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June 2010 Archive

    1. Closed Beta starts for Wow: Cataclysm
    2. Rein: "Triple-A isn't going away, it's going everywhere"
    3. Runic: Torchlight MMO will be "as close to a single-player as we can get"
    4. OnLive announces LEGO Harry Potter, smooth launch
    5. Mortal Kombat to have "most robust online" system for a fighter
    6. Portal E3 Demo: Parts 4 & 5 out now
    7. Xbox Live deals heat up the summer
    8. Blizzard may rethink WoW sub-fees in the future
    9. Rumor: L.A. Noire pushed into spring 2011
    10. Perils of Summer Sale on Steam: Mass Effect 2, Torchlight
    11. Rock Band 3 to use pitch correction technology
    12. Rumor: Kinect specifications listed by UK retailer
    13. AvP Bughunt Map Pack hitting July 7
    14. Final Fantasy XIV releasing in September for PC, PS3 version coming in March [Update]
    15. Gran Turismo 5 trailer features Top Gear test track, The Stig
    16. Diablo II turns 10, still being played on
    17. Euro PSN Update, June 30 - Harry Potter, LBP, Death Track
    18. SEGA considering Saturn era releases on XBL and PSN
    19. Rumour - New Tomb Raider coming next Christmas
    20. US PSN Update, June 29 - inFamous, LEGO, GaGa
    21. New Yakuza in development for PS3, confirms series director
    22. Molyneux confirms episodic Marketplace release for Fable III
    23. Molyneux on Milo technology: it "actually does work"
    24. Konami's gamescom line-up revealed
    25. ShopTo lists Kinect for ?130, November 19 launch
    26. Rumour - PlayStation Plus needed for Hulu Plus PS3
    27. Mafia II loses multiple endings
    28. White Knight Chronicles coming to PSP
    29. Parts two and three of Portal 2 E3 demo revealed
    30. PS3 firmware update 3.40 stealthily adds Move support
    31. Saint's Row 3DS is also an Xbox Live game, unlocks things in Saint's Row 3
    1. Activision and Sony to re-think UK industry support
    2. ESA: Industry needs its own weekly top ten sales chart
    3. Warriors of Rock gives "soul" back to Guitar Hero series, says Neversoft
    4. Reeves: New consoles coming in 2-3 years
    5. Microsoft's Greenberg: Milo "absolutely" still in development
    6. Perils of Summer Sale on Steam: GTA IV for a fiver
    7. Hulu Plus for PS3 next month, 360 next year
    8. Fist of the North Star video has mohawks, flying fists
    9. Darksiders PC moves into September
    10. Long-awaited PC patch for BFBC2 hitting tomorrow
    11. RAGE walks away with five E3 Game Critics nominations
    12. Rumor: GoldenEye 007 peripherals outed by GameStop
    13. Kid Icarus: Uprising to address industry's "creativity problem", says Sakurai
    14. Black Rock job listings point at new console racer in works
    15. Ubisoft's Q4 line-up detailed, SC: Conviction jumps to Mac in October
    16. Microsoft: Kinectimals uses Milo & Kate tech
    17. Rumor: Dead Space 2 Limited Edition is the only PS3 version
    18. PSA: APB releases today in US, ships in UK
    19. THQ: Metro 2034 coming in 3D
    20. Iwata earns $770k basic salary, Miyamoto gets $1.3 million
    21. Yoshida: PlayStation 3 finally making a profit
    22. Amazon France lists FFvXIII 360, Uncharted 3, Quantic Dream's Horizon
    23. CCP Newcastle opens, works on Dust 514
    24. ELSPA: 32% percent of UK population now gamers
    25. GamesAid Develop poker tournament gets date
    26. Molyneux's Milo & Kate TED talk detailed
    27. Nomura: FF Versus XIII scenario complete
    28. PSP Firmware 6.30 now available
    29. Reminder: PS3 firmware 3.40, PlayStation Plus now available [Update]
    1. Pachter: Wii, Mario Galaxy 2 and Red Dead Redemption to dominate NPDs
    2. Shooters for Move, Kinect have "amazing potential," says Splash Damage
    3. SCEE debunks "false" Killzone 1 HD remake rumour
    4. iPhone 4 sells 1.7 million in first week
    5. BioShock 2 was not "hugely successful," admits Feder
    6. Amazon France lists Team ICO Collection
    7. Red Faction: Armageddon prequel hitting PSN/XBLA
    8. MS: Hardcore will buy Kinect first
    9. Rumour - Reggie "mistaken" about 2011 3DS release
    10. Mystery Bungie game launch will be "incredible", says Activision
    11. Activision: Reborn Infinity Ward "can build great new franchises"
    12. Interview: Activision studio head, Dave Stohl
    13. UK charts: Lego: Harry Potter grabs number one from RDR
    14. BioWare on Kinect, Move pricing: "If the price is too high, they won't take off"
    15. 3DS, "PSP-4000" pegged for 2010 by Japanese retailer
    16. Dead Rising 2 delayed a month in Europe and US
    17. Front Mission Evolved dev diary focuses on wanzers
    18. That Game Company's Journey detailed at E3 briefing
    19. Pokemon Black & White dated, get trailer
    20. Korean WoW subs get StarCraft II free
    21. Sony considering more HD collections
    22. Codemasters: 3D is becoming a "factor"
    23. Désilets: Assassin's Creed won't go down WWII route anytime soon
    1. Unannounced Crystal Dynamics game gets art
    2. Schappert: PS3 "is on fire"
    3. Penello on Kinect: We don't want "shovelware"
    4. Mafia II footage has hot cars, is hot
    5. THQ: TV advertising a waste of money
    6. EEDAR: Purchase intent for Move and Kinect is low
    7. Takeuchi not working on Resi 6, has other plans
    8. Report: Used game sales blamed for industry losses
    9. Moore: We don't want people to trade our games
    10. Metal Gear Rising to be second MG series, says Matsuyama
    1. Microsoft wants to put RROD issues behind it
    2. Singularity trailer shows off the multiplayer
    3. Twisted Pixel says it's working on console MMO for Turbine [UPDATE]
    4. Codies expects "great things" from F1 2010, says Cousens
    5. Doctor Who: Blood of the Cybermen's ready for your download
    6. Ubisoft Workshop taking submissions for artbook
    7. Free Realms registers its 12 millionth user
    8. Sony: "We're in a very good spot" with Move, 3D
    9. Perils of Summer Sale on Steam: Zeno Clash, Company of Heroes
    10. XCOM going FPS is "almost ideal", says Pelling
    11. Fat Princess getting Fat Roles DLC next week, co-op patch
    12. Crysis 2 is "more pleasing" in 3D than Killzone 3, says Yerli
    13. Bungie considered making Halo 4 instead of Reach
    14. Battlefield Heroes turns one, celebrates with goodies
    15. Microsoft: Consumer testing chose Kinect over Natal by a "landslide"
    16. Reggie confirms 2011 launch for 3DS on Fallon
    17. Molyneux would "love" to make Kinect-centric Black & White, not sure if he has the time
    1. Check out the "Marine Salvage" video for Crysis 2
    2. Interview - XCOM's Jonathan Pelling
    3. Visceral "dedicated" to working on PC controls for Dead Space 2
    4. Halo: Reach video shows seven minutes of Firefight mode
    5. MDK2 coming to WiiWare, HD version hitting PC
    6. LBP finally getting the Marvel treatment
    7. Namco Bandai puts out game release schedule
    8. Next Beta phase for NFS World goes live June 28
    9. Perils of Summer Sale on Steam - Star Wars, CoD, Alpha Protocol
    10. Report: Online Pass will curb used game sales
    11. Activision explains Wii exclusivity for GoldenEye
    12. Co-op in Halo: Reach has scalable difficulty
    13. Darksiders merchandise to debut at Comic Con San Diego
    14. TIGA: Treasury to blame for lack of tax relief
    15. Move branded retail boxes appear
    16. White Knight Chronicles 2 gets first Japanese TV ad
    17. Hayes: 3D is "very exciting" but could make you nauseous
    18. Nickelback hit Rock Band next week
    19. Five new APB vids show areas, concept, death
    20. Exclusive Kane & Lynch 2 demo coming to Xbox 360 [UPDATE]
    21. Japanese hardware charts - PSP tops again
    22. Inafune: Gaming's largely a western market
    23. Microsoft: iPlayer is not a priority for Xbox 360
    24. Molyneux: Wii and Move are essentially the same
    25. Civilization V to allow imports of Civilization IV maps
    26. Civilization V to ship with basic multiplayer, more on way
    27. Alien Breed gets co-op trailer
    28. Privates trailer swims into view
    29. Microsoft Kinect-ing with public - playable in stores
    30. Konami anticipating 3 million Peace Walker sales
    31. Spector gushes with praise for 3DS
    32. Sony: Ghost of Sparta best-looking PSP game "ever" created
    33. Time Crisis trailer moves with the times
    34. Tsundoa: Kinect's just like Super Mario Bros.
    35. Video – Killzone 3 gameplay from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
    36. Ancel: BG&E 2 being developed with as few people as possible to maximize creativity
    37. Rumor: Hulu also coming to PS3
    1. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair may eventually hit PSN
    2. Rumor: BioWare holding two-day closed Beta for SWTOR this weekend
    3. Sony: No plans for 3D in next PSP
    4. E3 retrospective makes us feel a bit old
    5. Korea: StarCraft II gets put on a plane
    6. Valve announces Perils of Summer sale on Steam
    7. Next Week on XBL: Tomb Raider Underworld, C&C3
    8. BioWare: Development on PC "less restrictive" than consoles
    9. Square: FFXIV Online skipping 360 due to "closed" online environment
    10. Report: Global publisher killed UK games tax break
    11. Enslaved dated for October 8 [UPDATE]
    12. Famitsu interview reveals new FF XIII Versus info
    13. LEGO: Harry Potter gets a launch trailer
    14. Square to bring more social experience to games
    15. Capcom would like to "team up" with Mad Catz again for MVC3
    16. EA submits trademark for Alice: Madness Returns
    17. Video - NFS: Hot Pursuit gameplay from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
    18. Retailers suggest 2011 3DS release for Europe
    19. Take-Two: New IP once a year, but quality takes time
    20. Killspace Entertainment registers trademark for Necromancer
    21. Tanaka: MMOs on PSP and DS could work
    22. THQ's strategy is not to acquire studios but "work with talent," says Bilson
    23. Sony reveals first PlayStation Plus content
    24. Ni no Kuni trailer reveals sweet animation
    25. DeathSpank hitting PSN and XBL in July
    26. Retail calls for sub-?100 Kinect
    27. Platinum: PS3's a "sports car," 360's a "car that everybody’s driving"
    28. Microsoft and Chevrolet team up for Kinect
    29. Interview - Valhalla's Tomonobu Itagaki and THQ's Danny Bilson
    30. GAME reduces Move to ?34.99
    31. Iwata: Slowing industry sales due to boring games
    32. Counter Strike: Source arrives for Mac, gets discount and update
    33. China to bring new restrictions to online games
    34. Iwata: 3DS will appeal to "serious gamers"
    35. Super Mario 2 has super sales
    36. PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap dated for Japan
    37. Interview - Vanquish's Atsushi Inaba
    38. Microsoft would like to see first-person shooters, core games on Kinect "someday"
    1. LEGO Universe E3 trailer is very cute
    2. Rumor: Guitar Hero Queen on the docket for 2011
    3. Fist of the North Star retains Japanese voices, says Koei
    4. Mortal Kombat 9 screen shows character slots, DLC
    5. PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe get LBP free
    6. Dance Central could eventually come to PS3, says Harmonix
    7. SEGA: 3DS will appeal to wider audience
    8. Epic Mickey's team is 275 strong, says Spector
    9. Wii is "higher in life-to-date sales" than PS3 or 360, says Reggie
    10. Kojima asked for John Carpenter's "blessing" to use Snake
    11. Aonuma does not want Skyward Sword to be "easy"
    12. Ni no Kuni: The Another World coming to PS3
    13. Crackdown 2 demo rated third highest on XBL
    14. SEGA: More sophisticated Kinect games within a year
    15. EU PSN update, June 23 - Secret of Monkey Island, Sam & Max
    16. More GT5 features to be announced closer to launch
    17. Halo: Fall of Reach comic in production
    18. Report: Kinect tech coming to PC and TV by 2011
    19. Free Just Cause 2 DLC has a massive cannon
    20. US PSN store update, June 23 - Sam & Max Episode 3, Sonic Discounts
    21. DC Comics arrive on the PSP Digital Comics Store
    22. Interview - Gran Turismo 5's Chris Hinojosa-Miranda
    23. Iwata: 3DS video chat is possible
    24. New Kinect dashboard shown in action
    25. Remedy: Wake sequel still not "confirmed"
    26. Tippl: Activision "concerned" about Kinect and Move price points
    27. Xbox boss questions "consumer demand" for 3D
    28. Peter Moore: "Nothing to say right now" about new SSX
    29. Interview - Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg
    30. Interview - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's Justin Drust
    31. Final Fantasy XIV trailer kills some monsters
    32. Nintendo staying committed to DS
    1. Iwata: Online to be a "product-by-product decision"
    2. Microsoft celebrates Sonic's birthday with a sale
    3. Devil's Third slated for 2012, says THQ
    4. Laboughs: Sonic 4 had "right team at the right time"
    5. BBC iPlayer 3 coming to PS3 this year
    6. Microsoft has "vested interest" in using PC as a first party platform
    7. Criterion wants Hot Pursuit to be a social experience
    8. Peter Moore: "We need be selective" with motion control experiences
    9. Disney and PDP to release Tron and Mickey inspired controllers
    10. Sledgehammer launches official website
    11. PSP Comic Reader upgraded with new features
    12. Microsoft to release Xbox Live Family Pack in November
    13. Check out the Driver video walkthrough from E3
    14. Yoshida: "Almost all" Sony game studios researching 3D
    15. Sonic 4 feedback was like "nuclear explosion," says SEGA
    16. Jaffe sick of "artsy fartsy" games industry attitudes
    17. RDR Outlaws to the End DLC goes live
    18. Only one game in Sly Cooper Collection supports 3D
    19. Ubisoft's Project Dust looks very polished
    20. Harmonix details Rock band 3's guitar controller
    21. Infinity Ward's looking for a few good men
    22. Osborne cancels UK videogame tax relief [UPDATE]
    23. Rumour: 3DS set for December launch
    24. Game discounts Xbox 360 Elite to ?149.99
    25. Jaffe: Twisted Metal graphics will improve, but looks aren't everything
    26. Jaffe: I "don't care" if people never trust me again
    27. Kotick: Only 30% of Activision profits from console games
    28. Fischer: Nintendo not under pressure to offer Wii price cut
    29. Portal 2 videos explain gameplay, story
    30. Pachter: "Limited" Kinect not for the "hardcore"
    31. Interview - Nintendo's Laurent Fischer
    32. Activision wants to improve image, says Tippl
    33. Inafune: Dead Rising 2's difficulty will be "better balanced"
    34. Resident Evil Revelations gets 3DS trailer
    35. Kinect costs $149.99, says Microsoft Store
    36. Interview - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's Mathieu Gagnon
    37. David Jaffe explains why he "lied" about Twisted Metal
    38. Reggie: 3DS coming to "all major markets" by March 2011
    1. Hiromichi Tanaka: Currently no plans for Final Fantasy XIV on 360
    2. PICA200 chip powers 3DS graphics
    3. Warner to "take it easy" on further acquisitions
    4. Sonic Adventure for XBLA and PSN stuck in 4:3 aspect ratio
    5. Sly Cooper HD collection has three platinum trophies
    6. Tanaka: Final Fantasy XIV will support Move if we get the chance
    7. Shuhei Yoshida confirms GT5 weather, damage, go-karting
    8. Rumour: Kinect units cost $150 to manufacture
    9. Ninja Theory would love to have made Heavenly Sword 2
    10. Pixeljunk Shooter 2 uses light and acid
    11. Jurassic Park will be change of direction for TellTale
    12. AllGamesBeta shuts up shop
    13. Pachter says $99 would be Kinect sweet spot
    14. Twisted Metal won't support 3D or PS Move
    15. EA: Hot Pursuit inspired by shooters such as Call of Duty
    16. OnLive's US pricing revealed
    17. Just Dance 2 trailer has people on their feet
    18. Iwata: 3DS was not designed with iPhone in mind
    19. UK charts: RDR makes it five weeks at number one
    20. Crackdown 2 demo released today [Update]
    21. GT5: Top Gear test track gets footage
    22. Lewis: Xbox 360 only halfway through its life-cycle
    23. Every 3DS shot in the world put on one page
    24. E3 2010: Who won the press conferences?
    1. Jaffe: Twisted Metal in development for 18 months
    2. Microsoft to release Kinect bundles this year
    3. Pachter: One million PlayStation Plus subscribers this year
    4. Jaffe: Designing Twisted Metal PS3 is the "most fun" I've had
    5. SOE releases E3 screens of The Agency
    6. Best Buy lists Kinect with "TBA" game
    7. Rumour: DC Universe Online gets subscription fee and solid date
    8. BioWare: SWTOR's voiceover content larger than "50 Star Wars novels"
    9. PlayStation Move gets public debut in Japan
    10. SWTOR: Group quests have "double-digit hours" and "giant chains"
    11. Twisted Metal gameplay video is crazy stuff
    12. Interview - Star Wars: The Old Republic's Daniel Erickson (part two)
    13. Resident Evil and SOCOM 4 videos show Move support
    14. Webush anaylsts believe new hardware will boost games industry
    15. Kaz Hirai: 3DS technology not precise
    16. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit footage hits net
    17. Kenichiro Imaizumi: PS3 exclusive "just a rumour"
    18. DC Online Universe gets superhero-tastic screens
    19. "We need buttons to have certain kinds of experiences", says Sony
    1. L4D2 gets a few updates and Headshot Mutation
    2. Gray Matter gets a date with October
    3. SWTOR's single-player is "far, far bigger" than any game BioWare's ever done
    4. BioWare: All questions about Revan and The Exile will be answered in TOR
    5. SWTOR's not trying to be a WoW killer, says BioWare
    6. Kotick would like to "create an online world for Call of Duty"
    7. Interview - Star Wars: The Old Republic's Daniel Erickson (part one)
    8. Wii Vitality Sensor to be shown at "other venues", says Dunaway
    9. LOTRO FTP Beta launches, loads of new details surface
    10. Rumor: Kojima to announce a "massive PS3 exclusive" at TGS
    11. Media Molecule to patch in Move creation levels for LBP2
    12. Donkey Kong Country Returns looks rather fun
    13. Rock of Ages from Ace Team coming spring 2011
    14. Heavy Rain DLC put on indefinite hold
    1. "There is absolutely a 10-year life cycle for PSP", says Koller
    2. "Discussions with Sony regarding 3D" began over three years ago, says Yamauchi
    3. Gaikai signs EA, moves into 2011
    4. Child of Eden supports standard controllers
    5. Check out the Overlord DLC video for Mass Effect 2
    6. Next week on XBL: Mirror’s Edge, BFBC2 Onslaught, more
    7. Direct footage from Crackdown 2 demo lands
    8. inFamous 2 shots light up the net
    9. Driver: San Francisco gets the Collector's Edition treatment
    10. 3DS should not be used by under sevens
    11. Canada's finally getting PlayStation Video Store
    12. DeathSpank looks very kickass
    13. FIFA won't support Move or Kinect - for now
    14. Mac Counter Strike: Source hitting Steam next week
    15. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep "could've been" KH III, says Square
    16. Bungie - Reach is a "sad goodbye" for the team
    17. Valve: No cake meme jokes in Portal 2
    18. Shank E3 screens show a fun looking platformer
    19. Watch Bowser cook Reggie's face in this 3DS promo
    20. DC Universe Online lets you become the next legend
    21. Homefront trailer proves that war is hell
    22. Sony doesn't want developers to "force" Move on anyone
    23. Sony's Richard Marks explains the technical aspects of Move
    24. Microsoft hoping to Kinect with Japan
    25. Sony puts up Ghost of Sparta PSP bundle shots
    26. Trine 2 gets trailer and detailed
    27. No data transfer cable included with new 360
    28. New screens show Kinect dashboard
    29. Alan Wake DLC to cost 560 MS points
    30. Move shooter gets pics
    31. Analyst: 3DS to launch in west in March 2011, cost $249-$299
    32. Rare: No lag issues with Kinect
    33. 67% of US Homes have console or PC for gaming
    34. Reeves: Sony needs to release PSP2
    35. MGS: Rising may support motion controls, says producer
    36. Criterion reveals exclusive deal with Porsche for NFS: Hot Pursuit
    37. New 360 already modded
    38. Activision supporting "brilliant" 3DS, Move/Kinect support later
    39. Slimmer 360 hungry for discs
    40. US PS Store Update 17/6 - Hot Shots Tennis demo
    41. Valve planning cross-compatibility for Portal 2 on PS3
    42. Epic demos Unreal running 3D with Gears 2
    43. Tippl: Franchise fatigue is an excuse for lack of innovation
    1. Move's Navigation controller can be skipped for DualShock
    2. Epic: "We helped redefine co-op" on Xbox 360
    3. Fable III allows you to be gay with co-op players, adopt children
    4. E32011 dated as 2010 attendance tops 46K
    5. Molyneux: Milo & Kate to be shown in July
    6. Interview: Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux
    7. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future heading west in September
    8. Interview - Epic's Rod Fergusson
    9. No RROD display on slimmer Xbox 360
    10. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood single-player gameplay video
    11. Doctor Who: City of the Daleks gets 525K downloads
    12. US spent $4.5 to $4.75B on digital and used games in 2009
    13. Download the Medal of Honor PC Beta client on FileFront
    14. Kinect listed for pre-order on Amazon for $149.00
    15. Killzone 3 cover art revealed with Move compatible logo
    16. Gran Turismo 5 information blow out
    17. EA exec hints at achievements for 3DS
    18. Sly Collection releasing in Europe in November
    19. Report - Nintendo 3DS has software installs
    20. Medal of Honor Beta delayed for Xbox 360
    21. Sony is "pleased" that Nintendo is releasing 3DS
    22. Metal Gear Solid: Rising gets screen blowout
    23. Albion has changed in these new Fable III shots
    24. Riccitiello: 3D games may come at a "premium"
    25. Reminder: Hideo Kojima is in London this weekend
    26. Bleszinski: "Nintendo had an affair with everybody's mom, now it's over"
    27. Microsoft: 3D may not be the future
    28. Stunning new screens arrive for GT5
    29. House: Cross-Game Chat is a "side issue"
    30. Sega: No plans for new hardware,"We're a software company"
    31. Kojima: Zone of the Enders 3 on hold
    32. Microsoft: Kinect pricing to be announced at gamescom
    33. SCEE boss: "I couldn't say" if Last Guardian was to appear at gamescom or TGS
    34. New Force Unleashed II screens look hot
    35. Anaylst: Microsoft will ship "3 million Kinects this year"
    36. OnLive seen running on iPad
    37. Video - Kevin Butler only does E3
    38. Quantum Theory gameplay in motion
    39. Iwata hints at 3D for next Nintendo console
    40. Report - Kinect only works standing up [Update]
    41. Interview: Gears movie is "touch and go," says Bleszinski
    42. NeverDead gets first screens
    43. Rapper Ice-T shows up at Microsoft's E3 party
    44. New The Witcher 2 screens are easy on the eyes
    45. Mortal Kombat 9 - Fatalities montage brings the gore
    46. Miyamoto: Nintendo's been researching 3D for 20-years
    47. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow coming this fall [Update]
    48. First look at Saint's Row 3 coming in December
    49. Firmware update 3.40 hitting June 29 with PlayStation Plus
    1. Dead Rising 2 multiplayer shots arrive
    2. Professor Layton and The Mask of Miracle announced for 3DS
    3. Metal Gear Solid: Rising is prequel to MGS4
    4. Dragon Age DLC Leliana's Song announced
    5. Confirmed - Brink delayed until 2011
    6. Rebellion's NeverDead announced by Konami
    7. New Silent Hill coming next year for PS3, 360
    8. Saw II Flesh and Blood confirmed for Halloween
    9. Konami E3 2010 Press Conference - What we're doing
    10. THQ plans to "shake up Blizzard" with WH40K MMO
    11. Dead Rising: Case Zero gets trailer
    12. E3: BioWare releases gameplay clips for SWTOR
    13. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 'Limited Codex Edition' coming to Europe
    14. Dundee-based Proper Games to develop Crackdown 2 PDLC
    15. F.E.A.R. 3 shots arrive from E3
    16. Time Crisis: Razing Storm PS3 exclusive, three games in one
    17. Interplay wants you to sign up for the Fallout Online Beta
    18. SCEA on Last Guardian E3 no show: "timing" wasn't right
    19. The 3rd Birthday E3 trailer rocks socks
    20. Here come the Rooster - Spec Ops: The Line video
    21. Bungie: No multiplayer in Reach's space combat
    22. THQ teases WH40K: Space Marine
    23. Interview: Bungie's Lars Bakken on Halo: Reach
    24. Sony: Cross-game chat not part of PlayStation Plus [Update]
    25. Darksiders 2 "well into production", says THQ
    26. LBP2 Beta coming "fairly soon", says SCEE
    27. World Rally Championship gets first six screens and video
    28. THQ reveal Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online
    29. Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars screens
    30. GT5 E3 shots show gorgeous cars
    31. Two new Gears of War 3 gameplay videos hit net
    32. PlayStation Plus pricing confirmed for UK
    33. Halo: Reach Firefight trailer shot off-screen
    34. Amazon UK and Play taking Move pre-orders
    35. EU PS Store update - Monkey Island, MGS Peace Walker
    36. Sony outs Singstar Dance and Singstar Guitar
    37. Journey revealed as thatgamecompany's next title
    38. LittleBigPlanet 2 dated for November
    39. PS Move software line up revealed, packshots released
    40. Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater footage appears
    41. Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip gets trailer, screens
    42. US PSN Update 15/6 - Final Fantasy XI, Catan
    43. Pityoma gets PSP release this summer
    44. Gravity Crash PSP due for summer release, gets new shots
    45. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword gets debut E3 trailer, screens
    46. SCEE to release Heavy Rain: Move Edition, gets trailer
    47. First Dead Nation footage hits the internet
    48. PixelJunk Shooter 2 gets E3 trailer, screens
    49. Gran Turismo 5 gets collector's edition
    50. Patapon 3 revealed for PSP, releasing this autumn
    51. Valkyria Chronicles II releasing in US on August 31
    52. inFamous 2 gets debut E3 trailer
    53. God of War: Ghost of Sparta gets trailer and screens
    54. Twisted Metal gets debut trailer
    55. MS: Black Ops exclusivity window's a "big deal for us"
    56. Sony "underestimated" gamers' attachment to titles already owned in packaged format
    57. Kinect pricing to be revealed closer to November launch in Europe and US
    58. House: Move is "all about precision of movement" and depth
    59. Xbox 360's "defined by experiences that involve guns", says Lewis
    60. Sony: No plans for another PS3 pricecut or a new PSP
    61. MS plans to court the casual, core, and middle with Kinect
    62. Sony doesn't think customers will be divided over PlayStationPlus
    63. Lewis: MS "pretty intolerant of anything that isn’t growth"
    64. Interview - SCEE's Andrew House
    65. Interview - Microsoft Europe's Chris Lewis
    66. Miyamoto: Pikmin wasn't at E3 for a reason
    67. Nintendo "roundtable" chat at E3 - Live
    1. Rumor: Cross Game Chat coming with PlayStation Plus
    2. Sony launch PlayStationPlus website
    3. PES 11 gameplay trailer hits net
    4. One speaker Surround Sound for PS3 coming this fall
    5. PSN: Over 50 million users signed-up since 2006
    6. Video - Gabe Newell announces Portal 2 for PS3
    7. Sony E3 press conference - everything in one place
    8. New Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3 announced
    9. Gran Turismo 5 dated for November 2 in US, Latin America
    10. Mafia II content exclusive to PlayStation 3
    11. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood MP beta exclusive to PS3
    12. Dead Space 2 Limited Edition for PS3 has Extraction
    13. Portal 2 coming to PS3 with Steamworks
    14. PS3 to get exclusive Medal of Honor content
    15. Sony announces PlayStationPlus
    16. Jack Tretton: 70 new psp titles by year end
    17. Sony reveal Move titles
    18. Move dated for September in West, October in Japan
    19. Kevin Butler appears at Sony E3 conference
    20. Heroes on the Move revealed
    21. Move support for Tiger Woods PGA to come via dlc
    22. Sorcery demoed using PlayStation Move
    23. Sony: 40 Developers and publishers working on Move games
    24. 3DS - First hands-on impressions
    25. Sly Cooper Collection confirmed, is 3D compatible
    26. Killzone 3 releasing February 2011, has Move support
    27. Interview - True Cime: Hong Kong associate producer George Ngo
    28. MGS 3DS title is Snake Eater in 3D
    29. Nintendo reveal 3DS games from EA, THQ, more [Update]
    30. European PS Home spaces get revamped
    31. Metal Gear being shown on 3DS at Nintendo booth
    32. E3 2010 - Nintendo megatons get rounded up
    33. E3 2010 - Sony press conference live!
    34. Kojima announces Metal Gear 3DS title
    35. Nintendogs confirmed for 3DS, also has cats
    36. Kid Icarus announced for 3DS
    37. Nintendo 3DS revealed for first time - plays 3D movies
    38. Donkey Kong coming to Wii this holiday season
    39. Nintendo announces Kirby's Epic Yarn for Wii
    40. Epic Mickey shown at Nintendo E3 presser
    41. GoldenEye 007 announced for November
    42. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn announced for DS
    43. Just Dance 2 revealed
    44. Nintendo announces Mario Sports Mix
    45. Zelda: Skyward Sword releasing next year
    46. Zelda Wii called Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    47. Ghost Recon: Future Solider E3 demo and screens drop
    48. FirstPlay Episode 11 to include exclusive Backbreaker demo
    49. Game starts taking pre-orders for new 250GB Xbox 360
    50. AC producer: Désilets made the "right decision" to leave Ubisoft
    51. Halo: Reach screens break through atmosphere
    52. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep gets trailer
    53. New Final Fantasy XIV trailer lands tonight
    54. Rumour - Third mystery PS3 HD collection to be announced alongside Sly, Team Ico tonight
    55. Sonic Colours gets first trailer
    56. Xbox Live coming to nine new countries
    57. Video goes close up on 360 Slim
    58. Microsoft releases E3 Codename: Kingdom trailer
    59. Crackdown 2 - new screens
    60. 15 new Gears of War 3 shots hit net
    61. E3 2010 - Nintendo press conference live!
    62. Square Enix announces Mindjack
    63. Rayman Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time gets trailer
    64. Warner Bros announces Game Party: In Motion for Kinect
    65. Report - Irrational's Project Icarus is an E3 no-show
    66. 11 minutes of Medal of Honor multiplayer footage hits ground
    67. I Am Alive gets first trailer in two years, coming spring 2011
    68. Xbox 360 Kinect retail games are clearly different
    69. Modern Warfare 2 sells 20 million units
    70. US PlayStation Store to update all this week during E3
    71. Kojima Productions E3 site shows third unannounced game
    72. Driver: San Francisco reveal trailer hits the net
    73. Watch the moment 360 Slim gets revealed, Don Mattrick turns into Oprah
    74. Activision E3 extravaganza had star-studded line up
    75. E3 2010 – Activision extravaganza liveblog!
    76. E3 Assets - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    77. E3 Assets - Watch the full Gears 3 demo here
    78. Ubi reveals Project Dust by Eric Chahi
    79. GoldenEye revamp trailer leaked
    80. Alan Wake: The Signal DLC gameplay video
    81. E3 Assets: Check out the new Crysis 2 shots
    82. Ubi's E3 press conference – everything in one place
    83. Ubi announces Michael Jackson dancing game
    84. Michael Ancel working on 2D Rayman title
    85. Shift in Driver: SF only possible on this generation of consoles, says Relfections
    86. Hands-on preview: Driver: San Francisco
    87. Driver: San Francisco gets first media
    88. Interview: Driver: San Francisco's Martin Edmondson
    89. Driver: San Francisco revealed for holiday 2010
    90. Battle Tag revealed at Ubisoft's E3 presser
    91. Ubisoft announces Child of Eden at E3 presser
    1. Microsoft announces Summer of Arcade titles
    2. Sonic Free Riders announced for Kinect
    3. EA's E3 press conference - everything in one place
    4. Bulletstorm releasing in February 2011
    5. EA Sports Active 2 to support Kinect
    6. EA Sports MMA dated for October
    7. EA reveals Gun Club for fans of shooters
    8. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam announced for winter
    9. Medal of Honor Beta goes live June 21
    10. Dead Space 2 gets an official date
    11. Critierion's Need for Speed called Hot Pursuit, out on November 16
    12. MGS: Rising trailer blows minds at MS presser
    13. Crackdown 2 demo dated
    14. Microsoft's E3 press conference/Project Natal Experience - everything in one place
    15. Black Ops trailer features Eminem remix
    16. E3 2010 - Ubisoft press conference liveblog!
    17. E3 2010 – EA press conference liveblog!
    18. 360 Slimline announced, in stores this week
    19. Turn 10 announces Forza Kinect in development
    20. Kinect to launch on November 4 in North America, 15 launch titles
    21. Ubisoft detail Your Shape Fitness Evolved at MS presser
    22. Kinect Joyride announced
    23. ESPN coming to Xbox Live for Gold Members
    24. Zune voice controlled on Xbox Live
    25. Halo Reach to have playable space combat
    26. Firefight confirmed for Halo: Reach
    27. Crytek joins MS Partners to develop 360-exclusive
    28. Fable 3 dated for October 26 - E3 trailer released
    29. Metal Gear Solid: Rising shown for first time at MS E3 presser
    30. All CoD: Black Ops DLC to come to Xbox Live first
    31. Sony to announce something "exciting" for SingStar at E3
    32. Dead Space 2: Isaac vs The Puker video
    33. Gameloft announces Dungeon Hunter Alliance for PS3
    34. Bobby Kotick says he is aware of what gamers think of him
    35. Greenberg: Hardcore gamers are still MS's focus
    36. EA heats up Mass Effect 2 with new demo and DLC
    37. Star Wars: The Old Republic - E3 Trailer
    38. Rumor: Zelda Wii details out of Germany
    39. Nine new screens Vanquished into submission
    40. Tron Evolution gets screens, hands-on
    41. Trails HD going cheap
    42. Koijma at PS Blog meet up
    43. Rumor: Retro Studios working on Donkey Kong title
    44. Activision titles to feature top music artists
    45. Gran Turismo 5: Le Mans footage hits internet
    46. Dance Central to get regular DLC
    47. FIFA 11 video explains personality +
    48. BBC Tech: Move more precise than Kinect
    49. E3 2010 – Microsoft press conference liveblog!
    50. AC: Brotherhood E3 trailer confirms November 16 US release
    51. Kinect Sports developed by Rare, has lag issues
    52. de Blob 2 going multiplatform
    53. THQ brings three WWE titles to E3
    54. Clip for Star Wars Kinect title makes us a bit excited
    55. Force Unleashed II gets gameplay trailer
    56. Microsoft E3 press conference - every live video stream
    57. Toulouse: Kinect is the "perfect name"
    58. Red Dead Redemption holds off SMG2 to maintain UK number one
    59. Greenberg: We're not worried about Natal name change
    60. Fallout: New Vegas dated for October
    61. Rumour: Sony to reveal Singstar Dance
    62. Bleszinski: Kinect is "nice step" from software to entertainment
    63. Kinect gets its first videos
    64. November launch confirmed for Kinect
    65. First shots of Kinect under its new guise [Update]
    66. More Kinect details in main MS presser tonight
    67. Star Wars Kinect title revealed
    68. Confirmed: Project Natal renamed Kinect
    69. Natal Experience - What's happening as it happens [UPDATE]
    70. Rumour - Sony to announce 500Gb PS3 Move bundle
    71. USA Today: Crysis 2 to support 3D
    72. Rumor: Kinect to have two versions, most expensive costs $189.00
    73. USA Today talks Kinect, mentions games [UPDATE]
    1. Rumour: Natal is called Kinect, new 360 form factor leaked in ad
    2. Danish Game lists Natal pricing at 1,299 DKK/?140
    3. SOCOM 4 E3 trailer shows shooting and thensome
    4. Source: E3 360 conference "locked down tighter than nuclear go codes"
    5. DJ Hero 2 mix videos hit net
    6. Rumour - $6 million E3 Acti party to feature Gaga, strippers, Jane's Addiction
    7. Shank gets E3 trailer
    8. Kojima Productions E3 site updates, shows kanji writing
    9. NBA Elite 11 trailered
    10. Rumour - Chinese blogger outs 3DS details
    11. Sony to preview Move to public
    12. inFamous 2 releasing next year
    13. Rez creator to reveal new game at Ubisoft E3 press conference
    14. GAME UK starts taking orders for Project Natal
    15. SCEA hints at hardware reveal during E3 - 2+2=?
    16. Level 5 hints at Time Travelers reveal at E3
    17. Pachter: Xbox 360 Slim, PSP2 will be at E3
    18. Interview: Blizzard's Tom Chilton
    19. Red Dead Redemption gets title update
    20. PlayStation Move gets half-hour long video
    21. Force Unleashed II E3 trailer pits two lightsabers against a thousand stormtroopers
    1. Enslaved shots look rather interesting
    2. LA Times goes behind the scenes of tomorrow's Natal event [Update]
    3. E3: Games expected and rumored for the event
    4. Watch stuff get beat up in this Scott Pilgrim vs The World trailer
    5. DC Universe Online video shows us the slums of Metropolis
    6. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron hitting Europe and US
    7. Insomniac discusses original vision for Resistance: Fall of Man
    8. LOTR: War in the North gets previewed, trailered
    9. E3 trailer for The Agency released
    10. Sony posts Patapon-related countdown clock
    11. First Bodycount trailer makes Michael Bay proud
    12. Fallout: New Vegas gets swinging E3 trailer
    13. GT5 E3 trailer gives us hope of a date next week
    14. Dead Space 2 gets first gameplay footage
    15. Report - Patrice Désilets leaves Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft
    16. First Killzone 3 gameplay footage rocks boat, is awesome
    17. Itagaki reveals THQ-published Devil's Third for PS3 and 360
    1. Dante and Deadpool appear in Marvel vs Capcom 3 video
    2. APB to skip microtransactions and DLC
    3. LA Times gets pre-E3 look at Natal
    4. EU PlayStation Blog to make "two huge announcements" tomorrow morning
    5. MW2: Resurgence Map Pack hitting PSN and PC in July
    6. True Crime website launch includes screens, cast
    7. Homefront gets backstory trailer, pre-E3 impressions
    8. US PSN finally getting FFIX on June 15
    9. Valve E3 event "completely cancelled"
    10. Dead Rising 2 gets the Playboy treatment
    11. Zombies in CoD: Black Ops? Maybe, maybe not
    12. CD Projekt will do its "utmost to prevent" an intrusive DRM solution
    13. Rumour - Gamespot E3 floor plan outs Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5
    14. Get sextuple XP in Gears 2 next week
    15. Mafia II E3 trailer shows The Made Man
    16. F1 2010 shots has lack of Vettel/Webber clashes
    17. Bethesda RPGs on sale this weekend via Steam
    18. David Hayter not signed up for Metal Gear Solid: Rising
    19. Microsoft has "bigger announcements" at E3 that'll "top" last year's Natal announce
    20. Medal of Honor multiplayer Beta kicking off on July 5, according to [UPDATE]
    21. Civilization V releasing on September 24 in UK
    22. Trine 2 to be shown at E3 next week by Atlus
    23. Kojima Productions E3 site opens up, shows stuff getting cut
    24. Rock Band 3 gets ultimate pre-E3 blowout - trailer, screens, impressions and more
    25. Crysis 2 stealth video goes all out
    26. Countdown appears on Criterion website - can you guess why?
    27. StarCraft II TV ad pumps up the hype
    28. New Itagaki title to be announced tomorrow on GTTV
    29. Tecmo Koei announces E3 line-up
    30. The Conduit 2 to have optional MotionPlus support
    31. Debut Mortal Kombat trailer has plenty of gameplay, is awesome
    32. Rockstar: No "current plans" for PC version of Red Dead Redemption
    33. Japanaese hardware charts - Another week, another PSP win
    34. Crytek confirms multiplayer beta of Crysis 2
    35. First XCOM trailer full of blob monsters, win
    1. Microsoft compares Natal to futuristic devices
    2. Blitz believes Microsoft will announce its 3D plans "soon"
    3. Study - Move and Natal purchase intent below 10%
    4. Sony UK boss says he's "not too fussed" about comments from competitors
    5. Xbox Live Marketplace schedule lists Mass Effect 2 demo
    6. Onslaught mode dated for BFBC2
    7. Mafia II video shows the Tools of the Trade
    8. MotorStorm Apocalypse officially announced, has screens
    9. Crysis 2 release moved into autumn
    10. Rumor: Nintendo to reveal Animal Crossing 3DS at E3 event
    11. Interview: Motorstorm Apocalypse's Matt Southern
    12. Impressions: Motorstorm Apocalypse
    13. Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure hitting XBL and PSN
    14. Four Fallout: New Vegas digital pre-order packs announced
    15. Ruffian answers your Crackdown 2 questions
    16. Rumour - MGS: Rising to get E3 re-reveal with new trailer, new art emerges
    17. Rumour - PSN premium service called "Service Pack" [Update]
    18. Ubisoft releases E3 teaser videos
    19. EA announces E3 line-up
    20. Warner announces Mortal Kombat for 2011 for PS3, 360
    21. Interview: DJ Hero 2's Jamie Jackson
    22. Back to the Future games releasing from Telltale this winter
    23. Rumour - Tony Hawk: Shred will include snowboarding
    24. Batman: Arkham Asylum GoTY is 50% off on Steam
    25. "Legendary" game dev to reveal "top-secret new project" on Friday
    26. Namco Bandai boss: Wii and DS market has "collapsed"
    27. White Knight Chronicles 2 gets two new gameplay trailers
    28. Riccitello: Dead Space 2's online will be "innovative"
    29. XCOM releasing in 2011, says 2K
    30. Team Fortress 2 landing on Mac tomorrow
    31. Rock Band 3: 5 minutes of video, interviews, keyboard, details
    32. Lewis: Britain has highest 360 attach rate in the world
    1. Trine devs to announce new game at E3 with Atlus
    2. US PSN update, June 8 - Peace Walker, Joe Danger
    3. Sony upgrades PSN with 3D support
    4. Ozzy hitting Rock Band June 15
    5. Halo 3 outsells Sony's big exclusives combined
    6. Valve E3 surprise is "Portal 2 themed"
    7. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II collector's edition revealed
    8. Portal 2 delayed into next year
    9. Riccitiello: Online Pass is not about hindering used game sales
    10. Square Enix bringing 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded to E3
    11. Windows: Games on Demand to have 100 new titles by year's end
    12. Euro PSN update, June 9 - LBP Heavy Rain, Joe Danger
    13. 2K announces E3 line-up
    14. Jeri Ryan explains Mortal Kombat video
    15. Xbox World 360 issues public apology over Bleszinski quote
    16. Fallout: New Vegas to include Steamworks DRM
    17. Splatterhouse E3 trailer is gory s**t
    18. Job listing shows Neversoft working on shooter
    19. NHL 11 gets first, giant screens
    20. Gears of War 3 - new mega pre-E3 shots
    21. Zelnick hints at BioShock future outside of 2K Marin
    22. Enslaved coming out in October, says E3 trailer
    23. DJ Hero 2 gets debut trailer and screens
    24. FIFA 11 announced, to "redefine player authenticity"
    25. Paul Meegan becomes new LucasArts president
    26. FIFA 11: No online Manager Mode this year, says producer
    27. 3DS is "cool", says Riccitiello
    28. Bleszinski steps up press assault, calls foul on Japan tech story
    29. PSN undergoing major maintenance today
    30. Episodic Jurassic Park adventure game in the works at Telltale
    31. EA: Respawn's skipping E3 this year
    1. House: PSPgo was released "to learn more about what the consumer wanted"
    2. T2 Q2 2010 financials - "DLC is a consumer experience"
    3. Rockstar to have no "presence" at E3 [Update]
    4. T2 Q2 2010 financials - Mafia II demo planned for PC, PS3 and 360
    5. GTA IV passes 17 million milestone
    6. Take-Two Q2 2010 financials - Red Dead Redemption moves over 5M units
    7. Max Payne 3 slips out of FY 2010
    8. Take-Two Q2 2010 financials - Revenue up 54% to $268M
    9. BioWare feels motion control need to "evolve beyond the party game"
    10. Rumor: Lucasarts releasing new Star Wars: Starfighter title
    11. New Lara Light footage features giant fish, sewer
    12. Call of Duty: The War Collection hits stores
    13. EA Sports releases first shot of FIFA 11
    14. Footage shows what appears to be Mortal Kombat film [UPDATE]
    15. Guerrilla: Story telling in FPS games is something devs can't "neglect"
    16. Forza 3 Summer Velocity Car Pack released
    17. Power Gig announced for October with Eric Clapton and a drum peripheral
    18. Midnight Blue DSi XL hitting July 11
    19. Itagaki's new game to be at E3 next week
    20. Rumor: Valve's E3 surprise is Source Engine 2
    21. Yakuza 4 coming west next spring
    22. EA Sports says there'll be "big announcements" for MMA at E3
    23. MGS: Peace Walker reviews start sneaking in, EG goes with 8
    24. DJ Hero 2 formally announced for fall
    25. DJ Hero 2 out in October, according to DLC for original [Update]
    26. Fable III screen shows mysterious captain
    27. Crackdown 2 DLC will "completely change the way that the game plays," says Ruffian
    28. Black: Bodycount intended to have campaign co-op
    29. Battlefield: Bad Company 2's third map pack gets trailered
    30. LucasArts E3 line-up revealed
    31. Full half-hour RDR short film gets online
    32. Square Enix: Nomura to "cause an impact" at E3 next week
    33. Rare website starts counting down - get guessing
    34. Respawn planning "big time announcement" at E3
    1. Enslaved E3 trailer brings it home
    2. Dragon Age anime to release in 2011
    3. Apple announces iPhone 4 in San Francisco [Update]
    4. Ubi releases First Driver reboot movie [Update]
    5. Red Faction: Armageddon coming March 2011
    6. Capcom's E3 line-up announced
    7. Sonic Adventure rated for PS3 by ESRB
    8. Kane & Lynch 2 E3 trailer does a doody on the bed
    9. Square Enix announces Obsidian-developed Dungeon Siege III [Update]
    10. Guitars for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock are mental
    11. HL2: Episode Three isn't Valve's big surprise, says Newell
    12. Vanquish gameplay make mouths drop
    13. Kojima, Square Enix planning another collaboration
    14. Videos - Natal has dignity degeneration system, rave mode
    15. Rumour - Nintendo CTR is codename of 3DS, not connected with NVIDIA
    16. Ice-T says he's in Gears 3
    17. Crackdown 2 introduction details backstory, does the business
    18. GO FOR LAUNCH - E3 conference timings, liveblog details, pant-s**tting news
    19. UK charts: RDR keeps top spot for third week
    20. KZ3: Helghast jetpack trooper shown off
    21. Nomura to announce new titles between E3 and winter
    22. New Force Unleashed II screens slice and dice
    1. inFamous 2 details hit from GI
    2. Criterion to reveal new title "soon"
    3. New Kingdom Hearts title to be revealed at E3, says Nomura
    4. Sony and Square face $5 million FFXIII PS3 bricking lawsuit
    5. Molyneux: Converging "forces" to spawn new genres
    6. Developers claim 3DS visuals close to Xbox 360 and PS3
    7. Pixeljunk Shooter 2 online features revealed
    8. Leaked PES 2011 footage shoots out
    9. New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow screens look hot
    1. First Joe Danger review gives it a 9.5
    2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is "a fresh start on the franchise"
    3. de Blob: The Underground gets detailed
    4. Remedy calls third DLC pack for Alan Wake a "misunderstanding"
    5. PS Move website launches with some media
    6. Lost Planet 2 patch incoming for PS3 and 360
    7. Wii Party detailed a bit through retail listing
    8. Red Faction: Armageddon screens released
    9. Square showing Nerkas E3 video at Staples Center
    10. Report - Microsoft racer Joy Ride to launch with Natal
    11. LBP Heavy Rain costumes are the best thing ever
    12. Latest L4D2 Mutation is Chainsaw Massacre
    13. PSA: Last batch of BlizzCon tickets go up today [UPDATE]
    14. Motorstorm 3: San Francisco pics leak onto the net
    15. Massive rumor: Valve's E3 "surprise" is Half-Life 2 centric [UPDATE]
    16. First Vanquish gameplay trailer is the best kind of crazy
    17. New F.E.A.R. 3 trailer shoots first, will probably never get around to asking questions
    18. New Crysis 2 teaser is short, sweet, to the point
    19. First Red Faction: Armageddon trailer shows mines, explosions, and... aliens!
    1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - first in-game shots get out
    2. Remedy teases Alan Wake project with live-action video
    3. Check out some Fallout: New Vegas gameplay footage
    4. BioWare: Complacent studios "will get left behind"
    5. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom screens are rather lovely
    6. DC Universe Online video talks super speed
    7. Dead Space 2 gameplay to debut next week [UPDATE]
    8. Company of Heroes Online screens show tanks, UI
    9. Bodycount: "Make sure you actually have a story", says Black
    10. Konami to live stream its E3 press conference
    11. inFamous 2 announced through GI cover
    12. Hard Corps: Uprising announced as a "spiritual sequel" to Contra
    13. FIFA Online Beta is a go
    14. OnLive to get UK launch by the end of 2011
    15. Deus Ex: Human Revolution coming early 2011, new trailer rocks f**king socks
    16. The Witcher 2: Behind the Scenes Dev Diary
    17. Report - Activision's GoldenEye game hitting in November
    18. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock gets Muse, The Cure, ZZ Top
    19. LOTRO goes free-to-play this fall
    20. First Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock trailer shows us how to be a rock warrior
    21. EA to webcast E3 analyst meeting
    22. Crackdown 2 is finished, says Ruffian
    23. 3D to be bigger deal at E3 than motion controllers
    24. Trent Reznor "unlikely" to score music for DOOM 4
    25. Japanese hardware charts - PSP keeps on rolling
    26. Ninety Nine Nights 2 gets official NA release date
    27. Army of one - co-op a no-go for Black Ops' single-player campaign
    1. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games live in the UK
    2. Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood a massive RDR, ICO fan
    3. Company of Heroes Online gets announcement video
    4. Rumor: Dead Space Extraction PSN and XBL port confirmed
    5. Outlaws to the End DLC for RDR dated
    6. Rumor: Harmonix working on a Natal dance title
    7. Red Dead Redemption short film to air this weekend in UK [UPDATE]
    8. Def Jam Rapstar gets official date and more tracks
    9. Steam survey shows most PCs support DirectX 10
    10. APB shots look nice, minimum PC specs revealed
    11. Rumor: Survey points to GoldenEye remake by Activision
    12. Rumor: Thief 4 to be announced for PS3
    13. Michael Jordan is NBA 2K11's cover athlete
    14. Third annual PlayStation Blog E3 Meetup announced
    15. Ubisoft teases "secret project" over Twitter [Update]
    16. Red Dead Redemption Title Update hitting next week
    17. Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 demo coming June 7
    18. Shocker: First round of BlizzCon tickets sold out
    19. Killzone 3 teaser trailer shows Sev in Helghast mask
    20. GAME taking Natal pre-orders from June 13
    21. Industry must "choose" between E3 and gamescom, says Namco Bandai boss
    22. New Red Faction to be shown on GTTV tomorrow
    23. Project Ten Dollar about "improving consumer experience", says EA
    24. Games Convention Online goes trade-only
    25. Sega formally announces Shogun 2: Total War for 2011
    26. Martinet to go buckwild at UK Mario Galaxy 2 launch
    27. Rumour - Bethesda arming Elder Scrolls V announcement for E3
    28. Media Molecule hiring for LBP2
    29. "Infinity Ward is dead", says Braben
    30. Bad Company 2 PS3 patch going live now-ish
    31. Miyamoto: MS and Sony motion devices are "threatening"
    32. GI drops Gears 3 image avalanche
    33. EA: Bad Company 2 won't beat Modern Warfare 2... yet
    1. Alan Wake DLC Pack 3 hitting later this year
    2. Rumor - Sonic Free Riders coming, has Natal support
    3. Plants vs Zombies on 360 rated by Germany's USK
    4. Fans to get hands-on time with Guild Wars 2 at gamescom
    5. Rumor: SWTOR play guide leaked
    6. NPD: No May industry numbers until July
    7. Shogun 2: Total War revealed through hands on - pics, details, movie
    8. Sony says retrofitting games to 3D is a bit tricky
    9. Xbox Live activity for the week of May 24
    10. Epic gives Gears of War 3 audio tour
    11. Black Ops is all about "new experiences", says Treyarch
    12. Natal spotted at D8 conference
    13. PS3 bundles with HDMI cables spotted in the wild
    14. Modern Warfare 2 soundtrack now available for download
    15. Bungie didn't want 'Combat Evolved' added to Halo title
    16. US PSN update, June 1 - Tecmo Bowl, Mini-Golf
    17. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II video shows Subject 1157
    18. Nintendo to drop the price of DS in Europe
    19. Mass Effect 3 to be "lighter" than ME2, says BioWare
    20. Euro PSN update, June 2 - Oddworld, LBP, Lost Planet 2
    21. ActiBlizz to webcast E3 presentation to analysts
    22. to stream E3 conference live
    23. Company of Heroes launching free-to-play in US [UPDATE]
    24. "Official Shogun 2: Total War Fact Sheet" appears
    25. Rare rebranded for 25th anniversary
    26. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to be mainstream-friendly, says Konami
    27. Rock Band Network Affiliates Program helps "bridge music and games"
    28. Solid Snake's voice actor explains what happened to Metal Gear movie
    29. CV: Free Radical was working on "online MMO game"
    30. DSi LL, DSi price cut in Japan, new colours shown
    31. Hulu rumoured for 360
    32. E3 Portal 2 reveal replaced by "surprise"
    1. DC Universe Online finally gets a release date
    2. Earthworm Jim HD video is worm-tastic
    3. Creat Studios reveal TerRover for PSN
    4. Tales of Phantasia X gets release date in Japan
    5. Batman: The Brave and the Bold video is cute
    6. R.U.S.E. may go into Beta again before release
    7. EA confident that 360 will expand Insomniac's audience
    8. The First Templar announced by Kalypso Media
    9. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions villains get the video treatment
    10. Eufloria hitting PSN in early 2011
    11. L.A. Noire screens look killer-diller
    12. Sony announces PSP promotions for June
    13. Report - Virgin Gaming to sponsor ModNation tournament
    14. Enslaved is finished, just getting some polish
    15. SOE to release Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures in the fall
    16. CD Projekt: "Nothing to worry about" over Namco's DRM comments
    17. Screens and video surface for PES 2011
    18. MOH Airborne and Soul Calibur IV hit Games on Demand
    19. Bethesda reveals its stellar E3 line-up
    20. Episode 2 of Crackdown 2 animated series released
    21. Beyond Good & Evil 2 still in development, confirms Ubisoft
    22. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows announced as two-parter
    23. Source - David Cage casting for "Horizon"
    24. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood shots show plague doctor
    25. APB beta content to be wiped
    26. Rumour - Rockstar pulls E3 "launch" for unknown title
    27. Tetsuya Nomura to make E3 appearance
    28. UK charts: RDR maintains top spot, Blur and Alpha Protocol miss top ten
    29. PES dev team wasn't "prepared" for this generation, says Seabass
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