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May 2010 Archive

    1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution shots get out
    2. Mega-Extreme Rumour - Half Life 2: Episode Three menu shot leaked [Update]
    3. Joe Danger dated, news apocalypse busted
    4. Gordon Freeman voted Empire's greatest ever video game character
    5. Treyarch remains commited to Wii
    6. Studio Cambridge working on PlayTV 2
    7. Kitase: FFVII remake would be "ten times as long" to make compared to original
    8. OnLive subscriber emails sent out now
    9. PS3 3D Firmware update coming June 10
    10. 5 million PSN accounts now active in Japan
    11. Gameplay shown in new Ninety-Nine Nights II video
    12. Rumour - BioWare looking to implement online multiplayer into Mass Effect
    1. New LA Noire screens show blood-soaked crime scenes
    2. GameStation turns pawnbroker
    3. Latest Uncharted 2 patch disables game modes
    4. Antoniades: Naughty Dog is "best console developer in the world"
    5. Pain 3D bundle hits next week
    6. Red Dead Redemption co-op Trophies added
    7. Jaffe: Pachter was "joking" about Twisted Metal reboot
    8. Pachter: "Using DRM is Ubisoft's right"
    9. Treyarch interested in Move and Natal
    10. Sony surveying interest in more HD upgrades
    11. Rumour: Final Fantasy XIII actors appearing in Versus
    1. Bleszinski: Bulletstorm "makes Gears look tame"
    2. Black Ops Slaughterhouse was originally multiplayer level
    3. Treyarch 100% dedicated to Call of Duty
    4. Test Drive Unlimited 2 dated by Atari Europe store
    5. Pachter and Keighley out new Twisted Metal game
    6. inFamous 2 teased by OPM Portugal
    7. Alien Breed 2 revealed by ESRB
    8. MW2: Resurgence pack priced for Xbox Live
    9. Brunswick Pro Bowling to support Natal
    10. Apparent Alpha Protocol dev goes mental, says game should have been "cancelled"
    11. Bleszinski: Heavy Rain has "hideous" children [Update]
    1. Spoon and P.O.D. hit Rock Band June 1
    2. New L4D2 Mutation is Last Man On Earth
    3. Pokemon Black and White dated for US and UK
    4. StarCraft II Beta extended to June 7
    5. BioWare disappointed by "lack of fun" in current MMOs
    6. Treyarch: Black Ops is "three games in one"
    7. Call of Duty: Black Ops is all about "variety" says Treyarch
    8. Treyarch pleased to be doing "something new" with Black Ops
    9. Call of Duty: Black Ops - new shots
    10. Interview - Call of Duty: Black Ops' Josh Olin and Mark Lamia speak in London
    11. Interview - Call of Duty: Black Ops' Mark Lamia speaks in LA
    12. Impressions - Call of Duty: Black Ops
    13. Guerrilla: Killzone 3 is all about immersion
    14. Blur gets 3D art treatment in London
    15. Alpha Protocol reviews go live - we round 'em up
    16. Blur in-store demo program launched at Best Buy
    17. F.E.A.R. 3 gets first gameplay shots
    18. Alien Breed Impact gets a date and a demo
    19. Japanese hardware charts - The "jukebox is repeating itself again" edition
    20. Report - Shogun II: Total War to be announced at E3
    21. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II, Chaos Rising half-price on Steam
    22. Report - Kane & Lynch movie without a director
    23. Full list of games for PSPgo deal revealed
    24. Battlestar Galactica composer to score SOCOM 4
    25. Report - Red Dead Redemption made ?10 million in opening weekend
    26. Footage from canned Insomniac project emerges
    27. First Killzone 3 footage maximised from PS Blog interview
    28. Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair is for "Xbox," says OFLC
    29. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock official, features a "rock 'n' roll fantasy" story
    30. Rumor: Michel Ancel leaves Ubisoft Montpellier, Beyond Good & Evil 2's future in doubt
    1. Knight's Contract screens are rather interesting
    2. F.E.A.R. 3 video is all about Fettel
    3. Companion characters in SWTOR explained
    4. "There will definitely be more DLC packs" for RDR, says Rockstar
    5. Killzone 3: Screens, previews, and Steven Ter Heide [Update]
    6. GTTV promises "big gameplay reveals" for Bulletstorm in latest episode
    7. Namco says Ubi's DRM policy is "good" for now
    8. Beta sign-ups for Test Drive Unlimited 2 now live
    9. Nintendo Power outs de Blob: The Underground for Wii, DS
    10. RDR Avatar items hit XBLM, lasso included
    11. NPD: Extreme gamers play 48 hours a week
    12. FIFA Online goes into Open Beta
    13. PSA: Uncharted 2's The Lab playlist hitting tomorrow
    14. Rumour - Natal to be formally called "Wave" [Update]
    15. N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights demo hits XBL
    16. Lost Planet 2 Map Pack takes us to the Frozen Wasteland
    17. Driver confirmed for Ubisoft E3 lineup
    18. Halo: Reach beta too late for Crackdown 2 release, says Ruffian's Cope
    19. More Splinter Cell DLC hits XBL today
    20. CoD: Black Ops will "exceed expectations", says Treyarch
    21. Need for Speed World goes live in July
    22. Former MS exec says Natal will fail without 360 integration
    23. Amazon already taking pre-orders for Killzone 3
    24. Report - Tekken 7 announced in Madrid
    25. Report - Branson's new venture called Virgin Gaming
    26. THQ Partners move is "great" for the industry, says EA Partners GM
    27. Mafia II video for PC shows off PhysX tech
    28. PlayStation Home to leave Beta in December [UPDATE]
    29. Infinity Ward situation is "unfortunate", says Treyarch
    30. Square Enix announces Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light for DS
    31. New White Knight Chronicles 2 trailer hits the web
    32. Ape Escape PS3 in development since 2006
    33. Guerrilla: Naughty Dog not helping out with Killzone 3 engine
    34. Crackdown 1 and 2 get the comparison treatment
    35. First half-hour for Alpha Protocol put live
    36. Naughty Dog creating PSP title, says CV
    37. This is what ICO HD could look like
    38. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 screens do the high-res shuffle
    39. Ask Crackdown 2 questions, win an actual, real-life car!
    40. Hamill: Arkham Asylum 2 to be Joker's last appearance
    41. Kane & Lynch 2's Cops & Robbers is awesome: "Just bring me the money"
    42. Two Worlds II debut trailer features swords, grimacing
    43. EVE's Tyrannis expansion released, features planet-cracking
    44. Blizzard weighs in on DRM, calls it a "losing battle"
    45. Slegdehammer hiring for "Call of Duty first-person shooter"
    46. Gearbox trademarks "Z-Day" for use with videogames and movies
    1. Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project to grace XBLA
    2. Alien Breed Evolution hitting Steam and PSN this summer
    3. Guitar Hero 5 getting STP, Alice Cooper, more in June
    4. TDU 2 gets North American date and pre-order bonuses
    5. Report - Game Industry to hit $70B by 2015
    6. H.A.W.X. 2 gets details, screenshots
    7. EA spending more on SWTOR than any game in its history
    8. Rumor: Rock Band 3 features Keytar
    9. Half-Life 2 titles 30% off on Steam
    10. Analyst expects PS3 to outsell 360 by 3.5M this year
    11. D2D taking pre-orders for APB
    12. Atari reports revenue loss of 15% for the year
    13. US PSN update, May 26 - LBP, ModNation, SSFIV
    14. Report - Microsoft to announce Natal's formal name at E3
    15. Mafia II Collector's Edition looks mob-tastic
    16. Sonic Colours announced, has our hero saving aliens
    17. Sony to introduce new PSPgo sales promotion
    18. Red Dead Redemption animated film hits Fox on Saturday
    19. BioWare to open new customer services center in Galway
    20. Crackdown 2 community interview - you ask, Ruffian answers
    21. Title Update 6 goes live today for Gears 2
    22. Rockstar "working hard" to keep up supply of RDR
    23. Crackdown 2 impressions break out - everything rounded up
    24. Blur reviews get round-up treatment
    25. EU PS store update, May 26 - FFIX, Sam and Max, PixelJunk Shooter
    26. Yoichi Wada wants to see more Heavy Rain-like games
    27. Rumour - Team ICO Collection to launch in Q1 2011
    28. THQ introduces Partners scheme
    29. EA reveals APB intro cinematic
    30. MW2 tops this week's Live activity list
    31. Rumour: Ico and Shadow of the Colossus heading to Blu-ray in HD
    32. Bach: Natal is a "midlife kicker" for 360
    33. TGS 2010 branding revealed
    34. Heavy Rain's Cage, Crysis 2, APB lectures confirmed for GDC Europe
    35. Crackdown 2 vidoc shows off toys, physics
    36. New Alpha Protocol trailer breaks rules, arms
    37. Splatterhouse hitting shelves this Halloween
    1. Warner promotes Jeff Junge to head up its digital expansion
    2. Half-Life 2 hitting Mac on Steam tomorrow [Updated]
    3. Aliens vs Predator to be released via OnLive
    4. UDK updated with Steamworks, Scaleform interface support
    5. SCEE: "It's our job" to give consumers a choice between digital and packaged
    6. Just Cause 2 Boom Pack now available
    7. Microsoft formally announces Bach and Allard departures
    8. The Peninsular Campaign coming to Napoleon: Total War
    9. BioShock 2 - Rapture Metro Pack finally hitting PC
    10. Guitar Hero 6 may be called Warriors of Rock
    11. Halo: Reach video shows the good, badass and ugly
    12. Robbie Bach leaves MS to spend more time with family, non-profit work
    13. PSA: Modern Warfare 2 gets Double XP this weekend
    14. Front Mission Evolved moves into September
    15. Report - Robbie Bach to leave Microsoft alongside J Allard [Update]
    16. Rockstar North hiring programmers for console, DS, PSP and mobile
    17. Insomniac "very excited" about new IP with EA - video
    18. Insomniac: "We're still super tight with Sony"
    19. Insomniac "talked to a lot" of other publishers before settling with EA
    20. Sony will "continue to build strong partnership" with Insomniac
    21. Interview: Ted Price and David DeMartini explain the Insomniac multi-plat gigaton
    22. EA Partners signs Insomniac Games for new multi-platform IP
    23. Games on Demand gets CoD4, BF2, Battlestations: Midway
    24. [Update] Rumour - Killzone 3 to release next May, features 4-player co-op
    25. Rumor: Sony to reveal premium PSN+ services at E3
    26. Green Day: Rock Band demo teases keyboards for RB3 [UPDATE]
    27. Ubisoft Toronto creating new Splinter Cell project, confirms Raymond
    28. More games "in the pipeline" from Sony
    29. We "need" Killzone 3 to beat Uncharted 2, GoWIII on a technical level, says Guerilla
    30. Guerilla: 3D "a fantastic way to immerse yourself" in Killzone 3
    31. Guerilla: Killzone 3 "pushes 100%" of PS3's max SPU load
    32. World first: Killzone 3's Hermen Hulst on going "above and beyond"
    33. DOOM 2 available on XBLA tomorrow
    34. Knights Contract formally announced for Europe
    35. Blizzard's Pearce: WoW will return to growth
    36. LA residents invited to play GoW: Ghost of Sparta
    37. G4 to broadcast half-hour blowout on Old Republic, Valve presser to be shown live
    38. Report: Daniel Benmayor in talks for second Hitman film
    39. WSJ: MS planning major "shake up" of gaming division
    40. Sony strikes HBO deal for PS3
    41. Splatterhouse trailer kills internet
    42. Crackdown 2 viral movie details back-story, intros Catalina Thorne [Update]
    43. APB on consoles to be "a different game that fits better"
    44. Mass Effect officially headed to the big screen
    1. Ninja Theory working on "story-based" DLC for Enslaved, demo "on the cards"
    2. Witcher II gets dev diary and reveal trailer from Spain
    3. Ninja Theory stays mum on DMC5 rumours
    4. Boss fight: Blizzard mega-head Frank Pearce on StarCraft II, WoW, Diablo, more
    5. Killzone 3: Listen to the entire reveal presentation from Amsterdam [Update]
    6. Ton of Witcher II screens drops from Spanish event
    7. Witcher II detail explosion, "engrossing, mature storyline" promised
    8. Report - GT5 to have 3D, Move support
    9. Enslaved gameplay footage comes out of Barcelona
    10. Dozens of Enslaved shots hit from Spain
    11. Interview: Enslaved's Tameem Antoniades
    12. First direct-feed Killzone 3 shots released
    13. Killzone 3 becomes official
    14. Jaffe: "I wish we were making a new Twisted Metal"
    15. Lost Planet 2 awards player for not selling game
    16. Guardian gives "mundane" No More Heroes 2 2/5, Edge gives 7/10
    17. Halo: Reach confirmed for September 14 release, beta played by 2.7 million
    18. Suda: "No plan" for No More Heroes 3, Travis may return
    19. French Blur promo vids feature "hot chicks", porn spikes
    20. Midway liquidation plan approved
    21. Red Dead tops UK chart, 360 SKU outsells PS3
    22. Lost tracks heading to Rock Band
    23. Super Mario Galaxy 2 gets the job done - review round-up [Update]
    24. Steam Blur pre-orders get free Geometry Wars
    25. Ephraim: Go has "blazed trail" for next PSP, mentions "smart phone" market
    26. Next Total War for E3 reveal, going "back to basics"
    27. J Allard rumoured to be quitting Microsoft
    1. Gamestop to support EA's Online Pass
    2. Privates likely to be denied Live release
    3. Nier was originally a 360 exclusive
    4. First English Dragon Quest IX screens released
    5. German Fallout: New Vegas scans emerge
    6. MAG patch info "next week," DLC info "before E3"
    7. Sony trademarks "move into the action"
    8. Children prefer games to saving the environment
    9. 70 new WKC2 screens hit net
    10. Sony: LittleBigPlanet PSP won't get multiplayer
    11. PS3 version of Section 8 takes user to Live Marketplace
    12. Pachter: No browser for 360 as Microsoft wants to "own internet"
    13. Pachter: "No chance in hell" games will go download-only soon
    14. US retailer: Move "coming this July"
    1. Blizzard updates StarCraft II Beta with 3v3 and 4v4 match support
    2. F.E.A.R. hits Steam with all the trimmings
    3. Nintendo releases last SMG2 video before US launch
    4. Cryptic "looking at" adding user-generated content to Star Trek Online
    5. Phantasy Star Portable 2 hitting Europe and US this fall
    6. Funcom reveals PvP arenas for The Secret World
    7. Battlefield: Heroes hosting a Double XP weekend
    8. EQII's Ulteran and Ethereal Prowler Mounts will cost you $25
    9. Hoth gets official reveal on the SWTOR website
    10. PS3 Slim with 40nm RSX chip spotted at retail
    11. APB screens show some gunplay and cars
    12. Top Gun hitting PSN, Ray-Bans and bomber jacket not included
    13. LBP and LBP PSP getting clowns, ModNation stickers
    14. Enslaved box-art shows running, big creatures
    15. PC demo for Split/Second goes live
    16. Second bit of DLC for Alan Wake possibly called "The Writer"
    17. Gears of War 3 preview details weapons, infestation, characters
    18. Uncharted 2: The Lab playlist hitting May 28 with double cash
    19. HMV expects Red Dead Redemption to move 300K at launch
    20. Report - Naughty Dog lends a hand with Killzone 3's engine
    1. Gears of War 3 screens show off the muscles
    2. Rumor: Leaked Killzone 3 concept art and details surface [UPDATE]
    3. Lost Planet 2 and Star Wars Avatars light up XBL Marketplace
    4. Singularity video shows the Time Manipulation Device's deadlock function
    5. SEGA Classics hitting PC in June
    6. SCEA's Dyer wants more disc content, less DLC
    7. Crackdown 2 gets animated series called The Pacific City Archives
    8. MTV expected higher sales for The Beatles: Rock Band
    9. Jem Alexander leaves SCEE
    10. Irish Herald calls RDR's town drunk stereotypical
    11. Level 5 files trademark for next Layton game
    12. SSFIV to get patched with free DLC June 15
    13. Screens for BFBC2 show off four-player Onslaught
    14. Red Dead Redemption facing retail crisis in UK
    15. Rockstar hopes RDR "evokes an emotional response"
    16. Pantera DLC hitting Rock Band next week
    17. SCEA says piracy hinders PSP software sales in the US
    18. Fable III confirmed for PC, pricing and CE detailed
    19. EA spring showcase video has APB's Chris Collins
    20. BioWare's Hudson: Mass Effect 3 will still have mining
    21. Killzone 2 wins first Ivor Novello award for best game soundtrack
    22. Metroid: Other M footage goes into flashback mode
    23. Night racing included for GT5
    24. Square Enix/Yahoo announcement is Sengoku browser game
    25. SCEA to kick off Kevin Butler-esque PSP ad campaign
    26. Japanese hardware charts - everyone's on a downer
    27. Battlefield Heroes getting double XP weekend
    28. Blur TV ad takes aim at Mario Kart
    29. Split/Second gets dev diary treatment one last time
    30. SMG2 gets "masterful" ten from IGN
    31. Rapture? What's that? - Irrational Games releases original BioShock pitch document
    32. Red Dead Redemption invisibility glitch patched
    1. SEGA pushes Sonic 4 into back half of the year
    2. Namco feels that game prices are too high
    3. SWTOR - Details for the planet Hoth emerge
    4. Prima guides now available on Steam
    5. Console shortages blamed for GameStop's Q1 hardware sales decline
    6. Europe getting exclusive Def Jam Rapstar tracks
    7. Walmart opens online Gamecenter with gift card offer
    8. GameStop reports Q1 profits, new DLC program
    9. Story between Mass Effect 2 and ME3 to be told through DLC
    10. ModNation may get other famous game characters in the future
    11. Matsubara: 3D and 3DS to be "more accepted by the core" than casual player
    12. Sony answers your questions about LBP2
    13. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II gets new screens
    14. Germany says no to violent games ban
    15. Lara Croft game using Steam DRM to "combat piracy"
    16. Daily Mail says RDR's $100M dev budget was "conjecture"
    17. MS Game Room updated with loads of titles
    18. Former industry exec believes special editions are the future of boxed titles
    19. Harmonix: Rock Band 3 to be "next big leap in music gaming"
    20. Kojima and Shinkawa landing in London June 18-19
    21. Japanese software charts, May 10- 16 - DQM Joker 2 tops
    22. PS3 needs to be "open like a Mac", says Valve
    23. Report - Virgin to return to games industry
    24. Pachter "was wrong" about Red Dead Redemption
    25. Final Fantasy XIV - new shots
    26. RDR becomes Amazon UK's best-selling pre-order this year to date
    27. Report - Creative Assembly creating Olympics title
    28. Wii Sports Resort gets weird looking rowing machine peripheral
    29. Alan Wake 360 competition winners announced
    30. Blur's multiplayer modes get trailered
    31. Bethesda dev: Microsoft should "open up Natal"
    32. RDR invisibility bugs being fixed by Rockstar
    33. Square announcement will "change Japanese history"
    34. CoD: Black Ops trailer analysis reveals 1961 date, CIA docs, more
    35. First Knight's Contract trailer involves hitting things
    36. UFC Undisputed 2010 requires code to access online multiplayer
    37. Mood: GlaDOS - Free Portal downloaded 1.5 million times
    1. WoW: Remote Auction in Beta, Cataclysm shots show Worgen
    2. Persona 3 Portable gets a new video, US pre-order bonus
    3. Report - Heavy Rain movie rights auctioned
    4. Quantum Theory shots are rather interesting
    5. Get a chromed out BMW Series 1 for Blur at Kmart
    6. Gears 2 update possible thanks to continued community support
    7. Dragon Age: Origins gets patched on PS3
    8. Visceral: "We don't want to cheapen what we're doing" with Dead Space 2
    9. Famitsu scans of FFXIV land on the interwebs
    10. US PSN update, May 18 - Rocket Knight, ModNation, Iron Man 2
    11. Konami to "focus efforts" on Dance Dance Revolution
    12. Valve launches new Mac titles on Steam
    13. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies gets US trailer
    14. Call of Duty: Black Ops shots show the obvious
    15. Euro PSN update, May 19 - ModNation, PoP, Armoured Core 3
    16. Assassin's Creed II "Complete Edition" spotted at UK retail
    17. Report - Elite IV on hold at Frontier
    18. Red Dead Redemption 360 update resolves system link MP
    19. Kane and Lynch 2's Undercover Mode gets detailed
    20. Mario Galaxy 2 reviews to go live on Monday morning
    21. First GDC Europe speakers announced
    22. Report - Red Dead Redemption cost $100 million during development
    23. Dragon Quest IX to launch on July 23 in Europe
    24. Initial sales for Yakuza 3 in west were "positive", says Sega
    25. Apple's become very arrogant, says Sony
    26. EA: Orange Box PS3 was a "challenge situation"
    27. Suda51 "would love to develop" a 3DS title
    28. Creative Assembly creating sports title
    29. Ubisoft: 50% of games to be 3D-enabled in two years
    30. Marcus, Anya get detailed in Gears 3 profiles
    31. Red Steel 3 will happen "if we have an audience", says director
    32. Knight's Contract announced for PS3, 360
    33. Halo: Reach beta extended until tomorrow
    34. New 360-exclusive Virtual-On announced in Famitsu
    35. Don't read too much into Versus XIII 360 comment, says Wada
    36. CoD: Black Ops trailer blows the motherf**king house down
    1. Get the Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition soundtrack free
    2. Guitar Hero 5 gets Aerosmith Track Pack
    3. Hunted: The Demon's Forge teaser site goes live
    4. Mafia II shots show off PhysX tech
    5. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 demo hits XBL
    6. Bungie stats: More participated in Reach Beta than Halo 3's
    7. Gears 2 gets Title Update 6 in "about a week"
    8. PoP: The Forgotten Sands gets a reviews round-up
    9. Ubisoft "looking very carefully" at EA's Project $10
    10. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood to get multiplayer beta
    11. Ubisoft: Ghost Recon delayed into 2011
    12. Crytek talks Crysis 2 turkey at EA showcase
    13. Ubisoft: Assassin’s Creed II moves close to 9 million units
    14. Split/Second gets review blow-out, EG lands it with 8
    15. Square has banner year with profits up 50% to $102.8M
    16. Slitherine says there's money to be made in the PSPgo market
    17. Q's Cuthbert: PixelJunk Shooter 2 will be "bigger" then PJS1
    18. BlizzCon 2010 tickets up for grabs June 2 and June 5
    19. Treyarch discusses multiplayer concerns in Black Ops
    20. Wada: Square "looking into" FF Versus XIII for 360
    21. MW2 Stimulus Pack sets sales record on PSN
    22. Runic moves 500K Torchlight copies, gets bought by Perfect World
    23. F.E.A.R. 3 video's a mix of real-time and gameplay
    24. AHA teams up with Nintendo for a healthy heart
    25. Microsoft hopeful of having Natal playable to TGS public
    26. Report - Capcom holding back E3 "bombshell"
    27. Final Fantasy XIII sells over 5 million units worldwide in FY10
    28. EA job listing suggests Dante's Inferno 2 in the works at Visceral
    29. MUBI streaming service coming to PS3
    30. Mindjack, Mindhack trademarked in Europe by Square Enix
    31. 850k PS3s sold in Australia
    32. CV shots shows canned Call of Duty
    33. Alpha Protocol locations spilled in new trailer
    34. SC Conviction Insurgency DLC on May 27 for 800MSP
    35. Rumour - PS Home to go international soon
    36. Steam offers massive Sega pack for cheap
    37. Need for Speed World contains "deep, RPG-like progression"
    38. Epic's Capps: PC piracy pushed us onto console
    39. Nintendo trademarks 3DSWare and 3DSPlay
    40. Nielsen - Blu-ray is primary motivator when buying a PS3
    41. BioWare "optimizes" Mass Effect 2 planet-scanning
    42. White Natal case spotted
    43. John Romero regrets Daikatana ad campaign, thinks a reunion with Carmack would be "awesome"
    44. EA still open to future deal with Bungie
    1. StarCraft II beta to end on May 31
    2. Greenberg: $200 Natal pricepoint is "purely speculation"
    3. Super Scribblenauts announced, offers "limitless creative possibilities"
    4. EA files 14 Need for Speed domains, gets web guessing
    5. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light to be a tenner, says Crystal Dynamics
    6. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep gets September 10 Euro release
    7. Red Dead Redemption reviews go live, 8/10 from EG
    8. Miyamoto: Zelda Wii will be "player friendly"
    9. It's Butler vs Tretton in new ModNation Racers video
    10. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood gets Harlequin pre-order bonus
    11. RE5 boss: Japanese games industry hasn't got "hope in hell"
    12. Analyst: Red Dead Redemption will sell 4 million in its first year
    13. PSP2: Touch-screen, two cameras, games for "end 2010, beginning 2011"
    14. Premium PSN plans for E3 reveal, to cost "less than ?50 per year"
    15. Disney: Split/Second PS3 install size is 3.7Gb
    16. Rumour - Leaked images show Nintendo 3DS testing platform
    17. PixelJunk Shooter 2 is a "proper sequel," says Q Games
    18. Capcom no longer working with western devs on new IP
    19. UK charts: Alan Wake fails to take top slot
    20. LBP2 might not be fully backwards compatible, says Media Molecule
    21. Report - Red Dead Redemption banned in UAE
    22. Rumour - Project Natal priced at $200 in Sweden
    23. GT5 gets new Nürburgring shots
    24. Pokemon Black & White video shows battles, hats
    25. Spiderman Shattered Dimensions vid reveals cartoon styling
    1. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light gets first video, voice actor
    2. OXM CoD Black Ops info internetalized
    3. GT5's Nürburgring gets off-screen video
    4. Video: New SMG 2 footage rocks, rolls
    5. 50 minutes of Red Dead Redemption video appears on YouTube [Update]
    6. Split/Second sets new PS3 hard drive install record at 7Gb [Update]
    7. Red Dead Redemption PS3 install only 600Mb
    8. Divnich: GTA V to appear at E3
    9. Rock Band dev surveys fans' musical taste
    10. Pachter: Natal and Move "upgrade" 360 and PS3
    11. Pachter: StarCraft II will "quickly" sell 4-5 million
    1. AHA and Nintendo to make announcement on May 17
    2. LEGO Universe subscription plan revealed
    3. Check out the Helghast in Lost Planet 2
    4. XSEED: Ys Seven hitting the US in late summer
    5. NPD: Top 20 software sales for April
    6. Screens - Fallout: New Vegas [Update]
    7. Rumor - EQII expansion called Destiny of Velious
    8. Bulletstorm violence more akin to cartoons than a snuff film, says Bleszinski
    9. Study - 30% of people only play freebies
    10. Mortal Online servers go live June 9
    11. Weekend sales aplenty: Tropico, Total War, more
    12. Rumor - Battlefront 3 leaked by GameSpy
    13. PTOM to exclusively reveal PixelJunk Shooter 2
    14. CoD: Black Ops gets official reveal trailer May 18
    15. Guitar Hero 6 info from OXM hits the net
    16. Bright Falls: The prequel to Alan Wake now online
    17. ModNation Racers PS3 demo hits May 18
    18. Dell has Xbox 360 Elite Bundles on sale
    19. Pachter: Slow April game sales suggest "something is terribly wrong"
    20. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PSP doesn't forget series' roots, goes 2D
    1. Screens - Medal of Honor
    2. L4D2 Mutation: Last Gnome on Earth
    3. EVE Online expansion Tyrannis moved to May 26
    4. Video - Singularity's Time Manipulation Device
    5. MTV: Green Day's more familiar to "the core" than The Beatles
    6. Closed Beta for Cataclysm to start soon
    7. Video - Dead Space 2's Steve Papoutsis
    8. Video - MOH's Greg Goodrich
    9. Video - SWTOR's Daniel Erickson interview
    10. [UPDATE] PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption gets extra goodies
    11. "There's more than can be done" with survival horror, says Remedy
    12. Screens - MW2 Resurgence map pack
    13. SWTOR's Advanced Class System detailed
    14. PlayStation Move release date "in due course", says SCEE
    15. NPD: Turbine's DDO is the third most played MMO
    16. "Please stay tuned" on Fable III PC, says Microsoft
    17. Helghast to invade Lost Planet 2 in June
    18. The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf footage surfaces
    19. Fable III boxart mentions Windows version [Update]
    20. Grateful Dead six pack and the Smithereens hit Rock Band next week
    21. Crackdown 2 rated 15 by BBFC
    22. Bleszinski: RPGs are the future of shooters
    23. Gadget Show presenter drops September release for PlayStation Move
    24. Japanese hardware charts - PSP keeps top spot
    25. Crysis 2 gets killer gameplay shots
    26. CoD: Black Ops will have dedicated servers, confirms Treyarch
    27. GT5 gets Nurburgring shots
    28. Fallout: New Vegas gets boxart treatment
    29. Activision registers Call of Duty: Future Warfare domains
    30. Aperture Science explains why Portal is free for a week
    31. F1 2010's weather system gets detailed
    32. Analyst: Nintendo to sell 5 million 3DS units by March 2011
    33. MW2: Resurgence map pack detailed
    34. First Alan Wake DLC episode popping out and shouting 'boo!' in July
    35. April NPDs - everything in one place
    1. NPD April 2010: Nintendo pleased with being tops
    2. NPD April 2010: Games sales down 26% for the month
    3. NPD April 2010: Sony - PS3 sales up 37.2% for the year
    4. NPD April 2010: Microsoft - 360 sales contributed $204M spent for the month
    5. NPD April 2010 software: Conviction tops with 486K units sold
    6. NPD April 2010 hardware: DS the clear winner
    7. NPD April 2010: Raw Data
    8. Dead Space 2: Don't worry, Isaac won't be "Chatty Cathy" in it
    9. Rumor: Raven to develop map packs for CoD: Black Ops
    10. FFXIII is "not an RPG", but an "adventure game", says SWTOR writer
    11. Microsoft's E3 events to be broadcast live on MTV Networks
    12. Crysis 2: CryEngine 3 will provide "unparalleled visuals on all platforms", says Crytek
    13. Dead Space 2: Visceral wants to make sure fans are "happy" with sequel
    14. Interview: Star Wars: The Old Republic's Jake Neri
    15. Interview: Crysis 2's Nathan Camarillo
    16. Sony FY2009 results: $890M loss, PS3 moves 13M units
    17. Red Dead Redemption launch trailer released
    18. Papoutsis: Dead Space 2 is not a "run-and-gun" game
    19. Interview: Dead Space 2's Steve Papoutsis
    20. Fable III's interface discussed in new dev diary
    21. New Bulletstorm shots pump up the volume
    22. Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack hitting XBL June 3
    23. Debut Bulletstorm trailer literally brings out the awesome
    24. Interview: Remedy answers your questions on Alan Wake
    25. Second Mass Effect 2 PDLC pack announced
    26. LittleBigPlanet 2 Qore gameplay rocks socks
    27. Dead Space 2 shots set the mood
    28. Yakuza PSP gets six minute debut trailer
    29. BT signs exclusive deal with OnLive for UK
    30. Gears 3 info comes out of new GI
    31. Puzzle Quest 2 dated for June 22 in US
    32. White Knight Chronicles II dated for July 8 in Japan
    1. Let Danica Patrick teach you the basics of Blur
    2. Split/Second producer talks explosions, being the best driver
    3. Guild Wars 2 blog details dynamic events
    4. Pachter: Sony Move is basically Wii HD
    5. Steam released for Mac, Portal comes free
    6. New PoP: The Forgotten Sands video shows off acrobatics
    7. Massive RUMOR - Senior industry source says Sony's at work on PSP 2
    8. Video - Mafia II developer diary
    9. Blacklight: Tango Down has "trillions" of weapon customization options
    10. Euro PSN update, May 12 - LBP, BioShock 2, SSFIV
    11. Ranger Pack revealed as DLC for Metro 2033
    12. RDR: Explore the northern part of West Elizabeth
    13. US PSN update, May 11 - BioShock 2, Nier, Batman, more
    14. Video - Dead Rising 2 MP mode first look
    15. Screens - Test Drive Unlimited 2
    16. Kane & Lynch 2: Fragile Alliance mode detailed
    17. SPECACT kits hit PS3 in Europe for BFBC2
    18. DICE not ruling out Onslaught for BFBC2 PC
    19. Test Drive Unlimited 2 DLC to be based on fan feedback
    20. TDU2: Bikes to be added post release
    21. Test Drive Unlimited 2 will have open beta this year
    22. Interview: Test Drive Unlimited 2's Alain Jarniou answers your questions
    23. PSP Yakuza named and dated
    24. Bad Company 2 gets four-way co-op Onslaught mode
    25. Riccitiello defends online play "Pass"
    26. Oliver: Pre-owned bigger threat than piracy on consoles
    27. Second set of SSFIV alt costumes now live
    28. ODST beats Reach Beta in Live rankings, MW2 bests them both
    29. Rockstar outlines RDR Social Club features
    30. EA drops E3 line-up, promises "marquee" title in 3D
    31. Counter-Strike Source gets big-assed update, beta
    32. Forza DLC trailer features car porn and guitars
    33. Best Buy launching its own videogame magazine
    34. Call of Duty: Black Ops confirmed for Wii
    35. EA FY2010 financials - everything in one place
    1. First Bulletstorm video to hit Thursday
    2. Riccitiello: EA's not in the used game business
    3. Get your TDU2 questions answered by Eden Games
    4. EA Q4 FY2010 financials: We're "bullish" on motion control tech
    5. Riccitiello reiterates that EA wants to be the king of shooters
    6. EA Q4 FY2010 financials: No.1 publisher last year
    7. EA Q4 FY2010 financials: Key titles for FY2011, Dead Space 2 listed for PC
    8. EA Q4 FY2010 financials: Five titles sold more than four million units
    9. EA Q4 FY2010 financials: Q4 revenue up 14% YOY to $979M
    10. Rebellion not legally bound to pay Derby employees
    11. Epic expects Unreal 4 to dominate the dev market
    12. TDU2: "Out-of-car mode" and Hawaii confirmed, tons more
    13. Nier: The World of Recycled Vessel DLC hits XBL
    14. Miyamoto: SMG2 started life as 1.5, and other nuggets of info
    15. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood detailed a bit more
    16. Previously exclusive DLC for Arkham Asylum now available
    17. Fable III: Albion may finally get more animals running about the place
    18. Study - US gamers spent $25.3 billion on games last year
    19. DLC - Forza 3 Exotic Car Pack released
    20. Fallout: New Vegas getting Collector's Edition
    21. Steam launches for Mac tomorrow, Portal and Torchlight first up
    22. Screens - Horses in Red Dead Redemption
    23. 4A hopes to reveal Metro 2033 DLC this week
    24. Report: "Xbox 360 and PS3 price cuts this year"
    25. Blur tutorial vids detail careering, powering upping
    26. LG brings 3D gaming to 360... in Korea
    27. Nintendo releases US and EU top 30 sales charts for 2010 to date
    28. Split/Second vid outlines "exciting chopper game modes"
    29. Iwata: 3DS is not a "formal name"
    30. Capcom gives sales estimates for 2011
    31. Mario Galaxy 2 gets 5-minute Japanese promo vid
    32. EA E3 conference headed up by Riccitiello, Schappert
    33. Ex-employees say Rebellion withholding former Derby staff's pay
    34. New CoD: Black Ops details show four-way co-op
    35. BioShock 2 Metro Pack finally dropping today
    36. Microsoft confirms October worldwide launch for Project Natal
    37. EA Sports Online Pass required if you want to play future EA Sports games online
    1. Stephen Fry to return for LittleBigPlanet 2
    2. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood teaser site opens up
    3. Ask Remedy stuff about Alan Wake, win a Limited Edition 360, game Collector's Editions!
    4. MM's Evans: LBP2 a disc-based game to reach "wider audience"
    5. GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony is this week's Live Deal of the Week
    6. LittleBigPlanet 2 goes thermo - impressions round-up
    7. LittleBigPlanet 2 - five interviews from London reveal
    8. Interview: Media Molecule studio boss Siobhan Reddy
    9. Playtest - LittleBigPlanet 2
    10. Interview: LittleBigPlanet 2 level designer Victor Agren
    11. LBP2: Level Links bridges one level with another
    12. Interview: LittleBigPlanet 2 lead artist Francis Payne
    13. LittleBigPlanet 2 - Movie, screens, art, a picture of some love robots
    14. Interview: LittleBigPlanet 2's Mark Healy on "attacking" Play, Create, Share
    15. Interview: LBP2 community managers, James Spafford and Tom Kiss
    16. Media Molecule: LBP2 won't have full Move support at launch
    17. LittleBigPlanet 2 formally announced for 2010
    18. Off-screen LBP2 shots break out before 2pm embargo
    19. Codemasters goes legal over stolen staff
    20. Remedy: Alan Wake 2 already mapped out
    21. Jamie MacDonald joins Codemasters
    22. UK charts: World Cup 2010 maintains top spot
    23. Iwata: DS in need of "big hit title"
    24. id: DOOM 4 will be "awesome"
    25. New Ape Escape for PS3 out between Q2-Q4 2010
    26. Sony E3 details points at June 15 date for Nintendo presser
    27. "No secret we'd like to make" Alan Wake 2, says Remedy
    28. Japanese hardware charts - PSP sales double up thanks to Peace Walker
    29. Madworld director leaves Platinum to join Mikami upstart
    1. SMG2 footage flies through the interwebs
    2. Marvel vs Capcom 3 gets killer first screens in GI
    3. Weighty Bioshock 2 patch inbound
    4. Lost Planet 2 gets Monster Hunter DLC
    5. Obama: Console era a concern for education
    6. LittleBigPlanet 2 screens hit 'net
    7. Split/Second DLC is "Hyper Car Pack"
    8. US retailer Costco lists GT5 for October
    9. First UK Demon's Souls trailer released
    10. New Alpha Protocol movie develops your skills
    11. Firstplay coming to Ireland
    12. Video - New Sonic 4 footage hits net
    13. ModNation PSP demo dropping this month
    14. Video - Red Dead Redemption gets even more footage
    15. XCOM screens revealed
    16. Valve: Realism Vs. mode is here to stay
    17. Pachter: RTS is for the PC hardcore
    1. Report - Iwata calls Apple products Nintendo's "enemy of the future"
    2. LBP2 scans from Edge hit the net
    3. Video - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
    4. Screens - Sam & Max: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak
    5. Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow hitting PS2 in June
    6. The Witcher 2 gets a new screenshot
    7. Nintendo has plans in place to combat piracy on 3DS
    8. STO: Cryptic holds welcome back weekend, talks future content
    9. PC - Splinter Cell: Conviction gets patched
    10. Screens - Ninety-Nine Nights II
    11. Dawn of War II patch coming next week
    12. Research is "critical to creating immersion" in games, says Gard
    13. LBP2 was necessary due to the DLC "divide"
    14. 4mm Games opens London office
    15. Video - Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
    16. First LittleBigPlanet 2 details surface, make LBP1 look silly
    17. Miyamoto: Nintendo not "active" enough in online space, subscription fees a possibility
    1. Gamers are "going to be surprised" with Quantum Theory, says Tecmo boss
    2. Latest Left 4 Dead 2 Mutation is Follow the Liter
    3. LittleBigPlanet 2 gets revealed in June Game Informer
    4. Game Informer Reviews: RDR 9.75; SMG2 9.25
    5. Bethesda expects Fallout: New Vegas to sell better than FO3
    6. Halo: Reach Beta getting Invasion mode today
    7. Gears 3 to grace the cover of June Game Informer
    8. PC release of PoP: The Forgotten Sands slips again
    9. Call of Duty: The War Collection spotted online
    10. EA trademarks Darkspore
    11. BioShock was both a "blessing and a curse" for sequel, says 2K
    12. Console update coming to BFBC2 May 11
    13. Alan Wake DLC to contain facial animation fix
    14. Rock Band: Judas Priest’s British Steel hitting next week
    15. List: Massive amounts of games being shown at E3 [UPDATE]
    16. Rumor: Valkyrie Profile 3 is a PS3 exclusive
    17. Bethesda: Doom 4, Rage will show id's "true potential"
    18. Wii Party revealed in Nintendo investors meeting
    19. Splash Damage "still talking" about possible Brink co-op demo
    20. Crysis 2 gets new render art
    21. Test Drive Unlimited 2 gets new trailer
    22. Just Dance sequel confirmed by Ubisoft
    23. Bleszinski: Gears 3 "wont be easier"
    24. StarCraft II subscription pricing announced for South America
    25. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - new screens
    26. Willits: Rage has "complete ending", will leave doors open for future
    27. Free ModNation Racers DLC dropping before release
    28. Capcom profit crashes 73% in full-year results
    29. This year's E3 to be "biggest and best ever", says Riccitello
    30. Rock Band 3 to get formal reveal in next couple of weeks
    31. LucasArts loses President, other executives
    32. Nintendo not afraid of Apple? Maybe it should be, says survey
    33. ActiBlizz Q1 2010 financials - everything in one place
    1. Kotick: Bungie deal to be "creatively satisfying and financially rewarding" to all
    2. ActiBlizz Q1 financials: Infinity Ward definitely working on new COD
    3. ActiBlizz Q1 2010 financials: "DLC can rival AAA console launches without risk", says Tippl
    4. ActiBlizz Q1 2010 financials: Second MW2 map pack coming later this year
    5. ActiBlizz Q1 2010 financials: WoW to get an overhaul with Cataclysm
    6. ActiBlizz Q1 2010 financials: Guitar Hero 6 this fall, Ping Pong and DJ Hero 2 to follow afterwards
    7. ActiBlizz Q1 2010 financials: Kotick - Acti had "no choice but to fire" Zampella and West
    8. ActiBlizz Q1 2010 financials: 17 million map packs sold for CoD series
    9. ActiBlizz Q1 2010 financials: Infinity Ward "remain an important process" to Call of Duty
    10. ActiBlizz Q1 2010 financials: Better-than-expected results for Q1 2010
    11. Naopleon: Total War update hits Steam
    12. Wii sales down 45% year-on-year in the UK
    13. Guinness: Top 50 game series voted by readers
    14. Jun Takeuchi "not planning on" Resident Evil 6 involvement
    15. Video - DAO: Darkspawn Chronicles
    16. Sir Ben Kingsley to appear in Fable III
    17. WoW Cataclysm: Loads of Alpha screens and info leaked
    18. Bizarre: Too much focus on realism can be detrimental to "fun"
    19. Medal of Honor to get multiplayer beta
    20. Bizarre looking at Natal and Move tech
    21. Bizarre "won’t be able" to make a sequel to The Club, says Wilson
    22. Blur "may" hit handhelds in the future, say Bizarre
    23. Bizarre can add DLC "on the fly" to Blur
    24. MGS: Peace Walker sells under 500k in first week in Japan
    25. Red Dead Redemption trailer screams Revolution
    26. Interview: Bizarre Creations' Gareth Wilson on Blur
    27. Final Fantasy IX releases on Japanese PSN on May 20
    28. Civilization V gets Steam-exclusive digital deluxe edition
    29. No R18 rating for Australia is censorship, says EA
    30. 30fps aimed for Gears of War 3, says Bleszinski
    31. Medal of Honor business will be a main priority "for a long time", says EA
    32. Unannounced Square Enix game will "blow your socks off"
    33. Blur multiplayer beta closes on May 10
    34. Valve teases Engineer update for Team Fortress 2
    35. Nintendo full-year figures - everything in one place
    36. Super Mario Galaxy 2 gets hardware bundle, 10 from Edge
    37. Nintendo full-year figures: NSMB Wii moves 14.7m, Spirit Tracks sells 2.6m
    38. Nintendo full-year figures: European sales plummet 34%
    39. LtD Nintendo DS hardware numbers surpass Game Boy sales
    40. Nintendo full-year figures: DS sells 27m, Wii sells 20m in last 12 months
    41. Nintendo full-year figures - profits down 18%
    42. Halo: Reach sees 1 million players in first 24 hours
    43. THQ 2010 full year earnings - everything in one place
    44. Future of Pac-Man to be revealed at E3
    45. No Gold, no problem: Reach beta opening to Silver users on May 14
    1. THQ to take a more "holistic approach" to its digital titles this year
    2. THQ to talk more about Move and Natal titles at E3
    3. THQ: Warhammer MMO to be shown at E3, still
    4. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood confirmed by Ubisoft
    5. THQ: Core games achieved average Metacritic scores of 82
    6. THQ: Red Faction, Homefront still on target for FY11
    7. THQ: Darksiders 2, Saint's Row 3, and WH:SM still on track for 2012
    8. THQ fiscal 2010 year-end revenues up 8% YoY
    9. Study - 86 percent of developers are "somewhat satisfied" with their job
    10. Cryptic to announce its next game this summer, says Roper
    11. SanDisk shipping USB Flash Drives for Xbox 360
    12. Report - Uncharted film producers looking at directors
    13. Medal of Honor video gets personal
    14. H.A.W.X. 2 announced for fall
    15. Darkspawn Chronicles DLC detailed for DAO
    16. Euro PSN update, May 5 - UFC 2010 and Split/Second demos
    17. ShopTo outs Assassin's Creed II: Game of the Year edition
    18. Alabama man wins 2K's $1M MLB 2K10 contest
    19. Ex-Infinity Ward HR manager joins Respawn
    20. F.E.A.R. 3 box art is slightly creepy
    21. gets Facebook support
    22. ONM promising world exclusive reveal for June 16
    23. Steam users get another free weekend of MW2
    24. Arcade Mode for Kane & Lynch 2 detailed
    25. Red Dead Redemption co-op announced, DLC coming this June for PSN and Xbox Live
    26. Bethesda not expected to announce anything at E3
    27. EA announces October release for Medal of Honor
    28. Gears 3 info translated from Russian mag [Update]
    29. Video or photography not allowed at MS Natal E3 event [Update]
    30. Rage brings the house down in Vegas and France - impressions round-up
    31. Ninja Gaiden 3 will be "spectacular", says Tecmo
    32. May's news events - Upcoming financials, NPD date, more
    33. New Gears 3 scans show locations, man-made island
    34. Fallout: New Vegas is a "different kind of licence," says Obsidian
    35. Alan Wake reviews start to awaken - round up
    36. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II gets October 26 release date
    37. Fightin' words: Crysis 2 will be a "Halo killer"
    38. The Behemoth sends Castle Crashers PS3 off to final testing, releases screenshots and video to celebrate
    1. Video - AoC: Rise of the Godslayer
    2. SMG2 video shows Starship Mario; game ships with tutorial DVD
    3. Microsoft in May: Games on Demand, XBL, and Deals revealed
    4. EA wants to "take back the shooter category" with MOH
    5. 2K announces Sid Meier’s Pirates! for Wii
    6. Aliens in Crysis 2 will react to you, says Crytek
    7. Reggie says Wii has moved 5M units, nabbed 1M Netflix users
    8. DAO: Darkspawn Chronicles DLC hitting May 18
    9. Fallout: New Vegas capsizes the boat in Nevada and France - impressions round-up
    10. Suggested retail price for CoD: Black Ops is ?54.99/$59.99
    11. Analyst: StarCraft II to move 5M units its first year
    12. EA: Respawn "fell into our laps"; wishes Bungie the best
    13. Brink rocks France - impressions round-up
    14. More story-focused DLC in the works for Mass Effect 2
    15. PSA: Alpha Protocol is golden, folks
    16. Bethesda, VG247 invades France - everything in one place
    17. Hunted shots feature spider-scorpion, arrows
    18. Another Splash Damage-id collaboration "certainly not a terrible thing at all," says Brink writer
    19. Splash Damage stays mum on DLC plans for Brink
    20. Splash Damage: Brink to reward more players for altruism in co-op
    21. Fallout: NV has Hardcore Mode for those wanting a challenge
    22. Interview: Brink (part two) - Splash Damage's Paul Wedgwood
    23. Interview: Brink (part one) - Splash Damage's Ed Stern
    24. Willits: Rage on 360 will ship on two DVDs
    25. Brink shots blow the house down
    26. Fallout: New Vegas gets glitzy new shots
    27. Interview - Obsidian's Chris Avellone on Fallout: New Vegas [Update]
    28. New Rage shots bring the goods
    29. PSA: MW2 Stimulus Pack hits PS3 and PC today
    30. Rage delayed until 2011, confirms id Software
    31. Interview - id's Tim Willits on RAGE
    32. Brink's Wedgwood: RAGE is "probably one of the best-looking games I’ve ever seen"
    33. Obsidian took pay-cuts to avoid lay-offs last year
    34. Avellone: Bethesda "has plans" for Fallout: New Vegas DLC
    35. Fallout: New Vegas devs shooting for 30fps on consoles
    36. Aliens RPG team moved on to Fallout: New Vegas after cancellation
    37. Ready at Dawn dishes storyline, mechanics on GoW: Ghost of Sparta
    38. Sony announces God of War: Ghost of Sparta for PSP
    39. PES 2011 is "engineered for freedom": first movie and screens
    40. Test Drive Unlimited 2 - new screens
    41. Bungie: Halo: Reach beta "not fully operational" yet
    42. SOCOM 4 gets new screens
    43. UK charts - FIFA World Cup reaches number one
    44. Plants vs Zombies possibly getting retail release
    45. Game Room getting new titles on Wednesday
    46. How to survive E3: an easy guide
    47. Mass Effect 2 getting Equalizer Pack DLC today
    48. Cryptic Facebook message hints at E3 reveal for new Assassin's Creed
    49. Konami releases 700Mb of MGS: Peace Walker assets
    50. Playtest: Why MGS: Peace Walker deserves that Famitsu 40/40
    51. Alan Wake gets dev playthrough treatment
    52. Report - Konami looking at PSN release of MGS: Peace Walker
    53. Splinter Cell, Far Cry 2 designer departs from Ubisoft
    1. StarCraft II releasing worldwide on July 27
    2. New Bungie IP to be an action RPG, suggests job listing
    3. Halo: Reach beta is go, go, go!
    4. OFLC rates Project Red from EA
    5. Nintendo to release black Wii on May 9 in US
    6. Bungie welcomes you to Halo: Reach beta with massive tutorial
    7. Blur shots come screaming out
    8. PSA - Halo: Reach multiplayer beta kicks off today
    9. GT5 is still 90% finished, says Yamauchi
    10. Interview - Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands' Thomas Simon
    11. Alpha Protocol DRM software explained
    12. Red Steel 2 devs working on new project
    13. WoW shown running on iPad via Gaikai
    14. EU StarCraft II beta targeted for Mac release today
    1. "We will still support Halo: Reach post-release", says Bungie
    2. Red Dead Redemption Achievements revealed
    3. ModNation Racers gets bundled
    4. Molyneux: Fable III touch mechanic inspired by Ico
    5. Black Ops trailer gets Pop Blocked
    6. InstantAction launch gifts embeddable Monkey Island
    7. PSM3 to reveal new PS3 games next month
    8. UK game sales hit four year low
    9. Video - Red Dead Redemption TV ad features John, Marsto
    10. Force Unleashed 2 scans feature light sabers, other shockers
    11. Digital Foundry dissects Halo: Reach beta
    12. Trackmania Wii track editor trailered, is awesome
    13. FFIX's PSN version complete, says Hashimoto
    14. Video - Skate 3 goes Lord of the Rings
    15. Icarus Studios restuctures - 72 lose jobs
    16. Japanese software charts, April 19-25: NieR Wins
    17. Pachter: Xbox 360 Slim is real
    1. Mortal Kombat 9 teased by Ed Boon, again
    2. Video - Toy Story 3: Everything is more fun with Zurg
    3. No Doubt hitting Rock Band next week
    4. L4D2 Mutation Mode this week is Bleed Out
    5. BioWare to drop Mass Effect 2 DLC news next week
    6. TF2 and L4D toys and collectibles revealed
    7. Video - Just Cause 2 Black Market DLC
    8. Xbox 360 gets a price cut in Spain
    9. Dante's Inferno: Avatar items hit XBL Marketplace
    10. Bruckheimer's gamer films Alien Legion and Gameboys still in the works
    11. Quake Live gets patched with new features
    12. Rumor: Red Hot Chili Peppers getting their own Guitar Hero game
    13. Call of Duty: Black Ops gets first trailer
    14. Black Ops not heeding the call of duty on Wii?
    15. Rumor: Six-player co-op Castlevania coming to XBLA