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March 2012 Archive

    1. Kinect controls in Mass Effect 3 "happened almost by accident," says Hudson
    2. GAME sale confirmed, no more stores will close
    3. "Cool" RAGE and Skyrim "news and surprises" expected in April, says Bethesda
    4. Bravely Default’s battle system given the screenshot treatment
    5. SWTOR developer blog discusses PvP changes with update 1.2
    6. New Double Fine backers have pledged $875K to 1,200 projects, says Kickstarter
    7. Report - New Line hires Ryan Engle to pen Rampage film
    8. Lollipop Chainsaw video goes behind-the-scenes with Jimmy Urine and Akira Yamaoka
    9. Disney and DeNA partner to release Disney and Marvel social titles internationally
    10. Pratchett would "love the chance" to write Mirror's Edge 2 "under the right circumstances"
    11. Ruler Designer DLC announced for Crusader Kings II
    12. Silicon Knights "confused" over Canadian government withholding grant money
    13. Torchlight II pets given spotlight video, developer post
    14. Dust: An Elysian Tail to be playable at PAX East
    15. Worms Revolution hitting PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 this fall
    16. Capcom breaks street date for Devil May Cry HD Collection
    17. Hitman: Absolution video shows Agent 47 taking down criminal scum
    18. Ridge Racer Unbounded - giant video look at final code
    19. Sony confirms Zipper Interactive closure
    1. Pandora’s Tower gameplay video shows action and platforming
    2. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations lands at retail in UK
    3. Jake Hunter: Rondo of Revenge hitting 3DS in Japan June 28
    4. Microsoft says it's "unlikely credit card data" can be recovered from refurbished 360 hard drives
    5. Warhorse - 343 releases concept art for Halo 4 multiplayer map
    6. AC3: Native American consultant hired to "make sure we’re handling things appropriately," says Ubisoft
    7. Court denies EA's motion to dismiss or strike NFL retiree lawsuit
    8. Blizzard has 100,000 Mists of Pandaria beta keys ready for WoW Annual Pass holders
    9. Obsidian on board if Wasteland 2 Kickstarter hits $2.1M
    10. Report - Campaign development on Turtle Rock FPS Wild in the works
    11. Mortal Kombat to release on PS Vita in May
    12. Awesomenauts releasing on PSN and XBLA in May
    13. Euro 2012 expansion release due to FIFA 12′s popularity, says EA
    14. Otherland making-of video delves into AI, EightSquared, more
    15. Anomaly: Warzone Earth landing on XBLA April 6
    16. New Witcher II short clip explains the meaning of a Witcher
    17. Epic Mickey 2 confirmed for PC and Mac
    18. SimBin Studios CEO steps down, firm working on new free-to-play platform
    19. DCUO Legendary members to receive extra monthly benefits starting April 3
    20. GameStop Germany, Amazon lists Assassin's Creed III pre-order bonuses
    21. Total War series could land on next-gen consoles, says Creative Assembly
    22. The Witch and the Hundred Knights, others heads west in early 2013
    23. Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars multiplayer DLC announced
    24. GAME, GameStation websites return online
    25. What I did on my holiday: fun with Sleeping Dogs
    26. Tropico 4 gets Modern Times DLC, now available from Steam
    27. Square working with Wild Arms designer on iOS game
    28. Microsoft registers XboxFl domain
    29. Sega streamlining games unit, predicts "extraordinary" loss
    30. Crystal Conquest unveiled as Square's next social effort
    31. World of Tanks gets update 7.2 today
    32. Tokyo Jungle trailer doesn't talk dirty to the animals
    33. Insomniac shows off art for cancelled pinball title
    34. Trine 2 half-price on Steam this weekend
    35. Anarchy Reigns videos tell tales of two stories
    36. Melbourne: Fighters Festival kicks off tomorrow
    37. MW3: VG247 triumphant against EG forces - video
    38. Stardock: Elemental sequel to make up for "mediocre" first game
    39. Prince of Persia dev turns up source code in a closet
    40. SBS On Demand added to Australian PlayStation Network
    41. Skyrim patch 1.5.26 available now through Steam
    42. Steel Battalion, Crimson Dragon playable at PAX East next week
    1. EMI to sue over alleged unpaid Def Jam Rapstar royalties
    2. EVE Online designer: "People like boring"
    3. Guild Wars 2 pricing discrepancy blamed on taxes, distribution costs
    4. Best Buy to close 50 stores, entertainment sales way down
    5. I Am Alive tops Xbox Live Arcade charts
    6. Thatgamecompany's Robin Hunicke joins Tiny Speck
    7. Myst coming to 3DS, possibly this month
    8. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition coming to OS-X
    9. Fibble: Flick 'n' Roll - Crytek's debut iOS title now available
    10. Quick Shots - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
    11. Assassin’s Creed III on track to become "the highest pre-ordered game" in Ubisoft history
    12. WH40K: Dark Millennium no longer an MMO, lay-offs at Vigil, Relic
    13. Will Wright doesn't think consoles are "doomed"
    14. Sleeping Dogs gameplay video races through the streets of Hong Kong
    15. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier video introduces you to Guerilla mode
    16. Go behind-the-scenes with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
    17. Trials Evolution get a new gameplay trailer
    18. A Machine for Pigs team want it to be "skin-crawlingly, heart-shatteringly, nerve-jarringly terrifying"
    19. Class system in Guild Wars 2 inspired by Team Fortress
    20. PlanetSide 2 alpha gameplay footage from GDC videoed
    21. Square announces PAX East panels and line-up
    22. Tokitowa announcement coming April 1
    23. Nintendo downloads, March 29 - Mutant Mudds and 2 Fast 4 Gnomz demos
    24. Kill Hitler video released for Sniper Elite V2
    25. Diablo 3 class videos show you how to fight "fire with fire"
    26. Share the Payne: Max Payne 3's multiplayer debut
    27. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet for PC official, "coming very soon"
    28. Namco releases Witcher II 360 press event video, sticks Alex in front of a camera
    29. Ken Levine in the running for Time Magazine's annual 100 most influential people issue
    30. Peter Molyneux to attend MolyJam event in London
    31. Forsaken World: Nightfall Expansion is live
    32. Journey "fastest-selling PSN game ever released"
    33. Ghost Recon Online video introduces the Assault class and weapons
    34. Ridge Racer: Unbounded reviews under hot spotlight before tomorrow's launch
    35. Artwork and in-game shots surface for Imageepoch’s Sol Trigger
    36. CD Projekt RED to live stream spring conference April 5, Witcher 2 360 is golden
    37. Star Trek Online relaunched for French and German speakers, double XP bonus weekend
    38. EU PS Plus update, March 29 - Shank 2, Silent Hill, Shift 2: Unleashed are free
    39. Ono taking a break from Street Fighter development
    40. GAME reactivates Reward Cards
    41. Rovio to launch new Swedish studio this year
    42. Games industry legends to judge Epic's Make Something Unreal Live
    43. MW3: VG247 goes to war against Eurogamer tonight
    44. Report: OpCapita places new bid for GAME UK, GameStop heading for Iberia, Czech arms
    45. Vanillaware: Dragon's Crown not canned
    46. Little King Story Vita gets Japanese launch trailer
    47. Phantasy Star Online 2 gets character creation video
    48. New journey: Kellee Santiago leaves thatgamecompany
    49. Rumour: GAME to exit administration tomorrow with RBS buyout
    50. Mysterious Namco countdown points to Hunter x Hunter for PSP
    51. EA's Euro 2012 effort to be FIFA 12 add-on - first shots
    52. New Crimson Dragon shots go live
    53. In the Vanguard: loving Mass Effect 3's multiplayer
    54. Suspicious advertising noted on Japanese PSN
    55. Court overturns TimeGate vs Southpeak arbitration decision
    56. New Harmonix game to be shown at PAX East
    57. Witcher 2 developer strives for "meaningful" player choice
    58. Okabu Android, iOS versions in the works
    59. Fez launches on Xbox Live Arcade next month
    60. 6Waves Lolapps rebrands, restructures as publishing-only
    61. Quick Shots - Play dress ups in Tokyo Jungle
    62. Australia: 20% off all games at JB HiFi
    1. Yamaoka: Japanese industry needs to think globally
    2. Aliens: Colonial Marines has "so much more to offer" on Wii U
    3. Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event scheduled for this weekend
    4. Pachter: Blocking used games isn't in Sony's best interests
    5. Moving is the best strategy in XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    6. Maxis: SimCity's switch to missions is "just the evolution of games"
    7. Silicon Knights boss expects used games to "cannibalize" industry
    8. Study - Online games market in China grew 32% in 2011 to $6.6B
    9. Amazon sends out pre-order cancellation notices for Vanillaware RPG Dragon’s Crown
    10. Assassin's Creed III will support PC setup, but you may want to use a controller
    11. Age of Empires Online released on Steam
    12. Unchained Blades to release digitally for PSP in the west
    13. Latest Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer is rather awesome, game's out in August
    14. GTA:Vice City creators reminisce on working with Hollywood voice talent
    15. Paradox game demonstration event is live - watch now
    16. Sony launches first of three new freemium titles through PS Home
    17. RedBreast announces its iOS space combat-trading is titled Rogue Star
    18. A Game of Thrones RPG video is all about story
    19. EVE Fanfest videos now available through CCP's YouTube page
    20. Japanese charts – Kid Icarus Uprising tops, provides 3DS with sales boost
    21. Bullet time: First look at Max Payne 3 multiplayer
    22. Rumor - Black Ops 2 multiplayer details and release date leaked
    23. Gears 3: Forces of Nature map pack gets HD rundown
    24. Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time to release through PSN
    25. 2K: Borderlands 2, Spec Ops: The Line, XCOM playable at PAX East
    26. Ngmoco "confident" a "free-to-play equivalent of Skyrim" possible within next two years
    27. Gravity Rush tops 100,000 units in sales, shipments combined in Japan
    28. Rumour: PlayStation 4 codenamed Orbis, out holiday '13
    29. Futuristic racing title Dead Road hitting PS3 and PC
    30. Kingdom Hearts turns 10 in Japan
    31. Fargo: "Nothing would make me happier," than a chance to "build up" Black Isle again
    32. Ex-Pandemic vets Seismic Games unveil first title: CelebrityMe
    33. EU PS Store update, March 28 - PlayMemories, Asura’s Wrath, BF3, MW3
    34. SimCity previews do the rounds post-GDC
    35. SimCity will not require always-on connection, no mod support at launch
    36. Battlefield 3 PC patch dropping tomorrow
    37. PWC to update GAME Ireland sit-in protesters today
    38. New Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes video introduces Felicia
    39. JRPG specialist Monkeypaw launches $500,000 Kickstarter for Class of Heroes 2 retail release
    40. Persona 4: The Golden videos go heavy on cast
    41. EVE Online SM council chairman intending to resign over suicidal remarks at Fanfest
    42. Obsidian working on Kickstarter project
    43. Changing: WCG to reformat as mobile gaming festival
    44. Harvey Norman cuts game prices by 50%
    45. Auditorium: Duet Kickstarter reaches goal just in time
    46. Capcom store to open doors in April
    47. Acquire to publish Sega veteran's Vita music rhythm game
    48. Fargo "not going to worry" about attracting inexperienced fans to Wasteland 2
    49. Namco Bandai tease points to Sony exclusive
    50. Double Fine Adventure brought attention to other gaming Kickstarters
    51. Atlus PSN sale discounts Persona, Dept Heaven and more
    52. Risen 2 cover altered to meet ESRB guidelines
    53. Firefox developer launches free MMO BrowserQuest
    54. Sydney - Sign up for the Molyjam: What Would Molydeux? Game Jam
    55. Assassin's Creed III's setting "a bit of a pain" for female characters
    56. Battlefield 3 PS3 DLC offers shortcuts to unlocks
    1. Reggie Fils-Aime Mii celebrates 3DS one-year anniversary
    2. New Little King's Story network features detailed
    3. The Endless Forest in danger of shutdown, appeals to backers for aid
    4. Takedown is the new Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter
    5. Age of Empires Online trailer explains it in a nutshell
    6. Adidas and THQ settle miCoach suit, game on the way
    7. US PS Store Update, March 27 - Closure, Spring Fever, PlayMemories
    8. Battlefield 3 PC patch delayed by "frustrating" console certification
    9. World vs World PvP in Guild Wars 2 looks like server-wide fun in this video
    10. Ed Fries, Sheri Rubin elected to IGDA Board of Directors
    11. Gettysburg: Armored Warfare now available, launch trailer released
    12. Quick Shots: DDO screens show off the Eveningstar region
    13. Quick Quotes: Vigil's Jay Fitzloff on why Darksiders was such a risky venture
    14. Xbox 360 app usage up 30% year-over year, surpasses online gaming
    15. Only four days left until Kickstarter appeal ends for Auditorium 2: Duet
    16. Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken releasing on Vita this holiday season
    17. Depth is a multiplayer game about divers vs sharks, GDC video posted
    18. Journey costume and sticker pack hitting LBP2 next month
    19. Carmack: 64-bit executable for RAGE still in QA, information on mod tools coming "soon"
    20. Shoot Many Robots available for pre-purchase on Steam
    21. Introduction video to Elemental: Fallen Enchantress released
    22. Green Man Digital Download Festival 2012 kicks off with 20% off upcoming titles
    23. Forza 4: April Alpinestars Car Pack releases April 3
    24. Disney announces Animal Kingdom Explorers hidden-object game with "nature preserve" theme
    25. City Interactive announces F2P FPS World of Mercenaries, beta starts next week
    26. PlayMemories Studio to launch on PSN later today
    27. Naughty Dog teases final Uncharted 3 DLC
    28. Escape Plan takes the throne on Vita Top 10
    29. Ubisoft preparing for Wii U digital strategy through its Vita experience
    30. Beamdog interested in creating new RPGs while restoring classics
    31. Capcom Digital Collection now available on disc in the US for 360
    32. Settlers Online starter pack available at retail March 29
    33. Global Distrust DLC now available for Anno 2070
    34. Latest The Secret World dev diary delves into character development
    35. Epic and Applied Research's Virtual Heroes division launch Unreal Government Network
    36. Kinect: Star Wars trailer goes for launch
    37. Ronimo hopes to release Awesomenauts on PC later this year
    38. Legend of Grimrock releases April 11, pre-orders available
    39. Final Gears 3 map pack goes live on XBLMP
    40. PlayStation Store Spring Sale - Bulletstorm, Darksiders, Dragon Age 2, more
    41. Latest Final Fantasy XIV patch detailed in latest producer letter
    42. Final BioShock Infinite heavy hitter introduced as Siren
    43. Parents: everything you know about video games is wrong
    44. GAME Ireland holding sit-in protests
    45. Slightly Mad raises 500,000 for Project CARS
    46. New Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning cheevos point to second DLC pack
    47. Asura's Wrath gets DLC trailer, more content scheduled
    48. Epic Mickey 2 3DS a sequel to Castle of Illusion
    49. Rovio buys Futuremark Games Studio
    50. SCEJ makes corporate restructure, to feature new first-party division
    51. Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage rated by PEGI for 360 release
    52. Report: PlayMemories PS3 launching this week
    53. Phantasy Star Online 2 character creator launching next week
    54. US PS Plus update, April 2012: Ghost Recon beta, free Shank 2 and Shift 2
    55. Everybody's Tennis pulled from PS Store due to potentially "dangerous" piracy exploit
    56. HBO,, Comcast arriving on US 360s later today
    57. Bleszinski: Future Gears of War titles to be more Nolan focussed than Schumacher, Burton
    58. EVE Online to offer graphics cards in return for PLEX
    59. Codemaster and Warner Bros join forces
    60. Nintendo UK marketing manager departs for BBC role
    61. to relaunch with indie, mainstream new releases
    62. Sony Online Entertainment's Fan faire is now SOE Live
    63. Minecraft creator blames GAME failure on digital distribution
    64. Quick Shots - Insert terrific Dust 514 pun here
    65. Report - UK games sales overtook video in 2011
    66. EVE Online player apologises for bullying incident at CCP Fanfest
    67. Tribes Ascend trailer shows off upcoming stealth update
    68. ACT first Australian territory to move on R18+ games legislation
    69. South Park: Tenorman's Revenge due March 30
    70. Spy vs Spy revival teased with "mysterious" image
    71. Assassin's Creed III once included Philadelphia, scalping, and a harpoon
    72. EA's Hilleman: Great Gaming Crash was a necessary act of "creative destruction"
    73. Sword & Sworcery, Assassin's Creed top picks for Canadian Videogame Awards
    1. The Amazing Spider-Man to feature Move support
    2. Assassin's Creed III Connor trailer shows off the new arsenal
    3. Quick Shots - Check out the Poachers of Sir, You Are Being Hunted
    4. Assassin's Creed III gets three special editions
    5. 277 GAME stores shuttered, 2,104 jobs cut
    6. Robert Bowling exits Call of Duty, Infinity Ward, Activision
    7. Video: Assassin's Creed III's dev director opens up at last
    8. Connor goes loud: Assassin's Creed III gets first showing
    9. Diablo III console "a true Blizzard-level experience," says COO Sams
    10. Blitz Games working on Epic Mickey 2 alongside Junction Point
    11. Namco Bandai trademarks Tales of Xillia for US
    12. Angry Birds Space hits 10 million downloads in first three days, confirms Rovio
    13. Rumour: Microsoft to unveil Xbox Lite for late 2013 at E3
    14. Game changer: GAME officially enters administration
    15. Sign up for six months XBL, get Halo Reach, Fable III and more for free
    16. Starbreeze's next title called Cold Mercury, will be F2P
    17. Vigil: Wii U hardware "on par" with current-gen tech
    18. Namco Bandai goes live with vague countdown clock
    19. UK charts: FIFA Streets keeps it up top for second week
    20. Report: RBS set to make last-minute offer for GAME
    21. Report: Assassin's Creed III Wii U support detailed
    22. Phantasy Star Online 2 to be F2P, gets Android and iOS version
    23. Second Gravity Rush DLC detailed, third teased
    24. Fan project shows GTA III running on GTA IV's RAGE engine
    25. Fargo: Wasteland 2 won't have casual social features
    26. Rumour - GTA V protagonist, release date, and map detailed
    27. Dishonored dev champions player choice for "authored" feeling
    28. Legend of Grimrock goes gold, launch details expected this week
    1. Pokémon Smash teasing another major announce
    2. Neverdead developer: "You never aim to make a bad game"
    3. Junction Point "desperately" wants to do an Epic Mickey HD port
    4. Quick Shots - The Last of Us has really nasty enemies
    5. Silicon Knights to resurrect "most requested" IP
    6. Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 double XP weekend extended
    7. Silent Hill HD Collection PS3 bug reports sought
    8. UnchainBlades Rexx headed to 3DS eShop
    9. Modern Warfare 3 – Content Collection 1: all maps in HD
    1. Silent Hill: Book of Memories to miss March 27 release
    2. Epic Mickey 2 - Warren Spector video interview with Associated Press released
    3. Reynolds "would certainly like to see" stronger social components in next-gen systems
    4. Quick Quotes: Inafune says managing three firms is an "easy task"
    5. Mass Effect: Team Assault prototype video pops up online
    6. CCP shows World of Darkness footage during EVE Fanfest
    7. Second English trailer released for Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland
    8. Xblaze "adventure project" announced by Arc System Works
    9. to become "bigger, fresher, newer" on March 27
    10. Large Battlefield 3 patch releasing on PS3 March 27
    11. Minecraft hits $80M in sales with over 5M paid downloads
    12. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion confirmed for 3DS via Nintendo Power
    13. Yoshinori Ono rushed to hospital, confirms Capcom
    14. Rumour: Sony set to close Zipper Interactive - details
    1. Rumor: Bethesda to announce Prey 2 canning next week
    2. "We accomplished" what Capcom "wanted to do" with Operation Raccoon City, says Slant Six
    3. Digital accounts for 51% of PC sales in the US and UK
    4. Rumor - Full roster for Dead or Alive 5 leaked
    5. NinjaBee: Indie Royale adds The Ninja Lightning Pack
    6. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo no longer slated to direct BioShock film
    7. Earn 25% extra XP in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer this weekend
    8. Inferno expansion for EVE Online releases May 22
    9. Blizzard already has "general framework" in place for fifth WoW expansion
    10. Slightly Mad raises $660K in crowd-sourced funding
    11. UK players can pay for EVE Online in pounds starting May 1
    12. Witcher 2 Enhanced dev diary shows off cinematic elements
    13. Max Payne 3 weapons video is full of submachine guns
    14. Vanguard goes free-to-play this summer
    15. Face importing issues to be addressed with next Mass Effect 3 patch
    16. Zynga paid $180m for OMGPOP according to SEC filing
    17. Blockbuster selling Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for a fiver
    18. Salem beta signs ups go live, new developer diary released
    19. Latest The Secret World developer diary touches upon freedom progression
    20. Schafer: If games aren't "funny, you're missing something."
    21. Vigil confirms Darksiders II as Wii U launch title
    22. Ridge Racer: Unbounded gets destructive launch trailer
    23. GameStop no longer accepting GameCube trade-ins as of April 2
    24. Quick Shots: Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai launch screens
    25. Ubisoft feels the need for DRM will disappear with enough added value
    26. Angry Birds Space debuts at no. 1, Rovio "working on" Windows Phone release
    27. Watch the Phantasy Star Online 2 media briefing on Monday via Nico Nico
    28. This is Living: PlayStation 3 turns five in Europe
    29. Adventure Time game being made for DS
    30. CCP premieres new Dust 514 gameplay at EVE Fanfest keynote
    31. Win the chance to see The Witcher II 360 at BAFTA
    32. The day I nearly melee-killed Chet Faliszek in CS:GO
    33. Square Enix teases mysterious title for summer release
    34. Epic Mickey 2 gets debut gameplay trailer, screens
    35. Yoichi Wada stands down as CESA CEO
    36. Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2 shows off fancy new moves
    37. FIFA Interactive Cup 2012: Azzi ousted from Aussie qualifiers
    38. Retake Mass Effect to close Child's Play drive
    39. GAME Australia seeking independent financial backing
    40. Indie survival sim Techpocalypse needs your dollars
    41. Two DevilDriver tracks licensed for Sleeping Dogs OST
    42. Blizzard worried about hardcore's reaction to Pandaria
    43. Wasteland 2 Kickstarter hits $1.5 million, Kicking it Forward launched
    44. Square Enix is throwing a massive Steam sale
    45. Capcom hopes Dragon's Dogma will appeal to Monster Hunter fans
    46. Zynga looking at multiplatform support
    47. Warp appears on Steam, but still no EA-Valve agreement
    48. Mistborn RPG to bring fantasy novel series to PC, consoles
    49. Neverwinter Nights 2 OS-X on sale for less than a buck
    1. Assassin’s Creed III shots leak ahead of embargo
    2. Fargo: Wasteland 2 will be designed without audio limitations
    3. Chief magazine teases Grand Theft Auto V reveal
    4. Resident Evil producer: Core series needs to pursue action, shooter trappings
    5. Player choice to play a central role in Dragon's Dogma
    6. Foosball 2012 coming to PS3 and Vita with cross-platform play
    7. Street Fighter x Tekken DLC packs coming next month
    8. Risen 2 trailer releases the Kraken
    9. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition hitting iPad alongside PC version this summer
    10. Aion servers Zikel and Vaizel merging on March 28
    11. Quick Shots: FFXIII-2 Mass Effect, Ultros and Typhon DLC screened
    12. PlayStation Norway kicks off PS Vita contest
    13. Dota 2 patch files denote various microtransaction items
    14. Remedy: 20 new positions opening up "within the next few months"
    15. Rockstar Social Club lets you carry multiplayer crews from Max Payne 3 over to GTA V
    16. First footage of Bayonetta in Anarchy Reigns released
    17. Sitting comfortably? Guild Wars 2′s lore boss on story
    18. Amsterdamned: Darksiders II in brand new HD gameplay
    19. Lollipop Chainsaw's promotional bus is rather kick-ass
    20. Minecraft 360 out on May 9, Trials Evolution dated
    21. SWTOR Legacy System explained in latest developer video
    22. CCP in talks with Gaikai and OnLive, World of Darkness still in pre-production
    23. GameStop global sales were $9.55B in FY11, Q4 revenue down 3% to $3.58B
    24. New video details 11 reasons why you need Prototype 2 in your life
    25. Nintendo downloads, March 22 - Zombie Slayer Diox, Uggie the spokesdog
    26. PC demo for Angry Birds Space available for download
    27. Nvidia's Kepler announced as GeForce GTX 680
    28. Notch space game inspired by Firefly, Elite "except done right"
    29. Get Double XP in Modern Warfare 3 this weekend
    30. Splinter Cell 6 to explore theme "at the root of the franchise," says Raymond
    31. GDC screens from The Secret World released by Funcom
    32. Mists of Pandaria invites hitting as beta goes live
    33. Thearhythm Final Fantasy announced for EU-US summer release
    34. LBP Karting to launch this year on PS3, first video
    35. Analyst: Wii U won't impact publisher shares, next-Xbox won't be digital-only
    36. I Am Alive "one of the most polarizing titles we've ever launched," says Ubisoft
    37. Warriors Orochi 3 launch trailer comes out fighting
    38. End of Nations video is all about the plan of attack
    39. Tales of Xillia trademark shows up in European database
    40. NPD: Non-traditional games revenue hit $3B in Q4 2011
    41. GAME "will be a phoenix rising from the flames," says EA
    42. Royalty listing points to Your Shape for Wii U
    43. Grasshopper looking at Shadows of the Damned 2
    44. Report: Six bidders interested in GAME's UK arm
    45. Anti-grav: Angry Birds Space launches all over the shop
    46. EVE Fanfest to livestream keynotes from tonight
    47. Anarchy Reigns gets first Bayonetta shots
    48. Confirmed: Minecraft 360 date, details today
    49. CD Projekt to hold BAFTA presentation for The Witcher II 360
    50. Tax cuts will “incentivise” pubs to invest in UK, says TIGA
    51. Tameem Antoniades and the trouble with t**s
    52. 159 billion samurai slain in Total War: Shogun 2, patch inbound
    53. Rumour - Next iPhone due in Q2, has a 4.2" screen
    54. Creative Assembly has "no philosophical problem" with mods
    55. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 puts CryEngine through its paces
    56. Canabalt dev seeks fan feedback on challenge mode
    57. OMGPOP made over 35 games before Draw Something blew up
    58. Fargo calls on Kickstarter developers to give back
    59. World Gone Sour hits consoles next month
    1. End of Nations open beta in northern summer, launch in autumn
    2. Max Payne 3 fans appear in-game
    3. Pandora's Tower gets first English trailer
    4. EA stock drops in wake of Zynga OMGPOP buyout
    5. Ridge Racer Unbounded city editor detailed in new trailer
    6. E3 2012: Zynga exhibiting, NCSoft, Atari decline
    7. Rovio aims to be "much bigger" than Disney
    8. Simpsons, Square Enix big winners in February PSN sales charts
    9. Sword & Sworcery EP on sale for one day only
    10. Former Tomb Raider developers found Lady Shotgun Games
    11. MW3 Black Box glitch to be fixed by Friday, cheaters using it to be banned
    12. Zynga plopping down a cool $200M for Draw Something maker OMGPOP
    13. Stardock expects "decoupled gaming" will become more prominent over next five years
    14. Death Strikes in CGI trailer for Darksiders II
    15. Mistwalker has three iOS games in the works
    16. Video goes behind-the-scenes with Quantic Dream's KARA tech demo
    17. Japanese charts – Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition boosts older DS sales
    18. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two confirmed, contains co-op, musical numbers
    19. New Far Cry 3 trailer: extra gameplay for pre-order, hang glider and sharks shown
    20. Sine Mora trailer goes for launch
    21. Muzyka confirms new Mass Effect titles, ME3 "clarity"
    22. Former ship doctor named Bones is latest character reveal for Risen 2
    23. Starhawk ditches four-player splitscreen, adds dual log-ins
    24. Big Finish Games to launch Kickstarter for Tex Murphy May 15
    25. Blades of Time and Birds of Steel demos land on XBLM
    26. Blizzard: Mists of Pandaria beta "very close to beginning", opt-in now
    27. Nintendo Video Service adds 3D music videos for 3DS
    28. First 10 minutes of XBLA shooter Sine Mora capped
    29. Angry Birds Space set for launch with new trailer
    30. EU PS Store update, March 21 - Assassin's Creed, SR:The Third, Reckoning DLC
    31. Bethesda files Dawnguard trademark, could be for anything
    32. Osborne announces tax breaks for UK games industry
    33. John's journey gets dangerous in Yesterday launch trailer
    34. GAME enters administration, talks with lenders continuing
    35. Deus Ex: Human Revolution launches on 360 Games on Demand
    36. VG247 pushes on original video with Sam Clay signing
    37. Rayman 3 HD launch trailer does the goof
    38. Video: Go behind the scenes at BAFTA Video Game Awards
    39. Uncharted Fjord? PlayStation Norway reveal tomorrow
    40. GAME Group suspends itself from stock exchange
    41. Elizabeth, Shadow Labrys join Persona 4 Arena roster
    42. Mass Effect: a hero's story with a hero's ending
    43. Slant Six debuts new IP Strata Scavenger
    44. Next .hack game known as .hack Versus, is a PS3 fighter
    45. Bayonetta gets Anarchy Reigns appearance
    46. Dramatic explosions in Armored Core V release trailer
    47. Silent Hill HD Collection produces launch trailer
    48. Famitsu confirms Final Fantasy XIII-2's Mass Effect DLC
    49. Modern Warfare 3 Xbox Live double XP weekend coming
    50. World of Warcraft Netease deal extended
    51. Uncharted 3 multiplayer gets balance patch
    52. Developers reaffirm BioWare's right to leave Mass Effect 3 ending as it is
    53. Ninja Gaiden 3 online pass problem fixed
    54. The Banner Saga fully funded in under 48 hours
    55. EVE FanFest Dust 514 keynote streamed through PlayStation Home
    56. Coming Soon to XBLM: Sine Mora, Rayman 3 HD, lots of DLC
    57. Mass Effect 3 Remix Earth trailer is a musical tribute
    58. Dark Souls tease seems to point to PC release
    59. US PS Store Update, March 20 - Spring Fever, Sumioni, Warriors Orochi 3
    1. Minecraft browser hack lets you mine anywhere
    2. Journey playtesters kept offing each other
    3. God of War PSP developer working on next-gen project
    4. Spider-Man team feels "a lot of pressure" to make something "fresh"
    5. Journey devs launch new studio, remake IGF finalist
    6. Druid Class revealed through new D&D Online art
    7. ArenaNet explains how microtransactions will work in Guild Wars 2
    8. Another free-to-play weekend for SWTOR starts March 22
    9. "We can absolutely sell a million units," of Dragon's Dogma in Japan, says Itsuno
    10. Report - GAME bust within days, but 'fourth way' could save 300 stores
    11. Quantic Dream using Autodesk in next project
    12. Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition hitting consoles through digital download
    13. Crew skill overhauls and tweaks noted in SWTOR Update 1.2 notes
    14. House members reintroduce Violence in Video Games Labeling Act
    15. PC patch for save corruption released for Batman: Arkham City
    16. Order & Chaos Online hitting Mac before month's end
    17. The Walking Dead details confirmed, first 13 minutes leaked
    18. I Am Alive landing on PSN April 4
    19. Confrontation hitting PC April 5, new screens arrive
    20. L4D? Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City in action
    21. RE: Operation Raccoon City launches in US, reviews hit
    22. Microsoft's "artificial channeling" makes XBLA "inhospitable for certain games," said Blow
    23. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City launch trailer released
    24. Dragon's Lair XBLA to include Kinect support
    25. Funcom releases 30-minute GDC presentation of The Secret World
    26. Resistance Burning Skies - first story trailer released
    27. Popcap to launch Zuma’s Revenge this summer on XBLA
    28. 5th Cell to launch Hybrid closed beta in April, sign up now
    29. The Trouble with Clones DLC out today for Saints Row: The Third
    30. Revenues for tablet gaming to hit over $3.1B by 2014
    31. Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure demo available
    32. AR companion app released for RE: Operation Raccoon City
    33. Blizzard attributes drop in WoW subs to SWTOR, other games, content wait
    34. App Store game charts - Draw Something tops paid and free offerings
    35. FIFA Interactive World Cup tournament hits one million players
    36. Microsoft donating $1M in funds and hardware to Right To Play charity
    37. New map and servers added for Tribes: Ascend open beta
    38. Shots and art galore show up for Mists of Pandaria
    39. Call of Duty: MW3 Collection 1 now available for all on XBL
    40. ONM France: Epic Mickey 2 to be presented next week
    41. Third BioShock Infinite video introduces the Boys of Silence
    42. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock pushed into April
    43. CD Projekt: sex in The Witcher 2 about "creative freedom"
    44. Rumour: Crystal Dynamics on "Soul Reaver" reboot
    45. Assassin's Creed: Revelations getting PSN release this Friday
    46. EA, Take Two, Bethesda among first publishers locked for gamescom 2012
    47. Up to 30% spend money on World of Tanks
    48. 6waves Lolapps lays off dev staff to reaim focus at publishing
    49. Terrorists using CoD to plan for attacks, says The Sun
    50. Minecraft 360: "We've done a lot of work under the hood"
    51. Supersonic aiming for March 28 launch for Wrecked: Revenge Revisited
    52. Halfbrick acquires Spanish-based Onan Games
    53. Kojima: Snake included in Smash Bros Brawl thanks to son
    54. Grasshopper's Frog Minutes getting DeNA release in Japan
    55. Beeb on the box: BBC iPlayer coming to Xbox Live today
    56. The Last Express to launch on iPad this year
    57. Amazon Appstore has served up "millions" of apps, Cut the Rope top earner
    58. L.A. Noire Onlive update adds touch controls
    59. Microsoft once patented a virtual image projector headset
    60. Gears of War 3 patch due today
    61. Rocksmith trademark dispute unresolved
    62. Crytek prepping for mobile revolution by pushing high-end PC tech
    63. 3 million new iPads sold during first weekend
    64. Fable: Heroes may be the first of many spin-offs
    65. First Walking Dead gameplay trailer, rumours claim five episodes planned
    66. Kojima's Project Ogre will tackle "delicate, taboo" issues
    67. Ys: The Oath in Felghana tops Steam charts
    68. R18+ legislation approved by Aussie House of Representatives
    69. SimCity trailer shows off Glassbox Engine grunt
    1. Hydrophobia developer enters administration
    2. BioShock: Infinite levels have more writing than the whole of BioShock
    3. Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition trailer delves into extra content
    4. World of Warcraft bleeding staff for Project Titan
    5. Rumour - Zynga making moves on Draw Something publisher
    6. Baldur's Gate 3 is Beamdog's "long term goal"
    7. Mists of Pandaria explored in four new trailers
    8. New Wreckteer trailer teaches you to wreck things with Kinect
    9. Braben: "Second-hand games market is killing single-player titles"
    10. Work complete on Dragon Age 2, team on "next phase"
    11. Humble Bundle for Android #2 kicks off, includes five games
    12. Starhawk's progress discussed in new developer video
    13. PC release confirmed for Binary Domain
    14. Risen 2: Dark Waters shots are gorgeous
    15. Bit.Trip Runner 2 launch delayed into November
    16. Epic: Unreal Engine 3 "probably the way to go" for next gen launch titles
    17. Blizzard still wants to get World of Warcraft running on iPhone
    18. Over 2 hours of Dead or Alive 5 footage gets out
    19. New Dishonored screens show off a messed-up world
    20. Dr. Mario hits 3DS eShop this week
    21. Asura's Wrath reception as expected for developer
    22. Ninja Gaiden 3 reviews split opinion, get rounded up
    23. Videos of UK no. 1 FIFA Street show Messi, modes in action
    24. Ubisoft Annecy working on Assassin's Creed III Multiplayer
    25. Worms: Reloaded Game of the Year Edition hits Steam
    26. Torchlight II devs not worried by Diablo III launch date
    27. PEGI outs Dragon's Lair for XBLA
    28. New Atelier title on the way for PS3
    29. EA shuts down servers, Online Pass games included
    30. GAME Group shares yo-yo as OpCapita bid unravels
    31. 1-0: FIFA Street beats Mass Effect 3 in UK chart fixture
    32. Bioware have "ruled nothing out" on changing Mass Effect 3's ending
    33. Sleight of hand: Peter Molyneux's final Journey
    34. Hackers using unreleased on-disc Street Fighter X Tekken DLC in online play
    35. New Heroes of Ruin trailer showcases story and environment
    36. El Shaddai 'New Project 2012' teaser site opens
    37. Kingdom Hearts 3D to reveal "Many Truths" about series plot
    38. First major Reckoning DLC spawns dramatic trailer
    39. Mass Effect 3 multiplayer strategy vids show how it's done
    40. Fan-made Wing Commander sequel has EA's greenlight, out March 22
    41. Guild Wars 2 beta invites going out, include strict NDA
    42. Soul Calibur 5 patch has 240 updates, DLC includes Pac-Man
    43. Going legal: Mass Effect 3 ending sparks FTC complaints
    44. Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream DLC close to complete
    45. Hard Reset to be upgraded to Extended Edition for free
    1. Sakaguchi: JRPGs promote story over player freedom
    2. Quad damage: Microsoft recruiting for "AAAA" dev
    3. Mass Effect 3 director acknowledges "valid" ending concerns
    4. Video: Rocksteady has "lots of exciting ideas" for next game
    5. Rumour - GAME OpCapita buyout hopes crushed by reluctant creditors
    6. EA: BF3 public vote win "about being number one"
    7. Minecraft's Notch working on "space adventure game"
    1. Kojima argues that Japan is acting locally instead of thinking globally
    2. BioWare releases Mass Effect 3 multiplayer stats
    3. Warren Spector says Human Revolution "captured the spirit" of Deus Ex
    4. Blizzard's new Arthas collectible statue brings out the Lich King in all of us
    5. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters has no Rush mode, only "Conquest Domination"
    6. Counter Strike: Global Offensive gets beta update
    7. Trine 2 expansion teaser trailer is gorgeous, much like Trine 2
    8. PC: XCOM: Enemy Unknown will support mods
    9. McFarlane says 38 Studios' Amalur MMO is coming this year
    10. Borderlands 2: Claptrap writes a love letter to PC gamers
    11. Video: Minecraft boss talks three projects, BAFTA thrill
    1. New Max Payne 3 screens hit the streets of New York
    2. Shogun 2 wins BAFTA award, gets new expansion trailer
    3. Capcom details Street Fighter X Tekken DLC plans
    4. Pokemon Black and White 2 box art revealed
    5. Ninja Gaiden 3 DLC screens are bloody marvelous
    6. Metal Gear series sells 31 million, makes it into the Smithsonian
    7. Runic CEO looks forward to the end of boxes and discs, says "Kill them with fire"
    8. The Bosses of Zombie Rock rock out in this new Lollipop Chainsaw trailer
    9. Black Ops Zombies iOS update brings new map and weapons
    10. NeoGeo X price confirmed at ?500
    11. New Of Orcs and Men screenshots contain many Orcs, few Men
    12. F1 2012 locked for September launch - first trailer inside
    13. Witcher 2 360 Dark Edition sold out in Europe
    14. Alan Wake CE competition: Here are your winners
    15. Mortal Kombat Vita gets brutal new trailer
    16. Marvel Pinball gets Avengers Chronicles tables
    17. Report: Sega sitting on final Shenmue HD for a year
    18. GSC: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 still on track, no date yet
    19. Gravity Rush concept video shows Gravite
    20. BAFTA 2012: Skyrim empty-handed, P2 wins Best Game
    21. Diablo III to sell 5 million in its first year, says analyst
    22. Ignition teases El Shaddai New Project 2012 with website
    23. Dead or Alive 5 gets Hitomi-Ayane video ahead of next week's demo
    24. GameSpot, Giant Bomb stream recording goes up
    25. Team Meat starts work on Super Meat Boy Touch
    26. Crytek: Homefront 2 "can make a big splash" when it launches
    27. South Park: Tenorman's Revenge gets first teaser, doesn't involve Radiohead
    28. The Walking Dead gets first teaser trailer before Monday's gameplay unveil
    29. Climbing Mt Entry Barrier: a newb tackles Armored Core V
    30. Call of Duty: Elite PC still in development
    31. Notch: Digital distribution monopoly "a bit dangerous"
    32. Modern Warfare 3 DLC plans expanded
    33. SWTOR Class stories to continue "sooner rather than later"
    34. BioWare: "We are listening", so don't spoil Mass Effect 3
    35. Battlefield Heroes content drop goes a bit steampunk
    36. Indie Royale St. Patrick's Day Bundle includes Hard Reset
    37. Perfect World's international MMOs push Q4 revenues up
    38. Infinity Blade II updated for new iPad
    39. Fall of the Samurai trailer shows off new weapons tech
    40. Rumour: Elder Scrolls MMO readying for May announce
    41. Closure dated for late March
    1. Giant Bomb to remain editorially independent
    2. New TERA trailer shows off end game content
    3. Quick Shots - New Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances screens
    4. Free Operation Raccoon City DLC stars Jill Valentine
    5. NeoGeo X due for release in the second quarter
    6. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier video snoops for intel
    7. Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 launch vid pulls the trigger
    8. Datura trailer shows atmospheric adventure in action
    9. The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy HD collection is official
    10. MS: No new Xbox for E3, 2013 launch reported by Bloomberg
    11. Dungeon Defenders now on Mac, F2P this weekend on Steam
    12. Baldur's Gate gets Enhanced Edition this summer, new content confirmed
    13. Layoffs confirmed at IGN and 1UP, IGN Responds
    14. Razer launches new e-sports learning platform, "The Razer Academy"
    15. A standalone Mass Effect FPS almost happened
    16. Brutality: watch Skyrim update 1.5's new kill cams in action
    17. New Sleeping Dogs video takes us to Hong Kong
    18. Confirmed: Giant Bomb bought by CBS Interactive
    19. Rockstar shows off the visual effects and cinematics of Max Payne 3 in new video
    20. Keighley launches The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 for iPad
    21. Second Life and Linden Lab may be getting its second wind
    22. DICE says lack of BF3 DLC is due to focus on quality and happy employees
    23. Rocksmith rocks its way into the UK September 14th
    24. Wasteland 2 kickstarter hits $1 million
    25. PS3 hacker George "Geohot" Hotz arrested for marijuana possession
    26. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes gets first trailer
    27. First episode of Telltale's Walking Dead launching next month
    28. Capcom's Svensson hints at more western collaboration announces for Captivate
    29. Authenticity in MoH: Warfighter means "everything for us", says Danger Close
    30. Soul Calibur V gets online-focussed update on March 21
    31. GAME "not gone," says CEO Shepherd in response to MCV
    32. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances hits open beta
    33. Activision announces Transformers Prime brawler
    34. Report: Ratchet & Clank HD Collection coming May 16
    35. Back to Hell: Diablo III confirmed for May 15 release
    36. 19th Century puzzler Azkend 2 out now for iOS, PC and Mac
    37. Obsidian promised Meta 85 bonus for Fallout: New Vegas
    38. Three's a crowd: a beginner's guide to Mass Effect
    39. GAME confirms pulled Microsoft, Activision stock
    40. Microsoft listing mentions "next generation of Xbox," Turn 10 hiring for next-gen
    41. GAME is "gone," says MCV
    42. Distant Worlds tickets for London go on sale
    43. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis began life as a spin-off
    44. Gravity Rush DLC gets screened
    45. Wasteland 2 hits $900,000 Kickstarter target
    46. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor gets super collector's edition
    47. My name is [REDACTED]: Journey's magical online play
    48. InXile 'couldn't do Wasteland 2 justice' with less than $1 million
    49. Serious Sam 3: BFE coming to Mac next month
    50. Quick Shots - Resident Evil: Chronicles HD gets a visual makeover
    51. Angry Bird Space level unlocked through anti-bullying campaign
    52. MechWarrior Online may support cockpit peripherals
    53. SFxT promo Cross Assault available online in full
    54. StarCraft II Patch 1.5 inbound, adds Arcade, social features
    55. Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter releases first backer-only bonus
    56. Writer "ashamed" of Resident Evil 4 "Hook Man" experiment
    57. Ninja Gaiden dev fears "strange and bizzare" violence focus
    1. Gravity Rush originally planned for PS3, inspired by Crackdown
    2. Report: Microsoft, Activision pull GAME support
    3. Chaos Rings II rolling onto App Store now
    4. Draw Something is the top grossing iPhone app
    5. Three more new releases skipping GAME next week
    6. Call of Duty Elite content drops dated for PlayStation 3
    7. Molyneux: Kinect critics expected "way too much, far too soon"
    8. Silent Hill: Downpour cover features Spanish typo
    9. Repentent pirate drops $10,000 in Wasteland 2 fund
    10. Molyjam to build PeterMolydeux's designs
    11. Gaikai partly inspired by MMO entry barriers
    12. Baldur's Gate website to reveal more at 7.00pm UK time
    13. Fez trial video contains 6.5 minutes of gameplay footage
    14. Crytek hopes to dispel western free-to-play prejudices with Warface
    15. SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World coming to XBLA
    16. SEGA, Team 17, Rebellion, and Kalypso join Origin
    17. Lottery winner of many hats takes to Kickstarter to gauge interest in MMO idea
    18. Defeat the tower-crazed Babylonians in Babel Rising
    19. Samus and Link outfits to be included in Dynasty Warriors VS
    20. Purchase digital version of The Art of the Mass Effect Universe, get bonuses for Mass Effect 3
    21. Japanese charts - 3DS and One Piece stay on top
    22. The House of the Dead 4 hits PSN next month
    23. Quick Shots: Action and headshots shown in Max Payne 3 screens
    24. Report: Comet owner makes GAME bid, share prices go up
    25. Pendulo's adventure game Yesterday to release March 22
    26. Super Monkey Ball hitting Japan June 14, contains stage edit mode
    27. PS Store now available for Sony Xperia S
    28. Dragon's Dogma progression video highlights Pawn strategies
    29. Italian developer Dreampainters show off Anna for first time
    30. Risen 2 out April 25 in the UK, May 22 in US
    31. Rumour - Obsidian hit with lay-offs, "North Carolina" shelved
    32. Rumour: Ten days before GAME enters administration, Walmart looking at takeover
    33. DiRT Showdown video shows mass vehicular destruction
    34. Everquest 13th anniversary details, events announced
    35. Molyneux: industry wasn't ready for Milo's "concept"
    36. New teaser and screens released for Battleship: The Video Game
    37. Tara Strong, others announced as voice cast behind Lollipop Chainsaw
    38. Kid Icarus: Uprising has hundreds of AR Cards, new video released
    39. Alan Wake: Follow and win a PC collector's edition!
    40. Square files trademark and domain registration for Mini Ninjas: Hiro’s Adventure
    41. Analyst: GTA V to release "early 2013", potential for a Wii U launch
    42. Levine isn't concerned over busy release month for BioShock Infinite
    43. Latest Amazing Spider-Man video introduces you to The Iguana
    44. EU PS Store update, March 14 - Journey, Warp, Shoot Many Robots
    45. SEGA teases Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia Dreamcast as next downloadable titles
    46. Defenders of Ardania and Shoot Many Robots now available on XBLA
    47. Dead or Alive 5 demo vignette released
    48. Quick Shots: Metroid, Strider, and Battle of the Elements
    49. BioShock Infinite heavy hitters video shows Handyman
    50. Microsoft launches Xbox 10th anniversary timeline site
    51. Kid Icarus: Uprising gets 19th 40/40 from Famitsu
    52. Thatgamecompany "very lucky" to sign with Sony
    53. Report - BBC iPlayer launching on Xbox Live next week
    54. Next Xbox, PS4 need to deliver "maximum amount of power" for consoles to "remain relevant for another generation," says Epic
    55. Team Sonic interested in “doing something completely new” with Sonic 3D for next-gen
    56. Game of Thrones RPG gets gameplay walkthrough
    57. Ryse hitting milestones, "doing really well," says Crytek
    58. PSA: Journey goes live today for all EU PSN members
    59. Xbox turns 10 in EU, VG247 releases The Xbox Story ebook
    60. Solitary shed semantics: what it means to be indie
    61. Kickstarter: Schafer closes on $3.3m, Wasteland 2 raises over $500k in one day
    62. New Quantum Conundrum screens get heavy
    63. BioWare director stands by Mass Effect 3 ending, promises single-player DLC
    64. Free-to-play Gundam shooter coming to PSN
    65. L.A. Noire is half price in Steam's Midweek Madness
    66. Ninja Gaiden III to receive free DLC packs
    67. Final Fantasy Versus XIII reveal mysteriously stymied
    68. Retake Mass Effect petition backers raise $38,000 for charity
    69. Battlefield 3 patch now in console network certification
    70. Quick Shots - Gunstringer DLC is all about El Diablo
    71. US PSN Charts, February - Simpsons Arcade and Escape Plan top
    72. Medal of Honor: Warfighter pits Tier 1 against SAS
    73. US PS Store Update, March 13 - Journey, BioShock 2, Uncharted DLC
    74. Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter closes with $3.3 million
    1. Warriors Orochi 3 release delayed
    2. Quick Shots - Minecraft gear available for Xbox Live avatars
    3. THQ files trademark application for 1666
    4. Resident Evil 6 pre-orders franchise's "best start" to date
    5. Rumour - Zynga moving to protect stock ahead of June lock-up end
    6. Diablo III skills videos show off some fancy moves
    7. Kim Swift praises Square Enix's indie support
    8. Jaffe "no longer excited" for next-gen tech
    9. Notch: Psychonauts 2 a “sound investment” but “nothing concrete”
    10. Keighley announces Final Hours of Mass Effect 3
    11. Sony using "social engineering psychology with data analytics" to fight security breaches
    12. DCUO: Launch trailer released for The Battle for Earth DLC
    13. Sins of a Dark Age screenshots show gameplay
    14. Ys: The Oath in Felghana and Ys Origin releasing on Steam March 19
    15. Quick Shots: Resident Evil: Chronicles HD
    16. Notch: Psychonauts 2 won't happen for "a while"
    17. MechWarrior Online gets a proper gameplay trailer
    18. Nvidia begins Windows 8 driver updates, releases new updates for Win 7 and XP
    19. Darksiders II video takes you behind-the-scenes of the environments, characters
    20. Quick Shots: Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit looks like demented fun
    21. InXile launches Kickstarter for Wasteland 2, $173,966 raised
    22. Go behind-the-scenes of Ridge Racer Unbounded in latest video
    23. Launch trailer released for Shoot Many Robots
    24. Hard Reset: Extended Edition now available in the US
    25. Sony's Reality Fighters lands in US stores for PS Vita
    26. Quick Shots: Imageepoch's RPG Tokitowa looks lovely
    27. Resident Evil: Chronicles HD announced for western launch
    28. Sega unveils Virtua Tennis for Android, debuts Alexandria Bloodshow for iOS
    29. Major League Gaming raises $13 million
    30. Far, far away: SWTOR is free-to-play this weekend
    31. Free Mass Effect 3 Datapad now available for iOS
    32. Silent Hill: Downpour reviews go live with mixed results
    33. Microsoft: Achievement and Gamerscore reset issue "resolved"
    34. Ninja Gaiden 3 launch trailer released
    35. EA looking into sub models which "maximize" investments, get more people playing
    36. Far Cry 3 gets next P:TOM cover
    37. Physics for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 based on Mega Drive games
    38. Rein says he'll be "shocked" if Wii U "doesn't do well"
    39. MotorStorm RC Pro-Am DLC releases tomorrow
    40. GameStop: Donkey Kong 3D pre-order display at EB Games "not supplied by Nintendo"
    41. Codemasters signs new multi-year Formula One deal
    42. Harrison takes over MGS Europe, but not Molyneux's job
    43. Latest Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 screens show more levels
    44. Analyst: Apple iTV beginning production in May, on sale by end of year
    45. NCsoft announces pre-purchase program, collector's edition for Guild Wars 2
    46. MW3 content drops 4, 5 and 6 out now for 360 for Elite users
    47. It's time to "get started on the next technologies moving forward," says Raymond
    48. First batch of Gotham City Imposters DLC now available on PC
    49. "Whenever Nintendo comes out with something new, it's always good," says Inafune
    50. Ninja Gaiden 3 bundle comes with Dragon Sword Move periperal
    51. Alan Wake hits 2 million, confirms Remedy
    52. Double Fine Kickstarter hits $3 million
    53. Green Man Gaming extends Mass Effect 3 offer
    54. GAME to not stock Ninja Gaiden 3, Warriors Orochi 3, RE: Raccoon City
    55. Tales of Graces F gets US launch trailer
    56. Sonic Team "not planning" more Sonic 4 episodes after II
    57. Battlefield 3 Close Quarters expansion gets first trailer
    58. New Jet Set Radio HD shots shade cels
    59. Sonic 4: Episode 2 shots do the Metal Sonic do
    60. Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown screens show new characters
    61. Sega unveils Total War Battles: Shogun for iOS devices
    62. Report: Comet parent company interested in GAME's UK arm
    63. Majesco revenue up following strong Zumba-led holiday
    64. New RIFT video discusses one year anniversary, upcoming content
    65. Portal replica guns still inbound despite cancelation worries
    66. Persona 2 follow-up gets first PSP trailer
    67. Fez creator already planning next project outside XBLA, looking at Kickstarter
    68. Tango's first game coming in 2013 at earliest, uses external engine
    69. BioWare looking into missing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer items
    70. Sony kicks off PSN Spring Fever in US today with Journey
    71. Illusive choice: Mass Effect takes the "role play" out of RPG
    72. Lord of the Rings Online trailer demos Great River areas
    73. Steam mobile app to add "healthy list" of new features
    74. Janet Jackson, Chris Brown DLC coming to Dance Central 2
    75. Ninja Gaiden 3 Clan Battle and Ninja Trials detailed
    76. FIFA 12 update aims to block Ultimate Team phishing scams
    77. Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure was planned as a grimdark reboot
    78. DC Universe Online's The Battle for Earth DLC drops tomorrow
    79. Assassin's Creed III AI affected by changing seasons
    80. Double Fine to livestream Kickstarter countdown
    81. Ex-Lionhead staffers: Fable "in safe hands" post-Molyneux
    82. Clone Wars Adventures passes 10 million users
    83. Mass Effect 3 goodies up for grabs in fan competitions
    84. Unreal 4 makes Samaritan look like "a piece of crap"
    85. Wasteland 2 Kickstarter to launch this week
    1. Mojang barred from future Scrolls titles by Zenimax agreement
    2. Rumour - Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC inbound
    3. Armored Core V goes gold, gets US pre-order bonuses
    4. Guild Wars 2 video shows battle gameplay
    5. TellTale's Walking Dead coming soon, Fables due in third quarter
    6. Bleszinski: Gears of War "always meant to be" more thoughtful
    7. GAME will carry Twisted Metal this week
    8. New Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer released
    9. Confirmed: Xbox Live Gamerscore cap to be raised to 400 from April onwards
    10. Risen 2: Dark Waters release gets delayed by a month
    11. New Spec Ops: The Line gameplay trailer released
    12. BF3: Back to Karkand to be patched on PS3 tomorrow
    13. "Chalk" promo video for Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint shows how it was made
    14. Yakuza: Dead Souls gets launch trailer
    15. Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 1 gets video, more
    16. GDC 2012 attendance hits 22,500, Moscone confirmed for 2013
    17. Dishonored footage gets first public outing alongside new screens
    18. PSA: Soul Calibur Impact this weekend
    19. GAME: Potential buyer may wait until administration before making offer, says analyst
    20. Big Robot unveils Sir, You Are Being Hunted
    21. Sony holding PSP sale on EU PS Store
    22. Mass Effect 3 proves brutish boss fights are expendable
    23. Crytek to announce "absolutely fantastic" new project in April
    24. GAME, GameStation sites go down for maintenance, come back
    25. Pachter: Wii U won't be "as popular as probably Nintendo thinks"
    26. Platform exclusives: "Nothing is bigger than Halo," says MS
    27. Move support included with BioShock Infinite PS3 day one, confirms Levine
    28. UK charts: Mass Effect 3 goes top
    29. GAME stock drops to 0.5p
    30. Mass Effect Anime gets first tease at SXSW
    31. Report: XBLA achievements limit set to increase to 400
    32. GAME close to collapse, EA boss "confident" of market
    33. Cut above: Witcher 2 teaches PC-to-console master class
    34. Firaxis: properties like XCOM: Enemy Unknown "still have power"
    35. Some Tier 1 missions too personal for Medal of Honor: Warfighter
    36. Super Mario 3D Land dev cites hardware changes for franchise "freshness"
    37. Dragon's Dogma trailer explains Pawn progression
    38. Mad Dog McCree coming to 3DS
    39. Full Contact Bingo turns up in EA trademark
    40. Ninja Gaiden 3 video shows ten minutes of London action
    41. CryEngine 3 GDC 2012 demo shows off next-gen graphics
    1. Monster Hunter 3G spotted in Spanish retailers
    2. Quick Shots - Pac-Man, Sony mascots coming to Touch My Katamari
    3. Texan developer behind MGS HD Collection Vita
    4. Journey launch trailer welcomes this week's release
    5. John Romero has plans for a shooter
    6. Mass Effect 3 From Ashes DLC not shipped on disc
    7. Rumour - Bathurst to be featured in Gran Turismo
    8. The Boondock Saints Video game announced at SXSW
    9. Here comes the new boss: fears for Halo's future
    1. Lollipop Chainsaw Japanese edition outfits to be made available worldwide
    2. Gamers start campaign asking BioWare to change Mass Effect 3 ending
    3. Quick Shots: New MechWarrior Online screens
    4. A Game of Thrones MMO makes its GDC debut
    5. Nintendo files trademark for Pokemon Adventure Camp
    6. Rumor - UMvC3 expansion releasing in July
    7. Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet's MMO Manifesto put to video
    8. Quick Quotes: Baer invented Pong "as a family game"
    9. Reminder - Double Fine's fundraising adventure ends on Tuesday
    10. Mojang and Bethesda reach an agreement over use of Scrolls
    11. Sorcery: Sony's "mandate" was "to make an iconic game" for Move, says The Workshop
    12. Sony releases GDC tech demo for PixelJunk 4am
    13. Issue 22 released for City of Heroes
    14. Jihl Nabaat DLC dated for FFXIII-2, Lightning’s Story coming mid-May
    15. Trine 2 DLC slated for summer, new IP in the works at Frozenbyte
    16. Rumor - EB Games taking pre-orders for Donkey Kong 3D
    17. Rovio: It's up to Sony whether Angry Birds will eventually release on Vita
    18. More US pre-order incentives announced for Prototype 2
    19. It's Namco's call whether Dark Souls is released on PC, says From Software
    20. PvP Arena system in Diablo III to be added post launch
    1. Raynal would "love an HD remake" of Alone in the Dark
    2. Quick Quotes: Notch and Bieber are similar due to explosive success stories
    3. Blades of Time now available for 360, PS3
    4. The War Begins in latest Mass Effect 3 trailer
    5. Dungeon Defenders Mac and Eternia Shards expansion land March 15
    6. First screenshots and teaser for Toki Tori 2 arrive
    7. Unit 13 Training Videos: Part 3 – Sharing and Competing
    8. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations video features Itachi Uchiha
    9. Driver: San Francisco now available digitally for Mac
    10. DICE would like to see more "memory and processing power" in next-gen consoles
    11. NPD - Software top 25 had at least eight 3DS titles
    12. EA "not at all weakened" by executive departures, says Riccitiello
    13. The Walking Dead Social Game releasing in April
    14. Sakai: Phantasy Star Online 2 only 10% complete
    15. IGN Sweden launched
    16. NPD - Asura's Wrath moved 36,000 copies, Syndicate 34,000 copies in February
    17. Vehicles in Ridge Racer Unbounded crash and burn in new environments trailer
    18. Extended trailer released for Kid Icarus: Uprising
    19. Developer blog for DUST 514 introduces you to more vehicles
    20. NPD - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sold 300,000 units in US
    21. Supergiant Games: DLC and in-game transactions make games less "atmospheric"
    22. Report: GAME staff told to prepare for administration
    23. Namco developing new Super Robot Wars game for Vita
    24. Wasteland 2 to be DRM-free, Kickstarter rewards being ironed out
    25. Gothic 3: Enhanced Gold Edition 2 and Gothic Complete Collection releasing in April
    26. BioWare “incredibly proud” as ME3 ships 3.5 million WW
    27. Judge dismisses one fraud claim against Activision by ex-Infinity Ward bosses
    28. "We have no plans to stop weekly Rock Band releases any time soon," says Harmonix
    29. Resident Evil zombies set to take over Bristol, Manchester, London
    30. Riot to retire League of Legends classic skins
    31. Bellator: MMA Onslaught announced for XBLA, PSN
    32. Nintendo weekly downloads: Punch-Out!!, King of Fighters '97, Zuma's Revenge
    33. CCP to "open up" beta testing for Dust 514 in April
    34. MGS HD Collection Vita gets first shots, cloud saves
    35. Dear Esther: "Over-stimuation kills atmosphere," says Pinchbeck
    36. Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, MGS Peace Walker gets added to UMD Passport in Japan
    37. Mass Effect 3 sells nearly 900k in first 24 hours
    38. Molyneux "bored to death with f**king controllers"
    39. Legacy Interactive to publish Alan Wake PC in US
    40. Persona 4: The Golden video shows off new footage, goes behind the scenes at Team Persona
    41. Hitman Absolution crowd tech demo shown at GDC
    42. Tribes: Ascend to release on April 12, new movie hits
    43. Friends forever: Mass Effect 3 and the save game legacy
    44. Keiji Inafune confirms work on Vita project
    45. MGS HD Collection gets European summer release, first footage
    46. Phantasy Star Online 2 announced for PlayStation Vita, out 2013
    47. Salem dev diary goes into detail about crime and punishment
    48. UK retailer release list mentions "Battlefield Evolved" and Dark Knight Rises, GTA V for autumn
    49. GAME firesale extends to consoles, get ACR PS3 for ?100
    50. Spicy Horse's Jack and the Beanstalk title called Crazy Fairies
    51. Rumour: Next Xbox won’t include disc drive, out 2013
    52. ME3 collector's edition selling out in most UK retailers
    53. Not that weird: Asura's Wrath is the best kind of stupid fun
    54. ME3 comes out: FemShep aims to Take Back Earth
    55. Quick quotes: Indie devs should start with PC, says Bleszinski
    56. Capcom announces Onimusha return with social game Soul
    57. Microsoft "actively engaged" with OnLive over possible Windows licensing violation
    58. Avalanche to announce new game at E3, isn't Just Cause 3 or Renegade Ops 2
    59. Quantic Dream "open" to becoming first-party Sony studio
    60. Original Fallout coded in just over two weeks
    61. Sony: US Vita launch met with "overwhelming enthusiasm"
    62. Tony Hawk: Peripheral glut was "kind of the end" of Pro Skater
    63. Sucker Punch: Action adventure not the best genre for UGC
    64. Marvel vs Capcom Vita DLC share bug to be fixed
    65. Konami signs secret project to Zynga's new games portal
    66. Assassin's Creed lead calls AAA push "cancerous growth"
    67. Ubisoft Toronto to announce new project soon
    68. Street Fighter x Tekken sound issues due to new netcode
    69. From Software confirms Dark Souls series to continue
    70. Ubisoft - Rainbow Six: Patriots hasn't been derailed
    71. Warner Bros. banked on Vita's screen to get Mortal Kombat to Oz
    72. NPD February: Sales down 20%, hardware recovering
    1. Borderlands 2 aims for "as few cutscenes as is humanly possible"
    2. Star Wars: The Old Republic development team reached 570 members
    3. BioShock: Infinite's story affected by player choices
    4. Volition inspired by Saints Row: The Third's dildo bat
    5. CD Projekt RED will "never use any DRM anymore"
    6. 3DS graphical advances made Resident Evil: Revelations possible
    7. Quick Shots: Angry Birds get launched into Space
    8. Levels from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and 4 may be DLC for HD remake
    9. BlazBlue beats out UMvC3 as best reviewed Vita fighter
    10. SWTOR's 1.7 million paid subscribers may hit 2 million soon
    11. Valve has no plans for a game console any time soon
    12. Wada teases Deadly Premonition sequel, enhanced version
    13. High-profile game designers discuss the game which inspired them the most
    14. Ninja Theory reiterates that Capcom didn't want the same old with DMC
    15. Pawns in Dragon's Dogma learn as you play
    16. Epic: PC-like performance settings on mobile would be "give power to the user"
    17. Explore the world of FireFall in latest developer video
    18. New jetbike, tank, and 32-player map added to Starhawk beta
    19. Witcher 2 Dark Edition sold out in UK, install the game on 360 hard drive
    20. No beta for Halo 4, says 343 Industries
    21. Sony "removed" PSN barriers for Dust 514
    22. Rumor - Uncharted: Golden Abyss may be getting collectible card game DLC
    23. Teaser video released for Omerta - City of Gangsters
    24. CD Projekt: Releasing free DLC for The Witcher on 360 may be a bit "tricky"
    25. Levine would rather show BioShock on Vita than talk about it
    26. Lord of the Rings and DDO demos coming to Gaikai
    27. Quick Quotes: Some are using piracy as an excuse to "ruin the internet", says Notch
    28. Rayman 3 HD trailer is swarming with enemies
    29. Assassin's Creed Recollection now available iPhone
    30. Sony boss on Move: “We could have done a better job”
    31. David Cage waxes rhapsodic on the creation of KARA
    32. Paradox - Large batch of screenshots and video from GDC 2012
    33. I, Robot: David Cage on Kara, why PS3's not done yet
    34. Changes made to Civilization V with Gods and Kings expansion were community-driven
    35. Angry Birds Space: 60 levels, 6 new characters, zero-gravity setting, retail release
    36. UC3: Shade Survival mode coming next week
    37. Persona 4: The Golden gets first proper trailer
    38. First gameplay trailer released for War of the Roses
    39. Pre-order bonuses shown off in Yakuza: Dead Souls video
    40. Star Trek Online's lead ship designer exits Cryptic for Bungie
    41. Closed beta sign-ups begin for Warface
    42. FFXIII-2 Lightning story DLC out mid-May
    43. The Lion King is dead: Peter Molyneux and the paper napkin incident
    44. Mechwarrior Tactics to feature cinematic replays, social support
    45. Report: UK game sales down 29% for February
    46. Ngmoco's Ben Cousins predicts the death of consoles
    47. Radical aiming for 4 million sales with Prototype 2
    48. Sony's Music Unlimited now available for PS Vita
    49. BioShock Infinite video shows Motorized Patriot gameplay
    50. Thatgamecompany: Journey destination originally a cliff with "a crack"
    51. Defenders of Ardania heading to XBLA, PC next week
    52. Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed III "a great time" for newcomers to join the series
    53. Minecraft hits 5.2 million sales, still a secret yet to find, says Notch
    54. Asda to hold Mass Effect 3 midnight launches
    55. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier gets second 'Believe in Ghosts' video
    56. Digital Foundry: Mass Effect 3 framerate better on 360 than PS3
    57. "We are in a post-PC world," says ex-Microsoft exec
    58. Epic hopeful of Unreal 4 public showing later this year
    59. "Do your research" before going down Kickstarter route, says Awkward Hug co-founder
    60. Report: GameStop looking at buying Spanish, Portugese GAME stores
    61. EA working to resolve BF3 PS3 multiplayer issues in Australia
    62. Guerrilla to continue supporting Killzone on PS3
    63. FFXIII-2: Jill DLC gets screened
    64. BioShock Infinite's Motorized Patriot shown off for first time
    65. McNaily winner Fez gets new trailer
    66. Yakuza: Black Panther 2 demo out now in Japan
    67. 10 million PlayStation Move units shipped worldwide
    68. Game Developers Choice Awards: Portal nabs three awards, Skyrim takes GotY
    69. IGF 2012 Awards: Fez takes top gong, Dear Esther wins visual nod
    70. Inafune: Japanese industry like "a frog in a well", "close-minded"
    71. Report - Couples benefit from shared MMORPG play
    72. Battlefield 3 custom servers coming to consoles
    73. Epic's Unreal highlights reel shows off advanced DX11 capacity
    74. Dust 514 may come to PC after all
    75. Ubisoft confirms Rainbow Six: Patriots core development team shuffle
    76. SimCity to have cloud saves, possible cross-platform
    1. Epic wants Unreal Samaritan demo running in Flash
    2. SCEA boss calls Pub Fund the "only" major console self-publishing option
    3. Just Dance Propel outed by domain registration
    4. Report - Intense gaming linked to improved mental performance
    5. Quantic Dream shows incredible tech demo Kara
    6. Eets: Munchies announced at GDC 2012
    7. Madden 13: It's time once again to vote for the Madden cover
    8. Gameplay director "truly sorry" for Deus Ex: Human Revolution's bosses
    9. Armored Core V video shows customization options, big bosses
    10. Schafer: Double Fine Adventure "not a museum piece"
    11. SOE has a five-year plan in place for PlanetSide 2
    12. Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil Within short out now
    13. The Banner Saga is "DOTA for the turn-based crowd"
    14. Lovely GDC trailer released for Papo & Yo
    15. PC gaming US market hits $18.6 billion, up 15% year-on-year
    16. Darksiders II packshot to be voted on by community
    17. Tiers of war: Medal of Honor: Warfighter's GDC debut
    18. Epic releases trailer for Infinity Blade: Dungeons
    19. PSN has 90 million registered accounts across all regions
    20. New iPad: A5X processor, out March 16, Infinity Blade: Dungeons announced
    21. Gabe Newell joins Forbes' billionaires list
    22. Sorcery to release this May for PlayStation Move
    23. Ubisoft announces The Engine Room, gives insight into games development
    24. Mass Effect 3 players in uproar over in-game photo used for female character
    25. Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition video goes behind-the-scenes of the new CGI intro
    26. Riggle returns in the latest Call of Duty Elite video for Black Box
    27. SWTOR forum updated with Guild Summit thread, discusses revelations at event
    28. Devil May Cry HD website updated with new shots, another "memories" video
    29. Unit 13 Training Videos: Part 2 – Game Types
    30. Tokyo Jungle Screenshots screenshots show domestic livestock, pets and cheetahs
    31. XBLIG Companion app released for Windows Phone
    32. Omerta – City of Gangsters to release in Q4
    33. Max Payne 3 to be Rockstar's "biggest and boldest marketing effort thus far"
    34. Japanese charts - One Piece and London 2012 top software, 3DS unstoppable
    35. Epic and NCsoft sign largest Unreal Engine 3 licensing deal in Asia to date
    36. Apple TV out of stock as iPad 3 rumors reach zenith
    37. Analyst predicts Funcom stock will triple leading up to The Secret World's release
    38. Rayman Origins "best rated Vita game on Metacritic" during launch week
    39. Now with more chromosomes: Capcom-Namco-Sega teaser site updated
    40. Angry Birds tops all-time download lists on the App Store
    41. I Am Alive is alive on XBLMP
    42. Mass Effect iOS spin-off Infiltrator launches, gets ?35 DLC
    43. EU PS Store and Plus update, March 7 - Journey, Trine 2, Sly Cooper
    44. Silent Hill HD Collection releasing March 29
    45. EA announces three new Battlefield 3 expansions
    46. Peter Molyneux leaves Lionhead Studios, Microsoft
    47. Tribes Ascend update includes new map, introduces badges
    48. Fez creator defends Japanese games comment
    49. PS Suite SDK to go into open beta next month, full release later this year
    50. Quantic Dream to unveil GDC tech demo tonight – details
    51. Social Yakuza card game hits iOs and Android this month in Japan
    52. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD gets first proper video sighting
    53. Paradox CEO: GAME troubles are "karma" for "bullying people around"
    54. Planetside 2 gameplay gets first look four-parter from GDC
    55. Team Ninja boss hints at more Virtua Fighter appearances for Dead or Alive 5
    56. CD Projekt: Gamers shouldn't pay for "small" DLC packs
    57. FFXIII-2: Lightning story DLC arriving in May
    58. US PS Store Update, March 6 - Journey for PS Plus subs, GCA winner discounts, more
    59. Quick Shots - Mass Effect 3 launch screens tantalise those still waiting
    60. SimCity announced at EA Gamechangers event
    61. Datura formally announced as experimental adventure
    62. Harvest Moon creator's first indie game is for a portable system
    63. Mercenary Ops is the first game from Epic Games China
    64. Quick Shots - Planetside 2 screens and art are proper sci-fi
    65. XCOM: Enemy Unknown has the "DNA" of the original games
    66. Bastion's upgrade system was once a gardening mini-game
    67. SFxT Xbox 360 won't support local co-op for online play
    1. Stacking now available on PC
    2. A Game of Dwarves to be equal parts 'creation, challenge, management'
    3. Ridge Racer soundtrack features Skrillrex, Crystal Method, more
    4. Metacritic cracking down on alleged Mass Effect 3 trolls
    5. New Fez trailer shows off quasi-3D level designs
    6. now in open beta
    7. World of Warcraft retirees tempted with level 80 character, Cataclysm upgrade
    8. thatgamecompany: No DLC or sequel for Journey
    9. Quick Shots - Lollipop Chainsaw screens from GDC 2012
    10. I Am Alive companion app out now, free
    11. Unit 13 launch trailer shows core shooting in your palms
    12. Google Play to replace entertainment categories of Android Market
    13. "No current plans" for more Sega-published Marvel games
    14. Microsoft files "online computer game" trademark for "Adera"
    15. Spector to announce "epic project" on March 27
    16. Temple Run Android due at the end of March
    17. Square licenses Umbra 3.1 middleware
    18. Rumour - Zynga CEO answers letters from top spenders
    19. Jetpack Joyride update 1.3 adds gadgets
    20. Dead or Alive 5 to launch worldwide in September
    21. Bioware posts temporary work around for importing faces into Mass Effect 3
    22. Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy 1.2 update due in April
    23. Ninja Gaiden 3 online pass for multiplayer confirmed
    24. LulzSec's "Sabu" working with FBI since last summer, has led to arrests
    25. VEVO music video app now available on XBL
    26. Second Episode of Playing Dead released for The Walking Dead
    27. 2012 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards winners announced
    28. From Dust releasing through Google Chrome next month
    29. Reckoning provides gamers with a "taste of what's in store" for the MMO
    30. XCOM: Enemy Unknown video shows first in-game footage, developer interview
    31. Medal of Honor Warfighter teaser video released
    32. I Am Alive review scores rather satisfactory, rounded-up
    33. XBLA may disband or change depending upon our digital future, says marketing manager
    34. Autodesk, Havok sign licence agreement with Nintendo for Wii U game developent
    35. Player decisions affect the world, and the disposition of your horse in Fable: The Journey
    36. Resident Evil 6 contains "seamless” conversation system, according to Dengeki PlayStation
    37. Cross-play multiplayer cancelled for Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    38. Quick quotes: Kinect support for Child of Eden came from Ubisoft CEO
    39. UK PC Download chart, January 2012 - SWTOR tops, From Dust second
    40. Registrations now open for Microsoft's annual indie game development contest Dream, Build, Play
    41. TERA's level cap increased to 60, dungeons being re-worked
    42. Three new characters now available for Skylanders Spyro's Adventure
    43. XBLAs' Skulls of the Shogun delayed due to issues with "AI and bugs"
    44. Report: Nearly half of UK Vita launch sales tied to GAME
    45. Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition is beautiful and deadly in latest Xbox 360 video
    46. Upcoming Nintendo eShop content includes Ketzal’s Corridors, and SEGA Game Gear titles
    47. Coming soon to XBLM: I Am Alive, Mass Effect 3 From Ashes, Forza 4 Pirelli Car Pack
    48. Hitman Absolution box-art comes out from hiding
    49. The Sims 3 Showtime goes behind-the scenes with Katy Perry
    50. 3DS moves 4.5M lifetime, generates $1.2 billion in hardware and software sales
    51. Levine: BioShock Infinite's leads will "change each other in very profound ways"
    52. Octodad: Dadliest Catch undulating on PC, Mac, Linux in 2013
    53. Assassin's Creed III to feature four-player co-op
    54. Dear Esther developer to speak at next GameCity Nights
    55. Initial Journey settings included forests, cities, mountain trails
    56. Angry Birds Seasons gets Blossom update
    57. PSP gets new sky blue colour in Japan
    58. Tecmo Koei appoints North Star producer as software head
    59. Crytek's first mobile project debuted as Fibble Flick ‘n’ Roll
    60. Plastic Move project Datura debuting at GDC
    61. Diabolical Pitch coming to XBLA on April 4
    62. First Mass Effect 3 reviews all praise for trilogy's end
    63. ME2 endgame cloud saves not compatible with Mass Effect 3
    64. Level 5 granted ESA membership
    65. Desktop Dungeons beta going free for GDC week
    66. Cave launching Dodonpachi Maximum on WP7 on March 7
    67. Ridge Racer Unbounded delayed in US
    68. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP hits 350,000 sales
    69. Shaun the Sheep coming to SpotPass this week
    70. Dragon's Dogma takes on a drake in new trailer, screens
    71. THQ sued for $10.6 million over shelved Adidas game
    72. Assassin's Creed III forest setting "really fresh"
    73. Rumour - 2K Czech on GTA 5, Mafia 3
    74. Far Cry 3 multiplayer developed by Ubisoft Massive
    75. Lollipop Chainsaw release date set for June
    76. Capcom predicts 50% of revenue from digital sales in five years
    77. Minecraft 1.2 update out now, adds jungle biome
    78. Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy 1.2 update due in April
    79. Jaffe: Gamers "should feel that they're getting great value"
    80. MLB 12 The Show PS3, Vita bundle offers $20 discount
    81. Street Fighter x Tekken DLC is on all discs, Capcom confirms
    1. EA: Consumers are "first priority" though GAME issues "unfortunate"
    2. Mass Effect 3 launch details - guest appearances, AR game
    3. Fruit Ninja Kinect hits 1 million downloads
    4. Army Corps of Hell gets free DLC pack
    5. Motorstorm RC free to US Vita owners
    6. Inversion release date set for June, mobile version announced
    7. EA Gothenburg studio to focus on Frostbite development
    8. Paradox Interactive debuts three new games at GDC
    9. Activision headhunts Microsoft's CFO
    10. Dungeon Defenders publisher scores Unreal Engine site license
    11. Street Fighter x Tekken, Asura's Wrath not stocked at GAME this week
    12. EA temporarily pulls The Simpsons: Tapped out from App Store
    13. Assassin's Creed III coming to Wii U - debut trailer inside
    14. IO to demo Hitman crowd tech at GDC
    15. Virtua Fighter's Akira to be playable Dead or Alive 5 character
    16. Darksiders II pre-orders to receive free limited edition upgrade
    17. 360 exclusive online mode revealed for Resident Evil: Raccoon City
    18. Steel Batallion: Heavy Armor release date announced
    19. MS shakes up 'Frisco with Halo 4, more - all the deeds
    20. New Deadlight shots go all out gritty
    21. Bloodforge comes out of hiding with new shots, video
    22. Final Gears 3 map pack gets ultra video blowout
    23. Kinect Star Wars media features droid dancing, lightsaber action
    24. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive out this summer - new screens
    25. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD screens bring nostalgic love
    26. Quantum Conundrum screens feature lack of conundrums
    27. Minecraft XBLA gets new shots from Xbox Showcase
    28. Fable: The Journey emerges underground from Xbox Showcase
    29. Forza Horizon coming this year, Porsche returns to F4
    30. Fable Heroes is rumour no more - first screens, video
    31. New Darksiders II shots do the business following Xbox Showcase showing
    32. Halo 4: Multiplayer and Chief vision shown in CA
    33. Halo 4 Vidoc goes Chief, multiplayer heavy
    34. Dead or Alive 5 footage shows off Ayane, Hitomi
    35. All Zombies Must Die gets Steam release date
    36. Kinect Sports Season 2 gets new challenge pack DLC
    37. Carmageddon reboot gets first shots
    38. Daily Express: "Real risk" GAME directors may "pull the plug"
    39. UK charts: SSX is king of the mountain
    40. Notch to receive BAFTA Special Award
    41. Street Fighter x Tekken reviews go live - latest scores
    42. First Halo 4 in-game shots get out before embargo
    43. Second Theatrhythm FF DLC pack includes Type-0 music
    44. Reminder: ACIII blowout happening at 5pm GMT
    45. Party Warmers: Third-parties welcome Vita with smiles
    46. Valve patent shows Steam Box-like control pad
    47. GDC gets shunted to end of March for 2013
    48. Blizzard's StarCraft Master custom game due very soon
    49. Crimson Dragon gameplay shown in off-screen footage
    50. Street Fighter x Tekken Sony content found on Xbox 360 disc
    51. Fable Heroes turns up on Xbox Live Marketplace
    52. Ghost Recon: Future Soldiers devs "felt like fools" taking to military consultants
    53. Schafer: Triple-A games are "a pain in the ass", but fun
    54. Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition to include explanatory content
    55. GamesIndustry.Biz relaunches as GamesIndustry International
    56. Dust 514 will be free to play, coming to Vita
    1. Street Fighter x Tekken opening movie is all action
    2. Persona 4 Arena due in August
    3. Amazon Italy lists Diablo III for April 17 release
    4. Hawken gameplay trailer takes on a dropship
    5. App Store passes 25 billion downloads
    6. Quick Shots - Kingdom Hearts 3DS Grid world to feature new boss
    7. Mass Effect 3 Invasion trailer suspiciously unofficial
    8. Rumour - Steam Box prototype outed by Valve staffer
    9. Rumour - Darkstalkers IV development underway
    10. PlayStation Network down for extended maintenance
    1. Rumor: Joe Flanigan "signed on to do" Army of Four
    2. Rumor - Pre-visualization trailer puts SimCity 5 down for 2013 release
    3. BioWare co-created Mass Effect 3 with the fans, says Hudson
    4. City of Heroes Issue 23 in final stages of pre-production
    5. Activision equates Call of Duty with "a year-round activity" instead of an annual release
    6. MLB 12 The Show video shows off PS Move controls
    7. Mass Effect Infiltrator stars Randall Ezno, a covert Cerberus agent
    8. Warrior and Sorcerer highlighted in latest Dragon's Dogma developer blog
    9. SBK Generations announced by Black Bean
    10. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy screenshots are rather lovely
    11. Ridge Racer for Vita releases March 13 with Free DLC
    12. Nintendo prevails over "patent trolls" in latest court case
    13. Legend of Grimrock to release on PC in April
    14. Rumor - Forza Horizon in development at PlayGround Games, video shown
    15. Rumor - Fable: Heroes announced for XBLA at MS Spring Showcase
    16. Levine: Much of BioShock Infinite has been kept secret from the public, development team
    17. Top Cow hopes 2K want to produce more Darkness games
    18. Mega Man and Pac-Man releasing for SFxT March 13
    19. Rumor - Shaky cam footage claims to be God of War IV tease
    20. Vita's Facebook app is fixed, now ready for download
    21. Microsoft promises 2012 will be the biggest year yet for Xbox 360
    22. Minecraft: Pocket Edition has sold 1 million units
    23. Game of Thrones RPG video sheds light on Castlewood township
    24. Gearbox updates Borderlands 2 FAQ, concept art released
    25. SWTOR could potentially attain over 1 million paid subscribers
    26. Rumor - Valve readying set-top system called "Steam Box"
    27. Double Fine Happy Action Theater: Kinect-ing At Last
    1. Jesper Kyd composing original score for Darksiders II
    2. Check out the first video for Jet Set Radio HD
    3. THQ files games trademark for "Evolve"
    4. PixelJunk 4am to release on PSN in the spring
    5. MechWarrior Tactics screens show hex and Mechs
    6. Official PlayStation App updated to version 1.3
    7. Shen and the triads come face to face in this Sleeping Dogs story trailer
    8. GameStop CEO: "Platform owners could have cut us off a long time ago"
    9. Rebellion: NeverDead development was"challenging" due to differing ideas
    10. Mass Effect 3 launch video lands ahead of release
    11. Vita-exclusive characters for SFxT will eventually hit consoles
    12. Journey hitting PS Plus next week, new developer video
    13. Assassin's Creed III - first shots, art, and details leak
    14. Crytek to demonstrate “next-generation DX11 graphics and tools upgrades” for CryEngine 3 at GDC
    15. Ridge Racer Unbounded screens show really fast cars
    16. Total War Battles series announced for mobile
    17. Zynga stock jumps after gaming portal announcement, analysts unclear on the implications
    18. Jagex freezes development of its sci-fi MMO Stellar Dawn
    19. A Game of Thrones recreated by fans in Minecraft
    20. Prototype 2's Heller doesn't like helicopters or tanks very much
    21. Everclear, Good Charlotte, and Mastodon tracks hitting Rock Band 3 next week
    22. Tweaks in Mass Effect 3 Reputation System and moral components outlined by BioWare
    23. Beta screens released for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
    24. Gameplay features and screens drop for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
    25. Capcom motivated to "make another 3DS RE title" following Revelations reaction
    26. Awesomenauts video shows split screen mode
    27. SSX's nostalgia effect: looking back down the slopes
    28. Battle for Earth launches March 13 for DCUO
    29. Kojima Productions asks: Is it Real, or is it the Fox Engine?
    30. NCsoft leads GamesAid sponsorship for Brighton Marathon
    31. Notch hands out $3 million to his team at Mojang
    32. Naughty Dog summarizes The Last of Us demo, new screens
    33. Guilty verdict delivered in PSP mugging case
    34. The Swapping gets Indie Fund backing
    35. Double Fine Kickstarter bloopers video shows Tim Schafer as the greatest actor ever
    36. Rovio aiming to "create a long-lasting, global brand" with Angry Birds
    37. Analyst: GAME could lose ?2 million over ME3 siutation
    38. Thatgamecompany to front Experimental Gameplay Sessions at GDC
    39. GAME announces Gaikai streaming deal
    40. Cory Barlog heads to Crystal Dynamics
    41. Forza 4 Pirelli car pack goes variety heavy
    42. Prince of Persia creator publishes 30 year old fanmail from John Romero
    43. Vita Facebook app returns to Playstation Store
    44. Amazon France lists Ratchet & Clank HD Collection
    45. Vessel launches, prepares to transform life as we know it
    46. id responds to Doom 4 drama
    47. PAYDAY: The Heist free-to-play this weekend only
    48. Rayman 3 HD gets powered-up in new trailer
    49. Sly Cooper sneaks onto PS3 this fall with Thieves of Time
    50. Economic adjustments poised for The Old Republic
    51. Final Fantasy XIV welcomes applications for world transfer
    52. Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin sold more on debut than any in the series
    53. Battlefield 3: Aftershock will not return to iOS
    54. Lord of the Rings Online heads down the Great River
    1. Ninja Gaiden 3 screens show blood, fighting, swords, the usual
    2. Meloetta revealed as newest Pokemon for Black and White 2
    3. Advance ticket sales for gamescom 2012 will start soon
    4. The Secret World previews are in and the MMO sounds like a fun ride
    5. SWTOR's lead PvP designer answers community questions from fan site
    6. Nintendo downloads, March 1 - Crush3D demo, Metroid
    7. Insomniac: Starting a new IP "at the very beginning can be gut-wrenching"
    8. Imageepoch to hold a second web conference next week
    9. Carnival of the Ascended anniversary events begin in RIFT
    10. Pawn System in Dragon's Dogma inspired by Itsuno's time spent on BBS boards
    11. Activision Blizzard boosts profits for Vivendi
    12. Atlus assumes control of Shin Megami Tensei MMO in North America
    13. Paradox announces the Mount & Blade Collection
    14. Max Payne 3 previews start hitting the net
    15. This video takes you behind-the-scenes of the Hitman: Absolution London event
    16. TERA video introduces you to the Elin race
    17. Zynga now a third-party publisher, opening new web portal
    18. The Cave is not Double Fine's Kickstarter project
    19. XBLM lists April 18 release date for Trials Evolution
    20. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Inside Recon video details technology
    21. New screens, art, and details appear for Devil May Cry
    22. Ubisoft to formally announce AC3 details on Monday
    23. EVE Online to release in Japan March 28
    24. Sony poised to make a new announcement at GDC
    25. Trine 2 to release on PSN next week
    26. Hybrid beta testing to start "shortly after GDC" on XBLA
    27. Final beta phase for A Valley Without Wind begins
    28. Over 100,000 sign up for World of Warplanes alpha testing
    29. iPad 3 rumors point to 16GB & 32GB models and an 8GB iPad 2
    30. Rumor - Black Ops 2 to release in November
    31. Hacker claims to have used a bot to scam Taco Bell out of a Vita
    32. New developer videolog released for Heroes & Generals
    33. Final Fantasy XIV patch 1.21 delayed to March 9
    34. Minecraft Version 1.2 is live
    35. Next DLC for Saints Row: The Third is called Trouble With Clones
    36. Prince of Persia Classic HD now available for iOS
    37. Journey reviews go live, signal must buy - all the scores
    38. Forward thinking: Sony's risk with unique ideas pays off
    39. Todd Howard: Mods "make your game better", more companies should allow them
    40. Watch someone stream Persona 4 Ultimate right now
    41. The Simpsons: Tapped Out now available for iOS, new screens
    42. BioShock Infinite gets confirmed October release
    43. Report: GAME-suppliers meeting a "success
    44. Frogster co-founder heads to Eutechnyx
    45. Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC sees stuttering problems
    46. Dragon's Dogma demo confirmed for west, gets detailed
    47. “As an industry, we will pull through,” says GAME CEO
    48. Ex-Lionhead devs set up Another Place Productions
    49. Sony to announce new Vita titles next Friday
    50. Xbox Live cloud saves back online following issues
    51. Team Meat looking at “Sony platforms” for Binding of Issac
    52. GameStop US to open 3,000+ stores for Mass Effect 3 midnight launches
    53. Nintendo announces Cobalt Blue 3DS for Japan
    54. PlayStation Network maintenance to be rescheduled
    55. First Madden NFL 13 cover candidates announced
    56. PALGN vets launch Rocket Chainsaw
    57. 8-Bit Funding returns under Indie Media management
    58. Picture shows additional character costumes from ME3 From Ashes DLC
    59. Assassin’s Creed III hints point to American Revolution
    60. Austin: SWTOR players wanted for paid content testing