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March 2015 Archive

    1. Hostile Takeover add-on pack for Tropico 5 out now on Xbox 360
    2. Get to Work expansion for The Sims 4 is now available
    3. Final Fantasy 14: Before the Fall - Part 2 is out today
    4. Cancelled ZombiU 2 game would have contained co-op - report
    5. Five Things You Should Know About Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
    6. Pac-Man invades the streets of Google Maps
    7. Cities: Skylines in-development mod contains first-person multiplayer
    8. Survarium launches on Steam Early Access later this week
    9. Evolve's latest content update with Behemoth and Observer Mode arrives today
    10. Assassin's Creed: Chronicles India and Russia coming, China episode set for April
    11. GTA 5 official PC trailer debuts April 2 in 60fps
    12. Dishonored and Never Alone are two of your April PS Plus offerings
    13. Going back to Jade Empire's universe "comes up pretty regularly" at Bioware
    14. How to listen to the Vice City soundtrack while playing GTA 5
    15. Completionists could spend over 200 hours in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    16. Limited edition Batman: Arkham Knight Steel Grey PS4 announced
    17. Super Mario 64 HD project receives takedown notice from Nintendo
    18. Dying Light players should use "extreme caution" handling Antizin injections tomorrow
    19. Nintendo of America's hosting a Nintendo Direct on April 1
    20. How eSports changed Call of Duty
    21. Destiny: how does the road ahead look?
    22. GTA 5 patch 1.09 improves Heists matchmaking
    23. GTA 5: parallax occlusion mapping is gone, but framerate is better
    24. The Witcher 3 dev: DirectX 12 may not have impact on Xbox One games resolution
    25. Get infinite items in Bloodborne with this duplication glitch
    26. Destiny weekly reset for March 31: Heroic and Nightfall strikes detailed
    27. Motivational Growth is the first non-documentary film to be released on Steam
    28. Metal Gear Solid movie in the works at Sony Pictures
    29. Destiny: Inferno mode returns this week with Inferno Clash
    30. Bladestorm: how 28 rogue ninja conquered Brittany
    31. First Bloodborne speedrun is in, game finished in under 45 minutes
    32. Advanced Warfare Infection gameplay shows the new map, monsters, extraction mechanic
    1. Hotline Miami collector's edition is close, 50% already achieved
    2. Woah Dave will be an extra free PS+ game on PS4 in April
    3. Mortal Kombat X: three international tourneys announced, $100,000 prize pool
    4. Project CARS to receive a free car every month, starting with the Lykan Hypersport
    5. Leaked Halo Online gameplay shows weapons, maps, and more
    6. Get PlayStation 4 with the PS Camera and The Last of Us for $399
    7. Dragon Age: Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon DLC comes to PS4 in May
    8. This Week's Retronauts Takes on the (Super Mario) World
    9. Watch Rainbow Six Siege developers stream new gameplay right now
    10. Advanced Warfare Exo Zombie Infected trailer shows new weapons, massive enemy
    11. Rainbow Six Siege collector's edition comes with a 120-page field manual
    12. Rainbow Six Siege trailer is all about the operators
    13. Spotify now available on PS3 and PS4, lets you play music in the background
    14. Let's talk Battlefield Hardline weapon balance
    15. UK Charts: Bloodborne enters at No. 2, Battlefield Hardline defends No. 1 spot
    16. DmC Definitive Edition PS4 Review: SSadistic, Not SSSensational
    17. Halo 5: Guardians release date and new trailers released
    1. Denial wins Call of Duty Championship 2015
    2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC- check out new maps and the grapple ability
    1. Advanced Warfare's Exo Zombies gets a "mini boss" with Ascendance DLC
    2. GTA Online user videos show out of character Lester, important Police Business
    3. Guild Wars 2 devs explain how the Map Bonus system, precursor crafting work in Heart of Thorns
    4. Fly around your creations in Cities: Skylines with the Flight Cimulator mod
    5. The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul arrive on PlayStation Vue
    6. Play the first level of Super Mario 64 in your browser
    7. Steam's Discovery Update has helped increase revenue for smaller titles
    8. Halo: The Master Chief Collection April update includes "more ranked playlists"
    9. Get Spec Ops: The Line for free through 2K Games sale on Humble Store
    10. Dota 2 The International 2015 tickets are sold out
    11. Here's what's expected in Battlefield 4's Weapon Crate DLC - video
    12. Pillars of Eternity issues to be addressed in patch 1.03, expected next week
    13. Mortal Kombat X videos show Erron Black gameplay, Ermac fatalities, more
    14. The Legend of Zelda Wii U: 2015 release not a "priority", skipping E3
    15. Destiny gameplay designer exits for Bethesda
    1. USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Free-to-Play Game?
    2. What to expect from the Call of Duty Championship this weekend
    3. Bayonetta 2 Longplay Wrap-up: Witch Time
    4. MLB 15 The Show video highlights improved graphics, updated grass patterns
    5. Pillars of Eternity: How to Level Up Fast
    6. Valve to offer HTC Vive Developer Edition free to qualified developers
    7. DriveClub gameplay video features MotorStorm's off-road buggies
    8. Mortal Kombat X live-action TV spot features the track Chop Suey
    9. Axe of the Blood God Episode 4: Breaking Down Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and the Final Fantasy XV Demo
    10. Bloodborne Forbidden Woods progression bug caused by multiplayer summon
    11. Yo-Kai Watch game franchise has sold over 7 million copies
    12. Bloodborne trademark returned to Sony after accidentally losing it
    13. GTA 5 PC official trailer coming next week, 15 new screenshots released
    14. PSN real-time server status page launching in Europe soon
    15. Exclusivity contract prevents Bioware from revealing Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC release on PS4
    16. LEGO Batman 3 demo, Namco Museum, more added to North American eShop
    17. Square Enix's Easter Surprise bundle contains five mystery PC games
    18. From Software's PSone game Shadow Tower coming to PSN
    19. PlayStation TV gets price cut in the UK, now ?44.99
    20. Fast & Furious expansion for Forza Horizon 2 is now available, for free
    21. Fire-based weapons come to PayDay 2 with the Butcher's BBQ Pack
    22. Lords of the Fallen developer offers Hideo Kojima a job
    23. Destiny Xur update: should you buy MIDA Multi Tool?
    24. Final Fantasy 15 has an all-male cast to make it "more approachable"
    25. Bloodborne Review: Into the Nightmare
    26. Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain is coming April 2
    27. Bloodborne: if you can't load your save after installing firmware 2.50, this will help
    28. Use this code to get 10% off on PSN purchases
    29. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin upgrade path announced, system specs revealed
    30. Bloodborne: this is what happens when you have 40 Insight
    31. Phase two of Xbox One April update brings voice messages, dedicated servers for party chat, more
    32. GTA 5's graphical "downgrade" is a bug, will be fixed in upcoming patch
    33. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for March 27, 28 - MIDA Multi-Tool edition
    34. Thursday Stream: A Quick Guide to Pillars of Eternity [Archived]
    1. Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition PS4 Review: Grisly Fun
    2. Destiny vault space upgrade will have enough room for every Exotic
    3. Half-Life 2: Update mod applies some sparkle to the original title
    4. Neverwinter MMO can now be pre-downloaded on Xbox One
    5. Destiny of Spirits will go offline starting next month
    6. MotoGP 15 is out this spring on PC, last and current-gen consoles
    7. Cities: Skylines players should check out Nakatomi Plaza and Wayne Enterprises
    8. Call of Duty franchise has sold 175M copies, players have thrown 300B grenades
    9. Save up to 75% on select SEGA games on Steam this weekend
    10. Batman: Arkham Knight PC confirmed as digital download-only in UK
    11. Rainbow Six Siege release date set for October per GameStop Italy - report
    12. Watch the $1 million Call of Duty Championship right here
    13. Battlefield Hardline: Battlefest kicks off this weekend with Double XP
    14. Don't forget: the GTA 5 PC pre-order bonus cutoff is March 31
    15. Games with Gold offers doubled for April - six games instead of three
    16. Pokemon players can grab a code for Shiny Charizard at GAME in April
    17. F1 2015 will arrive on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in June, includes Mexico circuit
    18. Virtual Spotlight: Klonoa 2, the Swan Song for a Beautiful Dream
    19. Mortal Kombat X video confirms Liu Kang as playable character
    20. Short teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront shows the Battle of Hoth
    21. Pillars of Eternity releases today - get all the review scores here
    22. Take an in-depth look at Evolve's Behemoth monster and four new hunters
    23. PS4 firmware update 2.50 causing issues with Killzone: Shadow Fall
    24. Bungie on Destiny matchmaking: “We believe there’s no substitute for a pre-made team”
    25. Bloodborne works with suspend/resume, but only offline
    26. This is what Crossy Road looks like in first-person
    27. Take a small behind-the-scenes peek at Mass Effect 4
    28. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - 8GB day one patch on PS4, 16GB on Xbox One
    29. Get a PlayStation 4 with Bloodborne and The Last of Us for $435
    30. Upcoming Battlefield Hardline patch to nerf the K10, buff battle rifles
    31. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and a new Resident Evil game coming this year, according to research firm
    32. Bloodborne: you can add gestures to your messages
    33. PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.50 is now live
    34. Harley Quinn DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight is a prequel
    35. Bloodborne Vicar Amelia summon mystery solved
    1. Steven Spielberg will direct film adaption of Ready Player One
    2. Bloodborne players with PS4 headsets shouldn't forget about the custom audio
    3. EA explains why FIFA Ultimate Team transfer prices are now platform specific
    4. Game of Thrones: Episode 3 - The Sword in the Darkness now available
    5. Bloodborne players are already documenting their crazy antics
    6. FIFA Ultimate Team celebrates sixth year in existence with giveaways
    7. USstreamer: Bob Takes on Bloodborne [Update: Archived!]
    8. Halo Online is a F2P PC game in development exclusively for Russia - video
    9. SteamWorld Dig Xbox One release expected in late May
    10. SMITE celebrating first anniversary with a sale on skins, Ultimate God Pack
    11. Borderlands 2 has sold around 12 million copies, says Gearbox
    12. Broken Age releasing on PS4 and Vita same day as Act 2 on PC
    13. Star Citizen earned another $1 million within two weeks - total hits $76 million
    14. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Resident Evil Revelations 2 and Battlefield: Hardline top Media Create charts
    15. You can now learn English or Spanish on Xbox One with the Rosetta App
    16. PayDay 2 and PayDay: The Heist have sold over 9 million units combined
    17. Nintendo wants to "surprise" customers with NX, not expand upon existing hardware
    18. Kojima Station show suspended
    19. Watch Battle Royale for free this weekend on Xbox Live
    20. Bloodborne journal, part 1: managing anxiety on the path to the Cleric Beast
    21. PS Store Easter sale discounts MGS: Ground Zeroes, Far Cry 4, more
    22. Bloodborne video: how to unlock the first shortcut in Old Yharnam
    23. Bloodborne issue prevents summons at Vicar Amelia fight
    24. Mass Effect 3 on sale on EU PSN, but not free
    25. Elite: Dangerous Race to Elite winners announced, one player makes ?10,000
    26. GTA 5 Online Heists guide: How to make the most money with Special Bonuses and Elite Challenges
    27. PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.50 coming tomorrow
    28. GTA 5 Online Heists guide: adversary modes, daily objectives, free roam challenges and more
    29. Battlefield Hardline: what's the best Police sniper rifle?
    30. Evolve 1.3 patch nerfs Wraith, adjusts Kraken
    31. Bloodborne: watch the opening 40 minutes
    32. YouTube will relaunch livestreaming service with focus on eSports and gaming - report
    33. I think I'm too old for Final Fantasy 15
    1. New multiplayer mode for Splatoon announced
    2. 2015 WoW Arena World Championship has a $250,000 prize pool
    3. The Crew two-hour demo now available in US, tomorrow in the UK
    4. Minecraft Mass Effect Mash-Up and Pattern Texture Pack out from today
    5. The Talos Principle expansion pack Road to Gehenna announced
    6. Twitch Plays Pokemon finally catches 'em all - even the rare Mewtwo
    7. Playboy's Splatoon Video Is Coverage, Not Marketing (and a Few Real Marketing Missteps)
    8. GameStop will have limited units of Majora's Mask New 3DS XL back in stock
    9. Second phase of Fortnite closed Alpha launches today
    10. Dragon Age: Inquisition: Jaws of Hakkon out now on PC, Xbox One
    11. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer shows Ascendance gameplay
    12. Batman: Arkham Knight will be a digital only release on PC - report
    13. Bloodborne patch focusing on load times, performance optimizations in the works
    14. Gearbox would "love" to have entire Borderlands collection on current-gen
    15. The 5 Most Shocking Grand Theft Auto Moments
    16. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood artwork shows the catacombs, dock, more
    17. Slender: The Arrival terrorizes PS4 and Xbox One this week
    18. World of Warcraft's WoW Token rollout slated after launch of patch 6.1.2
    19. The Evil Within: The Consequence dated for April, teaser video released
    20. Bloodborne sometimes "struggles to run at a smooth frame-rate" per performance analysis
    21. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection reviews round-up
    22. Xbox 360 2015 Spring Value bundles now available starting at $250
    23. Rainbow Six Siege beta sign ups now open
    24. Advanced Warfare: Exo Zombies map Infection is creepy
    25. This is the Bloodborne press kit in all its glory
    26. This Hearthstone turn is taking over 40 hours and you can watch it happen
    27. The Witcher 3: Geralt's beard grows over time, but not Gandalf-long
    28. Sony mistakenly abandons Bloodborne trademark in the US
    29. Payday 2 will be supported until 2017
    30. These are the top Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare weapons, according to the developer
    31. H1Z1 has sold more than 1 million copies
    32. Battlefield Hardline guide: the best guns for each class
    33. Destiny weekly reset for March 24: Heroic and Nightfall strikes detailed
    34. Sarkeesian and PewDiePie make Time's 30 Most Influential People on the Internet list
    35. Bloodborne reviews - all the scores in one place
    36. Destiny: explore Traitor's Ketch and uncover House of Wolves hints
    1. Games taking advantage of DirectX 12 to start coming out late 2015
    2. Twitch may have been hacked, mandatory password changes for everyone
    3. Etherium launch trailer is full of explosive future tech
    4. Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon DLC achievements and screens leak
    5. Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon DLC announced, first on Xbox One and PC [UPDATE]
    6. Nintendo CEO denies Legend of Zelda TV series is in works
    7. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection launch trailer makes a case for the re-release
    8. Hounds: The Last Hope comes to Europe courtesy of Korea's biggest PC developer
    9. Project CARS: see a few of the available circuits
    10. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - get +100% to gold find and XP gain all week long
    11. Halo 5: Guardians story trailer coming this weekend
    12. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition lets you play as Vergil - new trailer
    13. Game of Thrones: Episode 3 - The Sword in the Darkness launch trailer arrives
    14. Rainbow Six: Siege closed beta coming to PC, PS4 & Xbox One later this year
    15. Batman Arkham games to be remastered for PS4 and Xbox One - report
    16. Batman: Arkham Knight delayed again
    17. PSN will be down for maintenance today
    18. GTA 5 Online: it doesn't look like the aircraft carrier is coming to free mode
    19. Battlefield Hardline guide: how to rank up fast
    20. Sony axes 55 staff from Driveclub studio Evolution
    21. Battlefield Hardline is biggest UK all-formats number 1 this year
    22. Call of Duty boss teases new Advanced Warfare weapon
    23. GTA San Andreas: how long does it takes to walk across the entire map?
    24. Dragon Age: Inquisition's ending is so good it tore my family apart
    25. Battlefield Hardline: the bugs and fixes that need attention now
    26. Bloodborne guide: Annalise and Cainhurst Vilebloods covenant
    27. Bloodborne guide: Alfred and Executioners covenant
    28. Bloodborne guide: finding and joining a covenant
    29. Comfort Food Games: Dark Souls
    30. Bloodborne guide: Eileen the Crow and the Hunter of Hunters covenant
    31. Bloodborne guide: NPC sidequests
    32. Bloodborne guide: Chalice Dungeon codes for sweet, sweet loot
    33. Halo 5 teaser site is looking for the truth about Master Chief
    1. New Skywind video accompanies latest developer build
    2. Star Citizen 1.1 lands with two new ships and a galaxy of small changes
    3. The origins of Grifball, and other Halo secrets
    4. Bloodborne has fewer weapons than Dark Souls, but more permutations
    5. Rainbow Six: Siege alpha leak shows off Plane map
    6. Bloodborne guide: how to access the Abandoned Old Workshop
    7. Bloodborne: Mergo's Loft
    1. Bloodborne: Nightmare of Mensis to Micolash
    2. Artist adds video game and sci-fi characters to thrift store paintings
    3. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D download requires a 8GB or larger microSD card
    4. Project Legion still in the works, but for now the focus is on DUST 514
    5. Online support for MLB 14 The Show ends in June on all Sony systems
    6. Watch someone play Dark Souls using Donkey Konga Bongos
    7. Former Epic boss feels VR will be a hard sell to mainstream consumers
    8. Hearthstone's Blackrock Mountain expansion can now be pre-purchased
    9. LEGO Dimensions is the working title for Warner's toys-to-life game - report
    10. Dota 2 The International 2015 tickets go on sale next week
    11. Phase one for Xbox One April system update now available for preview
    12. Dying Light mod tools to be tested via closed beta
    13. Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack contains Tremor and Tanya
    14. Bloodborne guide: how to upgrade and customise your weapons
    1. Bloodborne: Lecture Building and Nightmare Frontier
    2. USgamer Community Question: What's Your all-time Greatest Shooter?
    3. Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Review: For Old Times' Sake
    4. Get Dino Crisis, Gravity Rush, others for under $1 through PSN Flash Sale
    5. StarCraft 2 World Championship Season 1 Finals to take place in France
    6. Sanctuary update for Warframe is now available on PC
    7. Killing Floor and Tropico 5 are free-to-try, 75% off on Steam this weekend
    8. Kojima "100% involved" in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain development
    9. God of War 3 Remastered is heading to PlayStation 4 in July
    10. Halo 5: Guardians voice actor says Cortana will appear in the game
    11. European closed beta for PlanetSide 2 starts next week on PS4
    12. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood PC and PS4 retail editions dated for Europe
    13. Game of Thrones: Episode 3 screens feature a roaring Drogon, Jon Snow
    14. Final Fantasy Type -"Next" teased at Hong Kong event by Tabata
    15. PayDay 2 and Speedrunners mask and character packs out now
    16. 2K 10th Anniversary Sale: save up to 87% off on Steam
    17. GTA 5's biggest score: creating the soundtrack to Los Santos
    18. Gravity Rush Remaster for PS4 outed by Korean ratings board
    19. Blood Bowl 2 gameplay trailer shows a much improved sequel
    20. Here's a new video for Life is Strange: Episode 2 - Out of Time
    21. Announcement of a new Overlord title seems imminent
    22. EGX 2015 tickets on sale now
    23. Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty comes to Xbox One March 27
    24. Battlefield Hardline guide: weapon showdown - AKM or M16A3?
    25. Nintendo adds 60 more digital Wii U and 3DS titles to Club Nintendo
    26. There will be more Walking Dead before Season 3
    27. Konami is developing a new Metal Gear game
    28. Valve's VR headset will deliver "most premium experience" and have a "higher price point"
    29. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for March 20, 21
    30. Bloodborne guide: spoiler-free "where to go next" walkthrough
    31. Legacy of the Void will conclude the StarCraft story
    32. Predator is coming to Mortal Kombat X, says Xbox Store
    33. Mortal Kombat X digital pre-orders now open on Xbox One
    34. Take a look at the cancelled Phantom Dust reboot
    35. Take a look at what's new in State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition
    36. Final Fantasy 11 ditching consoles, embracing smartphones
    37. Halo 5: Guardians news may be coming this weekend [Update]
    38. Smoke, Stryker and more spotted in latest Mortal Kombat X Kast
    39. Evolve, Borderlands and more on the cheap in 2K Steam sale
    40. Rock Band 4 will be 1080p 60 FPS because this is the glorious future
    1. SimCity 2013 disaster helped green light Cities Skylines
    2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gets new Supply Drops
    3. How to bypass the border in the Final Fantasy 15 demo
    4. Mortal Kombat X "Quitality" will explode rage quitters' heads
    5. Destiny Weekly Update promises soundtrack, chat and colour options
    6. Find out which retro gaming system can survive a 15 foot fall
    7. Screamride Xbox One Review: A Rollercoaster Puzzler with Big Ups
    8. DriveClub video shows a Lamborghini Veneno racing around
    9. Four VR prototypes are in development at CCP
    10. Cross-platform play confirmed for Hearthstone on smartphones
    11. Layoffs hit DriveClub developer Evolution Studios
    12. New Conker game and asset pack coming to Project Spark
    13. Virtual Spotlight: Mega Man Battle Network 2, a Crowning Achievement for the Post-Pokémon World
    14. Thursday Challenge: Kat and Jaz Vie to See Who Can Survive the Longest in Battlefield Hardline
    15. This video for The Division discusses what's currently known about crafting
    16. Bloodborne customization detailed, screenshots and new TV spot out
    17. PlayStation Network will go down on Monday for maintenance
    18. More Lucasarts games added to GOG including Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
    19. Star Wars Battlefront to debut at Star Wars Celebration in April
    20. "There’s no Marcus Fenix Collection" in the works, says Black Tusk boss
    21. Marksmen DLC for Arma 3 will release in early April
    22. Here's a stunning EVE: Valkyrie video featuring gameplay footage
    23. Kojima quits? Konami responds, strips KojiPro brand from Metal Gear Solid 5 marketing
    24. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition packages with Puzzle & Dragons Z coming in May
    25. Farming Simulator 15 arrives on consoles in May
    26. Why the first Destiny reviews shot too soon
    27. Evolve: four new hunters, Behemoth monster detailed
    28. Dirty Bomb closed beta returns March 26
    29. Dying Light is Techland's most popular game with over 3.2M players
    30. GTA 5 Online Heists is the greatest piece of free DLC ever released
    31. 16-bit The Walking Dead game looks like Zombies Ate My Neighbours
    32. Watch Valve talk about VR headset Vive
    33. Looking for an Episode Duscae code? eBay has quite a lot of them on sale
    34. Danish blood donors get a free copy of Bloodborne
    35. Battlefield Hardline day one impressions: has the PC launch been a success?
    36. Battlefield Hardline server issues affecting PS4 and Xbox One
    37. From DLC to free-to-play: a brief history of everything you love to hate
    38. PSN now has a real time server status page
    39. Bloodborne: Yahar'gul, Unseen Village to The One Reborn
    40. Angry Birds dev profits falling off sharply - but not for the reason you think
    41. Space Hulk developer calls it quits
    42. Neverwinter, Star Trek Online developer hit with lay-offs
    43. Terry Pratchett tribute added to Elite: Dangerous
    44. Dragon Age: Inquisition has a pretty weird hidden quest - report
    45. Mortal Kombat X: Boon teases new "-ality"
    46. The Witcher 3 looks great in 4K
    1. Life is Strange lip synch issue might be fixed for Season 2
    2. Survarium season one conclusion to be decided by players
    3. Xbox 360 disc damaging case necro'd by appeals court
    4. Feast your eyes on the Gran Turismo branded Lexus
    5. Omega Quintet arrives on PS4 in the west this April
    6. New Contracts feature in Wildstar promises to make the game "less grindy"
    7. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection has gone gold
    8. Carmageddon: Reincarnation will see a full release in April
    9. Pirated copies of Windows can be upgraded to Windows 10 for free
    10. New versions of TxK will not be released due to Atari dispute
    11. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Ascendance dated for Xbox consoles
    12. Nintendo mobile games to be created in-house using DeNA's network expertise
    13. StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void closed beta kicks at the end of March
    14. This GTA 5 style trailer for The Purge is rather awesome
    15. PlayStation Vue soft launches today in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia
    16. Gran Turismo 6 players can now drive the Lexus LF-LC GT and Alpine Vision GT
    17. World of Assassination and Unravel trademarks from Square and EA outed
    18. 200 GAME stores will open at midnight for Battlefield Hardline launch
    19. Game of Thrones: Episode 3 tease suggests Drogon will make an appearance
    20. Win! Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector's Edition on Xbox One or PS4
    21. Space Hulk: Ascension will be the last title developed by Full Control
    22. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns crowned Game of the Show at EGX Rezzed 2015
    23. Yakuza 0 debuts strong in Japan on both PS3 and PS4
    24. League of Legends coming to Windows 10 Store in China
    25. EB Games Australia is already accepting pre-orders for Nintendo NX
    26. USgamer Club Live: Bayonetta 2 Part 4 — Bob and Kat Reach Armageddon at 3pm PT / 6pm ET
    27. Windows 10 is coming this summer
    28. No, Steam's refund policy hasn't changed in the EU
    29. Battlefield Hardline: can't play episode 2 in the campaign? You'll have to replay episode 1
    30. Battlefield Hardline makes fun of Advanced Warfare's 'press F to pay respects' scene
    31. Celebrate St. Patrick's day with double XP in Advanced Warfare multiplayer
    32. Shadow Realms' cancellation makes a lot of sense
    33. Battlefield Hardline Xbox One server issues the result of DDoS attacks
    34. Halo 3's lost cutscenes pulled from retail disc
    35. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 online events kick off April 1
    36. The Last Guardian has been trademarked again
    37. Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and more star in Pixels trailer
    38. Dragon Ball XenoVerse ships 1.5M, new DLC out today
    39. Steam purchases now refundable for 14 days in the European Union
    1. NewRetroArcade is a terrific-looking VR emulator front
    2. Pokemon Rumble World classified suspiciously close to Nintendo DeNA deal
    3. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved update drops March 31
    4. Helldivers players have fired 4.2 billion shots so far
    5. Surprise console RPG coming from Square Enix
    6. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 extra episodes available separately
    7. Pillars of Eternity has gone gold
    8. Steam users must now disclose compensation for endorsements
    9. Steam's Midweek Cyberpunk Sale discounts over 30 Cyberpunk titles
    10. Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 – Atlas Mugged arrives today
    11. Overdog app is out on Xbox One and wants to improve your matchmaking experience
    12. Celtic Culture Pack now available for Total War: Attila
    13. Finding Balance in Etrian Mystery Dungeon
    14. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin release moved up in EU, new screenshots
    15. GTA 5 Online Heists: how much RP and cash you earn for daily, weekly & monthly objectives
    16. PlayStation Now closed beta starts this spring in the UK
    17. PC version of Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones exclusive to Humble Store at launch
    18. Resident Evil Revelations 2 disc version, Episode 4 available from today
    19. PlayStation division revenue up by 16.8% partially due to PS4 sales
    20. Evolve St. Patrick’s Trapper Challenge kicks off this weekend
    21. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is out today in the US, watch the launch trailer
    22. Xbox One users can now watch Sling TV on their console
    23. Battlefield Hardline guide: how to unlock weapons, Battlepacks, Assignments, wolf mask and more
    24. Civilization 3 multiplayer update now available through Steam
    25. This is how you transfer your saves to Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
    26. The Elder Scrolls Online drops subscription requirement today
    27. World of Warships dev diary is a WW2 history lesson
    28. Just like older games, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour will come with fantasy courses
    29. GTA Online: Hydra jet stunts show wingless flying, in-tunnel drifting
    30. Nintendo's new hardware is codenamed NX
    31. Destiny weekly reset for March 17: Heroic and Nightfall strikes detailed
    32. Mortal Kombat X achievements show unannounced characters, more [UPDATE]
    33. Nintendo teams with DeNA to make original games for smartphones
    34. Battlefield Hardline PS4 Review: Reasonably Arresting
    35. Battlefield Hardline guide: complete walkthrough, multiplayer tips and secrets
    36. Battlefield Hardline guide: where to find all suspects with warrants
    37. Battlefield Hardline guide: where to find all evidence and complete Case Files
    38. Battlefield Hardline reviews - all the scores for Visceral's new shooter
    39. Pillars of Eternity expansion already in the works
    40. Overkill's The Walking Dead "PayDay-esque" but in a "bigger world"
    41. Mysterious Joe Montana NFL game built on Unreal Engine 4, athlete says
    42. Five Nights at Freddy's dev surprises streamer with huge charity donation
    43. Cities: Skylines has doubled its day one sales
    44. Bloodborne guide: how Messengers and Notes work
    1. Mount & Blade 2 coming to consoles - report
    2. Shadow Realms had eight classes, pre-dated Evolve reveal - report
    3. Take a look at EA Sports' new golf game
    4. Arcade in Swedish airport raises money for Red Cross
    5. League of Legends: Vice docco investigates South Korean eSports scene
    6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 lead designer returns to Infinity Ward
    7. Bloodborne: Byrgenwerth to Rom
    8. Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record make the jump to Steamworks tomorrow
    9. You now have a chance to get the Goat Simulator goat into Dota 2
    10. Ex-Maxis developer starts Patreon to fund his creations in Cities: Skylines
    11. EA's next PGA Tour golf game to feature Rory McIlroy in Tiger Woods' place
    12. Battlefield Hardline trailer is a live-action recreation of a heist
    13. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 gets online co-op support for Raid mode this month
    14. Warner Bros. working on Lego toys-to-life game - rumour
    15. This weekend, play PS4 multiplayer games online for free
    16. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD reviews are here, all the scores
    17. You can now pre-load Battlefield Hardline on PC
    18. Heists push GTA 5 to the top of UK charts
    19. Skilled players complete the toughest challenge in GTA 5 Online Heists
    20. GTA 5 Online Heists: how to get the aircraft carrier and yacht in free mode
    21. Lego Jurassic World - watch the first trailer here
    22. Retailers begin selling PS4 exclusive Bloodborne early
    23. Watch the criminals of Battlefield Hardline play Dead Space
    24. Revisiting Descent, the Most Literal Interpretation of "3D Shooter"
    25. USgamer Community Question: Which Console Disappointed you the Most?
    26. VR "hasn't landed yet", says Xbox boss
    27. Dragon Age: Inquisition, Shadow of Mordor win big at SXSW Gaming Awards
    28. Cities: Skylines is the fastest-selling Paradox game to date
    29. Star Citizen has come a long way
    30. Bloodborne guide: how to get Insight
    31. Steam topped out at 9 million concurrent users this weekend
    32. Final Fantasy Type-0 cinematic hints at a sequel to come - report
    33. Why so many weird things happen in Far Cry 4
    34. Cities: Skylines is being pirated, but Paradox has a plan
    35. Bloodborne guide: optional battles with tough NPCs
    36. Hawken development will resume thanks to APB: Reloaded publisher
    37. Steam customer support not "where it needs to be", says Valve
    38. Full Mortal Kombat X Story Mode Kast available now
    1. Octodad: Dadliest Catch headed to Xbox One
    2. Will Star Wars Battlefront be shown next month?
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    17. Battlefield Hardline map tips: Bank Job, Riptide & Everglades
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    19. Battlefield Hardline map tips: Derailed, Downtown & Dust Bowl
    1. Bloodborne: Hemwick Charnel Lane to the Witch of Hemwick
    2. GTA 5's Los Santos recreated for Cities: Skylines - and it's awesome
    3. Happy Mask Salesman teases appearance "in a new" Legend of Zelda game
    4. Have an eight-minute look at PS4 firmware update 2.50 - video
    5. Cities Skylines PC Review: Laying a New Foundation
    6. Here's a Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns World vs World gameplay video
    7. Banjo Kazooie spiritual successor Project Ukulele heading to Kickstarter
    8. Some of the silliest Skyrim mods are on display in this video
    9. The closed beta for World of Warships has started
    10. You can try Star Citizen for free with a special code [UPDATE]
    11. Life is Strange: Episode 2 out next week, 15 minute gameplay video has spoilers
    12. KAIO: King of Pirates from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune cancelled
    13. PayDay 2 Spring Break event kicks off with free weekend on Steam
    14. Mortal Kombat X videos: seven minutes of gameplay, Johnny Cage variations
    15. Bloodborne guide: How to get out of Yahar'gul, Unseen Village
    16. Bloodborne: Healing Church Workshop to Vicar Amelia
    17. XSplit v2 Is the Answer "When You're Looking to Level up" from OBS
    18. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number PC Review: Redial
    19. Bloodborne: Cathedral Ward and Old Yharnam
    1. Bloodborne: Central Yharnam to Father Gascoigne
    2. Unofficial Cards Against Humanity app arrives online and it's free
    3. The legacy lives on in this Final Fantasy Type-0 HD trailer
    4. Driving a couch in Battlefield Hardline is the 'American Dream'
    5. Halo 3: ODST, Relic Map content seems to be progressing well
    6. GTA 5 title update improves GTA Online stability, Story Mode fixes
    7. Axe of the Blood God Episode 3: Inaugurating Our RPG Canon with a Classic
    8. No Battle of the Five Armies DLC for LEGO The Hobbit owners
    9. SOMA beta expected in four weeks, dev says slots are already filled
    10. Bloodborne launch trailer arrives a couple weeks ahead of release
    11. Crazy PC hit Goat Simulator is heading to Xbox consoles in April
    12. You can revisit four of Epic Games' GDC 2015 panels right here - videos
    13. Latest Project CARS video takes you inside the Pit Box
    14. This Forza Horizon 2 video shows cars included in Fast & Furious expansion
    15. Mortal Kombat X delayed on Xbox 360 and PS3
    16. Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Pack gets you Jason Voorhees, three more characters and skins
    17. Survarium will introduce regional servers soon
    18. Bloodborne guide: enemies and how to kill them
    19. A PSN user got his account hacked and lost $600, and Sony can't refund him
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    34. Here's an awful shakycam of a new Bloodborne trailer
    35. Go tell Square Enix to remake Final Fantasy 7
    36. Destiny Weekly Update: are we getting more vault space at last?
    37. Bloodborne has gone gold
    1. Virtual Spotlight: 3D Fantasy Zone, Proof That Someone Out There Loves You
    2. Destiny: Vault Space, Raid fixes top of Bungie's priority list for patch 1.1.2
    3. 3DS top selling console, Majora's Mask best-selling game in February NPD
    4. Destiny wins Best Game at 2015 BAFTAs
    5. Thursday Stream: Mikes Ruins Everything on Cities Skylines at 5:15 ET/2:15 PT
    6. We Happy Few looks really neat - even in its pre-Alpha state
    7. Ubisoft Publisher's sale on Steam knocks up to 75% off on select titles
    8. Watch advanced screening of Dead Rising: Watchtower on Xbox consoles
    9. Cities: Skylines has already sold 250,000 copies
    10. Here's a look at Mortal Kombat X on Android - video
    11. Code Name: S.T.E.A.M Nintendo 3DS Review: Mecha Lincoln, Activate
    12. Titanfall 2 confirmed to be in development for PC, PS4, Xbox One
    13. BlizzCon 2015 tickets go on sale next month for November event
    14. You can now sign up for the Rainbow Six Siege closed Alpha
    15. The Division: here's some information on The Cleaners Faction - video
    16. Four additional tracks for Project CARS announced with screenshots
    17. Here's a batch of Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 screenshots
    18. Evolve players are getting two free maps, coming first to Xbox One
    19. Homefront: The Revolution release moved into 2016
    20. Harmonix taking Rock Band 4 song requests
    21. GTA Online's gender-switching character bug has been fixed
    22. Heroes of the Storm Director: "It's Not Done, You Haven't Seen Anything Yet"
    23. Yo-kai Watch 3 is in the works, more details next week
    24. Why Red Death is the deadliest rifle in Destiny
    25. Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. headlines eShop update in North America
    26. Forza Horizon 2 players can download the Mazda MX-5 Car Pack next week
    27. Latest Killing Floor 2 dev diary delves deeper into the perks system
    28. Battlefield Hardline: we play the prologue and first mission
    29. Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and Cassie Cage duke it out in new Mortal Kombat X trailer
    30. New Act of Aggression trailer reminds us of classic RTS games
    31. Yes, Bloodborne will have a New Game Plus mode
    32. BBC to create TV drama based on GTA [Update]
    33. Battlefield Hardline's launch won't be another Battlefield 4
    34. Battlefield Hardline: Rescue and Crosshair are early standout multiplayer modes
    35. Destiny: learn the most efficient ways of farming faction reputation
    36. New Steam gift restrictions limit the number of countries of activation
    37. Evolve publisher pleased with sales as analyst predicts 300K copies sold on launch
    38. Titanfall season pass and DLC packs also free on PC
    39. Battlefield Hardline trial now available on EA Access
    40. GTA 5 Online Heists guide: How to get the Hydra and the Valkyrie
    41. Bloodborne is over 40 hours long, says Edge
    42. Evolve PC patch brings field of view slider
    43. Destiny Moon Ride Along tells us more about the Hive
    44. PS4 firmware 2.50 suspend/resume, accessibility options confirmed
    45. Super Smash Bros. Amiibo tourney series kicking off in Japan
    1. Star Citizen may end up as a 100 GB download
    2. Vote on the contents of Just Cause 3's collector's edition
    3. Rock Band 4 instruments won't have any new features
    4. Elite: Dangerous tutorial explains how to team up with other pilots
    5. Valve's Aperture Science VR tech demo looks amazing - video
    6. World of Warships beta test kicks off tomorrow - trailer
    7. Mortal Kombat X listing on Amazon shows characters Mileena, Johnny Cage
    8. Here's a list of Battlefield Hardline changes made since beta
    9. Free-to-play AirMech Arena is heading to PS4 and Xbox One this spring
    10. Lost Dimension sounds like an interesting take on the tactical RPG genre
    11. Virtual Reality isn't another 3D TV, says Epic Games boss
    12. The Wasteland in Mad Max looks lovely despite all the tan
    13. Battlefield Hardline: here's a look at multiplayer maps The Block and Hollywood Heights
    14. Project Cars has seen another delay, now slated for May
    15. Sony's PlayStation Vue service to soft launch within two weeks
    16. Pokemon developer and SEGA announce Tembo The Badass Elephant
    17. This Sid Meier’s Starships video gives you a crash course in the basics
    18. OlliOlli cross-buy handing out multiple copies on 3DS systems
    19. GTA Online access restored with all services returning to normal
    20. Evolve lands on Media Create charts in Japan, Dragon Quest Heroes still tops
    21. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End release date pushed to spring 2016
    22. Xbox App updated to version 3.3 on Windows 10 with Game DVR, more
    23. Try to survive the mind of Claptrap in new Claptastic Voyage trailer
    24. Sony discontinuing its PlayStation Mobile service [Update]
    25. First episode of original PlayStation series Powers available free on YouTube
    26. This War of Mine DLC is filled with street art, all proceeds go to charity
    27. Netflix engineers got a Nintendo NES to run the streaming service
    28. Take a detailed look at the arm replica from MGS5: The Phantom Pain
    29. Hearthstone: two new cards revealed for Blackrock Mountain pack
    30. Video Game Cheats 'n Beatums #9: La Mu-HUH-na
    31. This is how save transfers work between MGS5: The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes
    32. All of Titanfall DLC is free on Xbox Live
    33. More PS4 firmware 2.50 leaks: data backup, accessibility options, and more
    34. Pillars of Eternity saved Obisidan from closure
    35. Alien: Isolation developer working on another triple-A console game
    36. Terraria: Otherworld will have tower defence elements - new trailer
    37. Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold coming west this summer - trailer
    38. 15 years of Total War in three minutes - video
    39. Minecraft investigation results in calls for a ban in Turkey
    40. Bloodborne screenshots show off multiplayer and online features
    1. State of Decay contractor pulls a d**k move
    2. 50 new weapons and rarity tier added to Dying Light with the Hard Mode patch
    3. Splatoon's paint roller is the new newb tube - video
    4. Bloodborne guide: how multiplayer works
    5. Vehicles, bows, arena and more coming to Dying Light
    6. Destiny: Bungie Bountie kicks off at 6:00PM PDT
    7. Dragon Age: Inquisition free on Xbox One through Monday
    8. Elite: Dangerous Wings 1.2 update has landed
    9. Remember Me 2 story written; Life is Strange Season 2 ideas being discussed
    10. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Xbox One available for pre-order, pre-download
    11. Dying Light Hard Mode, Ultimate Survivor Bundle available today in US
    12. Xbox Live issues reported for Xbox 360 users, Rockstar Cloud services
    13. GTA Online Heists: here's a video walkthrough for the Fleeca Job
    14. First footage of Bluestreak from Cliff Bleszinski's new studio released
    15. Sims have 'WhooHooed' 105 million times since The Sims 4 launched
    16. Homeworld Remastered Collection Review: The Return of an Underrated Classic
    17. Total War 15 year history video briefly teases upcoming Warhammer game
    18. Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition released in North America
    19. Buy select Nvidia cards, get a copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    20. This Week's Retronauts Micro Takes a Brief-But-Befuddled Look at Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures
    21. Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 3 out from today on PC, console
    22. The Evil Within: The Assignment is available today
    23. Here's the Just Cause 3 PAX East presentation in case you missed it - video
    24. Assassin’s Creed Rogue is now available for PC
    25. GTA Online Heists video: cars, helicopters and jets - oh my!
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    27. The opening 30 minutes of DmC: Definitive Edition in 1080p/60fps
    28. Ori and the Blind Forest Review: Beauty is Cruelty
    29. PlayStation 4 and Vita to launch March 20 in China
    30. GTA Online Heists: official patch notes list changes to Job Voting, fixes, more
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    32. Modders rebuilt Halo: CE's Silent Cartographer level in three years
    33. Ori and the Blind Forest reviews round-up, all the scores
    34. Alien: Isolation developer Creative Assembly working on new AAA title
    35. EA adds price ranges to FIFA Ultimate Team
    36. Deal: Xbox One with three games and Xbox Live Gold for $350
    37. GTA 5 Online Heists guide: Achievements and Trophies
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    39. All the new outfits in the Heists update for GTA Online - video
    40. DmC: Definitive Edition review round-up, all the scores
    41. GTA Online Heists update rolling out now
    42. Street Fighter: Guile's Theme has lyrics now, and they're great
    43. Assassin's Creed Unity soundtrack featured in new Game of Thrones: Season 5 trailer
    44. Xbox One screenshots update is now available
    45. Destiny weekly reset time not affected by US daylight savings kick off
    46. USgamer Club: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Part 3 — The Final Countdown
    47. USgamer Club: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Part 2 — Face/Off
    48. Oculus Rift add-on pumps smells, heated air at you
    49. Sony may show full VR games for Project Morpheus at E3 2015
    50. We Happy Few sounds like a zombie survival crafting sandbox
    51. Dishonored will be free on PS Plus next month
    1. Hyrule Warriors, other spin-offs bringing new fans to core franchise
    2. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PAX East trailer reminds you it is great
    3. Interactive Bloodborne trailer not tough enough for Dark Souls fans
    4. Borderlands characters now playable in Dance Central: Spotlight
    5. Take a tour of FF14's Heavensward expansion - video
    6. Prey 2 developer's next game is mobile survival horror Lost Within - trailer
    7. Far Cry 4: a look at new map and mechanics of Valley of the Yetis DLC
    8. Helldivers bug wipes player progress if PS4 controller battery dies
    9. Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 trailer features Handsome Jack
    10. Kinect and HoloLens developer Kudo Tsunoda expands role at Microsoft
    11. Underworld Ascendant successfully funded with five stretch goals
    12. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC puts you in the mind of Claptrap
    13. The Evil Within: watch gameplay from first DLC now
    14. Take a look Star Citizen's impressive ship damage model
    15. Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One bundle is $349
    16. If you want the limited edition MGS5: The Phantom Pain PS4 to come west, ask Sony
    17. Today only - get 10% off on UK PlayStation Store
    18. Destiny: someone soloed Crota's End, without firing a shot
    19. Single-player and multiplayer explode in this Battlefield Hardline launch trailer
    20. GTA Online Heists: your first look at armed robbery - video
    21. Gamer Network to crowdfund collector's editions of Hotline Miami and Papers, Please
    22. Destiny: how to drag and drop items between multiple characters
    23. Dying Light disc sales overtake Evolve and The Order: 1886 in UK
    24. Driveclub update will add 4 Lamborghini cars to PS4 exclusive racer
    25. Secret achievements for GTA Online Heists revealed
    26. Almost 50,000 fans want Modern Warfare 2 remade for PS4 and Xbox One
    27. Battlefield 4: two new nighttime maps and a mysterious yeti hit CTE
    28. This is why Batman: Arkham Knight is rated M for Mature
    29. Massive GTA Online Heists leak reveals outfits, contacts, vehicles, masks and prices
    1. GTA Online Heists are live for some players - update is 4.8GB
    1. PAX East Day 3: Twitch livestream schedule for March 8
    2. Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae videos show combat, a Chocobo post, more
    3. Heroes of the Storm colllege tournament prize is $25K per year in tuition
    4. We finally go hands-on with Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae
    5. Europa Universalis 4 update adds 100 events based on women of history
    6. Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker pre-order details emerge
    7. Indie-horror game Among the Sleep has sold over 100,000 copies
    8. Final Fantasy 14's Heavensward expansion will be released in June
    9. These five Final Fantasy Type-0 HD videos introduce members of Class Zero
    10. Star Trek Online pays homage to Nimoy, others via in-game memorials
    11. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PAX East video shows over 7 minutes of gameplay
    12. Contents of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Xbox One Collector's Edition shown in video
    13. This new Ori and the Blind Forest trailer is utterly gorgeous
    14. Street Fighter 5 will be released spring 2016 on PC and PS4
    15. PAX East Day 2: Twitch livestream schedule for March 7
    1. PS4 firmware update version 2.50 adds suspend/resume feature - report
    2. 30 minutes worth of Xenoblade Chronicles X combat footage released
    3. Rockstar offers tips on setting up for GTA Online Heists
    4. Here's some Wolfenstein: The Old Blood gameplay footage out of PAX East
    5. Overwatch beta kicks off this fall, new characters announced
    6. Axe of the Blood God Episode 2: Lord British Offers his Blessing
    7. Lady Sylvanas, new Battlegrounds announced for Heroes of the Storm
    8. Hearthstone's Blackrock Mountain Adventure pack launches in April
    9. New GTA 5 music, radio station coming in April from The Alchemist and Oh No
    10. Wayward Wonders sounds like a fun CTM map for Minecraft
    11. Wil Wheaton is Abraham Lincoln in Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
    12. The Elder Scrolls Online: Justice and Champions systems arrive with Update 6
    13. Turbine's Infinite Crisis MOBA will see a full release later this month
    14. PAX East kicks off today - here's the Twitch livestream schedule for March 6
    15. Watch the Wolfenstein: The Old Blood livestream from PAX East here
    16. Rock Band 4 and Justin Bieber: "if people ask for it, then why not?"
    17. Magic the Gathering's next game is going free-to-play
    18. Mortal Kombat X dev confirms Johnny Cage and Kenshi ahead of official reveal
    19. You won't need Xbox Live Gold to play online on Windows 10
    20. "Zero percent of people get motion sick," says Gabe Newell about Vive
    21. MGS5: The Phantom Pain development update from Kojima
    22. Steam Machine prices: from $480 all the way up to $5,000
    23. Dreadnought screens are filled with lasers and explosions
    24. Bloodborne: tons of new PvP, co-op, and item details
    25. Rock Band 4 is Coming in 2015, Your Old DLC Still Works
    26. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for March 6, 7 - Ice Breaker edition
    27. 30 new GTA Online screens show two Heists
    28. BoingBoing's Offworld resurrected as new, diverse gaming blog
    29. SimCity developer: "EA is actually a great place to work these days"
    30. Humble Weekly Bundle goes monochromatic
    31. Final Fantasy 7's nine-disc, open-world fan sequel was too beautiful to live
    32. Half-life 3 in VR: "We're not saying no," says Valve
    33. Why Diablo 3 had such a bad launch
    34. ID@Xbox: "no problem" if devs can't sim-ship, says Xbox indie boss
    35. Microsoft working with Sony and Nintendo to combat DDoS attacks
    36. Destiny animations are designed to reduce motion sickness
    37. Xbox One peripherals will work wirelessly with Windows 10 via adapter
    38. Pokemon developer, Sega collaboration teased
    39. Rock Band 4 "feels almost like coming home", says Harmonix
    1. Destiny Weekly Update - what's coming in the pre-House of Wolves patch?
    2. Ashes of the Singularity is "the most advanced RTS ever", says Stardock
    3. Disgaea 5: meet Zeroken and Christo
    4. Skyworld VR strategy game looks kind of like playing with toys
    5. Link and Ganon battle in new Legend of Zelda fan film
    6. Underworld Ascendent backers unlock Lizardmen, more stretch goals available in final hours
    7. Early Access version of MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore lands on Steam
    8. Avalanche is making sure Mad Max stays "true to the collective body of work"
    9. Destiny will get another update before House of Wolves drops
    10. A beta version of Guild Wars 2's streaming client releasing soon
    11. Steam storefront updated with Steam Machines, other product pages
    12. Finally, we get a look at Necropolis in action - video
    13. Super Dungeon Bros will be one of the first cross-play titles for Xbox One, Windows 10
    14. Pre-ordering State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition in US nets an in-game knife
    15. Rollercoaster Tycoon World gameplay teaser video released
    16. One Heist challenge in GTA Online pays out $10 million in cash
    17. Activision Blizzard makes Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For list
    18. Evolve Hunt for Gold Weekend nets players special monster skin
    19. This video teases contents of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 3
    20. GTA Online Heists teaser video is extremely short
    21. The Division rumors claim Dark Zones support up to 100 players - video
    22. Here's a look at MGS5: The Phantom Pain emblem creation, limited edition bionic arm
    23. Elite: Dangerous coming to PS4 once Xbox One exclusivity period ends
    24. Here's two new The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt screenshots to salivate over
    25. Microsoft looking into streaming PC games to Xbox One
    26. Free! Vindictus Lann Revamp codes worth 25
    27. US eShop update: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, OlliOlli, more
    28. Rock Band 4 confirmed for Xbox One and PS4: supports old instruments and 2,168 songs
    29. First run of Rodea the Sky Soldier copies on Wii U come with Wii version
    30. Unreal Tournament 4 lets modders sell cosmetic items to players
    31. D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die is coming to PC - rumour
    32. Valve's Lighthouse, VR controllers and more explained
    33. Listen to two professional Counter-Strike players explain why Dust2 is so popular
    34. Core Morpheus hardware locked in, no plans for wireless version
    35. Watch the full Phil Spencer keynote from GDC 2015
    36. Elite: Dangerous won't be "dumbed down" for Xbox One
    37. Virtual reality: by gum, it's really happening
    38. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor takes Game of the Year at GDC Awards 2015
    39. Alien: Isolation was prototyped in third-person - video
    40. Madden 15 added to EA Vault
    41. Source Engine 2 doesn't have hidden costs or royalties - but is Steam exclusive
    42. Final Fantasy creator hates sequels
    43. Guardian complaints led to the closure of Destiny's Loot Cave
    44. Xbox and PC games boss Phil Harrison to leave Microsoft - rumour
    45. Metal Gear Online commentated trailer explains stuffed dog - but not invisibility
    46. Virtual Spotlight: Shadow of the Ninja, a Reminder That 8-Bit Games Hated You
    47. Elite: Dangerous Xbox One trailer shows off space MMO
    1. Battletoads to appear in Shovel Knight Xbox One
    2. The Division pre-alpha footage leaks, Ubisoft says it's well out of date
    3. Microsoft HoloLens designer killed in hit and run accident
    4. AMD throws support behind VR with new low-latency anti-nausea tech
    5. Danganronpa 3 in the works, but a long way off yet
    6. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare MLG Pro League 2015 schedule announced
    7. Happy Birthday PlayStation 2, you are almost old enough to drive
    8. Here's what the final version of Valve's Steam Controller looks like
    9. The Sims, SimCity developer closed down
    10. Gigantic MOBA coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One with cross-play
    11. Here's a look at Unreal Tournament DirectX 12 gameplay
    12. Wireless adapter for Xbox One controllers out later this year
    13. Microsoft offers up more details on Spencer's GDC 2015 talk
    14. Wasteland 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 this summer
    15. Cross-Buy detailed for Windows 10 and Xbox One; Elite: Dangerous coming to Xbox One
    16. Longbeards Culture Pack available now for Total War: Attila
    17. Nvidia unveils Titan X as world's "most advanced GPU" - video
    18. Steam sale discounts titles announced for SteamOS
    19. PayDay 2 announced for SteamOS, celebrating with franchise sale
    20. Magicka 2 has a release date and a crazy new trailer
    21. Nintendo eShop schedule: Don’t Starve: Giant Edition, Never Alone, others
    22. Week 8: Can you win the weekly VG247 GTA Online playlist? Play tonight at 8pm UK time!
    23. Puzzle platformer Four Sided Fantasy coming to PC, consoles in early 2016
    24. Tropico 5 arrives on PS4 in April - video
    25. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Limited Edition PS4 releasing in Asia
    26. This video shows Sid Meier’s Starships being played on iPad
    27. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood announced as standalone prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order
    28. Observer Mode coming soon to Evolve as a free update
    29. Dragon Quest Heroes and PS4 top Media Create charts in Japan
    30. Watch Hideo Kojima answer lots of your burning Phantom Pain questions
    31. MGS5: The Phantom Pain Day 1 and Collector's Edition revealed
    32. EU Club Nintendo: Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds soundtrack back in stock
    33. HTC apologises over "confusing" Half-Life VR comments
    34. What do Heists and Daily Objectives tell us about the future of GTA Online?
    35. Breaking down Hardline Premium, is it worth it?
    36. Watch Dogs sold more than GTA 5 and FIFA 15 in Australia in 2014
    37. Watch PC footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from GDC 2015
    38. Dying Light: Hard Mode and Ultimate Survivor Bundle out March 10
    39. Exploration puzzler Ether One is coming to PlayStation 4
    40. Larian “murdered” Divinity: Dragon Commander to focus on Original Sin
    41. Firewatch probably has the most natural dialogue of any game to date
    42. White Night launch trailer is a noir thriller trip
    43. Free-to-play is "a significant part" of PlayStation's digital future
    44. Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter documentary releasing free on YouTube
    45. Gone Home console ports cancelled following Midnight City difficulties
    46. Microsoft rang Mojang the day Notch joked about selling
    47. Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking update rolling out
    48. Nvidia unveils Shield, an Android 4K Smart TV set top box
    49. Tuesday Stream: Re-Define Dante in DmC Definitive Edition [YouTube]
    50. Star Wars Battlefront footage shown behind closed doors
    51. Dragon Age lead creative moves onto mysterious new BioWare project
    52. Unity 5 available for free with "no f**king around"
    53. Five Nights at Freddy's 3 may be the end of the series
    54. Source 2 announced, will also be free
    55. SteamVR: Valve's Lighthouse tech allows you to walk around while playing
    56. Steam Machines, Controller, streaming box to launch in November
    57. Telltale veterans form new team, announce teen thriller Oxenfree
    1. PS4 global sales now stand at over 20.2 million
    2. PS4 VR headset Morpheus out in 2016, capable of 120 FPS - video
    3. Papo & Yo developer making a VR game about dinosaurs
    4. Wasteland 2, Shovel Knight and more in big ole bunch of indies coming to Xbox One
    5. Here's an indie VR game made with Unreal Engine 4
    6. GTA Online: Daily Objectives and Adversary Mode coming next week
    7. Syndicate is the latest free game download on Origin
    8. Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Interview: On Mastery, Defiance Changes, and More Jumping Puzzles
    9. Ancient Labyrinth DLC for Lords of the Fallen now available
    10. Shadowrun Online gets a name change and release date
    11. Amazon hosting Rockstar and 2K Games sale
    12. Destiny weekly reset video shows off Inferno Crucible gameplay
    13. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode 2 available from today
    14. Here's a sneak peek video for Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
    15. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare video shows Ascendance DLC early access weapon
    16. March PS Plus games include OlliOlli 2, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, more
    17. Sci-fi horror game Caffeine will release on Xbox One, PS4 alongside PC - new trailer
    18. Xbox 360 Preview program invites going out this month
    19. Tron: Legacy director in negotiations for Gran Turismo film
    20. Fifth add-on pack for Alien: Isolation is available for download
    21. HBO Go app now available on PlayStation 4
    22. Skyrim mods no longer restricted to 100MB in size
    23. Mad Max release date set for September, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions canned
    24. MGS 5: The Phantom Pain out in September, Kojima "closing the loop" on saga
    25. Forza Horizon 2 Rockstar Energy Car Pack now available
    26. 3DS firmware update kills web browser exploit
    27. Unreal Tournament video shows updated textures on Outpost 23
    28. Final add-on for Sunset Overdrive arrives in April
    29. Heroes of the Storm playable at EGX Rezzed
    30. PES 2015 Data Pack 4 coming next week with Winter Transfers, new faces
    31. Here's the changelog for Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 5
    32. Game of Thrones, Mortal Kombat X, Batman mobile games on the way
    33. Win! Beta access to new MMORPG Skyforge and DLC worth $70
    34. PC gaming expected to be worth $35 billion by 2018
    35. Advanced Warfare: new patch adds new weapon, Master Prestige ranks, more
    36. Destiny's end game and raids explained
    37. Capcom adds local co-op to Resident Evil: Revelations 2 on PC
    38. New Destiny glitch spawns infinite Thralls on Earth
    39. Battlefield 4 Winter Patch is here with new game mode, netcode improvements and more
    40. HTC hopes to see Half-Life on VR headset Vive
    41. Make money easily in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    42. This is how you claim free Xbox One games from your Xbox 360
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    44. Few Mass Effect FemShep cosplays are as elaborate as this one
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    47. Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows will let you play as a baddie
    48. GTA controversies, from Hot Coffee to PR manipulation
    49. Infamous 2 one of five new PlayStation Now additions for March
    50. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster gets PS4 release date
    51. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare getting 15 new Prestige levels
    52. Destiny: Crota's End recreated in Minecraft
    53. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D trailer introduces the Heir to the Monado
    54. The Elder Scrolls: Total War mod covers Morrowind, Oblivion and more
    55. Five Nights at Freddy's 3 out now on Steam
    56. Unreal Engine 4 Goes Free, Epic Aims For Everyone
    57. EVE Online heister makes off with $13,000 worth of goods
    58. Marth Amiibo getting a stock refresh in North America
    1. Skyrim beta update upgrades creation kit file size
    2. Paradox's next epic RPG is, uh, Knights of Pen & Paper 2
    3. World of Warcraft Will Let You Convert Gold into Game Time
    4. Amplitude looks amazing in new gameplay trailer, has a team multiplayer mode
    5. DayZ creator's "crazy", "esoteric" next game developed with Improbable
    6. Battlefield Hardline will support AMD's Mantle
    7. Unreal Engine 4 GDC 2015 sizzle reel shows what the tech can do
    8. Survarium's latest patch removes limit on battle ammo, rebalances experience gain
    9. The Hunt Begins in new Bloodborne TV spot
    10. World of Warcraft: you'll soon be able to buy game time with gold
    11. 3D Realms' Bombshell returns with the first gameplay trailer
    12. Unreal Engine 4 is now free for everyone to use
    13. Call of Duty European Championship winner announced
    14. GOG brings back Insomnia sale with discounts up to 90% off
    15. 2K is shutting down NBA 2K14 online servers, won't affect career save files
    16. One Dead or Alive tournament organiser is proposing ban of "over-sexualised" costumes
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    40. Bungie "always" looking at Exotic changes for Destiny updates
    41. Sonic console games will continue, says Iizuka
    42. Stealth Inc. 2 coming to PSN, apparently
    1. Runescape developer has an "undisclosed MMO" in the works
    2. Destiny PvP rewards system to be addressed
    3. Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 in the works for 3DS
    4. Life is Strange Episode 2 not delayed, says developer
    5. First SteamVR game reveal is Job Simulator
    6. HTC, Valve partner for Vive VR headset