Cast your vote to reveal next song for Guitar Hero: Smash Hits
    11. Court report shows Midway will be broke by June
    12. Nielsen issues correction on Wii being the least used console
    13. Outrage over Dark Athena's DRM is unfounded, says Atari
    14. Shadow of the Colossus movie writer asks fans to give him a chance
    15. Killzone 2 fastest moving title for Sony, has sold 500,000 units
    16. Gearbox alters Borderlands art style, now cel-shaded
    17. Prototype not hitting the UK until June 12
    18. Killzone 2 multiplayer DLC announced tonight
    19. Ubisoft officially announces Rabbids Go Home
    20. EU PS Blog to launch this "summer" in multiple languages
    21. RE5's Wesker says videogames are just as important as TV and film
    22. Noby Noby Boy players levels drop, GIRL's trip to Mars taking longer than expected
    23. EA Sports wants to be a household name on par with Nike, ESPN
    24. Pre-order inFamous through GameStop, get exclusive in-game power
    25. Two minutes of BioShock 2 footage on Spike TV tonight
    26. Crysis Wars free trial begins today
    27. Majesco announces new Night at the Museum game, complete with Ben Stiller
    28. Big Huge Games' big huge games revealed
    29. Fable 3: It would be "pretty poor" if See the Future didn't have "some connection," says Molyneux
    30. Tales of Valor releases, already patched
    31. Mass Effect 2: We won't "shy away" from controversial moments, says BioWare
    32. Batman Arkham Asylum is "close to perfect," says Eidos
    33. Get 30% off when you pre-order Riiflex Wiimote weights
    34. Halo 3's Mythic Map Pack goes live
    35. Silent Scope iPhone gets "shot"
    36. Ubisoft drops Ubidays
    37. Iwata: Wii in "unhealthy condition"
    38. Dragon Age: Origins toolset beta applications being accepted now
    39. "No plans" for Fatal Frame Wii in Europe
    40. Square launches java-based Dive II Hunt on MySpace
    41. Iwata: "Our job is to come up with things that other devices can't do"
    42. Moore - EA Sports Active makes us "uncomfortable"
    43. British man finds ecstasy tablets in used GTA game
    44. WipEout HD 1.30 update is a bit broken
    45. LBP DLC - April downloads laid bare
    46. Japanese charts: Gundam holds for second week
    47. Koller: PS3-Facebook integration coming "sooner than you might think"
    48. Wright to announce new projects in the coming "months"
    49. No Wii price cut coming, says Nintendo
    50. DSi sells 300,000 in first weekend in West [Update]
    51. Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus to launch in June
    1. Strategy First titles are 50% off on Steam
    2. MySoti lets you design and sell your own t-shirts through Home
    3. Chinese online gaming grew 63% in 2008
    4. EA's first Home space is Godfather-centric
    5. Prototype screens and trailer show a nice bit of gore
    6. Conduit screens and video cause sensory overload
    7. Hugh Jackman took "really cold showers" to get into Wolverine game role
    8. Schafer - Creative games will be made despite the market
    9. Will Wright quits EA, launches "entertainment think tank" Stupid Fun Club
    10. Halo Encyclopedia to be published by DK in November
    11. Don't panic: VG247 will be down for a small while tomorrow night
    12. [UPDATE] Women make up 46.2% of PC gaming, says Nielsen report
    13. Police say GTA mod's realistic patrol cars are "in poor taste"
    14. GOA doesn't plan to close any more WAR servers
    15. Three Speech to close, EU PS Blog on the way [Update]
    16. Analyst calls Wii "fool's gold" for game company investors
    17. Valkyria Chronicles DLC dated and priced
    18. Gore Verbinski passes on fourth Pirates film to do BioShock movie
    19. Activision confirms EU and US release dates for Prototype
    20. Amazon now sells full 360 games for download
    21. Silent Scope confirmed for iPhone
    22. TimeGate sues Paramount over Section 8
    23. FFXIII running at 720p, 30 frames a second, says Toriyama
    24. Rock Band PSP gets movie, tracklist, date
    25. Capcom "still thinking about" Lost Planet 2 for PS3
    26. PS3 hardware boss: "Blu-ray is really gaining a lot of traction for us"
    27. Flock! and Puzzle Quest: Galactrix up on Live
    28. Gears 2: Match-making problems were "growing pains," says Fergusson
    29. Rumour: Twin sticks planned for XBLA VOOT
    30. Konami: PES 2010 "will recreate real football as closely as the current hardware will allow"
    31. Assassin's Creed 2 easter egg hidden in teaser site
    32. WipEout HD 1.30 gets shots
    33. Nintendo won't publish Fatal Frame Wii in the US
    34. Wii is least-used home console
    35. Stargate MMO dev: "The lights here are still on"
    36. Shadow of the Colossus movie on the way
    37. Nintendo at E3: Cammie Dunaway confirmed for the big stage
    38. Cross-platform Tri-Ace RPG is End of Eternity
    39. Iwata confirms "on-demand" Wii and DS video in the works
    40. Official MAG site opens, has map
    1. Namco has "no information" on PS3 Tales Of Vesperia for US
    2. Nintendo announces April-July releases for DSiWare and WiiWare
    3. New Xbox 360 ad schools Avatars on how to cope with Reals
    4. Analyst expects rush of retailers to join used game market
    5. PETA protesting in WoW over in-game clubbing of baby seals
    6. Wolverine dev video - "The movie game that finally does not suck"
    7. California law prohibits overtime pay for some game developers
    8. Yoshinori Kitase: "We need FFXIII to have ten times the success of smaller titles"
    9. Remastered Beatles music to release alongside Rock Band game
    10. Official: Wii games are rubbish
    11. Zipper: MAG has been 100% multiplayer from day one
    12. WoW back on top of US PC charts
    13. Almost half of top 25 iPhone apps are games
    14. Sparks fly over Konami's Six Days in Fallujah
    15. Awesome Games and Bethesda settle lawsuit over stolen copies of Fallout 3
    16. Wolverine combat is "fast, visceral, authentic," says man in video
    17. Blitz Games Studios' Open Days more successful than ever
    18. Rumor: Three companies eying Midway for acquisition
    19. WipEout HD Game update V1.30 to be released April 8
    20. Warhammer players complete first sacking of capital city
    21. SingStar users upload over 100,000 videos to community pages
    22. GDC: X-men Origins: Wolverine to contain new enemies over film, boss battle detailed
    23. Take-Two settles shareholder lawsuit over EA bid refusal
    24. Teaser clip from The Secret World shows realistic female, horrible monster
    25. Realtime World promises to pay overtime
    26. Molyneux - The greatest story ever told will be in a computer game
    27. Nintendo issues revised opening UK DSi sales figures to 92k
    28. RE5 Versus mode launches, is a giant 1.86Mb in size
    29. RE5 Versus mode blocked from German release
    30. Sony: Our first-party dev is as big as Microsoft and Nintendo's combined
    31. DSi sells 103,000 in opening UK weekend
    32. BioWare: Dragon Age is the launch of a "platform," a "landmark in fantasy"
    33. Non-DSicrimination: NPD not separating DS and DSi sales in monthly report
    34. Tim Schafer: fans worry too much about game sales
    35. Sony going merchandise-crazy with new licensing deal
    36. Crytek trademarks GFACE, CARVATAR and KINGDOMS
    37. DSi enjoys large, numberless debut sales in UK
    38. Grand Slam Tennis footage looks tennisy
    39. Tales of Vesperia PS3 - hi-res screens
    40. Microsoft chap - new Zune hardware coming this year
    41. Rumour: Wii manufacturing costs down 45%
    1. Dragon Age DLC could last for two years
    2. Fight Night Round 4 physics look painfully real - movie
    3. ARG teases Funcom's The Secret World
    4. Be part of today's Xbox Live team meeting
    5. Worms PSN to hit Europe "over Easter"
    6. Australian market up 48% in 2008
    7. Blanka to appear in Flock! - movie proof
    8. Weekly MMO news round-up: LOTRO rumors, ex-Blizzard artist creates LAW, APB refresher course
    9. Greg Bear to write Halo Forerunner Trilogy
    10. Watch entire Red Faction: Guerrilla demo being played
    11. Assassin's Creed 2 teaser goes live, Da Vinci style suggests Italy may feature
    12. Konami to release game based on 2004 Fallujah battle
    13. Rock Band Wii getting Journey, Von Bondies tomorrow
    14. Resident Evil 5 Versus DLC out tomorrow
    15. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories confirmed, dated, detailed
    16. FFXIII - Edge and OPM playtests scanned
    17. PS3 beat Wii in Japan last month
    18. Fable II DLC, See the Future, priced and detailed
    19. Capcom to "get serious" on European Monster Hunter
    20. Champions Online shots show super-graphics
    21. New Borderlands screens show animal with face like female genitalia
    22. Raven: Wolfenstein is "not a WWII game"
    23. Metaboli gets Unreal deal
    24. Tales of VS announced in Tokyo
    25. Velvet Assassin vid heavy on the gameplay, reveals giant ass
    26. Stargate MMO - "It should be happening now if it was happening"
    27. Rumour: Big Huge Games lost 45 staff last week
    28. Molyneux: I was wrong about Godfather's plot - games will surpass it
    29. UK charts: Wii Fit drops RE5 after three weeks
    30. Sony: DSi's for "kids"
    31. Rumour: First MAG shots posted
    32. Gran Turismo "to continue on as many platforms as possible," PC gamers have large party
    33. Lego Rock Band accidentally confirmed
    34. New Heavy Rain artwork posted [Update]
    35. Saboteur - pre-alpha footage shows Nazis, action
    1. Penny Arcade Adventures: Ep. One getting half-off treament on XBL
    2. Demigod: Watch stone giant smash stuff
    3. World of Warcraft nominated for six MI6 awards
    4. Nintendo denied "Bob's Game" because it was not "compelling"
    5. Rabbids Go Home detailed in Nintendo Power
    6. Get 75% off Tomb Raider: Anniversary on Steam this weekend
    7. Crysis Wars getting another free-to-play week beginning April 9
    8. New study finds pro-social games can make people behave better
    9. Jason Della Rocca gets one last rant in at IGDA
    10. More characters announced for Ultimate Alliance 2
    11. Mortal Kombat development team wants to leave Midway
    1. Rumor: Wii Sports Resort, WMP and "Wii Fit Plus" dated
    2. Microsoft settles gay harassment suit by ex-Lionhead employee
    3. Watch Iwata play WarioWare: Snapped!
    4. Blizzard secures rights to Redneck Rampage franchise
    5. Xbox 360 users have unlocked over 2.5 billion Achievements
    6. Star Fox creator calls Wii a toy, says Miyamoto does as he likes
    7. Multiplayer available from start in new Mario & Sonic
    8. GI Joe - three more screens
    9. Yu Suzuki demoted at Sega
    10. THQ to cut $220 million in spending for the year
    11. Prototype vid details story, blowing helicopters up
    12. Big Far Cry 2 patch imminent
    13. EA: Wii MotionPlus's super "fidelity" can cause it to be "overly responsive"
    14. Arkham Asylum demo in the wild?
    15. Guerrilla: PS3 is easier to work with than PS2 and Xbox 360
    1. Watch a Resident Evil 5 trailer you've never seen before
    2. Explodemon! headed to PSN, PC and WiiWare in Q4
    3. Gran Turismo Café opens in Japan
    4. PAX East opens registration a year early
    5. John Carmack surprised id with Wolfenstein for iPhone
    6. Brutal Legend previewplosion - round-up
    7. Square announces two Crystal Defenders titles for WiiWare
    8. Iron Fist to be a playable character in Ultimate Alliance 2
    9. Wendy's giving you the chance to win the Ultimate Game Room for under $1
    10. Next Rock Band update includes The Shins, Black Tide and BFMV
    11. Mistwalker artwork has nothing to do with current projects
    12. Mark Ward leaves Bastion PR
    13. MMO subs grew 22% last year, says Screen Digest
    14. New Alpha Protocol vid shows enemies, weapons, "real-world" environments
    15. Lips updates to include Cranberries, Coldplay and CCR
    16. Lips microphones to support Guitar Hero: Metallica and Rock Band 2
    17. Virtua Tennis 2009 "making of" movie has tons of gameplay footage
    18. Far Cry lands on GOG for $9.99, DRM-free
    19. Bavarian minister: Violent games "are on the same level as child pornography and illegal drugs"
    20. DS thing stops you playing too long, too close
    21. Masthead working on Interplay MMO
    22. Ghostbusters isn't coming to PSP, says Atari
    23. Brutal Legend - tons of new screens and art
    24. Next TF2 pack to focus on Sniper
    25. DSi launches in Europe, DSi Store now live
    26. Sony: MAG "only possible on PS3," is an "iteration of SOCOM" [Update]
    27. UK gamers to get chance at early Red Faction: Guerrilla demo
    28. The most detailed Street Fighter IV review in the world - the rest of it, verdict included
    29. Game Boy is 20 this month
    30. Cyanide releases DS Blood Bowl screens
    31. US PSN update, April 2
    32. Japanese charts: Mobile Suit Gundam takes over top spot
    33. Unfrench games banned in Quebec
    34. Brutal Legend Wii rumours won't stop
    35. HMV and UK eSports date Game On! London
    36. Weekly US PC charts, March 15-21: Total War top for third week
    37. Ubisoft: Beyond Good and Evil 2 to be bigger, better than original
    38. Japanese hardware sales, March 23-29
    1. HanbitSoft can't launch Hellgate in US or Europe because of Namco deal
    2. UK shops dropping MadWorld price below ?20
    3. Behind the scenes look at X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    4. WoW Guild Director position pops up on Craigslist
    5. Euro Virtual Console update adds Majora's Mask!
    6. Sea of Dreams was the name of BioShock 2's trailer says 2K
    7. Online Registration opens for GDC Europe
    8. EVE Online player creates very cool fan video
    9. Valve extending Left 4 Dead matchmaking system
    10. Euro PSN update, April 2 - Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce demo, Spongebob action
    11. Lionhead's professionalism saved staff from redundancies
    12. Battlestar Galactica composer to score Dark Void
    13. Sony lists best selling PSone titles on PSN
    14. Riddick team to create Starbreeze's Bourne game
    15. Killzone 2 "Behind the Bullet" interactive ad to hit PSN today
    16. Activision - Modern Warfare 2 to be the "biggest selling video game of all time"
    17. Turbine coy on LotRO 360 rumors
    18. Red Faction 4, Saint's Row 3, and Warhammer 40K MMO dated
    19. Nolan Bushnell is "a big believer in Wii"
    20. Nintendo announces five DSiWare titles for DSi Shop
    21. Survey says: 72% of men would rather play a new game than have sex
    22. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix dated for Xbox Live
    23. Konami - We want SAW to rival Silent Hill, first screens released
    24. Jumpgate Evolution will run on a hamster-powered computer, according to min specs
    25. Free trial campaign launches for Age of Conan
    26. Peter Molyneux says "Fable," "MMO" and "world of Albion" in close proximity
    27. Japanese games industry see sales shrinkage in 2008
    28. Kamiya wants Bayonetta to be "sadistically hard"
    29. Ratchet & Clank live chat today on PS Blog
    30. Gears 2 boss: I play Killzone 2, but I don't like Dead Space
    31. Lara PSP double pack to release in Europe
    32. Crytek - Cloud gaming "might" be workable from 2013 onwards
    33. Official UK LBP YouTube channel launched
    34. Today's Qore episode is free, has Red Faction: Guerrilla
    35. 360 Firmware update out now! (It doesn't do anything)
    36. Sony: PS3 and PSP sales to rise "10-15%" globally in coming year
    37. Sega's Project Ringo is a Puyo Pop game
    38. Filefront isn't dead, says Filefront
    39. Perry announces Gaikai, OnLive rival
    40. Red Faction: Guerilla team shows people getting "bird-f**ked" with ostrich hammer
    41. Saboteur still alive, official site launched
    42. Ys Online: The Call of Solum handing out closed beta keys
    43. Level 5 president says there isn't a "clear winner" in console war
    44. .hack//LINK has video, no release date
    45. PS3 Firmware 2.70 released
    46. PS3 Firmware 2.70 to feature text chat, Friends list on XMB
    47. Frictional working on dismal puzzle game, Unknown
    48. Rumor: Lord of the Rings Online headed to Xbox 360
    1. inFamous soundtrack hitting the PlayStation Store in May
    2. ESRB lists Ghostbusters for PSP
    3. Silent Hill Wii confirmed, is "re-imagining" of original game
    4. Sports Interactive: Football Manager Live is "doing well"
    5. Jack Thompson calls Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick a sociopath
    6. Nintendo to make DSi-enhanced game announcements after launch
    7. Rumor: Sega to unleash more classic arcade titles on Xbox 360
    8. More free WAR server transfers offered
    9. Batman: Arkham Asylum video has four additional minutes of gameplay
    10. Tales of Vesperia for PS3, tons of other Tales stuff in Jump
    11. Rock Band: Unplugged PSP detailed by GameStop
    12. Rumor: 2K Boston to be renamed Irrational Boston
    13. Dragon Age: Origins will have a bit of "romance" in it
    14. EndWar Veteran map pack hits PS3 and 360
    15. Nintendo: "We believe used games aren’t in the consumer’s best interest"
    16. LittleBigPlanet has 2 million community members and 725K levels
    17. Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier coming to PS2 and PSP
    18. LittleBigPlanet getting golf course designed by users
    19. Rumor: Trophy support coming to SingStar via patch
    20. Teaser site for FFCC: The Crystal Bearers goes live
    21. Sony doubts potential of OnLive, claims high cost to consumer
    22. Big Huge Games hit by redundancies
    23. Premium DLC announced for Godfather II
    24. WAR beta set to launch in Taiwan
    25. Microsoft "announces" Alpine Legend
    26. OnLive boss says people had "damn well better be skeptical"
    27. Madden 10 dated for August 14
    28. The Pitt still broken, being fixed
    29. New FUEL vid shows first gameplay, 70-strong vehicle line-up
    30. AOL and Kikizo launch
    31. Introversion gives in-depth look at how Microsoft approves games
    32. New Star Trek DAC shots are a bit CRAP
    33. Spoof Metal Gear video posted for April Fool's
    34. First-party PS3 game "Project V" is "retro shooter," confirms JAW
    35. EverQuest II update features LavaStorm revamp and new dungeons
    36. Next Gears 2 DLC will depend on reaction to Snowblind, says Fergusson
    37. Rumor: Fatal Frame IV to be let out of Japan "next month"
    38. Koei Tecmo shows off new logo
    39. Nintendo bottom of Greenpeace rankings again
    40. Tri-Ace teases new, cross-platform RPG
    41. Sony: Cheap PS2 could take Wii market share
    42. Avatars get Live business clothing