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August 2008 Archive

    1. Download Red Alert for precisely nothing
    2. Nelson talks Xbox Experience at PAX
    3. Fable II "hours" from gold, new pre-launch money-grabbing method revealed
    4. Halo 3 "Mythic" spotted at PAX
    5. IGN posts first Mercenaries 2 review, no bed of roses seen
    6. LittleBigPlanet getting Chinese version
    7. East Coast PAX gets date and venue
    8. LittleBigPlanet bundle shown for Europe
    1. Ninja Gaiden doesn't have the "power," says DMC creator
    2. Mercenaries 2 complaints are "comical," says EA
    3. Americans: Pre-order Red Alert 3, get Red Alert 2 free
    4. Left 4 Dead 360 getting dedicated Live servers
    5. PSP-3000 battery life reduced by up to 30 minutes
    6. UK gamers are oldest in Europe
    7. Life with PlayStation: "Hold tight just a bit longer"
    8. New Silent Hill: Homecoming videos posted
    9. Live in London? Work for Kikizo
    10. Sins of a Solar Empire gets "micro-expansions"
    11. US PS movie store update, August 29
    12. All mention of Ghostbusters wiped from Gamestop
    13. Portal half price this weekend
    14. Lack of CD keys causes S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky US recall
    15. First Disgaea 3 review posted, all not well in Netherworld
    16. Final beta stage applications open for LotRO: Mines of Moria
    17. Gears of War 2 Achievements released in full
    18. Epic: We're not doing a PC version of Gears 2
    19. Resistance 2 opening cinematic filmed off-screen
    20. Home beta client updated to version 0.98
    1. $1 billion to compete with WoW? "Nonsense," says Jacobs
    2. East Coast PAX will be based in Boston
    3. Report: 4 million Chinese teens addicted to "unhealthy" games and web
    4. Five new Fallout 3 videos released
    5. PlayTV gets 8/10 on Eurogamer
    6. Square Enix formally announces Tecmo bid
    7. BioWare details Dragon Age Toolset at PAX
    8. White Knight Chronicles to be "awakening soon"
    9. Hines on Oz Fallout 3 build: I wouldn't define it as being 'cut' or 'lesser' than any other version
    10. Assassins' Altair promotes PEGI
    11. Trouble in Paradise team to "take a break" from Viva Pi?ata "to make something new"
    12. Original Dawn of War was "very quick project," says Tyranid man
    13. Dead Space release date moved forward in Europe
    14. Gearbox "really excited" by Corrinne Yu joining Microsoft
    15. Diablo III tech "really solid," team focused on content production
    16. Pearce: Fourth StarCraft II race may be added by expansion
    17. Nintendo lifts full-year profit estimate by 23%
    18. New Borderlands shots shown
    19. Codemasters appoints "installs high power operational management team"
    20. New Max Payne movie trailer released
    21. Microsoft confirms internal Halo team growth, adds Gearbox tech director to lineup
    22. Buyout - Square Enix offers 30% premium on Tecmo stock
    23. Ninja Gaiden II sells 1 million worldwide
    24. Mercenaries 2 launch trailer released, out on Friday in US
    25. Japanese hardware sales - Aug 18-24
    26. Meet Major Nelson at PAX (Trixie's going to be there!)
    27. Spore now available for pre-loading
    28. Olivia Newton-John appearing in New Zealand DS ads
    29. US LittleBigPlanet box art released
    30. A good thing: Dutch Banjo and VP2 to cost more thanks to translation
    31. Kotaku: Square to move on Tecmo
    32. US PSN content update for August 28
    33. Wright: E3 "like a zombie at this point"
    34. Next EVE Online expansion "all about industry," says CCP
    35. Lego Batman to get own TV series
    1. Saints Row 2 Collector's Edition announced
    2. Gears of War team ramps from 35 to 80 for sequel
    3. Pure soundtrack confirmed
    4. Leaked Gears 2 Achievements list isn't complete
    5. AIAS' Olin: Blu-ray not long-term advantage for PS3
    6. Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus on Steam now
    7. ESA welcomes prison sentences for US pirates
    8. EA: Second-hand sales are a "critical situation"
    9. Wii may have "superior business model," says Stringer
    10. Source: GTA IV DLC to launch in "January or February" next year
    11. Lich King: 1-70 must be faster to prevent "intimidation" for new players, says Chilton
    12. Euro PSN update, August 28
    13. Pearce on StarCraft II release date: "This year? Like, 2008? Too much work to do"
    14. Rock Band 2 getting full albums from Foo Fighters, Chillis, Janes's Addiction and Megadeth
    15. No super-slim PS2 for the UK
    16. Far Cry 2 narrative "took a page from Professor Layton"
    17. Games stop men exercising, says Dr Keith
    18. New Tomb Raider Underworld footage released
    19. Lag is "huge problem" for online SFIV
    20. Yoshida: Team ICO's PS3 game will be shown "soon"
    21. Sony: "We like to provide as many services as possible for free"
    22. Fallout 3's Hines shrugs off post-E3 preview negativity
    23. New GoW2 shakcam posted from X08
    24. Japanese software sales, Aug 18 to 24
    25. Spore will have "horizontal expansion," says Wright
    26. Home hitting Asia this "fall"
    27. New Infinite Undiscovery trailer released, game out next week
    28. THQ staffing for new Warhammer 40K PS3 and 360 game
    29. Drunk Itagaki talks for four pages on "passage of time"
    30. Fifth Dead Space cartoon episode released
    31. Meteos Wars announced for XBLA
    32. Rock Band Rush DLC delayed, expect exciting news as consolation
    33. Rumor: Dark Knight game canned
    1. Blockbuster, 7-Eleven and Riteaid get PSN cards in September
    2. Take-Two to show third quarter results on September 4
    3. The first eight minutes of Arika shows HIPPO RUSH
    4. The first 12 minutes of Captain Rainbow posted
    5. Wright praises "amazingly explicit" Sporn
    6. GameStop won't have PSN cards until 2009
    7. WoW design boss: "We don't have anything against consoles"
    8. Prince of Persia "roof-run" stuff shown in first dev diary
    9. Reeves: Heavy Rain is PS3's "most important title for next year"
    10. Uncharted tops first budget PS3 chart in the UK
    11. "Only On PlayStation" badge missing from PAL Resistance 2 cover art
    12. Natasha Bedingfield is the "face" of Boogie SuperStar for Wii
    13. Pork Pie Percussion and others signed for Guitar Hero World Tour
    14. Asheron's Call gets 100th content update
    15. Gearbox has "had conversations" about Halo game
    16. PC-to-console RTS ports don't work, says Relic
    17. Brain Training spends record-breaking 80 weeks in UK top ten
    18. Source: "Brand new" Rockstar IP "may never see light of day"
    19. PSP passes 10 million sales in Japan
    20. Third Far Cry game confirmed, dev team has "commitment to the African setting"
    21. Castle Crashers up on Live
    22. Ubisoft: Europe is now our biggest territory
    23. FFXIII will not release on 360 in Japan
    24. CoD4 beats Halo 3 to top of Live chart
    25. EGM: Rockstar working on Max Payne 3 and new PS3 game
    26. Saints Row 2 to feature teabagging
    27. Immersion forced to pay Microsoft $20 million
    28. EndWar pre-orders buy access to "VIP demo"
    29. LotRO Mines of Moria pre-order now open in Europe
    30. New Spore civilisation stage trailer released
    31. Meet the US PS Blogs chaps at PAX, get free sugar
    32. Savage Moon is "tower defence" PSN game
    33. Sin City switches dev, still aimed for 2009
    34. New hi-res FFXIII and FF Versus XIII shots posted
    1. New Lego Batman media shows Alfred
    2. Ubi to use IKONOS satellite shots in HAWX
    3. Mario Kart Wii, top of UK charts, blah
    4. WoW primed for major pre-WotLK content patch
    5. EA, Activision games account for 75% of Q3 console releases
    6. Dyack: EVE's better than WoW
    7. "Only on PlayStation" logo spotted on Resistance 2 cover
    8. Saints Row 2 movie shows Ronin
    9. Grown men attach treadmills to WoW... with hilarious results
    10. Wii sells a Canadian million before 360 and PS3
    11. Edge unveils new Most Wanted Golden Joystick
    12. Rumour: 360 may be getting Japanese price cut as well
    13. WAR gold, says a completely official press release
    14. Reeves: Publisher exclusivity probably "a thing of the past"
    15. Kojima wishes people would stop asking about MGS4 on 360
    16. Gears 2 bonus disc content confirmed by BBFC
    17. "Almost all market leaders" will attend gamescom 2009, says Koelnmesse boss
    18. Ryan Payton quits Kojima Productions for family reasons
    19. Nancy Drew wins US PC sales in July
    20. Dead Space gets 18 from BBFC
    21. Cevat Yerli to keynote GC Asia Conference
    22. Re-Rumour: Gearbox's "big" title is Halo 4
    23. Exploration "integral" to Star Trek Online
    24. Screen-grabbing rumoured for PS3 Firmware 2.5
    25. GTA IV DLC to last 15 hours, arriving in November
    26. Reeves-ageddon - SCEE boss talks FFXIII, Vidzone, PAL hardware sales and more at GC08
    27. Xbox Live Experience dashboard update coming in November
    28. Microsoft shows PAX 08 schedule
    29. First hands-on with Duke Nukem 3D XBLA
    30. EA launches Dead Space teaser site
    31. Seven minutes of bad quality Fable II shakycam posted
    32. Funcom confirms more than 400,000 paying subs for AoC
    33. EA and Take-Two sign NDAs, enter private talks
    34. Reeves: We're a bit behind on video downloads, but we will get there
    35. Reeves: "I am supremely confident" that PS3 leads 360 in PAL territories - audio
    36. Reeves: Focus groups said music videos were key to PS3
    37. Reeves: You can play PS3 games while listening to streaming Vidzone movies
    38. Reeves: Euro PS3 music video downloads "might be a Sony service"
    39. Reeves shrugs off FFXIII on 360 saying, "It's still exclusive in Japan"
    1. Reeves on Home: "I can look you in the eyes and tell you everything is on track"
    2. Sony boss "can't remember the last time" he hired from a games degree
    3. X3F visits Silicon Knights, takes photos
    4. TGS exhibitor list announced
    5. Multiwinia pre-orders go live
    6. E for All 08 company attendance looking woefully bleak
    7. Konami thanks Games Convention for all the fish, confirms for GamesCOM
    8. Halo Wars box-shot and new screens released
    9. Bionic Commando: Rearmed sells 130,000 units in a week
    10. Left 4 Dead out November 20
    11. LittleBigPlanet, Mirror's Edge and Spore take top honours in Leipzig
    12. Games Convention fixes sights on North America
    13. Reeves: "Sometimes it's an advantage to be last in Europe"
    14. Rock Band 2 gets OFLC rating
    15. Global gold farming employs 500,000 people
    16. Australian internet see games be more popular than porn
    17. LittleBigPlanet's Alex Evans: "Sequels? Yeah, why not"
    18. Kojima concedes he may stay with Metal Gear for fifth game
    1. It's so on: Games Convention 2009 officially dated
    2. Watch people build a LittleBigPlanet stage in video
    3. Kojima is 45 today
    4. Famitsu releases new direct-feed FFXIII, Agito and Versus shots
    5. Killzone 2 multiplayer - 20 minutes of HQ shakycam
    6. New WipEout HD shots steam out of Leipzig
    7. Battlefield Heroes effectively "already out," says DICE
    8. Record number of visitors hit Games Convention on Saturday
    9. Project Origin slips into next year
    1. Metal Gear Acid for PSN "possible" - Kojima
    2. GameStop posts exclusive LittleBigPlanet trailer
    3. LittleBigPlanet is not region-locked, OK?
    4. Bionic Commando: Rearmed tops 110,000 downloads
    5. Crysis: Warhead gold, says EA
    6. New Far Cry 2 console footage released
    7. 2008 Home release "100%" guaranteed
    8. Behind the scenes Quantum of Solace footage released from GC
    9. CoD4 has had over 10 million online players since November
    10. Gears 2 DLC to ship "soon" after game release
    11. Chances of PS3 Left 4 Dead "50-50"
    12. US PS3 video store update, August 22
    13. Prospect of StarCraft MMO "overwhelming" and "scary"
    14. Square pulls back time it takes to kill FFXI mega-bosses
    15. Banjo beginner vehicle movie filmed off-screen
    1. LittleBigPlanet shared user content to be region specific
    2. The Sims 3 allows you to "interact with anything at anytime," says Bell
    3. More new Tomb Raider Underworld footage emerges from GC08
    4. Sega is "working with ratings board" on Mad World
    5. New Resistance 2 footage shows Twisted History
    6. Killzone multiplayer to have bots, vehicles patched in post-release
    7. The Last Guy gets US release date and price
    8. TF2 360 updates coming later this year, says Valve
    9. New Mad World shots hack their way out of Leipzig
    10. Duke Nukem 3D to have saved films, rewind feature
    11. Taito considering legal action over misuse of Space Invaders at GC08
    12. Call of Duty: World at War confirmed for November
    13. Hear Cliff Bleszinski talk pacing and intensity
    14. "Portal: Still Alive is extra challenges with a disregard for story"
    15. Xbox Live to get Major League Baseball
    16. Game Outlet Europe launches Nordic Games
    17. New trailer for Sucker Punch's Infamous
    18. Cammy wins Street Fighter IV vote
    19. New Banjo Nuts & Bolts screenshots show Godzilla
    20. New Lara model video exposé
    21. Ubisoft announces ANNO 1404, video included
    22. New Overlord: Dark Legend screenshots
    23. Soul Calibur IV demo on Xbox Live
    24. New LittleBigPlanet gameplay footage from Games Convention
    25. GC08: Red Alert 3 co-op demo video
    26. Guitar Hero: World Tour live demonstration video
    27. Motorstorm Pacific Rift demo due out on QORE in early September
    28. Don't punish the pirates, says Moore
    29. New Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning cinematic trailer
    30. Japanese hardware sales - Aug 11th to 17th
    31. Video: Gabe Newell talks you through Left 4 Dead
    32. New Halo: Interactive Strategy Game video
    33. Two new Motorstorm: Pacific Rift video from GC08
    34. iMyst coming to iPhone
    35. New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky screenshots
    36. New Saints Row screens show gangs
    37. Sexy Blackjack Trainer DS features one handed play and Rumble pak support
    38. New Fracture video and screenshots released
    39. Samba de Amigo to be first retail Wii game with DLC
    40. Mercenaries 2 co-op developer walkthrough
    41. New The Conduit footage from GC08
    42. Phantasy Star Portable gets DLC
    43. Yoshida: E3 isn't "the show" any more
    44. Super Mario RPG now on PAL Virtual Console
    45. Diablo III trashes old Diablo classes, only fishes out Barbarian
    46. PSP 3000 bundle-only for now
    47. Brack: Wrath of the Lich King may not hit 2008
    48. Reeves: There will be no PS3 price cut this year
    1. Five new Disgaea 3 Abscence of Justice screenshots
    2. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars announced for PSN
    3. Gamestop sees a 35% YoY increase
    4. Sacred 2 trailer reveals 500 quests and four player co-op
    5. Rock the Vote and Microsoft team up, register to vote on Xbox Live
    6. European PSN releases for August 21
    7. Capcom: Resident Evil 5 will "paralyse you with horror"
    8. Rockstar shows new Midnight Club: Los Angeles vid
    9. New Last Guy video
    10. Leipzig booth babes pics
    11. Demo for Heavy Rain, DLC "definite possibility," says Quantic
    12. PSP 3000 LCD to have twice the response time
    13. Eden Studios to patch Alone in the Dark 360
    14. Blizzard releases Wrath of the Lich King intro video
    15. Everyday Shooter coming to PSP
    16. SingStar PS2-PS3 compatibility explained
    17. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice coming in 2009
    18. Retailers who stick with PS2 for Christmas will reap the benefits, says Tesco
    19. 160Gb PS3 and PSP 3000 UK pricing confirmed
    20. New Heavy Rain information coming to you live from GC08
    21. First ever Top Global Markets Report reveals GTA IV is this year's top seller in US and UK
    22. Hollenshead: Piracy is "hidden benefit" when you buy a PC
    23. Force Unleashed demo on Xbox Live
    24. Sony GC08 press conference video
    25. Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star to have jetpacks
    26. New LittleBigPlanet movie released
    27. New Lich King screens from GC08
    28. No 160Gb PS3 for Australia
    29. Fable 2 Pub Games to be patched
    30. New GC08 Tomb Raider Underworld gameplay footage
    31. Japanese software sales, Aug 11 to 17
    32. PSP Parasite Eve detailed in latest Famitsu
    33. Tales of Albion site updated
    34. Samba de Amigo gets release date
    35. Konami to publish Kororinpa 2 in Europe, Wii Balance Board support
    36. New Valkyria Chronicles trailer shown at GC08
    37. Capcom shows new MotoGP screenshots and trailer
    38. New Wipeout HD info, trophies and trailer
    39. God of War’s Kratos to tee off in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds
    40. SingStarStats: one song sold every ten seconds, two million total
    41. New Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe is faster than a speeding bullet
    42. New Banjo clips show massive environments
    43. New Dawn of War II Tyranid trailer slices and dices
    44. GC08: One-on-one with Valve's Gabe Newell
    45. Rumour: Xbox 360 price cut week of September 7 in US
    46. First GTA IV PC screens released
    47. Jamil Moledina quits GDC
    48. First Lords of Shadow trailer released
    49. GC08: Lich King beta to see 80 level cap "very soon"
    1. Fallout 3 dropping on October 28 in NA, October 31 In Europe
    2. Sony’s Play TV DVR unboxed and tested
    3. New Fallout 3 shots show destroyed beauty, giblets
    4. Dyack: "Too Human is one of the most innovative games on the 360, period"
    5. FTC a-okay with EA’s bid for Take-Two
    6. Age of Conan will tie in with new film
    7. Mirror's Edge extended gameplay footage released
    8. GC08: Bully: Scholarship Edition en route to PC
    9. Blizzard "not motivated to try to move WoW to a console"
    10. Two new Call of Duty: World at War videos show huge environments
    11. First GTI Club + trailer released
    12. First James Bond: Quantum of Solace DS screens
    13. New SOCOM images released
    14. New Red Alert 3 footage comes out of GC
    15. Brand new Last Guy screenshots
    16. Sony details upcoming PSN titles, including Savage Moon
    17. First images of PSP 3000
    18. GTA IV PC first look goes to IGN
    19. LittleBigPlanet gets firm release date
    20. Harry Potter dev leads on Wii
    21. Singstar PS3 to play PS2 tracks
    22. New Castlevania Judgment trailer fights out
    23. PES 09 trailer released
    24. New Motorstorm 2 screens and artwork
    25. Squenix brings Space Invaders Get Even to WiiWare
    26. Sony press releases PS3 keypad attachment
    27. Star Ocean PSP announced for PAL territories in 2008
    28. SCEA confirms new hardware SKUs for the US
    29. GC08: Heavy Rain demo footage released
    30. GC08: Heavy Rain demo'ed at Sony conference, looks amazing
    31. Sony announces 160Gb PS3
    32. PSP 3000 announced
    33. GC08: Live blogging the Sony Press Conference
    34. New Mirror's Edge gameplay video
    35. FFXIII to feature new style and have no main character
    36. First Age of Conan expansion teased
    37. Viva Pi?ata 2 demo in certification
    38. Microsoft set to revise d-Pad
    39. Konami announces Lords of Shadow in Leipzig
    40. New Diablo III screenshots released
    41. Capcom releases new SFIV screens
    42. New Sims 3 screenshots released
    43. New MadWorld trailer released
    44. New Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe shots posted
    45. Mii Freestyle announced for Guitar Hero World Tour Wii
    46. Guitar Hero World Tour to feature country specific tracks
    47. Daniel Craig, Judy Dench et al, "to feature extensively" in Quantum of Solace
    48. Gary Oldman to feature in Call of Duty: World at War
    49. New Quantum of Solace demo reveals November release date
    50. Spyro and Crash release dates announced
    51. Crytek "wouldn't exist" as a new company today, says Yerli
    52. Tecmo president resigns
    53. GC08: Tiger Woods 09 screenshots released
    54. Mythic won't credit full Warhammer Online dev team
    55. GC08: FIFA 09 debut trailer released
    56. "Expect something very creative," says Dragon Age dev on demo
    57. New Afrika trailer released
    58. GC08: Sony conference at 5pm, VG247 tech chaps working on load issues
    59. Microsoft's holiday line-up reveals GTA IV DLC news
    60. Sims 3 Collectors Edition details
    61. Silent Hill: Homecoming slips to November
    62. First LocoRoco 2 footage released, looks colourful
    63. GC08: Rage trailer video, looks incredible
    64. GC08: Ubisoft press conference live blog action
    65. GC08: Konami announces GTI Club + for PSN
    66. GC08: Pro Evo 09 out October, "Become a Legend" mode announced
    67. Brand new Endwar, Godfather II trailers ready for viewing
    68. Konami says "no" as EA press conference overruns
    69. Rage trailer now available for download, PS3/360 versions "identical"
    70. GC08: Jenny McCarthy to play Tanya in RA3
    71. GC08: Sims 3 released February 2009
    72. GC08: FIFA 09 demo dates announced
    73. GC08: EA announces FIFA 09 add-on Adidas Live Season
    74. GC08: EA announces Tennis for 2009
    75. GC08: Live blogging the EA press conference
    76. GC08: CoD: World at War DS impressions posted
    77. Xbox 360 completely sold-out in Japan until next month
    78. GC08: "Next gen" EyeToy game to be revealed in Sony presser today
    79. Konami announces full GC08 line-up
    80. Crytek: Crysis cost $22 million, next engine due 2012
    81. CoD4 retakes Live top spot
    82. Microsoft says rhythm action instruments to be cross-compatible on 360
    83. GC08: Dawn of War II tyranid impressions posted
    84. GC08: Killzone multiplayer trailer posted
    85. GC08: "New" version of SingStar seen in Sony press conference rehearsal
    86. Rock Band 2 playtested and movied
    1. Batgirl swings into Lego Batman
    2. Dyack banned from NeoGAF after "worst forum" comments
    3. Three-song DragonForce pack confirmed for Guitar Hero III
    4. Age of Conan patched
    5. Sony has lost more on the PS3 than it made on the PS2, says Perry
    6. Far Cry Map editor unveiled
    7. Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty download is 3.2Gb
    8. New Sid Meir's Civilization IV Colonization trailer
    9. Resident Evil 5 gets whopping extended trailer
    10. GC08: New Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II trailer
    11. New Banjo shots released
    12. Woman fined ?16,000 for file-sharing games
    13. Mad World and House of the Dead won't be released in Germany
    14. Bioshock PS3 gets release date
    15. Need for Speed Undercover gets release date, star Maggie Q
    16. GC08: The House of the Dead: Overkill details and media
    17. PCGA: "PC gaming far stronger than anyone reported"
    18. Pre-order Banjo Nuts & Bolts, get Banjo XBLA early
    19. Microsoft excited by Too Human trilogy
    20. Take-Two to sign with EA
    21. Live from Leipzig - Details of tomorrow's press conferences
    22. Software sales booming across Europe
    23. Acti-Blizz buys shares for $2.3m in self-tender offer final results
    24. Games Convention pictures looking awesome
    25. Banjo demo confirmed, Stop 'N' Swop explained
    26. Dyack confirms work “underway” on Too Human 2 and 3 as well as “other games in the pipe”
    27. Dyack: I posted on NeoGAF because it’s “the worst forum”
    28. Dyack says talk of PC Too Human is “not true”
    29. Rumour: "?40 million spent on Home so far," says man on train
    30. David Cage talks Heavy Rain
    31. Codemasters announces FUEL
    32. Capcom pledges PSP support, rumours "100% false"
    33. PC Gamer Showdown event announced
    34. PS4 and Xbox '720' to arrive in 2011/12, says Crytek
    35. Street Fighter IV to debut at Leipzig
    36. House of the Dead: Overkill Wii - the hardcore you've been waiting for
    37. Rock band 2 to debut at Games Convention full EA line-up confirmed
    38. Dunaway: E3 performance a disappointment
    39. Flower "one of the most emotional games of all time," says Jaffe
    40. "We don't want to be The Monkees," says WAR creative director
    41. Team Fortress 2 update: Arena mode, new maps
    42. The Conduit to be shown at PAX 2008
    43. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky delayed until September
    44. Duke Nukem XBLA finished, released "soon"
    45. US gets 80Gb PS3 a couple of weeks early
    46. Street Fighter IV to release same time as film, says producer
    47. First Dead Rising Wii gameplay footage
    48. Report: Games industry to hit $63 billion by 2013
    49. GameSpot's Gerstmann-gate "baddie" moves to Double Fusion
    50. Too Human reviews hit, internet says it's "OK"
    51. Bionic Commando: Rearmed shows media-related challenge rooms
    52. Capps talks over 7 minutes of Gears 2 gameplay in video
    53. Roper on Flagship: "We're working hard on how to end gracefully"
    54. Rumour: Headstrong Leipzig announce is a Wii game
    55. Ubisoft plans two-for-one stock split
    1. All titles to be shown at Games Convention in one place
    2. Warhammer Online NA open beta begins September 7
    3. Too Human could "change the world" of Niagara
    4. Ubisoft considering I Am Alive sequels
    5. "Arms race" makes sequel development tougher, says Capps
    6. Mario Kart back on top in the UK
    7. Sony makes plastic instruments work across Rock Band, Guitar Hero, etc
    8. Used 60Gb PS3s selling for more than new 80Gb in UK
    9. Loads of photos from Games Convention posted
    10. Wrath of the Lich King intro to debut at GC this week
    11. Epic has "defrauded us, and a major portion of this industry," says Dyack
    12. EA won't extend Take-Two deadline, deal to lapse
    13. Dragon Age on consoles in the "near future," says BioWare
    14. Alan Wake dev team: "Yes, we're still here"
    15. ArmA II for Q1 2009, 505 to publish
    16. Gamespot UK gets redesign, gives HD player to all
    17. Acti-Bliz Massive sell-off could be "really interesting and positive," says Polfeldt
    18. Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty to cost ?10 on PSN and Blu-ray
    19. New FF XIII, FF Versus XIII shots scanned from Famitsu
    20. Eurogamer Benelux announced and launched
    21. Alone in the Dark needs to take "major step," says Villette
    22. Harmonix boos band exclusivity in music games
    23. Battlefield Heroes will be "huge hit," says Perry
    24. New Tomb Raider shots depict tigers, green
    25. 80Gb PS3 out on Friday in the UK, August 28 in Australia
    26. Callof Duty: World at War system specs released
    1. Funcom's next MMO - The Secret World - shown in first shots
    2. July NPD gets analysed to buggery
    3. NPD to date for 2008: Wii whitewashes while 360 and PS3 thrash it out
    4. First Wii and DS Tomb Raider Underworld shots posted
    5. Force Unleashed demo confirmed for August 21
    6. EA shows off Hyderabad studios
    7. 17 videos posted from the Home beta
    8. Far Eastern sites post 145 Fallout 3 shots
    9. New Crysis: Warhead trailer shows big bangs for buck
    1. First Champions Online gameplay videos emerge
    2. Turbine MMO is for 360 and PS3, says Mersky
    3. No cross-platform play for The Agency, says SOE
    4. Charles Martinet handing out "special gifts" at US Sluggers launch
    5. First Godfather II trailer released
    6. FFXIII demo to be longer than Advent Children Complete
    7. Prison Break game planned
    8. First Tomb Raider: Underworld gameplay footage released
    9. US PS movie store gets whopping update
    10. How to win as much money as you like in Fable II pub game
    11. EA "evaluating" Potter release date after film slip
    12. Godfather II contains 15-25 hours gameplay
    13. More Ratchet & Clank confirmed for 2009
    14. Valve and id helped us go EA, says Epic's Capps
    15. Activision Blizzard sets split record date
    16. Music industry grown 32% by games in 2008
    17. New Far Cry 2 trailer shows insta-win
    18. Age of Conan has 415,000 "customers"
    19. Braid costs Blow $180,000
    1. 80Gb PS3 set for August Australian release
    2. Sony: No PS3 price cut at Leipzig
    3. No Spore demo, but expansions planned
    4. Capcom shows Games Convention line-up
    5. Home Beta invitations sent - log in problems reported
    6. New Tomb Raider Underworld pics look green
    7. GTA IV PC to be shown to press at Games Convention
    8. Gearbox Software now hiring
    9. New XBLA South Park title a strategy game
    10. Funcom reports $13 million Q2 earnings
    11. First impressions of Godfather II posted
    12. Age of Conan showing DX10 features at Games Convention
    13. Gary Dale named Take-Two COO
    14. High quality Batman: Arkham Asylum shots posted
    15. Warner boss be dissing Guitar Hero, yo, says Kotick
    16. Live to get Warner music videos
    17. Museum Viva 2 Halo Believe p**s-taking hits YouTube
    18. Rare confirms worldwide Viva Pi?ata: Pocket Paradise release dates
    19. Sega shows all games it's ever publishing stockpiled in one room
    20. GTA IV dated for Japan
    21. Nintendo plans Christmas drive into Latin America
    22. European MGO tournament confirmed, trip to Tokyo up for grabs
    23. Gamers Universe staff laid off, editorial side "dropped"
    24. Lucy Bradshaw interviewed live on EG today
    25. Valkyria Chronicles releasing in November, DLC TBD
    26. 360 outsells PS3 nearly 3:1 in Japan thanks to Vesperia
    27. Pre-order one SOCOM, get three beta keys
    28. July NPD - Everything in one place
    29. Bionic Commando: Rearmed PC available direct from Capcom
    30. Grasshopper signed to EA because it understands "soul of rock," says Suda51
    31. EA Studio Showcase - blanket coverage
    32. LittleBigPlanet gets whopping ad for Leipzig
    33. July NPD - Microsoft focuses on software sales as 360 loses to PS3
    34. July NPD - Sony says PS3 sales have doubled this year
    35. July NPD industry - Sales rise 28% to $1.19 billion
    36. July NPD software - EA Sports scores win with NCAA Football
    37. July NPD hardware - Nintendo formats crush competition, PS3 beats 360
    1. July NPD - Nintendo responds to effortless hardware win
    2. July NPD - Official figures released
    3. Mikami and Suda51 sign new horror game to EA
    4. EA announces giant line-up for Studio Showcase
    5. Need for Speed Undercover unveiled in CA, first details
    6. EA to publish new Epic IP
    7. Burnout Paradise hitting PSN this autumn
    8. US PSN content update for August 14
    9. NetEase posts Q2 net profit of $63.9m
    10. Pure demo in September
    11. Sony on PS3 price: You're "paying for potential"
    12. Bizarre launches Geo War 2 live leaderboard page
    13. Game Informer Batman scans look amazing
    14. We want EA to be leading sports brand in the world, says Moore
    15. Sega head: Wii is "great opportunity for hitting hardcore gamers"
    16. 70% of western developers working on PC games
    17. First Empire: Total War gameplay movie released
    18. Imagine has biggest unofficial Xbox 360 mag, says Imagine
    19. Spore's gold, says EA
    20. Gemma Atkinson RA3 theme on Live now
    21. Sega announces Games Convention line-up
    22. FIFA 09 soundtrack includes lots of stuff we've never heard of
    23. Walmart's LittleBigPlanet ad released
    24. Pro gamers do whiz and weed for faster frags, says tournament boss
    25. Castle Crashers to cost 1,200 MS Points
    26. Become a Legend mode unveiled for PES 09
    27. I Am Alive takes "more realistic approach to survival," says DarkWorks
    28. "Daily Mail hate is an honour," says Rockstar boss
    29. Future claims 7.3 million unique users on games sites, posts ABC rises
    30. GRID will generate ?32 million in revenue, says Codies boss
    31. GMA nominees announced, VG247 up for two
    32. Euro PSN update, August 14
    33. Harvey Smith to keynote Austin GDC
    34. Blizzard puts 3,000 more BlizzCon tickets on sale
    35. Acti-Blizz announces preliminary results of self-tender offer
    36. Sony-published Savage Moon pops up on USK
    37. GFI to publish Jumpgate Evolution in Russia
    38. Tiger Woods 09 demo on Live now
    39. Radical to lay off 100 staff
    40. Realtime Worlds posts pictures of APB truck
    41. New PSP model in development; sort of
    42. LucasArts not too happy about Wii MotionPlus
    43. Halo 3 still top of Live play charts
    44. PSUP top in Japan as Vesperia makes valiant showing
    45. Atari makes money in Q1, world tilts further on axis
    46. Resistance 2 beta goes live
    47. Star Trek Online cross-platform play "possible"
    48. Buy BiA: Hell's Highway through Steam, get Road to Hill 30 free
    49. Overlord II confirmed - first details
    50. Overlord Dark Legend for Wii: first shots and details
    51. Overlord Minions for DS: first details and shots
    52. BlizzCon panels revealed
    53. 360 Rock Band 2 bundle date gets flaky in the US
    54. NCsoft Austin confirms 21 lay-offs
    55. You won't have to kill "5,367 boars" in Rise of the Argonauts
    56. Crysis Wars - first trailer and proper details
    57. EyeToy: Hero to have 1:1 motion tracking
    1. EA refuses to process Rock Band warranty request in Ireland
    2. APB beta "interest" registration opens
    3. Wright considering Spore movie and TV shows
    4. Carmack mulling Quake Live premium service
    5. BioWare taking Dragon Age: Origins on tour
    6. Crysis: Warhead system specs published
    7. BlizzCon actually sold out
    8. Wii gets DVD playback via l33t haxxing
    9. Scarface 2 whacked in Acti-Blizz deal
    10. EU PS Store update to implement A-Z search facility
    11. Final LittleBigPlanet cover art released
    12. Crysis: Warhead gets dates for US and Europe
    13. APB Facebook group exceeds 500 members, fans wait for beta registration
    14. EA announces Celebrity Sports Showdown for Wii
    15. Join APB Facebook group, make beta live
    16. NCsoft profits drop 42% for Q2
    17. Famitsu DKΣ3713 cover revealed
    18. Levine on System Shock 3: "Would I turn my nose up at another round with Shodan? No"
    19. DKΣ3713 movies for Japanese PSN this week
    20. 18 hours of combat not enough to topple FFXI mega-boss
    21. "Timing just wasn't right" for APB at E3, beta details possibly "later this year"
    22. Batman: Arkham Asylum officially announced
    23. David Jaffe's new game won't be shown for "6-10 months"
    24. EB dates Fallout 3 in Oz, official release still "fall" in Europe
    25. Gemma Atkinson is touched up in Red Alert 3 to "bring out her beauty even more"
    26. Bionic Commando: Rearmed now on Live
    27. Ouch: EA misspells Brett Favre’s name in Madden 09
    28. Confirmed: No Microsoft press conference at Games Convention
    29. Fallout 3 drug use censored for Oz release - OFLC details
    30. US PC charts, July 20-26
    31. Space Siege on sale in US now, Europe next week
    32. Nielsen: 17% of GTA IV buyers were under age
    33. SUZUKI GATE - He still works at Sega after all
    34. and StarCraft II confirmed for Chinese release
    35. STO FAQ posted, no separate PVP servers planned
    36. Matt Casamassina dresses up in armour on the internet
    37. Sony's Games Convention line-up posted, Heavy Rain BCD
    38. Pokemon movies break ?50 billion barrier in Japan
    39. Rumour: NCsoft Austin to close
    1. Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty is 2.3Gb download
    2. No plans for Siren Blu-ray release in the US
    3. Nintendo says thanks to E3 press conference attendees
    4. Batman Arkham Asylum announced in Game Informer
    5. Blizzard has "plans beyond" Diablo III
    6. Sony: We want Sackboy to be "emblematic character"
    7. Left 4 Dead going on road pre-launch
    8. Lionhead explains Fable 2 money transfers from XBLA games
    9. Xbox Live's least played games revealed
    10. Watch new Lara model speak in actual real life
    11. Mail brands MadWorld "most violent ever" game
    12. New Lara Croft is registered model, contrary to Eidos claims
    13. Rhianna Pratchett on scripting Mirror's Edge: "We're only scratching the surface of games narrative"
    14. Eurogamer Expo 2008 revealed, announcement soon
    15. Lara has "everything that a man would like to meet," says Carroll
    16. Microsoft to spend ?50,000 in MyGig competition
    17. Amazon releases new LittleBigPlanet trailer
    18. Yu Suzuki doesn't work for Sega any more
    19. Elite 4 was "originally conceived" as two games, one online, one not
    20. The Magic Roundabout announced, features new story
    21. Lara model shots aren't the most subtle
    22. Chinese online gaming market at $637 million, up 65.9% over last year
    23. First Batman details: Open world, Pandemic-developed, is broken
    24. Playr shows new Fallout 3 gameplay, Todd Howard talking
    25. Rein confirms Gears 2 as Leipzig no-show
    26. Bungie: "Even though you finished the fight, it doesn't mean the ride's over"
    27. Street Fighter Alpha hits PSN this week
    28. BlizzCon tickets go on sale
    29. SCEA details next Warhawk update
    30. IGN gives Bionic Commando: Rearmed 9.4
    31. First Jake Gyllenhaal PoP movie shot released
    32. PAX 2008 schedule released
    33. New Dead Space trailer does gardening
    34. Midway confirms 90 Austin lay-offs
    35. Braid sells nearly 30k, is highest ranked XBLA game
    1. Next BAFTA awards confimed for March 10, 2009
    2. Rumour: Midway drops 80-90 staff in Austin
    3. Wii Fit strides to top UK Charts (again)
    4. Halo 3 Scoops Edge Award for Interactive Innovation
    5. “We have enough game ideas to do about 10 ‘Geo Wars’ games", says dev
    6. Strong Bad now available on PC and WiiWare
    7. EU 60Gb launch: Specifics for each country still unknown, says MS
    8. Luc Bernard: "I won't be continuing in videogames" [update]
    9. 70% of games never recover costs, says Deering
    10. Gearbox's Randy Pitchford being interviewed live - right now!
    11. NPD predicts its own figures, puts 360 well ahead of PS3
    12. iPhone Monkey Ball sells 300,000 in 20 days
    13. Wright interview: MMO hints, why "militant atheists" hate Spore, new projects "in the wings"
    14. 60Gb Xbox 360 launches on August 15 in UK
    15. Fallout 3 granted classification in Australia
    16. Sony and Nintendo will tie at 230 million consoles by 2011, says former SCEE boss
    17. Microsoft: "The Wii third party game story is not a pretty one"
    18. New Crysis: Warhead shots double the pretty
    19. FFIV gets Euro launch on September 5
    20. New Lara model was Croydon receptionist
    21. 360 outsold PS3 in the US in July, says Pachter
    22. Decline in Wii sales possible in July, "enhancements" to PSP and DS this year, says analyst
    23. "Extreme gamers" spend an average of 45 hours per week playing, says NPD
    24. Sega ships 500,000 Phantasy Star Portable in Japan
    25. Elite 4: "We are looking at console," says Braben
    26. Crackdown was hyped too early, says Realtime Worlds
    27. Hashimoto: FFXIII will be delivered globally in a "fresh state"
    28. Viva 2 has four-way co-op, says Achievement
    29. New Rise of the Argonauts trailer is good
    1. Star Trek Online gameplay trailer available now
    2. Star Trek Online reveal crashes official site
    3. Star Trek Online launch sooner than you think, says Emmert
    4. Star Trek Online ship combat "slow-paced," planet combat "fact-paced" - first trailer shown
    5. Star Trek Online players are all Star Fleet or Klingon ship captains, says Emmert
    6. Star Trek Online set in 2409
    7. Banjo-Tooie rumoured for XBLA
    8. Six new SKATE 2 shots posted
    9. First Godfather II screens scanned
    10. "Culturally connected" 360 marketing will help break southern Europe, says Lewis
    11. Star Trek Online allows players to create playable alien races
    12. Houser made GTA by digging his "f**king teeth in," says Levine
    13. Runic Games emerges from Flagship's ruins
    14. 80Gb PS3 gets UK release date - according to GAME
    15. PES 2009 launches in US on November 12
    16. Funcom fires employee for Age of Conan cyber sex stuff
    17. New Space Siege dev diary posted
    1. Action, adventure, and Animal Crossing: that’s what Captain Rainbow’s made of
    2. 3 new Left 4 Dead screenshots
    3. Third party titles do sell on the Wii, graphs prove it
    4. New Heavy Rain documentary footage released
    5. Xbox 360 full game install video posted
    6. Five minutes of awesome HD direct feed inFAMOUS gameplay posted
    7. More photos from the America's Army anti-war protest in SF
    8. Call of Duty: World at War co-op trailer posted
    9. WWE star wants "more violence" in games
    10. Blow: "Unnecessary" XBLA hurdles hurt game quality
    11. Mass changes to Guild War GvG combat enforced
    12. GTA IV PC box-shot issued
    13. EA announces Games Convention line-up
    14. Far Cry 2 Dreamhack 2008 trailer released
    15. The first 10 minutes of Disgaea 3
    1. Games Convention's being set up - picture proof
    2. Star Trek Online to debut at 9.30pm this Sunday
    3. PC the "junior partner in the cross-platform strategy", says id's Carmac
    4. Patcher: No Dark Knight tie-in cost Warner $100m
    5. Godfather II confirmed for February
    6. Fatal Frame IV ships with serious bugs
    7. Miyamoto and Inafune to keynote CEDEC
    8. BlizzCon 2008 site launched
    9. LittleBigPlanet will be "hardware seller" claims Sony
    10. News Saints Row 2 trailer has tattoos, monster trucks, heavy metal
    11. Lower review scores for Gears PC is "bulls**t," says Capps
    12. Square wants FFXIII on 360 because of "the success of our console," says Microsoft
    13. Street Fighter Beta patch released
    14. Mass Effect being considered for DS, says BioWare
    15. New Company of Heroes Online details revealed
    16. Midnight Club official site launched
    17. Far Cry 2 PC specs released
    18. 10tacle declares insolvency
    19. Leigh Alexander moves from Kotaku to Gamasutra
    20. "Fresh" Banjo stuff behind closed doors at Leipzig, new screens released
    21. No Hitler in new Wolfenstein
    22. No LostWinds for Live and PSN, but Frontier "will be supporting" the services
    23. ECA downplays spat with ESA, says it’s “really needed”
    24. Amazon asks if you’d like Gears of War 2 with your full-sized Lancer
    25. Fission success: MGS4 nearing four million shipped mark
    26. QuakeCon 2008 - being there, nearly interviewing Todd Hollenshead, anime porn
    27. LittleBigPlanet news site launched
    28. Warren Ellis worked on Dead Space, says Warren Ellis
    29. Japanese hardware sales, week ending July 27
    30. Still no date for Euro SOCOM
    31. First Pi?ata Vision Card goes online
    32. Master Chief included in Fable II
    33. European Home beta to start "very shortly"
    34. US PSN update, August 7
    1. US "Last Guy" to start in California
    2. Dyack: Too Human is up to 80 hours long
    3. Blizzard looking for art director for Diablo III
    4. Rock Band and Guitar Hero must pay more, says Warner
    5. Blizzard explains WoW Achievement system
    6. Bungie patch Halo one last time
    7. Damnation website and trailer up
    8. SOCOM: Confrontation beta dated for North America
    9. Fable II confirmed for October 21 launch
    10. Behind the scenes Clone Wars footage released
    11. Leipziger Messe announces direct charter flight from UK to Games Convention
    12. Gemma Atkinson Red Alert 3 wallpapers released
    13. Crackdown 2: "The door's not closed," says Realtime Worlds
    14. Gosen: 60% of Wii Fit buyers played it once
    15. Original Driver heading to PSN
    16. First proper Godfather II details emerge
    17. We Cheer confirmed for Q1 in Europe
    18. Euro PSN update, August 7
    19. Bad Company Conquest mode released
    20. Charitable handouts a complete pile of toss, says Wedgwood
    21. Japanese software sales, July 28 to August 3
    22. The eight most powerful game studios in the world, as decided by Gamepro
    23. Shock: Japanese Xbox 360 exclusive release draws 100 person line
    24. You can't be Batman or Superman in DC Universe Online, says Sony
    25. BioWare "talking about" more Mass Effect DLC
    26. PS3 BioShock trailer released
    27. Euro gamers can't access Resistance 2 beta through Qore
    28. Anti-war protestors barrack Ubisoft over America's Army
    29. MGS signs "perpetual" deal with Havoc
    30. Ubisoft sues over Assassin's Creed leak
    31. New Heavy Rain screens released
    32. TT Games already started on more Lego titles, says Burton
    33. Luc Bernard has hissy fit over Destructoid's Eternity's Child review
    1. SOCOM: Confrontation released date, priced
    2. Fatal1ty the face of E for All
    3. Realtime Worlds joins trade body Tiga
    4. Buzz! Quiz TV Trophies revealed
    5. Rare: Perfect Dark and Kameo "sold phenomenally well"
    6. First shots of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition released
    7. Top level US Midway threesome departs
    8. Rumour: Medal of Honor heads to... 2002 Afghanistan
    9. Turner to sell GameTap
    10. "Ghostbusters will be published," says Randel
    11. Ubi: I Am Alive won't make it to Leipzig
    12. Live update prepares for "future growth"
    13. GTA IV confirmed for November 18 launch on PC
    14. GTA IV DLC to be discussed in GT TV interview this week
    15. Blizzard launches WoW Recruit-A-Friend drive
    16. Blow is "okay" with Braid pricing
    17. Gosen: "We WILL outsell the PlayStation 3"
    18. DS Chrono Trigger confirmed for PAL release in early 2009
    19. BioShock PS3's survivor mode detailed
    20. Codemasters to show Fuel at Leipzig?
    21. BioShock movie won't be "Kate Hudson hunting for pirate treasure," says Levine
    22. WoW and Burning Crusade launch in Russia
    23. Warhammer Online confirmed for September 18, pricing set
    24. Rumour: Microsoft paid for Square to get out of Sony exclusivity with FFXIII
    25. Braid up on Live
    26. Sega Q1 2009 Results: Valkyria bombs in Japan, Iron Man soars everywhere else
    27. LittleBigPlanet will suck, says GameDaily
    28. Analyst: Rumored 360 price cut could line machine with both Wii and PS3
    29. Bungie may work on other consoles, leaving Microsoft gives company "new energy"
    30. Bungie: We've got a lot to learn from CoD4
    31. Activision puts Massive up for sale: "We have plenty of options," says Walfisz
    32. Soulcalibur IV sells 2 million units
    33. Halo 3 unshakable at top of the Live play charts
    34. Rumour: Michael Jackson and The Doors in next Guitar Hero
    35. XBLM generates $180 million in past year
    36. Kratos SackBoy and other LBP pre-order goodies revealed
    37. Leonard Nimoy to unveil Star Trek Online in Las Vegas
    38. gamesTM goes cover-mental with SFIV review
    39. New Resident Evil 5 gameplay movie released
    40. Court refuses to certify Hot Coffee suit
    1. California pays ESA $280,000
    2. More users report PS3 Firmware 2.42 issues
    3. Rumour: GTA: Chinatown Wars to contain more than 70 missions
    4. Best of E3 winners announced
    5. Konami's Q1 shows 16% revenue increase, MGS4 at 3 million shipped
    6. 360 hasn't reached its limit, says Rare
    7. Burnout Paradise Davis delayed a month, looks incredible
    8. Naughty Dog using "30-40%" of PS3's power
    9. FF XIII summons revealed in concept illustrations
    10. The Wheelman and This Is Vegas pushed to 2009
    11. Gemma Atkinson confirmed for Red Alert 3 appearance
    12. Team Ico boss: I want to make small-scale PSN game
    13. Team Ico boss: My PS3 game hasn't hit critical development yet
    14. Fallout 3's better than Oblivion, says Bethesda
    15. Warhawk Trophies to be released on August 27
    16. Too Human demo hits 1 million downloads
    17. Games that sell over three million copies are not "bad", says Doom designer
    18. Soulcalibur IV tops UK chart
    19. Braben: We'd be "stupid" not to look at more LostWinds
    20. Battlefield: Bad Company to get Conquest mode
    21. Farrell: Traditional hardware cycle is dead
    22. Left 4 Dead: "No PS3 version in production"
    23. Ken Levine’s next project to be “very different”
    24. US PC Sales Charts, July 14-20
    25. LucasArts job ad points to more than one MMO in the making
    26. FFXIII 360 Asian version confirmed
    27. Australian reactionaries advocate enforced censorship
    28. Square Enix has no more plans for Life as a King DLC
    29. APB is "bastard child of everything we've been striving towards for 15-20 years": Realtime Worlds
    30. Dragon Age: "There is a console future for the franchise"
    31. Valve "happy" to talk about acquisition
    32. Mattrick on 360 life-span: "There’s a lot of runway ahead"
    33. Gears of War 2 to feature both language and violence filters
    34. US sites go hands on with SKATE 2
    35. Destroy All Humans PSP canned
    36. Midway Q2 09 - losses up, revenues down
    37. Max Payne movie goes "pretty deep," says Wahlberg
    38. id turned down "good money" to create Quake MMO
    39. All the screens from Square's DKΣ3713 event - FFXIII, Parasite Eve, more
    1. PAX 2008 already bigger than last year's show
    2. Two new and exclusive Bioshock PS3 Trophies unveiled
    3. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI demo and date
    4. Wii Music completes Miyamoto's Wii vision, says Iwata
    5. New FIFA 09 Wii screenshots posted
    6. Riccitiello: EA has the best title plan in the industry
    7. Diablo III designer judges fan screenshots
    8. Geometry Wars 2 camera mode shown in video
    9. Red Faction: Guerrilla multiplayer trailers released
    10. Uncharted Trophies released
    11. Carmack - "Steve Jobs doesn't care about games"
    12. Rumour: Looming PS4 cycle was real reason for Harrison's departure from Sony
    13. TF2 to get "new type of environment"
    14. Thailand halts GTA IV sales after murder
    15. New Fallout 3 shots released
    16. PS3's competitors look "quite dated," says Steinberg
    17. Burnout Paradise's Cagney releases for 360
    18. Wrath of the Lich King to launch in China "as soon as possible," says Morhaime
    19. Alone in the Dark demo up on Live
    20. Diablo III "heavily in development," series has sold 18.5 million, says Morhaime
    21. New Blizzard MMO off-limits for "competitive reasons," says Morhaime
    22. Age of Conan's "rhythm, longevity, gameplay and style" may not work: WAR boss
    23. Full Activision Blizzard Q1 earnings call transcript now online
    24. Red Faction: Guerilla 360 beta open for IGN Insider and FilePlanet subs
    1. Rumour: First images of 360 Avatar creator released
    2. Rumour: Complaints arise over PS3 Firmware 2.42
    3. 30-minute Spanish Mirror's Edge demo video posted
    4. Oz dev head calls for "immediate implementation of an R18+ games rating"
    5. Eternity's Child hits Steam
    6. Team Ico's next game is "really, really good": Yoshida
    1. EA developing Left 4 Dead for PS3?
    2. Burnout Paradise 360 Cagney update releases on Monday
    3. First Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep hands ons posted from DKΣ3713
    4. Bioshock PS3 boxart released
    5. Dead Space comic episode four released, s**t hits fan
    6. Rockstar delivers GTA IV 100% Club winner notifications
    7. "No plan" for SCIV Star Wars characters to cross platforms, says director
    8. Carmack: iPhone more powerful than DS and PSP combined
    9. East coast PAX announced for 2010
    10. Avary writing Wolfenstein movie "right now"
    11. Hollenshead: E3 was a disappointment to everyone
    12. Singstar: Hits from the Musicals rumoured
    13. FF Agito XIII trailer impressions posted from DKΣ3713
    14. New FF XIII trailer impressions posted from DKΣ3713
    15. Real-time FF XIII and FF Versus XIII footage shown in Tokyo
    16. Dissidia: Final Fantasy for December release in Japan
    17. Square Enix dates three Kingdom Hearts games in Japan
    18. Parasite Eve, FF Agito XIII confirmed for PSP
    19. Final Fantasy XIII confirmed for a 2009 Japanese release, demo in March
    20. Photos from Square's DKΣ3713 Tokyo party posted, line-up confirmed
    1. Doom 4 - everything there is to know
    2. Carmack - "360's the better platform" for modern games
    3. EA bosses "all hardcore gamers" - Willits
    4. Rumour: 360 price cuts on all US hardware in September
    5. Halo Chronicles spotted on Live?
    6. Hollenshead: "I'd like to do another Doom movie"
    7. Boom Blox probably coming to other consoles, says Riccitiello
    8. Players to have a "Blizzard Account" for tracking Achievements
    9. Doom 4 to be about "winning," says Carmack
    10. Prince of Persia movie delayed a year
    11. Bethesda confirms Fallout 4, explains 360 as lead machine for Fallout 3
    12. GamesAid poker night raises nearly ?4,000
    13. The Last Guy confirmed for PAL release this month
    14. Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty dated for August
    15. Wrath of the Lich King out between October and December
    16. Red Faction: Guerrilla beta detailed
    17. Siren confirmed for autumn Blu-ray release in Europe
    18. Adam Doree relaunches Kikizo after 10 years in the business
    19. Activision expects $50M in DLC sales this year
    20. Microsoft: Microtransactions for Avatars "may be in the future"
    21. Life with PlayStation to release in August
    22. LittleBigPlanet confirmed for October 30 release in Japan
    23. PSP lords over Japanese hardware sales for July
    24. New "Believe Pi?ata" Viva 2 teaser spotted on YouTube
    25. Devil May Cry 4 PC being "pirated to hell and back"
    26. Japanese hardware sales, week ending July 27
    27. 2D Echochrome confirmed for PlayStation Home
    28. Carmack: Doom 4 multiplayer will exceed that of Doom 3
    29. Too Human gold, 900,000 play demo
    30. Quake Zero name changed due to domain squatter
    31. Burnout Paradise's motorbikes playtested, all about "speed"
    32. US PSN update, July 31
    33. 2K attempts to put kibosh on Bioshock 2 multiplayer rumor, only stokes fire
    34. Blizzard: WoW doesn’t guarantee huge success for next Blizzard MMO
    35. Activision sales rocket to $654 million in final un-merged quarter
    36. There was no "huge falling out" with Activision on Rage, says Carmack
    37. Doom 4 "three times" Rage visual quality
    38. "No going back" on Diablo III colour choice, says develeper
    39. Quake Arena 2 dependent on success of Quake Live
    40. Microsoft still hiring for Peter Jackson's Halo
    41. Spyro and Crash are "ripe for innovation"
    42. Riccitiello: The Godfather 2 for late 2008 or early 2009
    43. Activision: PlayStation 3 will outsell 360
    44. Rage will release "when it's fun and when it's done," says Willits
    45. 360 Rage version wil suffer visually from compression, says Carmack
    46. John Carmack talks Quake Live and Tech 6 at QuakeCon
    47. New Wolfenstein movie and images emerge from QuakeCon
    48. New Rage trailer shown at QuakeCon