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June 2012 Archive

    1. Mobile gaming isn't a threat to traditional games industry, says Troedsson
    2. Atlantica Online arrives on Steam
    3. McMillen says he went "all in" with The Binding of Isaac
    4. E.X. Troopers to release on 3DS, PS3 later this year
    5. Console Fanboyism gets an infographic
    6. Phil Fish has two games in the works
    7. Gaikai shown running on Chrome Native Client at Google I/O 2012
    8. L4D2 Cold Stream DLC to release on July 24
    9. Street Fighter x Tekken update 1.02 now available on Steam, GFWL
    10. Atlus teases with Code of Princess trailer
    11. Indie Royale Summer Bundle includes eight games, AirMech bonus
    12. Worms Revolution dev diary delves into the history of the franchise
    13. GTA V shown in promotional video for gamescom
    14. Topware Interactive holding 50% off sale through online store
    15. First Ghost Recon: Future Soldier map pack gets delayed
    16. Bohemia Interactive knocks 25% off all available titles
    17. SWTOR devs explain how the tie-breaker is decided on Voidstar PvP map
    18. Crystal D - "Rape" is not in our vocabulary, communication
    19. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch limited edition confirmed for US
    20. Monster Hunter 4 slated for spring 2013 release in Japan
    1. Death Rally comes to Steam on August 3
    2. Agent 47 pushes a man off a deck and to his death
    3. Code of Princess packshot and pre-order bonus screen released
    4. Rumor - Vivendi expected to sell Activision stock for $8.1 billion
    5. OnLive Orientation Sale slashes up to 75% off various titles
    6. Sony video shows off the new PlayStation Move Racing Wheel
    7. EVE Online Alliance Tournament X starts tomorrow
    8. All-American Rejects, Mudvayne, Rise Against hit Rock Band 3 next week
    9. Pokemon Black 2 outsells White 2 by 72,000 units
    10. Gamers are "really hungry" for action-adventure, says Splinter Cell: Blacklist dev
    11. Yu Suzuki's latest is an arcade shooter for iOS, Android
    12. Go behind-the-scenes with Darksiders II live-action video The Last Sermon
    13. Naughty Dog to show fresh The Last of Us content during Comic Con
    14. Early access for The Secret World starts today
    15. EA - over 800,000 have signed up for Battlefield Premium
    16. Sleeping Dogs' open-world to have “gameplay density," instead of size
    17. Molyneux - game authors should stand by decisions, take the rough with the smooth
    18. Little Inferno announced by Tomorrow Corporation
    19. EA considering adding Battlefield Premium-style service to more properties
    20. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch limited edition announced for Europe
    21. Halo 4 almost completed, Longbow multiplayer map detailed
    22. EA, ESA, Institute of Play creating educational games via new non-profit GLASS Lab
    23. Diablo III hotfix increases high-end loot drops in Hell, Inferno modes
    24. Mark your calendar - "lengthy" Project X Zone trailer coming July 2
    25. Quick shots - WIP screens show F1 2012
    26. GameStop taking Google Nexus 7 pre-orders , accepting Andorid tablet trade-ins
    27. Japanese version of Inside Xbox will end next month
    28. Wii U has "capability issues" due to single processor,says VentureBeat's Takahashi
    29. Guardians of Middle Earth: MOBA comes to console
    30. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm playable at gamescom
    31. Rugby League Live 2 out this year on PS3 and 360
    32. Wii U - Nintendo will not charge a fee for online
    33. Latest PWND episode shows unseen footage of Need for Speed: Most Wanted
    34. SOE Live tickets go on sale
    35. Clint Hocking departs LucasArts, "moving on to something new"
    36. Tom Bissell and Rob Auten writing the script for Gears of War: Judgment
    37. Ghost Recon Online and ShootMania Storm developer sessions added to Rezzed
    38. Hero Academy launches on Steam August 8, contains cross-platform play with iOS
    39. NPD: one-third of gamers prefer buying games digitally
    40. Video - Spec Ops hits Europe today, development laid bare
    41. Company of Heroes 2 shots show tanks in the snow
    42. Japanese game industry sales up year-over-year thanks to Pokemon, 3DS
    43. Bad games are bad no matter where they are made, says Platinum
    44. Bunny bikinis are a pre-order item in the US for DoA5
    45. First Hitman: Absolution TV ad airing during UEFA League Championship final
    46. Borderlands 2: get questions answered by Randy Pitchford
    47. Watch Dogs AR Site accidentally leaks fan emails addresses
    48. A question of trust: TESO dev answers to VG247's readers
    49. Square Enix's average wage more than doubles competition in Japan according to chart
    50. NBA 2K13 Dynasty Edition revealed - Includes basketball, Skullcandy earbuds and more
    51. Microsoft rushed Minecraft XBLA deal ahead of E3 according to Phil Spencer
    52. Five Star Games to distribute Sega titles in Benelux and Australia following restructure
    53. PSP version of Time Travellers pushed back one week
    54. Save 50% off Trine 2 on XBLA this weekend
    55. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 announced for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
    56. Wisecrack Games cancels Sam Suede Kickstarter
    57. Civilization V: Gods and Kings demo now available through Steam
    58. Dungeon Twister slated for July release
    59. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer regrets DLC expansions
    60. Save up to 50% off with the PlayStation Network Summer Sale
    61. Gravity Interactive launching Classic server for Ragnarok Online
    62. Indie hit Cute Things Dying Violently heading to PC this July
    63. Final Fantasy III makes its way on to Android, available now
    64. Aspyr announces Call of Duty: Black Ops for Mac
    1. Radical reduced to "support" capacity at Activision
    2. Dungeon Fighter Online released on Steam
    3. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes screens are full of dark ambiance
    4. EVE faction warfare exploit addressed, players punished with rollback
    5. GameTrailers launches spiffy new website design
    6. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light hits Chrome this fall
    7. 007 Legends to contain On Her Majesty's Secret Service mission
    8. Space Marine and Dawn of War II: Retribution are 75% off this weekend on Steam
    9. Diablo III - Blizzard lifts new player restrictions to Act One
    10. Industry vets launch new indie studio in Dublin
    11. The Expendables 2 to release this summer on PC, PSN, XBL
    12. EA Sports to announce Wii U plans next month
    13. Company of Heroes 2 debut vid - the Forgotten Sacrifice
    14. Microsoft releases Xbox 360 Comic Con schedule
    15. Will Arnett describes the conception of Elite's Noob Tube, Cocked Hammers
    16. Max Payne 3 Local Justice DLC gets a trailer
    17. Persona 4 Arena trailer focuses on story
    18. Atelier Ayesha launch trailer released
    19. Might and Magic Clash of Heroes to release on Android, iPad, iPhone
    20. "One Sony" is the new mantra for getting the firm out of financial difficulty, says House
    21. Quick shots - Dead or Alive 5 screens show Rig, Bass
    22. Skulls of the Shogun features cross-platform play between 360, Windows 8
    23. Impact of Microsoft and Nintendo skipping gamescom is "not that big," says Fischer
    24. NOA appoints former Disney Interactive SVP as new SVP of Network Business
    25. Dishonored E3 demos dissect the Golden Cat mission
    26. Rhythm Thief, Kingdom Hearts 3D hit Nintendo Downloads
    27. Hog-tied: Sega closes offices in France, Germany, Spain
    28. Heroes of Ruin demo hits eShop in the US July 5
    29. Sports Interactive details split from Eidos after nine years of silence
    30. Developer diary released for MechWarrior Online
    31. MMO madness: Guild Wars 2 to release on August 28
    32. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 out now on Android
    33. 2K Sports announces contents of NBA 2K13 Dynasty Edition
    34. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission to release in the US this fall
    35. World of Tanks updated in SEA, updates to be global from today
    36. Pokemon Black & White 2 out October 7 in US, October 12 in EU
    37. Leaked Half-Life concepts are "legit," mods insist
    38. Too many 3DS models would "perplex" users: Iwata
    39. New Kickstarter promises the "functionalities of a mouse, keyboard and joystick" for touch screen gaming
    40. GameStop chops Vita to ?189.97
    41. Sources indicate next Gears of War will hit in February
    42. Gaikai has "reached the point where raising money isn't a problem" according to CEO David Perry
    43. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance confirmed playable at gamescom
    44. Dead or Alive 5: new gameplay trailer shows Rig
    45. TF2 Pyro patch out now, Pyroland added
    46. Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution playable at Eurogamer Expo
    47. Gree to exhibit at gamescom
    48. Watch the first 30 minutes of Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition
    49. Funcom developing new family-friendly LEGO MMO
    50. Square: CG and gameplay will share assets in next-gen
    51. EA takes aim at Zynga with latest SimCity Social trailer
    52. Broken Sword hits Android, new Revolution adventure announcement soon
    53. Adult Swim and Valve collaboration revealed as Team Fortress 2 hat, more content hinted for the future
    54. Watch the Source Filmmaker in action in 12 videos
    55. No Kinect support in Gears of War: Judgment according to series creator
    56. PES dev on FIFA: "Maybe EA thinks they’ve gone far enough with gameplay"
    57. EVO 2012 to have pay-per-view HD stream, draws record numbers
    58. Firefall gets 500,000 registered members, PC specs
    59. Google Nexus 7 priced from $199/?159, out July
    60. 3DS XL to receive Circle Pad Pro later this year, will support data transfer
    61. Atari celebrates 40th birthday with 100 free games for iOS
    62. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier day-one patches released for PC
    63. Night Mare mount released for Tera, available until June 30
    64. Android App Player for Mac makes public alpha debut
    65. Multiple China-related Call of Duty domains registered by Activision
    66. Carmen Sandiego headed to the big screen, Jennifer Lopez eyeing off leading role
    67. Nuketown to return as limited edition offering in Black Ops II
    1. Cradle of Rome 2 out now in the US for 3DS and DS
    2. Age of Empires Online is now completely free-to-play
    3. Have look inside Epic Games with Cliff Bleszinski
    4. Quick shots - The Walking Dead: Episode 2
    5. 3DS XL hands-on video describes more natural 3D, nice graphics
    6. The Last of Us will not have co-op in the main campaign
    7. Pokemon Black & White 2 dominates Japanese charts, Vita slips heavily
    8. Valve announces Source Filmmaker for release this year
    9. Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Pyro video released
    10. Tribes: Ascend is now available on Steam
    11. Resume hints that Crytek's Ryse could contain multiplayer
    12. Rumor - Zipper Interactive was working on a PS4 game before being shuttered
    13. Watch the first 10 minutes of The Walking Dead: Episode 2
    14. Firefall beta saw 500,000 registered users, system requirements released
    15. Shinji Mikami is a fan of open-world games
    16. First batch of servers announced for The Secret World
    17. Rumor - Half-Life 2: Episode 3 concept art leaked on Facebook
    18. Local Justice DLC pack for Max Payne 3 releases July 3
    19. Closed beta sign ups for ShootMania Storm are live
    20. Livingstone - Tomb Raider controversy "quite extreme", "blown out of proportion"
    21. Kuju Entertainment recruits industry vets Dominic Wheatley and Gary Bracey
    22. Analyst - Blizzard may have to announce Titan should Vivendi sell shares in Activision
    23. Toriyama - large-scale internal development not in Square's future after FFXIII
    24. Namco announces Tales of Xillia 2 for November release in Japan
    25. Joe Danger coming to an iOS near you
    26. LittleBigPlanet Karting beta to start "soon", sign ups open
    27. Telltale working with Sony to release The Walking Dead Episode 2 in Europe "ASAP"
    28. Two lawsuits filed against South Korea’s Shutdown Law
    29. Gilbert - idea for The Cave pre-dates Manic Mansion
    30. Mobile games marketing doesn't work, it's time to "rethink marketing", says Reil
    31. releases new World of Warplanes dev diary
    32. Casual gamers don't read reviews but use word of mouth instead, says Rovio
    33. Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Criterion details Autolog 2
    34. Oddworld: Strangers Wrath HD patch out now in Europe
    35. Second dev diary for Spec Ops: The Line takes you behind-the-scenes
    36. EU PS Store and Plus update, June 27 - RE HD Collection, YouTube, GT5
    37. Halo 4 - 10 new weapons, 50 Spartan Ops levels
    38. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC players complain of mouse and WASD issues
    39. Sleeping Dogs to penalise civilian murder in Japan
    40. Tomb Raider reboot is "not just one game," says Crystal
    41. Pokémon Conquest hits UK on July 27
    42. Hirai drops PlayStation job
    43. Sweeney: global and freemium is core's absolute future
    44. Molyneux to host developer session at Rezzed
    45. First Horn movie released, mobile to "replace" console
    46. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC files hidden in Extended Cut
    47. Sorting our shiznit: how we're reshuffling our Twitter output
    48. Carrier Command "presentation movie" shows freakish detail
    49. Moving on: Cox and Mercury Steam aim for Contra reboot
    50. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy gets October 11 JP launch
    51. Dead or Alive 5's Rig, replay and photo mode featured in Famitsu
    52. The Art of Blizzard offers 20 years of visual goodies
    53. BioWare has "much more" Mass Effect 3 DLC in store
    54. Team Fortress 2 Pyromania spawns six weapons
    55. Horn is the next iOS effort from Dark Meadow dev
    56. Yoshitaka Amano lending talents to UnchainBlades EXXIV
    57. Endless Space is yours come July 4
    1. FFXIV producer outlines final patches pre Version 2.0 release
    2. Haunt free for US Kinect owners till July 2
    3. Star Wars: The Old Republic update 1.3 out today
    4. Diablo III patch reduces equipment wear, fixes zombie bears
    5. The Amazing Spider-Man to grace PCs August 10
    6. Project X Zone hits Japan October 11
    7. Happy Birthday Atari, Donkey Kong
    8. ShopTo "estimates" Gears of War: Judgement for February 8 release
    9. Media Molecule hiring for “next AAA title”
    10. Ether Vapor Remaster hits digital services June 29
    11. SOE releases PlanetSide 2 theater presentation video from E3
    12. Spec Ops: The Line free co-op DLC to launch "approximately" around August
    13. US PS Store and Plus update, June 26 - Uncharted 1&2, Unchained Blades, RE HD Collection
    14. NOA to host eShop sale each Week
    15. Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island 60% off on
    16. The Walking Dead - Episode 2 hits XBL tomorrow, PC and PS3 June 29
    17. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier lands on Steam
    18. YouTube now available for Vita
    19. Bethesda hasn't started work, decided on next Skyrim DLC
    20. Zynga With Friends announced, FarmVille 2 "coming soon"
    21. Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam expansion released today
    22. Game Critics Awards - The Last of Us wins E3 Best of Show, four more awards
    23. Vizio Co-Star turns any HDTV into a smart one, incorporates OnLive
    24. Epic panel to discuss Fortnite at Comic Con next month
    25. Hunting vampires in the first 20 minutes of Dawnguard
    26. Only 20% of players will see the last level in Hitman: Absolution, says director
    27. Abyss lands on eShop, DSiWare
    28. Champions Online and STO lifetime subs on sale, net access to Neverwinter beta
    29. Ubisoft unsure whether Far Cry 3's delay will affect the beta
    30. Toyota Scion FR-S and Twin Ring Motegi DLC released for GT5
    31. Nintendo to outline digital games strategy to retailers soon, says Yarnton
    32. Arcade expansion pack available now for Dead Nation: Road of Devastation
    33. Max Payne 3 title update goes live on PS3 and 360
    34. Epic attended Pixar storytelling workshop for Gears of War: Judgment
    35. SWTOR Update 1.3 – Allies launches today
    36. Summer Creator’s Kit now available for LittleBigPlanet 2
    37. Star Trek Online content designer Dan Griffis to depart Cryptic in "a few weeks"
    38. F1 Online goes into open beta
    39. - Max Payne 3, Spider-Man: Edge of Time reduced
    40. GameTrailers planning site revamp, relaunch
    41. TGS 2012 exhibitors confirmed - read it and weep
    42. Rhythm Thief producer wants to revive the music games genre
    43. Beta for A Game of Dwarves is now accepting your application
    44. Amazon Germany drops amazing fictitious Wii U price to 349.99
    45. Dust 514 Mercenary Pack will guarantee a spot in the beta
    46. Trio of athletes chosen as NBA 2K13 cover boys
    47. Multiplayer sale, Kinect Central kicks off XBL Marketplace offerings
    48. Sad scarf face - no Journey Collector's Edition for Europe
    49. Crash Bandicoot was born from the idea of Sony needing a mascot, says Rubin
    50. Escape the Virus: Swarm Survival lands on DSiWare this week
    51. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters hits Origin, XBLM
    52. The Amazing Spider-Man swings into US stores
    53. Save up to 50% off on PS3 and 360 games through THQ Shop
    54. Former EA and Activison executive Kathy Vrabeck joins GameStop board of directors
    55. Sixth IndieGala bundle launches eight Steam titles
    56. Watch the first 10 minutes of Dawnguard
    57. Spec Ops: The Line reviews go live: all scores here
    58. Inversion release fixed for July 13, PC on July 27
    59. Vita sale adds Assassin's Creed PSP for under ?5
    60. Video: Skyrim's Dawnguard hits Xbox 360, watch its start
    61. Video: All four Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut endings capped
    62. Camilla Luddington confirmed as new Lara Croft voice
    63. FIFA 13 out September 28, Ultimate Edition available for one day only
    64. Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC will cost 1.9Gb
    65. VSC: "PEGI is stricter than the BBFC"
    66. Dishonored’s protagonist has no back-story
    67. EVE boys slap TESO dev over MMO 'innovation' comments
    68. Earth Defense Force 2017 hitting Vita in September
    69. Dust 514 dev: "We don't expect most players to spend money"
    70. Nobunaga's Ambition Tendou out for Vita in September
    71. Heart of darkness - inside Spec Ops: The Line's studio
    72. Journey Collector's Edition trailer makes a strong case for re-purchase
    73. Rainbow Moon release trailer fronts a retro vibe
    74. Penny Arcade Adventures 3 out now
    75. Hybrid screens show quirky sci-fi aesthetic
    76. Risen 2: Dark Waters PC demo now available
    77. StarCraft II World Championships UK nationals set for June 30-July 1
    78. EVE Online patched to Inferno 1.1
    79. Rift's Conquest mode open to solo players, too
    80. EVO co-founder predicts fighter community will love Spy Party
    81. MechWarrior Online beta footage leaked
    82. Okami HD co-developed by Rez HD studio
    83. Skylanders toy sales "two or three times" Activision's expectations
    84. Pokémon Black & White 2 sales hit 1.6 million in two days
    85. LittleBigPlanet Vita pre-orders net BioShock costumes
    86. Wada: Final Fantasy VII remake would kill franchise
    87. Nintendo won't repeat 3DS pricing mistake
    88. "No definitive plans" to continue Resistance franchise
    89. Tekken creator "can’t continue to engage the negative" fans
    90. Record attendence expected at EVO 2012
    91. SimCity Social now in open beta
    92. Kinect engineer investigating "natural conversation"
    93. Darkness developer announces free-to-play shooter Warframe
    94. HMV attaches ?179.99 price tag to 3DS XL
    95. Crytek CEO: "Ask Microsoft and Sony" why there aren't more F2P console games
    96. Hudson: ME3 Extended Cut won't make everyone happy
    97. Scrolls "rapidly approaching" alpha release
    98. Xbox 360 $99 subscription live at GameStop, BestBuy
    99. Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC kicks off with "Legend" save
    100. Activision announces Wreck-It Ralph videogame tie-in for Wii, 3DS and DS
    101. Activision's Independent Games Competition winners announced
    102. Marvel Pinball 3D releases on Nintendo eShop on June 28
    1. Report: Microsoft to open retail store in London
    2. Lulzsec hacker group members plead guilty
    3. Rome 2: Total War announcement teased in PC mag
    4. PS3 firmware 4.20 update due tomorrow
    5. Dead or Alive 5 Collector's Edition detailed, exclusive to CentreSoft in UK
    6. Vamps stamped - Dawnguard out on 360 tomorrow
    7. Madness - Far Cry 3 delayed until November 30
    8. Valve releases "Pyromania" update for Team Fortress 2
    9. Journey: Collector's Edition launching on August 28 in US
    10. Video: Danger Close talks Medal of Honor: Warfighter
    11. Battlefield Heroes turns three, celebrates with new map
    12. Namco Bandai holding Tekken Tag Tournament 2 UK tour
    13. Sandman - Spec Ops: The Line gets hellish launch trailer
    14. StarCraft II UK championships happening this weekend
    15. Black Ops 2 gets two new screens from European press tour
    16. Ex-EA Bright Light head joins Marmalade
    17. Q for a Q: James Mielke departs Lumines studio for PixelJunk developer
    18. Persona 4 Arena DLC detailed for Japan
    19. Day Z devs to present Rezzed dev session
    20. Treyarch "literally" in the dark over Black Ops: Declassified developer
    21. UK charts: LEGO Batman 2 takes the throne
    22. It's a man thing: the trouble with Tomb Raider
    23. Resident Evil 6 CE announced by Capcom
    24. Sony unveils AR Play scheme for Japan, shows three new games
    25. Nintendo aiming at "most appropriate ways" to make announcements following E3, Nintendo Direct news
    26. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation gets subtitle change for JP release
    27. New Crystal Dynamics IP starting with "blank page," Cory Barlog not involved with development
    28. Capcom to open Resident Evil-themed restaurant next month
    29. Company of Heroes 2 gets two new screens
    30. Sony teasing something PlayStation-related for Thursday in Japan
    31. 36.4 billion miles racked up in GT5's online
    32. Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure won't have DLC
    33. Dragon's Dogma to spawn sequels, hits 1 million shipped
    34. EA shoots down Medal of Honor: Warfighter for 3DS
    35. ESRB ratings suggest GTA III, Vice City headed to PSN
    36. Mario Marathon raises over $68K for charity
    37. Dungeons wasn't born as an Infinity Blade game
    38. NHL 13 cover vote selects Claude Giroux
    39. Report - Blizzard registrant secures
    40. GAME Australia administrator issues final statement
    41. Tribes: Ascend "Stonehenge" update 6 adds maps and more
    42. Final Fantasy XI most profitable of series to date
    1. Saito teases with Seaman image release
    2. Final Fantasy XI producer exits Square Enix
    3. DeMartini: EA wants to "be 90 plus Metacritic at everything"
    1. Ragnarok Odyssey pre-orders off to "a good start," added content may come after release
    2. Reggie Fils-Aime feels gamers are "insatiable"
    3. BlueGiant Interactive announces competitive RTS in the works called Tryst
    4. EVE players gain 5 trillion ISK using faction warfare exploit
    5. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 pre-orders hit 1.16 million
    6. SWTOR update 1.3 launches June 26, more character slots in the plan
    7. Seekers of Adoulin announced as Final Fantasy XI expansion
    8. Renegade Kid's Bomb Monkey lands on US eShop next week
    9. Cthulhu Saves The World releases for Android, iOS, Mac next week
    10. Journey Collector’s Edition detailed, revealed in magazine ad
    11. Vindictus joins other free-to-play MMOs on Steam
    12. Criterion to oversee Need for Speed franchise going forward
    13. Dawnguard releasing mid-July in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain
    1. Free 2013 SRT Viper GTS DLC pack now available for Forza 4
    2. Adult Swim and Valve teaming up for something Team Fortress 2-related
    3. Gateways looks like a charming platform-puzzler
    4. Halo 4 - go behind-the-scenes with 343 Industries as it preps for E3
    5. Reminder - Uncharted 1 and 2 landing on PS Store June 26
    6. Legend of Zelda, Wario Land, more heading to 3DS next month
    7. Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad releases next week through PSN
    8. Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC releases on June 26
    9. Source claims legitimacy of leaked Xbox document
    10. Square announces talks for next month's Japan Expo in France
    11. Carrie Underwood tracks hit Rock Band 3 next week
    12. British retro gaming film From Bedrooms to Billions needs your funding
    13. GameFounders launches startup accelerator in Estonia
    14. Street Fighter x Tekken screens show Sakura, Blanka, Dudley, Elena, more
    15. Source claims Assassin's Creed III PC will release in late November
    16. New Tomb Raider gameplay shown on GTTV
    17. Fez patch causing "fairly widespread" issues with corrupt save files
    18. Ubisoft confirms Eurogamer Expo 2012 line-up
    19. Agent 47 shoots up a honky-tonk in latest Hitman: Absolution assets
    20. Schilling "tapped out," admits employees were "blindsided"
    21. Sony should’ve talked about Vita at E3 more, says Yoshida
    22. sets 3DS XL price point at ?179.99
    23. Nuclear Union announced for PC from Men of War creators
    24. Werewolves, daedra, and vampires will feel your blade in TESO
    25. Need for Speed film to release during 2014 from DreamWorks
    26. DOOM 3:BFG Edition - id's "first inclination" was to make "big sweeping changes" to the game
    27. Free Virtual Card album app for Mario and Sonic London 2012 Olympic games announced
    28. Deadlight devs wanted a story which didn't hinder the player
    29. Link's Awakening, Super Mario Land, others 20% off on eShop
    30. Video: Spec Ops multiplay leaves blood on the sand
    31. Video: 10 minutes of Dragon Quest X
    32. Tropico 4 available via Games on Demand
    33. White 320GB PS3 to retail for ?240, exclusive to GAME
    34. Stranger's Wrath HD dev 'gives up on Microsoft' over 360 SKU
    35. PSN services restored after "unplanned maintenance"
    36. Strong sell-through for Persona 4 The Golden
    37. New Super Mario Bros. 2 EU release date
    38. Spy Party to head Indie Showcase at EVO 2012
    39. Super Smash Bros. Namco team includes Soul Calibur, Tekken vets
    40. Nintendo Direct videos - Professor Layton, Kirby, more
    41. Nintendo Direct: 3DS XL hits EU July 28, US August 19
    42. Nintendo Direct JP: next Super Smash Bros from Namco
    43. Expendables 2 footage turns up on YouTube
    44. Crystal Dynamics recruiting hints at new IP for next-gen
    45. Infinity Blade, Sony XDev and lighting design talks added to GDC Europe
    46. Livingstone: Demand for single-player games "not simply going to disappear overnight"
    47. Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile Pandora mode, partner bar detailed
    48. Gameloft to produce first MLP: Friendship is Magic games
    49. Amazon dates Fable: The Journey for October 9
    1. Kickstarter stats go official - 33% of game projects succeed
    2. Medal of Honor: Warfighter gets Australian exclusive packshot
    3. Storm Legion cover price includes vanilla Rift
    4. Rockstar marketing head exits for personal projects
    5. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends hits Europe July 6
    6. Stranger's Wrath to get 3D, Move support, XBLA release canned
    7. Okami HD versus Okami shots released by Capcom
    8. Pre-order DarkSiders II through THQ, get added bonus
    9. Users reporting intermittent issues with PSN, Sony looking into it
    10. Borderlands 2 gameplay video shows the Siren in action
    11. SWTOR - list of available servers for transfer updated
    12. SmartGlass SDK released to developers
    13. "The way we're developing Homefront 2 is very isolated," from THQ says Crytek
    14. Double Fine - large publishers need a closer relationship with the consumer
    15. Bruce Campbell discusses the Extreme Reporter in The Amazing Spider-Man
    16. Double Fine thinks games are art, but it's okay if you don't
    17. Phantasy Star Online 2 open beta goes live in Japan
    18. Medal of Honor: Warfighter single-player footage from E3 shines
    19. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is 75% off this weekend on Steam
    20. Report - Gaikai seeking buyer, firm worth $500 million
    21. Modern Warfare 3 DLC Collection 2 now available on Steam
    22. ArenaNet to stress test Guild Wars 2 on June 27
    23. Quantum Conundrum released on Steam, hits PSN and XBL July 11
    24. Three-faction PvP detailed in latest The Secret World developer blog
    25. NIS ditches Xbox 360 version of Clan of Champions
    26. MechWarrior Tactics developer acquires Vancouver-based Embassy Interactive
    27. New Diablo III players could wait up to 72 hours before playing full edition
    28. RIFT video shows off Storm Legion expansion
    29. Dark Souls PC will not support in-game voice chat
    30. Sine Mora to release for PS3 via PSN "soon"
    31. CDP - sex and violence in games works if part of the world and not overused
    32. GamersGate Indie bundle offers 6 for price of 1
    33. Xbox 360 firmware update causing issues with Wireless Racing Wheel, other peripherals
    34. Double Dragon II headlines this weeks Nintendo download offerings
    35. Sonic Racing sequel detailed for PS3 and Vita
    36. Microsoft rejects Motorola settlement, US ban could go into effect
    37. LEGO Batman 2 gameplay has Joker on the run again
    38. THQ vice president Teri Manby resigns
    39. Assassin's Creed: Utopia will have no links to ACIII
    40. EU PS Store update, June 20 - Lego Batman 2, WipEout 2048, BF3 Close Quarters
    41. BBC Sports app beta available on PlayStation Network
    42. Square may be re-releasing Final Fantasy VII on Steam
    43. Quick quotes - Last Guardian progress "business as usual"
    44. Journey Compilation to release in August
    45. Blizzard to offer Diablo III refunds in Korea to those below level 40
    46. Dishonored to do right by its multiple platforms
    47. Video: 10 minutes of Lollipop Chainsaw's acrobatic zombie-killing
    48. Wii U's Miiverse will lack social network connectivity
    49. Edmondson brothers' Thumbstar moves into China
    50. Website ordered to remove Xbox 720 leaked document
    51. Facebook to court core with "AAA game experiences"
    52. Gods & Kings? Civilization V is all about getting smashed
    53. Rainbow Moon US launch date revealed
    54. Nintendo Direct event scheduled for Friday
    55. World of Tanks update 7.4 content trailered
    56. Sleeping Dogs Australian release confirmed
    57. DOTA 2 Tournament view to share box office take with organisers
    58. Gears of War: Judgement difficult enough to "make you sweat"
    59. Final Fantasy XIV patched to conclude A Relic Reborn quest
    60. Report - Nintendo has co-ownership in Fatal Frame IP
    1. Xbox Live update adds Australian and New Zealand voice search support
    2. Penny Arcade Adventures 3 delayed
    3. Miyamoto: Console design not just "a power competition"
    4. Spector highlights similarities between Deus Ex and Epic Mickey
    5. Orcs Must Die! 2 hits PC on July 30
    6. This weekend's Mass Effect 3 event is Operation Savage
    7. Mad Catz releasing Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII in August
    8. SEGA All-Stars Racing and SEGA Superstars Tennis announced for Mac
    9. Nominees for E3 2012 Game Critics Awards announced
    10. Ubisoft Xbox Live Hits Collection pops up on Amazon UK
    11. Stan Lee comes out swinging in The Amazing Spider-Man
    12. MechWarrior Online early access moved to August 7
    13. Cyberpunk setting to be a modernized future, says CD Projekt
    14. Legend of Grimrock editor, iOS and Mac versions still in the works
    15. "Ultimately, microtransactions will be in every game," in 5-10 years says Peter Moore
    16. Wii U is at "minimum as powerful as Xbox 360," says Crytek
    17. Steam for Schools initiative announced, educators given Portal 2 for class purposes
    18. A spring 2014 Xbox 720 launch "makes sense," says Pachter
    19. PS Store in South Korea being revamped for new law
    20. Microsoft - Windows Phone 8 is "a complete gaming platform"
    21. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters – 10mins of gun master gameplay
    22. Black Ops: Declassified details confirmed
    23. Vita sales surge in Japan thanks to Persona 4 The Golden
    24. Leon braves a zombie-infested Tall Oaks in RE6 gameplay videos
    25. Rumor - Solid Snake to return in next Metal Gear Solid game
    26. Treyarch focused on single-player replayability in Black Ops 2
    27. Metro: Last Light - avoid getting too hung-up on realism
    28. The Binding of Isaac sales hit 700,000
    29. Lord of the Rings Online flies you over Rohan
    30. Delve into the Underdark with these new DDO screenshots
    31. Quick shots - WipEout 2048 celebrates crossplay
    32. Steam will no longer support Windows XP SP1 as of August 31
    33. Many MMOs sacrifice "quality" with mechanics to keep you playing as long as possible, says ArenaNet
    34. Watch LEGO Superman fly 500ft over London
    35. Enter the Dominatrix becomes part of new Saints sequel
    36. Video: Splinter Cell Blacklist's ‘Sam Fisher at his best’
    37. David Yarnton leaves Nintendo after nearly 20 years
    38. Diablo III finished on Inferno using Hardcore character
    39. DOTA 2 beta key for every Rezzed attendee
    40. Amazon Germany lists Wii U date and price
    41. OnLive US offering Civ V for free with DLC purchase
    42. Nintendo enticing devs to publish on Wii U eShop
    43. Mistwalker's Party Wave gets first trailer
    44. Try something new: the warriors of Pokémon Conquest
    45. No "unfair" DLC character plans for Dead or Alive 5
    46. Minecraft snapshot build hints at future LAN support
    47. Planetside 2 trailer shows off explosive ground assault
    48. Ubisoft Australia boss cites need to keep local pricing competitive
    49. Dungeons of Dredmor DLC to add drunkenness, new weapon types, more
    50. Dishonored PC won't use a console UI
    51. WWE 13 roster includes playable Mike Tyson
    52. It is "absolutely critical" to develop new IP, says Sony boss
    53. EA executives keen on Xbox SmartGlass
    54. Square Enix nervy on chibi art for western audiences
    55. Syndicate reboot a "lost battle from the get go"
    1. Resonance available now from Gemini Rue devs
    2. Carmack "not all that excited" about new hardware
    3. Facebook axes credits, adds support for subscriptions
    4. Diablo III patch introduces experience glitch, easy work around found
    5. Okami HD coming to JP, EU, US PSN with Move support
    6. Platinum Games "in the dark" on Anarchy Reigns delay
    7. Rumour - Sonic Adventure 2 listed for XBLA, possibly PSN
    8. Community and Street Fighter man Seth Killian departing Capcom
    9. StarCraft II "might" work on Wii U, but PC is "optimal", says Blizzard
    10. Unchained Blades releasing on PSP June 26
    11. Rumor - Willem Dafoe to co-star in Beyond: Two Souls
    12. Miyamoto - Nintendo's focus is on "bringing fun to the world"
    13. US PS Store and Plus update, June 19 - Tomba, Lego Batman 2, Wipeout 2048
    14. Technical limits with development can make stories "heavy, dead" says Far Cry 3 writer
    15. Walmart listing outs Black Ops: Declassified details
    16. Assassin's Creed 3 gameplay video shows Connor in Boston
    17. Final beta weekend for The Secret World open to all
    18. Microsoft to hand out rewards for Xbox Live Achievements starting this fall
    19. Kickstarter for M.U.L.E. Returns on iOS, Android launched
    20. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters hits PC, 360 next week
    21. Summer of Arcade dated, priced
    22. PS Vita sale continues with Blazblue, Rayman, Unit 13, more
    23. Class-action suit filed against THQ over uDraw Tablet
    24. Trials Evolution user generated tracks trailer shows RedLynx’s favorites
    25. DOOM 3 BFG Edition to release in October
    26. Tomba, WipEout HD and Fury expansion packs hit PSN
    27. Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns releases June 29, looks adorable
    28. Diablo III scheduled European outage June 20
    29. Ubisoft went "explosive" with Blacklist at E3 to get noticed
    30. Dead Space 3 in action, 20mins of gameplay
    31. There isn't "a need for a re-look," at Vita says Sony's House
    32. Koch Media to distribute THQ titles in Spain and Italy
    33. Civilization V: Gods & Kings expansion now available in the US
    34. Tron costumes lead LittleBigPlanet feature update
    35. Napoleon: Total War - Heroes of The Napoleonic Wars, Imperial Eagle Pack now available on Steam
    36. Chinese firm Tencent purchases minority stake in Epic Games
    37. Valkryia Chronicles back in browser-based card battler
    38. Far Cry 3's insanity personified, interview with Dan Hay
    39. Dead Space: Catalyst novel coming in October
    40. Epic Mickey 2 trailer - Meet Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
    41. New Magicka DLC out today
    42. Cyberpunk to apply lessons learned from The Witcher 2
    43. Dragon Age Legends available as free download
    44. Penny Arcade Adventures 3 now in trailer form
    45. GOG launches Battle of the Games summer promo
    46. Unity 4 announced with Flash, Linux, DirectX11 support
    47. Scratching the Surface: Microsoft tablet's gaming potential
    48. All GAME Australia outlets to close
    49. Pachter expects Zynga stock to rebound
    50. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC plans include playable characters, missions
    51. EA's Soderlund: Frostbite 2 "built for the next generation"
    52. "No plans" to resurrect StarCraft: Ghost
    53. Two Ultima spin-offs available free on
    54. Rage: The Scorchers PEGI rating hints at DLC release
    55. Quantum Conundrum invites you to have more fun with physics
    56. Suda 51 to lend vocal talent to Sword & Sworcery EP
    57. SWTOR director highlights difficulties of free-to-play conversions
    58. Timesplitters fans campaign for 100,000 Likes
    59. Rohde: Vita can do "pretty special things" compared to Wii U tablet
    60. Resident Evil 6 story significantly longer than RE5's
    61. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor short film out now
    62. Civilization V: Gods & Kings trailer shows off new gameplay features
    63. Anarchy Reigns to release in Q1 2013 in US and Europe
    64. Modern Warfare 3 Elite content drop hits 360 tomorrow
    65. Microsoft Surface announced as Windows-native tablet
    1. Lego Batman 2 launch trailer brings the drama
    2. Darksiders 2 live-action trailer marks the arrival of Death
    3. DC Universe Online The Last Laugh DLC bolsters PvP
    4. Pickford Bros kick-off indie developer promotion campaign
    5. Watch Dogs tablet control depicted
    6. Amanita Design launches in-browser Botanicula demo
    7. R18+ classification bill green lit by Australian Parliament
    8. More details on Dead Space 3's co-op, enemies and world
    9. EA Origin sale offers up to 87.5% discount
    10. F1 Online gears up for open beta
    11. Eve Online Inferno v1.1 dated
    12. UK charts: FIFA 2012 back on top
    13. Pitchford to demo Borderlands 2 and field Q&A at Rezzed
    14. Stephenson's CLANG 20 years in the making
    15. Rainbow Moon launch date and new screens
    16. Brothers in arms: Star Trek has Gorn co-op
    17. Zynga Slots out now on iDevice
    18. Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City patched
    19. Quick Shots - Planetside 2 screens blind with science fiction
    20. The Last Story US release not motivated by fan campaigns
    21. God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition detailed on Amazon
    22. Dishonored can be completed in 12 hours
    23. Black Ops 2 PC to support dedicated servers
    1. Rumour - Next Modern Warfare 3 maps to be Shipbreaker and Terminal
    2. Tomb Raider players may "evolve" to identify with Lara
    3. Mistwalker almost done with Party Wave, keen on Wii U
    4. Final Fantasy now playable on Windows Phone
    5. Blacklight Retribution headed to Steam
    6. KickBeat trailers can't wait to show you their moves
    7. Watch Dogs movie domains now in Ubisoft's hands
    8. Blizzard: Diablo III EU servers have been stable since June 2
    9. MechWarrior Online fronts accessible system specs
    10. Video: ZombiU gameplay makes a grown man scream
    1. Watch Reggie Fils-Aime turn Jimmy Fallon into a zombie with ZombiU
    2. CBS picks up Draw Something pilot
    3. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz video shows Vita platforming action
    4. Tokyo Jungle sells through 87.47% of its stock at retail in Japan
    5. Kinectimals now available through Google Play
    6. Manhattan is your playground in The Amazing Spider-Man
    7. Where Is My Heart? now available for Vita through the PS Store
    8. Take-Two CEO "skeptical" of Wii U, but excited over possibilities inherent with new consoles
    9. Video: Interview with FIFA 13 Producer, Santiago Jaramillo
    10. The Walking Dead: Episode 2 releasing "around the end of June"
    11. Tex Murphy - Project Fedora exceeds Kickstarter goal
    12. Listing for God of War Omega Edition pops up, includes all five games
    13. Darksiders II - THQ announces the Summer of Death Promotion
    14. Payday: The Heist getting Left 4 Dead's "No Mercy" map
    15. Rumor - Xbox 720 documents show next-gen plans
    1. Blizzard - Heart of the Swarm is "99% complete"
    2. Max Payne 3 and Future Solider moved 400K units in the US in May, says analyst
    3. GTTV goes behind closed doors with Dead Space 3
    4. Report - Paramount in talks with Ubisoft on Splinter Cell movie
    5. Quick quotes - The Last Guardian will "ship when it's absolutely ready"
    6. EA plan on being in the SWTOR business "for a long time"
    7. Harmonix working on "three or more" original triple-A IPs
    8. Launch trailer released for Heroes of Ruin
    9. Riot introducing new legendary skin for League of Legends' Ezreal
    10. TESO has elements with no counterpart in "pretty much any other MMO"
    11. Valve appoints Yanis Varoufakis as its in-house virtual economist
    12. "You can't let business objectives guide your creative decisions," says Bowling
    13. XBL Gold free this weekend in Europe for Right To Play initiative
    14. PSN golf sale going on this weekend
    15. Pirates of the Savage Sea Adventure Pack announced for Might & Magic Heroes VI
    16. Korea to prohibit trade of online game items starting next month
    17. EA Sports: gamer 'interest' in single-plat declining
    18. Quick shots - Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
    19. Activision product page mentions Wii U version of Transformers: Prime
    20. EA's not trying to alienate Dead Space 3 fans with changes, but it has to be "broadly appealing"
    21. Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition on its way
    22. Scarlet Witch added to Marvel Heroes roster
    23. Tony Hawk dev set to work on Call of Duty
    24. Lead a Founding 50 Cabal in The Secret World
    25. EA - "gamescom is a pillar for our industry"
    26. Minecraft XBLA update fixes Zombie Pigmen
    27. Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises mobile movie tie-in
    28. Castlevania 3DS - "we have people we need to satisfy"
    29. Courting the core: how Ubisoft nailed E3 2012
    30. Borderlands 2: new video on Handsome Jack's hideout
    31. BlackFoot Kickstarter aims to "restore PC gaming to its former glory"
    32. SWTOR designer cops to "looking at free-to-play"
    33. Civilization V Steam Workshop patch available
    34. Humble Bundle V closes with over $5 million raised
    35. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs teaser celebrates Humble Bundle success
    36. Microsoft NUads now open for business
    37. Spec Ops, AAA free-to-play, PR sessions added to GDC Europe
    38. Yoshida: Wii and Wii U stand outside generational cycles
    39. Report - end game players spend the most on virtual goods
    40. Dawnguard bigger than Fallout 3 DLC, smaller than Oblivion's
    41. Rohde: Sony "taking a lot of risks", new IPs "anything but safe"
    42. Minecon 2012 to be held in Europe
    43. Spector: Games were "the least interesting" part of E3
    44. Unreal Engine E3 highlights make for good viewing
    45. "FIFA is in the position it’s in now is because of PES", says Pro Evolution lead
    46. Report - UK and US mobile gaming market now 125 million strong
    47. Dragon Quest X battles detailed
    48. NPD May - Diablo III beats out multi-plats, 3DS tops hardware
    1. Top end Dust 514 gear will only run you $0.24 in real money, estimates CCP
    2. Players can feel good about dying in Soul Sacrifice, says Inafune
    3. June Bug Bundle includes PixelJunk Eden, Escape Goat, more
    4. PopCap and Wooga pull titles off Google +
    5. Overstrike skipped E3 2012 to be shown this summer instead, says EA
    6. Games on Demand sale has various titles for 75% off
    7. Thatgamecompany raises $5.5M in funding allowing it to go multi-platform
    8. Visceral - Wii U "not currently in the plan," for Dead Space 3
    9. "The ultraviolence" in video games "has to stop," says Spector
    10. Gearbox: real-money auction house not possible on console
    11. Todd Howard believes "meaningful" character interaction is the future of RPGs
    12. Explosive Alan Productions' Project Possum surpasses funding goal
    13. CryEngine 3 has existed "at the quality of Unreal Engine 4" for three years, says Crytek
    14. Schaefer - Diablo III was originally intended as an MMO
    15. Napoleon: Total War free-to-play this weekend, 50% off
    16. Sony survey hints at future PS Plus features
    17. Over 4.7 million unique online viewers watched the MLG Spring Championship
    18. Vita version of Dungeon Defenders scrapped, says Trendy
    19. Street Fighter x Tekken releasing for iPhone this summer
    20. IGN Asia Pacific up and running
    21. God of War: Ascension videos show single and multiplayer gameplay
    22. Jaffe - "next generation of hardware will be the last"
    23. EA handing out freebies in its Play4Free games for the next week
    24. Donkey Kong Jr, Mad Dog McCree, The Amazing Spider-Man demo land on Nintendo eShop
    25. The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy celebrates going gold with a new trailer
    26. Check out the various mounts in Mists of Pandaria
    27. Microsoft no show at gamescom and TGS
    28. Let 'em lie: the ins and outs of Sleeping Dogs
    29. Play TERA free for seven-days, or download the demo
    30. Retro Studios Wii U title is definitely not Zelda
    31. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron features star vocal talent
    32. Iwata - "We almost gave up on the idea of the additional screen"
    33. Far Cry 3, GR Online and ShootMania playable at Rezzed
    34. VG247, CVG and Gamespot heads on the state of E3
    35. THQ uDraw failure investigated by litigators
    36. Playdead's Limbo follow-up, new details and concept art
    37. Fez patch now in certification
    38. Humble Bundle V in final day
    39. Report - 38 Studios staffer's family in dire straits after closure
    40. My Xbox Live app updated, hits Android today
    41. Miyamoto is too busy to make a shooter
    42. Final Fantasy XIV PS3 "not behind schedule"
    43. Rumour - Thief 4 cinematic trailer caught in the wild
    44. Sid Meier predicts big things ahead for mobile, social
    45. CCP "already getting stories out of" DUST 514
    1. BioWare Mythic boss to headline Develop in Brighton
    2. Wii U Game Pad calibration issues may be fixed "further down the road"
    3. Tales of Xillia 2 to star Ludger, Elle and a fat cat
    4. Rubin: Darksiders 'other games' quote "out of context"
    5. Universal Monsters Online MOBA now accepting closed beta applications
    6. Crystal Dynamics back-tracks on Tomb Raider "rape" scene
    7. "It’s definitely too early to say that Vita’s not going to be a success," says Ubisoft
    8. Supernatural Expansion Pack for The Sims 3 releases in September
    9. United Front tapped into various pedigrees when developing Sleeping Dogs
    10. Yoshida: The core "will never leave core gaming consoles," because consoles "are made for games"
    11. Iwata not interested in battling "a company like Microsoft," over third-party exclusivity
    12. Liveblog: debate on Tomb Raider's "rape" elements
    13. Modern Warfare 3 once again tops XBL Activity chart for June 4
    14. Iwata - There are no "technical restrictions" to producing free-to-play games on Wii U
    15. Syndicate's retail failure hasn't soured EA on reboots, says Gibeau
    16. Civ V video shows new playable civilizations in Gods and Kings
    17. Harrison - despite E3 conference perceptions, Microsoft still focused on gamers
    18. Activision announces third-party mobile publishing initiative
    19. Tokyo Jungle debuts in top spot on Japanese charts
    20. eShop offerings to include titles such as Epic Mickey, New Super Mario 2
    21. Immerse yourself in the E3 Frontier demo for AC3
    22. Nintendo "haven't quite decided" between A Link to the Past or Majora's Mask for 3DS, says Miyamoto
    23. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to release on PC June 26
    24. TESO to be "accessible to anyone," says ZeniMax Online
    25. ASA - EA did not engage in false advertisement with Mass Effect 3
    26. Bethesda looking to support future releases with additional "mobile and tablet" content
    27. Sony sees Wii U as a "potential risk", but remains confident in 2012 content offerings
    28. The Walking Dead tops May PSN top sellers list
    29. "Mid-Tier developers will struggle in future," says Ian Livingstone
    30. EA announces Project Honor, Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Military Edition for military personnel
    31. Diablo III's real-money auction house hits EU on Friday
    32. Former Zipper vets join Takedown team
    33. Indie Royale Bundle launches The Collection
    34. EU PS Store update, June 13 - Gravity Rush hits this week, Vita sale, Witches & Weiners
    35. Gungnir out now for PSP, new trailer released
    36. Virtua Figther 5 Final Showdown crosses sales targets in one week
    37. Peter Serafinowicz to play a role in new Assassin's Creed
    38. Report: EA draws flak over misleading Battlefield Premium AU pricing
    39. New Worms 2 iOS update adds in asynchronous play
    40. Limbo, Jetpack Joyride, and others walk away with Apple Design Awards
    41. The Expendables 2 Videogame rated by Australian Classification board
    42. Ubisoft feels Wii U version of Assassin's Creed III is the one to look out for
    43. Harvest Moon GBC & River King to be released on 3DS Virtual Console
    44. 'Tomb Raider reboot isn't Uncharted' - Crystal D
    45. Just Dance Greatest Hits releasing on 360 and Wii, June 26th
    46. Tomba! releasing as PSOne classic next week
    47. THQ hopes to sell through remaining uDraw tablets
    48. Pid release secured through D3 Publisher
    49. Potato Sack Reunion Steam sale drops prices, raises suspicions
    50. US PS Store Update, June 12 - Gravity Rush, MGS HD Vita, Escape Plan DLC
    51. Rubin unsure as to why Bilson left THQ
    52. Wii U playtest: Miyamoto's gun is shooting blanks
    53. UKIE hedges July 23 PEGI introduction
    54. Ubisoft Montreal's creative spirit "still very much alive"
    55. Babel Rising fronts vaguely amusing launch trailer
    56. SimCity Insider's Look trailer floats tantalising details
    57. Gravity Rush launch trailer soothes and delights
    58. Farrell: THQ "starting to pull out" from rock-bottom trough
    59. EA has unannounced Wii U games
    60. Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses tour extended to five more stops
    61. Sony executives comfortable with Vita performance so far
    62. Street Fighter anniversary site wants your stories
    63. Lego Batman 2 trailer shows off talking minifigs
    64. Diablo patch 1.0.2c to fix Error 37, stop gnashing of teeth
    65. Molyneux: If developer talent were celebrated "maybe we wouldn’t have so many sequels"
    66. NHL 13 pre-order bonuses detailed
    67. Livingstone, Molyneux expect triple-A to stick around
    68. Zynga stock plummet prompts NASDAQ short sale ban
    69. Max Payne 3 hackers to be sent to a "cheater's pool"
    70. Kirby anniversary collection to feature six games
    71. Diablo III bans strike "several thousand" cheaters
    72. Sony executives take pay cut, return bonuses
    73. Star in Splinter Cell: Blacklist through GameStop PowerUp Rewards
    74. Molyneux "shocked" by Microsoft's lack of PC focus, Xbox "obsessively" watches Sony
    75. Todd Howard wants console players to experience the glory of PC mods
    76. Xbox 360 spring system update rolling out this week
    77. Sony: "We should never say never" about a smaller and cheaper PS3
    1. PSA: Diablo 3 real money auction house live on American servers
    2. Origin executive aiming to "differentiate", be "better" than Steam
    3. Battlefield 3 double XP weekend lets you rack it up in Close Quarters
    4. Three new GDC Europe talks show a social focus
    5. Hawken may have non-competitive gameplay
    6. New Skyrim Xbox Live avatar items let you take an arrow in the knee
    7. CS:GO open beta coming, current update brings lots of fixes
    8. Reggie discusses MiiVerse content moderation
    9. You'll need to "protect" the new Lara Croft, Crystal Dynamics says
    10. Nintendo already thinking about next-gen handhelds
    11. Animal Crossing 3DS still a thing despite a "no show" at E3
    12. Sony Japan CEO on what PlayStation has in store for Japan
    13. Richard Garriot's new social game is a "spritual successor" to past work
    14. Dance Central 2 to get new DLC every week for the rest of June
    15. Marvel produced Max Payne 3 digital comic "Hoboken Blues" now available for download
    16. This is one Borderlands 2 dev's wish for Borderlands 3
    17. Indie Game: The Movie now available on Steam
    18. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion trailer makes one man cry rainbows
    19. Lollipop Chainsaw launch trailer is crazy, sexy, violent
    20. No tower defense mini-games in Assassin's Creed III
    21. Wii U hands-on videos: Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing
    22. New Vita Firmware update released
    23. Take a video tour of Platinum Games' studio
    24. THQ's new boss doesn't sound keen on making Darksiders III
    25. Mark of the Ninja get debut trailer and screens
    26. Black Ops 2 demoed on Fallon: watch it now
    27. Wreck-It Ralph gets official game
    28. Ubi: "Assassin's Creed III only possible due to yearly franchise releases"
    29. Activision promises to support Wii U in future
    30. Blizzard removes language support from Russian Diablo III keys
    31. New direct-Feed footage of Beyond: Two Souls emerges
    32. DOTA 2 patch adds three new heroes
    33. New Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires trailer released
    34. Beta invites sent out for Skyrim: Dawnguard
    35. NFS: Most Wanted PC specs revealed
    36. Halo 4 UK TV ad features new live-action Master Chief footage
    37. Quick shots - Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss edition shots are beautiful
    38. CD Projekt Red: RPGs "should actually look better" than shooters
    39. Metal Gear Online shuttering today
    40. Fils-Aime: Multi touch "just feels unwieldy" with Wii U Game Pad
    41. The Secret World "Hell Raised" beta weekend visits the Savage Coast
    42. Borderlands 2: like and unlike Diablo III in all the best ways
    43. Spaceventure passes Kickstarter funding goal
    44. Splinter Cell: Blacklist teaser is pleasantly short
    45. Solitaire Blitz marathon to raise funds for charity:water, set records
    46. Dragon Age interview suggests third entry now in production
    47. Crytek boss touts "fundamental issues" with Timeplitters 4
    48. Diablo III ban hammer to strike "in the near future"
    49. Majesco notes profit from sustained Zumba Fitness sales
    50. No online multiplayer in Pikmin 3
    51. Gears of War: Judgement character choice a "no brainer"
    52. Harvest Moon creator's Project Happiness detailed as shop sim
    53. Report - Nintendo to slash employee bonuses
    54. UFC Undisputed 4 was in development prior to license sale
    55. Rayman Legends may not be a Wii U exclusive
    56. Ubisoft Reflections hiring for Watch Dogs development
    57. Game Center to add "challenge" feature, Facebook integration
    58. Sony executive has "no regrets" over PS3 launch price, timing
    59. Treyarch: "We're not talking about" Black Ops 2 Wii U
    60. Report - More than half of gaming Kickstarters fail
    61. Rubin: THQ won't cut any more development teams
    62. Tribes: Ascend Accelerate update to speed unlocks
    63. SK confirms lay-offs, denies Nintendo rumours
    64. Diablo III Mac update to add support for MacBook Pro Retina displays
    65. Best Buy lists Splinter Cell: Blacklist for Wii U
    66. Operation Racoon City developer cuts staff by 25%
    67. League of Legends scam site to be shut down, transferred to Riot
    68. Black Gold Online E3 trailer fronts clockwork dogs
    69. Wasteland 2 vision document available for perusal
    70. Persona 4 Arena pre-orders score OST, Golden to include bonus content
    71. Gree boss thinks of Zynga, EA as major western competitors
    72. Ex-Bungie dev wants to put touch controls in-game, not on-screen
    1. Dishonored devs keen on player-designed exploits
    2. Pachter: "Nintendo must price Wii U below $300 in order to succeed"
    3. Max Payne coming to Android devices this week
    4. Eidos Montreal - "Thief 4 needs to be as good if not better than Human Revolution"
    5. Treyarch: "Black Ops 2 to be the most provocative, shocking Call of Duty yet"
    6. THQ 10-K report suggests it can't afford a flop
    7. Sledgehammer working on Call of Duty game
    8. Epic boss: first Unreal Engine 4 game to ship in 2013
    9. Quick shots - Sir, You Are Being Hunted
    10. "Capcom overworks Ono," says health-stricken Street Fighter boss
    11. Rumour: Nintendo Gamer outs Black Ops II for Wii U
    12. Halo 4 live-action trailer to debut during tonight's England-France match
    13. Forza Horizon Vehicle List Compiled by Fans
    14. Hunter X Hunter Wonder Adventure in development for PSP
    15. Rumour - Wii-U tour being planned by Nintendo
    16. PSP port of Final Fantasy III detailed
    17. Sony: PS Plus 'amplified' with more free games, but everything else will remain the same
    18. LG's Optimus 4X HD releasing in European countries this month
    19. THQ to focus on releasing low-cost triple-A titles and free-to-play games
    20. King Arthur developers announce Broken Sea
    21. Quick shots - Darks Souls: Prepare To Die E3 Screens
    22. Grasshopper to release student-made Vita games to public as free download
    23. Rumour: Nintendo cancels Eternal Darkness 2 following Silicon Knights' lawsuit loss
    24. New Abe's Oddysee is a "from-the-ground-up remake"
    25. UK Charts: Ghost Recon's Future Soldier top for third week
    26. Persona 3 film adaptation confirmed
    27. THQ: Montreal studio is safe but there may be "empty seats"
    28. Skulls of Shogun goes cross-platform, E3 trailer released
    29. DayZ servers hit by malicious security breach, botnet threat
    30. Making Medal of Honor: Warfighter more personal
    31. First wave of Dota 2: The International 2012 tickets go on sale this Tuesday
    32. Neal Stephenson launches Kickstarter to produce realistic motion-controlled swordfighter
    33. Android activations up to 900,000 per day according to Google
    34. Creators of Half-Life remake "Black Mesa" promise new media soon
    35. EA Sports is "very well prepared" to match PES on next-gen consoles
    36. Tex Murphy “Project Fedora” Kickstarter a success, additional story secured
    37. Deep Silver confirms that Dead Island: Riptide is a whole new game
    1. Study - games revenue to hit $70 billion by 2017, PC largest contributor
    2. "At some point, social will converge with core games," says Kojima
    3. Rumor - Mass Effect 3: Earth MP extension info leaks
    4. Quick shots - Deadlight screens show a dreary, dangerous world
    5. Final Fantasy III releasing September 20 in Japan on PSP
    6. World population limits increased for GW2 beta weekend
    7. Blizzard changes security measures in preparation for Diablo III real-money auction house
    8. Microsoft - it was "logical" to cancel Inside Xbox
    9. Nexon acquires 14.7% minority stake in NCsoft for $688 million
    10. Kojima feels Japanese creators need to look outside Japan for inspiration
    11. Humble Bundle V surpasses $4 million in sales
    12. Verbinski's Matter to focus on emotional connection between on-screen movements, the player
    13. Rovio considering Dublin move to take advantage of tax breaks, says CEO
    14. Metro: Last Light E3 2012 stage demo shows scary creatures, haunted plane crash
    15. Microsoft to include SmartGlass support in all future first-party games
    16. Rubin - THQ needs its own Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption
    17. MLG Spring Championship - League of Legends, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty matches streamed live
    18. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm units detailed, new multiplayer video
    19. Euro League of Legends accounts compromised, financial information safe
    1. Alien Fear screens show men in big suits fighting aliens
    2. Resident Evil 6 Anthology, Archives to release October 2, confirms Capcom
    3. Latest Atelier Ayesha trailer is lovely
    4. Here's a list of games confirmed for Wii U
    5. Grasshopper not "ruling out" Move support for Lollipop Chainsaw
    6. E3 2012: Road trippin’ with Forza Horizon
    7. Assassin’s Creed III now available for pre-order on the PS Store
    8. Level-5 releases new trailer Time Travelers
    9. Get Double XP in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier this weekend
    10. Crytek: CryEngine "pushing the boundaries", "way beyond next-gen consoles already",
    11. Valve: No L4D prequel coming from Overkill
    12. Ghost Recon Online still planned for Wii U despite its absence from E3 2012
    13. Experience the Underdark in latest DDO: Menace of the Underdark video
    14. GAME Australia stores not closing this week despite earlier reports
    15. Red Orchestra 2 GotY edition price cut in half, owners to receive guest passes
    16. Yakuza 5 gets new screens
    17. Skyrim patch 1.6 live, adds mounted combat to Xbox 360
    18. BAC: Harley Quinn's Revenge no longer available from GFW, Rocksteady looking into it
    19. Shopto lists Wii U for ?280, Swedish retailer asking ?135 for GamePad
    20. Zelda Wii U still in R&D phase, says Miyamoto
    21. Dinosaur E3 faces its Ice Age: why ESA must act now
    22. Sony locked for gamescom 2012
    23. Yoshida: Small games will help Vita grow
    24. Crimson Dragon gets delay ahead of Japanese release
    25. Jaffe working on free-to-play shooter
    26. It’s “our intent” to make RAGE a big franchise, says Bethesda
    27. Watch Dogs confirmed for 2013 launch
    28. PS All Stars: Battle Royale gets first Vita shots
    29. Crytek transitioning into F2P company from packaged games
    30. SCEA not concerned over Wii U headstart, PS4 games "are in development"
    31. Buser: PlayStation Plus costs less than a cup of coffee
    32. The Amazing Spider-Man to feature full comic issues, e-Reader
    33. Fils-Aime: Wii U launch price to "represent an ongoing great value"
    34. Project X Zone has over 70 voice actors
    35. Unreal Engine 4 demo'd, UDK hits 1.5 million installs
    36. Free game with Vita consoles at Walmart until June 9
    37. SWTOR update 1.3 plays dress ups with augment slots and adaptive gear
    38. The Last of Us character change and Ellen Page Beyond announce "coincidental"
    39. Square Enix support for Tomb Raider comes "straight from the top"
    40. Beyond players should "forget about everything and just be with Jodie"
    41. Gears of War: Judgement's timeframe chosen for chainsaws
    42. Yoshida: Sony "looking at what OnLive is doing"
    43. Ghost-busted - Quantic demos Beyond: Two Souls
    44. World of Darkness still "very much in active development"
    45. Unfinished Swan dev says true open worlds are "the opposite of fun"
    46. Mark Rein pours cold water on Reckoning sequel hopes
    1. Crytek: Russian gamers are "hardcore", can "survive anything"
    2. Tomb Raider Wii U Game Informer listing is an error
    3. Need for Speed: Most Wanted's social aspect is "a really powerful idea"
    4. E3 2012: The Last of Us shows value of companionship
    5. Mehdi: New IPs prove Xbox 360's vitality
    6. THQ's new boss hopes to give studios more resources
    7. E3 2012 sees 45,700 attendees, next venue to be announced "soon"
    8. Sony still big believer in 3D "where appropriate," says SCEE boss
    9. Quick shots - more amazing Borderlands 2 screens
    10. Ubisoft: Rainbow Six: Patriots still in development
    11. A Game of Dwarves video tells you a bedtime story
    12. E3 2012 video: Codemasters shows off Austin in F1 2012
    13. 505 to publish Payday 2, says Overkill
    14. BioWare's arrangement with EA is designed around success,"we need to be careful"
    15. Analyst - Five Rockstar studios working on separate projects
    16. List of upcoming features and fixes listed for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
    17. Humble Bundle V adds Super Meat Boy, Braid, Lone Survivor
    18. Quick quotes - Peter Molyneux "not really decided about Wii U"
    19. Xbox 360 has "more than two years" left, says Phil Spencer
    20. THQ sold UFC to EA for failing to break even on UFC Undisputed 3
    21. E3 2012: Why TESO isn’t “just another fantasy MMO”
    22. 38 Studios declares bankruptcy, authorities investigating company finances
    23. Sony - our competitors "are losing the plot" with gamers
    24. E3 2012: Hail to the King: the Chief returns for Halo 4
    25. Robilliard - Star Wars 1313's a more linear "crafted, roller coaster ride"
    26. Bethesda "expected" mixed reactions to TESO even before development started
    27. Team 17 joins TIGA
    28. Vivendi to discuss whether to sell or split its Activision shares June 22
    29. Gaming will go cloud-based "someday", says MS's Spencer
    30. Molyneux to offer ?50,000 DLC with Curosity
    31. Rumor - Tomb Raider Wii U pops up on Game Informer scan
    32. LEGO Batman 2 demo and Prince of Persia land on Nintendo eShop
    33. Treyarch gives you a behind-the-scenes preview of Black Ops 2
    34. EG interviews Snoop Dogg, wins E3
    35. Sony undecided over whether it will attend gamescom this year
    36. MS and Crytek aren't "at a point right now," to show Ryse beyond what's already been shown
    37. TESO - ZeniMax striving to break the MMO mold with active and reactive combat
    38. E3 2012 video: City shows off Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
    39. Need for Speed: Most Wanted features "all the best s**t" from Burnout Paradise, Hot Pursuit, says Criterion
    40. EA to bring a "number of sports titles" to Wii U
    41. Imagine merges 360 Magazine into X360
    42. Riccitiello: Mass Effect 3 "single best piece of software" for Wii U
    43. E3 2012 so far – all videos, exclusives, analysis
    44. EnMasse teams up with Gaikai to offer streaming Tera demo
    45. Ubisoft contemplates releasing ZombiU on other platforms post-launch
    46. E3 2012: Inafune on Soul Sacrifice, life post-Capcom
    47. Activision: No Call of Duty XP this year, "experiences" teased for gamescom
    48. Square Enix's Luminous designed for RPGs and action RPGs
    49. Skylanders: Giants features revealed: Greater difficulty, increased level cap, more collectibles
    50. Journey: Collector's Edition spotted in PlayStation sizzle roll
    51. NFL Blitz follow-up will happen when fans are ready for it
    52. Planetside 2 E3 trailer shows the empires at war
    53. Star Wars 1313 powered by Unreal Engine 3
    54. EA weighing up three to five new IPs for next-generation hardware
    55. Rumour: Overkill working on Left 4 Dead prequel
    56. Carmageddon: Reincarnation Kickstarter ends, exceeds goal, Mac and Linux versions guaranteed
    57. DOOM: BFG Edition playable via VR headset at E3 2012
    58. EA's Gibeau: E3 2012 the "opening act of the next-gen cycle shift"
    59. Fire Emblem: Awakening will release in the west
    60. Ubisoft staffer predicts November launch for Wii U
    61. Neverwinter designer: "We saw potential to make a game that we liked better"
    62. EA Sports explains NBA Live 13's E3 absence, states that the title needs "its own time"
    63. Max and the Magic Marker developer now Microsoft-owned
    64. Xbox is becoming Microsoft's "premium entertainment brand"
    65. Hearts of Iron III expansion announced at E3
    66. From Software underestimated the difficulty in porting Dark Souls to PC, new DLC details revealed
    67. Max Payne 3 issue 2 out June 12
    68. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate to include StreetPass features
    69. "No plans' for localised Hatsune Miku Vita release
    70. Retro Studios "hard at work", no announce planned for some time
    71. Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase - first and third-party trailers
    72. IO Interactive responds to Hitman trailer controversy
    73. Dave Perry shoots down Gaikai Sony partnership rumours
    74. Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase: full report
    75. Assassin's Creed "is about climbing", not buildings
    76. IO Interactive considering sequel to Hitman: Sniper Challenge
    77. Lucius E3 trailer reveals October release
    78. John Carmack predicts a long future for next gen consoles
    1. Controversial Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 content to be released as free DLC
    2. Activision teases Angry Birds on consoles
    3. Star Wars 1313 too "grounded" for magical Jedi "demigod complex"
    4. Troika veteran heads zombie RPG Kickstarter effort
    5. Analysts disappointed over lack of Wii U price, tech specs, release date
    6. Diablo III patch 1.03 to spread top loot drops across all Inferno acts
    7. Bethesda - developers walk a "weird line," when it comes to DLC
    8. First screens and concrete details of Special Report Division
    9. Close to three quarters of all 3DS consoles have been online
    10. Sleeping Dogs began as Black Lotus, not a True Crime game
    11. Hitman: Absolution’s action backs up solid stealth at E3
    12. Hayashi - Ninja Gaiden III was, "a Japanese hamburger for the West"
    13. Miyamoto - there are a number ideas for integration between Wii U and 3DS
    14. Gaikai announces content deal with Machinima
    15. Wii U eShop available from launch, confirms Nintendo
    16. Forza Horizon to feature Kinect-powered GPS system
    17. Free character transfers to "select servers" go live in SWTOR next week
    18. Assassin's Creed III multiplayer screenshots bring the impending pain
    19. Nintendo's "thrust for the hardest of the core" is great online functionality, strong third-party support
    20. Sony's goal is to sell 10 million Vitas by March 2013
    21. Origin boss feels Steam sales "cheapen IP"
    22. Luminous Engine demo shots are drop dead gorgeous
    23. Class war - Bleszinski on GoW: Judgment's multiplay
    24. Danica Patrick will be a playable character in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
    25. Hitman: Absolution E3 screens infiltrate and assassinate
    26. Sacrilegium is a survival-horror title in the works at Reality Pump
    27. Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland tops Japanese charts with over 500K sold
    28. First trailer for Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers released
    29. Blizzard discusses the future of PvP in Mists of Pandaria
    30. Kirby's Dream Collection coming out in September
    31. Inafune: Soul Sacrifice idea originated after Capcom departure
    32. Angry Birds Space hits 100 million downloads in 76 days
    33. A Xenomorph gets shot in the face in these Aliens: Colonial Marines screens
    34. Sony shoots down Vita price cut hope
    35. Lara is dead, long live Lara: Tomb Raider at E3
    36. Company of Heroes 2 implements Order No. 227
    37. Neverwinter trailers explore Vellosk Lore, siege of Neverwinter
    38. EU PS Store update, June 6 - Virtua Fighter 5, FIFA 12 UEFA bundle
    39. Pretty cars shown in Need for Speed: Most Wanted screens
    40. Square releases E3 trailer for iOS, Android game Demons' Score
    41. Medal of Honor: Warfighter's ready for its close-up with latest screenshots
    42. Trion's Butler - SWTOR suffers from lack of "content updates," Copernicus tried to do "too much"
    43. E3 2012 video: Ubi details Watch Dogs in LA
    44. Sony on going first next-gen: "It's about being the best"
    45. Amazon listing RE6: Anthology, Archives Editions
    46. Far Cry 3 gets first 4play co-op trailer
    47. Yoshida: Last Guardian E3 no show down to "technical difficulties"
    48. Beyond: Two Souls gets 25 minutes of footage
    49. "We’d done all that we could" with old Tomb Raider, says Crystal Dynamics
    50. Bleszinski "really excited" to introduce class-based MP into Gears: Judgment
    51. E3 2012: VG247 staff video chat on Nintendo and day two
    52. Kojima working on new series of games based on human issues
    53. ESA releases annual report: 49% of American households own consoles, $25 billion spent on gaming last year
    54. Long play sessions helped SWTOR players hit end game "far faster" than expected
    55. E3 2012: Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida on Vita and disruption
    56. No 2012 launch for The Last of Us, confirms Yoshida
    57. Tomb Raider gets stunning new artwork
    58. Turtle Beach to provide Wii U, 3DS headsets
    59. Dungeons of Dredmor receives update, free DLC and Steam Workshop
    60. Snoop Dogg to feature in Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    61. Sony digital boss hints PlayStation Network may expand to other devices
    62. Persona 4 Arena to feature paid DLC
    63. Crytek's free-to-play shooter Warface to be hosted by Trion Worlds
    64. Patch released for Max Payne 3 PC to address common issues
    65. Sleeping Dogs E3 trailer raises some eyebrows
    66. Trine 2 on Wii U to be the "best version" according to developer Frozenbyte
    67. Square Enix's new Luminous Engine demo is amazing
    68. Will Arnett and Jason Bateman's Call of Duty: Elite content revealed
    69. Nintendo roundtable wrap-up: Virtual Console, F-Zero, Miiverse spoiler controls
    70. OnLive reveals MultiView, 12 new games, in-browser updates
    71. Watch Dogs coming to mobile devices, will support real-time cross play
    72. Hatsune Miku Vita spotted at Sony's E3 2012 booth
    73. LittleBigPlanet Vita due in autumn
    74. Crystal Dynamics: Lara Croft has "always been one-dimensional"
    75. Wii U to support existing Virtual Console purchases
    76. CCP working towards 30 year lifespan for EVE Online
    77. US PS Store Update, June 5 - 12 free games for PS Plus subs, VF 5 Final Showdown, more
    78. Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 slated for June 20 release
    79. Sleeping Dogs shots show a shirtless man
    80. The Last Guardian is still coming, Sony not ready for public update
    81. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron shots include Grimlock in glorious HD
    82. Dawnguard to release on Xbox 360 June 26
    83. The Amazing Spider-Man screens win Largest File of E3 award
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 E3 screens make excellent wallpapers
    2. Star Wars 1313 looks pretty fancy in E3 screens
    3. Spec Ops: The Line E3 screens show co-op in action
    4. Dishonored E3 screens include rats, tall boys, more
    5. Dawnguard screens show decidedly unsparkly vampires
    6. The Elder Scrolls Online screens and art show a colourful world
    7. Quick shots - Borderlands 2 E3 screenshots show bosses, fighting
    8. Hell is forever in DOOM 3 BFG Edition E3 screens
    9. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection screens look nice on Vita
    10. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance E3 screenshots are shiny, blood-splattered
    11. Analysis: Nintendo squanders another chance to wow U
    12. E3 2012: Xbox's Chris Lewis on 360's now and the future
    13. Halo 4 videos show Spartan Ops, a tour of the UNSC Infinity
    14. Dead Island: Riptide announced, more info coming this summer
    15. Nintendo announces Game & Wario for Wii U GamePad
    16. Mad Catz accessories announced for Wii U
    17. Rabbids Land trailers are zany, so are these Rabbids Rumble screens
    18. Portal 2 Move support and level pack releasing on PS3 later this year
    19. Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 screens and artwork released
    20. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee getting rebooted for 2013
    21. Bethesda teases The Elder Scrolls Online with E3 trailer
    22. Soul Sacrifice E3 trailer is full of brutality
    23. The Gorn to terrorize Kirk and Spock in Star Trek the game, says Namco
    24. Dead or Alive 5 out September 25 - E3 trailer shows Virtua Fighter's Sarah Bryant
    25. Fist of the North Star Ken's Rage 2 teaser trailer released
    26. Metro 2033 sales reach 1.5 million
    27. Wii U GamePad battery charge to last between 3-5 hours
    28. Ubisoft: Watch Dogs coming to PS3, 360
    29. Nintendo collaborating with Platinum Games for P-100 on Wii U
    30. Nintendo Land is a theme park for Wii U with Miiverse integration
    31. Ubisoft demos and shows Wii U titles in the works
    32. LEGO City: Undercover demoed for Wii U, announced for 3DS
    33. Third-party 3Ds titles include Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate, Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion
    34. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon out this holiday season on 3DS
    35. Paper Mario: Sticker Star announced by Nintendo for 3DS, out this holiday
    36. New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS releasing August 19
    37. Nintendo to stream dedicated 3DS special tomorrow at 6pm
    38. FreeStyle Games announces SiNG for Wii U
    39. Wii Fit U announced - 43 million copies of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus sold worldwide
    40. Mass Effect 3 announced for Wii U
    41. Scribblenauts Unlimited announced for Wii U, 3DS
    42. Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition announced for Wii U
    43. New Super Mario Bros U announced, trailered
    44. MiiVerse detailed as browser-based, integrated with web and smartphones
    45. Wii U hardware to support two separate GamePads
    46. Wii U - Amazon video, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube announced
    47. Pikmin 3 announced, gameplay involves managing up to 100 Pikmin
    48. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two out November 18
    49. Gaikai and Samsung sign Smart TV cloud gaming deal
    50. LOTRO: Riders of Rohan gets cinematic video, feature teaser
    51. Microsoft releasing $99 Xbox 360 bundle at more retailers later this month
    52. Quick shots - Assassins Creed III: Liberation screens show Aveline, embattled New Orleans
    53. Rumor - Mass Effect to be announced for Wii U at Nintendo's E3 presser
    54. Improvements, more content added for this weekend's Guild Wars 2 beta event
    55. Celebrate the Olympics with a limited edition, metallic gold DualShock 3 controller
    56. Nintendo calls Nikkei's new 3DS model report "speculative, incorrect"
    57. PS Plus June update - Virtua Fighter 5, inFamous 2, more for free
    58. God of War: Ascension collector's edition and pre-order bonus detailed
    59. E3 2012: Watch every presser and all game videos here
    60. EA releases atmospheric screenshots for Battlefield 3 - Armored Kill
    61. E3 screens: Soul Sacrifice brings out all the art in the world
    62. E3 2012: VG247 staff take day one apart in video chat
    63. E3 2012: Expert opinion on Sony, Microsoft and EA
    64. E3 2012: Wii U conf confirms Mass Effect 3, Pikmin 3
    65. Earth Defense Force coming to Vita in Japan this autumn
    66. Persona goes mental at E3: Arena gets US date, new trailer for Golden
    67. Splinter Cell: Blacklist confirmed for PS3 and PC, Ironside pulled as Fisher
    68. Zampella: Respawn game announce “hopefully soon"
    69. Painkiller sequel inbound from NecroVision developers
    70. E3 screens: Tokyo Jungle reappears on western radars with new shots
    71. EKGaming to extend pre-owned profits to developers, evaluating in-store presence
    72. Company of Heroes 2 flexible camera "gets your imagination moving"
    73. E3 screens: New Gravity Rush shots pump up launch
    74. Quick Shots - God of War: Ascension screenshots
    75. E3 screens: FIFA 13 shots do the football do
    76. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is also at E3
    77. Analysis: EA's core roster cut in half by hardware transition
    78. Analysis: Microsoft manages to pad it out for another year
    79. E3 screens: The Unfinished Swan still looking pretty
    80. The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan now available to pre-order
    81. Epic Mickey 2 to feature muscial numbers, 2D levels return, first boss battle revealed
    82. Harvest Moon's Wada aiming to work with Deadly Premonition creator on new IP
    83. God of War series exceeds 21 million unit sales since inception
    84. Analysis: PS3 goes Beyond, but Sony fails in Vita rescue bid
    85. E3 2012: Complete coverage from all press conferences
    86. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate gets debut trailer
    87. Sony planning Remote Play support for ICO, God of War, BlazBlue
    88. Quantic Dream's Beyond out next year
    89. Minecraft for XBLA passes 2 million sales milestone
    90. PlayStation Move Racing Wheel hits in autumn
    91. Star Wars 1313 footage shows off in-engine wow, combat, more
    92. Sony giving away 10,000 all-access beta keys for Dust 514, Vita companion app revealed
    93. THQ confirms UFC dev team laid off
    94. Beyond: Two Souls screens show Quantic Dream's flair
    95. LittleBigPlanet Karting fronts cheerful E3 trailer
    96. The Last of Us shows stunning new gameplay footage in E3 2012 trailer
    97. God of War: Ascension release date announced
    98. Bohemia Interactive announce Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic
    99. Sony announces Wonderbook and J.K. Rowling's Book of Spells
    100. Far Cry 3 to feature four-player co-operative multiplayer, exclusive DLC for PS3 users
    101. Assassin's Creed III to feature naval battles, PS3 bundle to include exclusive DLC
    102. Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified confirmed for holiday 2012 release
    103. Hulu Plus and Crackle apps arriving on Vita "soon"
    104. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation confirmed with female lead in New Orleans setting
    105. 12 new games coming to PS Plus from tomorrow
    106. PSOne Classics coming to Vita later this month
    107. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: New players, cross-platform play
    108. Beyond: Two Souls confirmed as Quantic Dream's next project
    109. Imangi Studios announce Temple Run: Brave
    110. New Resident Evil 6 trailer released
    1. Watch Dogs announced as new IP from Ubisoft
    2. Methodical madness: why Far Cry 3's smarter than you think
    3. Ubisoft getting into the eSports game with ShootMania Storm
    4. Assassin's Creed 3 demo shows Connor fighting wolves, the redcoats
    5. Ubisoft's initial Wii U line-up revealed
    6. ZombiU announced for Wii U
    7. Rayman Legends to be launch title on Wii U
    8. The Avengers: Battle for Earth out in the fall
    9. Far Cry 3 shows lady bits, has lots of swearing
    10. Just Dance 4 announced for October
    11. Crysis 3 confirmed for February release
    12. NBA Live 13 confirmed to release this autumn
    13. XCOM: Enemy Unknown E3 2012 trailer makes a final stand
    14. UFC license acquired by EA Sports
    15. Dante shines in Devil May Cry E3 screens and trailer
    16. Need for Speed: Most Wanted out October 30
    17. SWTOR is free-to-play up to level 15 starting in July
    18. Madden NFL Social announced for 2013 launch
    19. Xbox 360 Summer of Arcade line up announced
    20. Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer demoed
    21. SimCity out February 2013, contains multiplayer
    22. Battlefield Premium launches today with BF3 Close Quarters on PS3
    23. SimCity Social confirmed during EA's E3 press event
    24. Dead Space 3 out February 2013, trailer and co-op demo released
    25. Microsoft announces 2012 and early 2013 line-up
    26. Nikkei: New 3DS model to be announced tomorrow, Wii U to be priced ?250
    27. Black Ops II demo showed LA in ruins, presidential extraction, explosions
    28. Halo 4 E3 demo shows new and old enemies alike
    29. Dance Central 3 announced, Usher involved
    30. South Park: The Stick of Truth out March 5, 360 exclusive pre-order deal announced
    31. Wreckateer launching for Kinect on XBLA this summer
    32. Co-op for Spec Ops: The Line to be available as free DLC
    33. New IPs announced for 360 - Ascend: New Gods, Lococycle, Gore Verbinski's Matter
    34. Tomb Raider demo shown at MS E3 presser, first DLC to hit 360
    35. Microsoft announces IE for Xbox, Smart Glass app
    36. Nike+ Kinect Training announced as new fitness initiative title
    37. Xbox Music announced for 360, Windows Phone, W8 tablets and PC
    38. Fable: The Journey's out holiday 2012
    39. More partners announced for XBL, support for 12 additional languages
    40. Forza Horizon confirmed for October 23
    41. CS: GO due August 21
    42. Gears of War Judgement coming 2013
    43. FIFA 13 and Madden 13 Kinect support shown for first time
    44. Ubisoft announces Splinter Cell: Blacklist, out spring 2013
    45. Virgin Gaming announces Microsoft partnership for Xbox Live Tournaments
    46. Molyneux unveils first 22 Cans project Curiosity on GTTV
    47. ESA - E3 2013 may not be held in LA due to proposed stadium construction
    48. OPM outs Quantic Dream's Beyond, Ellen Page mentioned in leaked shot
    49. E3 2012: Watch Dogs is Ubisoft Montreal's next IP
    50. Sound Shapes to release on Vita and PS3 August 7
    51. Starbases detailed for STO Season Six
    52. E3 2012: Beyond: Two Souls leads Sony conference
    53. Splinter Cell: Blacklist is seemingly a thing, gets first shots
    54. E3 2012: Dead Space 3 and Battlefield steal EA's show
    55. Sine Mora to release on Vita with exclusive content "soon"
    56. Gears of War: Judgement trailer shots appear online
    57. Microsoft E3 presser to last 90 minutes, no on-stage Harrison appearance
    58. The Joker's back in this DC Universe Online - Last Laugh video
    59. The Amazing Spider-man E3 trailer sees Spidey diving, slinging, beating up baddies
    60. Rumour: Fansite outs second GTA V trailer within next two weeks, another CV mentions October launch
    61. Vita trailer for Dokuro shows platforming in action
    62. Activision showing Black Ops II, Transformers, Spider-man, more at E3
    63. Halo 4: new screens emerge ahead of campaign debut
    64. Atlus bringing Code of Princess to North America this autumn
    65. Remedy registers
    66. EA Canada creating new action IP
    67. German retailer lists Diablo III for PS3, no 360 version in sight
    68. Rumour: Next Quantic Dream title called Beyond, will feature "famous Hollywood talent"
    69. E3 2012: Halo 4, Splinter Cell and Lara lead MS presser
    70. UK charts: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier still sits up top
    71. Atlus launching Zeno Clash II next year
    72. Demiurge Studios overseeing Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U
    73. E3: Is Wii U a genius concept or a Frankenstein-box?
    74. Battlelog to go down today ahead of BF Premium launch
    75. Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer to debut tonight
    76. lists Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD for July 11, signs point to Summer of Arcade
    77. Halo 4: Spartan Ops content "mapped out for a few years," says 343
    78. End of Nations gets E3 trailer
    79. Nintendo launches Japanese E3 special site
    80. Tecmo Koei teasing E3 something on Facebook
    81. Visceral Australia worked on Vita game before closure, says CV
    82. Rumour - Nathan Drake, Big Daddy to appear in PlayStation All-Stars
    83. Club Nintendo coins and rewards getting a shake up next month
    84. Resident Evil Portable, Metal Gear Solid Vita listed by retailers
    85. Crytek boss predicts death of consoles; wary of Vita, Wii U and streaming tech
    86. MLB 2K12 patched with plenty of bug fixes
    87. Union Studio founded by former S.T.A.L.K.E.R. devs
    88. Hawken E3 2012 trailer goes live-action
    89. Fargo: Players frustrated with 'dumbed down' RPGs and re-imaginings
    90. Civilization V to receive Steam Workshop support
    91. Blizzard Arcade beta now available, could grant Heart of the Swarm access
    92. Malicious: Rebirth screens show off Vita port
    93. Scribblenauts Unlimited domain registered
    94. Humble Indie Bundle V breaks records
    95. Will Wright's Hive Mind stymied by lawsuit
    96. Penny Arcade Adventures 3 due July 10
    97. NCAA 13 trailer shows off Dynasty mode
    98. Tokyo Jungle screens get lovey dovey
    99. PlayStation Network content added to GameStop, EB Games offering
    1. SimCity expected in February 2013
    2. Metal Gear Rising producer trash talks Ninja Gaiden 3
    3. Epic to hire majority of Big Huge Games team
    4. Rumour - Battlefield 3 Premium trailer leaked
    5. Sega studio boss denies European closure rumours
    6. Wii U Game Pad detailed at Nintendo's pre-E3 conference
    7. Tomb Raider gets new screens, details from GI
    8. Gears of War: Judgement to feature class-based gameplay, new multiplayer mode
    9. Remedy's Sam Lake teasing new Alan Wake? "It will happen again in a town called Ordinary"
    10. Sony to show the "future of PlayStation Plus" at E3
    11. Epic: Unreal Engine 4 set to last for a decade
    12. Dead Space 3 co-op confirmed, competitive multiplayer dropped
    13. VG247 at E3 2012 - what's happening and when
    1. French retailer lists Medal of Honor: Warfighter for Vita
    2. Nintendo hosting pre-E3 Wii U presentation tomorrow
    3. E3 trailer for Minority's Papo & Yo released
    4. Inversion behind-the-scenes video and iOS app released
    5. Rumor - Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation outed ahead of E3
    6. Full track list announced for Jet Set Radio
    7. Bowling started Robotoki to create a game "no one else was doing yet"
    8. Lords of Shadow 2 will be the conclusion to the saga, says Konami
    9. E3 is "more relevant and popular now than it has ever been," says ESA
    10. NightSky rated by ESRB for eShop, Aussie rating pending
    11. SOE announces E3 line-up, SOEmote tech for EverQuest II
    12. Full Marathon trilogy available for free on iOS
    13. Forza Horizon shots, details surface ahead of E3
    14. Forsaken Souls was a WIP title for Soul Sacrifice confirms Sony
    15. Tales of Xillia 2 announced, out in Japan this winter
    16. Quick shots - a couple more Dead Space 3 screens emerge
    17. Gears of War: Judgment - rumored details, first shots
    1. Death Rally downloaded 10 million times, sees 100 million play sessions
    2. SWTOR - MMO subscriber numbers "are funny things," lots of "variables to consider," says BioWare
    3. Watch 17 minutes of Tokyo Jungle gameplay
    4. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron announced for PC
    5. Armored Kill expansion for Battlefield 3 to release in September
    6. Bethesda accepting applicants for Dawnguard Xbox 360 beta
    7. Quick shots - Lords of Shadow 2 screenshots and concept art
    8. Human Element is Bowling's zombie apocalypse game, slated for 2015
    9. Report - Microsoft's Smart Glass app allows AirPlay-like streaming on mobile, tablets, 360
    10. US pre-order incentives for Dishonored detailed
    11. Cracker, Florence + the Machine, and Midnight Oil tracks hit Rock Band 3 June 5
    12. Ni No Kuni heads west January 2013
    13. Solomon Grundy's about to smash The Flash in these Injustice: Gods Among Us screens
    14. EA confirms Criterion-made NFS: Most Wanted for E3
    15. Chafee's scare tactics for political gain sabotaged 38 and Big Huge Games, says source
    16. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance E3 trailer released
    17. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 gets first gameplay video
    18. Quick shots - Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
    19. Defiance to launch next April, comes with E3 trailer
    20. LEGO: Lord of the Rings to contain dialog from the films, still full of cuteness
    21. SBK Generations now available
    22. Rezzed gets three more games added to line-up
    23. Gargoyles invade Risen 2 with Air Temple DLC
    24. Sleeping Dogs community video shows gameplay, folks enjoying it
    25. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes E3 trailer is gritty and a bit chatty
    26. Hitman: Absolution - hands-on video and impressions
    27. Analyst - tablets to overtake PC by 2020 with iPad leading the pack
    28. Aliens: Colonial Marines collector's edition exclusive to Amazon in the UK
    29. Skylanders Spyro's Adventure best-selling game so far in 2012
    30. PlayStation bests PC, XBL on AskMen innovation survey
    31. Saints Row: The Third only a tenner on Steam this weekend
    32. GT Academy 2012 demo now live on PS Store
    33. Square confirms Mini Ninjas Adventures, out June 29
    34. People Can Fly tied with next Gears of War, confirms Epic boss
    35. Rumour: Sony to make PS3 backwards compatible with Gaikai deal
    36. Fruit Ninja turns two, 300 million players playing
    37. Carmageddon coming to iOS, Android this summer
    38. First Zone of the Enders HD Collection gameplay footage goes all in on ZoE2
    39. Sim City pumps up E3 showing with new shots
    40. Hitman HD Collection listed by Italian retailer
    41. Soul Sacrifice confirmed for western release
    42. Rumour: Ubisoft teasing new Prince of Persia for E3
    43. Guardians of Middle Earth gets first trailer
    44. Zone of the Enders HD intro redone in anime flavour
    45. EA officially confirms Dead Space 3, more details next week
    46. Konami at E3: Rising demo inbound, Mirror of Fate teased
    47. Youtube app coming to Vita in June
    48. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate teased, more info on June 5
    49. Metal Gear Rising demo to be included with Zone of the Enders HD Collection
    50. Dishonored E3 2012 trailer includes plenty of cutthroats
    51. GTTV E3: Metal Gear Rising dated, Star Wars 1313 revealed
    52. Tomb Raider confirmed for March 5, 2013 release
    53. Metal Gear Rising confirmed for early 2013 launch, new trailer
    54. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 announced and trailered
    55. FIFA Euro 2012 predicts Germany to take UEFA cup
    56. Star Wars 1313 announced on GTTV
    57. Ys Origin now available on Steam
    58. Phantasy Star Online 2 screens preview beta content
    59. Total War, Funcom talks added to GDC Europe 2012 line up
    60. Class of Heroes 2 hits PSP, Vita this year
    61. Battlefield 3 XP loss glitch blamed on buggy FAMAS
    62. DOTA 2 to be F2P, store and Steam Workshop detailed
    63. "No way we're going to get photo realism" in The Elder Scrolls Online
    64. Nintendo teases three Wii U launch titles
    65. Star Wars 1313, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 outed ahead of GT.TV reveal
    66. Dishonored tall boy combat previewed in new animated gif
    67. Lollipop Chainsaw combat trailer shows off Juliet's moves
    68. Silicon Knights to appeal Epic ruling