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July 2008 Archive

    1. Madden 09 and Facebreaker demos now on PSN and Live
    2. 60Gb US 360 has no specific street date, says Microsoft
    3. Age and Conan and WoW get Russian release dates
    4. 16 new Killzone 2 shots posted
    5. Q1 profits hit $27 million for Square Enix
    6. Ray-traced games in "two to three years," says Intel
    7. Microsoft "wasn't in the right place" to buy Bizarre Creations
    8. Bizarre Creations boss: "Do we do Gotham 5?"
    9. The Last Guy confirmed for western release
    10. Ubisoft will publish next Armored Core
    11. Europe makes up less than a quarter of Live, says Microsoft
    12. New DS model predicted for the end of 2008
    13. Euro PSN update, July 31
    14. Bungie "very excited" about Halo Wars
    15. Closed Home Beta now open in Japan
    16. Five new Dragon Age shots released
    17. Ken Levine: BioShock gameplay innovates well compared to Portal, Call of Duty and Medal of Honor
    18. F-A-I-L: Scrabulous removed from Facebook
    19. Bourne again: Activision relinquishes Bourne rights to Ludlum estate
    20. Braben hits out at secondhand games at Develop
    21. Capcom posts $10 million Q1 profit
    22. Sega doesn’t want to be like Activision, does want to be “go-to publisher for every platform”
    23. Kojima to make Games Convention return in 2008
    24. WAR system specs released
    25. ESA releases annual report, tells people what it does
    26. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue getting big update tomorrow
    27. New Dawn of War II CG trailer released
    28. Saints Row 2 Tera Patrick promo is hilariously shameless
    29. THQ Q1 earnings call transcript in its entirety
    30. THQ Q1 losses nearly triple to $27 million
    31. Rockstar big winner at Develop Awards 08
    32. LBP server space to be limited for level uploads
    33. HAWX delayed until 2009, BiA: HH moves to September
    1. Ken Levine: BioShock PS3 came later due to "corporate decision," additional content is "2K thing"
    2. Ken Levine: "Maybe I am an asshole," but rumour doesn't matter
    3. Ken Levine: My "crazy ambitious" game is out of the blue-sky period
    4. The Outsider: "We'd be mad not to see GTA as competition," says Braben
    5. Sony video teaches you how to play Warhawk
    6. BlizzCon 08 to be televised in America
    7. Nintendo Q1 profits up by a third
    8. BioShock was supposed to be the most integrated porn film of all time, says Levine
    9. Live blogging the Ken Levine Develop 2008 keynote
    10. Bethesda Splash Damage game running on PS3 and Xbox 360, announcement "later this year"
    11. Splash Damage: "Bethesda would be unhappy if we weren't actively trying to kick their arse"
    12. EA Q1 financials - everything you need to know
    13. Incoming Uncharted Trophies detailed
    14. Bring down the price: Mass Effect PC gets free DLC
    15. Sadness developer Nibris to attend Games Convention
    16. First Lego Universe trailer released
    17. Halo 3 holds onto Live play top-spot
    18. Denis Dyack, Penthouse pets, complete loss of dignity
    19. Schafer: "Brutal Legend is fine"
    20. Chris Taylor and Demigod keynoting GCDC 08
    21. Battlefield Heroes delayed to late 2008
    22. EA Mobile up 33% year-on-year
    23. EA generated $90m through digital distribution in Q1
    24. C&C FPS Tiberium delayed to fiscal 2010
    25. EA: More than 40 games on the way for Wii and DS
    26. Madden back on PC next year, says Moore
    27. Riccitiello would "love" to charge for Spore body parts
    28. Boom Blox has sold 450,000 units, says EA
    29. EA posts $95 million loss for Q1 09
    30. Spore is a week from going gold
    31. Sony launches PS3 Firmware 2.42
    1. BlizzCon tickets going on sale in August
    2. New Midnight Club LA trailer released
    3. Rumour: Target already selling 60Gb 360s
    4. APB launch: "We're not that far away"
    5. APB: "It's too early to think seriously about not having a boxed product"
    6. APB beta: "News on that before too long"
    7. Realtime Worlds: "We've got a couple of projects on the go"
    8. Warhammer Online dev: "We can't schedule for s**t"
    9. Warhammer Online dev: "The game's finished, we could ship it now"
    10. Relentless: "We've had offers, but selling isn't top of our list"
    11. Buzz!-maker confirms work on brand new IP, continues to "work closely with Sony"
    12. Kim on console MMOs: "We haven't been able to crack the code"
    13. Free Live play "won't last," says Microsoft
    14. Future sees 39% online revenue rise
    15. The top 20 publishers in the industry by revenue
    16. Seeking Alpha: "Microsoft is a likely bidder for Take-Two"
    17. PlayStation business generates $2.16 billion in Q1 09, turns profit
    18. Q1 PS3 sales hit 1.56 million, double last year
    19. Space Siege demo released
    20. Ghostbusters to be "put out to tender": source
    21. Hype overwhelming: The Conduit brings home truckload of E3 awards
    22. Wii Fit back on top of UK chart
    23. Riccitiello: Lack of early Wii support is behind us
    24. Hirai: Sony’s internal studios more important than any third-party exclusive
    25. Red Alert 3 system specs rumoured
    26. Molyneux: Three more Fable games planned
    27. Bionic Commando Rearmed gets confirmed US release date
    28. Pachter: Nintendo has over-performed in its first quarter
    29. Dreamcast emulator crawling onto PSP
    30. Activision moves to sell off some Sierra studios, "realign staffing" at others
    31. Sierra's Crash, Ice Age, Spyro, Prototype survive ActiBlizz merger: Ghostbuster, Brutal Legend, WiC assumed whacked
    1. Brooke: Christmas will show what Lara's capable of
    2. All-new Lego Batman villain revealed
    3. EA: No Red Alert PS3 as console is "tough to develop for"
    4. Live play now free for three games
    5. PS3 Greatest Hits games hit US today
    6. Empire announces Unsolved Crimes
    7. Halo board game is "family-friendly"
    8. This Gaming Life goes on sale: buy it
    9. New Xbox 360 dashboard leaked, shown running on a modded console
    10. New Red Alert 3 screens do the do
    11. New Crysis: Warhead shots released
    12. Fallout 3's Hines: "The next milestone for us is 'get everything done.'"
    13. Multiwinia to be amBX-ified
    14. Bionic Commando Rearmed for August 13 in Japan?
    15. Develop kicks off in Brighton tomorrow, 1,000 people attending
    16. WAR date to be announced "extremely soon"
    17. Wahlberg won't play Max Payne due to "addictive personality"
    18. EA to post $111 million Q2 loss tomorrow
    19. EA changes WAR date to "September" on official site
    20. Four minutes of Mirror's Edge gameplay posted
    21. First Star Trek Online screenshots released
    22. Star Trek Online confirmed for consoles
    23. Fallout 3 perception "mismatch" due to secretive reveal plan, says Hines
    24. Funcom stocks dip sharply in wake of Conan launch
    25. Mortal Kombat: Kollection for PS2 this September
    26. Force Unleashed demo coming in August, features unique ending
    27. Jumpgate Evolution combat, ship control and environments shown in videos
    28. Ubisoft confirms Red Steel 2, will use Wii MotionPlus
    1. Gears of War 2 to link Achievements to original game
    2. Need for Speed Undercover vid teaser and viral site released?
    3. Rumour: GTA IV listed for PC on ESRB website
    4. Mirror's Edge story to be told in 2D (ish)
    5. Cryptic job listing confirms Star Trek Online
    6. WAR's website gives Asian date
    7. Uncharted sequel confirmed?
    8. Geometry Wars 2 "currently" Live-only, but PSN in "plans going forward"
    1. Vader and Yoda rumoured for opposite Soul Calibur IV versions - movie
    2. No console-specific characters for SFIV
    3. New 10-minute Resident Evil 5 gameplay vid posted
    4. SSFHD Beta extended until September 5, patched soon
    5. Bioshock $15 on Steam this weekend
    6. PS3 owners think Live is best
    7. New Marvel Vs Capcom fighter mooted at Comic Con
    8. First Resident Evil: Degeneration trailer released
    9. First SKATE 2 details emerge, video uploading included
    1. Heavy Rain dev says Uncharted is like porn
    2. Microsoft: "We'll explore, not exploit, Halo"
    3. Fallout 3 to have "big presence at Leipzig"
    4. Rumoured Guitar Hero: WT track list is bollocks, says Activision
    5. New Diablo III media released
    6. Alone in the Dark hits PS3 in November
    7. EVE Fanfest tickets go on sale
    8. We have "blockbuster stuff for Europe," says Reeves
    9. Vivendi revenue down 11% for first six months of the year
    10. Telltale doing Wallace and Gromit games
    11. UK prisons to ban 18-rated games
    12. Hines on Fallout 3 E3 press response: "I think we're pretty pleased"
    13. Wii Music Japan in October rumour firms up
    14. Geometry Wars 2 co-op in movie action
    15. Bionic Command Rearmed "making of" trailer released
    16. Legendary steps in to co-fund Gears of War movie
    17. MCV gets Games Convention media sponsorship
    18. Reeves: PS3 has the best line-up
    19. Square rubbishes claims of FFXIII PC version
    20. Porn star Tera Patrick joins Saints Row 2 team
    21. Moore adds voice to consumer E3 parade
    22. "Substantial" 360 and PC Fallout 3 DLC equivalent to Oblivion's KotN, says Hines
    23. Kutaragi "gambled" with high tech PS3 strategy, says Maguire
    24. New Samba di Amigo trailer and screens released
    25. Secret Tecmo tape supports Itagaki’s claims: give it a listen
    26. Non-WoW, non-Maxis game tops weekly NPD PC charts
    27. Bungie confirms new Halo 3 content, three new projects
    28. Rumour: God of War movie gets script and director
    29. First Demigod movie is awesome
    30. MGS4 glory gone for PS3 in Japan, PSP soars
    31. Writing games is harder than film, says Stan Lee
    32. Q Entertainment handling Peggle DS port
    33. EA to webcast annual stockholders meeting next week
    34. Ubi sees 33% sales jump in first quarter
    35. US PSN content update for July 24
    36. Rumour: Hardware 2 in the works
    37. Hasbro sues over Scrabulous
    1. GTA IV "confirmed for PC" rumour runs internet
    2. Resistance 2 pre-order beta programme "should be announced soon"
    3. Burnout Paradise Cagney delayed for 360 again
    4. First Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion trailer and hands-on hit web
    5. Unreal Engine 4 for 2012-2018, says Capps
    6. Blizzard's "money hats" mean PC gaming isn't dead, says Newell
    7. SCEE refuses to confirm or deny WipEout HD epilepsy claim
    8. Sega: "E3 was like being in a hospital corridor"
    9. Splinter Cell: Conviction officially delayed
    10. GameStop Gears 2 video shows new gameplay
    11. EA and DC to create Mirror's Edge comic, Rhianna Pratchett to write
    12. New S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky vid shows more DX10 stuff
    13. First Burnout Paradise plane seen in video
    14. New Diablo III shots scanned from Oz mag article
    15. Nintendo dismisses Wii Music Japan date rumour
    16. Bungie president "certainly didn't agree" with decision to postpone Halo E3 reveal
    17. Euro PSN update, July 24
    18. WoW gets another levelling boost
    19. Home release date doesn't matter, says Sony
    20. Rumour: Wii Music dated for October 16 in Japan
    21. Siren: Blood Curse released in Europe at higher price than previously announced
    22. 1942: Joint Strike and N+ level pack on XBLA now
    23. Microsoft's Mattrick: When I said we'd win, I meant it
    24. Hirai calls out Mattrick on E3 generation win claim
    25. Watchmen game will go "beyond the film"
    26. Games consoles will be dead in 10 years, says St John
    27. Dead Space Downfall announced, first trailer released
    28. First footage of Football Superstars released
    29. Rumored Guitar Hero: World Tour set list looks spectacular
    30. Nintendo: Wii storage issues concern geeks, otaku, and – oh – our mainstream audience
    31. PixelJunk Eden Tropies and YouTube system detailed
    32. Qore episode three includes invite to Resistance 2 September beta
    33. Bionic Commando to have 10 players online
    34. Watchmen is prequel, has two playable characters
    35. L.A. Noire entering "final production phase"?
    36. FaceBreaker demo on Live next week, PSN the week after
    37. Geometry Wars 2 release moved forward a week
    38. Minter making Gridrunner+++ for XBLA
    39. Tenchu 4 scan shows cat
    40. GameStop holding Gears of War tournaments tomorrow
    41. Itagaki was fired, gag order removed weeks ago
    1. FFXIII Versus trailer supposedly leaked
    2. Space Siege demo in four days?
    3. Penny Arcade Adventures for PSN this autumn
    4. EA signs with Hollywood talent agency, MySims cartoon in the works
    5. Bully releasing in Japan this week
    6. Watchmen to get episodic game
    7. Sc-fi author Bruce Sterling to keynote Austin GDC
    8. Koji Igarashi considers Castlevania Judgment criticism "unjustified"
    9. Cale confirms and dates Ferrari Challenge DLC
    10. Molyneux: "I feel sorry for Denis Dyack"
    11. The Last Guy gets July 31 date in Japan
    12. Namco steps in to rescue Hellgate
    13. Reggie: GTA on Wii is up to Take-Two and Rockstar
    14. Diablo III is PCG's next cover
    15. Vivendi UK job-losses announcement imminent
    16. Vivendi UK braces for Actiblizz redundancies
    17. Bungie laughed when Microsoft pulled E3 Halo reveal, says Mattrick
    18. Rumour: I Am Alive to debut in Leipzig
    19. Soulcalibur IV gets 35/40 in Famitsu
    20. Nintendo announces Fujifilm Wii printing partnership in Japan
    21. Aliens game being written by Battlestar Galactica team
    22. Exclusive Too Human armour shown off
    23. How to play a free game every day for a year
    24. Famitsu ad points to Shin Megami Tensei 4?
    25. Vimeo giving the boot to gaming videos
    26. Wii sells half a million units in record breaking time – in Australia
    27. First in-game MAG shot released
    28. Halo 3 back on top of Live play charts
    29. Iwata apologises for lack of "hardcore" Nintendo games at E3
    30. 1942: Joint Strike releases for XBLA today (update)
    31. Nintendo files patent for blood pressure Wiimote
    32. Games for Windows Live is now free
    33. Cannabis-patterned Wii Fit cover signals true mass market reach
    34. BioWare denies making Mass Effect 360 exclusivity claim
    35. DirectX 11 announced at Gamefest
    36. Fat Princess attracts feminist ire
    37. 360 has best games in almost every genre, says site
    38. Resistance 2 ARG countdown ends, more videos posted
    1. Gary Oldman confirms Dark Knight game in the works
    2. cdv opens London office
    3. Lips boxing shows spangly microphones
    4. Capcom to patch SFII HD Remix Beta
    5. Lich King's death knight in action
    6. New DC Universe Online shots released
    7. WipEout HD delayed for failing epilepsy tests
    8. Sales of some Wii and GameCube controllers may be banned in the US
    9. Sony belittles FFXIII move to 360
    10. Microsoft details community XNA games business model
    11. Iwata: Friends codes aren't perfect
    12. First proper shots of Gran Turismo TV released
    13. Changes to E3 2009 being discussed, says ESA
    14. Denis Dyack in London on August 5
    15. Famitsu boss: PS3's Japanese problems are being resolved
    16. PS3 BioShock will "match" 360 version visually
    17. Reeves: Microsoft's Gosen is incorrect over European console figures
    18. Lee: DC Universe Online is "very, very dynamic"
    19. Zelnick: We will stay profitable on non-GTA years
    20. Retailer cuts 360 price in the UK, "Nothing to do with us," says Microsoft
    21. Splash Damage nets Mass Effect artist
    22. SCi to post ?100 million FY loss
    23. June NPD gets analysed to death
    24. GamesAid to hold Develop charity poker tournament
    25. Madden 09 demo for August 1 release
    26. Midway announces plans to close LA studio
    27. Lego Indy back to top of UK chart
    28. Hirai hedges bets on autumn beta launch for Home
    29. Meet Mega Man and the Bionic Commando at Comic-Con!
    30. EA’s Riccitiello: “I don’t care if people write about Take-Two”
    31. Riccitiello: Investors don't give a s**t about our quality
    32. Keighley hammers Reggie on lack of E3 Nintendo hardcore
    33. Remedy squashes Alan Wake TGS showing talk
    34. Sonic and the Black Knight: detail overload
    35. Why E3 is completely doomed: pictures
    36. Cammie Dunaway: "People think I'm fake"
    37. Braben: UK games degrees are "not helping"
    38. Nelson shows off Netflix working with Xbox Experience
    39. First video shown for Sony's The Last Guy
    40. 2K details PS3 BioShock's Trophies
    41. Killzone 2 is an "incredible adrenaline rush"
    42. BlizzCon, WWI serial codes grant Lich King beta access
    1. Jade Empire now up on XBLA
    2. Rumour: LittleBigPlanet dated by US pre-sells cards
    3. Sony will "lead the way" on PSP GPS games
    4. Crytek buys Black Sea Studios
    5. Gearbox's Pitchford questions Home delays
    6. Dave Perry to keynote GCDC
    7. Euro SingStar gets 33 new songs
    8. Dead Rising Wii named Chop Till You Drop, uses RE4 Wii engine
    9. Greenwald "very sceptical" of 360 E3 price adjustment
    10. First of three Gears novels for October release
    11. Too Human is "multi-platform," says OFLC
    12. RE5 producer: "There are black members in the development team"
    13. Kojima on MGS4 dev: Sony gave us a lot of advantage with pre-release PS3 hardware
    14. Ninja Gaiden II: Mission Mode DLC announced
    15. EA extends Take-Two offer, Zelnick responds
    16. Persona 3 FES confirmed for Europe
    17. Molyneux "looking at MMOs"
    18. Sega announces Sonic and the Black Knight for Wii
    19. Pachter: E3 is headed for extinction
    20. HMV to offer VAT-free games in-store
    21. VG247 podcast: Why E3 should be a consumer and trade event in Las Vegas
    22. Perry on E3: It's stupid, broken and embarrassing
    23. Quake Live trailer is made of complete win
    24. Major Nelson talks Xbox Experience in-depth
    25. SI "pretty close to finishing" Football Manager Live
    26. Hirai says PS3 sales will exceed PS2's 140 million
    27. Sonic & The Black Knight "is indeed real"
    28. Peter Moore's likeness shown in FaceBreaker
    29. LittleBigPlanet allows players to make regular big money
    30. Sony’s MAG to be rebranded as SOCOM title?
    1. "Mystery" BBC game yet to be revealed
    2. Sonic & The Black Knight coming soon to a Wii near you?
    3. Jimi Hendrix songs and likeness to feature in Guitar Hero World Tour
    1. Bungie had "60-second, knock ’em down" trailer ready for E3 Halo reveal
    2. Rebellion buys Razorworks
    3. Sega to create 76,000 square foot theme park in Dubai
    4. MGO update ends in disaster
    5. E3 must change or die, says Campbell
    6. Xbox 360 fending off PS3 Trophies with Medals
    1. LittleBigPlanet official site now open
    2. No Bioshock 2 information until Bioshock PS3 is released, says 2K
    3. Silent Hill: Homecoming PC confirmed
    4. Lombardi: New Valve 360 titles on the way
    5. First Dead Rising Wii screenshots posted
    6. New Operation Flashpoint 2 shots posted
    7. Be Xbox's European PR director, get ?95k PA
    8. Riccitiello: "I hate E3 like this"
    9. The Last Remnant set for November 20 release, DLC confirmed
    10. The Agency gets developer walkthrough videos
    11. EA to allow you to break Peter Moore's face
    12. 360 installs improve load times by "30%"
    13. New Afrika video released
    14. The winners and losers of E3 2008, part two – the games and services
    15. More LittleBigPlanet screenshots for Friday
    16. Wii to get wireless keyboard
    17. Sony "looking into" native PSP Store
    18. Siren gets 116 screens
    19. PlayTV dated for September in UK
    20. Japanese hardware charts sees PSP retain pole
    21. Limited Edition Gears of War 2 box set unveiled
    22. "We knew it was coming", says Sony VP of FFXIII 360 announce
    23. Wrath of the Lich King beta very close
    24. Rumour: Sony to mandate unique Trophies in 2009
    25. Alan Wake confirmed for TGS
    26. You're in the Movies Vision Cam bundle priced
    27. Try LBP at The PlayStation Experience promotional tour
    28. Warhammer Online getting "final polish", says Gershowitz
    29. MK8 was scrapped, says Boon
    30. No Soul Calibur IV demo until after release
    31. Eidos releases substantial Tomb Raider Underworld teaser
    32. June NPD: Everything in one place
    33. Miyamoto: E3 isn't the right place to showcase core games
    34. "Specific technical problem" delays WipEout HD
    35. Stephen Fry to narrate LittleBigPlanet
    36. Microsoft's Xbox division reports profitable year
    37. Blizzard confirms Achievements for WoW
    38. June NPD: Nintendo focuses on Wii victory over 360 in post-figures statement
    39. June NPD: Sony leads with victory over 360 in post-figures statement
    40. June NPD: Wii overtakes 360 and US console leader
    41. June NPD: Sales up 53% YoY
    42. June NPD: MGS4 takes comfortable lead as US bestseller
    43. June NPD: PS3 achieves almost 2:1 sales over 360
    1. Extended Dawn of War II trailer shows more eldar
    2. Riccitiello confirms KOTOR MMO from BioWare
    3. That Game Company's Chen explains Flower
    4. Age of Conan ready to review in "about a month", says Funcom
    5. Banjo to be Mario of Xbox, says Rare
    6. Yoshida: PSP and PSN are jump off points for inexperienced developers
    7. EA's Riccitiello wants Boom Blox sequel
    8. Activision Blizzard to suffer job cuts
    9. EU PlayStation Store updated
    10. Borderlands E3 2008 presentation trailer shows Mad Maxxing
    11. GT5 could be in 2010, says Yamauchi
    12. Hirai: We don't do the consumer a disservice by ditching old consoles
    13. Spore space level 15-20 hours long, only one ending
    14. No fixed lifecycle on console hardware, says Iwata
    15. Public Home spaces to be region-locked
    16. Japanese software figures - week ending July 13
    17. The winners and losers of E3 2008, part one – the press conferences
    18. Future Wii-motes might include Motion Plus
    19. E3 not appropriate at this time of year, says Ubi
    20. Mercenaries 2 video causes action orgasm
    21. Jade Empire next Xbox Original
    22. FFXIII story "now complete", says Kitase
    23. Roger Daltrey at Rock Band E3 gig: "New music games are good because the record industry's f**ked"
    24. Next-gen SingStar at Leipzig
    25. More to come from Wii well, says Nintendo
    26. First Fatal Frame IV trailer released
    27. Borderlands E3 demo posted in video
    28. 40% of US gamers are women, ESA study shows
    29. MGO World Championship announced
    30. Star Ocean IV is a prequel, visit multiple planets
    31. IGN goes hands-on with swimming Lara
    32. US PC sales charts, June 29 - July 6
    33. The Conduit to support 16-player multiplayer, uses WiiSpeak
    34. Transfer Animal Crossing: Wide World items to City Folk
    35. Mattrick: Live is a staggering accomplishment
    36. Zeschuk walks through Dragon Age demo in video
    37. Yakuza 2 allows you to" smash people's heads into walls"
    38. Left 4 Dead impressions and video show game "oozing style"
    39. Dyack "ecstastic" at Too Human demo response
    40. Miyamoto: Wii Music is "closer to playing real instruments"
    41. PSP getting Trophies?
    42. Bioshock DLC running on PS3 with dev commentary: video
    43. Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty for PAL Blu-ray release
    44. Miyamoto: Wii Music is more interesting than a videogame
    45. No PAL PS3 video store this year
    46. Gallagher: "Now is the time" for games industry
    47. Miyamoto roundtable in its entirety
    48. Bungie Halo game saved for more "dedicated event"
    49. Tretton "disappointed" by FFXIII on 360
    50. Miyamoto: "We're making Pikmin"
    51. SCEE confirms 80Gb PS3 SKU for Europe
    52. PS3 Platinum range for August 1 in Europe
    1. Video of Wii music being played on E3 show floor
    2. New Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts shots released
    3. Xbox 360 dashboard walkthrough video released
    4. Tretton would have liked backwards compatibility in PS3
    5. New Borderlands shots released
    6. Mythos says goodbye to community in wake of Flagship firing
    7. Fable II main story 12 hours long
    8. E3 keynote Governor greeted by "just over two dozen attendees"
    9. Over half a million weapons in Borderlands, says Take-Two
    10. Tretton: Sony considering PSP with HDD
    11. Kim sees FFXIII as key to Japanese development door
    12. Endrant Studios is co-developing Wolfenstein
    13. 80Gb PS3 confirmed for Europe, says French site
    14. Dark Void gets hands-on and screenshots
    15. The Major: How themes "could" work in new Xbox dashboard
    16. Acti-Bliz begins self-tender offer
    17. MAG: Aim was to make game achieveable on no other platform, says Zipper
    18. New Nintendo title to announce tonight?
    19. Sony announces $200 PSP bundle for US
    20. NCsoft merges Heroes and Villains universes
    21. Microsoft's Spencer defends Dyack
    22. Five more Resistance 2 screenshots released
    23. Channel 4 to launch new gaming talent initiative
    24. Frank Sliwka is strategy director for new GC Global portfolio
    25. Patapon 2 gets first trailer
    26. Europe to get 80Gb PS3?
    27. Blue Dragon Plus DS official site and video released
    28. Prince of Persia conference gameplay video released
    29. Gears of War 2 box art
    30. Raven shooter Singularity shown in first video
    31. Reggie: 'How could core gamers feel left out?'
    32. New Quantum of Solace trailer and screens released
    33. Eurogamer gets Motorstorm 2 studio visit exclusive
    34. id's Carmack talks up Doom 4 - better than Rage
    35. FFXIII: Lightning detailed
    36. Euro PSN update, July 16
    37. Wrath of the Lich King alpha phase complete
    38. New Fracture trailers look pretty amazing
    39. Roger Daltrey was "bored quickly" by Rock Band
    40. NCsoft announces Hero Con '08
    41. Tom Clancy's EndWar gets October release date
    42. New 50 Cent footage released
    43. Gamespot goes hands-on with The Lord of the Rings: Conquest
    44. Dawn of War II to use Games for Windows Live
    45. EA’s Riccitiello is focused on quality, not fighting Activision Blizzard
    46. Kiefer Sutherland to voice Call of Duty: World at War character
    47. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Trophy patch coming soon
    48. 130 PlayStation 2 titles due this year
    49. Dead Rising coming to Wii
    50. New Left 4 Dead gameplay video
    51. Konami belatedly announces E3 line-up
    52. Guitar Hero: World Tour compatible with Rock Band instruments
    53. First Tomb Raider: Underworld footage released
    54. DC Universe Online Sony conference trailer released
    55. Full ten minutes of Killzone 2 gameplay in video
    56. Activision announces Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion, first video
    57. Prince of Persia "a wonderful visual experience", says Gamespot
    58. Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising lets you blow things up
    59. Two new Flower trailers
    60. IGN gets Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise hands-on
    61. Inafune: Lost Planet was always supposed to "become a Hollywood movie"
    62. 1UP takes first look at Bayonetta
    63. Activision reveals Wolverine and Transformers games
    64. New Halo game confirmed
    65. First Wolfenstein teaser trailer posted, first shots
    66. Wario Land: Shake It hands-on at Gamespot
    67. Animal Crossing: City Folk dated, WiiSpeak priced
    68. New GTA DS official site displays Wi-Fi connection badge
    69. Brand new Shaun White Wii screens
    70. Guitar Hero World Tour to feature YouTube-like sharing service
    71. Feder on Rockstar: "We need to protect our creative folks"
    72. Riccitiello: EA didn't innovate through last transition
    73. IGN goes hands-on with Halo Wars
    74. New Mad World trailer and screenshots
    75. Miyamoto flattered by Microsoft's Avatars
    76. Bioshock PS3 to have exclusive DLC "challenge rooms"
    77. PlayStation Video Store now Live in US
    78. Hands-on with Fallout 3, new screens
    79. Flagship not dead, but everyone has been fired
    80. Everything you missed from the Nintendo and Sony E3 press conferences last night
    81. Four new E3 LittleBigPlanet videos published
    82. Ratchet & Clank: Future Quest for Booty, IGN hands-on
    83. God of War III teaser trailer posted
    84. Hands-on with Animal Crossing: City Folk
    85. Miyamoto: WiiSpeak is to "connect living rooms to each other"
    86. Killzone 2 - hands-on video
    87. Sony announces LEGO Batman PS2 bundle
    88. inFAMOUS shots and trailer back up our "good" conference verdict
    89. Rumour: Killzone 2 to copy Halo movie features
    90. Killzone 2 beta "definitely" in plans
    91. New Killzone 2 screens show prettiness
    92. Miyamoto talks "Wii version" of upcoming Zelda
    93. Ubi announces Raymond project, I Am Alive - first trailer
    94. Resistance 2 Sony conference movie posted
    95. Resistance Retribution - hands-on and movie
    96. Next-Gen turns into Edge-Online
    97. Wii Music - hands-ons, movies
    98. Spore DS movie taken from Nintendo conference
    99. MGS4 "impossible" on 360, says Tretton
    100. Bungie E3 game announce stopped by Microsoft
    1. New PSN games announced in E3 conference
    2. Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades for DS in September
    3. IGN End War blowout
    4. Wario Land: The Shake Dimension shots released
    5. Animal Crossing: City Folk gets shots and movie
    6. New Geometry Wars 2 gameplay trailer looks mental
    7. Eternal Sonata PS3 finally gets US release date
    8. Yakuza 2 released September 9
    9. Tretton: Sony "on its way" to achieving PS3 sales target
    10. Massive Action Game announced for PS3
    11. Infamous for spring 2009
    12. God of War III shown in LA
    13. SCEA to dump 40Gb PS3 pack
    14. DC Universe Online demoed on PS3
    15. Super Stardust Portable announced
    16. Resistance Retribution announced for PSP
    17. PS3 video store goes live tonight
    18. SCEA fails to provide date for Home beta
    19. GTTV to launch on August 1
    20. Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty for PSN this summer
    21. Tretton: Single sign-on for PS3/PC/PSP
    22. 5 million pieces of PlayStation hardware sold in the US so far this year
    23. New slew of PS3 Greatest Hits titles announced
    24. LBP to release in October
    25. Resistance 2 demo knocks out E3 crowd, but date goes begging
    26. Tretton: "PS3 drove the Blu-ray format to victory and now the Blu-ray format is poised to return the favour"
    27. Sony E3 2008 press conference starts at 7.30pm UK time
    28. Wii Music shown in Nintendo press conference
    29. Wii Sports Resort will launch globally next Spring
    30. Wii Sports Resort announced
    31. Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars for DS
    32. CoD: World at War, Raving Rabbids and Star Wars The Clone Wars lead third-parties at Nintendo conf
    33. Nintendo announces Spore Creatures DS
    34. Nintendo expects DS to reach over 100 million sales by March 09
    35. WiiSpeak and Animal Crossing: City Folk will be out on Wii in 2008.
    36. Nintendo: "Zelda and Mario teams hard at work on new titles"
    37. Shaun White Snowboarding Wii exclusive and by "year end"
    38. Nintendo E3 2008 press conference starts at 5.00pm UK time
    39. New Hydrophobia screenshots
    40. Uno Rush to cost 400 points, double for theme pack
    41. New Home screens show E3 broadcast space
    42. Wolfenstein: First official details, "team objective gameplay," more
    43. Eidos confirms Pivotal redundancies
    44. Killzone's Ter Heife: "You really need Blu-ray to pull off this kind of thing"
    45. Tomb Raider: Underworld gets release date
    46. Square Enix shares boost on back of 360 FFXIII announce
    47. Tonight’s E3 Sony press conference - where can I watch it?
    48. Tonight’s E3 Nintendo press conference - where can I watch it?
    49. MGS4 on 360: "It's inevitable," says highly-placed source
    50. Mentalist screams about FFXIII 360 decision
    51. Warhawk V1.4 to get free gameplay modes
    52. Wii Fit leapfrogs SSBB to go top of UK charts
    53. Playstation Store to release content throughout E3 week
    54. Carmack on Rage deal: "I thought EA was the Evil Empire"
    55. New Red Faction video shows ample destruction
    56. EA condenses E3 press conference into handy announcement
    57. Hidden link in PSBlog post points to white feather
    58. New Major Minor's Majestic March video
    59. This is Vegas E3 08 trailer craps out
    60. Frag Dolls UK disbanded
    61. New Warhammer Online video released
    62. Sega announces E3 line-up
    63. Warner Bros and Capcom confirm Hayter-written Lost Planet movie
    64. Geometry Wars 2 for August 6, four-player included
    65. Two new Spore videos at IGN
    66. Gosen: Don't hold your breath over PlayStation Home
    67. New Infinite Undiscovery screenshots released
    68. Loads of new Fable II footage pops up
    69. IGN: Ghostbusters: The Video Game "has the pieces in place to become a solid affair"
    70. Gears of War 2 video interview up on Gamespot
    71. New Ghostbusters footage posted
    72. First Prince of Persia gameplay footage released
    73. 10 million PSPs sold in Japan
    74. New screens of Avatars, Netflix
    75. Limited edition Xbox 360 controllers on the way, now in color!
    76. New Warhammer online screenshots posted
    77. Nintendo announces hosts for today's E3 conference
    78. Halo Wars slips to 09, new screenshots and video released
    79. You're in the Movies screenshots released
    80. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 screenshots
    81. Saints Row 2 to "offer a very difference experience" than GTA IV
    82. Nintendo Europe official site to offer E3 PC stream
    83. Everything you missed from the Microsoft and EA E3 press conferences last night
    84. First Sims 3 in-game footage published
    85. Rumour: DS gaining tilt, losing GBA cartridge
    86. New Crysis Warhead shots posted
    87. In-game Mirror's Edge trailer looks awesome
    88. New Left 4 Dead screens posted
    89. Dead Space boss fight movie posted
    90. Activision issues record Q1 earnings
    91. Shane Kim explains 360 push into casual space
    92. Banjo Nuts & Bolts E3 trailer posted
    93. Gears of War 2 site gets overhaul
    94. New Halo Wars trailer shows five years of hell
    95. Two Gears of War 2 hands-ons
    96. Gears 2 MS E3 press conference movies posted
    97. FFXIII teaser site now live
    98. Watch the FFXIII Xbox 360 movie in good quality
    99. See the new Xbox 360 dashboard in video
    100. Microsoft E3 presentation - full audio
    101. Final Fantasy XIII not available on 360 in Japan, Versus XIII still PS3-exclusive
    102. Wright: "Spore fans 38% God"
    103. Pictures from the EA E3 press conference
    104. Left 4 Dead confirmed for November 4 release
    105. Dragon Age confirmed for consoles
    106. New Rage movie shown, looks amazing
    107. EA to publish Rage for consoles, PC and Mac
    1. IGN goes hands-on with Geometry Wars 2
    2. 1UP: Mirror's Edge combat still not fluid
    3. New Gears of War 2 concept art and screenshots
    4. Star Ocean 4 E3 gameplay trailer released
    5. FFXIII 360 Japanese release still unclear after E3 press conference
    6. Hands-on with Resident Evil 5, two new movies
    7. Fallout 3 gameplay movie posted
    8. Microsoft's E3 press release: all the games in one place
    9. Uno Rush confirmed for XBLA
    10. Rumour: L.A. Noire trailer to be shown tomorrow
    11. NBC and Universal adds names to Live movie list
    12. Tales of Vesperia demo is Live in US and Europe
    13. Xbox Experience photos posted
    14. Microsoft details Xbox Experience, confirms full hard drive installs
    15. No new Halo game shown in MS E3 conference
    16. Square Enix confirms FFXIII for 360
    17. Star Ocean gets tentative release date
    18. Rockband 2 is an Xbox 360 exclusive, 84 tracks listed in full
    19. Lips to be the first game to let sing along to your own music collection
    20. Lips confirmed for 360
    21. Metallica album to release on Guitar Hero at same time as retail
    22. You're in the Movies announced for 360
    23. Original Banjo for XBLA, says Kim
    24. Over 1,000 games available for 360 before 2009
    25. Netflix 360 partnerhsip confirmed
    26. Portal: Still Alive 360 exclusive
    27. Geometry Wars 2 announced
    28. Microsoft's Lips supports motion-sensitive wireless mics
    29. Avatars confirmed for 360 at E3
    30. Mattrick: We will sell more consoles this generation than Sony
    31. New Xbox 360 dashboard shown at E3
    32. Gears of War 2 to include five-player co-op "Horde" mode
    33. Gears of War 2 releases on November 7
    34. Fable II is finished, out October, says Molyneux
    35. Resi 5 release date Friday 13 March 2009
    36. Resi 5 online co-op featured for first time at E3
    37. Xbox 360 to get exclusive Fallout 3 DLC
    38. Fallout 3 played live for first time in E3 press conference
    39. Fallout 3, Resident Evil 5, Fable II and Gears of War 2 to be shown in MS conference
    40. Microsoft E3 press conference begins at 6.30pm UK time
    41. Nintendo unveils Wii MotionPlus peripheral
    42. New Red Alert 3 trailer reveals Rising Sun
    43. Conflict developer Pivotal to close
    44. Banjo 3: Klungo Concept Art for Nuts & Bolts
    45. Multiwinia site goes live
    46. Go!View goes live in UK and Ireland
    47. New Resident Evil 5 shots, words and movies at 9pm CET tonight
    48. Natsume's E3 line-up reveals lots of Harvest Moon
    49. MGO expansion due July 17
    50. 31.3 million games sold in the UK in first six months of 2008
    51. Brand new Killzone 2 footage released
    52. Wii jOG, new motion-sensing controller confirmed [update]
    53. Apogee Software's return brings Duke Nukem trilogy to DS and PSP
    54. "OR2" announced for PSP
    55. Dragon Age: Origins - first official gameplay details released
    56. Eurogamer goes hands-on with MotorStorm Pacific Rift
    57. Sonic Unleashed to "create a pace that never allows the player to grow bored"
    58. Pachter: PS3 battered 360 in the US last month
    59. Interview: Clarence Lim on Shaun White Snowboarding
    60. Ubisoft not afraid to let PoP drop, says Mattes
    61. No 360 price cut or 60Gb machine in the UK, says Microsoft
    62. Confirmed: Dead Space release moved forward in US
    63. More Wolfenstein scans posted
    64. IGN posts three new Far Cry 2 videos
    65. Too Human demo now live
    66. Wii is a "niche gaming device," says Sony's Stringer
    67. Amazon taking pre-orders on new 60Gb 360
    68. PSP Firmware 4.05 is live
    69. First Dragon Age: Origins shots posted
    70. Eurogamer posts Prince of Persia preview
    71. Ubisoft "stressed" just hours before Assassins Creed launch
    72. PoP4's Elika could star in her own game, says Mattes
    73. IGN has first Fallout 3 hands-on
    74. Halo "Blue" coming September 30 for 360?
    75. "More reason to buy a PS3 than the 360,'' says analyst
    76. Tonight's E3 Microsoft press conference - where can I watch it?
    77. Six new Gears of War 2 gameplay movies released
    78. Sony launches PSN ID linking to US PlayStation boards
    79. Official Fallout 3 site published
    80. New Halo Wars screens and art released
    81. Geometry Wars 2 announced today, says rumour
    82. New Dawn of War II screens posted
    83. YouTube yields Jak & Daxter PS3 dev movies?
    84. Xbox 360 Elite price slashed to $400 on Amazon
    85. Deus Ex creator collaborating with Pixar for new game
    1. E3 Halo game is squad-based shooter, rumours Gamespot
    2. Major League Eating launches on WiiWare tomorrow
    3. Crysis Warhead multiplayer mode revealed
    4. PS3 "putting up a much stronger battle now," says Fries
    5. New PoP4 speed art released
    6. Microsoft confirms 60Gb 360, price cut for 20Gb model
    7. First next-gen Wolfenstein scans posted
    1. The first 25 minutes of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
    2. Gears of War 2 campaign footage shown
    3. US to finally get PS3 budget range
    4. Rumour: Taiwanese Wii to be stripped bare
    5. Shaun White Wii more about opportunities than challenges, says Lim
    6. Shaun White Wii: "the Balance Board feels right", says Lim
    7. Former SCEA exec joins Atari
    8. New FXN Podcast live: Trophies, E3
    9. Empire: Total War to be released Feb 3, 2009
    10. Breaking: Flagship Studios to close today, says report
    11. Banjo old and new movie posted
    12. New Killzone 2 trailer shows objective gameplay
    13. Capcom shows Flock! shots and movie
    14. Two new Viva Pi?ata: Trouble in Paradise movies posted
    15. Hands-on with Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
    16. New Wheelman shots released
    17. EA Q1 financials for July 29
    18. New Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia shots and movies posted
    19. More trouble at Flagship as lay-offs are confirmed
    20. Meet the US PS blog chaps in LA
    21. E3 hands-on with EndWar, new video
    22. Eternal Sonata included on UK DS3 compatability list
    23. Metal Gear Online DLC detailed, out now
    24. LucasArts trademarks potential Old Republic MMO names
    25. Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe hands-on
    26. Hands-on with Castlevania Judgment
    27. Konami Rock Band law suit "extremely surprising," says MTV
    28. First Wolfenstein details tell of "supernatural powers"
    29. Quake Live: You can't turn the ads off
    30. Eldar revealed in Dawn of War II E3 teaser trailer
    31. First in-game Rock Band 2 footage released
    32. Dead Space date changed to October 21?
    33. Dead Space "Loved Ones" trailer is proto-awesome
    34. Fallout 3 E3 teaser video posted
    35. Dragon Age: Origins trailer released
    1. Acti-Blizz confident, splits stock
    2. Midway launches two online stores – one classic, one modern
    3. Epic things in store for Fable 2 at E3
    4. Rumour: First Lips pics leaked?
    5. PS3 Bioshock "exclusive features" for GTTV on Monday
    6. Morhaime: WoW fans have nothing to fear from merger
    7. Sony E3 conference to be broadcast in Home
    8. Too Human demo will release at 6.00pm Monday
    9. Warhammer Online suffers massive feature-cut
    10. Punch-Out!! Wii rumoured for E3
    11. Wario Land: The Shake Dimension detailed by Nintendo, confirmed for September 26 launch
    12. Atari announces 360-exclusive Race Pro
    13. New Mafia 2 concept art posted
    14. Two new Demigod screenshots released
    15. Far Cry 2 dev: "There are no f**king mutants in this game"
    16. Warhammer Online guild beta launches
    17. Houser: Powerful people want me out of business
    18. "Loved Ones" Dead Space trailer for GTTV debut tonight
    19. Eurogamer gives Alone in the Dark Wii 3/10
    20. E3 video meltdown tonight: Gears 2 campaign, Fallout 3, Rock Band 2, Dragon Age: Origins
    21. First LocoRoco 2 shots released
    22. New Far Cry 2 "enemy deception" trailer has us slavering
    23. Awesome new Siren story trailer released
    24. Age of Conan now available for download
    25. Stephen Fry joins Fable 2 cast
    26. Official Nintendo Mag UK pulls reference to Animal Crossing Wii
    27. Houser: I have everything to achieve
    28. Operation Flashpoint 2 gets "development target renders"
    29. Gears of War 2: Not as short as the first one, says Cliff
    30. Gamespot UK suffers lay-offs
    31. New Far Cry 2 screens released
    32. Mega Man 9 confirmed for 360 and PS3
    33. No Far Cry 2 demo, says Ubi
    34. Wheelman studio gets new boss
    35. New CoD: World at War screens show variety
    36. Hickey: "We absolutely believe Activision will take a look at Take-Two"
    37. US PSN update, July 10
    38. FIFA Online 2 site goes live
    39. IGN details live E3 coverage
    40. Japanese hardware charts settle back down after MGS4
    41. Cagney update released for Burnout Paradise
    42. Tecmo announces "meh" E3 line-up
    43. Monster Hunter 3 announce likely for TGS
    44. First Operation Flashpoint 2 trailer released
    45. Mercenaries 2: hands-on, screens, videos
    46. Capcom details Comic Con showing, promises exclusive RE5 trailer
    47. IGN goes hands-on with Tomb Raider: Underworld
    48. First Half-Life 2: Episode 3 concept art released
    49. First Stormrise trailer shows future of command
    50. New Crysis: Warhead shots released
    51. Sony CFO: No plan to drop PS3 price
    52. CD Projekt launches GOD service
    53. Senior Acti-Blizz execs sign five-year contracts
    54. Konami sues EA over Rock Band over patent violation
    55. WSJ and Reuters confirm 360 price cut
    1. THQ to host E3 2008 analyst day
    2. Codemaster's F1 game will be a sim not arcade
    3. SouthPeak appoints new managing director of Europe
    4. Motus shows 360 motion-sensing controller in action
    5. EA Sports Wii titles to be "less intimidating", says McCarthy
    6. Halo Wars looks "a hell of a lot better" than it did last year
    7. EA announces massive Holiday 08 roster
    8. Activision to launch "credible alternative to iTunes" based on Guitar Hero
    9. D3 announces "solid" E3 line-up
    10. Deep Silver catches Ride to Hell
    11. Too Human demo will go live during E3
    12. Tetris, Sudoku and Scrabble lead EA onto iPhone
    13. Activision Blizzard: "We’re thinking big"
    14. 2K grabs Cryptic's Champions Online
    15. Sega announces Stormrise, new Creative Assembly RTS
    16. TNA iMPACT! trailer and screens released
    17. Dawn of War II site now up
    18. Jade Raymond working on first-person survival horror
    19. Midway announces "powerful" E3 line-up
    20. Future launches "What MMO"
    21. No price cut for PlayStation 3 "just yet"
    22. Activision explains spilt from the ESA
    23. Activision and Vivendi officially merge
    24. Blitz announces five casual titles for PC and console
    25. Exclusive new Operation Flashpoint 2 shots
    26. Illegal Far Cry 2 tech-demo leaked
    27. BioWare's community tops 4 million members
    28. “PS3 is open for the ad business," says Sony
    29. Rare on motion control: "Banjo has been designed to be played using a gamepad from the outset"
    30. Euro PSN update, July 10
    31. id details QuakeCon 2008
    32. New Mirror's Edge story trailer and screens released
    33. Fallout 3 banned in Australia because of drugs references
    34. Edge rebrand confirmed
    35. Pratchett grabs Mirror's Edge script gig
    36. Career Fair gets more definites
    37. 10v10 online play confirmed for FIFA 09
    38. First Max Payne movie trailer released
    39. Around 160 games at App Store launch
    40. New Infinite Undiscovery shots reveal playable, cuddly big red bear
    41. Japanese software figures: Nintendomination again
    42. to get white DS3
    43. "Microsoft to debut a new music game at E3," says Variety
    44. The Conduit confirmed for E3
    45. A price cut isn't enough for 360, says analyst
    46. $345 million invested in virtual worlds this year
    47. Rumour: Dead Rising 2 set in Vegas
    48. Microsoft: No truth in Banjo motion-sensing talk
    49. G4 announces E3 coverage schedule, live streaming of all conferences
    50. Siren: Blood Curse gets date and price
    51. is rebranded as Edge?
    52. Games industry to be awarded hard cash money
    53. New Final Fantasy Dissidia screenshots
    54. Analyst: E3 now “virtually useless”
    55. BioWare unveils new Dragon Age: Origins website
    1. Home summerhouse shown in new screens
    2. Star Ocean PSP games dated for the US
    3. Cavanagh gifts 1.9 million SCi shares to family
    4. 1942: Joint Strike out on July 23
    5. Deep Silver shows E3 line-up
    6. Soul Calibur IV PS3 install is optional on UK code
    7. Famitsu estimates Wii overtook PSP in Japan last week
    8. Soul Calibur IV PS3 install is 2.85Gb
    9. Nintendo patents new Wii controller
    10. Go meet Joystiq and X3F at E3
    11. First Quantum of Solace footage looks hot
    12. Capcom details new Bionic Commando: Rearmed features
    13. Operation Flashpoint 2 moves to 2009, first trailer this week
    14. Castlevania Judgment character art punches out
    15. 17 Castlevania Judgment shots released
    16. New Resistance 2 footage and Price interview posted
    17. Majesco's E3 led by Major Minor's Majestic March
    18. New ArmA 2 screens look warry
    19. First Force Unleashed trailer posted
    20. Japan: Monster Hunter biggest seller in first six months of 2008
    21. Activision announces Wee1ST
    22. Rumour: Biker character to feature in GTA IV DLC
    23. Zo? Mode announces London studio
    24. Square Enix's E3 line-up includes two new Star Ocean PSP games
    25. Two new DS Chocobo games announced
    26. Rumour: Every song in Rock Band 2 leaked
    27. Free games will beat piracy, says Perry
    28. 20 new Red Alert 3 shots released
    29. Confirmed: Fallout 3 refused classification in Australia
    30. PES 2009 and Silent Hill Homecoming and new Konami games confirmed for Leipzig
    31. Want to speak at GDC 2009? Read this
    32. IGN launches Xbox Live channel
    33. Rumour: DirectX 11 to be announced this month
    34. Stainless Games goes iPhone
    35. Pro Evo 09 confirmed for Wii
    36. New Wario Land Shake It! trailer is all kinds of great
    37. CoD4 maintains iron grip on Live play charts
    38. Second Life expands to 1.5 billion square metres
    39. Mega Man 9 to cost $9.99
    40. Patapon 2 announced in Japan
    41. Latest Famitsu yields news Resi 5 screens
    42. Captain Rainbow Wii revealed
    43. Spike TV E3 presser teases new Wolfenstein
    44. Sony Japan to show The Last Guy on July 11
    45. Widescreen DS is bulls**t, says NIS
    46. Capcom confirms Flock as secret E3 game
    47. Second Life + Google = Lively
    48. Banjo features ability to "twist the controller," says Lobb
    49. Pre-E3 EGM Killzone 2 scans posted
    50. Nintendo Norway lists Animal Crossing Wii as a 2008 release
    51. yanks Battlefront III listing overnight
    52. Animal Crossing definite for E3, says NOM staffer
    53. New H.A.W.X. trailer released ahead of E3
    54. E3 Fallout 3 trailer to get partial airing before show
    55. Rumour: 40Gb PS3 to be dropped in August
    56. Hands-on with Crysis: Warhead, $30 price confirmed, new movies
    57. Gears of War 2 splash page hints at release date?
    58. Activision shareholders approve Vivendi deal
    1. Online problems "are being fixed right now", DLC on its way, says Ferrari dev
    2. Thompson calls judge a "raving wild woman"
    3. Pre-order Mirror's Edge, get bag
    4. Multiwinia for September release
    5. Rumour: 60Gb 360 in US in October says leaked retailer email
    6. Spore Creature Creator still leads PC in the US
    7. Another massive Far Cry 2 demo movied, posted
    8. Super Stardust 4.00 back online
    9. relaunches for E3
    10. Live multiplayer confirmed for Viva Pi?ata: Trouble in Paradise
    11. Ubi acquires Sin City effects studio, Hybride Technologies
    12. Final proof from GameStop: Xbox 360 price drop next week
    13. Cliff Bleszinski wants fewer buttons
    14. EA satisfies FTC over Take-Two bid
    15. Tales of Hearts footage hits YouTube
    16. X3: Terran Conflict for September release, first shots
    17. Rein: 3D game tech is "dumb" (update - no it isn't)
    18. Eidos gets legal over Just Cause 3 domain
    19. SOE hands out first G.I.R.L. scholarship
    20. Over 40,000 lines of dialogue in Fallout 3
    21. UK is "most expensive" country in the world to develop a game
    22. Introversion announces Chronometer
    23. Introversion working on Channel 4 game
    24. is back in action
    25. Internal tension mounts as Activision-Vivendi merger heads for approval
    26. Smash Bros. holds number one in UK charts
    27. Amazing, unedited Gears 2 multiplayer footage released
    28. Ubi, Sega, Nintendo and EA officially back PEGI
    29. Chart-Track on GfK sale: It's business as usual, and don't expect sales figures in UK
    30. Massachusetts may offer 20% tax break on development
    31. New Afrika screenshots and video released
    32. Firmware 2.41 is live
    33. Id's Hollenshead says tech advancement is key, new Rage shots
    34. Soul Calibur IV character customization revealed
    35. Crysis Warhead hardly breaking the bank at $29.99
    36. Soul Calibur IV Star Wars stage shown off
    37. Force Unleashed trailer to debut tomorrow
    38. Win with Capcom and go to E3 (sort of)
    39. Infinity Ward makes first mention of "unique new IP"
    40. Majesco and Mistwalker partner for DS RPG
    41. Three new Fallout 3 screens released
    42. Fallout 3 to feature "slavery, children, drugs and addiction"
    43. Fable II Collector's Edition box art published
    44. EA to release legit Facebook Scrabble
    45. New Fiddy trailer confirms November release
    46. Blizzard releases new Diablo III art
    47. Bungie hints at E3 game announce
    1. E3 press conference timetable shows packed schedule
    2. MySims goes to PC
    3. Sony: First-party titles “more important” than third-party exclusives
    4. Fable II pub game images released
    5. GfK buys UK charts authority, Chart-Track
    6. Five new Gears of War 2 multiplayer screens posted
    7. Fable II Collector's Edition detailed
    8. Confirmed: Fable II pre-release money games for August release
    9. Pan Vision takes Capcom games for Nordic
    10. New Gears of War 2 multiplayer footage released
    11. Add-ons no longer on the periphery, says Sony
    12. Ignition takes UE3 for "groundbreaking FPS"
    13. New Multiwinia shots show flat explosions
    14. Legendary opening Pandora’s Box in September
    15. Shuhei Yoshida on Home: We hope it'll be ready for Christmas
    16. New look, high-detail RuneScape shown off
    17. My Pokémon Ranch, Pop, FFCC DLC hit WiiWare
    18. Christopher Kline: No future for mid-budget developers
    19. First Chrono Trigger DS shots emerge
    20. Nintendo and Sony look to Asian expansion
    21. Pioneer creates 400Gb Blu-ray disc
    22. Wii Yoga confirmed by JoWood
    23. Three new PoP shots released
    24. Nippon Ichi leaks widescreen DS design?
    25. Fatal Inertia EX gets July 15 Euro launch
    26. Alone in the Dark PS3 pinned for Q4
    27. GRID rank reset "fairest solution," says Codemasters
    28. Beijing movie shows RSI-happy gameplay
    29. Cold Storage Halo 3 map now live
    30. ?500m bill for Xbox red ring of death
    31. SCEE "can't confirm" Firmware 2.41 report
    32. Rumour: PS3 Firmware 2.41 for "mid-week"
    33. First Tales of Hearts and Tales of World shots released
    34. Battlefield: Bad Company stats mysteriously deleted
    35. PEGI ratings performed by 'a couple of blokes', says BBFC
    36. Second Qore episode posted on YouTube
    37. GRID rank reset draws racer ire
    38. Wrath of the Lich King box-art leaked
    39. New Siren shots bring the grim
    40. First Mega Man 9 footage appears
    1. Dragon Age reveal confirmed for July 9
    2. Bungie Day '08 Theme and Gamerpics on Live
    3. Ubisoft refuses to offer India price concessions, Soul Calibur IV denied release
    4. Dark Sector gets Oz release following cuts
    5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky system requirements look fine
    6. First Chrono Trigger DS trailer shows gameplay, a clock
    7. CVG blocked in China, says reader
    8. Sega puts out new Sonic Unleashed trailer
    9. Rock Band 2 rumorpalooza: full track list revealed, includes all songs from original RB
    10. Persona 4 dated for US
    1. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 map pack released
    2. SOCOM trailer shows shooting and rockets
    3. New Lego Batman trailer released
    4. New Tomb Raider: Underworld shots and art pop up
    5. IGN gives you countdown widgets to E3 press conferences
    6. Proper MK vs DC Universe footage released
    7. PS3 "driving force" behind Blu-ray sales
    8. Capcom releases Street Fighter IV anime trailer
    9. No Kratos in Soul Calibur IV, says 1UP
    1. Noel Gallagher pins violent UK crime on games
    2. Full Bungie Day treat details released
    3. Capcom wants SF gamers to test another game
    4. PSP leads six monthly hardware figures in Japan
    5. Wrath of the Lich King beta opt-in goes live in the US
    6. Two MGS4 camo suits released
    7. New N+ level packs submitted
    8. Pardo: Diablo III "theoretically possible" on consoles
    9. "No plans" for more Brain Training, says Nintendo
    10. Capcom Japan lists DMC for PSP
    11. Unreal Tournament III 360 releases in Europe
    12. Siren: Blood Curse dated and priced
    13. SCEE on Euro DualShock 3: We can't guarantee day one shipments to all
    14. Moore on teh internets: "Apparently I should choke on razor blades"
    15. Infinite Undiscovery to come on two DVDs
    16. Digital distribution will create "a new class" of publisher, says Satchell
    17. Burnout Paradise Cagney update delayed by four days for 360
    18. Realtime Worlds seeks community officer for APB
    19. New Halo game for E3, says CVG
    20. Home beta launch will be "fully robust," says SCEA
    21. Surreal Resistance 2 website uncovered
    22. First Wario Land: Shake It! footage is awesome
    23. Robert Brent joins SCi as CFO
    24. New S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky trailer shows baffling environments
    25. Kojima's reveals his top five videogames of all time
    26. First images of Lego Bruce Wayne and Poison Ivy released
    27. Poll says 64% of Wii Fit owners have already given up
    28. Lionhead fills out Fable 2 lore on official site
    29. US PSN content update, July 4
    30. Denis Dyack says NeoGAF is hurting the videogame industry, demands reform
    31. PS3 sales continue to drop in Japan
    32. Rob Bowling talks day-to-day life at Infinity Ward
    33. We're still working on 2.40, says SCEA
    34. Five minutes of Mercenaries 2 gameplay released
    35. EA apologises over Northern Ireland anthem gaffe
    36. PS3 "GamerCard" released
    37. WoW Tyrael pet shown for first time
    1. New Fable 2 screenshots released
    2. Microsoft says no to 3D games – for now
    3. Bioshock PS3 to go to Digital Extremes
    4. Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is "mind-bogglingly vast"
    5. New Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway footage shows tanks
    6. Blizzard confirms Diablo III YouTube footage as fake
    7. Second Qore episode out today
    8. New Halo 3 map to be freely available on July 7
    9. More Rock Band 2 songs revealed
    10. Rise of the Argonauts' narrative is "akin to Mass Effect"
    11. Midnight Club: Los Angeles gets new release date
    12. 2K and Insomniac add themselves to the no trophies list
    13. Guitar Hero: On Tour sells 300,000 units in a week in NA
    14. Midway to focus on Eastern Europe this year
    15. Wrath of the Lich King beta registration open now
    16. Games industry catching up to the US home video market
    17. Viva Pi?ata: Trouble in Paradise gets solid date
    18. Take-Two confirms "possible redundancies" at Venom Games
    19. Game shares plummet on fears demand has peaked
    20. Get drunk with Kotaku at E3
    21. Rumour: Man spills guts on Diablo III beta
    22. Empire drops internal studio to save $3 million
    23. UK industry sees record revenue first six months of 2008
    24. The year's Game Media Awards head to Camden
    25. Diablo III demo leaked?
    26. The first four minutes of Infinite Undiscovery
    27. Rumour: GDC China cancelled?
    28. Euro PSN update, July 3
    29. SCEE: Super Stardust HD Team Expansion patch removed as part of 2.40 pull
    30. Gears of War 2: Artwork overload
    31. Super Stardust HD Team Expansion vanishes from Sony servers
    32. Wii sold 235k in Japan last month
    33. Five new Gears of War 2 Campaign shots released
    34. No Trophies for CoD4, says Infinity Ward
    35. Moore: PC sports games market has "declined radically in the past three years"
    36. Diablo III: PK out, PvP in
    37. SCEE on 2.40: "We'll keep you updated as to when we expect the firmware to go back up"
    38. CoD4 top of Live play charts again
    39. Firmware 2.40: Changing in-game sound output not supported despite Sony promise
    40. No Mission mode in XBLA Soul Calibur
    41. Yakuza 3 confirmed - no, the other Yakuza 3
    42. Super Stardust HD Team Expansion gets review and shots
    43. BioShock and Borderlands lead 2K's E3 line-up
    44. Dead Space box art is armless
    45. No music creation for Rock Band 2, says dev boss
    46. DC Universe Online has MySpace page, become its friend
    47. Nibris updates Sadness site, gives release date
    48. WAR to ship in Russia next year
    49. Rubenstein: No reported 2.40 problems after successful install
    50. GameStop confirms NZ retailer Gamesman acquisition
    51. Ninja Gaiden II to get new mission mode
    52. Sony to launch a fourth version of PS2 this year
    53. SCEA confirms Firmware 2.40 status - it's down, but SCEA working "diligently" on problem
    1. First DC Universe Online trailer released
    2. LittleBigPlanet creators hope to crush offensive content
    3. Sony pulls Firmware 2.40
    4. Joystiq gets a look at Quantum of Solace
    5. All PS3 games to have Trophies, says Lempel
    6. New Star Ocean 4 screenshots released
    7. This is Vegas moves to 2009
    8. Bonnell received $4.75 million to exit Atari
    9. PlayStation website infiltrated by hackers
    10. Venom Games to close
    11. Mac to get Ubisoft games, including Far Cry 2 and HAWX
    12. EA to distribute DMC4 PC in Asia
    13. Atari revenue plummets as vultures circle
    14. "Several" Halo Wars demo stations at E3, says Ensemble
    15. NOM UK publishes heavy Wii Animal Crossing rumour
    16. Nurse details how to use Wii Fit to be... fit
    17. LittleBigPlanet beta already underway, may open to gamers
    18. Talk of PC gaming's decline is "dead wrong": Morhaime
    19. TF2's Heavy next in line for class update
    20. VOIP confirmed for LittleBigPlanet
    21. Chrono Trigger DS confirmed
    22. The Go! Team and Battles music licensed for LBP
    23. LittleBigPlanet install is "about a gig," says Media Molecule
    24. Confirmed: LittleBigPlanet runs at 30fps, 720p
    25. LittleBigPlanet live interview on Eurogamer right now
    26. High Moon on Bourne: "We'd love to work on a sequel"
    27. Aion confirmed for July press showing in the UK
    28. Azeroth is "the size of Newcastle"
    29. Soul Calibur IV pre-order loot detailed
    30. PS3 owners complain of Firmware 2.40 freezes
    31. Four new Halo Wars shots released
    32. WoW WWI pet is Diablo II's Archangel Tyrael
    33. Lazard Cap drops price target on EA
    34. Firmware 2.40 contains PS Store revamp
    35. VG247 Bourne HMV special edition competition winners announced!
    36. PS3 Firmware 2.40 changelog posted
    37. Soul Calibur now on Live
    38. BBFC gives Soul Calibur IV a 12, no bare ass involved
    39. International FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus for Japanese release
    40. George Romero has never heard of Dead Rising
    41. "Immense pressure" for console Diablo III won't turn to force from Activision
    42. Super Stardust HD now updated and supporting Trophies
    43. Tales of Heart confirmed for DS
    44. Chrono Trigger for DS, says Famitsu
    45. Diablo II demo re-posted
    46. Gamecock titles on Steam now
    47. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune hopping on Trophy train
    48. Sony takes a jab at Xbox Live’s new delisting policy
    49. First Rock Band 2 songs unveiled
    50. Two new hi-res Resistance 2 shots posted
    51. Activision board approves $3 million bonus for Kotick
    52. Resistance 2 site launches
    53. Hands on with American McGee’s Grimm
    54. Dead Space: Win horror DVDs, see dev diary four
    55. New PS3 Force Unleashed shots released
    56. Atari UK cuts staff
    57. PS3 Firmware 2.40 released
    1. Geometry Wars Evolved 2 Achievements unearthed
    2. to partner with GCDC 2008
    3. Street Fighter IV to feature data cards, personal cell phone site, guilds
    4. Quatrro acquires Babel Media
    5. GamePro shows Resistance 2 cover art
    6. Castlevania Wii fighting game will have online play
    7. Trophies for Burnout Paradise soon, says Criterion
    8. New Resistance 2 trailer hits YouTube
    9. Another Resident Evil movie likely, says director Anderson
    10. Blizzard has fourth, unannounced game in the works, says Pardo
    11. HMV to sell pre-owned games soon
    12. New Just Cause 2 shots posted
    13. IGN goes hands-on with Spore, new shots
    14. Microsoft: Oz 360 drop is about passing savings to the consumer
    15. Microsoft announces Australian Xbox 360 price cut
    16. Microsoft should focus more on PC games, says Blizzard boss
    17. Diablo II now top-selling game on
    18. Games and tech accounts for 21% of HMV's overall business
    19. MGS Europe: Simultaneous releases would "shoot ourselves in the foot"
    20. Americans can buy DualShock 3 for $42
    21. Top Gun theme coming free to Guitar Hero III
    22. Hybrid Xbox 360 "unlikely," says Pachter
    23. Fallout 3 producer "disappointed" with Diablo III reveal
    24. GTA IV "ain't the revolution," says Pulitzer prize winner
    25. Console pricing is "prohibitive", says Kotick
    26. "We don't care" about hardware, just games: Blizzard's Sams
    27. Buzz! Quiz TV first Blu-ray PS3 game to support Trophies and Firmware 2.40
    28. Rise of the Argonauts movie shows god stuff
    29. Firmware 2.40: Is Playstation 3 finally the finished product?
    30. Too Human: "The worst game I've played in the last five years"
    31. First Look at Quantum of Solace
    32. More Infinite Undiscovery screens released
    33. Sony releases PS3 Firmware 2.40 FAQ
    34. Sony: "No plans for PS2 downloadable titles on PS3"
    35. Gears of War 2 is "more emotionally effecting than Bioshock"
    36. EA attending E For All
    37. Activision: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is "crappy war game"
    38. Nintendo launches Feel Great Britain site and tour
    39. Siren episodes are 600Mb each
    40. Hands-on with WoW's Death Knight posted
    41. Blizzard's "Hydra" is Diablo III
    42. FIFA 09 hands-ons and screens posted
    43. Hands-on with The Force Unleashed PSP, plus screens and movies
    44. Atlus to distribute NIS titles in NA, everything dated
    45. Konami confirms E3 press conference
    46. FIFA Manager 09 confirmed for autumn
    47. 83 new Diablo III screens and wallpaper released