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February 2010 Archive

    1. SWTOR developer diary chats about swampy Taris
    2. Screens - SOE shows off Power Girl in DC Universe Online
    3. Metro 2033 video is full of scary things
    4. Report - Microsoft to market Natal with celebrity endorsements
    5. Former DICE boss says Wii is "not a games machine"
    6. Get your Greek on with some Clash of the Titans screens
    7. Disney says Epic Mickey has potential to achieve "Nintendo levels"
    8. "The best way to stay independent is to keep your IP", says Sundberg
    9. ESRB rating gives a bit more info on Sonic 4
    10. Splinter Cell: Conviction delays were good for development, says Ubisoft
    11. Gearbox: Borderlands slowed Colonial Marines development
    12. PSA: Videogames are being used by Satan to claim your soul
    13. New Line filed movie option for Heavy Rain a few years back
    14. NCsoft announces Guild Wars novel Ghosts of Ascalon
    15. Ken Levine says new motion controllers are a "reaction to the Wii"
    16. Pre-order Awakening for PC, get Dragon Age 40% off
    17. Modern Warfare 2 wins GOTY at Danish Game Awards
    18. New Splinter Cell: Conviction videos show co-op, other modes
    19. Avalanche CEO says Avatar “should not have been made into a game”
    20. Brink sweepstakes has game down for September 7
    21. New Blur trailer looks seriously Bizarre, beta rumoured for March 1
    1. Splinter Cell: Conviction on PC will use Ubisoft's new DRM
    2. Dungeon & Dragons Online surpasses 1 million new players
    3. Listen to metalriffic songs from the God of War III Ultimate Edition
    4. Screens for Transformers: War for Cybertron shows Optimus Prime
    5. David Jaffe says he no longer cares about specialist review scores
    6. Rock Band gets a bit Disturbed next week
    7. First ever Danish Game Awards to be held tonight
    8. Dunaway hits around about Zelda, can't confirm The Last Story release
    9. Star Trek Online: The Borg are preparing to assimilate you
    10. Dead or Alive: Paradise gets April 2 European release date
    11. Mythic provides details on upcoming patches to Warhammer Online
    12. Gordon Brown say UK games industry is "leading the way" in Europe
    13. Confirmed: God of War III to launch on March 19 in UK
    14. US PS Video Store update, Feb 25 - The Informant
    15. Yakuza 4 demo to hit Japanese PSN on Thursday
    16. Tokyo Game Show 2010 dated
    17. US PSN update, Feb 25 - Grandia, GOWIII demo, Greed Corp.
    18. CCP opens studio in Newcastle
    19. Chinese WoW boss resigns from post
    20. Just Cause 2 demo to hit next week
    21. Tretton: Heavy Rain will sell "incredibly well"
    22. GAME to axe 247 jobs, 43 stores to be shut
    23. New GT5 shots are go
    24. Itagaki settles out of court with Tecmo
    25. Just Cause 2 demo to feature "35 square miles" of island
    26. New God of War III GTTV footage s**ts bed
    27. First gameplay trailer for Transformers: War for Cybertron released
    28. Mario Galaxy 2 gameplay clips are genuinely awesome, cheerful
    29. Derby inner ring road to be named Lara Croft Way
    30. 75% off Batman: Arkham Asylum for Games for Windows this weekend
    31. Super Mario Galaxy 2 box-art is depressingly happy
    32. Civilization V gets debut trailer
    33. Mass Effect 2 Firewalker DLC pack coming March
    34. Gearbox's Pitchford: Publishers are a blessing to me
    35. iPhone Plants vs. Zombies rakes in $1 million in only nine days
    36. Sony: No PS4 until you've finished your PS3
    1. UFC Undisputed 2010 screens show men beating each other
    2. PSP Digital Comics store update, Feb 25 – We Will Bury You
    3. Kojima says it's hard to show "interest and freshness of Peace Walker" in videos
    4. Screens - Valkyria Chronicles: Challenge of the Edy Detachment
    5. SEGA explains missing bits of Yakuza 3 a little more
    6. EA expands Salt Lake studios, hiring for "groundbreaking new project"
    7. "Foxy, feisty" women are signing up for WoW and finding love
    8. Borderlands on PC gets patch and General Knoxx DLC
    9. Pachter: Aimed low on price of Natal, DSi XL not successful at launch
    10. Rockstar releases new Red Dead Redemption shots
    11. Study: A third of developers say salary does not cover COL
    12. Prove you're a Star Wars nerd with Force Unleashed XBL Avatar items
    13. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to get free map pack at launch, another to come afterwards
    14. GH5 March DLC includes Flogging Molly, The Crue, and OK Go
    15. Monster Hunter: Frontier to release on June 24 in Japan
    16. First screens for Warhammer 40K: Space Marine surface
    17. Screens - Yakuza 3
    18. Glukhovsky remains coy on Metro 2033 follow-up
    19. Euro PSN update, Feb 25 - Minis month, Dante, FIFA 10 demo
    20. There's "several reasons why" you'll want to replay Metro 2033, says THQ
    21. God of War III demo now available on EU PS store
    22. Lack of Metro 2033 for PS3 was a "business decision", says THQ
    23. Napoleon: Total War gets launch trailer
    24. Interview: Metro 2033's Dmitry Glukhovsky and Huw Beynon
    25. Screens and boxart show up for Alpha Protocol
    26. Quake Live is one year old, claim your player award
    27. FIFA 10: Ultimate Team out now on XBL, PSN
    28. Monster Hunter tri online to be free in Europe, confirms Nintendo
    29. Metro 2033 gets PC specs, 3D included
    30. "Huge barrier" stopping advertisers on PlayStation Home
    31. Dragon Quest IX confirmed for Europe this "summer"
    32. Metroid: Other M gets Q3 date for Europe
    33. Monster Hunter tri, Sin and Punishment 2 dated for Europe
    34. Super Mario Galaxy 2 dated for June 11 in Europe
    35. Split/Second gets screen explosion
    36. Megaton launches, aims at 8-12 year-olds
    37. Alan Wake dated for May 27 in Japan
    38. Darksiders demo releases today, new trailer
    39. Pre-order Lost Planet 2, get multiplayer maps
    40. No Wii successor "any time soon," says Dunaway
    41. Report - GTA IV is the most expensive game ever made
    42. Nintendo Media Summit: Metroid: Other M impressions round-up
    43. Nintendo Media Summit: Mario Galaxy 2 impressions round-up
    1. Alpha Protocol gets solid release date, new video shows "a man alone"
    2. Supreme Commander 2 PC ships with Steamworks, gets a demo
    3. Nintendo offers specs for DSi XL with nice marketing video
    4. Ubisoft says previous PoP game was not a failure
    5. Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising video shows units
    6. Metroid: Other M gets screens blowout
    7. Screens - Super Mario Galaxy 2
    8. Monster Hunter Tri - Screens, artwork, website and trailer blowout
    9. Bungie refuses to confirm or deny if new IP will appear on PS3
    10. Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer from Media Summit is live
    11. Visceral: Dante as movie hero would not resonate well with film goers
    12. DAO: Return to Ostagar finally hitting PS3 next month
    13. Red Dead Redemption video shows the women of the wild west
    14. Nintendo US media summit - everything in one place
    15. Nintendo dates Metroid: Other M for June 27
    16. Dragon Quest IX to get North American release this summer
    17. PoP: The Forgotten Sands to include PoP Classic exclusively on Wii
    18. Monster Hunter Tri dated for April 20, classic pro bundle to be released
    19. Nintendo: 76 Wii titles have sold more than 1M copies worldwide
    20. Sin and Punishment 2, Pokemon, Cave Story, MM10 - dates
    21. Super Mario Galaxy 2 dated for May 23
    22. Super Mario Galaxy 2 detailed in San Francisco - trailer coming today
    23. DSi XL to launch in US on March 28
    24. Yakuza 3 western release to miss out on Hostess Club
    25. No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise get new trailer
    26. BFBC2 PC walkthrough video has first look at Rush map
    27. EA: New console hardware not feasible at this time
    28. Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse rated by ESRB for PS3
    29. D2D has select Activision titles on sale for 50% off
    30. Split/Second gets May release date, subtitle
    31. Peggle Nights now free through PopCap
    32. Sega to release mature Wii triple pack
    33. Take Two opens Japanese publishing office
    34. Ex NCsoft, Blizzard alumni set up En Masse Entertainment
    35. No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise dated for April 15 in Japan
    36. Molyneux: Milo plays a bigger role in "a more dramatic story"
    37. Black creator: Latest shooters are "f**king boring"
    38. SCE to become PlayStation-only [Update]
    39. F1 2010 to get formal reveal on March 17
    40. FFXIII 360 install sizes detailed
    41. Remedy in "no hurry" for next-gen consoles
    42. Just Cause 2 doesn't get support for Windows XP
    43. Lionhead releases new Fable III screen for feedback
    44. Warner boss "hopes" Rocksteady will work on non-Batman Warner IP
    45. Leaked Sonic 4 shots are verified awesome
    46. Dead Space 2 gets new shots
    47. Old Peace Walker logo shows it was originally Metal Gear Solid 5
    48. Zombies and Nazis? In Modern Warfare 2? Over Infinity Ward's dead body
    49. Report - Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M hitting in summer
    50. Steam UI gets overhaul, public beta goes live
    51. Capcom COO Mark Beaumont passes away suddenly
    1. WHA announces Kick-Ass for PSN and iPhone
    2. Heavy Rain has four protagonists due to Cage's "interest in schizophrenia"
    3. Microsoft believes it "will outsell the PS3" in 2010, says Greenberg
    4. Miyamoto to be presented with the BAFTA Fellowship Award on March 19
    5. "We are going to be careful" with Natal portfolio, says Greenberg
    6. Report: RedOctane founders to remain at Activision
    7. Worms Reloaded: New 2D Worms for PC hitting Steam
    8. Stardock's Elemental: War of Magic site provides some updates
    9. First screens of Introversion's "blueprint" style game Subversion released
    10. AoC: Hyborian Adventures still in development for Xbox 360
    11. MTV Games making Natal project
    12. Nielson: 4.9% of entertainment dollars spent on gaming
    13. Two co-op campaign maps for AoT: The 40th Day coming in April
    14. Warner announces Batman: The Brave and the Bold
    15. Bungie: It's "premature to say we'll never" make another Halo
    16. Metal Gear Arcade gets trailered
    17. Square announces FFXIII bus tour throughout Germany
    18. Borderlands: General Knoxx delayed until tomorrow [Update]
    19. SCEA: Arc will have the goods to make Natal "PR barrage" go away
    20. No install for GoW III, says Sony Santa Monica
    21. Heavy Rain goes on sale in US, EU TV ad released
    22. Square Enix to continue supporting PSP with "disk-based and digital content"
    23. Microsoft remains tight-lipped over October date for Natal
    24. EA: Medal of Honor won't be a "propaganda piece"
    25. Street Fighter IV to cost $10, eight characters included
    26. Jonathan Ross drops "October" release for Natal
    27. Batman bought: Warner acquires Rocksteady
    28. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed sells 7 million
    29. Tales of Graces recalled in Japan
    30. Nintendo patent hints at force feedback for next DS
    31. PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap listed by the ESRB
    32. "Most" of Avalanche already working on next game
    33. FFXIII "superior" on PS3, says Insomniac
    34. Jonathan Ross Natal play video released, lag pegged at "a tenth of a second"
    35. Rebellion calls AvP a "critical success" in spite of a few "totally s**t" reviews, in talks for a sequel
    36. Valve tired of "s***ty party games," doesn't want them anywhere near Natal
    1. Borderlands: General Knoxx gets released from tomorrow
    2. PSP will have "robust" third-party line-up for 2010, says SCEA
    3. First 10 minutes of English FFXIII revealed
    4. Arc "could work fantastically with Red Steel 2, Natal wouldn't be a "natural fit"
    5. Visceral: One game a year "is plenty," working on PSN and XBL "offerings"
    6. John Carmack takes GDC's Lifetime Achievement Award
    7. Ubisoft: Red Steel 2 success "absolutely crucial" for IP
    8. 2K announces multiplayer DLC for BioShock 2, single-player DLC down the line
    9. Battlefield 3 will "blow everyone away," says DICE founder
    10. Spinny FFXIII Collector's Edition videos released
    11. Fourth Valkyria Chronicles DLC pack releasing this Thursday
    12. SCEE: Motorstorm 3 domain "should not be interpreted as an announcement"
    13. Heavy Rain banned in UAE
    14. Pachter: Natal will sell 10 million in a year, will outsell Arc 5-1
    15. Castlevania's Cox - Console comparisons are "bollocks"
    16. Interview: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow's Dave Cox
    17. Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising releases on March 11 in US
    18. Capcom planning "huge announcement" for April
    19. European GoW III Blu-ray fills 40Gb, says Sony Santa Monica
    20. UK charts: Alien vs Predator goes top
    21. Heavy Rain documentary shows Sam L Jackson
    22. Sony files two new PS3 SKUs to the FCC
    23. Levine: New Irrational project wont be at PAX East
    24. PS3, 360 getting NBA Jam, according to CV
    25. Blizzcon 08 attendees to get StarCraft II beta "possibly within the next two weeks"
    26. SCEE registers domain
    1. FFXIII linearity is "very beneficial", says Toriyama
    2. Pachter: Natal will sell for $50
    1. Kitase: Final Fantasy VII to be remade only if takes a year to do so
    2. Bungie regrets lack of matchmaking in ODST's Firefight mode
    3. EA: US pre-orders of BFBC2 on PC get Battlefield 2142 free
    4. Alan Wake montage video shows loads of action
    5. Steve Wiebe is once again king of Donkey Kong Jr.
    6. Psychologist calls out games as one reason kids are sexualized
    7. Bungie hands out a few more details on Halo: Reach Beta
    8. Uncharted 2 has sold over 3.5 million units worldwide
    9. Epic announces the winners of its Make Something Unreal contest
    10. US PSPgo promotion nets you LBP PSP or AC: Bloodlines
    11. Future strengthens games portfolio with new senior appointments
    12. FarmVille now boasts 80 million monthly users
    13. Sony files patent for universal game controller
    14. Level designer for Sonic 3 working on Sonic 4
    15. No LAN or Deicated Server support for C&C4: Tiberian Twilight
    16. Metro 2033 montage shows proper gameplay
    17. Just Cause 2 stunt vids point to physics-based win
    18. Next EVE expansion to allow mining on planets
    19. God of War III goes gold
    20. Valve changes its mind, is now "looking into" PS3 development
    1. EA: Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space failed due to lack of support
    2. Watch Bobby Kotick's D.I.C.E. speech
    3. BFBC2 demo has been downloaded over 3 million times
    4. Randy Pitchford says Pachter was "wrong" about Borderlands
    5. PoP: The Forgotten Sands fills in a seven-year gap for the Prince
    6. Report - Game industry to hit $64.9 billion in 2013
    7. Next Assassin's Creed has a "narrative justification" for the multiplayer
    8. Yakuza 4 - Five minutes of fighting, girls, massage
    9. Molyneux: I am "a talentless bastard"
    10. DAO: Awakening videos introduce you to the dwarf Sigrun
    11. ESRB describes God of War III and its sex mini-game
    12. Moore: EA Sports remains "supportive" of Tiger Woods
    13. US PS Video Store update, Feb 18 - Black Dynamite
    14. Metro 2033 on PC will ship with Steamworks
    15. Remedy not planning to revisit Max Payne anytime soon
    16. SSFIV Screens - Bevy of shots showing Ibuki, Dudley, and Makoto
    17. Alice plays a "huge" part in Alan Wake, says Remedy
    18. US PSN update, Feb 18 - Sales, ACII, RE5, Yakuza 3 demo
    19. Remedy explains decision to release Alan Wake on Xbox 360 only
    20. Alan Wake will "leave doors open" for "Season 2", says Remedy
    21. Aliens vs Predator reviews get out
    22. Gamers with retail copies of Darksiders without voucher codes get a second chance
    23. Interview: Alan Wake's H?kkinen on surrealism, DLC, Max Payne and more
    24. Ubisoft explains DRM for ACII on PC and loss of internet connection
    25. FFXIII 360 bundle gets pictured
    26. Capcom announces North American date for MotoGP 09/10
    27. Rolando 3 canned because it wasn't "a free-to-play product", says ngmoco
    28. Not buying Harmonix is a regret, says Kotick
    29. Get Saints Row 2 free if you buy DoW2 expansion
    30. "Freaky prototypes" is one reason Alan Wake took so long, says Remedy
    31. Heavy Rain Chronicles not delayed in UK or Europe, confirms SCEE
    32. Rumour: Call of Duty casting call mentions "SOG in Vietnam," details characters
    33. MGS: Perfect Dark XBLA will have Goldeneye multiplayer maps, weapons
    34. SCEE: God of War III demo to appear on PSN for non pre-orders, date "TBC"
    35. Ace Combat: Joint Assault debut trailer is go
    36. Japanese hardware charts - PSP keeps on rolling
    37. Jaffe hints at Twisted Metal reboot during AIAS awards
    38. God of War III listing shows demo release next week
    39. Uncharted 2 wins 10 AIAS awards at DICE
    40. Command & Conquer 4 trailer shows the end of the world
    1. SSFIV video shows Ibuki and her cute little raccoon
    2. EA: No developers out there can compete with DICE online
    3. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening hands-on, preview round up
    4. Joe Madureira and Vigil's David Adams to give presentation at DICE tomorrow
    5. OnLive CEO: Faster broadband leads to greater piracy
    6. Kotick: Talks commitment to excellence at DICE
    7. New screens for Medal of Honor look rather good
    8. Splinter Cell: Conviction video tells more of Sam's story
    9. Epic and Gas Powered both feel it's getting "harder" to remain independent
    10. GoW artist: Kratos was almost a "little elf character"
    11. Yakuza 3 gets new shots, trailer
    12. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow won't have CGI cutscenes
    13. ESRB outs Magic Carpet, Sorcerer's Maze for PS3 and PSP
    14. Alien vs Predator gets launch trailer treatment
    15. PSP Digital Comics store update, Feb 18 - Venom vs Carnage
    16. "We're very much betting the farm" on Alan Wake, says Remedy
    17. Sid Meier's Civilization V currently in development at Firaxis
    18. Blue Toad Murder Files coming to US PSN in March
    19. Alan Wake gets cover-art
    20. SCEA: Third-party publishers no longer spending resources on Wii
    21. Stuart Black Codies shooter is OPM's "special game"
    22. SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 requires registration for online play
    23. Misuse of Unreal led to Last Remnant framerate problems, says Square Enix
    24. Wada: Final Fantasy XI not coming to an end
    25. EU PS store update, February 18 - Yakuza 3, ACII, Burnout Paradise
    26. Capcom reduces prices for SSFIITHD, Marvel vs Capcom
    27. Square announces London launch event for FFXIII
    28. Capcom confirms cut content from Lost Planet 2 360, doesn't rule it out as DLC
    29. Alan Wake's opening moments released
    30. The Last Story is a "very-Sakaguchi-san like title", says Kitase
    31. Remedy: Alan Wake story could continue outside of games
    32. Star Wars coming to PlayStation Home
    33. MotoGP 09/10 dated for March 19 in Europe
    34. Assassin's Creed II PC needs internet connection
    35. Jaffe's next game "somewhere between God of War and Calling All Cars"
    36. GDC Europe to take place between August 16-18
    37. Disney Interactive boss calls PlayStation Motion Controler "Gem" at DICE
    38. Disney: Epic Mickey could eventually end up on Xbox 360 or PS3
    39. David Jaffe on Calling All Cars: "I'd call it a mistake"
    1. Quantic's been interested in motion controls for "a very long time", says Cage
    2. Hendrix: Rock Band rumor is just that - a rumor, says Harmonix
    3. PoP: The Forgotten Sands hits 360 and PS3 same day as Wii
    4. Report - University of Alabama shooter was a tabletop gamer
    5. Garriott returns to gaming with Portalarium, his new social media company
    6. StarCraft II closed Beta goes live
    7. PSA: The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom now on XBLA
    8. Farrell: THQ has motion control titles to show off at E3
    9. BFBC2: Get day one DLC for free if you buy it new
    10. Blizzard releases real specs for Starcraft II beta
    11. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier info hitting next month in Xbox World
    12. Xbox Live activity for week of Feb 8 - MW2 tops, not surprising
    13. PSA: Assassin's Creed II: Bonfire of the Vanities lands tomorrow
    14. FFXIII 360 gets new shots
    15. D3Publisher announces Western release of God Eater for PSP
    16. THQ says its titles are something other publishers "would be envious of"
    17. Midway Arcade titles vanish from XBL Marketplace [Update]
    18. Greenberg: 360 "offers more exclusives" than PS3
    19. D2D has select Ubisoft titles on sale for 50% off
    20. Cage: "Triggering emotions in interactive medium is my mission"
    21. Konami bringing Ninety-Nine Nights II west this spring
    22. EA: C&C4 will appeal to FPS multiplayer fans
    23. Capcom refuses to comment on Monster Hunter Tri PSP
    24. Red Steel 2 gets violent in new trailer
    25. SCEA: Exclusives aren't as commonplace as the PS2 days
    26. Love gets March release date
    27. New Secret World artwork released
    28. Platinum's DS game Infinite Space finally dated
    29. THQ planning banner E3 with Red Faction 3, Saint's Row 3, more
    30. RE5: Lost in Nightmares now up on Marketplace
    31. Rumour - Monster Hunter Tri heading to PSP this year
    32. Next Kingdom Hearts title won't be KH III, says Nomura
    33. Cage hints at Arc support for next Quantic Dream project
    34. Sonic Team not developing Sonic 4
    35. Metro 2033 gets NVIDIA 3D support, new shots released
    36. Report - Final Fantasy XI to close this year to make room for FFXIV
    37. EA to close more online servers
    38. Nomura: FF Versus XIII may not be shown at E3 due to changes
    39. Rumour - Cross-game chat for PSN a "subscribers" feature
    40. Codemasters pulls support on Op Flash: Dragon Rising
    41. Remedy: Alan Wake "tried out sandbox elements" during development
    42. Street Fighter III trio make it into SSFIV
    43. Molyneux demands government support for UK tax breaks in industry
    44. Kitase: No plans to bring main canon Final Fantasy games outside home consoles
    45. Sony: PS3 has 360 beat on first-party titles, catching up rapidly on third-parties
    46. Close call: Final Fantasy will "probably never" become a first-person shooter, says Toriyama
    47. Analyst: Wii already overdue for another price drop
    1. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter tops January XBLA charts
    2. Leaked Sonic the Hedgehog 4 footage shows Splash Hill Zone
    3. Microsoft: "Someday we will bring back Killer Instinct"
    4. Dwarven fortress of Kal'Hirol revealed for DAO: Awakening
    5. Bethesda: New Vegas will "take you hundreds of hours to explore"
    6. Molyneux talks co-op, dungeons, touching in Fable III
    7. D3: Female Barbarian could make you cry in submission
    8. Alan Wake: Remedy talks DLC, flashlights
    9. RE5: Gold - Get free Barry and Rebecca figurines over on XBL
    10. Ubisoft confirms ACII: Bonfire of Vanities for release this Thursday
    11. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands dated, gets Wii pics
    12. No R18+ advocacy website opened; Michael Atkinson gets more threats
    13. Motion controls are "too exhausting" for Final Fantasy, says Kitase
    14. Burnout Paradise Complete Edition coming to Europe "soon"
    15. Gaming sequels can be a big risk, says analyst
    16. Skate 3 gets first dev diary
    17. THQ announces Darksiders demo for PSN, XBL
    18. Command & Conquer devs chat gameplay, class structure
    19. Rumour - DS 2 contains motion controls, already in the hands of Pokemon devs,
    20. Majesco releases Data East Arcade Classics with 15 games
    21. Dark Age of Camelot to be managed by Mythic in Europe
    22. XBLA House Party: Perfect Dark hits March 17
    23. Blizzard's Rob Pardo to give lecture at GDC
    24. Codies announces studio expansion, Gilio and Wilson appointments
    25. Arc to make an appearence at GDC
    26. New Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer is full of win
    27. Total War not coming to consoles unless it can "replicate the experience" on PC, says Creative Assembly
    28. FFXIII reviews seen "from a western point of view", says Toriyama
    29. Capcom wants to see Street Fighter IV on PSP
    30. Rumour - Starcraft II beta FAQ leaked
    31. Torne dated for March 18 in Japan
    32. Uncharted 2 leads BAFTA nods
    33. PSN gets downtime later today
    34. Microsoft working on "large franchise" with Natal
    35. Rumour - DS 2 development kits sent out
    36. NPD top 20 shows how MAG, Bayonetta, others fared
    37. De Blob to add some color to 'Syfy Kids' lineup
    38. First L.A. Noire screens show fantastic taste in hats
    1. Kitase "really interested" in FFVII remake
    2. Street Fighter IV comng to iPhone
    3. Codemasters hires Black senior designer to work on new shooter IP
    4. Dragon Age: Awakening to be a download-only expansion on PSN in Europe
    5. Sega releases first Yakuza 3 dev diary
    6. Crackdown 2 release date is not June 11, says Microsoft [Update]
    7. Xbox Live finally integrated into Windows Mobile
    8. Natal will have five year lifespan, says Greenberg
    9. Splinter Cell: Conviction shows off mansion level
    10. Fable III to go beyond Albion, confirms Molyneux
    11. New AvP demo available now on PSN
    12. Cage hints at Arc support for Heavy Rain, announcement "in the coming weeks"
    13. Square "not planning" FFXIII DLC, says Kitase and Toriyama
    14. Crysis 2 will have "five big things you’ll remember forever," says Crytek
    15. Square admits to using fake identical FFXIII screens
    16. UK charts: BioShock 2 overthrows Mass Effect 2 from number one
    17. Molyneux has "learnt lesson about over-promising"
    18. Remedy: 360 is "a very good environment" for Alan Wake
    19. Plants vs. Zombies live on App Store
    20. 6-on-6 Metal Gear Online tournament announced by Konami
    21. AIAS awards to be streamed live this Thursday
    22. Future announces UK PSN mag, FirstPlay
    23. WoW: Burning Crusade allowed to launch in China
    24. Gas Powered Games announces Kings and Castles
    1. First FFXIII commercial shows 360 version only
    1. The Secret World will not be a grindfest, says Funcom
    2. Dev videos for Metro 2033 chat about currency, societies, graphics
    3. Mount & Blade is Steam's weekend deal at 85% off
    4. Latest AvP video is loaded with violence - and it is good
    5. Prepare to be assimilated - Borg conflicts arise in Star Trek Online
    6. Argos and GAME deals on Xbox 360 Arcade are very reasonable
    7. The Indie Love Bundle comes with 6 games for cheap
    8. Aussie game retailers ready for adaption to R18+ classification
    9. AoC: Rise of the Godslayer screens show scary wolf mounts
    10. Viacom wants bonuses paid out to Rock Band devs back
    11. SSFIV and Capcom want to wish you a happy V-Day
    12. No Gamepad support for BioShock 2 on PC, says 2K
    13. flOw is free on US PSN
    14. SCEA: There may be a PS3 retail shortage in the coming months
    15. Greenberg: More information and possible "real" name for Natal at E3
    16. EA releases original C&C games for free
    17. Rumor: Sonic 4 episodes will eventually hit retail on one disc
    18. Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition screens are full of win
    19. Uncharted 2 to get more DLC this month
    1. Lost Planet 2 videos are pretty awesome
    2. EA weekend special is Dead Space, Saboteur and Dragon Age
    3. Perfect Dark could see new maps and weapons on XBLA
    4. BioWare dishes on the SWTOR planet Taris
    5. Molyneux: Fable III is not an RPG
    6. You voted - Demon's Souls will be both white and black
    7. Ubisoft explains inclusion of Optical Camo in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
    8. Microsoft: 250Gb Xbox 360's are for bundles only
    9. Modern Warfare 2 patch now available on XBL
    10. Pachter: Wii shortage contributed to $30M industry decline in January
    11. FFXIII media blowout - news, interviews, media, previews and Leona Lewis
    12. PS Motion Controls were initially wanted for Heavy Rain
    13. Obsidian to assist Red Eagle in development of Wheel of Time games
    14. Updated AvP demo now available for PS3 users
    15. PopCap thinks iPad "will change gaming" in three years
    16. Halo: Reach at X10 - all preview coverage rounded up
    17. Left 4 Dead 2 players have killed over 28 billion zombies
    18. Report: Luxoflux and Underground Development closed, RedOctane layoffs
    19. US PS video store update, Feb 11 - Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition
    20. US PSN update, Feb 11 - Heavy Rain demo, LBP add-ons
    21. Square Enix announces European FFXIII 360 bundles
    22. Halo: Reach vidoc released by Bungie
    23. NPD: Nintendo systems retain top positions in January sales
    24. Perfect Dark shots, trailer released by Rare
    25. Crackdown 2 for June was listed "incorrectly", says Microsoft
    26. Alan Wake for PC canned, confirms Microsoft
    27. Japanese hardware charts: PSP keeps on rolling
    28. Rumour - New SSX in the works at Criterion
    29. Crackdown 2 gets even more new shots
    30. Alan Wake - new shots
    31. Lionhead releases first Fable III dev diary
    32. Eurogamer Network UU figure up 22% to 4.5 million
    33. Molyneux: Fable III is "all about power, man"
    34. X10 - All news, movies, previews, shots and interviews in one place
    35. Bungie: Halo: Reach multiplayer is taking "big risks"
    36. Fable III at X10 - all preview, news, interview content rounded up
    37. Alan Wake at X10 - all preview coverage rounded up
    38. Awesome Splinter Cell Conviction movies shoot out of X10
    39. Dead Rising 2 direct-feed gameplay shows many zombies, much killing
    40. New God of War III trailer hits GTTV
    41. Fable III - first shots
    42. Mega Man 10 launching throughout March
    43. Mass Effect 2 becomes best-selling January release ever in only one week
    44. Tretton: '09 a "great success" for PlayStation
    45. Original Left 4 Dead DLC to hit "a month or so" after L4D2's The Passing
    46. Fable III to have no HUD, confirms Molyneux
    1. NPD: Microsoft says January was a "great kick-off" to 2010
    2. Crackdown 2 release tagged for June
    3. January NPD: US trade down 13% to $1.17 billion
    4. NPD January 2010: NSMBW tops Mass Effect 2 on software charts
    5. NPD January 2010: Wii sells 465K, 360 beats PS3 comfortably
    6. Xbox 360 the only console to get FFXIII bundles outside Japan, says Microsoft
    7. Crackdown 2 - New shots, cover-art, X10 fact-sheet released [Update]
    8. Screens - Wesker, Marcus, Dom have guns in Lost Planet 2
    9. Halo Reach beta to be largest ever on console - X10 fact sheet
    10. Dead Rising 2 - new screens and movie from X10
    11. Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing detailed a bit more at X10
    12. FFXIII 360 bundle confirmed, Avatar DLC confirmed
    13. Modern Warfare 2 DLC hits Xbox 360 first this spring
    14. Perfect Dark, Scrap Metal and Game Room for March launch
    15. Alan Wake confirmed for May 18 launch
    16. Halo: Reach multiplayer Beta goes live May 3
    17. Dead Rising 2 dated for September 3 in Europe, 360-exclusive prologue coming before release [Update]
    18. [UPDATE] Activision to lay-off staff at Neversoft, Radical, and close Luxoflux
    19. Split-screen co-op confirmed for Lost Planet 2
    20. Alan Wake confirmed for May 2010 in new trailer
    21. New Red Dead Redemption video is full of law, not order
    22. Keighley: Date for Halo: Reach open beta "coming very soon" [Update]
    23. D2D, Impulse, and Steam charts: Jan 31- Feb 6
    24. GDC 2010: Deus Ex 3, Yamaoka, Arkham Asylum lectures announced
    25. Fable III video diary going live on Marketplace tomorrrow
    26. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening video shows Velanna
    27. Rumour - Splinter Cell: Conviction hardware bundle on the way
    28. God of War III pre-orders net a 17 x 24 poster signed by Andy Park
    29. Alan Wake Limited Collector's Edition will run you $80
    30. Screens - FIFA World Cup 2010
    31. APB will be PC-exclusive on release, says RealTime Worlds
    32. Some existing franchises on PS3 will get motion updates, says SCEE
    33. PSA: X10 to kick off at 9pm GMT
    34. PSP Digital Comics store update, Feb 11 - Tank Girl, Marvel Zombies
    35. Rumour - Killzone 3 details in "next few months"
    36. EA's Project Ten Dollar DLC is free for new purchases, not used
    37. Screens - RE5: Gold's Rebecca and Barry in action
    38. Break Media expands further into gaming, acquires FileFront Network
    39. Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter pushed into April
    40. PS3, Wii gets All You Need is Love for Beatles: Rock Band
    41. Future mags down, down, down
    42. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo downloaded 2 million times
    43. EU PS store update, Feb 11 - Flower sale, Heavy Rain demo
    44. God of War III gets 9 in world-first review in OPM UK
    45. Just Add Water announces Vektar Beat
    46. Rumour: Pics show "3D video output" in PS3 debug Firmware 3.20
    47. No More Heroes 2 gets European release in April
    48. LA Noire GI feature scanned, uploaded onto the internet
    49. Kitase hints at possibility of 3D FFXIII
    50. New Brink screens are awesome
    51. Only 30% of new WoW players continue after level 10, says Blizzard
    52. Rebellion "proud" of AvP violence
    53. Nelson confirms most of X10 line-up in not-so-cryptic mash-up
    54. Activison's full-year financials - all the news in one place
    55. This year's CoD "not planned on repeating the same level of success as" MW2, says Acti
    56. True Crime to benefit from GTA stayaway this year
    57. New Hawk Ride game will "unlock the full potential of the board"
    58. Resonance of Fate dated for March 26 in Europe
    59. Global console install base to rise 47 million units in 2010, says Kotick
    60. Nintendo pulls plug on WiiWare demo "experiment," now "deciding next steps"
    61. Rumor: inFamous 2 dropping in 2010
    62. EA to Green Day: Rock Band: The show must go on
    1. Morhaime confirms the unthinkable: WoW's stopped growing
    2. StarCraft II closed Beta to begin "later this month"
    3. Acti Bliz slashes music SKUs, 60 million Guitar Hero songs downloaded
    4. Blur getting multiplayer beta for March
    5. Acti Blizz 2009 revenue up 43%, Q4 revenue sees slight drop
    6. Acti-Blizz confirms new Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk by end of calendar 2010
    7. Acti-Blizz full-year financials 2009: Starcraft II to be downloadable from
    8. "Graphic violence was necessary" in AvP, says Rebellion
    9. Bejeweled is 10, has sold 50 million units
    10. GDC Austin renamed and set for October
    11. EA: Dead Space 2 PC "under consideration"
    12. Upcoming Champions Online expansion gets name change, becomes free
    13. EA to publish fewer third-party titles in the future
    14. RE5 Gold gets Rebecca and Barry for Mercenaries Reunion
    15. "Study": Kids that play FPS games are less empathetic
    16. BioShock has "many stories" that can be told, says 2K
    17. Heavy Rain reviews go live, set phasers to stun
    18. Analyst predicts industry growth of 6% in 2010 thanks to digital sales
    19. PAX East to have Wesley Crusher as first keynote
    20. Level 5 working on unannounced PS3, Wii titles
    21. Aion helps NCsoft achieve $61.6 million profit for Q3
    22. Red Dead Redemption pre-order incentives for US and UK
    23. Win a BioShock 2 Collector's Edition and an "Eve hypo"
    24. Rockstar shows off massive Red Dead Redemption art in New York
    25. EA to reward players for completing matches in FIFA 11
    26. Famitsu gives Heavy Rain 37/40 ahead of today's review deluge
    27. Dead Space 2 PC "not on the plan"
    28. Sega confirms Premium Edition release for Yakuza 3 in UK
    29. GT5 online interface revealed
    30. AvP Special Edition DLC available to all "soon after release"
    31. Darwinia+ now on Live Arcade
    32. EA making unannounced fighter for 2011, possibly Fight Night 5
    33. Moore: E3 "was a lot better last year" than '07 or '08
    34. Fallout: New Vegas scans show first screens
    35. Demon Souls 2 (maybe) teased for fall release in Japan
    36. Initial votes show Australians strongly in favour of R18+ rating
    37. North America gets 360 FFXIII bundle
    38. US Nintendo Media Summit in SF on February 24
    39. Take-Two added to E3 exhibitor list
    40. Blizzard previews new
    41. DFC estimates show Mass Effect 2 outselling other major January releases six-to-one
    42. Holy Invasion of Privacy gets copyright-friendly name change, sequel delayed
    1. Rumor: Original No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle had extra revenge
    2. Teaser video for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier hits
    3. Pachter weighs-in on upcoming Arc and Natal retail war
    4. THQ announces Limited Edition for Metro 2033
    5. Forza 3 celebrates 2M units sold with Nurburgring Track DLC
    6. Naughty Dog's Amy Hennig chats about getting her start in games
    7. BFBC2 to have additional content available at launch
    8. Xbox Live Marketplace Games on Demand, Arcade schedule
    9. Rockstar confirms LA Noire for fall
    10. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier in development for Wii
    11. New Assassin’s Creed set in Rome, will have assassination multiplay
    12. Ubisoft Q3 sales broken down by console, territory
    13. Dead Space 2 in development for handhelds
    14. Ubi reports flat Q3 sales at 495 million
    15. Kitase and Toriyama feel FFXIII will resurrect Japanese game industry
    16. Beta applications now being accepted for LEGO Universe
    17. Nintendo prevails in NSMBW pirating suit, man must pay $1.5M
    18. Halo 3's Mythic II Map Pack now a stand-alone on XBL
    19. BioShock 2 Avatar goodies hit Xbox Live Marketplace
    20. E3 registration now open, Take Two exhibitor again
    21. Blizzard officially unveils female Monk for Diablo III
    22. Ubisoft confirms PS3 version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
    23. Kitase, Toriyama confused by Wada FF comments
    24. Dante's Inferno DLC listed, dated
    25. GoW III video shows the making of the Leviathan
    26. Spore coming to consoles
    27. Pachter: Call of Duty sales down by $250 million this year
    28. Ubisoft not "communicating" platforms for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
    29. Riccitello: 2009 console price-cuts came "too late"
    30. Star Wars: The Old Republic beyond March 2011, says EA
    31. Ubisoft announces Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
    32. "Big" Ubi announcement at 10am GMT on Live today
    33. Every EA game to have "online component" in FY11
    34. Pachter: PS3 hardware sales massively up YoY for January
    35. Dead Rising 2 confirmed for X10
    36. Square Enix registers Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    37. EA's Q3 financials - everything in one place
    38. EA confirms EA Sports Active release for "multiple platforms"
    39. EA to reduce packaged game releases by 33% in FY '11
    40. Dragon Age: Origins, Left 4 Dead 2 sales hit 3 million units
    41. Rumor: Dead Space: Extraction, Planet Cracker invading XBLA, PSN
    42. Plants vs. Zombies showing up on iPhone's doorstep February 15
    1. Need for Speed Shift Ferrari DLC pack is a 360 exclusive
    2. EA publishing deal with Rock Band lasting through March
    3. Dead Space 2 console-only, says EA Q3 release
    4. Mass Effect 2 gets DLC armour, weapon tomorrow
    5. "Something far-reaching coming" for Mass Effect next year, says EA
    6. Sims 3 coming to consoles this Christmas
    7. FIFA 10 sells 9.7 million units LtD
    8. Analyst says "Arc", Riccitiello says "Sony Motion Controller"
    9. Dante's Inferno demo downloaded 3 million times
    10. New Dragon Age to be released on consoles, handhelds and PC
    11. EA slashes Q3 losses but reduces full-year outlook
    12. APB, Medal of Honor confirmed for July-September 2010
    13. Crysis 2, Need for Speed confirmed for EA's Q3 2011
    14. Epic shooter, Dead Space 2, Need for Speed and new Dragon Age out Q4 FY11, says EA
    15. Q Games working on PixelJunk Shooter 2, says Cuthbert
    16. Mass Effect, Dragon Age to get "long-term" support with "standalone products, expansion packs"
    17. EU FFXIII 360 box-art makes no mention of DLC
    18. GI nukes AvP with 5.75/10 - just to be sure
    19. Free Realms passes 8 million sign-ups
    20. Nomura confirms Kingdom Hearts III will happen sometime
    21. BioShock 2 reviews go live, may surprise
    22. Eugen: Console RTS key "not about hardcore micro controls"
    23. EndWar 2 put on the "backburner"
    24. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing demo now on Live
    25. Lego Star Wars III announced for autumn
    26. Miyamoto: Nintendo working on new hardware
    27. Miyamoto working on new WiiMotionPlus game
    28. Moore: "Paranoid" FIFA team won't "get complacent"
    29. "No truth" to Killzone 2 Arc patch rumour, says SCEE
    30. BioWare: Mass Effect 2 saves might not work with Mass Effect 3
    31. Square profits up 68% on strong 2009 releases
    32. UK charts: Mass Effect 2 maintains number one spot
    33. FFXIII gets 70% in PSM3
    34. PoP movie Super Bowl trailer full of action
    35. New account registration for WoW in China suspended
    36. Moore: Arc is "a different experience than Wii"
    37. Get two 360 Platinum Hits, get one free
    38. FFXIII releases for China in May
    39. 2K Marin says console wars "silly," waste creativity
    40. EA to the Middle East: No Dante's Inferno for you!
    41. Molyneux: Natal could bring "bigger change" than the PC mouse
    1. First LA Noire info from GI revealed
    2. Q&A - 3DS
    1. Metro 2033 video shows a hard life in post-apocalyptic Moscow
    2. Molyneux says some features in Fable III may upset people
    3. Rebellion working on PS3 issues with AvP demo
    4. Square hands out Supreme Commander 2 screens and unit info
    5. Sonic 4 gets Japanese teaser site
    6. Modern Warfare 2 Care Package patch sent to MS for certification
    7. Concept Art from EA games shows Road Rash revamp
    8. The Art of Tomb Raider: Pre-orders being taken for limited edition book
    9. Eidos to shutter Championship Manager Online on April 30
    10. iPhone games can run on iPad in full screen mode
    11. ESRB rating description reveals WWII mission in BFBC2
    12. 2K Marin's prepared for fan criticism over BioShock 2
    13. First Fallout: New Vegas info from PC Gamer
    14. Back of FFXIII 360 seemingly confirms DLC
    15. So much for spring - Alpha Protocol delayed into summer
    16. Demon's Souls lets you choose Valentine World Tendency
    17. BioWare defends tame lovin' scenes in Mass Effect 2
    18. Get your cowboy on with these Red Dead Redemption screens
    19. Bungie "saddened" by Halo 2 multiplay demise
    20. Loss per PS3 cut to $18, says WSJ
    21. Gran Turismo PSP sales top 1.8 million, full IP figures released
    1. Peace Walker still has a surprise in store, says Kojima Productions
    2. Valve patches Left 4 Dead 2 and the SDK
    3. BioWare says there's no fix for tiny text in Mass Effect 2
    4. Rumor: Sonic to appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2
    5. BioShock 2 soundtrack hits iTunes on February 9
    6. Dante's Inferno - Descent Video
    7. Nippon Ichi Software financials show profit down by 97.5%
    8. Sony responds to comments over lack of content with Qore
    9. Cambridge to study games, comics and Twilight
    10. Millions to be spent on FFXIII ad campaign in UK, says Square
    11. Fable III's almost "at the final edit", says Molyneux
    12. Diablo III - Artwork reveals female Monk
    13. First BioShock 2 reviews go with 9
    14. XBL for original Xbox shut down could mean increase to friend cap
    15. Capcom feels Monster Hunter: Frontier could "succeed" overseas
    16. LA Noire no longer PS3 exclusive, says GI
    17. Perfect Dark XBL to be shown at X10 event next week
    18. Ubisoft teases "big announcement" for next week
    19. Rockstar throwing PS3 event for GTA IV
    20. Screens - ModNation Racers PSP
    21. Sakura, Rose included for SSFIV, new screens released
    22. SOE announces Legends of Norrath: Vengeful Gods
    23. US PS video store update, Feb 4 - LOST, MST3K the Movie
    24. ModNation Racers revealed for PSP
    25. THQ releases new Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising trailer
    26. Command & Conquer motion comic teased by EA
    27. Bayonetta hits 1.1 million for Sega
    28. Rebellion apologises for AvP demo troubles
    29. Report - Xbox Live Arcade revenues beat $100m in 2009
    30. Dragon Quest VI sells 900k in its first week in Japan
    31. God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition packaging revealed
    32. Fable II, Halo Wars join 360 Classics range
    33. Crack Heavy Rain challenge, get demo early
    34. Yakuza 3 gets Collector's Edition in Standard Edition
    35. Rumour - Harmonix working on something outside of Rock Band
    36. Xbox Live for original Xbox to shut down on April 15
    37. FFXIII soundtrack get vinyl release
    38. Far Cry games are this weekend's Steam deal
    39. C&C4 trailer launches class war
    40. The Grinder dev calls Arc "an amazing device"
    41. Japanese hardware charts - PSP still aiming for the win
    42. High Voltage's The Grinder tries seeing other platforms, still wants to be friends with Wii
    43. FFVII PS3 remake a no-go because game's "style" hard to translate into HD
    44. APB allows you to create custom theme music
    45. Megadeth's Rust in Peace hitting Rock Band next week
    1. US PSN update, Feb.4 - AvP, BFBC2 demos and more
    2. THQ to release sequel to de Blob between 2011 and 2012
    3. BioShock 2 video chats about story, Big Sisters
    4. Highlander mode added to Team Fortress 2 update
    5. LOTRO: Siege of Mirkwood, V3: Allies of the King content coming
    6. L.A. Noire graces cover of March Game Informer
    7. Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition gets a video
    8. PSP Digital Comics store update, Feb 4 - Groom Lake, Wolverine
    9. Sony France says EyePet 2 is currently in the works
    10. Dark Void DLC hitting XBL and PSN next week
    11. Tecmo Koei stock drops 10% following Quantum Theory delay
    12. Just Cause 2 gets a new video, demo coming soon
    13. ESRB apologizes, replaces Dead or Alive Paradise description
    14. Study - 80% of US kids own a console, more than half a handheld
    15. New Dragon Age: Origns - Awakening Video
    16. Reminder: Dante's Inferno lands in European shops today
    17. THQ to show Warhammer 40K at E3
    18. Rumour - Sonic 4 due for release in July, coming to iPhone
    19. Red Dead Redemption video shows pre-order incentives
    20. Fallout: New Vegas confirmed for autumn 2010 release, first movie live now
    21. Auction House service announced for World of Warcraft
    22. Pre-order Metro 2033 on Steam, get Red Faction Guerrilla free
    23. Feature: Is there a way forward for RTS?
    24. AvP demo now Live on PSN and XBL
    25. Here's what Project Natal looked liked as a prototype
    26. EU PS store update, February 4
    27. Rumour: Nispel F.E.A.R. 3 promo casting reveals plot details
    28. Konami revenues drop 18.8% on MGS stayaway
    29. No Conviction demo planned right now, says Ubisoft
    30. Splinter Cell: Conviction gets April 16 UK release
    31. Q&A - PlayStation Vita
    32. Square Enix working on 5 unannounced titles
    33. Rumour - Blizzcon 2010 dated for late October
    34. Global PS3 sales rise to 33.5 million, gap narrows on 360
    35. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 announced for PS3, 360, Wii
    36. PS3 software sales jump to 47 million units in Q3 FY09
    37. 6.5 million PS3s sold worldwide in Christmas quarter, PSP and PS2 both down
    38. New Heavy Rain footage shows Norman Jayden
    39. Madden NFL '10 predicts winner of Super Bowl
    40. BioShock 2 weapons detailed in videos
    41. Aliens Vs Predator PC demo available on Steam
    42. SCEA: Arc is a "code name" for PlayStation Motion Controller
    43. Sims is 10 years old today
    44. Splinter Cell: Conviction release date set in stone
    45. New Fallout: New Vegas info might be dropping tomorrow
    1. Nibris title Sadness goes the way of vaporware
    2. Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka joins Grasshopper Manufacture
    3. THQ: Fiscal 2011 will see new Red Faction, more Saint's Row in 2012
    4. THQ Brian Farrell calls PS Motion Controller ARC
    5. THQ to release 1-3 core titles a year, focus on Xbox 360 and PS3
    6. THQ announces new Warrington and Phoenix digtial studios
    7. THQ: Darksiders shipped 1.2M units its first four weeks
    8. THQ: Q3 fiscal year 2010 shows net sales of $356.7 million
    9. ESRB says Dead or Alive: Paradise contains "creepy voyeurism"
    10. Free in-game content for Mass Effect 2 coming "in a couple weeks"
    11. Dante's Inferno reviews hit the net
    12. Mortal Online goes into open Beta
    13. BioShock 2 on PS3 requires mandatory 5Gb install
    14. Rumor: Devs already working on "new Nintendo platform"
    15. Yakuza 3 video is nothing short of awesome
    16. High Voltage announces Wii-exclusive Tournament of Legends
    17. Sequel to MotoGP 09/10 could have head tracking, stereoscopic 3D
    18. Zelda Wii goes WiiMotionPlus exclusive, says Aonuma
    19. Microsoft: Xbox 360 standalone 250Gb hard drive is for Japan only
    20. Sony looking for "the best way to approach" charging for PSN
    21. Nier dated for April 23 worldwide
    22. Scribblenauts sells more than one million units worldwide
    23. Metroid creator gets surprise GDC lecture
    24. D2D opens European store
    25. US PSN gets Bad Company 2 MP demo tomorrow, new shots released
    26. Take-Two lay-offs are corporate only, says firm
    27. Alien vs Predator gets demo tomorrow, new shots released
    28. Report - Global game unit sales declined by 8% in 2009
    29. EB Games pushing for R18 rating in Australia
    30. Analyst: "Darksiders didn't perform up to THQ's expectations"
    31. Gas Powered Games to announce "next big thing" on February 15
    32. Chart-Track: Modern Warfare 2 world's biggest game in 2009
    33. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands scanned in Spanish mag
    34. First shots of NBA Jam reboot released, still looks bonkers
    35. Splinter Cell: Conviction gets three new shots
    36. Kojima: KP keen to make another home console title
    37. Forza dev starts work on "next big thing"
    38. Star Ocean PS3 gets new CG-tastic shots
    39. Report - Take Two to drop 20% of global workforce [Update]
    40. Interview: Forza Motorsport's Dan Greenawalt
    41. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gets destructive new shots
    42. Steam downtime confirmed for this week
    43. Activision appoints new Guitar Hero CEO
    44. Visceral: "No plans" to do Dante's Inferno II
    45. Codemasters denies US office is set to close
    46. GoW III scans are properly, properly epic
    47. BioShock 2 gets knock-out launch trailer
    48. Lots of Last Guardian info to be revealed this year, says Ueda
    49. White Knight Chronicles gets launch DLC
    50. GoW III video shows how Chimera was made
    51. Forza 3 players have driven over 1.1 billion miles on Live
    52. Back of Bad Company 2 cover reveals 9.5/10 GI score
    53. Sony "very confident" PS3 will beat 360 within 10-year "time-frame"
    54. Armored Core 5 gets teaser trailer
    55. Rumor: Codemasters' American branch suffers lay-offs, going completely dark soon
    56. Dante's Inferno producer has been thinking about a Macbeth game for "years"
    57. Hey, you got your "PS3" in my Mass Effect 2 source code! (Updated)
    1. Merlin TV show may get the videogame treatment
    2. Superstars V8 Next Challenge demo up on LIVE
    3. Awakening expansion screens from DAO reveal Anders
    4. AvP multiplayer video released
    5. BioShock 2 Special Edition unboxed, midnight openings announced
    6. Concerts and exhibitors announced for PAX East
    7. Square Enix CV confirms FFXIV for 360
    8. Dante's Inferno Super Bowl advert lands on net
    9. Star Trek Online launches to 1M users, Klingon and Ferengi characters cost extra
    10. Mass Effect 3 release window will be one that maximizes "quality"
    11. BioWare video shows off Blood Dragon Armor in Mass Effect 2
    12. WoW patch notes for update 3.3.2 released, video of Lich King demise
    13. The Secret World to be shown at GDC, first in-game footage released
    14. Indie title Machinarium gets a Collector's Edition
    15. Heavy Rain is a 4.2Gb install, lets you make origami
    16. Molyneux, Schafer, Toriyama lectures confirmed for GDC
    17. Dante's Inferno video shows St. Lucia DLC with co-op, mission creator
    18. Sid Meier's Civlization for Facebook goes Beta in June
    19. Ensemble co-founder Bruce Shelley has a hand in The Settlers 7
    20. Leaked Duke Nukem: Forever footage shows wild west
    21. PixelJunk Shooter demo now available
    22. THQ's more concerned with earning "trust" than making sequels
    23. UK PS video store update - Action in HD
    24. UFC Undisputed '09 sells 3 million units worldwide
    25. New games to be announced at X10, says Nelson
    26. EA releases screens of Dante's Inferno Super Bowl ad
    27. God of War III, Collection rated by BBFC
    28. Namco drops $129 million, 630 staff
    29. Madden NFL '11 cover athlete to be decided by poll
    30. Sega refuses to comment on AvP demo release
    31. Confirmed: FFXIII 360 to ship on 3 DVDS
    32. Quantum Theory will release "later in 2010"
    33. Analyst: PS3 to get "the best YoY growth in January"
    34. AvP multiplayer modes fleshed out
    35. Nier dated for April 22 in Japan
    36. Dante's Inferno Super Bowl ad to provide "big punch"
    37. id Software celebrates 19th birthday
    38. Playfish working on social game based on well known EA brand
    39. BioWare locking LGBT talk on its forums
    40. New RUSE video shows deception, generals, deceptive generals
    41. New Heavy Rain footage gets naked Madison
    42. SCEE: GT5 launching "this fall"
    43. Quantum Theory delayed to "TBA"
    44. Crysis 2 set three years after original, more details on Nanosuit 2
    45. The Behemoth's third game officially titled "BattleBlock Theater," features smashing top hat action
    46. FFXIII on Xbox 360 tipping the scales at three discs, says Gamefly
    47. Rumor: PSPgo "relaunch" in the works at Sony
    1. Heavy Rain intro sequence revealed
    2. EA MMA gets Bobby Lashley - new shots
    3. 360 250Gb HDD being sold seperately in Japan from March 11
    4. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to last around 15 hours
    5. Iwata denies making DS successor comments in Asahi Shimbun
    6. Mafia II: “No other open world city comes close"
    7. SCEA: More news on FF Versus XIII this month [Update]
    8. Japanese Last Guardian website launches
    9. Capcom sees nine-month profit on tax rebate
    10. Lego: Harry Potter confirmed for May, new media released
    11. Leaked Heavy Rain footage shows Madison in trouble
    12. Warner: Arkham Asylum 2 release is "not October"
    13. Command & Conquer 4 gets new shots
    14. German Warner website tags Arkham Asylum 2 for October [Update]
    15. Q&A - Killzone
    16. Diablo III screens are full of fire and hell
    17. Jaffe: "No regrets" over leaving God of War, Twisted Metal reboot also mentioned
    18. New Heavy Rain shots are pretty, moody, pretty moody
    19. Kojima: "There is no greater crime" than delaying a game
    20. Command & Conquer 4 beta is open
    21. Asia still not getting FFXIII on 360
    22. UK charts: Mass Effect 2 jumps to number one
    23. SCEE: Heavy Rain is "a gamble"
    24. PixelJunk director: Games marketing "narrowly focused" at "the people who read NeoGAF"
    25. "Our best work" is still to come, says BioWare
    26. Q-Games: "We don’t currently have anything for motion controls"
    27. Leaked Sega docs point at Vanquish coming to PS3
    28. Sega will trade exclusivity deal for Shenmue III funding
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