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June 2011 Archive

    1. Resistance 3 developer diary introduces the enemy
    2. Average PS Home user is "the most hardcore gamer" on the PS3
    3. Modern Warfare 3 revamps killstreaks
    4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution dev diary explores augmentaiton
    5. EA "comfortable" with The Old Republic cost
    6. Rift now just $5 for limited time
    7. BioShock Infinite E3 demo to air on GTTV next week, Irrational releases teaser
    8. Red Dead Redemption gets quadruple XP until Monday
    9. SEGA making third entry in "Sonic Storybook" series
    10. Polish developer shows off unnamed upcoming game
    11. New Voltron game to debut at San Diego Comic-Con
    12. European release of Trenched delayed by Trench boardgame
    13. Massive Steam sale begins today
    14. Bethesda will support Wii U if it’s powerful enough
    15. Bethesda parent company trademarks game called "Dishonored"
    16. Epic shows off gorgeous new Unreal 3 foliage tech
    17. PlayDead's Patti confirms Limbo for PS3 and Steam
    18. Rockstar planning more Red Dead DLC
    19. Molyneux: "Secret project" being developed at Lionhead
    20. Sony introduces engine for PSP to PS3 HD ports
    21. First RAGE dev diary introduces id's legacy
    22. Child of Eden at $35 on Amazon
    23. HMV suffers huge profit loss
    24. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record dated for October in UK and US
    25. "Now more possible to do deep rich multiplayer games" on Wii U, says Kotick
    26. Nintendo dates Wii, 3DS line-up for summer and early autumn
    27. Minecraft 1.7 out now, pistons added
    28. Splinter Cell Collection gets pushed out to September
    29. Musical chairs: Why Sony's exec shuffle matters to gamers
    30. Bungie Aerospace revealed as small developer initiative
    31. Blizzard's Titan is "casual" MMO, says Sterne Agee analyst
    32. THQ to publish The Witcher II 360 in the west
    33. Team Meat starts talking about "ambitious, fun" new project
    34. Quick quotes: Kojima says video game term will make way for "all-encompassing" brand
    35. Capcom releases HD comparison video for RE4, Code Veronica HD
    36. RAGE Special Edition spotted on EB Games website
    37. Alan Smith replaces Gray as FIFA 12 colour commentator
    38. Thursday shorts: Dead Island, Assassin's Creed, Catherine
    39. BULLETCAST, June 30 – What you need to know now
    40. Activision announces Call of Duty XP LA event for September
    41. ArmA 3 taking the sandbox route
    42. Konami announces gamescom line-up - Silent Hill, MGS, PES2012
    43. Guild Wars 2 dungeons more "team-oriented"
    44. XCOM puts narrative first
    45. The free-to-play PC rush - your guide to the best games
    46. Star Wars galaxies players to file suit against SOE
    47. Nintendo pours cold water on Operation Rainfall efforts
    48. Perry: Gaikai better than consoles, new deals in works
    49. PS Vita, Obsidian and Gamestop talks added to GDC Europe line-up
    50. Sledgehammer talks up MW3 frame rate and engine improvements
    1. Japanese charts - Release drought results in slow sales week
    2. Kinect has improved since launch, says Microsoft executive
    3. US cities play host to suspected Halo 4 AR game
    4. Angry Birds Releases on Windows Phone 7
    5. Sam & Max episodes 66% off on Direct2Drive today only
    6. New report says game spending down in 2011
    7. PlayStation Home Welcome Back package detailed
    8. Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax releases on Xbox Live Arcade
    9. Analyst sees more diversity in upcoming Acti-Blizz lineup
    10. Zynga to file for IPO Thursday
    11. Famous Dead Island trailer wins Cannes ad festival award
    12. Respawn website opens f'real, teases game with blurry image
    13. Batman: Arkham City box art changed
    14. Molyneux "a little bit bored" with "sameness" of modern games
    15. DiRT 3 Monte Carlo DLC pack now available
    16. Sony says brand is recovering after PSN attacks
    17. Iwata explains why hardcore gamers will accept Wii U
    18. Deathsmiles coming to iPhone July 7
    19. Quick shots: Square goes a bit screen-mad on FFXIII-2
    20. Zelda creator talks Skyward Sword story info
    21. EA explains NFS Shift DLC and other Origin exclusives
    22. Submissions open for Sega-sponsored EG Expo Indie Arcade
    23. Original Party Animal: Hands-on with Guild Wars 2
    24. Limbo PS3 rated by Korean Ratings Board
    25. Mojang: Scrolls to follow Minecraft development route
    26. EU PS Store update, June 29 - Gatling Gears, Take Two bonanza, UC3 beta
    27. Howard: Skyrim DLC likely to have "expansion pack feel"
    28. Wednesday shorts, part 2: Xbox Live sale, SCOTUS, Peace Walker
    29. Develop to host PlayStation Vita talk
    30. HMV to refuse Resident Evil: Mercenaries trade-ins in UK
    31. Uncharted 3 - HD video from the multiplayer beta
    32. Codemasters dates Bodycount for September 2 for EU
    33. Novarama signs exclusivity deal with Sony, focus on Vita
    34. BULLETCAST, June 29 – What you need to know now
    35. Hirai becomes SCEI chairman, House takes over as president
    36. Black Ops: Annihilation zombies video introduces Shangri-La
    37. Report - EA Sports to form new Texas studio
    38. Dragon Quest Collection to feature Dragon Quest X video
    39. GameStop US to accept Resident Evil: Mercenaries trade-ins from today, gets Amazonbombed
    40. Watch ten minutes of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon gameplay footage
    41. Capcom announces Ixion Saga
    42. Wednesday Shorts, overnight edition - PopCap goodies, quadruple chainsaw guns, Civ V patch
    43. Xenoblade Chronicles to release in Wii bundle
    44. Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends confirmed
    45. ESA dropped $1.1 million on political campaigns in Q1
    46. FF Tactics, Vagrant Story designer joins Level-5
    47. Interplay rebuts "single asset" Fallout licensing claim
    48. Microsoft "watching and wanting to understand" 3D
    49. Rumour - Zynga to go public with $20 billion valuation
    1. I Am Alive proves it is in fact not dead
    2. World of Warcraft goes F2P up to lvl20 with Starter Edition
    3. Xbox 360 sells just 6,000 units in Japan
    4. US PS Store Update: Uncharted 3 beta, demos, Beyond Good & Evil
    5. Online-enabled Motorstorm Apocalypse demo hits PSN for one week only
    6. Gods and Heroes takes top MMO spot on Steam this week
    7. EA says F2P games can be just as profitable as console games
    8. Impressions - Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta goes live
    9. Sony is predicting a comeback for virtual reality
    10. Deep Black Online, third-person shooter MMO, releasing on console this summer
    11. EVE Online protests could cost CCP $1 million
    12. Sony says it isn't phasing out 160Gb PS3
    13. Tropico 3 now available on Xbox Live Games on Demand
    14. Puzzle Dimension now available on PSN, 10% off
    15. New expansion for Hearts of Iron III released
    16. Bethesda turns 25 years old
    17. Amiga brand resurrected as high-end PCs
    18. Beat Bungie at Halo, earn yourself a steak
    19. Game Critics Awards announces Best of E3 winners
    20. Treyarch hints at fourth map pack for Black Ops
    21. Report - EB Games Australia to pull Resi Evil: Mercenaries over save-game debacle
    22. BBFC: Gears 3 cut-scenes to last 90 minutes
    23. Molyneux: Fable: The Journey E3 demo only four months old, better demo to be shown at gamescom
    24. IGDA to investigate Team Bondi crunch policy
    25. NPD: 360 selling more online-capable games than PS3, Wii
    26. Black Ops becomes biggest-selling game ever in the UK
    27. Tuesday shorts: Team ICO, Rob Pardo, Skyrim-Minecraft, Rune Factory 3
    28. Deadly Premonition coming to Games on Demand next week
    29. Black Ops: Annihilation launches on XBLMP
    30. EDF: Insect Armageddon slightly delayed in UK
    31. Third report claims E3 2012 unveil for next-gen Xbox
    32. Ex-Kaos boss Votypka heads to Ubisoft Red Storm
    33. Another Driver: San Fran special edition spotted at GAME
    34. BULLETCAST, June 28 – What you need to know now
    35. Namco Bandai community boss steps back from 360 Vesperia exclusivity claims
    36. Twisted Pixel working on iOS game, says CEO
    37. Quick quotes: BioWare admits Final Fantasy inspiration with Mass Effect
    38. OnLive lets publishers "design games better"
    39. Stringer: Sony hacked because it “tried to protect” content
    40. Mortal Kombat's Kenshi arrives July 5
    41. Capcom: Used games "not a factor" in Mercenaries 3D permanent saves
    42. BioWare still considering where to take Mass Effect next
    43. Tribes: Ascend marks free-to-play announce with gameplay trailer
    44. Ignition gives up development
    45. PS3 Slim 160Gb at ?200, pre-gamescom stocks low
    1. Shift 2 Unleashed DLC free on Origin from this week
    2. How to get into the Journey closed beta
    3. Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta kicks off later today
    4. Guild Wars 2 - Underwater combat footage, much more
    5. Dark Souls comp could see your name in the game's credits
    6. Taiwanese App Store gets 7-day return policy
    7. Cave Story 3D delayed until November in North America
    8. OnLive said to be "chatting" with Microsoft, Sony
    9. Galaga Legions DX coming to PSN, XBLA this week
    10. Anonymous picking up where Lulzsec left off
    11. Leland Yee: Supreme Court ruling puts Wal-Mart before US kids
    12. Peter Molyneux is "pretty ashamed" of Fable 3 review scores
    13. Sorcery still in development, says Sony
    14. Ocarina of Time 3D sells to 20% of UK 3DS owners
    15. Deadly Premonition dev planning new project, searching for publisher
    16. Games industry jubilant after US Supreme Court ruling
    17. Yu Suzuki, creator of Shenmue and Virtua Fighter, leaving Sega
    18. Crysis 2 DX11 patch finally released, detailed, videoed
    19. Duke Nukem Forever coming to Mac OS X this Summer
    20. Mistwalker and devs thank fans for localization campaign, Operation Rainfall
    21. Activision registers new GoldenEye domains
    22. Battlefield Heroes resumes service following LulzSec hack
    23. PSP Dual Pack line-up announced
    24. Summer of Arcade: Bastion on July 20, From Dust on July 27
    25. Frontier's Braben confirmed for Develop keynote
    26. Kirby's Dreamland releases on 3DS this week
    27. SCOTUS rules against violent California games law
    28. First Driver: San Francisco dev diary details return of Tanner
    29. MS gets British table tennis Olympians to promote Kinect Sports, films it
    30. Monday shorts, part two: Kazunori Yamauchi, Jamie Kennedy, Michael Pachter, more
    31. Resident Evil producer interested in Wii U development
    32. Enslaved going for mega-cheap at ?8 at Zavvi
    33. NPD: "Digital gamers" play heavily, buying more games than "Core"
    34. Forza 4 CE detailed, pictured by Microsoft
    35. Minecraft "adventure" update pushed back, pistons Thursday
    36. UK charts: Shadows misses top 30, Zumba still top
    37. Quick quotes: EA Sports refuses to rule out MMA sequel
    38. BULLETCAST, June 27 – What you need to know now
    39. Crytek "thinking about" how to bring back TimeSplitters
    40. Underground Sensation: Beynon on Metro: Last Light
    41. Report - GeoHot working for Facebook
    42. Monday Shorts, overnight edition - Uncharted karting, Deus Ex birthday, more
    43. Watch 40 minutes of The Mercenaries 3D
    44. Xbox executive "wouldn't trade hands" with Sony or Nintendo
    45. The Mercenaries 3D save files cannot be erased
    46. Unearthed announced from Saudi studio Semaphore
    47. Rumor of PS3 Fatal Frame in the works dashed to bits
    48. Ocarina of Time's bugs deliberately carried over to 3DS version
    1. Ubisoft announces The Black Eyed Peas Experience
    2. Gearbox - Unreal makes Wii U ports "easier"
    3. Hitman: Absolution disguises detailed, no map screen, more
    4. Quick Quotes - Eguchi on how the Wii U compares
    5. Report - Xenoblade coming to US, The Last Story coming to EU
    6. Lulzsec announces retirement, leaks final details
    7. The Weekly Wrap – EA-PopCap, TF2 goes F2P
    1. Saturday Shorts: WoW patch, Yu Suzuki, Xillia, WarGames, sales
    2. SWTOR trailer highlights King Ulgo in E3 highlight video
    3. Team Bondi feature describes reported working conditions during L.A. Noire development
    4. Pac-Man's Iwatani: Devs need to create games "people will remember a decade from now"
    5. CCP responds to uproar over leaked company newsletter regarding EVE's virtual store
    6. SCOTUS violent games bill ruling expected next week
    7. Gaining Achievements in previous Gears games will net you goodies in Gears of War 3
    8. Gameplay video released for DiRT 3's Monte Carlo DLC
    9. Bit.Trip Complete and Saga landing at retail September 13 for Wii and 3DS
    10. Star Wars: Galaxies bidding farewell on December 15
    1. Friday Shorts II: SOCOM, Bodycount, Gearbox, Pandora's Tower, 80s Teen Queens
    2. Gaikai to add 10 million monthly active users by fall 2011
    3. Possible Legacy DLC content outed for Dragon Age II
    4. CD "really tried to ground that in a human experience," with latest Tomb Raider
    5. ArenaNet details underwater battles in Guild Wars 2
    6. DICE confirms 10 maps for Battlefield 3 co-op to PSM3 magazine
    7. Kinect has given Xbox 360 a "shot of adrenaline," says Lewis
    8. Neverwinter Nights forum data and EA Account data compromised
    9. Massive 50% off DLC sale hits PlayStation Network
    10. Blizzard announces presence at gamescom 2011
    11. Debut trailer for Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle released
    12. Eurogamer Expo half sold out with 15,000 tickets moved
    13. Report - Microsoft readying free-to-play system on 360
    14. Crytek says its intentions with Crysis 2 "backfired a little bit"
    15. FIFA 12 dev diaries discuss Pro Player Intelligence, physics
    16. Lawsuit claims Sony laid-off "a substantial percentage" of security employees before PSN breach
    17. Open beta for Hellgate launches June 30
    18. FEAR 3 launches in the UK - here's what the promo looks like
    19. LulzSec confirms no formal ties to Cleary, attacks Arizona government organizations
    20. Brink: Agents of Change to go live in early July, free for two weeks
    21. Get triple XP in Killzone 3 multiplayer this weekend
    22. Quick shots: Sly: Thieves in Time on fire
    23. Bungie's Marathon heading to iPad
    24. TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled leaving the US on June 30
    25. Rumor - Sonic Generations levels, DLC, and bosses found in demo files
    26. Zeboyd Games to introduce $3 Cthulhu Saves the World
    27. Euro Vita out 2012, Sony being secretive over launch plans
    28. "Games at Google" mentioned in job ad
    29. New Saints Row: The Third gameplay footage features tanks, jets, giant purple dildo
    30. First F1 2011 dev diary confirms co-op championship mode
    31. Ninja Gaiden III, The Old Republic confirmed for EG Expo
    32. Bohemia to re-release Operation Flashpoint as Arma: Cold War Assault
    33. Future US, IGN hit with lay-offs
    34. BULLETCAST, June 24 – What you need to know now
    35. Rumour - PS3 to go sub-?200 at gamescom 2011
    36. Sony still making adjustments before bringing back PS Store in Japan
    37. Xenoblade dev Monolith Soft making Wii U game
    38. Friday shorts: Black Ops, Dragon's Crown, BioWare comp, Catherine
    39. Shadow Cities LBARMMORPG out now
    40. Valve unleashes Meet the Medic TF2 video
    41. RIFT dev says World of Warcraft "didn't change enough"
    42. InFamous 2 now available digitally in the US, too
    43. Bungie awarding blue flame helmets to Halo: Reach fans
    44. Jaffe: Wii U won't do "anywhere near as well as the Wii"
    45. NInja Gaiden 3 to convey a sense of steel on bone
    46. Sonic Generations is two genres in one game
    47. TF2 now the "most highly-rated" free-to-play game
    48. Darkworks unveils new survival horror shooter
    49. PSA: Ocarina of Time Australian street date broken
    50. Resistance, Ratchet & Clank bundles hit Europe July 22
    1. Journey beta kicks off next week
    2. Miyamoto: Best online experience not Nintendo's goal
    3. Homefront PC half price, demo out now
    4. New BioShock Infinite trailer explores tears, other worlds
    5. Modern Warfare 3 team has a "lot" of Infinity Ward "lifers"
    6. Thursday Shorts II: Gears in Japan, Monkey Island, SWTOR, classic Lit games
    7. Rumor: New Rainbow Six game could include morality choices
    8. Tripwire announces Killing Floor Summer Sideshow event
    9. Activision still interested in doing Sledgehammer's Call of Duty action-adventure title
    10. Analyst report expects online revenue for PC and consoles to hit $29 billion in 2016
    11. Quick Quotes: Beachhead boss feels CoD has "best online community in the world"
    12. Report - US release of Xenoblade Chronicles not looking good
    13. Black Rock hiring for game director with "understanding of free-to-play gaming"
    14. Child of Eden's delay on PS3 not due to 360 exclusivity window, says Q Entertainment
    15. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition gets costume DLC shots
    16. "EA Sports as a service rather than individual, discreet purchases" is important to us, says Moore
    17. Quick Quotes: Blizzard on making mobile iOS MMOs
    18. Ape Escape Move demo hits US PSN next week
    19. Battlefield Heroes getting Extraordinary update
    20. "Motion play needs to be kept separate from the main experience," says Ken Levine
    21. Peter Moore says he is "very optimistic" when it comes to Wii U
    22. LA Noire to launch on PC this fall with bumped visuals
    23. Sony confirms Best Buy listing for Uncharted Collection, will release on July 22
    24. Warner to correct Mortal Komat DLC's "technical issues" in Europe, re-release coming next week
    25. DeathSpank dons too many thongs in The Baconing
    26. Sonic Generations demo - the whole thing in HD
    27. Bohemia Interactive launches free-to-play version of Arma 2
    28. "Premium quality map" to come with Skyrim pre-orders
    29. Nintendo Downloads for June 23: Whiterock Castle, Pro Jumper, more
    30. Watch Beleram rip enemies apart in this vignette for War in the North
    31. Report – FFVII, FFVIII uploaded to Steam “for months” by Square
    32. Sonic the Hedgehog – 20th Anniversary Special
    33. Ian Livingstone to become Development Legend at Develop Awards
    34. Hirshberg: Shrinking racing genre killed Bizarre Creations
    35. PS3 Firmware 3.66 out now
    36. Sonic Generations demo goes live on XBLMP, PS Store
    37. Thursday shorts: Persona 4 anime, Gearbox community day, Prototype 2
    38. Bethesda celebrates Quake's 15th birthday
    39. Kinect NUads system shown in video
    40. Rumour - PopCap to be acquired for $1 billion by EA
    41. BULLETCAST, June 23 – What you need to know now
    42. Konami "yet to detail" MGS HD Collection launch timeline
    43. Sonic the Hedgehog turns 20 today
    44. Watch and learn: Portal 2 shows educational future
    45. Double Fine's Trenched delayed in Europe
    46. PS Vita out in January, says Amazon
    47. Heroes of Ruin is easy for shooter fans to "get"
    48. No Dragon Quest X on Wii U
    49. Xbox COO on PSN hack: "We don’t wish that upon anybody"
    50. Sakurai: "We've got no plans whatsoever" for Smash Bros, "several year" wait possible
    51. PSA: PS3 firmware update due soon
    52. Nintendo drops Australian DS RRP
    53. FFXIII-2 will sport more unrevealed new characters
    54. GRID PC multiplayer resurrected
    55. Halo 4's Master Chief changes are story-driven
    1. Hideo Kojima asks if Japanese developers need International success
    2. Team Ico Collection trailer can have my money
    3. Paradox Interactive presents a busy 12 months
    4. More Wednesday Shorts: Sales, PS Home, Hitman, 999, Dead Island, Ms 'Splosion Man
    5. Scotland Yard arrest of hacker had nothing to do with LulzSec
    6. New Dragon Age II DLC reveal expected at Comic Con in July
    7. Valve says it is interested in Wii U
    8. Black Ops: Annihilation gets its first multiplayer video
    9. Jim Redner speaks up regarding blacklisting and his Twitter slip
    10. Report - Diablo III event being held at Blizzard headquarters in July
    11. Acti: True Crime wouldn't have hit "the top" of its genre
    12. After Party Update for MotorStorm Apocalypse hits PSN tomorrow
    13. Valve: Portal 2 has sold 3 million copies since launch
    14. Japanese charts – Ocarina of Time takes 3DS to the top
    15. Twisted Metal B-roll shows Sweet Tooth battling the Iron Maiden
    16. Zelda HD Wii U confirmed, controller has web browser
    17. Blizzard talks Titan, says it's hard to not "build on what other games do"
    18. Deus Ex: Human Revolution App provides QR missions, nets you prizes
    19. US Gaming Mobile Tour will give players a taste of Gears 3 and Horde 2.0
    20. Crystal Dynamics says it was important to make Lara "real" in new Tomb Raider
    21. Killzone 3 Edge Challenge opens up next week with $40,000 in cash available
    22. Sony's PSVita to sponsor Games Media Awards as Gold Partner
    23. FNV: Old World Blues dated for July 19
    24. Extra goodies for Euro PS Plus members landing today
    25. Sucker Punch hiring for "next big thing," PS3 listed as only platform
    26. Kirby's getting his own dedicated TV Channel on Wii starting tomorrow
    27. Square Enix looking to revive certain titles, says Wada
    28. Euro PS Store update: L.A. Noire, Mortal Kombat, Killzone 3, MX vs ATV
    29. Activision confirms Black Ops Limited Edition with First Strike
    30. EA confirms end of September launch for FIFA 12
    31. Crysis 2 DX11 update detailed by Crytek
    32. THQ's Haugaard on reclaiming the Space Marine
    33. House: Sony now in "hyper vigilance" stance following PSN attack
    34. PS3 hacker expects jailtime due to low funds
    35. Wednesday shorts: Need for Speed: The Run, Popcap, ESA, Shadows of the Damned
    36. Yoshida: Vita rear touch-pad originally rejected
    37. WoW: Cataclysm to launch in China next month
    38. BULLETCAST, June 22 – What you need to know now
    39. No Second Sight 2 due to insufficient interest in first game, says Crytek UK
    40. On blacklisting and reviews: it's just a part of the game
    41. Dead or Alive: Dimensions returns to Australian retail
    42. Wada: Square looking at Wii U for Dragon Quest X
    43. Quick quotes: Bleszinski "itching" to make new IP
    44. EVE Online economy upset by avatar items
    45. Yakuza series hits 5 million shipped
    46. Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad dated
    47. Yoshida: Sony was "too happy" with the PSP
    48. Miyamoto discusses Wii U's "one-foot" communication
    49. GCA 2011 nominations favour Uncharted, BioShock Infinite
    50. EA victorious in Dillinger lawsuit
    51. Kinect NUADS formally revealed
    52. EB Games asking AUD $598 for Wii U
    1. UK MP calls for games industry tax relief review
    2. AMY tech demo is quite eye-opening
    3. Nintendo didn't plan a Kid Icarus revamp
    4. Hitman: Absolution to ease the player in
    5. Stainless paid "real money" for Carmageddon IP
    6. More Tuesday Shorts: Resident Evil is 15, Capcom calendars, WoW Study, Dyad, more
    7. US PS Store update: Killzone 3, L.A. Noire, Castlevania, Mortal Kombat
    8. King Arthur: Fallen Champions announced, bridges gap between King Arthur I and II
    9. Play outs Onechanbara 2, D3 Publisher says there is nothing to announce
    10. Latest Cursed Crusade trailer is all about Ambitions
    11. Turbine looking for engineer to work on "unannounced online console project"
    12. Professor Layton Royale announced as social game
    13. City of Heroes going free-to-play later this year
    14. F.E.A.R. 3 reviews round-up: Alma unleashed in the US
    15. Video: Catherine or Katherine? Vincent must decide, apparently
    16. "PS3 wasn't really something that existed," when Team Bondi started work on L.A. Noire
    17. All Shadows of the Damned reviews, first 10 mins videoed
    18. Quick Quotes: David Jaffe on the possibility of Twisted Metal DLC
    19. Microsoft: Kinect voice coming to Australia by end of 2011, statistics revealed
    20. Duke Nukem Forever demo out now for Xbox Live Gold sub holders, Steam demo later today
    21. Ono: Would like a Street Fighter title with customizable fighters
    22. "An open world game needs to feel alive," says Hitman devs
    23. PSA: Mortal Kombat Skarlet DLC now available
    24. PSA: L.A. Noire DLC Nicholson Electroplating now available
    25. Quick Shots: Street Fighter X Tekken pics show Hwoarang, Julia and Sagat
    26. Gaikai to partner with
    27. Konami to bring Silent Hill: Downpour, PES 2012 to EG Expo
    28. Gears 3 Horde 2.0 video goes into detail overload
    29. EFF stands behind Datel in Microsoft suit over third-party 360 memory cards
    30. Quick quotes: President Obama says read a book, not play a game
    31. Avalanche chose new studio location in NYC due to costs
    32. Aliens Ate My Neighbors: 2K Marin's Gray on XCOM
    33. Fable technical director farewells Lionhead
    34. ESRB gives Deus Ex: Human Revolution a spoilerific Mature rating
    35. "LulzSec suspect" arrested in Scotland Yard, FBI swoop
    36. Ben Cousins to lead new ngmoco studio in Sweden
    37. Gary Gygax memorial site approved
    38. ShopTo dates Vita for November 4 release, ?40 pricepoint for titles
    39. Darksiders II behind the scenes video shows pre-alpha goodies
    40. Hayashi: Gamers grow into "decent adults"
    41. Just Dance: Summer Party outed by Amazon
    42. Witcher 2 producer Gop exits CD Projekt RED - details
    43. Indie Game: The Movie gets trailer, looks cool
    44. 1C exec: Retailers bottleneck PC sales
    45. Sniper: Ghost Warrior PS3 trailer shows off extra goods
    46. Quick quotes: Sony calls Vita "a quantum leap"
    47. "Kinect has got some problems," says Molyneux
    48. BULLETCAST, June 21 – What you need to know now
    49. Iwata: Wii U planning began as far back as 2007
    50. Tuesday Shorts - Robin Williams, Deus Ex art, Worms Crazy Golf, masses more
    51. New Binary Domain trailer confirms February launch, shows plenty of guns
    52. Invites for Armored Core 5 Japanese beta sent out
    53. Uncredited L.A. Noire staff describe Team Bondi crunch conditions
    54. Ancel: Rayman Origins' move to retail due to "the way franchise works"
    55. F1 2011 developer "probably" doesn't want extraneous visual effects
    56. Ono: Capcom-Namco rivalry with Street Fighter x Tekken "respectful"
    57. Bleszinski: Hacking "scary" and a "major problem" for devs
    58. Killzone 3 map pack launches today, four new videos released
    59. Star Fox 64 3D due September 9
    60. MS: Halo: CE Anniversary Kinect support won't "affect the core gameplay experience"
    61. Team Fortess ?ber Update kicks off with week long free weekend
    62. Zelnick: "You will see future Duke IP" at Take Two, looking at Wii U support "seriously"
    63. Study: US Parents want more consistent media ratings
    64. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta to begin in January
    65. Batman: Arkham City's Robin is cooler than anticipated
    66. The DNF "brain fart": Redner defends review selection
    67. Fils-Aime: 3DS launch issues "addressed"
    68. Mass Effect 3 takes EEDAR's best-of-show E3 crown
    69. Al Gore champions gaming at Games for Change
    70. Former Sony Executive predicts Apple could "be" the games industry
    71. Miyamoto: Wii U won't "dramatically outperform" current consoles
    1. Hirshberg: "You can't say" Activision isn't investing in new ideas
    2. Rumour - Grand Theft Auto V 2012 release "pretty likely"
    3. Shadows of the Damned launches with dramatic trailer
    4. Avalanche has "intelligence" on new consoles by 2014
    5. Uncharted: Golden Abyss gets new trailer
    6. Ex-Black Rock staffers form ShortRound Games
    7. Tropico 4's launch trailer shows old skool city-building
    8. Deus Ex shots features man with a patch
    9. Poll: Will you be buying Battlefield 3 or MW3?
    10. Amazon, GameStop list Max Payne 3 for December launch
    11. Sega pledges Kinect support "going forward"
    12. Microsoft has "great optimism" for post-Bungie Halo
    13. CBS: "Sega Genesis hacked"
    14. Blizzard: WoW may not ask for Authenticator at constant log-in spots
    15. Quick quotes: Sequels are good "if you do them right," says Dr. Ray
    16. Hirshberg: Activision "made the right choice" in not showing Elite's full feature set so far
    17. UK charts: Zumba takes top spot, Child of Eden misses top 20
    18. BULLETCAST, June 20 – What you need to know now
    19. Quick quotes: Gears of War won't become Epic's "legacy," says Bleszinski
    20. Monday shorts, part deux: WoW, Zelda OoT soundtrack, Fruit Ninja
    21. Head in the Cloud: Gaming's hardware agnostic future
    22. Gearbox: Colonial Marines is "the movie everybody always wanted to see"
    23. Spencer confirms Kinect support for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
    24. Gotham City Impostors has "no class"
    25. First MGS: Peace Walker HD footage sneaks in
    26. 3DS TV service to launch in Japan tomorrow
    27. Uncharted 3 multiplayer in the works almost before Uncharted 2 shipped
    28. Valve working on free-to-play games
    29. Monday Shorts, overnight edition - Mario regrets, anniversaries, more
    30. Tretton to Nintendo: "Welcome to the party"
    31. Vita trailer shows off Near, Party, Alerts, more
    32. Ocarina of Time's fishing game began as a side-project
    33. Australia to introduce massive tax relief scheme
    34. Free Ocarina of Time soundtrack CD through Club Nintendo
    35. Sony confirms new CECH-3000B PS3 model
    1. Red Orchestra 2 to sport VAC and Punkbuster
    2. Super Meat Boy once included World of Goo, Bit.Trip characters
    3. Harada: Collaborations lead to "unneeded tension"
    4. Watch 20 minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles
    5. FFXIII-2 Xbox 360 screenshots suspiciously PS3-like
    6. Namco claims Microsoft exclusivity deal on Tales of Vesperia
    7. Battlefield 3 PS3, X360 to support half PC frame rate
    8. Sega confirms 1.3m Sega Pass customers' details "obtained"
    1. Jump scan confirms Haku and Zabuza for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation
    2. Quick Quotes: Atlus on changing Catherine's cover art for the Western market
    3. Sony E3 replay videos: Vita, Twisted Metal, PixelJunk Lifelike
    4. Take-Two hasn't announced any plans for Wii U support, but is "looking at it"
    5. Reggie shows Skyward Sword, Kid Icarus, Wii U on Fallon
    6. The Gunstringer moved from XBL release to retail due to request from Microsoft
    7. UFC: Personal Trainer video shows Rashad Evans in action
    8. DNF fan pre-orders the game in 2001, gets a box of swag in 2011
    9. LulzSec publishes file containing PayPal, XBL, and Facebook account information
    10. If the story called for it, Naughty Dog would have no problem killing an Uncharted character
    11. Reviews round-up: Ocarina of Time 3D seems to be a hit
    12. Take-Two isn't interested in "beating" a franchise "to death" with yearly releases
    13. PSA - AC: Brotherhood classics and platinum editions now available, trailer released
    14. Crytek does "not have any next generation hardware from Microsoft"
    15. The Weekly Wrap – LulzSec hacks earth, Origin vs Steam
    1. Japanese charts – PSP and Yakuza: of the End take retail
    2. More Friday Shorts: L.A. Noire, Lucius, Apogee, Rock Band 3
    3. PSA: EVE Online Incarna 1.0 deploys on Tuesday, June 21
    4. Judge rules West and Zampella have enough evidence against Activision to go to trial
    5. Resident Evil: Revelations website opens, mentions a couple of gameplay options
    6. LittleBigPlanet 2 Move DLC detailed, planned for "very end of the summer"
    7. Quickies: Vigil Games takes a look back on development of the first Darksiders
    8. Activision not moving into social and mobile until it can "do it with excellence"
    9. Ezio is taken outside of his element in Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    10. Killzone 3 DLC From the Ashes detailed, videoed
    11. Report - Vita to have Skype functionality
    12. Transformers Universe MMO gets a teaser video
    13. Quick Quotes: Randy Pitchford on DNF sales
    14. SEGA reveals SEGA Pass sites have been hacked
    15. THQ holding recruitment days for laid-off Warrington staffers
    16. Spiral Knights now available for download on Steam
    17. Warner announces Mortal Kombat Season Pass for Xbox 360
    18. Shadows of the Damned gets another wacky developer diary
    19. F.E.A.R. 3 trailer has people getting their necks snapped, Four Rusted Horses
    20. "Big announcement" planned for Planetside Next at SOE Fan Faire
    21. Guillemot expects price drops for PS3, 360 this year
    22. Quick quotes: Bleszinski hoping for Gears 3 MP to rival Halo
    23. Report - Xbox 360 moves 1.5 million LtD units in Japan
    24. Nintendo downloads: Donkey Kong, Mega Man 5, Bit.Trip.Flux
    25. GRID online multiplayer for PS3 and PC discontinued
    26. Black Bean confirms WRC2 release window with game details
    27. id Software, Carmack "tossing around possibillies" for Quake 5
    28. The absolute worst of E3 2011 in video
    29. Sega: New Wii U dev kits coming within next month
    30. Sega opens new UK dev, first project for Vita in late 2012
    31. Muzyka: New Dragon Age II DLC to "address" feedback
    32. 4J Studios handling Minecraft 360, confirms Notch
    33. Friday shorts: Sonic 20th anniversary, BioShock Lego, Dancing Eyes
    34. BULLETCAST, June 17 – What you need to know now
    35. Sega, Capcom, Valve confirmed as gamescom exhibitors
    36. Battlefield 3 demo shows live PS3 gameplay – watch it here
    37. Madden NFL executive producer exits EA Sports
    38. Green Wolf - CDPR's Gop on Witcher 2's 360 version
    39. Bleszinski: Gears of War 3 targeting "over 6 million" sales
    40. Kitase: FFXIII-2 is a "completely different experience"
    41. Gears of War movie in "development hell"
    42. Fill in a survey, score free TellTale games
    43. High court rules in Future's favour in Langdell copyright case
    44. Nintendo axes plans for Zelda anniversary collection
    45. Zynga files copyright infringement suit against Vostu
    46. Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising announced
    47. Age of Empires Online dev diary features kit, puppets
    48. Koizumi: Mario's core is to 'get to the goal without dying'
    1. Tomb Raider will sport "ambitious combat"
    2. Miyamoto: Monochrome consoles "appeal to all ages"
    3. Ken Levine explains Bioshock Infinite's fiction
    4. Ex-Kaos staffers gravitating to Avalanche
    5. Femshep to appear in Mass Effect 3 marketing
    6. More Thursday Shorts: Pottermore, Family Guy, Black Ops, Sony E3, F.E.A.R. 3
    7. Riccitiello says he has "no choice but to wait and watch," what Activision does with Elite
    8. Darksiders II video shows how Death deals with combat
    9. Quick Shots: Weapons of Madness and Dresses Pack DLC for Alice: Madness Returns
    10. Physical Warfare Pack DLC will be available for free after BF3 launches, says DICE
    11. PSA: Dissidia 12 DLC now available for PSP
    12. Peter Moore is excited over how the industry "has embraced connectivity"
    13. Trailer and screens released for Black Ops pack Annihilation
    14. Carmack: "There’s not one valid path to the next-generation of technology"
    15. Starhawk to be on-hand at Comic Con; developer walkthrough video released
    16. Rumor no more - Microsoft releases Kinect for Windows SDK
    17. Trailer for L.A. Noire DLC Nicholson Electroplating released
    18. DICE: BF3 "to be the best Battlefield game ever built"
    19. Best Buy offering Reward Zone customers $100 credit towards game purchases
    20. Exclusive Xbox 360 characters in SFxT "will depend entirely on Microsoft," says Ono
    21. Ubisoft releases developer walkthrough of AC: Revelations E3 trailer
    22. BioWare clarifies SWTOR exclusivity on Origins
    23. Blizzard shows off The Firelands in video for patch 4.2
    24. Nintendo's E3 analyst presentation compares console growth, dance and shooter genre sales
    25. Rumor - Mass Effect 3 to feature four-player co-op
    26. Black Ops: Annihilation confirmed for June 28 launch
    27. Moore: PSN outage "unfortunate," but no damage done to EA Sports
    28. Epic holding a Developer Day and Unreal University initiative in London July 13-14
    29. Anon: Sony attacks dropped, PSN users were “butthurt”
    30. Thursday shorts: Bobby Kotick in new Brad Pitt film, Portal 2, CliffyB, more
    31. Halo: Combat Evolved HD priced at ?35 in UK
    32. Eurogamer "blacklisted" by 2K, claims it's "standard practice"
    33. Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online playable at E3 next year, says Bilson
    34. Uncharted 3 demoed live on Jimmy Fallon - watch it here
    35. WiiMotion Plus almost dropped from Zelda: Skyward Sword, says Aonuma
    36. Third Black Ops DLC out June 28 at 1,200 Microsoft Points
    37. BULLETCAST, June 16 – What you need to know now
    38. Spanish retailer lists Devil May Cry 10th Anniversary Collection
    39. 18,000 BioWare accounts compromised via old Neverwinter Nights forum server
    40. Batman: Arkham City cover released by Warner
    41. Nintendo's Wii U - What it is and what it does
    42. Rumour - Half-Life 3 confirmed, Episode Three and Four cancelled
    43. Nintendo "not interested in offering software free of charge"
    44. Final Fantasy XIII's fiction "too big" for just one game
    45. Rumour - Kinect for Windows SDK to launch on Thursday
    46. PSA: 3DS firmware update available now
    47. DC Universe Online still suffering PS3 freezes after hotfix
    48. Forza dev: Kinect revolution "two years away"
    49. Uncharted "wasn't conceived as a trilogy"
    50. Sony's virtual E3 booth pulled in 500,000 visitors
    51. We Dare facing classification review
    52. Cityville invades iOS with Hometown
    53. Original Xbox controllers to guest star at Halo Fest
    1. Report - Game Republic quietly shutting down
    2. Soul Calibur V's siblings now slightly less mysterious
    3. Skyrim: No dragons till you're ready for them
    4. L.A. Noire moves 900,000 units in May, trailing 40% behind Red Dead Redemption
    5. LulzSec takes EVE servers offline again
    6. Quick Quotes: Digital Extremes on story being the "final frontier" for games
    7. Ichii: Capcom to embrace the Western market but not at the expense of Japan and Asia
    8. 2K dissolves relationship with Redner PR over DNF blacklisting threats
    9. Quick Quotes: Cliff Bleszinski on the possibility of adding Kinect to Gears series
    10. ArenaNet: Decision on retail expansions for Guild Wars 2 “yet to be finalized”
    11. Iwata: Wii U to have "flexible" online for developers, HD will attract "shooters"
    12. Crysis 2 Decimation Pack now available for PC and Xbox 360
    13. Decision to pull Crysis 2 from Steam was not made by EA
    14. EA to bring more exclusives to Origin, not ready to dump D2D and Impulse
    15. Quick Quotes: Analyst Jesse Divnich voices his opinion on Wii U
    16. Quick Shots - RIFT update 1.3 Waves of Madness
    17. Boss trailer released for Shadows of the Damned
    18. Music Unlimited: Android App hits today; US PS3 owners can try the service for 180 days
    19. Analyst expects Duke Nukem Forever to sell close to 2 million units
    20. Avalanche to open new studio in New York
    21. Rockstar vet forms new indie studio in Edinburgh
    22. Free release of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords is the original GBA version
    23. There's more in the pipeline at BioWare, but not a Mass Effect MMO, says Muzyka
    24. Robin Williams' brilliant beard stars in US Zelda OoT 3DS ad
    25. Angry Birds reaches 250 million downloads
    26. Wednesday Shorts: Radiant Silvergun, Eden Eternal, Mark Hamill, Zelda, APB
    27. Rockstar Pass discount extended into next week
    28. Euro PS Store Update - Tekken, Alice DLC, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, more
    29. Iwata confirms non-DVD or Blu-ray playback for Wii U
    30. Bungie Mobile app now available
    31. Rumour - Third Black Ops map pack detailed
    32. Wii U blowout: Hardware pics, Activision's Hirshberg, domains registered, more
    33. Gears of War 3 demoed live on Jimmy Fallon - watch now
    34. Relic working on "next-generation" of Dawn of War, says Bilson
    35. Child of Eden reviews go live ahead of Friday's UK release
    36. BULLETCAST, June 15 – What you need to know now
    37. Garriott to keynote GDC Europe
    38. Report: Sony waited a day to confirm PSN damage
    39. Intruder - 2011's hacking story, from LulzSec to Anon
    40. White Knight Chronicles II to sport international servers
    41. Granzella working on multiple titles, planning for Vita
    42. Team Ninja: "We know about cutting people with katanas"
    43. Riccitiello: "The future is here"
    44. FFXIII-2 - Noel is the star, hybrid soundtrack, more
    45. Half-Minute Hero trailer shows off Xbox Live graphics
    46. Atlus: The Cursed Crusade is "just a brawler"
    47. Evangelion game in the works at Grasshopper
    48. Jaffe: "Nobody has talked to us" about Twisted Metal Vita
    49. Gears of War 3 has "zero chance" of PS3 port, sports 90 minutes of cutscene
    50. Psychonauts publishing rights back with developer
    1. EA Sports to open retail stores
    2. US PS Store update - Outland, Alice, DiRT 3 DLC
    3. Epic's Rein keen on Vita, Wii U
    4. More Tuesday Shorts: EA Sports store, Infinite Sky-Hook, Agency concept art, more
    5. Smith says 2K took the "spice" from the XCOM series and made it the "meat" of the revamp
    6. Suda teases No More Heroes 3 for Wii U
    7. PSA: Summer of Sonic takes place on June 25 in London
    8. Ghost Recon: Future Solider's lead game designer discusses Gunsmith, innovation in E3 video interview
    9. Analyst calls SWTOR a “highly derivative” clone of WoW and likely to miss 2011
    10. DMC has new story, bosses, Dante, and a shifting game world
    11. Hitman: Absolution preview describes instincts and player choice
    12. Carmack believes Vita could possibly end up competing with Sony's Xperia
    13. Time hopes to appeal to Modern Warfare 3's demographic with faux magazine cover
    14. Free to Play games now available on Steam
    15. EVE, Minecraft, League of Legends taken offline by LulzSec
    16. Report - Xbox 360 successor to be shown at E3 2012 with Timesplitters 4
    17. Ubisoft releases a smashing launch trailer for Child of Eden
    18. Skarlet story trailer teases Kenshi, Rain and unannounced fighter for Mortal Kombat
    19. Kojima, Bleszinski, Molyneux and others to deliver speech at Gamelab
    20. Insomniac releases the first in a series of Resistance 3 developer diaries
    21. First X-Men: Destiny trailer is go
    22. Zumba Fitness helps Majesco triple Q2 revenues
    23. Brief PSN maintenance scheduled for tomorrow
    24. BF3 vs MW3: "Underdog" Gibeau turns pitbull for EA
    25. Tretton: PSN hack was "wake-up call," 90% of users returned
    26. Molyneux staying on Fable due to need to "focus on just one thing"
    27. May NPD: Wii and PS3 lag behind Xbox 360 by 34,000 and 95,000 units, respectively
    28. 360's "Wireless Speed Wheel" to cost ?45 in UK
    29. Quick quotes: Street Fighter x Tekken visuals for PS3, Vita "pretty much identical"
    30. THQ has "some really interesting announcements in the future" for Homefront
    31. Bats, Cats and Penguins: Hands-on with Arkham City
    32. Patrick Stewart lending his voice to The War of the Worlds
    33. Silent Hill 2 actor "seeking compensation" from Konami over performance rights
    34. Kojima goes mental about "cheap" MGS NES
    35. Quick quotes: PC games not possible without digital distribution
    36. Kitase: Square being "very careful" in delivering western FF Type-0
    37. Tuesday shorts - EA lost fans over Dragon Age 2, lots of other things
    38. Itagaki confirms early 2013 launch for Devil's Third, looking at Wii U release
    39. Quick quotes: "No actual plans" to remaster Dissidia: Final Fantasy for PS3
    40. Zelnick on Take Two buyout: "We enjoy being an independent company"
    41. Spencer: MS not looking to turn Halo into annualised franchise
    42. LA Noire Nicholson Electroplating DLC gets new screens
    43. THQ lining up "big" gamescom announcement, says Bilson
    44. BULLETCAST, June 14 – What you need to know now
    45. Crytek to bring CryEngine to Wii U
    46. Extended Devil's Third dev diary released
    47. Nintendo posts full US release schedule
    48. Flying high: Skyrim aims to redefine the open-world RPG
    49. MW3: Spec Ops shown live on Jimmy Fallon - watch it now
    50. Bungie Aerospace reveal coming soon
    51. DICE responds to Battlefield 3 pre-order bonus outrage
    52. Microsoft preparing Kinect-driven advertising
    53. Bungie: We're not making a steampunk game
    54. Report - Zynga "ruthless", "not worried about margins"
    55. FFXIII-2 70 percent complete, features branching dialogue
    56. Need for Speed: The Run shows off Death from Above
    57. THQ pushing for "digital ecosystems"
    58. Tekken creator interested in PS Vita possibilities
    59. Kojipro wants to remake Metal Gear Solid
    60. NPD: US retail slumps to lowest point since 2006, L.A. Noire tops software chart
    61. Call of Duty Elite to make franchise more accessible
    62. Soul Calibur V to be quicker than previous titles
    63. Ubisoft casts doubt on Wii U's next-gen grunt
    1. Call of Duty Elite pulls 2 million beta testers
    2. Assassin's Creed Special Edition detailed for UK
    3. Charles Cecil awarded MBE
    4. THQ closes Homefront dev Kaos, Digital Warrington
    5. Rumour: Bungie holds photoshoot for "steampunk game"
    6. Bethesda confirms personal data compromised
    7. Quick quotes: Sony's reaction to use of PS3 footage in Wii U reveal
    8. Quick shots: Top Gear track shown off in Forza 4 shots
    9. Play sells Portal 2 PC-Mac for ?13
    10. Quick quotes: Akira Yamaoka "almost starting to do complete 180"
    11. Wedbush: Wii U is "two years late"
    12. Report - UK games retail sees YoY decrease in May despite LA Noire launch
    13. Total Insanity: Ubi Montreal's Dan Hay on Far Cry 3
    14. Weber and Handrahan join GI
    15. Reggie: No dual-platform release of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    16. Gardening done: Patrice Désilets joins THQ Montreal today
    17. Gibeau: Criterion making a game every year would "burn them out"
    18. Quick quotes: Why FIFA 12 isn't getting Move support
    19. New Minecraft update to feature "adventures"
    20. Quick quotes: Sakurai calls creation of Smash Bros "a miracle"
    21. Best Buy mentions playable Robin for Batman: Arkham City
    22. Sega exec drops spring-summer 2012 release timeline for Wii U
    23. Third-parties win E3 as show begins to lose relevance
    24. UK charts: Duke nukes LA Noire from top spot
    25. Square Enix "considering the possibilities of bringing Final Fantasy" to Wii U
    26. Quick quotes: MGS2, Castlevania for 3DS if "fan feedback is strong enough"
    27. Bilson: New Turtle Rock game to be announced this year
    28. Bilson: Saints Row XBLA shelved due to "really high" costs, SR 3DS "never started" development
    29. Carmack: Wii U tech level "brings it up to parity with other consoles"
    30. Enterbrain: 3DS hits 1 million sold in Japan
    1. Riccitiello: EA 'got Kotick's goat' with Battlefield 3 footage
    1. Saturday Shorts: MW3, CCP, RIFT, Vita, Ace Combat, Hitman, sales
    2. Quick-Scoping might return in Modern Warfare 3
    3. SEGA's "rapport with Sony remains unchanged," following outage
    4. New Duel Areas showcased in latest Hellgate videos
    5. Absolutely gorgeous Rayman Origins artwork and screens arrive
    6. Quick Shots - Two Worlds II expansion Pirates of the Flying Fortress
    7. Runic puts a positive spin on Torchlight piracy in China
    8. Crystal Dynamics focusing on Tomb Raider, not Lara Croft
    9. Capcom hints at going back to roots with Resident Evil 6
    10. PlayStation Vita memory cards spotted in the wild
    11. Capcom and Sony working on New Street Fighter x Tekken feature for Vita
    12. NOE shuts down Club Nintendo and website functionality due to phishing possibility
    13. Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Edition goodies confirmed
    14. E3: Hands-on, impressions, previews from around the net
    15. Blood Symphony DLC pack released on Xbox Live for Bulletstorm
    16. Epic Games websites and forums recently hacked
    17. Puzzle Agent 2 releasing June 30, pre-orders get original Puzzle Agent free
    18. US PS Video Store update: True Grit, Red Factions: Origins, Sanctum
    1. E3 Shorts TGIF edition: Bloodrayne, Duke is not Chris Brown, BF3 dinosaurs, Penguin
    2. Modern Warfare 3 preview details Survival Mode in Spec Ops multiplayer
    3. MGS: Peace Walker HD controls previewed
    4. Molyneux: "I made a horrendous mistake," taking navigation out of Fable: The Journey demo
    5. Final Fantasy Type-0 website updated with character and battle shots
    6. Rock of Ages rolls on August 31
    7. The Darkness II video interview talks about Jackie and the Brotherhood
    8. Quick Quotes: Sony on cross-game chat with Vita, no update on PS3
    9. Kinect will help widen Mass Effect 3's audience, says EA
    10. THQ thought of Wii U "18 months ago," released it as uDraw "last season"
    11. Wii U will not upscale Wii games
    12. Far Cry 3 development started right after Far Cry 2 shipped in 2008
    13. Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling participating in an Ask Me Anything session
    14. Irrational's Ken Levine explains the use of skylines in BioShock Infinite
    15. Quick Quotes: Bleszinski on embracing the good things hacking can produce
    16. ESA report: Digital sales up 24% to $3.8 billion in 2010
    17. Final Fantasy XIII-2 direct footage from E3 released
    18. Quick Shots - Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine concept art is quite lovely
    19. Microsoft confirms Xbox Live integration with Windows 8
    20. Skyward Sword dungeon demoed along with bird chasing mini-game
    21. Rocksmith bundles include Epiphone Les Paul Junior guitars
    22. Iwata confused why Nintendo stock is down, admits Wii U reveal could have been better
    23. PSA: Escalation pack now available for Black Ops on PS3
    24. Spanish National Police arrest three Anonymous members in Spain
    25. Codemasters hacked, personal data compromised
    26. Gunsmith trailer shows Kinect features in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, dates it for March
    27. Sony's DanceStar announced to death - screens, video, interview
    28. Report - Vita battery life to be comparable to PSP
    29. Pigs shot down: First Duke Nukem Forever reviews are mixed
    30. Report - Gears 3 campaign to last 12 hours
    31. Hirshberg: Mobile gaming ”a double-edged sword"
    32. Full video from Nintendo - Ubisoft Wii U roundtable released
    33. Yerli: Cloud gaming "dangerous" from "business perspective", OnLive and Gaikai "pioneers"
    34. Square Enix exec disappointed by company-wide Japanese showing at E3
    35. Spencer: All first-party MS titles to come with future Kinect support
    36. E3 Friday shorts - the ultimate death edition
    37. Quick quotes - Platinum not developing MGS: Rising
    38. Catherine dated for US, English demo release confirmed
    39. Dead or Alive: Dimensions Australian rating revoked
    40. Spencer: Next Alan Wake project hasn't been greenlit by Microsoft
    41. RAGE pushed into early October
    42. Ninja Gaiden 3's lack of gore, swipe controls, and QTEs explained
    43. Halo Anniversary to run two engines side by side
    44. Modern Warfare 3's story will decide the campaign length
    45. Batman: Arkham City to take 25 hours plus to complete
    46. Amy's handholding detailed
    47. Blacklight dev calls Call of Duty Elite "sad", "weird" and "jerk"-like
    48. Era ending? E3 2013 may bid farewell to the LACC
    49. Japanese charts - PSP still has it, RE: Mercenaries debuts in first
    50. Quick Quotes: Mass Effect and Wii U a "really nice fit"
    51. No courtesans in Assassin's Creed Revelations
    52. Future Soldier beta in early 2012
    53. Telltale "excited" by Wii U touch screen
    1. Perry promises Gaikai on TVs by 2012
    2. FFXIII-2 to sport branching maps, mini-games.
    3. Dragon's Crown was once a Dreamcast game
    4. Thursday Shorts 2: Lara Croft models, bikini car wash, Alien queens, gentle games
    5. Capcom Mobile's persistence paid off
    6. SWTOR developer walkthrough takes the viewer to Tatooine
    7. Kinect functionality not coming to FIFA until 2013 version at least
    8. Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter gets a new trailer
    9. Miyamoto: "Our basic premise is that you can use one," Wii U controller with a system
    10. Handy dandy list of Vita games line-up compiled
    11. Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights gets E3 trailer, lots of screens
    12. Nintendo admits challenges with 3DS; unconcerned with Vita as a competitor
    13. Quick Shots - Silent Hill: Downpour shots show more gloom and doom
    14. Quick Notes - Bloodrayne: Betrayal hitting PSN and XBLA in early August
    15. Payday: The Heist described as "seriously cool, seriously profane, and seriously fun"
    16. Quick Quotes: Bleszinski on people writing-off the story in Gears of War
    17. Cryptic releases a few facts and some art for Neverwinter
    18. GameStop pre-orders of AC: Revelations get upgraded to Signature Edition
    19. E3 2012 dated, staying in Los Angeles
    20. Half of Soul Calibur V's roster will be new fighters
    21. The Walking Dead to be based on comic series, star man and little girl
    22. Sony "may never know" if hackers stole anything during PSN breach
    23. EA could lose $80 million in revenue should NFL lockout lead to cancelled season
    24. Gibeau: "We've already uncovered new ways of playing Battlefield," with Wii U
    25. Cooking Mama franchise sales exceed 12 million worldwide
    26. Quick Shots: New screens of Uncharted 3 finally released
    27. Quick Shots - Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 screens invade a carnival
    28. Sony: "A lot more headroom left" in PS3, says it's not "slipping behind the times"
    29. Development on RAGE has taken longer than Carmack would have liked
    30. Katamari iOS gets screened from E3
    31. Far Cry 3: Watch the E3 demo here
    32. Hacking is "a threat" not just to companies, but "to the very fabric of society," says Hirai
    33. RUMOR: Informant says Kotick not allowed to see Battlefield 3 at E3
    34. Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 seems a mix of Borderlands, Inglorious Basterds
    35. Full restoration of Qriocity services begins today
    36. Sonic creator making a new fishing title
    37. Ubisoft gives exact dates for AC: Revelations and CoJ: The Cartel
    38. Carmack: Happy to be out of engine licensing business
    39. Mass Effect 3 gets live-action E3 trailer
    40. E3: Xbox UK's McGill: 'We'll never leave the core behind'
    41. Devil's Third is 30 percent finished, says Itagaki
    42. Peace Walker HD gets videoed from E3 showfloor
    43. Bohemia's Carrier Command also has an E3 trailer
    44. Epic opening for The Old Republic gets out
    45. Cleaver to be playable weapon in Gears of War 3
    46. New Gundam project revealed, Level-5 involved in it
    47. Thursday E3 shorts: Dissidia 012, Gunstringer, Champions Online
    48. Epic: Gears of War dev team not working with Kinect
    49. Ninja Gaiden 3 to have mission, character DLC
    50. Namco Bandai: Don’t discount 3DS
    51. EA bringing Battlefield 3 to iOS
    52. SSX "finally delivering on the fantasy"
    53. E3 BULLETCAST II – The winding down video edition
    54. Quick quotes - Randy Pitchford not a fan of PS Vita name
    55. FFXIII-2: Multiple endings confirmed, inspired by RDR, HD towns "too boring"
    56. 'Fire Red' 3DS hitting Japan next month
    57. Jaffe won't "cut the balls off" Twisted Metal for European tastes
    58. Sony WWS European boss says Vita is region-free
    59. Riccitiello: Shooter rivalries "good for customers and good for the industry"
    60. Gibeau hints at Mirror's Edge, Frostbite 2 combo
    61. Motorstorm Apocalypse Japanese release cancelled
    62. PlayStation Home seeing record traffic
    63. Gaikai teams up with Eurogamer
    64. Kojipro "looking into" Metal Gear Solid for Wii U
    65. Armored Core V E3 trailer advances
    66. Sega admits to "quality issues" with Sonic 4
    67. Darksiders 2 already running on Wii U
    68. PS Move coming to Everybody's Golf
    69. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action due October 18
    70. Ubisoft details Ghost Recon Online for Wii U
    71. Killer Freaks from Outer Space is a Wii U exclusive
    72. Assassin's Creed for Wii U announced in LA, new console “easy to develop for”
    73. Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 a "test bed" for new direction
    74. Bilson hints at unannounced THQ game and movies
    75. Gearbox to release Duke Nukem Forever dedicated server files
    76. Report - Wii U to ditch friend codes
    77. Itagaki: Japanese games management "not practical"
    78. Report - Silent Hill: Book of Memories to sport multiplayer
    79. RAGE 2 extremely likely, but not for Wii U
    80. Ridge Racer Unbounded E3 trailer is deceptively peaceful
    1. Catherine E3 2011 trailer re-introduces Vincent
    2. Watch a seven minute Deus Ex: Human Revolution walkthrough
    3. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon E3 trailer tops the horizon
    4. E3: Undivided House - SCEE boss open and optimistic
    5. Quick Quotes: Ireland seriously considering Games Tax Relief
    6. Wednesday E3 Shorts 2: Kinect Fun Labs, App store, uDraw, more
    7. Hitman: Absolution most expensive Danish game ever, loads of gameplay footage shown
    8. Infinity Ward "having conversations" on dedicated servers for Modern Warfare 3
    9. Atlus to publish The King of Fighters XIII in North America
    10. Quick Quotes - Hirai expects Vita to be profitable within three years
    11. Here is an uncut version of the Wii U tech demo
    12. Wii U controller gets demoed
    13. E3: Molyneux on Fable: The Journey: “It's not on rails”
    14. Darksiders II on Wii U won't make use of "gimmicky stuff" like with Wii
    15. Insomniac: Overstrike is a four-player co-op game with "cool weapons and gadgets"
    16. First Hitman Absolution trailer released
    17. Halo: Anniversary will reveal details about Halo 4's storyline
    18. Tekken Hybrid gets E3 trailer
    19. Respawn title called a "sci-fi shooter" by EA's Gibeau
    20. Dark Souls floor demo released
    21. Uncharted 3 to have LAN support for multiplayer
    22. Horde Mode in Gears 3 gets previewed, Beast Mode videoed
    23. E3: On the edge with Uncharted 3's single-player
    24. Report - Wii U powered by Unreal Tech
    25. Tarsier Studios and Double Eleven working on LittleBigPlanet Vita
    26. inFamous 2 to launch on PS Store this Friday
    27. Kotick throws water on BF3's chances against MW3
    28. US PS Store update: E3 sale, MotorStorm, Bad Company, ACII, more
    29. Nintendo stock falls to lowest in five years following Wii U announcement
    30. Quick shots - Hitman: Absolution gets new screens ahead of debut trailer
    31. CCP: Doing Dust 514 on 360 would be "tricky"
    32. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time development not handled by Sucker Punch
    33. RIFT update 1.3 video released, launches June 22
    34. E3: Crystal's Tomb Raider vies for Game of the Show
    35. Pre-Order listing suggests Wii U to cost ?399.85, pins it down for July 20 release next year
    36. Gran Turismo 5 Update 1.10 is now live
    37. Carmack talks code regeneration, PC horsepower at E3
    38. Iwata: Wii U controller might support facial recognition
    39. Muzyka: Kinect to 'personalise' and 'customise' Mass Effect experience
    40. Shadows of the Damned has a side-scrolling level, apparently
    41. EG makes nice Wii U game list
    42. Miyamoto: Apple and Nintendo in "two very different areas"
    43. Iwata: Wii U "likely" to cost more than $250
    44. Soul Calibur V gets E3 shots and art
    45. Pachter: Guitar Hero for Wii U on the way
    46. Neverdead gets action-packed E3 trailer
    47. Wii U details emerge - 25GB media, single controller support, no classic controls, more
    48. Console version of Skyrim Bethesda's "lead SKU"
    49. Gibeau: Bringing Battlelog over to BF3 was "mission one"
    50. E3 Wednesday mega-shorts - get all the other stuff in here
    51. Wii U controller won't be sold separately, confirms Nintendo
    52. New FIFA title likely to be part of Wii U's launch line-up
    53. Ubisoft hints at Assassin's Creed Wii U news for tonight
    54. Sony: Wii U will inspire PS Vita devs to experiment
    55. Insomniac "definitely dedicated" to PS3 fanbase despite multi-plat Overstrike
    56. Konami announces Blades of Time for PS3 and Xbox 360
    57. E3 BULLETCAST - Wii U video reaction, ultra news-roundup
    58. Levine discuses PS Move support for Bioshock: Infinite
    59. Report - MGS: Snake Eater 3D to come in 4Gb cart
    60. AMD will power Wii U’s graphics
    61. Rise of Nightmares gets live-action E3 teaser
    62. Avatar Kinect to release as part of Kinect Fun Labs in July
    63. Levine: BioShock Vita is new game, not Infinite
    64. Yoshida: $249 Vita pricepoint aimed at from day one
    65. Sakurai: Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS development hasn't even begun
    66. No FFXV for Vita or 3DS, says Kitase
    67. Dynasty Warriors Vita detailed, screened, trailered
    68. Quick shots: Batman hasn't forgotten Arkham City
    69. Quick Shots - Prey 2 is mysteriously alien
    70. Kid Icarus: Uprising media plummets to earth
    71. Quick Shots - Skyrim screens get epic
    72. Star Fox 64 3D explodes out of E3
    73. Quick Shots - RAGE makes apocalypse look good
    74. Nintendo Roundtable E3 2011: Miyamoto exiting the Wii, Retro working on Mario Kart, more
    75. Miyamoto: Newly revealed Pikmin the "perfect game" Wii U
    76. Report: Luigi's Mansion 2 not a Ninty title (but looking good anyway)
    77. Wii U third-party footage actually from PS3 and X360 versions
    78. Paper Mario 3DS charms in new trailer and screens
    79. Dragon's Crown for Vita, PS3 in the works at Vanillaware
    80. Iwata: Lack of HD kept the Wii in the casual camp
    81. Quick Shots - Dark Souls screens both dark and soulful
    1. Quick Shots - Silent Hill: Downpour screens are suitably gloomy
    2. PSA: El Shaddai demo out now on console networks
    3. Dark Millenium Online trailer surfaces
    4. SWTOR E3 game play videos and shots come out of L.A.
    5. Sonic Generations trailer is double speedy
    6. Skyward Sword shines in E3 2011 media
    7. Here a Tekken, there a Tekken, everywhere a Tekken
    8. Starhawk gets CG E3 trailer
    9. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record E3 gameplay videos
    10. Quick shots - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker gets shown in HD
    11. Cryptic puts Neverwinter site live, issues E3 teaser
    12. Bodycount has an E3 trailer - this is what it looks like
    13. Watch the Nintendo Wii U tech demo
    14. Kirby Wii gets E3 trailer
    15. ARMA 3 gets live-action E3 teaser
    16. Tretton casts doubt over PS Vita worldwide release this calendar year
    17. Nintendo video shows various titles coming to Wii U
    18. Reggie explains why only the WiiU controller was shown today
    19. Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition confirmed for July 12 US launch
    20. Watch the entire WiiU Nintendo E3 press conference reveal
    21. Infinity Blade passes $10m in sales
    22. Dragons's Dogma gets E3 trailers and details
    23. Resident Evil: Raccoon City gets first gameplay trailers
    24. Capcom confirms Devil May Cry movie in production
    25. Kotick E3 video interview: WiiU "exciting," has caught up with "graphics, audio"
    26. Resident Evil: Revelations E3 trailer and gameplay videos hit
    27. Asura's Wrath E3 trailers show both old and new footage
    28. Street Fighter X Tekken videos show fighting, gameplay
    29. Tretton plays coy over Agent exclusivity
    30. Desmond teaser released for Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    31. THQ formally announces Darksiders II for Wii U
    32. DMC gets first in-game trailer straight from E3
    33. E3 2011 - Total MS and Sony press conference coverage
    34. WiiU - Hands-on impressions and hardware photos
    35. Café closed: Nintendo debuts WiiU at E3 presser
    36. Demos hitting Nintendo eShop by the end of the year
    37. Super Mario 3DS coming before year's end
    38. Luigi's Mansion 2 announced at Nintendo presser
    39. Miyamoto confirms Zelda: Skyward Sword worldwide launch for this holiday
    40. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus hitting US and Europe in September
    41. Mojang releases first Minecraft 360 video, Notch teases info on Twitter
    42. Final Fantasy hits 100 million shipped worldwide
    43. LOTRO: Rise of Isengard launches on September 27
    44. PSA: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition out today
    45. Rift has almost 1 million folks playing it, according to Trion Worlds
    46. Final Fantasy XIII-2 confirmed for early 2012 western launch
    47. PSA: InFamous 2 out today in US, and even Cole's powers have powers
    48. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to come in two DVDs for 360
    49. Trion and SyFy post teaser for interconnected game and TV series Defiance
    50. PS Vita pricing hints - UK ?280, AU $299
    51. Bleszinski hits out at Kinect criticism: "If you don't like it, don't play it"
    52. Star Trek gets E3 gameplay trailer
    53. Watch every E3 2011 press conference in its entirety
    54. Inversion's E3 trailer is downside up
    55. Quick Shots - Tomb Raider looks tempting in new screens
    56. Tsunoda, Bleszinski "fricking love" Kinect Funlabs for developers, embrace homebrew
    57. Prey 2 gets E3 gameplay walkthrough
    58. Tuesday E3 shorts: Journey, Zelda OoT, Wii Play Motion
    59. Battlefield 3: Multiplayer trailer, Frostbite 2 trailer, new screens
    60. New Ridge Racer announced for Playstation Vita
    61. New Dynasty Warriors title in development for PS Vita
    62. Quick shots - Insomniac's Overstrike gets first shots
    63. Microsoft executive: Kinect is courting the core
    64. Quick Shots - Starhawk E3 screenshots
    65. Video - Ono demos Street Fighter x Tekken Vita at Sony presser
    66. Nintendo's E3 2011 press conference - WiiU, 3DS, Zelda
    67. E3 2011 -Total Ubisoft and EA press conference coverage
    68. Trials Evolution announced for fall XBLA release
    69. Virtua Tennis 4 announced for Playstation Vita
    70. God of War Origins trailered, screenarised
    71. PlayStation Move hits 8.8 million sales
    72. New Kinect shooter announced by Zombie Studios
    73. Quick Shots - inFamous 2 screens show locations, enemy types
    74. Tekken: Blood Vengeance gets new trailer
    75. Video - First Tomb Raider gameplay aired during MS presser
    76. PixelJunk SideScroller announced for PS3 - screens
    77. Forza Motorsport 4 confirmed for October 11 launch, E3 assets are super shiny
    78. FFXIII-2 off-screen footage features gameplay, shows off mini-game
    79. Quick shots - Mass Effect 3 shots go all out following date announcement
    80. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine E3 2011 trailer is born of blood and fire
    81. Vita's LittleBigPlanet trailer touches up Sackboy
    82. Super Stardust Delta trailer shows things going bang
    83. Microsoft unveils new wireless wheel for 360
    84. Special Gears of War 3 hardware bundle announced for September 20 launch
    85. Report: Battlefield 3 PC system specs detailed
    86. Vita's WipEout 2048 trailer is heavy on the speed
    87. Oddworld titles coming to Vita this holiday
    88. Ninja Gaiden 3 seen in off-screen action
    89. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning trailer is bashtastic
    90. Report - PlayStation Vita UK price "close to ?235"
    91. Far Cry 3 video interview details world economy, XP, more
    92. PS Vita demo reel belies massive developer support
    93. PlayStation 3 firmware 3.65 available now
    94. Gotham City Impostors debut trailer is mayhem
    95. FFXIII-2 E3 trailer, FFXIII to be updated
    96. Uncharted Golden Abyss off-screen video is still beautiful
    97. PSA: 3DS eShop firmware update now live
    98. Resistance 3 E3 demo, screens and fact sheet released
    99. SSX E3 2011 trailer shows off cast, insanity
    100. Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 2011 trailer is all cinematic
    101. Microsoft goes asset mental on games coming to XBL Arcade
    102. PSP sales reach 70 million units worldwide
    103. Street Fighter X Tekken to be released on PS Vita, feature Cole from InFamous
    104. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception E3 story trailer and demo
    105. NGP is dead: PlayStation Vita name confirmed, 2011 global launch and prices confirmed
    106. BioShock Infinite E3 trailer
    107. BioShock Infinite to support PS Move, Levine confirms NGP project
    108. Dust 514 trailered; to use Move, support PS Vita
    109. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time announced, coming in 2012
    110. Quick Shots - Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest announced for PS Move
    111. Sony 3D monitor and glasses announced - now with images
    112. God of War Origins Collection announced, Team ICO Collection confirmed for September
    113. Tretton apologises for PSN outage
    1. Cloud Storage feature revealed for Xbox Live
    2. Ancel: No Beyond Good and Evil 2 this generation
    3. Mass Effect 3 videos show 11 minutes of gameplay footage
    4. WWDC 2011 Conference Round Up: All major stuff in one place
    5. Ubisoft E3 trailers: Your Shape, Rabbids, Tintin, James Noire
    6. Assassin's Creed: Revelations E3 trailer and screens
    7. Ghost Recon Future Soldier gets E3 video
    8. Michael Jackson: The Experience coming to 3DS and Vita
    9. Driver: San Francisco trailer ignores speed limits, rules
    10. Ubisoft to release Just Dance 3 on October 11
    11. Brothers in Arms Furious 4 to release during first half of 2012
    12. Far Cry 3 announced for 2012 multi-platform launch
    13. Batman: Arkham City gets E3 gameplay video
    14. Mass Effect 3 gets E3 gameplay trailer
    15. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Gameplay demo goes live
    16. EA Sports Football Club revealed as a new way to connect with FIFA
    17. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online trailer and shots pop up
    18. Insomniac's Overstrike announced by EA Partners - first trailer inside
    19. Battlefield 3 to launch on October 25, beta beginning in September
    20. Mass Effect 3 dated worldwide for March 6, 2012
    21. Battlefield 3 gets E3 gameplay trailer
    22. Halo 4 announced, confirmed for holiday 2012
    23. Dance Central 2 announced, simultaneous multiplayer confirmed
    24. Kinect Fun Labs announced, available today
    25. Kinect Sports: Season Two announced, golf and skiing included
    26. Kinect Star Wars demoed, control your lightsaber with gestures
    27. Minecraft announced for Kinect, launching this winter
    28. Crytek's Ryse announced, is first-person Kinect sword title
    29. Fable: The Journey announced by Lionhead
    30. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary announced for November
    31. Microsoft announces Kinect voice control, Bing, YouTube and live TV watching
    32. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Kinect support confirmed, support for future Clancy titles announced
    33. EA Sports to utilize Kinect in four titles, the Sims to also use the tech
    34. BioWare announces Kinect implementation for Mass Effect 3
    35. Resistance 3 E3 trailer gets you pumped
    36. Ubisoft registers Ghost Recon: Commander and other domains
    37. Summer of Arcade line-up confirmed: From Dust, Bastion, more
    38. Ninja Gaiden 3 gets E3 trailer
    39. Bilson hints at new inSane stuff for VGAs
    40. Rumor - Assassin's Creed: Revelations Collector's Edition leaked
    41. Magicka PvP patch hitting June 21, E3 trailer released
    42. Limbo release on Steam looking likley
    43. Dead Island dated for September, E3 trailer shows a Tragedy in Paradise
    44. Amazon listing reveals Mass Effect 3: Collector's Edition
    45. Rumor: StarCraft MMO "likely" thanks to World of StarCraft mod popularity
    46. Check out 8-minutes of NeverDead footage
    47. Nintendo Weekly update: GO Series Picdun, Dreamwalker, more
    48. Zombie Studios announces Blacklight Retribution as its F2P sequel to Tango Down
    49. E3 Quick Shots - Spider-Man: Edge of Time screens show different Spideys
    50. Xbox E3 US site outs Halo 4, Halo HD, Dance Central 2
    51. Bioware and ME3 confirmed for Microsoft E3 presser
    52. European PSN raises ?466,000 for Red Cross JP tsunami relief
    53. Skylanders Spyro's Adventure will be "first-ever cross-platform gameplay experience," says Activision
    54. GDC Europe 2011 sessions from Harmonix, DICE, and Ernest Adams announced
    55. Sony's E3 2011 - Vita global this FY at $249, much more
    56. Euro PS Store Update - Loads of sales, Split/Second Velocity, lots of add-ons
    57. GameStop: Modern Warfare 3 pre-order already outpacing those for Black Ops
    58. Spider-Man: Edge of Time E3 trailer has jumping, whipping
    59. Action all the way - full coverage of Ubisoft presser
    60. Call of Duty: Elite's free features unveiled
    61. Apple set to hold WWDC keynote during MS E3 presser
    62. Battlefield 3 wrecks E3: full coverage of EA presser
    63. Acti E3 line-up announced, Call of Duty: Elite beta to begin on July 14
    64. GMA 2011 nominations open - vote now
    65. Sony Santa Monica to show four unannounced titles at E3
    66. New Postal III "Grindhouse" trailer makes no sense
    67. Lionhead confirmed for Microsoft press conference
    68. Quick shots – Journey gets E3 screens
    69. Amored Core V to release October 20 in Japan, new trailer
    70. Operation Flashpoint: Red River heads to Valley of Death
    71. Report - FIFA 12 down for September 30 UK launch
    72. Kinect Star Wars and Disneyland Adventures - in-game footage
    73. UK charts: LA Noire makes three weeks at the top
    74. Forbes: New God of War to be announced at Sony E3 presser
    75. ESA: 45,000 attendees, 200 companies expected to be at E3
    76. Rumour: Project Café is called "Nintendo"
    77. LucasArts "keeping a close eye" on Kinect, Move for internal development
    78. THQ and Adidas bringing miCoach to Move and Kinect
    79. SCEE trademarks PSVita, PlayStation Vita in Europe
    80. EA on Origin: "We've learned a lot from Steam"
    81. Alice: Madness Returns trailer highlights mini-games
    82. New Will Wright game based on Sterling short-story
    83. E3 Shorts: Day One, Part One
    84. Report - New Halo and Fable, Wake, Dance Central 2 on show from MS at E3 [Update]
    85. Outland to hit US PSN June 14
    86. Ridge Racer 3D issues follow 3DS firmware update
    87. Microsoft to launch Tritton-branded Xbox 360 headsets
    88. Halo 4, Kinect and Tomb Raider lead MS E3 presser
    89. Lord of the Rings: War in the North all about "fellowship"
    90. Atlus promotion lets you text with Catherine
    91. Quick Shots - Prototype 2's action captured
    92. Skullgirls developer diary shows pixel-perfect animation
    93. Kinect Star Wars detailed: lightsabers, voice commands
    94. BioShock: Infinite's vigors and nostrums detailed
    95. First UFC Undisputed 3 trailer enters the ring
    96. Quick Shots - Dust 514 screens suggest PS3 exclusive
    97. Quick Shots - A pair of Hitman: Absolution screens turn up
    98. Report - Duke Nukem Forever DLC plans outed by demo files
    99. Dead Island gameplay trailer reiterates a few highlights
    100. Prototype 2 "completely different" to inFamous
    1. Rumour - Rare to reveal voice-control Kinect titles at E3
    2. Rumour - Microsoft to announce Xbox Diamond TV
    3. Yoshida: Sony 'comfortable' with NGP price point
    4. Nintendo of America servers hacked
    5. Old Republic E3 trailer goes into detail overload, not in CG
    6. E3 rumour watch - Fable: The Journey and other domain names registered by Microsoft
    7. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City gets E3 trailer
    1. Journey gameplay video looks amazing
    2. Extended SSX gameplay video shows more Mac action
    3. MGS, ZoE HD remasters to get PSN, XBLA releases
    4. "Big" MGS: Rising news this winter, says Konami boss
    5. The Weekly Wrap – CoD: Elite, Kojima, pre-E3 insanity
    6. Insomniac/EAP unveil confirmed for Monday evening
    7. Dust 514 countdown heading towards E3
    1. Friday Shorts el segundo: RE Mercs, Batarang Controller, Wizardry, Papo & Yo
    2. First Darksiders II screenshots unleashed by Game Informer
    3. Michael J. Fox lends voice to final Back to the Future episode
    4. BioWare reveals what to expect from SWTOR at E3 next week
    5. Twisted Metal E3 trailer "Revenge" shows sweet bot
    6. Prototype 2 E3 trailer hits, turns action levels up to eleven
    7. Rumor: Nikkei confirms touch screen for Project Cafe
    8. Sony and Overkill announce PAYDAY: The Heist
    9. Diablo III: Blizzard hiring for Senior Software Engineer, PS3 specialist
    10. Battlefield 3's Operation Métro map to be shown at E3
    11. Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC hitting PS3 June 10
    12. Welcome Back Program now live for PSN users
    13. Dead Island pre-order bonuses detailed
    14. SEGA posts E3 line-up: Sonic Generations, Colonial Marines, Rise of Nightmares, more
    15. Coming soon to PS Plus: Free content, discounts, Ghost Recon demo on June 9
    16. Final Fantasy XIII-2 get teased ahead of E3 showing next week
    17. E3 2011: PES 2012 gets first gameplay trailer
    18. Star Trek game based on 2009 film announced, co-op as Kirk and Spock
    19. New RAGE trailer introduces you to The Well
    20. PSA: Witcher 2 patch v1.2 is live
    21. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron hitting US in July, UK in September
    22. PSA: inFamous 2 demo is live, screenshot extravaganza hits
    23. Xbox 360 has moved 55 million consoles in six years
    24. LA incoming: VG247 E3 super-liveblog running all week
    25. Uncharted 3 co-op video takes us to Syria
    26. European PlayStation Store update 2 contains loads of add-ons, sales
    27. Resume: NGP includes "Flash Social Networking system"
    28. EA confirms E3 line-up - BF3, ME3, SSX, The Old Republic, more
    29. Silent Hill: Downpour E3 trailer gives the creeps
    30. XCOM confirmed for March 2012, PS3 version announced
    31. Security expert: PSN still isn't safe
    32. Zelnick: Still "plenty of room" to push creativity this gen
    33. MGS 3DS E3 trailer drops in post-Konami conference
    34. Zipper details free SOCOM 4 DLC
    35. Friday Shorts: Kevin Butler returns, some mental poisoned frog game announced
    36. Metro: Last Light E3 trailer goes heavy on Portishead
    37. Kojima's Fox Engine shown running in video interview
    38. New Skyrim details: Injured Dragons can't fly, much more
    39. BULLETCAST, June 3 – What you need to know now
    40. Team Ico HD remakes due in Japan September 22, new trailer
    41. Prey 2 E3 trailer goes live-action
    42. 3DS eShop will not feature "3DSware", video player inbound
    43. Dark Souls confirmed for October 7 UK launch
    44. Devil's Third teases TGS appearance
    45. First Soul Calibur V gameplay video looks sweet
    46. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC due this week
    47. First Tomb Raider trailer confirms autumn 2012 release
    48. First SSX gameplay trailer confirms Mac
    49. L.A. Noire development staff offer corrected credits
    50. PSA: Duke Nukem Forever demo opens to First Access Club
    51. EA launches Origin digital distribution service with SWTOR exclusive
    52. Xperia Play games library set to expand
    53. Sony: "We can't" compete with smartphones
    54. Alice: Madness Returns launch trailer brings it
    55. Rumour: Rainbow Six remake detailed
    56. THQ insists on IP ownership, but puts "artists first"
    1. Konami announces MGS, ZoE, Silent Hill HD Collections
    2. OnLive heading to UK, Facebook, and new devices
    3. Starbreeze sources dismiss Darkness, concerned for RedLime
    4. Thursday shorts, part deux: Skyward Sword, Steam, Mortal Kombat
    5. Ubisoft lists 29 tracks to be made available for Rocksmith
    6. Nintendo to offer free Wi-Fi access at 25,000 US locations for 3DS
    7. Quick Shots - Alice: Madness Returns screens are quite lovely
    8. THQ confirms E3 line-up, Darksiders II is no-show
    9. Witcher 2 coming to Xbox 360 at the end of the year
    10. Yu Suzuki joins Premium Agency as executive game producer
    11. First Darksiders II trailer shows Death in action
    12. PSA: Escalation pack now available for Black Ops PC
    13. Capcom teases Hwoarang in latest Street Fighter X Tekken video
    14. Capcom to remove offline limitations for SSFIV:AE on PC
    15. The Riddler does more than just taunt Batman in Arkham City
    16. First trailer for new CDP Red project airing tonight
    17. NGP: Launch games official, pre-E3 info explodes
    18. Warhammer 40K: Kill Team goes shoot-mental XBLA, PSN
    19. Uncharted 3: Drake Deception Collector's Edition and pre-order bonuses detailed
    20. Square Enix drops FFXIII-2 story details
    21. Resistance 3 multiplayer video features Trainyard footage
    22. Hellgate closed beta starts tomorrow, character class shots released
    23. Square Enix confirms E3 line-up, Type-0 and VXIII missing
    24. Polish retailers list Witcher II 360 ahead of CD Projekt pre-E3 event
    25. Quick Shots: Catwoman slinks around in Arkham City
    26. PS Home update adds tattoos, dastardly disguises, inFamous clothing
    27. Activision to release virtual Wappy Dog for DS this holiday season
    28. Report - Aonuma mentions new Zelda title to celebrate 25th anniversary, unveiling at E3
    29. Sony opens PS Plus up to all, gives existing members extra goodies
    30. Johnson talks a lot in latest Shadows of the Damned video
    31. Duke Nukem Forever launch trailer is uncensored, features ass-kicking
    32. Thursday shorts: Rovio, Champions Online, Crysis 2, LA Noire
    33. LucasArts aiming to create "authentic, immersive" Star Wars games
    34. Beyond Good and Evil HD PSN confirmed for June 8
    35. Konami pre-E3 event tonight, Kojima E3 site to open tomorrow
    36. Resistance 3 demo to launch alongside Battle: Los Angeles on July 11 in UK
    37. Pre-E3 NGP shots emerge - Uncharted, Wipeout, more
    38. Call of Duty vs Battlefield: Hirshberg, Intat go big over 2011 fight
    39. PopCap: Working on multiple platforms at once leads to "lowest common denominator thinking"
    40. New Rayman Origins screens are delicious, delicious eye candy
    41. 3DS eShop line-up confirmed, no Flash support for browser
    42. BULLETCAST, June 2 – What you need to know now
    43. UFC Undisputed 3 announced for early 2012
    44. Skyrim E3 ad literally goes big over LA hotel
    45. Funland - Saints Row the Third first look in London
    46. Choplifter HD coming to XBLA, features Super Meat Boy cameo
    47. Hawken developer diaries dig into design goals
    48. PlayStation Store returns worldwide with massive update
    49. DNF First Access Club to get first multiplayer DLC
    50. Might & Magic: Heroes VI beta starts June 28
    51. City of Heroes producer's letter promises continued updates
    52. Pre-load opens for free Black Ops weekend
    53. Metal Gear Solid 3D E3 demo complete
    54. The Darkness II trailer looks through Jackie's eyes
    55. Section 8: Prejudice double XP event highlights DLC, patch
    56. Magicka DLC to aid Japan relief funds
    57. PS Vita reference found on Sony's E3 website
    58. Rumour - Mass Effect 3 to support Kinect
    59. Pitchford: Duke Nukem is "the sum of all clichés"
    1. Inversion trailer gets a bit Escher-esque
    2. Fallen Enchantress dev talks middle-market sweet spot
    3. Japanese charts - PSP and One Piece sail to the top
    4. Infographic: World of Warcraft by the numbers
    5. Starhawk multiplayer video shows what will be on hand at E3
    6. Majesco and Natsume announce E3 line-up
    7. Former DICE man Gordon Van Dyke leaves Visceral for Paradox
    8. Zombie Studios to bring Top Cow's Hunter-Killer to PSN and XBL
    9. THQ: PSN outage had little effect on the firm
    10. Microsoft's Forza 4 E3 teaser proves it takes "racing seriously"
    11. Famitsu delivers with NeverDead character renders and information
    12. Sony to livestream its E3 presser through PS Home
    13. Serious Sam 3 reveal trailer is totally mental
    14. War in the North assets introduce you to Beleram the Great Eagle
    15. Ninja Gaiden 3 shots sneak out of Famitsu
    16. Age of Empires Online pricing revealed
    17. Ridge Racer: Unbounded champions 'accessible racing'
    18. Brink statistics site goes live with crazy player numbers
    19. SEGA details Sonic Generations for 3DS
    20. Rockstar Pass video shows off the new DLC initiative
    21. Darksiders II confirmed for 2012, first artwork released
    22. Quick Shots: Bodycount screens show explosions, flying bodies
    23. Play as Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City
    24. Saints Row: The Third gets Nov 15 US launch date, E3 trailer
    25. Report - Modern Warfare 3 has team perks, new killstreaks
    26. Sega confirms Aliens: Colonial Marines for spring 2012
    27. Bodycount director says Black's departure "unsettled" people, but development never stalled
    28. Hitman: Absolution's first trailer hitting next Wednesday
    29. DiRT 3 gets Colin McRae Vision DLC pack
    30. StreetPass Day set for June 25 by Nintendo
    31. CVG gets relaunch, colour change, becomes "first stop for 24/7 global gaming news"
    32. Need for Speed World blows past 5 million users
    33. Fable III 360 demo now available from Marketplace
    34. Ubisoft planning Driver, Splinter Cell 3DS bundles
    35. Launch trailers for White Knight Chronicles II and Origins released
    36. Edge launches "comprehensive revitalisation" of both mag and site
    37. Star Wars Kinect gets short live-action E3 teaser
    38. IGN takes Keza MacDonald as games editor
    39. Hirshberg: Call of Duty web series to form part of Elite sub
    40. Divnich: CoD: Elite to have 1.5 million subs by end of 2011
    41. Kinecting the core: Forza 4 head-tracking shown in video
    42. iPhone camera maker hints at Project Cafe tie-in
    43. Angry Birds to invade televisions, no one is safe
    44. Carmageddon: Reincarnation to release as download in 2012
    45. PSN to go down for maintenance this afternoon
    46. First ten minutes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution leaked
    47. Microsoft talks "entertainment" future of Xbox, drops E3 hints
    48. BAFTA to take video game branch to US
    49. Jaffe talks Twisted Metal in new presentation
    50. BULLETCAST, June 1 – What you need to know now
    51. EGM teases first Soul Calibur V screenshot
    52. E3's shadow can't darken summer's blistering line-up
    53. Wednesday Shorts - EVE patch, E3 billboard (again), Half-life fan trailer
    54. Zelda OoT 3DS gets brand new videos
    55. Survey: Japan waiting on 3DS price-drop before buying
    56. Dynasty Warriors 7 PSP outed by Famitsu leak
    57. Allies & Empires invades Facebook
    58. Heart of the Swarm gets first gameplay trailer
    59. RAGE's Authority revealed in new gameplay footage
    60. Kojima: Boktai dev team lacked "power and wisdom"
    61. Sniper: Ghost Warrior One Shot – One Kill Edition detailed
    62. Uncharted 3 confirmed for Japan
    63. Bloodrayne: Betrayal gets new trailer
    64. Square Enix E3 website live
    65. EA stock rises to new high ahead of board appointment announcement
    66. Mad Catz launches ThunderHawk Studios
    67. Age of Empires Online trailer preempts release
    68. Quick Shots - Catherine screens offer a helping hoof
    69. Hunter-Killer game announced by Saw developer
    70. Quick Shots - Bit.Trip saga screens and boxart appear
    71. Red Faction: Armageddon's Mr Toots unleashed