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November 2010 Archive

    1. Riccitiello has faith in Harmonix and the music game genre
    2. Christopher Nolan's working with a team of collaborators on Inception-based game
    3. Lil' Ragnaros and Moonkin Hatchling pets now available for WoW
    4. Game Informer gained 800K subscribers in 2010, circulation hits over 4.3 million
    5. US PS Store update, Nov. 30 - No Heroes Allowed, LBP, Dezaemon Plus
    6. 1C director feels retailers only have themselves to blame over the rise of digital distribution
    7. SWTOR: "Nothing has changed" regarding the EA, BioWare, and Lucasarts partnership, says Muzyka
    8. "A lot of people who played WoW in the past" will be interested in its evolution and change, says Blizzard
    9. Game Dev Story 2 confirmed by Kairosoft
    10. Dr. Kawashima's Body and Brain Exercises for Kinect gets February release
    11. Report - New Super Mario Bros. Wii hits 4 million in Japan
    12. NiS America to publish Imageepoch RPGs in US
    13. BFBC2 VIP Map Pack 7 drops tomorrow - trailer
    14. Sony: Move ships 4.1 million units worldwide
    15. Stuart Black joins City Interactive
    16. Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets Augmented Edition
    17. Dead Rising 2: Case West gets first gameplay footage
    18. Killzone 3 Collector's Editions confirmed for Europe, detailed
    19. Cave Story hitting EU WiiWare on December 10
    20. Black Bean announces SBK 2011 for May 2011
    21. Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack available now on Live
    22. SWTOR beta invites are coming soon, sign up now
    23. DJ Hero 2 Mix List expands with Beastie Boys, Prodigy, Kravitz
    24. BFBC2 Vietnam PC confirmed for December 18, December 21 on consoles
    25. Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings shots are on fire
    26. Yun and Yang shots show up for SSFIV Arcade, possibly coming as DLC
    27. Battlefield 3 gets GDC talk, Gears 3, Final Fantasy also confirmed
    28. Rumour: 343 Industries working on Halo: Combat Evolved remake
    29. D2D holding 2K sale this week
    30. Next Tomb Raider included in new GamesMaster
    31. Ten characters still to be revealed for MvC3
    32. Persona 2 PSP gets Japanese March release
    33. Kevin Butler becomes boombassador in new PS ad
    34. Massive BFBC2 update for PC, 360 detailed
    35. Riccitiello: Buying Harmonix will be like catching "a falling knife"
    36. Angry Birds hits 7 million downloads on Android
    37. Dead Rising 2: Case West gets December release date
    38. Dead Nation launches today in US - trailer is a go go
    39. Bilson: THQ to announce core Kinect game "soon", two core Move titles too
    40. G4 becomes exclusive E3 broadcaster in multi-year deal
    41. Shift 2: Unleashed previews start popping up
    42. Rumor: Uncharted 3 to be set in the desert
    43. Infinity Blade to be unsheathed on December 9
    1. Kinect sells 2.5 million in 25 days
    2. Bleszinski teases VGA Gears gameplay showing
    3. Rumour - Microsoft in talks to bring online cable-like service to 360
    4. Final Steam 'Give and Get' lot features Mafia II, Metro 2033, DiRT 2 for $5
    5. Report - Ubisoft Reflections set to be reorganised, layoffs possible
    6. Mirror's Edge "fell short", says EA Games boss
    7. Kawashima confirms third Brain Training title
    8. Sonic 4 leadberboards wiped by Sega
    9. Bungie considered Halo: Reach space combat MP mode
    10. Sony patents trackpad device, is probably for PSP2
    11. Rumour: Yakuza creator's next game called Binary Domain, reveal in Famitsu this week
    12. UK charts: GT5 topples Black Ops
    13. GT5 will help sell more PS3s this Christmas despite delays, says SCE UK
    14. Patcher: MS and Sony desire belief in Kinect and Move shortages
    1. Downloadable spaces allow for more "experimental" but "risky" games, says Schafer
    2. Minecraft's Persson: "If you're actually open" regarding development and sales you appear "genuine"
    3. Steam sale has Burnout Paradise, DoW 2 Gold, Torchlight for cheap
    4. Dawn of War 2: Retribution gets the Eldar treatment
    5. Check out this Heroes of Abyssea trailer for Final Fantasy XI
    6. Omega Force releases new Samurai Warriors 3Z screenshots
    7. Listen to a sample of The Last Story's Music
    8. Carmack: Digital distribution is "the wave of the future for everything"
    9. Swords and Soldiers HD gets PC release on December 1
    10. Shogun 2: Total War now known as Total War: Shogun 2
    11. More holiday savings show up online for PC users
    12. Jade Raymond confirms Splinter Cell 6 in the works with video
    13. H.A.W.X. 2 trailers show stuff being blown up
    14. Crazy Taxi gameplay video has a crazy yellow car running around
    15. BioWare introduces us to Dragon Age II soldier Aveline Vallen
    16. Angry Birds Christmas will be free for owners of Halloween update
    17. Amazon lightning deals include New Vegas, RDR, Reach, GOW III for cheap
    18. Check out the first 20 minutes of Mafia II: Joe's Adventures
    19. "Too many games released today," says Dr. Ray
    20. Xbox Live one-day-only sale includes Splosion Man, Trials HD, first Halo
    21. Dead Space 2 video shows the "Evolution of Issac"
    22. Criterion to release NFS: Hot Pursuit car pack when trailer hits 1 million views
    23. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood sells 1 million in EU, series hits 20 million
    24. No playable vehicles in Arkham City, confirms Rocksteady
    25. Super-limited metal Crysis 2 painting - We have a winner!
    26. New BioWare teaser shows Clash cover
    27. Test Drive Unlimited 2 dated for February 11 in Europe
    28. Full CD Projekt press conference now online in full
    29. Two new DLC characters available for Castlevania XBLA
    30. 3D "a new creative medium," says Hocking
    31. Day 2 of Steam Thanksgiving sale brings awesome deals
    32. GT5 launches in Japan, pics shows lines
    33. Kinect sells 26k in first two days in Japan
    34. Bungie sets loose two new Reach DLC vids
    35. The Beatles: Rock Band discounted to ?4.99 at HMV
    36. Activision teases "Murder Your Maker" for VGAs
    1. New Spike teaser drops mega-hint: new Resident Evil incoming?
    2. Reeves: GTA III PS2 exclusivity deal was "remarkably cheap"
    3. Next Crytek game revealed in Korea: Warface
    4. Trials HD gets massive one-day price reduction
    5. Polyphony confirms GT5 online update for this weekend
    6. Conduit 2 intro video tells you why you're the chosen one
    7. Crytek: PC "easily a generation ahead" of PS3, 360
    8. Future to provide GamesMaster supplement in Daily Mirror
    9. Mikhailov: Move's Star Wars game will "be damn better than Kinect could ever do"
    10. Microsoft sees massive intake in developers, games for Windows Phone 7
    11. Xbox Live goes free this weekend
    12. Rumour: PS Phone to be announced on December 9
    13. WoW patched to v4.03 as Cataclysm prep
    14. Activision to announce winner of $500k indie contest "within a few weeks"
    15. Kung-Fu Live gets December 7 US release
    16. Michael Jackson: The Experience gets launch trailer
    17. Imageepoch begins life as a JRPG publisher
    18. Video - Kinect working with web browsers
    19. The Witcher 2 for consoles is still "doable", says CD Projekt
    20. Naija is last guest character announced for Super Meat Boy PC
    21. Schafer: Lack of "financial reward" keeps Double Fine games off PC
    22. 3rd Birthday team now focusing on FF Agito XIII, will look at ordinary and extraordinary
    23. Kazunori "doesn't know" if GT6 will hit PS3
    24. The Witcher 2 jail-break level demoed in video
    25. OnLive early adopters to get free micro-console
    26. Hickey - GTA V will "likely" hit T2's fiscal 2012
    27. Homefront single-play clips show POWs, grenades, shooting
    28. Report: Hirai in hot-seat for Sony Corp president role
    29. GT5 single-play scuppered by "extreme online traffic congestion"
    30. Disney Epic Mickey isn't called anything else, gets reviews
    1. Japanese hardware charts, Nov. 15-21: Xbox 360 sales triple thanks to Kinect launch
    2. Patch expected to hit next week for NFS:Hot Pursuit on PC
    3. World of Warcraft and expansions are on sale until November 30
    4. Krome updates MS Game Room with Atari 2600 titles
    5. Japanese software charts Nov. 15-21: Black Ops on PS3 leads the pack
    6. GameStop handing out Mark V Flaming Helmet with Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack pre-order
    7. Steam Thanksgiving Sale is on, Valve to hand out games to 30 users until Nov. 30
    8. Black Rock Shooter: The Game confirmed for PSP
    9. Phil Harrison believes it will be a "difficult challenge" for PS3 to match PS2's sales
    10. Yakuza 4 story trailer has a hostess with the mostess
    11. November Unreal Development Kit beta released this week, cool trailer released
    12. Double Fine's Stacking screenshots are awesome
    13. Dead Nation video is full of hectic, zombie-shooting action
    14. Animus Project Update 1.0 DLC for AC: Brotherhood hits December 14
    15. New DC Universe Online screens and trailer tours Gotham City
    16. December 11 declared Angry Birds Day, meet-ups happening
    17. Next week on Rock Band 3: Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Bad Company
    18. Mark Wahlberg confirms role in Uncharted film
    19. EVE Online Incursion video shows really pretty space battles
    20. 3D Bravia tellies will net you free PS3, GT5
    21. Sony announces Western Game Buyer Selection for PSN users in Japan
    22. Trapped Dead releasing in January with a demo hitting next month
    23. Euro PS Store update, Nov. 24 - Joe Danger, Mafia II, Lara Croft, Pigsy
    24. New Two Worlds II trailer shows a war being waged
    25. US PS Store update, Nov. 23 - Mafia II DLC, Joe Danger, Pigsy’s Perfect 10
    26. Crazy Taxi launch video is insane beyond all belief
    27. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn gets Psynergy video
    28. GT5 gets launch trailer
    29. Korean conflict won't have an impact on Homefront, says THQ
    30. LBP2 gets Controlinator trailer
    31. Kinect will support XNA "in the future", says Microsoft
    32. Halo: Reach vid details Noble Map Pack
    33. H.A.W.X. 2 gets Open Skies DLC on PC
    34. PlayStation 2 turns 10 in Europe
    35. Next PSP Firmware update to prepare for Qriocity
    36. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light gets PC online co-op patch
    37. Super Meat Boy PC gets RunMan, tons more DLC detailed
    38. Latest VGA trailer shows mountain, a helicopter
    39. Axl Rose suing Activision for $20 million for showing Slash
    40. GT5 reviews are go - it's an EG 9
    41. Report: Nintendo not exhibiting at CES, says CEA
    42. Mass Effect 2: 83% played as male Shepard
    43. Acti: "We will never, ever charge for CoD multiplayer"
    1. 5th Cell: Hybrid is a shooter like "no one's ever tried before"
    2. PSA: VUDU now available to PS3 users in the US
    3. Disney Interactive Studio head Graham Hopper exits the company
    4. PSA: Valkyria Chronicles II DLC is out now on US PS Store
    5. Angry Birds Christmas confirmed by Finnish TV station
    6. Multiplayer servers for Stargate Resistance shut down on January 15
    7. Fluidity hitting WiiWare on December 6
    8. TRON: Evolution gets multiplayer details, new screens show off some of the environment
    9. Joe Danger gets a sale and DLC
    10. First Back to the Future screenshots released
    11. Epic Mickey trailer is full of old, cool stuff
    12. DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue hitting PC next week and Mac in December
    13. Sucker Punch tells PTOM choice will come into play once more in InFamous 2
    14. Capcom: "Zero percent chance" of a MvC3 demo being released
    15. Stacking announced as new Double Fine Game
    16. Moto Racer and Chaser land on
    17. Lionhead says Fable III patch is "coming soon", lists a few fixes
    18. New EA "web show," PWNED, dampens Dead Space movie hopes
    19. Survey says new consumers would buy consoles if the prices were reduced
    20. Rock Band 3: Free Doors track available at participating retailers for Record Store Day
    21. Keita Takahashi calls Japanese games sector a "zombie" that focuses on sequels too much
    22. Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam gets dev diary
    23. Namco having a sale on iPhone, Android and PC titles
    24. Test Drive Unlimited 2 gets February 8 release in US, pre-order program detailed
    25. F1 2011 to see big changes, will appear on new handheld platforms, says Codies CEO
    26. Gran Turismo's a "sterile, almost car collecting type of product," says EA's Soderlund
    27. FirstPlay Episode 34 hands out mini Beam’em for free
    28. GT5 UK launch: GAME, GameStation to open 93 stores for midnight launches
    29. Flickr founder unveils Glitch, confirms for spring 2011
    30. Get double XP this weekend in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer
    31. D2D giving away every fifth game download until end of the year
    32. Get free DLC for DJ Hero 2 and Warriors of Rock through Coke
    33. Hardcore mode coming to Minecraft soon
    34. Pirates of the Burning Sea F2P switch delayed into next week
    35. Alan Wake now available from Games on Demand
    36. GT5 grants India its first ever midnight game launch
    37. Survey: Kids more interested in iDevices than consoles
    38. PSA: Fable III's Understone Quest Pack out now
    39. Final Fantasy XIV getting travel and questing update on November 24
    40. 50 3D-enabled titled being made for PS3, says SCEE 3D boss
    41. Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena releasing on PSN next week
    42. Civilization V releases for Mac today in US
    43. GT5: The world is still interested, says SCE UK boss
    44. Farmville dethroned as most-used app on Facebook
    45. Pincus: “I want 'Zynga' to become a verb"
    46. PopCap titles go half-price until end of the month
    47. 10 VGA premieres promised by Keighley
    48. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light gets PS3 online co-op patch
    49. Black Ops boosts Rolling Stones sales
    50. Operation Flashpoint: Red River - first gameplay trailer, new shots
    51. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad shown in wintery shots
    52. Super Meat Boy DLC out now
    53. GT5: Day one patch needed for online play
    54. Report: Elder Scrolls V is "direct sequel to Oblivion"
    55. Gunstar Heroes launches on iPhone - screens
    56. World of Goo 2 "a possibility," original coming to iPad
    57. Nintendo returns to CES after 16-year break
    58. iOS 4.2 adds Game Center to iPad
    59. Konami "ships" 1 million Castlevania units
    60. GT5 launch imminent: CE unboxed, yet more in-game footage
    61. Xbox 360 celebrates fifth birthday
    62. CD Projekt threatens fines for anyone who illegally downloads Witcher 2
    63. Microsoft: Halo movie still coming, "maybe we'll even fund it ourselves"
    1. SCEA holding winter sale on PSN - Joe Danger, Peace Walker, more
    2. Dance Central DLC includes Black Eyed Peas, more
    3. New orange, green DSi SKUs announced by Nintendo US, "no plans" yet for Nintendo UK
    4. Blizzard announces massive worldwide launch events for WoW: Cataclysm
    5. Bayonetta prototype is a bit different from the finished product
    6. EA: NBA Elite 11 cancelled because "it was just going to be a bad game"
    7. Microsoft bans swastika-using Live users, move is "not political correctness"
    8. Halo Wars player stats to be wiped due to Waypoint transition
    9. First NFS: Hot Pursuit DLC available now
    10. Sony Ericsson boss on PSPhone: "There's a lot of smoke, there must be a fire somewhere"
    11. Mindjack gets January 21 European release
    12. Rumour: Uncharted 3 to get VGA reveal
    13. UK charts: Black Ops denies AC: Brotherhood, Hot Pursuit top spot
    1. Vegas Dead Money set in Sierra Madre, has Ghost People
    2. Pigsy's Perfect 10 gets dev diary
    3. Latest Bioware tease points to British Secret Intelligence website
    1. GoG is having a nice weekend sale on select Ubisoft titles
    2. NASCAR The Game 2011 screens show crashing, burning rubber
    3. NinjaBee releases screens for A World of Keflings
    4. GameStop contest handing out two TVs and two copies of Hunted: The Demon's Forge
    5. Twisted Pixel teases reveal for December 2
    6. Interplay teases Fallout Online's Pip-Pad
    7. Duke Nukem Forever's delay had nothing to do with "a quest for perfection", says Broussard
    8. BioShock Infinite is not a "port" at all on PS3, says Kline
    9. Red vinyl LP of Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack now available through Rockstar Warehouse
    10. VGA video contains "Infected" tease, looks like Left 4 Dead
    11. Black Ops: More than 2.6 million played online day one logging 5.9 million multiplayer hours on XBL
    12. GFWL has BioShock on sale for $1.99
    13. TRON: Evolution - Move, 3D and multiplayer detailed
    14. Dynasty Warriors 7 video is full of battle and guitars
    15. Black Ops on PC gets another multiplayer patch, first single-player patch
    16. Kinect launches in Japan: SKE48 attends, Sensui helps people at the registers
    17. Sony Russia: Bioware's VGA reveal to be Mass Effect 3
    18. Sony: New PS3 exclusive reveal on Dec 12
    19. Fourth annual Desert Bus for Hope kicks off, people marathon worst game of all time for charity
    20. Nintendo to release new Wii Fit Plus bundle across Europe
    21. Zattikka announces acquisition of Monty Python license for social and casual gaming
    1. Codemasters to hold job recruitment fair in Liverpool next week
    2. GameStop expects short supply of Kinect and Move during shopping season
    3. Kaos releases first developer diary for Homefront
    4. Suda's Codename D has you fight monsters in "the hopes of restoring your lost self"
    5. RAGE HD to get Game Center patched in, no new missions or weapons in future updates
    6. The Last Story's online mode gets a preview with new screens
    7. Activision's Vivendi end happy with Infinity Ward "reconstruction"
    8. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together hitting PSP on February 15
    9. Spector most proud of "edgiest" area in all of Epic Mickey
    10. Catherine proves to be a bit psycho in new trailer
    11. Recommended For You referral service goes live on Steam
    12. New Sub-Zero trailer shows off his Mortal Kombat moves
    13. Homefront team inspired by Half-Life 2, wants game locations to feel more domestic to players
    14. Watch how Kinect works with Windows 7
    15. Closed beta for Natural Selection 2 launches on Steam
    16. Soderlund: Crysis and BFBC2 look just as good through OnLive as "the highest end PC"
    17. Sony's holiday ads feature the Guru of Gift Giving
    18. Darkspore producer diary is all about the loot
    19. PES 11 getting patched next week
    20. More journalists and fiction writers are shifting to writing videogames
    21. Poker Night at the Inventory out next week
    22. LOTRO: Rise of Isengard set for release in fall 2011
    23. Interview - Homefront's lead designer discusses why the US is sensitive to the game's themes
    24. Hands-on: Homefront's an innovative FPS which doesn't shy away from controversial themes
    25. Report - GT5 install takes 50 minutes, 6.4Gb on HDD [Update]
    26. Aion to get double XP weekends
    27. NFS: HP Hollywood premiere has celebrities
    28. Def Jam Rapstar DLC gets Kanye West, more
    29. F1 can be Codmasters' FIFA, says CEO
    30. StarCraft II submitted for review in China
    31. Report - Channel Five in talks to bring Demand Five to PS3
    32. Bungie calls for beta testers for next game
    33. Operation Flashpoint: Red River gets debut live-action trailer
    34. Test Drive Unlimited 2 gets Casino trailer
    35. Activision on abysmal Tony Hawk sales: "There's hopefully a method to that madness"
    36. Treyarch: Wii Black Ops bug-smashing update coming "in the next week or so"
    37. John Carmack: "I have an itch to make a Kinect title"
    38. 50 million-selling PSP "doomed from the start," says GoW dev
    39. Video - This is what Mega Man Online looks like
    40. Ubi honestly launching Battle Tag in Texas today, Canada next week
    1. Portal 2 delayed into April 2011 (Updated)
    2. Game Republic takes us behind-the-scenes with Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom in latest video
    3. Tozai Games to release Spelunker HD on PSN next week
    4. GameStop reports Q3 sales of $1.9 billion, 50% of profit comes from used games
    5. Under Siege gets an introduction trailer, and it is good
    6. PalTalk loses suit against Jagex over patent infringement
    7. Costume Quest DLC hitting next month with Grubbins on Ice
    8. Super Meat Boy cameos were intended to draw attention to other indie titles, says Team Meat
    9. The Behemoth delays BattleBlock Theater into 2011
    10. Gran Turismo Academy 2011 now letting in North Americans
    11. Trion now acceting beta applications for Rift: Planes of Telara
    12. Survey says UK and Europe aren't too keen on 3D TVs
    13. Witcher 2: Premium Edition is standard, pre-order deals announced
    14. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North screens and Untold Story trailer released
    15. 343 Industries hiring level designer and artist to "help breathe a fresh vision into a new Halo experience"
    16. Xbox Live Activity for the week of Nov. 8 - Black Ops and MW2 take top spots
    17. L.A. Noire previews detail what sounds like a very interesting crime-noire game, new screens too
    18. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit reviews get rounded-up - nice scores all around
    19. LittleBigPlanet 2 demo coming along with new beta invites and Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves
    20. Black Ops update now available for PS3 and Xbox 360
    21. Japanese hardware Nov. 8-14: Wii sales more than triple, still bested by PSP
    22. Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets stellar second gameplay trailer, new screens
    23. Swarm screenshots show off a bunch of little blue fellas
    24. WiiWare demos landing on November 22
    25. John Lennon's Imagine album hitting Rock Band 3 November 23
    26. Arma 2: Private Military Company release date postponed a few days
    27. Kevin Butler steals car in US GT5 ad
    28. TT's Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean announced by Disney
    29. Kingdom Under Fire II coming to PS3
    30. Black Ops grosses $650 million in first five days worldwide
    31. GOG to sell The Witcher II next May
    32. Wardevil still exists, rebranded Project Kane
    33. Borderlands GOTY version heading to Mac on December 3
    34. Uematsu composing music for The Last Story
    35. UFC Undisputed 2010 now available for iDevices
    36. Report - UK PS3, Wii sales numbers untouched despite Xbox 360 surge
    37. Gran Turismo 5 Japanese TV ad loves cars
    38. First Operation Flashpoint: Red River shots are go
    39. Spend 1600 MSP on Live for Christmas, get 400 MSP back
    40. RAGE: Mutant Bash TV now available for iDevices
    41. Order Kinect for Christmas "by the end of this week," says Mattrick
    42. PSN downtime scheduled for today
    43. People make room-scanning Kinect robot, order it around with gestures
    44. Phantom Brave port coming to PSP
    45. The Last Story gets Wii Bundle and Special Edition
    46. Lionhead: Fable III PC version not dead, details coming "when we're ready"
    47. Premium Pak 4 announced for QuakeLive
    48. Rumour: BioWare VGA game is Mass Effect multiplayer spin-off
    49. Kinect to be updated to allow video chat with Lync
    50. OnLive announces Netflix-style flat rate for back catalog, begins taking pre-orders for MicroConsole
    51. Zynga announces CityVille, beta in "coming weeks"
    52. Labour MP blames shooting in Sweden on Counter-Strike
    1. R.U.S.E. DLC hitting next month for the price of free
    2. Amazon's holding a massive buy one get one 40% off sale on games
    3. Hoard patch incoming, fixes text issues and hands out a map
    4. Cut the Rope moves over 3 million units, first free update coming soon
    5. EA to release Tetris on PSN in December
    6. Koei provides European release dates for five titles in early 2011
    7. It could take 4-5 years before APB realizes its full potential, says new owner
    8. Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition unboxed by GAME
    9. Gray Matter now available in German with English voiceovers
    10. Report: Bizarre has "multiple parties interested" in it
    11. Sony goes head-to-head with Microsoft over non-gaming offerings
    12. EA releases Create demo for PC
    13. PSP2 dev kit snaps show twin sticks, trackpad [Update]
    14. Future Ultra Costume Pack release "undecided" for SSFIV on Xbox Live
    15. Euro PS Store update, Nov. 17: Sands of Time HD, Red Faction, Crazy Taxi, Peggle
    16. First Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed shots get out
    17. New Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay trailer hitting tomorrow
    18. US PS Store update, Nov. 16: Crazy Taxi, Sands of Time, Front Mission Evolved
    19. Mass Effect 2 leads VGA nominations
    20. The Force Unleashed 2 DLC will have Ewoks, an "infinite storyline"
    21. Dead Space 2 gets BBFC 18 rating
    22. DiRT 3 gets new screens
    23. Fallout: New Vegas: Dead Money out on December 21
    24. BioWare teases its game reveal a bit further
    25. Killzone 3 multiplayer beta available for EU PS Plus members to download
    26. Sony: PS3 "the only platform" with growth in software over September of nearly 50%
    27. RAGE: Mutant Bash TV releasing on App Store tomorrow
    28. Batman: Arkham City gets VGA world premiere
    29. EA teases new BioWare project
    30. FFXIV PS3 port development done
    31. Splinter Cell HD remakes confirmed by Ubisoft
    32. Wii Speak discontinued? Nintendo UK says no
    33. Homefront confirmed for March 8 in the US, March 11 in UK, March 10 in Oz
    34. Fable III "accolades" trailer touches game in special place
    35. Vaan gets official Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy unveil
    36. World of Homefront dev diary talks "story of survival and adaptation"
    37. Hawk: Shred sells 3,000 in US launch week
    38. Square to announce EU 3rd Birthday date "soon" as Japan gets PSN release
    39. Front Mission Evolved getting more DLC next week
    40. Rumour - GT5 gets two day delay in Europe
    41. Kingdom Hearts 3DS links in with KH3, says Nomura
    42. Sony: Latin America will emerge as fourth global games "superpower"
    43. Gaikai enters open beta with 11,000 invites
    44. Zuckerberg credits games for Facebook’s quick growth
    45. EVE gambling site robbed of 125 billion ISK
    46. In-game Minecraft CPU now available for download
    47. Ubi shares drop 22% after FH loss announcement
    48. PS3 gets VUDU, yet another movie service
    49. Adafruit Industries details how to hack Kinect
    50. NPD October 2010: Xbox and DS lead hardware, Fallout: New Vegas hits software jackpot
    1. Acti confirms 88 job losses, closure of Budcat, as Lucasarts confirms cuts
    2. Crytek: "You don't make a 90 plus rated game with a 30 rated bush in the game"
    3. Conduit 2 uses Headbanger headset instead of Wii Speak because Nintendo wanted it that way
    4. Free trial period of Final Fantasy XIV extended once more
    5. Ubiosft relied on feedback for AC:Brotherhood, expects it to do well this holiday season
    6. Activision on Bizarre shocker: Some "wallowing in the worst possible outcome"
    7. Kotick: Listening to customers "matters more now than ever before"
    8. Yar's Revenge set for digital release in early 2011
    9. Germany's USK outs TurboGrafx-16 titles for western players
    10. China's online casual game market to hit $750 million in 3 years time
    11. The Witcher 2 Collector's Edition outed by GameStop
    12. Activision "exploring options" over Bizarre Creations' future
    13. Prince of Persia Trilogy hitting PSN, Sands of Time out on the service today
    14. Yale study finds most male gamers are fine, aggressive girls are attracted to games
    15. Star Trek Online: Season Three - Genesis announced with mission creator beta
    16. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood reviews get rounded-up
    17. Pre-orders now being taken for Bloodline Champions, new trailer released
    18. EA Sports Active 2 video gets Olympian and TV Presenters to work out
    19. Report - 360 sales double in UK thanks to Kinect
    20. Codemasters could release smaller retail games which expand with DLC in the future, says CEO
    21. Hot Pursuit launch trailer is full of brilliance
    22. Marvel vs Capcom 3 gets February 15 US, February 18 EU launches
    23. Zynga acquires six studios in six months, is estimated to be worth over $5.51 billion
    24. LOTRO players will get to battle Saruman next year
    25. Crackdown 2 Deluge Pack out now on XBLMP - trailer
    26. Krome working on smaller games in the casual and DLC space
    27. AC: Brotherhood multiplayer launch trailer gets stabby
    28. APB renamed APB: Reloaded, goes free-to-play from GamersFirst
    29. Split/Second PSP demo hits today along with launch trailer
    30. Witcher 2 confirmed for May 17, 2011 release
    31. Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed announced for spring 2011 - first video
    32. EA: BioWare fans should "pay attention" to tomorrow's VGA announcements
    33. Donkey Kong Country Returns trailer does monkey business
    34. World of Tanks' 500,000 "active players" are "beginning of a global legend"
    35. Undergarden does the pretty, gets review round-up
    36. Sagat joins SFIV iPhone roster
    37. NfS: Hot Pursuit Stig video shows Autolog features, "smack" talk
    38. Splatterhouse banned in Germany
    39. Blizzard expands Irvine HQ by 40 percent
    40. UFC Undisputed 2010 coming to iPhone and iPad on Thursday
    41. Super Meat Boy PC out November 30, new characters revealed
    42. Atlus holding PSN sale, includes Persona, Persona 3 PSP
    43. Driver: San Francisco, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier delayed for polish, says Ubisoft
    44. Warhammer Online gets playable Skaven, new RvR packs this week
    45. Video - Jedward dress up as Dragon Quest IX characters
    46. Bulletstorm character art doesn't feature d**ks, dildos
    47. First two VGA announcements coming tomorrow
    48. Yu Suzuki: "I want to make" Shenmue 3
    49. 3 HD DC Universe Online movies show Wonder Woman's super-suit, much more
    50. Survey: PS2 still most-owned games hardware in Japan
    51. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit gameplay videos show duelling, busting
    52. GameStop reveals MvC3 CE, DLC
    53. StarCraft II torrented 2.3 million times
    54. Dragon Quest IX is Japan's favourite from the series
    55. Games for Windows Marketplace launches, offers Borderlands for ?7.49
    56. Report: APB returning free-to-play in 2011
    57. Rumor: Kinect Gears of War to be unveiled at Spike TV VGAs (Updated)
    58. Kinect moves 1 million units in its first ten days, still "on track" for 5 million by year's end
    59. Blizzard begins hiring for "Diablo-related concept" for consoles
    1. Porn star tests Kinect nude limits on video
    2. MvC3 gets She-Hulk and Zero
    3. LA Noire has 2,000-page script, dev has 200-terabyte capture "facility"
    4. Guillemot: "Something around Assassin's" will launch in 2011
    5. THQ's Danny Bilson creates Twitter account
    6. Remedy looking for Kinect programmer to work on "next iteration" Wake engine
    7. Dead Nation gets December 1 EU release
    8. New Bulletstorm trailer: "Pull up your skirt and strap that dildo on"
    9. Ubi first-half '10-'11 financials: Driver: San Fran, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier delayed into FY2012
    10. Baldur's Gate II now available from GoG
    11. Shank gets Xbox Live Deal of the Week treatment
    12. Big Head Mode found in GoldenEye 007
    13. Marvel Pinball coming to XBLA and PSN this year
    14. Trials HD: Thrills Pack out on December 1
    15. Fable III to get Understone Quest Pack and other DLC on November 23
    16. Mercenaries 3 video shows off the "wow"
    17. Report - PS Jailbreak now supports FW 3.42, 3.50 and "beyond"
    18. Risen undergoes Steam sale, runs out of keys
    19. iPad gets HD Spectrum app
    20. Report: SCEE says PSP go ?129 price was "website error"
    21. Persona 2 PSP comparison shots show new interface, visuals
    22. Microsoft: Kinect doesn't capture data for ads
    23. UK charts: Black Ops sells 2 million in first week as it becomes number one
    24. First DiRT 3 dev diary reveals 32 stages, snow and ice, co-driver gender-picking
    25. GT5 Photo mode images leak before final launch
    26. Poll: 65% of Americans want violent games sales to minors illegal
    27. Breach, Six Days in Fallujah and the state of the modern FPS
    28. Team Meat "will do what we can" for Super Meat Boy for 3DS
    29. BHPR goes into liquidation
    30. RAGE: Mutant Bash TV out this month, video shows new gameplay
    31. Sullivan: NfS demo pulled to "switch servers to support the main game"
    32. Kinect becomes 3D capture tool thanks to hack
    33. Castlevania, MGS4 PS3 bundle gets pictured
    34. Treyarch details incoming Black Ops PC updates
    35. Zipper: MAG still "amongst the most played online PS3 games out there"
    36. Transformers: War for Cybetron sequel confirmed
    37. Fight Night Champion dated for March 1 in US - new trailer and screens
    1. Sly 4 teased in Sly Collection
    2. First 15 minutes of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood videoed
    3. Sonic Colors gets launch trailer, review round-up
    4. Alan Wake hitting Games on Demand
    5. "Lack of diversity" will push 360 below PS3, says analyst
    6. Former Disney CEO Arthur Houtman take reigns at Vanguard
    1. Japanese hardware Nov. 1-7: DS takes the lead in combined SKUs for the week
    2. BioWare details crafting and PvP a bit more for SWTOR
    3. The story has been "considerably ramped up" in Killzone 3, says Guerrilla
    4. SOE releases a bunch of DC Universe Online screenshots
    5. Team17 details customization options in Worms: Battle Island
    6. Gabe Newell makes Forbes Magazine's "Names You Need to Know in 2011" list
    7. Indie Games Winter Uprising starts the first week of December on XBL
    8. Rock of Ages developer blog describes 2D and 3D process
    9. Peggle hits PSP on Tuesday
    10. Treyarch "didn't really get the credit" it deserved for work on MW2 multiplayer tech, says Kotick
    11. PSP Go cut to ?129 in the UK
    1. Kotick: "We're not doing anything to suppress used games today"
    2. Rumor: January Game Informer cover art teases new Lara Croft game
    3. Game developers name games that had an influence on them
    4. Reggie says there's no need for Wii 2 in 2011
    5. Whoopi endorses The Michael Jackson Experience on The View
    6. Microsoft expects many Christmas trees with Kinect and Black Ops underneath
    7. thatgamecompany giving LA residents a chance to test Journey
    8. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair characters delayed on XBL
    9. Dissidia boss learns lessons from Enslaved's release, puts them on Twitter
    10. Reeves sees Move and Kinect in next-gen, Wii "coming down"
    11. $300 lifetime subs return to Champions Online
    12. PopCap's bringing PopTower to Japan early next year
    13. Narrative structure of Homefront "came first", says Kaos Studios
    14. Tippl: Activision doesn't think it's "the best at everything constantly"
    15. The Ball wasn't initially intended for release
    16. Super Meat Boy's latest PC character is Machinarium robot
    17. Rock Band 3 getting a bit of Night Fever next week
    18. CCP to split EVE Online's Incursion expansion into three parts
    19. Angry Birds coming to XBL, PSN and Wii "for starters", no sequel planned
    20. UFC Personal Trainer gets a date with motion controllers
    21. Alien Breed 3: Descent announced for November 17 launch
    22. Viacom ditching game industry may impact Bruckheimer Games deal
    23. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars finally gets a release date
    24. GSС wants you to create a quest for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
    25. Bloodline: Champions dated, trailer details Astronomer
    26. GT5 confirmed for November 24 release, will include 1,031 cars, 71 tracks
    27. Grand Theft Auto Trilogy now available for Mac
    28. Nintendo announces special Mario Kart Wii bundle
    29. The Sly Collection hitting UK on December 3
    30. Treyarch details upcoming updates for Black Ops PS3
    31. Blizzard offering 7-day trials for WoW to lapsed subs
    32. MK: Sub-Zero trailer shows why he's after Scorpion's blood
    33. Enslaved's Pigsy's Perfect 10 shots are go
    34. Disney to "probably" invest less in console games
    35. AC: Brotherhood SP launch trailer tells tale of vengeance
    36. Report: Subscription gaming declining, micro-transactions climbing
    37. Microsoft: Core Kinect titles to be aired in 2011
    38. Epic Mickey "is the best-looking Wii game ever," says Spector
    39. THQ: Saints Row movie to be announced next month
    40. Chart-Track: Black Ops sells 1.4m units day one in UK, 4.2m in North America
    41. Tesco pre-owned plans go UK-wide
    42. Mikami originally displeased at becoming producer at Capcom
    43. Kinect Sports Facebook app launched
    44. Pipeworks: Deadliest Warrior has sold 225k units
    45. Disney games division drops $236 million in 2010
    46. IGF 2011 entrant Octodad has the best premise of all time
    47. Zelnick: Criticising used game sales is "irrelevant"
    48. Alice to cost $15 million, Spicy Horse to double size in next 18 months
    49. Call of Duty DLC to be Acti's "largest line"
    50. Hacker adds multi-touch functionality to Kinect on PC
    51. Activision: Next Bungie game heading to PC, consoles and "online"
    52. Black Ops' first PC patch targets "performance improvement"
    53. Facebook's Civilization Network slated for 2011 launch
    54. MS: Average Gold subs use Live for 3 hours per day
    55. Report: Kinect costs $56 to make
    56. Rumor: Guillermo del Toro's game to be a sci-fi RPG trilogy
    57. Tim Schafer on Psychonauts 2: "I'm ready to do it"
    58. "Players had a very high expectation" of FFXIV, says Tanaka
    59. Analyst firm projects online market in Asia to reach $1.7 billion by 2014
    60. The Last Story will have six-player online play
    1. Bejeweled 3 up for pre-order on Steam
    2. Latest LBP2 video stars the Grabinator
    3. PS3 version of Two Worlds II has the developer "hopping mad"
    4. Report: Black Ops on PC suffers lag, other issues
    5. The 3rd Birthday TSG trailer - now with more English
    6. Durkin: Kinect can "track some" usage and possibly "cater what content gets presented to you"
    7. de Blob 2 gets its first trailer along with screens and a date
    8. GFWL Marketplace update hitting November 15
    9. Atari financials: Revenue down 58% for first half of year, Yars' Revenge coming to PSN/XBL/PC
    10. Miyamoto says his favorite Mario game is Super Mario World
    11. THQ's Farrell: $59.99 price point is "keeping people out" of gaming
    12. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood videos show Rome, Ezio
    13. EA shows off its Create puzzler with two new videos
    14. Capcom releases new art and trailer for Bionic Commando Rearmed 2
    15. Nintendo: US Wii installed base is 8.5 million more than 360, and 16.9 million more than PS3
    16. Japanese software charts Nov. 1-7: God Eater Burst devours Mario All-Stars, again
    17. Coming soon to XBLM: Alien Breed 3 and Crazy Taxi for 800 MSP
    18. Heavy Metal map detailed for BFBC2's VIP Map Pack 7
    19. Drake: Harmonix sale won't affect games, "several buyers" being courted
    20. New L.A. Noire trailer is a go, spring 2011 release confirmed
    21. Shogun 2: Total War releasing March 15 worldwide
    22. Analysts predict Xbox 360 will top October NPD charts
    23. Reggie: "The holidays are more important to Nintendo than to other manufacturers"
    24. Home patch 1.4 is live, adds LittleBigDerby and other goodies
    25. GameStop to start selling digital DLC for PS3 online and in stores by Christmas
    26. MGM pulls Stargate license from Cheyenne Mountain
    27. Footage emerges of Ignition's canceled FPS Reich
    28. New Super Meat Boy chapter confirmed, XBLA title update ready for approval
    29. Open source Kinect drivers let you use it on your PC
    30. Black Ops beats Modern Warfare 2 to become "biggest entertainment launch ever"
    31. Minecraft patched, v1.2.1 is no more
    32. MachineGames working on unannounced triple-A project for ZeniMax
    33. Viacom confirms sale of struggling Harmonix
    34. Capcom pulls 360 SSFIV DLC until November 16
    35. DJ Hero 2 gets DJ Hero 1 compatibility patch
    36. Sonic 4 top PSN seller in October
    37. Sonic Free Riders video review nearly ends in actual disaster
    38. AMD confirms quad-core laptop and octo-core desktop CPUs for 2012
    39. Blue Toad Murder Files PC shown off in video
    40. Report: K2 Networks buys rights to APB
    41. LOTRO marks Veteran's Day by selling cheap expansions
    42. Super Mario Bros. 3 fan remake is finished, mental
    43. SCEA launches streaming ice hockey app for PS3
    44. Microsoft reasons open access to Live's Online Safety Groups
    45. Retailers speak out against Valve: "Steam is killing the PC market"
    46. Donkey Kong Country Returns gets new trailer, elephant, bananas
    47. Undergarden demo out now
    48. EVE Online: Commissioned Officer edition hitting in December via Namco
    49. Gazillion nets further $60 million in funding
    50. BioWare on Dragon Age II combat: "think like a general but fight like a Spartan"
    51. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood TV ad shows lift full of dead people
    52. Vietnam vet derides Black Ops release as "very tacky"
    53. First nine minutes of Prince of Persia Trilogy HD show off sharp swords, sharper graphics
    54. Report: MS sold 40,000 Windows 7 phones day one, despite marketing blitz
    55. Super Meat Boy gets super-hard cheevos on Steam
    56. Ubisoft teases "Assassin's Creed: Ascendance"
    57. Australian board outs "Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves"
    58. EA announces trio of brand new XBLA, PSN, and PC games
    59. Crytek aims for "very long-running franchise" in Crysis
    60. EA assumes all publishing responsibilities for The Old Republic
    61. First PlayStation ads hit Latin America, babies featured
    1. Treyarch to keep track of those exploiting glitches in Black Ops
    2. Warner Montreal drops triple-A development for casual and mobile
    3. Baltimore GameStop robbed, thieves make off with over 100 copies of Black Ops
    4. Nintendo says, "It's on like Donkey Kong"
    5. Kudo answers your lingering questions about Kinect
    6. Capcom expects worldwide unit sales of 2 million for MvC3 next year
    7. Konami: Heroes' Paradise on PS3 won't suffer the same performance issues as original Wii version
    8. Cuba p**sed over Castro assassination bit in Black Ops, says it will turn US kids into "sociopaths"
    9. Wii moves 2 million units in Australia within 47 months
    10. Russia might be getting its very own S.T.A.L.K.E.R. TV show
    11. GameStop gets exclusive Conduit 2 Limited Edition
    12. Blizzard adds dial-in account security tool option to
    13. SEGA helps raise awareness of hedgehog decline in UK
    14. Consumer Electronics Association expects over 18 million consoles to ship to US stores in Q4
    15. Black Ops has a couple retro surprises in store for players
    16. EA Sports formally announces Madden NFL Football for 3DS
    17. Behaviour Interactive hints at involvement with PSP2
    18. Euro PS Store, Nov. 10 - ACII Sequence deals, Grandia, Crescent Pale Mist
    19. PC patch for Fallout: New Vegas released
    20. Microsoft: "Discussions" with BBC over iPlayer for 360 "going on"
    21. NFS: Hot Pursuit demo downloaded 2 million times
    22. Kinect launches in UK - we unbox our retail unit
    23. Rumour - House of the Dead: Overkill 2 in development
    24. Report - GT5 already "in stock" at US retailer
    25. Kinect launches in UK - Kudo talks turkey with Sky News
    26. MotoGP 10/11 announced for March release by Capcom
    27. Lag problems plaguing Black Ops PC
    28. GT5's Red Bull X1 is very much (nearly) a real thing
    29. FFXII's Vaan confirmed for Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy
    30. Kudo: Star Wars Kinect out next Christmas, Forza Kinect reiterated for 2011
    31. More mysterious Tango artwork appears
    32. Running With Scissors: Postal 3 in "final stages" of development
    33. Future Rock Band DLC to be incompatible with Rock Band 1 and 2
    34. US PS Store, Nov. 9 - Update includes Knights in the Nightmare, Crescent Pale Mist, loads of add-ons
    35. Kevin Butler eats pancakes, makes fun of Canadians in latest PS3 video
    1. New data shows PS3 trailing Xbox 360 by only 3 million units worldwide
    2. EA Canada GM Moira Dang falls victim to company restructuring, cancellation of NBA Elite 11
    3. GameStop says Kinect's "looking to be the winner" over Move this Christmas
    4. User creates 8-bit CPU for Minecraft which "takes in binary code" [Update]
    5. LBP concept art shows how Sackboy evolved from "YellowHead"
    6. Dead Space 2 multiplayer solar array video is rather cool
    7. Angry Birds version 1.4.2 goes live for Android
    8. Epic has an "internal moral compass" when deciding the amount of violence in its games
    9. PSA: Sly Collection, The Fight: Lights Out, SingStar Dance hit PS3 today
    10. Over 1 million log into XBL to play Black Ops in less than 24 hours
    11. Kudo graces UK Kinect launch: "Kinect work has been 10 years in the making"
    12. Kinectimals doesn't include Milo tech, reiterates Frontier boss David Braben
    13. Heavy Rain video features cut content and deleted scenes - watch this now
    14. GameStop laments lack of titles released for PSP in 2010
    15. Valve: Not every game needs a multiplayer component
    16. Kinect launches at midnight tonight in UK - live premiere in London is GO
    17. Rumor: Sources claim Sledgehammer's COD will contain Marines in space
    18. Codies: Op Flash: Red River, DiRT 3 coming between April-June 2011, GRID 2 in 2012
    19. Krome Studios still open, work continues on current projects
    20. Brutal Legend was dropped during Activison's Vivendi merger, "I had no involvement" in the decision, says Kotick
    21. LittleBigPlanet 2 CE confirmed for Europe
    22. More Bohemia Interactive titles coming to Steam
    23. Mass Effect 2 PS3 boxart confirms add-on content
    24. New LA Noire trailer coming this Thursday
    25. Xbox Live Indie Games moved to Games and Demos
    26. SSX: Deadly Descent domains registered by EA
    27. Bilson: Homefront 2 has "new features," "takes place on the other side of the Mississippi"
    28. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit reviews start going live - EG goes with 9
    29. Video: GT5 intro gets out
    30. Black Ops reviews round-up is go - EG goes 8
    31. THQ: Guillermo del Toro's game to get first showing during next month's VGAs
    32. Darksiders 2 to feature new main character, same setting as previous game
    1. COD: Black Ops launch- the first 13 minutes of gameplay
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops launches - full premiere report, price-slashing, much more
    3. Analyst: Kinect pre-orders had to be capped by retailers
    4. Rumour - MGS: Rising to release in 2012
    5. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VIP Map Pack 7 announced
    6. LOVEFiLM hitting UK PS3s this Wednesday
    7. COD: Black Ops launch: Retail 360 Hardened Edition gets unboxed
    8. Man plays GT5, films it, puts it on the internet
    9. Sony: 60% of Move-fanciers "already own a Wii"
    10. Fallout: New Vegas ships 5 million worldwide
    11. Rumour: Gran Turismo 5 shipping between November 30 and December 8
    12. Naughty Bear, WET sequels announced
    13. Report: Helen Mirren paid ?500k for Nintendo ad
    14. Hitman 5 shows up on three CVs
    15. New Arkham City details feature climbing, dodging
    16. Eurogamer Expo 2011 to return to Earls Court next September
    17. Football Manager 2011 takes UK number 1, first weekend sales better then Pro Evo '11
    18. More publishers interested in 3DS at launch than original DS, says Iwata
    1. Dragon Age II video shows 5 minutes of gameplay
    2. Dance Central DLC arrives ahead of release
    3. Yamauchi: PS3 restricted Gran Turismo 5
    1. Telltale releases Poker Night at the Inventory trailer
    2. Interactive comic to bridge story between Mass Effect and PS3 version of ME2
    3. may eventually include Activision games, but not any time soon
    4. Japanese software charts Oct. 25 -31: God Eater Burst takes the win
    5. Check out what makes Kinect do the things it does
    6. The Ball looks awesome, and has a demo
    7. Those who pre-order the Darkspore Limited Edition get an early access bonus
    8. Namco Bandai financials show slight improvement YoY for first half of 2010
    9. Crafting and PvP explained a bit for Star Wars: The Old Republic
    10. PC patch for Fallout: New Vegas expected next week
    11. Homefront screens and preview denote a shooter that draws an emotional response
    12. Cryptic to "wait and see" how Champions does before switching STO over to F2P
    13. PlayStation Home version 1.4 coming November 11
    14. Eruption trailer released for Doney Kong Country Returns
    15. Bilson: Games should not "be directed from corporate in any way"
    16. Dead Space 2 screens show off the multiplayer and Necromorphs
    17. Activision holding midnight launches for Black Ops
    18. Sniper: Ghost Hunter hitting PS3 in Q1 2011
    19. DICE on Medal of Honor: "The controversy did affect some reviews"
    1. Infinity Blade video makes us want an iOS device
    2. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood dev diary discusses multiplayer characters
    3. Morhaime: SCII users have created over 65K maps and mods for the game
    4. F1 2010 patch goes up on Xbox Live
    5. The Witcher 2 dev diary is all about the tech
    6. Bon Jovi, New Order, Talking Heads hit Rock Band 3 next week
    7. Consumer Reports debunks "dark-skinned" Kinect issues once and for all
    8. ZeniMax acquires ex-Starbreeze staff's Machinegames
    9. SWTOR is the "right kind of bet" for both EA and BioWare, says Muzyka
    10. The Daily Show pokes fun at SCOTUS case, bribes Supreme Court with its own game
    11. Free-to-play games will eventually threaten the console business, says EA's Cousens
    12. More prominent industry vets join Tango Gameworks as new mysterious artwork appears
    13. Crysis 2 Xbox 360 multiplayer beta footage looks rather good
    14. Team Ninja cancels two projects announced before Itagaki's departure
    15. Xbox Live demos: Apache, Joyride, Rock Band 3
    16. James Bond: GoldenEye and Blood Stone reviews round-up
    17. Mortal Kombat screens show Johnny Cage vs Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Mileena
    18. Hirshberg: GoldenEye out selling Modern Warfare Wii
    19. Report - Codies Guildford GM leaves, Bodycount now down for summer
    20. New TDU2 shots are car porn
    21. Additional dev time for True Crime: Hong Kong has "paid off", says Activision
    22. Armored Core 5 pushed into 2011
    23. New Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam trailer burns
    24. Battlefield Play4Free revealed - first trailer inside
    25. GT5 still on for pre-christmas release, says SCEA
    26. Monster Hunter Portable 3 demo out now
    27. Previous GTA titles a fiver on Steam
    28. This is your Dance Central intro
    29. Live-action Black Ops commercial features slow-mo explosions, Kobe Bryant
    30. Project LMNO target video shows what could have been
    31. Square Enix Q2 financials not a pretty sight, could have been even worse
    1. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D in pre-production at Lionsgate
    2. Microsoft beta testing episodic Full House Poker for Xbox Live
    3. God of War's Lost Atlantis level revealed
    4. StarCraft II ships 3 million in first month
    5. Activision: New Transformers, X-Men, Hero titles next year
    6. ActiBlizz reports better-than-expected financial results for Q3 2010
    7. UK government wants East End project to rival US's Silicon Valley
    8. Warhammer Online premium items now on offer, prices range from $4.99 - $19.99
    9. Rumor: GT5 listed for US release on November 30
    10. Super Meat Boy patch almost ready to roll out, Steam version still on track
    11. Sony puts out massive list of Move games
    12. GoG adds Icewind Dale 2 Complete to catalog for $9.99
    13. Irrational podcast chats with Cliff Bleszinski about being an ambassador to the industry and more
    14. Konami reports growth for first half of fiscal year thanks to PS3 and PSP offerings
    15. TIGA: UK has lost 890 developer jobs in two years
    16. FFXIV sells 630k in first month-and-a-half on PC, PS3 version still good for March
    17. Microsoft promises Kinect "hybrid" experience with future titles
    18. THQ expects its digital offerings to continue doubling
    19. Hulu Plus to be made available next week to all PS3 users
    20. Def Jam Rapstar video has some questionable celebrities starring in it
    21. Development on Gran Turismo 6 has begun, says Kazunori
    22. Mafia II Special Edition releasing in Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia
    23. Saints Row 3DS/XBLA will have "completely original game mechanic," says Bilson
    24. Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed for DICE 2011
    25. Chair has "sweet ideas" for Shadow Complex 2
    26. New Shogun II story trailer released
    27. THQ may use Games for Windows Live again, says Bilson
    28. Milo & Kate "was never announced as a game," says Kinect creator
    29. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer shows off Seacrest County
    30. Kinect launches in US - Times Square launch gets pictured
    31. Kinect review round-up OF DOOM: everything in one place!
    32. Epic: Gears of War possible on iPhone in two years
    1. THQ net sales come in at $77 million for Q2 FY11, losses in line with guidance
    2. Irrational details Unreal 3 and audio tech within BioShock Infinite
    3. Perry: "Major" US games site wants to host Gaikai closed beta
    4. Localized version of Black Ops censored in Japan
    5. Ubisoft buys Michael Jackson Experience dev Longtail Studios
    6. PlayStation Eye: Look back video shows how the camera has progressed
    7. Darkspore beta sign ups are live
    8. Metallica to headline Black Ops launch event for Call of Duty endowment
    9. Kinect Sports launch trailer is saccharine sweet
    10. Report: Ignition closes up shop in Florida, 70 employees told to "go home"
    11. Wii Sports Resort now comes with Wii RemotePlus in Japan
    12. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood getting a dose of Raiden
    13. UK gets Best Buy Online store starting tomorrow with free shipping
    14. Microsoft changes Kinect Christmas forecast from 3 million to 5 million
    15. Dead Space 2: Ring Around the Rosie video is creepy as hell
    16. Xbox Live Gold Family Pack now available
    17. Coming soon to PS Plus in Europe: Critter Crunch, Abe’s Exodus, Red Faction Guerillla
    18. Check out the updated version of PS3's Bluetooth headset
    19. Coming to US PS Plus: Shatter, Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, and DYNOGEMS
    20. Remedy "certainly wants to see more Alan Wake", says franchise head Hakkinen
    21. Square's Mindjack gets a January release date
    22. Kinect hits US tomorrow, freebies being handed out during Times Square launch festivities
    23. Euro PS Store, November 3 - Badman is back as No Heroes Allowed, God of War madness hits
    24. Russian shoots MW2, sets it on fire
    25. EA announces Dragon Age Legends for Facebook
    26. Crytek UK wants Haze to be remembered "a little more gently than when it was released"
    27. EA Q2 financials - everything in one place
    28. EA: MMA off to a "slow start", but still "optimistic"
    29. No More Heroes is most certainly not dead - proof is in the pudding
    30. Civ V releasing for Mac on November 23 in US
    31. Bond: Blood Stone gets launch trailer
    32. Mikami chose Bethesda for Tango buyout because it had "the most independent development environment"
    33. Valkyria Chronicles III demo drops next week
    34. US PS Store, November 2 - God of War goodness for all!
    35. New Battlefield to be announced on Friday
    36. Spielberg's Project LMNO ultimately failed because "it tried to do too much"
    37. Epic's Project Sword officially known as Infinity Blade, coming to iDevices this holiday
    1. Fender announces Squier guitar release date and price for Rock Band 3
    2. Capcom releases information on Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 characters
    3. Okamiden gets a firm US and European release date
    4. Riccitello: Low MOH scores come from a "narrow demographic of reviewers"
    5. EA Q2 financials: BFBC2 sells 6 million
    6. EA Q2 financials: NBA Elite 11 canceled
    7. EA narrows Q2 loss on stellar FIFA sales
    8. Kazunori confirms the impossible: GT5 goes gold
    9. EA Q2 financials: Medal of Honor sells 2 million, FIFA 11 passes 8 million
    10. Microsoft: XBL Gold membership increase helps fund extra content and infrastructure costs
    11. PSA: Borderlands patch 1.41 is live, start increasing your level
    12. Microsoft issues work around for boot to disc issues inherent with dashboard update
    13. DotA 2 website open for business
    14. US Supreme Court takes Schwarzenegger bill into consideration, ruling expected by June
    15. Nintendo will continue to support full Nintendo DS line in Europe
    16. Ubisoft announces PS3-exclusive DLC for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    17. Information on Battlefield 1943 for PC coming "in the not so distant future"
    18. EA's Soderlund: Medal of Honor "didn't meet our quality expectations"
    19. Kinect will provide non-gamers with a "more interactive home entertainment experience", says Microsoft
    20. Miyamoto tells investors Mario games will be made in both 2D and 3D on 3DS
    21. EA agrees "five-year strategic relationship" with Facebook
    22. EA has had "exposure" to PSP2, says Soderlund
    23. EyePet in stores today for PSP
    24. BlackBox making next Need for Speed title for November 2011
    25. Check out this LittleBigPlanet 2 beta footage of a jet fighter
    26. NBA 2K11 going 3D for PS3 exclusively next month at Best Buy
    27. PSA: Halo Reach available for ?15
    28. Kinect is not about "moving from the core to the broad", says Microsoft's Chris Lewis
    29. DirecTV dumps G4 due to low viewer base
    30. You'll see Battlefield 3 "in the not too distant future," says Soderlund
    31. Hands-on - One last drive with NFS: Hot Pursuit and a chat with EA Games Europe chief Patrick S?derlund
    32. Nintendo to provide WiiWare demos again
    33. Harmonix aiming for bigger European focus with Rock Band
    34. Black Ops gets 18 rating from BBFC
    35. "Never say never" on Shenmue III, says Sega boss
    36. Inafune resignation due to him wanting to become an "independent creator," says Capcom
    37. Report - Namco Bandai US lays off 90 staff
    38. US gets Forza 3, downloadable Alan Wake 360 hardware bundle for Christmas
    39. James Bond: Blood Stone video shows classic 007
    40. Iwata: No Wii price cuts in the "near future"
    41. US NFS: Hot Pursuit ad campaign features Entourage duo
    42. Carmack details RAGE iPhone spin-off Mutant Bash
    43. Inafune tears into Japanese game dev business, calls it a "communist state"
    44. Rumor: SOCOM: Confrontation devs working on new Resident Evil
    1. IGN goes live with first Kinect software review, goes with 7.5 for Sonic Free Riders
    2. Crackdown 2's Deluge DLC pack hitting on November 16 - screens and trailer inside
    3. IO Interactive confirms unspecified amount of layoffs
    4. 3D still to be decided for MGS: Rising, says Matsuyama
    5. Mortal Kombat video shows off Scorpion
    6. Harmonix: "Pre-production" already underway for Dance Central 2
    7. Rumour - Microsoft in talks to reboot Project Gotham Racing
    8. What do you get with JFK, Nixon, Castro and Robert McNamara in Black Ops?
    9. Takahashi: "I started to feel like I didn't belong" at Namco "any more"
    10. Mikami to continue serving on Shadows of the Damned despite Tango-ZeniMax buyout
    11. Bejeweled 3 announced for December 7 release by PopCap
    12. Mysterious artwork appears on Tango blog
    13. There will be co-op for Assassin's Creed "eventually," says Ubi Montreal
    14. UK charts: Fable III sells 128k in first week as it becomes number one
    15. Crytek UK "talking to publishers" about creating new TimeSplitters
    16. Lionhead sets up Fable III reporting page
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