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August 2012 Archive

    1. ArenaNet looking into causes of group splitting in GW2
    2. Nighthawk event for Champions Online has gone live
    3. Shootmania Storm modes Royal and Elite will be free
    4. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn "Cryo" vignette released
    5. Neverwinter shots and video show off the Blackdagger Keep zone
    6. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate screens and art escape PAX
    7. PAX 2013 to last an extra day, event heading to Australia
    8. Plants vs. Zombies Pinball table releases for Zen Pinball 2 next week
    9. City of Heroes and Paragon Studios to be shut down by end of the year
    10. Fuse - Insomniac's Overstrike has been reworked, renamed
    11. The Basement Collection released on Steam
    12. World Tekken Federation service to launch free of charge alongside Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    13. Halo 4: Exile map screens and competitive multiplayer video released
    14. PlayStation All Stars videos show Sir Daniel Fortesque and Nariko in action
    15. Torchlight 2 launch trailer released
    16. The International Dota 2 Championships 2012 begins at PAX Prime
    17. Scribblenauts Unlimited to launch with Steam Workshop on PC
    18. PlanetSide 2 beta stats are rather impressive
    19. Idea for Hearthfire stemmed from Skyrim's crafting system, Minecraft fandom
    20. Sacred 3: first screens show RPG combat, spells
    21. Dead Island Riptide first screens: characters & combat
    22. Valve has already had to remove fake projects from Steam Greenlight
    23. Resident Evil 6: retailer breaks 'on sale' date a month early
    24. The Unfinished Swan - meet the king who created the world
    25. Splinter Cell: Blacklist goes "Ghost Style" in latest video
    26. Riptide - players can import saved character stats from Dead Island
    27. Hitman: Absolution 'used to have regen health' - IO discusses big changes
    28. Guardians of Middle-earth introduces you to Hildifons the Hobbit and Sauron
    29. Okami HD PS3 trophy list outed, dog jokes tickle the funnybone
    30. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask gets many, many gentlemanly screenshots
    31. GRID 2 interview: total race immersion returns
    32. iPad mini and its 7.85 inch display to launch in October - rumor
    33. Zombi U packshot: official Wii U box art revealed
    34. Muiltiplay provides VG247 community with DayZ infested server
    35. Microsoft announces first wave of Xbox games heading to Windows 8
    36. DayZ creator discusses how companion dogs will work in the next update
    37. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes gameplay detailed in podcast
    38. Gotham City Impostors goes free-to-play on Steam
    39. Final Fantasy 25th anniversary art book series revealed
    40. Borderlands 2 new trailer introduces players to a 'changed' Pandora
    41. Zombi U trailer shows zombie slaughter in Buckingham Palace
    42. Total War: Rome 2 dev session, Aliens: Colonial Marines playable at EG Expo
    43. FF 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box announced: all 13 games included
    44. Final Fantasy Versus 13: 'Please wait a little longer' says Wada
    45. Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet perma-bans 3,000 players over exploit
    46. Garry's Mod 13 development 'like pulling a plaster off fast'
    47. Command & Conquer 17 game Ultimate Collection detailed
    48. Torchlight 2 release date confirmed, playable at PAX
    49. Dishonored: free Rat Assassin iOS game available today
    50. Star Wars 1313 dev discusses 'precious responsibility to meet fan expectations'
    51. F1 2012: new dev video focuses on improvements over last year
    52. Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary: official chiptune soundtrack collection incoming
    53. Guild Wars 2 studio 'isn't sleeping very much' amid security issues
    54. FIFA 13 gets a new TV spot: watch it here
    55. Call of Duty & WoW dips cause Activision Q2 financials to drop
    56. Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel gamescom demo goes public
    57. Battlefield 3's Patrick Liu leaves DICE for Rovio
    58. Metal Gear Solid and the gaming cinema curse
    59. God of War movie 'is an origin story like Batman Begins'
    60. Super Time Force XBLA trailer is brilliant, lampoons Saturday morning cartoons
    61. Killzone Trilogy PS3 appears on Amazon France
    62. Zynga loses two more senior executives - rumour
    63. Warface PAX trailer shows off Crytek's F2P effort
    64. Microsoft Kinect bundle down to $300
    65. US Treasury: Games not "the focus of our sanctions"
    66. Trine 2: Goblin Menace Steam release date confirmed
    67. World of Warcraft, Raph Koster to be honoured at GDC Online awards
    68. Dementium II set for PC release
    69. Guild Wars 2 digital sales suspended to manage server loads
    70. Skyrim: Bethesda 'not positive' DLC coming to PS3
    71. Hawken's PvE mode confirmed, co-op on the cards
    1. Horror adventure Anna arrives September 21 through Kalypso
    2. Gears of War: Judgment writer to embrace "brutal, savage" game world
    3. Metal Gear Rising developers "clash all the time"
    4. Tales of Xillia 2 videos show character introductions, gameplay
    5. Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Combat Training Series episode 1 focuses on the Sniper
    6. Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse shots show the Chickens in Space level
    7. Gamestop may start selling vintage cartridges and discs online
    8. WoW's Guild Mentoring Program has gone live, participants listed
    9. Xbox Live supports GaymerCon, event's Kickstarter surpasses $75,000
    10. SEGA announces TGS 2012 line-up
    11. Heavenly Sword's Nariko and MediEvil's Daniel Fortesque confirmed for PlayStation All-Stars
    12. DUST 514's Precursor update will include an Instant Battle Matchmaking system
    13. Wii U accessories from Atomic look rather cool
    14. Nintendo Gamer magazine to no longer be published, says Future
    15. Sniper Elite V2 - multiplayer DLC will be available later this year on PS3 and Xbox 360
    16. Strike Suit Zero trailer is full of shooty shooty space-action
    17. Double Fine announces free-to-play Middle Manager of Justice for iOS
    18. Valve announces the launch of Steam Greenlight
    19. Modern Warfare 3 Collection 4: Final Assault trailered, drops next week
    20. EA's Gibeau expects PS4 and next-Xbox to hit retail "in about a year's time"
    21. Black Ops 2 - new multiplayer features and gameplay detailed
    22. PS Home RPG Mercia: Fractured Realms out now, new details emerge
    23. Battlefield 3: Armored Kill video takes a flythrough of the Alborz Mountain map
    24. Forza Horizon: new screens show traffic-dodging, lush car models
    25. Madden NFL 13 sold 900,000 units in its first 24 hours, says EA
    26. Level-5 announces TGS 2012 line-up, may reveal two new games
    27. Sol Trigger video shows the opening movie
    28. God of War: Ascension release date, special editions revealed
    29. Metal Gear Rising: new screens show robo-wolves, Metal Gear Ray action
    30. Marvel vs Capcom: Origins dated, priced
    31. MUBI: PS3 movie subscriptions on sale for a limited time
    32. Industry analyst voices concern over Wii U momentum with Xbox 720 and PS4 "arriving in 2013"
    33. XCOM Enemy Unknown multiplayer: chess is for wimps
    34. Vita sales are "where we would expect it to be," says Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai
    35. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 to release on Wii U according to ESRB
    36. Stronghold Crusader 2 announced, coming late 2013
    37. Atari Arcade allows you to play classic Atari games ad-free through IE
    38. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Super-Grind, part 2: Demolition, Lake
    39. Nintendo Knitting Machine was a real thing for NES back in 1987
    40. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission trailer shows Xbox 360 gameplay, US release dated
    41. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy demo, Toki Tori, Escape the Virus head up weekly Nintendo downloads
    42. A Walk in the Dark is a lovely indie platformer from Portugal's Flying Turtle Software
    43. Aliens: Colonial Marines - new competitive multiplayer mode revealed
    44. Book of Spells trailer shows the magic of Wonderbook
    45. Whore of the Orient: LA Noire team's new PS4, Xbox 720 game detailed
    46. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes 20 minute demo detailed
    47. PS Vita owners reporting problems with PSone Classic transfers
    48. Star Wars: the Old Republic manager explains shift to free-to-play
    49. Unity CEO: 'I'd be redundant if game engines were our only focus'
    50. Guild Wars 2 boss discusses security issues & account theft
    51. Black Ops 2 multiplayer playable at Eurogamer Expo
    52. Brain Training 3DS gets new name and western release date
    53. Professor Layton And The Miracle Mask gets UK release date
    54. DotA 2 collectible cards & figures snapped at The International - Report
    55. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes second image leaks
    56. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes first images appear
    57. Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter reaches target early
    58. No More Heroes social game hits Android today, iOS soon
    59. Complete coverage from MGS event: Ground Zeroes, movie, more
    60. Rise of the Triad rebuild looking grimdark in new screens
    61. They Bleed Pixels now on Steam; 20% during launch week
    62. PlayStation Mobile hardware range grows with new Xperia phone, tablet
    63. Borderlands 2 DLC season pass to cost $30
    64. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PC issues being 'monitored'
    65. PopCap lay-offs addressed "duplicative" roles, shift to mobile focus - Gibeau
    66. La Mulana headed to WiiWare September 20
    67. Tomb Raider's storyline went M to match maturing gameplay
    68. Oculus CEO compares Rift headset to Kinect
    1. Animal Crossing 3DS heads west in 2013
    2. Halo 4 playable at MLG Fall Championship
    3. Dragon Fantasy Book 2 announced for PS3 and Vita, arrives next year
    4. NBA 2K13 - Allen Iverson added to roster, new shots released
    5. NHL 13 to feature female athletes Hayley Wickenheiser and Angela Ruggiero
    6. Third End of Nations closed beta starts September 7
    7. PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale limited public beta access sign-ups are live
    8. Assassin's Creed 3: Second behind-the-scenes trailer delves into combat
    9. The Walking Dead video gives you an idea of what to expect in Episode 4
    10. Professor Layton and the Legacy of the Super Civilization A trailer released
    11. Puzzle Chasers - Konami's Facebook game hits 1 million MAUs
    12. LocoCycle trailer released upon the masses
    13. March of the Eagles is now accepting your beta application
    14. Bastion hits iPad tomorrow according to New Zealand App Store
    15. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD hitting iOS this fall
    16. Far Cry 3 - Island Survival Guide video welcomes you to the Rook Islands
    17. Total War Battles: Shogun now available for PC and Mac
    18. Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force beta now open to PS Plus members
    19. Metal Gear's Raiden announced for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale
    20. Gearbox has a "few things going" for next-gen, teases Pitchford
    21. New Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3DS LL maintain top spots on Japanese retail charts
    22. Check out the Epic Citadel app running on Asus Vivo Tab RT and Windows 8
    23. Guild Wars 2 players reporting unsolicited password emails, phishing attempts
    24. "The PC market is not dead, it's very much alive," says EA Maxis
    25. Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect heading to XBLA, playable at PAX
    26. Harmo Knight trailer: Watch Pokemon studio's new game in action
    27. Square announces microtransaction-based browser game service CoreOnline
    28. Gotham City Impostors F2P trailer file pops up on Steam database registry
    29. Cradle of Egypt 2 to release on DS in November
    30. One Piece: Pirate Warriors video shows confrontation between Zoro and Mihawk
    31. EU PS Store update, August 29 - Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Rock Band Blitz, Mass Effect 3: Leviathan
    32. Benjamin Rivers' Home will release on Steam this week
    33. JetSet Secrets announced by EA as F2P Facebook game
    34. Planetside 2 dev discusses beta progress, 'subscription MMOs dying'
    35. PS Move: Sports Champions 2 release date revealed
    36. Harmo Knight: Pokemon developer reveals new 3DS game
    37. Nintendo Direct: Animal Crossing 3DS dated for Japan
    38. Nintendo Direct: Pink and White 3DS revealed
    39. Nintendo Direct: New Professor Layton 3DS title for 2013
    40. Nintendo Direct: Kirby Pinball Land heading to 3DS eShop
    41. DmC & Remember Me dev sessions confirmed for Eurogamer Expo
    42. WRC 3: new screens show Mexico and Sweden tracks
    43. Mists of Pandaria interview: ready for panda-monium?
    44. GRID 2 dev explains delay, outlines 'pure' race mechanics
    45. Skyrim: Dawnguard PS3 delay not due to Hearthfire development - Bethesda
    46. Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS listing spotted on retail site [Debunked]
    47. Ex-Rare devs found studio, reveal trailer for debut game Tengami
    48. Black Ops 2: Nuketown Zombies exclusive to special editions, no pre-orders
    49. Elder Scrolls Online: concept art shows Skyrim, deserts and more
    50. Dishonored dev: 'Gamer fatigue leads to lack of new ideas'
    51. Black Ops 2 Care Package edition unboxing video: See the quadrotor fly
    52. Star Wars: First Assault trademark & domain filed
    53. Dead or Alive 5 dev video: 'we wanted to make it much sexier'
    54. Xbox Live Chinese language site launches, service still banned in China
    55. Gears of War: Judgment free-for-all playable at PAX Prime
    56. Steam: 'Best of British' bundle is live, saves $70
    57. The Binding of Isaac console versions incoming
    58. Tomb Raider to include "iconic" moments fans will always remember
    59. Tekken Tag 2 screens show customisation options, ludicrous outfits
    60. Hitman Absolution: a straight man in a twisted world
    61. Spec Ops: The Line's multiplayer is a "cancerous growth", says Yager staffer
    62. Mass Effect 3 Wii U in the works at Melbourne studio
    63. Zynga farewells chief creative officer
    64. Fruit Ninja Kinect DLC goes retro
    65. The World Ends With You director has "a variety of things" planned
    66. Closure's European PSN release stymied by developer's "inexperience"
    67. OnLive founder scuttled deals, alienated staff - rumour
    68. Madden NFL 13 SNAFU angers erroneously pictured player
    69. Natural Selection 2 footage shows off Exosuit
    70. 32% of UK gamers are "strategists", says analysis firm
    71. World of Warcraft 5.0.4 patch now live, adds cross-realm zones
    72. Hitman: Absolution sees return of veteran voice actor
    1. Borderlands 2's Varkids get nastier as you fight them
    2. US PS Store Update, August 28 - Rock Band Blitz, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, more
    3. Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC out now
    4. Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires trailer shows Xu Shu, more
    5. The Art of Journey being released in hardcover next month
    6. LEGO: Lord of the Rings box art is as adorable as it gets
    7. Evil Cole from inFamous is latest addition to PlayStation All-Stars roster
    8. Redemption - artwork for cancelled Crytek shooter surfaces
    9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Super-Grind, part 1: Demolition, St Marc
    10. Indie Royale's Getaway Bundle is now live, features six games
    11. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning 15th anniversary edition includes a 12 inch cow plushie
    12. WoW pet battles are 'long term studio commitment, will continue to grow' - Blizzard
    13. DmC, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Lost Planet 3 demos will be on hand at PAX
    14. God of War Saga, inFAMOUS and Ratchet & Clank Collections out in the US today
    15. Journey: Collector’s Edition is out today in the US
    16. Assassin’s Creed 3 - Alex Hutchinson walks you through naval warfare
    17. Hitman Absolution: 'twisted game world lets us go dark', says dev
    18. Need For Speed: Most Wanted video - "if you can find it, you can drive it"
    19. Firefall founder's packages and PAX plans announced by Red 5 Studios
    20. Legacy of Rome announced as second expansion for Crusader Kings 2
    21. The Secret World moves 200K units, Funcom to focus on smaller titles in the future
    22. Peter Molyneux to present extended developer session at Eurogamer Expo 2012
    23. Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC announced, watch the trailer here
    24. Guild Wars 2 pre-orders hit one million, 400K concurrent players logged-in over the weekend
    25. Vita firmware update 1.80 locks memory cards to one user account
    26. Various Wii U titles will be available to try out at PAX Prime
    27. Borderlands 2's Creature Slaughter Dome is a pre-order incentive exclusive through GameStop
    28. Toki Tori releases on 3DS Virtual Console this week in the US
    29. DayZ: an undead bank holiday adventure - video
    30. Black Ops 2: Care Package and Hardened Editions revealed, priced
    31. PS All-Stars Battle Royale: Crash Bandicoot reveal 'soon' - report
    32. World of Warcraft patch 5.0.4 goes live this week, patch notes imminent
    33. Cave CEO resigns, cites personal reasons
    34. 'Free-to-play titles are natural fit for Xbox 360' - Microsoft
    35. Kickstarter: Project Giana demo goes live
    36. Dead Space 3: new screens show orbital drops, co-op squabbling
    37. Dead Or Alive 5: Leaked shots show new character Mila
    38. Darksiders 2 Wii U box art revealed
    39. Transformers Fall of Cybertron campaign: Watch the first 15 minutes here
    40. Sony & Microsoft face next-gen struggle unless they support free-to-play - Crytek
    41. Nintendo Direct: next episode dated, no Wii U announcements
    42. 3DS eShop: Kirby Star Stacker & Theatrhythm DLC available this week
    43. Guild Wars 2 grouping fix incoming, ArenaNet responds
    44. 'Battlefield 3 support after DLC ends depends on fans' - DICE
    45. UK Charts: Sleeping Dogs retains top spot, Darksiders 2 takes 2nd
    46. E.X Troopers: 'Capcom wanted two very different Lost Planet games'
    47. PS Home RPG Mercia: Fractured Realms opens Thursday
    48. Orcs Must Die 2: Fire & Water Booster DLC revealed, dated
    49. XCOM Enemy Unknown: new gameplay footage released
    50. Yakuza 5: fresh screens show off new and returning cast
    51. Bethesda’s Pete Hines: on Dishonored, bugs and apples
    52. Angry Birds Trilogy to get DLC on top of $40 asking price
    53. Dungeons of Dredmor developer's latest is Clockwork Empires
    54. The Last of Us gameplay to be shown at PAX Prime
    55. Tony Hawk HD DLC: Airport and LA videos leaked
    56. Zombi U gets one death survival mode, Dark Souls hint system
    57. Metal Gear Solid 4: Kojima Productions explains trophy delay
    58. Karateka headed to iOS, Wii U
    59. DmC: Devil May Cry: 15 minutes of new gameplay footage released
    60. Lost Planet 3: Watch 15 minutes of gamescom gameplay footage here
    61. Angry Birds NFL: Philadelphia Eagles getting their own Facebook version
    62. Shin Megami Tensei 4 debut trailer captured
    63. Black Ops 2: Nuketown 2025 image hints at Zombie mode
    64. Gears of War: Judgment adds free-for-all multiplayer mode
    65. Cage: Sony grants "total freedom", indies the "future of the industry"
    66. Dead Island dev's next game is Project Hell
    67. Vita firmware 1.80 allows touch controls on PSP games - report
    68. The Walking Dead Episode 3 gets a last minute release date
    69. Guild Wars 2 player reaches level 80 cap pre-launch
    70. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition tots up 3.6 million sales
    71. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm classification suggests release approaching
    72. MLG strips League of Legends winners of prize in rigging scandal
    73. Vita compatible PSone Classics - full US and EU lists
    74. Hawken will support Oculus Rift at launch
    75. SpyParty getting a visual upgrade
    76. Mass Effect 3 marketing wanders into bats**t crazy mode
    77. PSOne Classics live on Vita tomorrow
    78. Borderlands free in next PlayStation Plus update
    79. Prey 2 not canned after all, says Bethesda's Pete Hines
    1. OnLive founder and CEO Steve Perlman ousted
    2. Wii U November 18 release date leak debunked
    3. Molyneux reveals plans for Curiosity follow-up, to be called Cooperation
    4. LG's line of 3D Smart TVs getting new games portal
    5. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus producer Kenji Kaido leaves Sony
    6. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition console release date announced
    7. Guild Wars 2: a noob's journey - part one
    8. Dishonored interview: who do you want to be today?
    9. Nintendo to attempt Kirby anniversary World Record at PAX
    10. Madden NFL 13 Ultimate Team expanded with Key packs
    11. BF3: Armored Kill DLC release date locked, hits PS3 Premium first
    12. The World Ends With You out now on iOS
    13. Borderlands 2 video shows off GeForce GTX PhysX effects
    14. PES 2013 pre-orders score steelbook
    15. Lollipop Chainsaw is most-shipped Grasshopper title
    16. Synso: Squid Harder dev's latest is Death Ray Manta
    17. Max Payne 3 patch preps for this week's DLC drop
    1. Counter-strike map copied in new Webzen title - report
    2. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 pre-order bonus deals helpfully explained
    3. DOTA 2 The International preliminaries streaming live now
    1. Civilization V, Torchlight, Ultima, Just Cause 2, more on sale this weekend
    2. Sony Pictures registers 18 "Console War movie" domains
    3. Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve has entered closed beta, pre-order available
    4. Guild Wars 2 servers go live: and so it begins
    5. Elemental: Fallen Enchantress beta update coming to Steam next week
    6. MechWarrior Online River City reveal trailer shows an unrelenting terrain
    7. Microsoft hosting mixer for former OnLive employees next week
    8. New Little King's Story European release announced for late September
    9. Darksiders 2 patch to address progression bugs, add requested PC features
    10. Torchlight 2 release date to be announced August 31
    11. Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force video shows a bit of story, gameplay
    12. Metal Gear's 25th anniversary event to 'shake up' industry
    13. The Raven is the latest point-and-click adventure from The Book of Unwritten Tales developers
    14. Dead Island: Riptide and Sacred 3 to debut at PAX Prime next weekend
    15. WoW and service pulled from Iran due to US sanctions - Blizzard
    16. GW2 - connectivity issues reported, fixes in progress
    1. OnLive offering four free indie games this weekend
    2. Mobile to reach 360's level in graphics and processing "within the next generation" - Activision
    3. Dungeon Fighter Online hit 3 million concurrent users in June
    4. World of Warcraft Remote subscription service goes free
    5. 22 Cans' Curiosity now titled Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube
    6. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn enlistment trailer released
    7. Soul Sacrifice will contain "painful decisions" as part of the gameplay - Inafune
    8. Star Wars 1313 video takes you deep into Coruscant's haven for criminals
    9. The Secret World update Digging Deeper delayed into September
    10. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan trailer takes you deep into the ocean
    11. Nintendo rules 70% of the games market in Japan
    12. FIFA 13, Madden 13, and Warfighter are the subjects of latest EA Update
    13. Painkiller: Hell & Damnation platforms, release date and pricing to be announced in September
    14. Rock Band World social app arrives on Facebook
    15. Battlefield 3 - DICE quadrupling the number of official servers on PS3 and Xbox 360
    16. Hitman Absolution: Contracts mode footage, new details
    17. Tiny Troopers available now for PC and Mac on various digital services
    18. World of Tanks’ Clan Wars mode coming to World of Warplanes
    19. GTA 5 screenshots show police, helicopters, man hanging onto semi
    20. Guild Wars 2 infographic provides insight into the game's virtual economy
    21. Spelunker HD update hits next week, contains new area and seven Championship Mode packs
    22. Happy Wars: Free-to-play XBLA title launches in autumn, new trailer
    23. XCOM: Casualties of War trailer shows Earth's last stand
    24. 'We're entering a big bad world where there are no rules' - Sony
    25. Remember Me: Capcom sees 'long-term future' in Dontnod's IP
    26. Activision wants to bring all its brands to mobile, promises big marketing drive
    27. Walking Dead: Episode 3 release date 'soon', two new characters confirmed
    28. Fable: The Journey achievement list revealed
    29. Halo 4 will be playable at Eurogamer Expo, 343 hosting dev session
    30. PES 2013 gets licensed Brazilian teams, new trailer
    31. DmC: 'We understand why you got mad' - Capcom
    32. Borderlands 2 soundtrack album revealed, all 23 songs listed
    33. Minecraft Xbox 360: Skin Pack 2 out today, new screens emerge
    34. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC update out today, patch notes here
    35. Minecraft gets new Wither King boss monster - See him in action here
    36. THQ store: Darksiders, Homefront & Metro 2033 get discounts
    37. Transformers Fall of Cybertron: launch screens show multiplayer & robotic carnage
    38. Modern Warfare 4 details leaked by Neversoft insider - Report
    39. DmC interview: Capcom 'had a lot to prove'
    40. Battlefield 4: 'People shouldn't be worried about Battlefield 3 support' - DICE
    41. Halo 4: Spartan Ops DLC is 'bigger than Halo 3: ODST' - 343 Industries
    42. Zombi U dev diary asks 'how long will you survive?'
    43. The World Ends With You launching on iOS, new soundtrack confirmed
    44. Unite 2012 conference winners announced: Total War, Dead Trigger take gold
    45. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 hits Steam
    46. Persona 4 Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition announced, only 10,000 made
    47. More concept art for cancelled Sony Cambridge PS3 projects appear
    48. WRC 3 takes a cruise through Argentina in new gameplay footage
    49. Botanicula, Dyad, Stanley Parable among IndieCade 2012 Red Carpet Award nominees
    50. Final Fantasy Dimensions expected by month's end
    51. R18+ games ratings laws passed by ACT
    52. Assassin's Creed: Initiate domain registrations could mean anything
    53. Uncharted movie project loses second director
    54. Dark Souls fan offers unofficial resolution mod
    55. The Walking Dead episode two arrives on iOS next week
    56. World of Warcraft, Guild Wars among MMOs inaccessible from Iran - report
    57. Dance Central 3 dev cites testing as key to Kinect success
    58. Xbox Live political hub to launch August 27
    59. Resident Evil 6 gamescom stage show has Jake and Sherry bonding
    1. Guild Wars 2 weapons skills to be more newb-friendly than GW
    2. King of Fighters veterans behind Nicalis's Yatagarasu
    3. Facebook dev costs scaring off games investors, says venture capitalist
    4. Psychonauts releasing on PSN as PS2 classic next week
    5. Dead Space 3 screenshots show necromorphs, weapons, cool space suits
    6. Angry Birds Space updated with Red Planet expansion
    7. The Legend of Zelda turns 25 in the US
    8. Peter Moore: "Packaged goods will get a rebirth," with next-gen systems
    9. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes will release next month on 360, PC, and PS3
    10. Hearts of Iron 3: Their Finest Hour has beta slots open, and you could win ten
    11. Tokitowa trailer shows fighting, fella with a rose
    12. Might & Magic Heroes VI - second adventure pack Danse Macabre announced
    13. Social features in games have become "very important" if not "mandatory," says Iwata
    14. Golden Joystick Awards 2012 finalists announced
    15. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition hits PC tomorrow, here's a trailer to celebrate your death
    16. Dishonored hands-on: welcome to the party, pal
    17. When Vikings Attack screenshots show bewildered invaders
    18. Dishonored dev: Corridor games are a 'circus'
    19. I Am Alive to release on PC in September
    20. CityVille general manager Alan Patmore has left Zynga
    21. Battlefield 3 Premium users get Double XP exclusively this weekend
    22. Sleeping Dogs PC demo lands on Steam
    23. Dishonored video shows you how not to be seen
    24. Remedy - next-gen a "quantum leap" over current consoles
    25. Molyneux must rename Curiosity app 'because of NASA'
    26. VectorRacing, Metal Slug X, Abyss round out Nintendo download offerings
    27. Dead or Alive 5 character roster expands with Helena and Lisa
    28. OnLive debt estimated between $30 - $40 million, CEO to stay on with firm
    29. Rocksmith to finally release in Europe next month
    30. Second PES 2013 demo lands on PSN and XBL next week
    31. Final Fantasy 14 stock to be destroyed by retailers per Square's request - rumor
    32. Broken Sword 5 from Revolution Software is the latest Kickstarter
    33. Guild Wars 2 launch times - the final countdown
    34. Unity 4 tech demo shows a man having a very bad day
    35. PS All-Stars Battle Royale: Sackboy kicks Dante's ass in new screens
    36. XCOM: Enemy Unknown 'more tactical than original', says producer
    37. Borderlands 2: "crazy" new footage, lead writer quizzed
    38. DmC: Devil May Cry co-op debunked by Ninja Theory
    39. Wasteland 2 development 'kicking ass' thanks to lack of corporate meddling - Fargo
    40. GTA 5: 'It won't come out in 2012', says retailer
    41. NFS Most Wanted: Criterion hosting dev session at Eurogamer Expo
    42. Hot Shots Golf 6: PS3 Screens show off slot mode and new course
    43. World of Warcraft: 'no plans to raise F2P cap above level 20' - Blizzard
    44. Heavenly Sword 2 concept art leaked, Ninja Theory comments
    45. EA: 'I get hurt when I see BioWare & DICE criticised'
    46. Borderlands 2 getting rare Top Trumps cards. Only 5,000 will exist.
    47. Assassin's Creed 3: First behind the scenes trailer gives up new details
    48. Deadpool: 'We're getting it right' - High Moon
    49. Halo 4 achievement list revealed, read it all here.
    50. Borderlands 2 interview: Randy P and the $500 game
    51. NBA Live 13 footage leaks: 10 minutes of gameplay revealed
    52. Xbox 360: 'No more price cuts in 2012', say analysts
    53. Resident Evil 6: New screens show split screen co-op and skill trees
    54. Closure heading to Steam, PS3 EU release 'still possible'
    55. Skullgirls: Latest patch to add balancing tweaks, palette swaps
    56. Planetary Annihilation: Kickstarter hits $640,000, stretch goals revealed
    57. Black Isle relaunch to utilise classic Interplay IP
    58. Injustice: Gods Among to be us less "gratuitous violence", more "over-the-top"
    59. Sleeping Dogs: Square Enix "incredibly supportive" of PC version
    60. The Walking Dead creator "quite taken with" TellTale's game
    61. Halo 4 soundtrack available in two flavours, including "bogglingly pricey"
    62. Survey finds UK kids play eight hours of games each week during hols
    63. Modern Warfare 3 continues Xbox Live activity dominance
    64. Ratchet & Clank Collection produces new trailer, ancient concept art
    65. Humble Bundle for Android 3 adds four new games
    66. Diablo 3 designer apologises for "disrespect" towards franchise creator
    67. Lost Planet 3 developer working on mysterious reboot - report
    68. Curiosity is "simple" and "crazy", says Molyneux
    1. Lord of the Rings Online Mac client coming with next expansion - report
    2. Ragnarok Odyssey Mercenary Edition headed to US
    3. Valve's Abrash compares VR transition to smartphone revolution
    4. The Walking Dead doesn't star Rick Grimes so it would 'matter' to fans
    5. PlayStation patent shows Dual Shock, Move and Eye interacting with TV ads
    6. PS4 to support 4K resolution - rumor
    7. Borderlands now playable in browser, viral marketing at its finest
    8. VOTE!!! The Game from Chair and Epic now available for free in App Store
    9. Modern Warfare 3 demo hits Xbox Live tomorrow
    10. Assassin's Creed 3 teams up with Rock the Vote for US art tour
    11. TANK! TANK! TANK! for Wii U feature four-player support
    12. Persona 4: Arena European release hits a bit of a snag
    13. Plants vs Zombies creator laid off from PopCap - report
    14. Nintendo Power ends with December issue
    15. Project Copernicus video shows what might have been, player-driven systems
    16. Battlefield 3 is not being abandoned with Battlefield 4 in development, says Bach
    17. Mass Effect 3: Operation Alloy multiplayer event is this weekend
    18. Ex-Rare developer details shelving of Killer Instinct 3, Savannah, other projects
    19. Gnaw unleashed upon Awesomenauts
    20. Tokitowa - new screenshots show battle magic, and other naughty things
    21. Kinect price permanently dropped in US to $110
    22. Black Isle Studios being resuscitated by Interplay
    23. Soul Sacrifice screens show lovely landscapes, formidable enemies
    24. Game: Oxford Street store to close, company issues statement
    25. SunFlowers announced for fall release on Vita
    26. Battlefield 3: Armored Kill - Patrick Bach talks Death Valley
    27. New Super Mario Bros. 2 reigns supreme on Media Create charts
    28. CS:GO missing from EU PS Store, Sony working to "resolve the issue"
    29. Sky's NOW TV app releases on Xbox 360
    30. Forza Horizon VIP program included with Limited Collector’s Edition
    31. David Cage interview: interaction lost in a cinematic age
    32. GTA 5 screens show tennis, other leisure activities
    33. Dishonored screens show more masks, a freaky looking canine
    34. EU PS Store update, August 22 - Expendables 2, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Retro/Grade
    35. Riders of Rohan expansion for LOTRO delayed into October
    36. Basement Collection - Coil and two secret games added to package
    37. World of Tanks update 8.0 gets a barrage of screens
    38. Molyneux's Curiosity delayed until September, gets new trailer
    39. Studio Liverpool was working on WipeEout PS4 before it closed - Report
    40. Resident Evil 6 goes gold, Resident gets new details
    41. Hot Shots Golf PS Vita: PS3 port dated, new modes detailed
    42. Studio Liverpool closed, WipEout dev's projects canned
    43. EA's Moore sings BioWare's praises: studio has 'done great'
    44. Puppeteer: Sony Japan Studios gives up new details on plot and scissor combat
    45. Company of Heroes 2: First public hands-on, Relic panel at Eurogamer Expo
    46. Yakuza 5 gameplay details emerge, dance battle system baffles
    47. Assassin's Creed 3 secrets: 'Still so much you haven't seen' - Ubisoft
    48. Killer Instinct 3: 'Microsoft wasn't interested', says ex-Rare dev
    49. Battlefield 3 Armored Kill: new vidoc shows maps & vehicles
    50. Madden 13 demo live on PS3 & Xbox 360
    51. FF13: Next Lightning chapter to be revealed Sept 1st
    52. DOA 5's 'Japanese approach to women won't change'
    53. Ubisoft: PC piracy rate around 95%, F2P is the way forward
    54. The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers resurfaces, Nippon Ichi talks release
    55. DayZ standalone: 'We will never fully solve hacking problem', says dev
    56. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - a glorious war
    57. StarCraft 2 LAN support not part of Blizzard's "philosophy"
    58. Diablo 3 patch 1.04: Blizzard addresses unbalancing concerns
    59. Diablo 3 used to look like an MMO: Brevik reveals all
    60. Firefall ditches traditional MMO levelling as it was too slow
    61. Assassin's Creed 3 Rise trailer gets the BTS treatment
    62. Darksiders 2: Ex-Vigil dev speaks out about lack of staff credits
    63. Counter-strike: Global Offensive out today
    64. MLG Summer Championship kicks off this weekend
    65. Iwata: Dedicated handheld gaming is "not going to go away"
    66. State of Decay is the new name for Class3
    67. NBC Xbox Live app now available
    68. Xbox 360 Essentials Pack launching in October
    69. Yakuza 5 screens re-introduce the Tojo clan
    70. OnLive shares "highly likely" to be written off, says BT
    71. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PC won't make it to Australian retail
    72. Street Fighter x Tekken Vita packs in extra features
    73. Assassin's Creed 3 dev team "underestimated" naval battles' appeal
    74. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm to retain WoL balance where possible
    75. NBA 2K13 developers discuss controls overhaul
    1. Dishonored dev feels players are "hungry" for non-linear games
    2. EA Australia's "something big" revealed as early-access tour
    3. Castlevania on 3DS "quite a challenge" but "remarkable"
    4. Minecraft Xbox 360 Skin Pack 2 due August 24
    5. Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational headed to PlayStation 3
    6. Mists of Pandaria prompts World of Warcraft sale
    7. Funcom announces round of lay-offs, could affect half of worldwide staff
    8. Max Payne 3 Disorganized Crime Pack DLC releases next week
    9. Frozen Synapse: Collector's Edition lands in the UK exclusively next month
    10. Concept art for PS3 title Zodiac Assassin surfaces, was ditched for Heavenly Sword
    11. Total War: Rome 2 video goes behind-the-scenes of live-action trailer The Faces of Rome
    12. Xbox 360 finalists for Microsoft's 2012 Dream.Build.Play challenge announced
    13. Lamia hopes "people are excited by the changes," coming to Black Ops 2
    14. PopCap - redundencies hit Seattle and Dublin studios
    15. Physical retail could disappear in 10 years, maybe sooner, says EA's Soderlund
    16. US PS Store and Plus update, August 21 - CS:GO, Fall of Cybertron, Sleeping Dogs demo, more
    17. Nintendo may announce Wii U release date during press event on September 13
    18. Nintendo Power magazine will no longer be published
    19. Tony Scott was interested in directing Gears of War movie
    20. Raven Strike DLC pack announced for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
    21. Spec Ops: The Line updated with free co-op content
    22. DUST 514 images show off beta content
    23. THQ cuts 20 staff from Marketing and Production, "none of the development teams are effected"
    24. Microsoft accepting more testers for Xbox Live Update Public Beta
    25. video shows the benefits of the online service
    26. Beyond Two Souls: Interactivity is 'more than shooting guns' - Cage
    27. PS3 is in "prime time," no price cut coming this year, says Yoshida
    28. Black Ops 2 interview: Treyarch shuffles multiplayer deck
    29. PSA: Vita firmware update 1.8 releases next week
    30. Sony Summer Sale hits final week, new deals added
    31. New PlayStation Plus subscription cards land at retail in the UK
    32. Dance Central 3's story mode sounds ludicrous, but fun - Dev Diary
    33. Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel was originally titled Army of Four, says Visceral
    34. FIFA 13 video: new gameplay, Rutter, all the balls
    35. Xbox Live content update, August 21: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, NHL 13 demo, more
    36. Diablo 3 - Blizzard "to be looking at" difficulty options post update 1.0.4
    37. Special Forces: Team X -"stylized, team-centric third-person shooter," announced for PC
    38. DUST 514 closed beta launches today, will share test server with EVE Online
    39. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Game of the Year Edition release date announced for Europe
    40. Pokemon Black & White 2 screens show off Join Avenue
    41. Metal Gear Solid 5 'will launch Summer 2013 at the earliest', says mo-cap actor
    42. EA to publishers: 'Don't be afraid of change'
    43. Warhammer Quest heading to iOS in 2013
    44. Dust 514 beta open to PS Plus members tomorrow
    45. WWE '13 trailer shows off final roster
    46. Mutant Mudds heading to PC August 30th
    47. Army of Two: Devil's Cartel screens show guns, masks and carnage
    48. Planescape Torment: This is what a spiritual successor would look like
    49. PlayStation: The Official Magazine goes digital in US
    50. LotR: Guardians of Middle Earth dev invites top MOBA players to test game
    51. League of Legends wins fight over porn domain
    52. Guild Wars 2: 'MMO narratives need to be consistent' - ArenaNet talks narratives
    53. Tokyo Jungle release date confirmed for EU
    54. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 2nd gets a hack n' slashy trailer
    55. 'Metal Gear Rising skipping PS Vita due to lack of power' - Kojima Productions
    56. Way of The Samurai 4 features 'inspired by Demon's Souls', says dev
    57. Dance Central 3 opening cinematic trailer released
    58. Secret World: Update art shows rocket launchers & Tokyo environment
    59. Jet Set Willy release date confirmed for 360 and Windows Phone
    60. FIFA 13: Oxlade-Chamberlain and Hart join Messi on box
    61. Skyrim's next DLC could be 'Hearthfire', Bethesda files trademark
    62. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney development 'at its climax' says dev
    63. EA teasing "Something Big" this week, teaser image revealed
    64. Remember Me: Voice actress revealed, Dontnod responds to voiceover criticism
    65. Hitman: Absolution multiplayer contracts can be ported to other platforms
    66. Shuhei Yoshida interview: can Vita Tearaway?
    67. 'Tearaway is ideal showcase of PS Vita's bespoke features' - Yoshida
    68. Sony's Yoshida on Gaikai purchase: "We believe in the future"
    69. Final Fantasy 2: Rare NES cart selling on eBay for $50,000
    70. Counter-Strike Global Offensive: Launch patch notes revealed, zombie mod supported
    71. Diablo 3 dev responds to Brevik's criticisms: "F**k that loser!"
    72. Tokyo Jungle: Another new trailer baffles the mind
    73. FIFA hacks: EA putting 'a lot of resources' towards defending FIFA 13
    74. Black Ops 2 multiplayer: New create-a-class model is 'empowering' - Treyarch
    75. Hideo Kojima locked in for PAX Prime panel
    76. Borderlands 2 comics to debut in November
    77. Scott Pilgrim vs The World DLC pushed back on both systems
    78. DOTA 2 stand-alone spectator app now available
    79. PopCap struck by months of quiet lay-offs - source
    80. Zynga's copycat games 'squander talent', say mobile devs
    81. Worms Collection UK release date pinned down
    82. Cross Buy headed to US and Europe, just not Japan
    83. EA "standing up for the industry" with Zynga copycat suit
    84. Consoles must embrace free-to-play or face extinction, says Nexon boss
    85. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron spawns yet another launch trailer
    86. Green Day incarnated as pigs in Angry Birds Friends
    87. Prey 2 still happening despite absence from new Bethesda website
    88. Joe Danger 2: The Movie expected in the next two months
    89. PSA: Dragon Age comic series arrives this week
    90. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PC port on the cards
    91. Resident Evil 6 gamescom demo takes in a giant snake battle
    92. DUST 514 Neocom Vita app includes real-time EVE Online map
    93. Final Fantasy 7 PC: Square Enix apologises for troubled launch, fixes incoming
    94. Harmonix recruiting repeats hints of upcoming combat-focused IP
    95. Diablo 3 to expand end-game content with 100 level Paragon system
    1. PS Vita sales hit 2.2 million worldwide
    2. Command & Conquer Generals 2: No single player campaign at launch
    3. God of War Ascension: 'Kratos has morals, won't kill civilians' - Sony
    4. Counter-Stike Global Offensive hits Xbox 360 on Wednesday
    5. Beyond: Two Souls will send "strong signal" over actors
    6. Guild Wars 2-sponsored bike ride enters final leg
    7. Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC won't interrupt multiplayer for non-buyers
    8. Dishonored: new gameplay reveals Lady Boyle mission
    9. GTA 5 screens show cycling, fighter jets and sports cars
    10. Plants Vs Zombies 2 release date revealed
    11. The Walking Dead: tips for surviving the undead afterworld
    12. Nintendo: 'We're not milking Mario franchise' - Iwata
    13. Gamestop president: 'pre-orders are up for every title in Q3 and Q4'
    14. PES 2013: Konami confirms 150 licensed teams
    15. Remember Me: Street Fighter's Ono helping with combat
    16. Tokyo Jungle release date is September 25, PSN-only release
    17. FIFA 13: Messi to replace Rooney on front cover - Report
    18. Simon Maxwell departs Future for Eurogamer Network
    19. Dragon Age 3: Multiplayer, plot & art revealed - report
    20. "Which new PS3?": Sony exec shrugs off PS3-4000 chatter
    21. Deadly Premonition 2: SWERY teases sequel and director's cut of original
    22. BioWare: 'We're not lying about day one DLC'
    23. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: This week's DLC additions revealed
    24. Sleeping Dogs tops UK chart, London 2012 relegated
    25. Fallout 4: Boston setting discussed by tipster - report
    26. 3DS eShop: Donkey Kong Jr, NES Golf & Lego Batman 2 lead update
    27. Wargaming CEO: 'Free to play is the Wild West, it's unpredictable'
    28. DayZ standalone version: No mod support at launch, console version considered
    29. Smash Bros. Wii U: New characters confirmed
    30. New Super Mario Bros. 2 site opens with tips for newcomers
    31. The World Ends With You: Sequel teaser site opens - Report
    32. Shadowrun Returns concept art shows a grim, neon-lit metropolis
    33. Silent Hunter Online beta registration now open
    34. CastleMiner Z: Fastest selling Xbox Live Indie game - 900,000 served
    35. Rat in a cage: why your mind loves Steam sales
    36. Basement Collection: Edmund McMillen Details new game features
    37. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance trailer includes a robot dog
    38. PopCap expecting lay-offs and shake up - rumour
    39. DmC gamescom demo is 26 minutes of hack and slash action
    40. Scribblenauts Remix update adds school-flavoured playground
    41. Gamescom 2012 attracts 275,000 visitors, next year's dates set
    42. App Store feature shows off Aussie development talent
    43. Club Nintendo sold out of Gold Nunchuk
    44. Okami HD tantalises with five minutes of gameplay
    45. Cross Buy restricted to Europe for now, says Yoshida
    1. OnLive went bankrupt to wipe out employee equity - rumour
    2. Diablo 3 raises "very mixed emotions" in original series creator
    3. 3DS XL out now in the US, back up your SD cards before transfer
    4. Winter still on n-Space's to do list
    5. Dead or Alive 5 roster to expand further before launch
    1. Minecraft update 1.4 to contain potted plants, dyes, more
    2. Sports Champions 2 will release this October in the US
    3. "Assassin's Creed 3 is a franchise, like Mario or Resident Evil," says Ubisoft
    4. Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers - 10 minute video released
    5. Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth video escapes gamescom
    6. Larian Studios - still no word on who stole PCs at gamescom
    7. Zone of the Enders HD Collection gamescom shots should make you happy
    8. Borderlands 2 goes gold, ESRB description is rather hilarious
    9. Nintendo doesn't want gamers to feel "cheated or deceived" with DLC, says Iwata
    10. Devil May Cry pre-order bonus from Amazon detailed, boxart released
    11. XBL is free this weekend to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospital
    12. Silent Hill: Book of Memories screens show co-op, multiplayer
    13. Project Copernicus would have launched as a free-to-play MMO
    14. Valve details Source Filmmaker 2012 Saxxy Awards, releases full CS:GO trailer
    15. Black Ops 2 may be heading to Wii U, according to LinkedIn resume
    16. Darksiders 2 - Vigil working on PC patch to address non-existent config files
    17. OnLive sold, will continue operating as "newly-formed company"
    1. OnLive denies closure rumor as massive round of layoffs occur
    2. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron launch screens are rather great
    3. Beyond: Two Souls behind-closed-doors session video
    4. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance: lightning strikes twice
    5. Blizzard: "We are definitely open to cutting units" in Starcraft II
    6. The Secret World receives 50% sale on Amazon this weekend
    7. Diablo 3 Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor patch previews live
    8. Splinter Cell: Blacklist extended walkthrough video shows off Sam's new moves
    9. Firefall summer crunch led to Red 5 hiring former BioWare and 38 Studio employees
    10. FFXIV producer: Regaining the trust of fans "is very hard"
    11. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch gamescom trailer is lovely
    12. Tales of Xillia 2 battle video is surprisingly beautiful
    13. Company of Heroes 2 shots show a cold, Eastern Front
    14. Hideo Kojima finds Silent Hill "enviously attractive"
    15. Ryse development "moving forward really well," says Crytek
    16. Bohemia "feared" how fans would react to standalone DayZ
    17. More tracks from The Black Keys heading to Rock Band 3 next week
    18. LEGO: Lord of the Rings will feature 85 playable characters
    19. Tokitowa will receive extra content in the form of downloadable scenarios
    20. XCOM: Enemy Unknown trailer details and show off the game's multiplayer
    21. Namco Bandai reveal Digimon Adventure RPG for PSP
    22. Borderlands 2 weapons trailers show off Maliwan, Tediore, and Vladof
    23. Halo 4 'Prelude' trailer takes you behind the scenes
    24. Modders can apply today for early access to CDP's REDkit
    25. Hi-ho, hi-ho, A Game of Dwarves trailer is go
    26. Fable: The Journey demo hits XBL next month, new video doc released
    27. LEGO: Lord of the Rings screenshots take you on a Misty Mountain Hop
    28. Anomaly: Warzone Earth hits European end of PSN later this month
    29. New XCOM: Enemy Unknown footage details multiplayer
    30. DmC: Devil May Cry sequel teased
    31. Remember Me is set to have "a long-term future," says Capcom
    32. Alex Hutchinson: games journos show "subtle racism"
    33. Amnesia designer: 'Why haven't we advanced storytelling in games?'
    34. Omerta: City of Gangsters will brawl this November
    35. A wild Pikachu 3DS XL appears
    36. Metroid: 'Team Ninja wants to work with Nintendo again' - Hayashi
    37. CS:GO trailer, DOTA 2 docco, hateful sharks and more from Valve GTTV visit
    38. Dead or Alive 5: Director wants more cameos, 'Ryo from Shenmue would be ideal'
    39. Final Fantasy 13 announce, 25th Anniversary event to be live-streamed
    40. Fallout: New Vegas cut content uncovered and made playable as mods
    41. Horn arrives on App Store, here's what it looks like
    42. Guild Wars 2 to allow free server transfers during launch period
    43. Counter-strike: Global Offensive will launch alongside first mod
    44. War of the Roses beta attracts 100K, keys on their way
    45. Sir Painhammer is a thing, and Ubisoft is behind it
    46. Sega Alliance launched as new indie publishing scheme
    47. Dead or Alive 5 boss dodges sexism query with "the cutest chicks in video games"
    48. GameStop's console streaming service canned
    49. A Valley Without Wind 50% off on Steam, headed for graphical overhaul
    50. ZombiU allows you to leave clues for other players
    51. Wii U graphics "maybe even better" than 360 and PS3, says Sumo
    52. Core gamers follow games, not platforms, says XSEED
    1. Machinarium headed to European PlayStation Network in September
    2. Portal 2 UGC tools expanded to co-operative levels
    3. LittleBigPlanet costume DLC usable in LittleBigPlanet Karting
    4. Rebellion files trademark infringement suit against Stardock
    5. GameStop to allow in-store auto-download of Xbox 360 content
    6. WoW - all races including Pandaren to be available with patch 5.0.4
    7. Pre-order Persona 4 Golden for Vita, receive a free Vita Skin
    8. Monster Hunter news for the west still to be announced this year
    9. Nintendo receives bad marks for not ensuring "conflict minerals" aren't in any of it products
    10. Borderlands 2 bundled with GeForce GTX 660 Ti
    11. FIFA 13 gamescom screens show Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, more
    12. Tomb Raider will star a more confident Lara Croft in latter-half of the game
    13. The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia heading west in January 2013
    14. Cage - industry suffering from "Peter Pan syndrome," needs to "grow up"
    15. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate pushed into 2013
    16. EU PS Plus update, August 16 - Borderlands, Just Cause 2, Retro/Grade
    17. Steam Community beta launches with limited access
    18. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition Wii U boxart is bright aquamarine
    19. Vita price-cut not in the cards for 2012, says Yoshida
    20. Sony in talks with third-party publishers for Cross Buy promotions
    21. Hawken gameplay demo shows shooting mixed with techno music
    22. Uplay PC launches, select Ubisoft titles are ?1 for a limited time
    23. GameStop Q2 digital sales improve by 27%
    24. Dead Space 3 video shows you how to craft weapons
    25. Ubisoft releases video of its gamescom 2012 press conference
    26. Guild Wars 2 server and launch timings announced
    27. Hitman: Absolution - Saints level tweaked over controversy
    28. Trine 2 expansion Goblin Menace announced for PC, OS X, Linux
    29. "There is no feud," between EA and Valve, says Peter Moore
    30. E.X. Troopers showcases crazy comic book style in new trailer
    31. Neverwinter delayed until early 2013
    32. Brandon Beck believes "e-sports will be an Olympic event"
    33. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 to release on PC
    34. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, New Super Mario Bros. 2 head up weekly Nintendo downloads
    35. Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event to take place during PAX Prime
    36. World of Warcraft's iconic visual style explained
    37. Epic Mickey 2 screenshots show the Power of Two
    38. Bigpoint launching free-to-play games on Amazon Game Connect
    39. Private equity firms KKR and Providence interested in acquiring EA - report
    40. Ludorum Studios announce Ascension: Arenas of War
    41. Mists of Pandaria opening cinematic released by Blizzard
    42. EA labels president has "seen both" PS4 and next-Xbox
    43. Bad Company and Mirror's Edge IPs are "too good to kill," says Bach
    44. Media Molecule working on "early stage" of second project
    45. Beyond: Two Souls - death comes to us all
    46. DayZ creator rejects interest from "many, many publishers"
    47. Uber Entertainment turn to Kickstarter for Planetary Annihilation project
    48. Defiance screens offer the Midas touch
    49. Beyond: Two Souls script '2,000 pages long', 4 times bigger than movies - Cage
    50. Assassin’s Creed 3 shown playable on Wii U, “the same” as 360, PS3, PC
    51. Rift: Storm Legion shots reveal vicious foes
    52. End of Nations customisation flaunted in new trailer and screens
    53. King's Bounty: Warriors of the North receives epic trailer
    54. Nordic Games to publish The Raven
    55. Warface wins 'Most Glorious Screenshot Avalanche' of gamescom 2012
    56. Mega Man social RPG headed to iOS
    57. Medal of Honor tomahawk promotion cancelled
    58. Stardock suing ex-staffer over loss of Elemental: War of Magic assets
    59. Crysis 3 dev team "promise to melt down PCs"
    60. Castle Crashers coming to PC
    61. Konami is the second most profitable social publisher
    62. Far Cry 3 - new gameplay reveals 'outposts'
    63. Darksiders 2 developers uncredited, says ex-Vigil staffer
    64. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria screens are pure delight
    65. Remember Me snapped up after Sony dropped project
    66. Diablo 3 Wizard and Barbarian patch previews live
    67. Humble Bundle for Android 3 available now
    68. Darksiders 2 combat design to be more "open ended"
    69. Deadpool mysteriously visits a bouncy castle in new screens
    70. Epic Mickey 2 introduces a range of classic character
    71. Counter-strike: Global Offensive exclusive PS Plus demo drops next week
    72. SimCity screens take in fast cars and bright lights
    73. Crysis 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted and Armoured Kill feature in latest PWNED
    74. Far Cry 3 video focuses on co-op team
    75. PlayStation Mobile partners list includes From Software, THQ, Nippon Ichi, and many more
    76. Anno Online, Might & Magic Raiders announced at gamescom
    77. Tomb Raider's gamescom showing offers just two new screens
    78. Darksiders 2 meets Metalocalypse this week
    1. SWTOR boss: gamers are wary of subscription "commitment"
    2. The Walking Dead offers two murky environmental shots
    3. 3DS eShop, Wii U store appeal to independent developers
    4. Spector "actively trying to shame" Carmack, Sweeney into dropping violent focus
    5. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Cross-Play feature allows Vita to be used as X-ray goggles
    6. NBA 2K13 to feature Dream Team, 2012 Olympic team
    7. Wheel of Time games headed to mobile, more through Kickstarter
    8. SOE's Bullet Run takes reality TV to a whole new level
    9. Planetside 2 gamescom trailer tries to entice you into beta participation
    10. Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel - Visceral discusses taking the franchise in a new direction
    11. gamescom 2012 - Day One VG247 Wrap up
    12. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge on Wii U to contain improvements over PS3, 360 version
    13. Neverwinter gamescom screens and trailer focus on the Ebon Downs
    14. Ghost Recon Online launch trailer released
    15. Axl Rose's $20 million lawsuit against Activision to go to trial
    16. Might & Magic Heroes Online gamescom teaser is full of cinematics
    17. The Secret World - next update coming later this month
    18. Painkiller: Hell and Damnation may be bound for Wii U - rumor
    19. Just Dance 4 track listing is massive
    20. Rayman Legends gamescom trailer shows a fun-looking game
    21. StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm in "final stages," of development, beta invites to be sent in waves
    22. Halo 4's War Games Map Pass will cost you $25
    23. Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC releasing later this month
    24. GTTV heads to Valve headquarters to chat with Newell, talk Steam and CS:GO
    25. Sony says Anonymous PSN hack claim is "false"
    26. The Last Story release pushed to August 17 in US, 1-3 weeks for Amazon
    27. PES 2013 gamescom trailer shows play highlights
    28. Thieves make off with PCs containing early builds of Divinity: Dragon Commander and Divinity: Original Sin
    29. The Last of Us: giving us something to believe in
    30. ArmA 3 screenshots show soldiers in action
    31. 3DS XL Cradle and AC Adaptor pack available in the UK later this month
    32. The Last of Us cinematic process video shows the actors in motion
    33. The Witcher 2 sweeps European Games Awards with six wins
    34. SimCity World lets you play on a global scale
    35. DayZ lead would like to see the mod on consoles
    36. Sony forced to "re-do" work on The Last Guardian
    37. Ratchet and Clank: QForce PS Vita support and Competitive Mode detailed
    38. 007 Legends - Die Another Day and Licence to Kill-inspired missions announced
    39. EU PS Store update, Aug 15 – Papo & Yo, Sound Shapes, new Dragons Dogma demo
    40. Command & Conquer Generals 2 now F2P via new Command & Conquer platform
    41. Hitman Absolution's Contract Mode detailed: Interview
    42. Star Wars 1313 screens show the dark side
    43. Final Fantasy VII finally re-released on PC
    44. Castlevania 3DS screens showcase new bloodline
    45. Two more Dead or Alive 5 fighters revealed
    46. Black Ops: Declassified multiplayer - shooting blanks
    47. Eurogamer Network launches Outside Xbox, a new website run by industry veterans
    48. Next-gen Gran Turismo: details "soon," says Yoshida
    49. Dust 514 and EvE marketplaces will merge over time
    50. Dust 514: Learning all skills will take 7 years, says CCP
    51. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance screenshots show a moody Raiden
    52. New KickBeat trailer break dances into action
    53. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition intimidates with new trailer
    54. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to feature 3D support and Tekken Tunes
    55. The Last Story launch trailer is unsurprisingly weird
    56. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is overwhelmingly busy in new trailer
    57. Halo 4 multiplayer specializations will change the game forever
    58. Guardians of Middle-Earth gamescom trailer profiles Legolas and the Witch-King
    59. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn screens show off graphical progress
    60. Scott Pilgrim dev looking to fund new title through Kickstarter
    61. F1 Race Stars screens are genuinely frightening
    62. Action-RPG Mars: War Logs announced
    63. F1 2012 produces lightning-fast gamescom screens
    64. Lunar Software reveal Routine at gamescom 2012
    65. Total War: Rome 2 gamescom screens full of glory and violence
    66. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance release day locked down
    67. Need for Speed: Most Wanted under consideration for Vita Cross Buy scheme
    68. Soul Sacrifice is full of grim men
    69. World Tekken Federation launching alongside Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    70. Spy Hunter to return this October
    71. New Super Mario Bros 2 ad stars Penelope Cruz
    72. Dead or Alive 5 to be a fighter even newbs can enjoy
    73. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron launch trailer comes in 30 and 90 second flavours
    74. ZombiU gamescom trailer ups the ante with atmosphere and gameplay
    75. Mass Effect 3 Operation Olympus a resounding success
    76. World of Warplanes to add Japanese Imperial aircraft
    77. Gaikai executive jumps ship for Oculus Rift
    78. Goldeneye 64 was nearly on rails, lacked multiplayer
    79. Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation Vita features include canoes, alligators
    80. Dishonored PC requirements surprisingly modest
    81. DC Universe Online Hand of Fate DLC adds Legends characters
    82. Diablo 3 Starter Edition now free-to-play for all
    83. Star Wars 1313 reveals new gameplay footage in gamescom trailer
    84. PlayStation Mobile adds Asus and Wikipad to hardware partners
    1. Black Ops Declassified is the tiniest hardcore shooter
    2. Smart As shows off brain bending in new trailer
    3. Injustice: Gods Among Us roster expands with Catwoman
    4. Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation is among Vita's shiniest stars
    5. The Unfinished Swan trailer vies for most beautiful gamescom asset
    6. Soul Sacrifice art takes the Vita to a dark place
    7. Sly Cooper sneaks out of gamescom
    8. Tokyo Jungle gamescom screenshots show animals in trouble
    9. Hit for six: creative Sony plays gamescom blinder
    10. Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force gamescom shots show weapon and armor upgrades
    11. Beyond: Two Souls cast photos show motion capture work
    12. Black Ops 2 gamescom screenshots show off multiplayer
    13. Vita update 1.80 adds Cross-Controller feature, PS Plus coming later this year
    14. God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta coming in "the near future"
    15. The Last of Us gamescom trailer is very atmospheric
    16. Black Ops Declassified: Nuketown will return
    17. Puppeteer announced for PS3 as new Sony Japan Studio title
    18. Rain officially announced, PSN title developed by Sony Japan
    19. Until Dawn: PS Move horror title announced
    20. FIFA 13 Move support confirmed for PS3
    21. Walking With Dinosaurs and Disney announced for Wonderbook
    22. Diggs Nightcrawler is newest Wonderbook title, Book of Spells shots released
    23. PS Plus: Red Dead Redemption is September's game of the month
    24. PlayStation 3 Essentials range revealed, budget games inbound
    25. PlayStation Mobile announced, new game store for PS-Certified devices
    26. Killzone: Mercenary revealed as Vita exclusive, fight alongside Helghast forces
    27. Tearaway is Media Molecule's new IP
    28. Black Ops: Declassified multiplayer and campaign detailed
    29. DmC's Dante confirmed for PS All-Stars, crossplay detailed
    30. LittleBigPlanet Vita screenshots escape gamescom
    31. Assassin's Creed 3 contains naval warfare, new trailer shows it off
    32. Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel - first gameplay trailer released
    33. Darksiders 2 reviews begin: the VG247 verdict
    34. Crysis 3 gameplay video show off the new Hunter Mode
    35. FIFA 13 Matchday replicates the drama of football
    36. EA's gamescom conference: now's the time to be sociable
    37. Dead Space 3 release dates announced for US, Europe
    38. Battlefield 3: Premium Edition announced, Armored Kill screens released
    39. EA Origin is coming to Mac with new social features
    40. The Simpsons: Tapped Out is free-to-play iOS title
    41. Medal of Honor: Warfighter lets you fight for your country
    42. Need for Speed: Most Wanted introduces CloudCompete
    43. NHL 13: GM Connected dynasty mode and True Performance Skating announced
    44. Sony press conference, gamescom 2012: liveblog
    45. SimCity is coming to Mac in 2013
    46. FIFA 13 receives new gamescom trailer
    47. Star Trek: The Game trailer is full of action
    48. EA gamescom conference – all the headlines, information
    49. Rovio announce new Stockholm studio and an ex-Battlefield GM
    50. Sega files trademark for Shining Ark
    51. Sleeping Dogs - latest screenshots accompany US launch
    52. Hitman: Absolution contains multiplayer mode called Contracts
    53. Wadjet Eye officially announce Primordia, teaser trailer released
    54. EA "working very closely with Microsoft" on bringing games to Windows Phone
    55. TERA Battlegrounds receives PvP trailer
    56. PS Home's first free-to-play MMO gets teaser trailer
    57. Remember Me: Capcom announces new IP from Dontnod Entertainment
    58. Resident Evil 6 gets community service Resident
    59. Lord of the Rings Online: 'Creating the Riders of Rohan' dev diary goes live
    60. Bringing PC Awesomenauts characters to console is "up to publisher DTP"
    61. DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil will return as main character
    62. Orgarhythm is heading to the west
    63. EA: "We don't have plans to include female players in FIFA"
    64. Polytron "politely refused" Zynga's help on mobile Fez port
    65. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 opening cinematic is a wee bit mental
    66. Rock Band Blitz full setlist revealed
    67. John Cleese to narrate Vita puzzler Smart As
    68. Snatcher was once called Junker, Kojima reveals
    69. Jagged Alliance developer turns to RPGs with Chaos Chronicles
    70. It's okay to ignore the darker side of Papo & Yo
    71. Black Ops 2: Official perks & gun list revealed, new Create-a-class explained
    72. Black Ops 2 replaces killstreaks with "score streaks"
    73. Black Ops 2 multiplayer doesn't include the '80s era
    74. Black Ops 2 prestige cap revealed, CoD points axed
    75. Black Ops 2 multiplayer: watch VG247 play it to death
    76. Black Ops 2 multiplayer hands-on: the future starts here
    77. SWTOR world event tease warns against the Chevin Conglomerate
    78. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs narrative won't be as stripped-back as Dear Esther's
    79. Call of Duty growth strategies to be applied to Skylanders
    80. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask looks typically charming
    81. Blow: developers should consider what games are "doing to everybody"
    82. Rovio "product wizard" exits for "the true mobile device"
    83. Fans want day-one DLC, says BioWare staffer
    84. Aliens: Colonial Marines dev diary includes authentic sonar pings
    85. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tutorial series continues to intermediate level
    86. Dust 514 open to PS Plus subscribers from August 21
    87. Guild01 trademarks hint at western release for Level-5 compilation
    88. Dead Island players have spent 6,500 years in co-op sessions
    89. World of Tanks Generals combines card, RTS mechanics
    90. Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine adds co-op mode
    91. LEGO: Lord of the Rings gamescom trailer is pretty adorable
    92. Borderlands 2's Handsome Jack introduces our heroes
    1. Asylum demo available on PC, Mac, Ubuntu
    2. The Walking Dead stats prove gamers are generally alright people
    3. Mass Effect 3 completed by just 42% of players
    4. Former Irrational Games art director joins Naughty Dog
    5. Red Johnson Chronicles sequel announced
    6. Spec Ops: The Line dev currently working on a major project
    7. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD PS3 release date announced
    8. Valve to give a major facelift to Steam's community features
    9. Sleeping Dogs DLC plan detailed
    10. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale pushed back by a month in the US
    11. PC version of Minecraft has sold over 7 million copies
    12. Dead Space 3: new preview goes back to horror basics
    13. Raymond: Ubisoft's audience "expects perfection"
    14. World of Tanks boss: Western publishers called our game "cheap, Asian stuff"
    15. Paper Mario: Sticker Star release date confirmed, Nintendo detail 3DS line-up
    16. Battlefield 4 will take place in "the modern day"
    17. Minecraft 360 update "not out soon," but could include "unique things"
    18. Borderlands 2: "Girlfriend mode" comment sparks outrage
    19. Worms Revolution intro trailer unearthed
    20. Epic Games buys Gears of War: Judgment dev People Can Fly
    21. Yamuchi wary of giving timeframe for Gran Turismo 6
    22. Neo Geo Gold priced and dated
    23. New Super Mario Bros. 2 costs ?10 more on 3DS eShop than at retail
    24. GRID 2: 'No cockpit view because less than 5% of gamers use it' - Codies respond
    25. Capcom: We didn't want Devil May Cry to "fizzle out" before reboot
    26. Diablo 3 1.0.4 patch dated, new details surface.
    27. Battlefield series turns 10 today: over 50 million served
    28. Gamestop: 10th-worst place to work in America, says new study
    29. Battlefield 3 Premium Edition spotted on Amazon Canada
    30. UK Charts: London 2012 captures top spot for a third week
    31. Borderlands 2: Mechromancer class on sale 60 days after game's launch
    32. For gamers, by gamers: why gamescom 2012 is your show
    33. Darksiders 2 loot cycle explained in handy video guide
    34. Wii U release date set for US, Europe to trail behind - rumour
    35. Indie Royale debuts Gone Fishin' bundle
    36. Zynga gives casual games "a bad name", says Activision co-founder
    37. EA's Moore: Digital's triumph over physical retail "clearly not far away"
    38. Runescape robber charged with grand larceny
    39. Bit.Trip Runner 2 looking great while still incomplete
    40. Black Isle veteran joins Wasteland 2 team
    41. Madden NFL 13 demo drops next week
    42. Assassin's Creed 3 multiplayer trailer comes out of hiding
    43. Gears of War: Judgment developer farewells three key staffers
    44. Dead or Alive 5 site offers explanatory character chart
    45. Xbox 720 - alleged dev kit sold for $20K on eBay
    46. Wing Commander and Quake designer Paul Steed has passed away
    47. Team Fortress 2 to add third, robotic faction - rumour
    1. Assassin's Creed 3 contains 60 minutes of exclusive content on PS3, per Amazon UK
    2. SOE removes option to purchase DLC and expansion packs using Station Cash
    3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition updated with bows, spiders, skeletons
    4. RIFT - Harbinger soul detailed for Storm Legion expansion
    5. XCOM: Enemy Unknown multiplayer video details point system, strategies
    6. Darksiders 2 - lead combat designer walks you through Crucible Mode
    7. Kong King TF2 map inspired by Sleeping Dogs
    8. Gateways to release on Steam, Desura, and XBLM in September
    9. Vector Racing announced for Nintendo eShop in North America
    10. Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4 preview details co-op and larger systems changes
    11. Rock Band 3 DLC - Foreigner and Nightwish tracks arrive next week
    12. Guardians of Middle-Earth video profile highlights Galadriel, Uglúk
    13. Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII demo now available on Xbox Live
    14. Anomaly Korea, Funky Smugglers, Sleepwalker's Journey announced for mobile by 11 bit studios
    15. New Super Mario Bros. 2 launch trailer released
    16. Silent Hill HD Xbox 360 purchasers to receive a free game as an apology
    1. Dota 2 player-created item removed by Valve after breaking IP law
    2. Hero Academy available on Steam today
    3. XCOM: Enemy Unknown will feature deathmatch multiplayer
    4. NBA 2K13 supports Kinect, but not Move
    5. Vita sales "an acceptable number," says PlayStation US head
    6. FIFA 13's new mo-cap trailer shows you the "Hulk"
    7. Awesomenauts PC receiving new character "very soon"
    8. Need For Speed: Most Wanted teases multiplayer in new trailer
    9. Europa Universalis IV bringing grand strategy back in 2013
    10. Jet Set Radio HD reveals release dates, price
    11. Wii U may miss European launch window -- Rumour
    12. PS All-Stars Battle Royale gets two new strategy videos
    13. Sleeping Dogs gets official launch trailer
    14. Assassin's Creed 3 only $15, for now at least
    15. 007 Legends pre-order details revealed
    16. Nintendo short film comp carries support of Ridley Scott
    17. Starhawk update 1.03 going live today, adds two new maps
    18. Defiance dev diary discusses MMO-shooter's DNA
    19. F1 2012 launches in UK on September 21
    20. Assassin's Creed 3 PC launch date confirmed
    21. DSiWare title Abyss gets new trailer
    22. Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified info at gamescom
    23. The Walking Dead Social Game shuffles on to Facebook
    24. Rumour: Greg Zeschuk leaves RPG giant BioWare. UPDATE: Zeschuk still with BioWare
    25. Spending on Smart TV gaming to reach $1.6 billion by 2016
    26. EA details playable gamescom line-up: FIFA, Crysis, more
    27. THQ excited by Tyson's inclusion in WWE '13
    28. Joe Danger 2: The Movie gets action-packed new trailer
    29. The Amazing Spider-Man scampers on to PC today
    30. Xbox 720 - rumoured first image of Kinect 2 dev tool
    31. Catch up now: hacked, BioShock wobbles, the rest of the overnight headlines
    32. CD Projekt RED rolling out mod tools for The Witcher 2
    33. WWE '13 interview: THQ gets ready to lay the smackdown
    34. Rocksmith DLC teaches you to play bass
    35. New Tales of Xillia 2 screens go combat heavy
    36. TERA lawsuit settled, details undisclosed
    37. Zynga offers stock options in attempt to retain employees - rumour
    38. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes enlivened by Heroes and Villains DLC
    39. Gold Nunchuk added to Club Nintendo US rewards
    40. Planetside 2 will have an Australian server
    41. Firefall eSports toolkit adds broadcasting, spectator options
    42. Crysis 3 CryEngine tech demo is fabulously lovely
    43. The Secret World purchase nets free points for trial participants
    44. Colonial Marines, The Cave, PSO2 among Sega's PAX Prime line up
    45. DmC director says western developers put visuals ahead of gameplay
    46. LotRO: Riders of Rohan dev diary checks out mounted combat
    47. Vita "having a more difficult time" securing publisher support, says Yoshida
    48. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tutorials kick off with the basics
    49. Warframe alpha trailer shows off Digital Extremes' F2P effort
    1. hacked, Blizzard advises password change
    2. NPD July - NCAA 13 top, total spend down 20% YOY
    3. Gears of War executive producer joins Bioshock: Infinite developer
    4. Bioshock Infinite's multiplayer modes axed -- Rumour
    5. The Last Guardian's trademark has been "abandoned," panic probably unneccessary -- Report
    6. Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 supports new Fearmaster light-gun peripheral
    7. Really Big Sky publisher bringing three free games to EU PS Plus members
    8. Modern Warfare 3's Chaos DLC gets its own trailer
    9. Rayman Legends teaser brings Barbara into the fray
    10. New Dishonored video shows how to kill with creativity
    11. Hero Academy delayed on Steam after missing launch date
    12. Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit has official release dates
    13. New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale vid showcases Sweet Tooth
    14. Dust 514's next beta update adds EVE Online integration, other new features
    15. Epic Games forms ex-Amalur staff into Impossible Studios
    16. Gamescom 2012 - what to expect and when
    17. Death Rally publisher Nordic Games partnering with Alan Wake developer
    18. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission PC will feature 3D support
    19. Pitfall! for iOS reboot available now, gets new trailer
    20. Rage of Bahamut publisher sees record sales
    21. Scribblenauts Unlimited riffs on Mario: Wear a Tanooki suit and more
    22. Black Ops 2 Wii U pre-order tags spotted in Best Buy - Report
    23. Black Ops 2 multiplayer is playable for public at Gamescom 2012
    24. Mystical Ninja: Game Boy classic confirmed for 3DS eShop
    25. They Bleed Pixels: Steam release confirmed
    26. Yakuza 5: Taiko Drum Master arcade screens appear
    27. Cyberpunk 'as mature as Witcher and just as brutal' - CD Projekt RED
    28. Oddworld Abe's Oddysee HD: First screenshot emerges
    29. Turok developer wants the N64 originals on Wii Virtual Console
    30. Pokemon Black and White 2: New animated trailer hits
    31. Age of Empires Online: New Babylon pro civ detailed, launching this month
    32. Diablo 3 1.0.4 patch teased by Blizzard
    33. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee HD to be premiered at EG Expo
    34. MW3 DLC: Chaos pack out now on Xbox 360
    35. 'Wii U leaked boxart is real': Nintendo issues statement
    36. PS Vita: Updated Facebook app out now, new details explained
    37. GMA 2012 nominees announced, VG247 up for best website
    38. Real money prices appearing on Xbox Live 'an error' says Microsoft
    39. Xbox 720 will launch within 18 months - Report
    40. DmC: new Devil May Cry trailer shows heavy metal, warping worlds and mad combos
    41. Ouya Kickstarter closes: $8,596,475 raised
    42. Yakuza 5 arcades will feature Namco's Taiko Drum Master
    43. Super Street Fighter 4 PC patch 1.07 approved, due next week
    44. Xbox 720 to support Skype according to job listing - report
    45. Halo 4: new Waypoint trailer focuses on guns and loud noises
    46. The Secret World launches on Steam, but not in the UK
    47. Dead Space 3: New screens take Isaac back to the horror
    48. All grown up: how CD Projekt RED treats gamers as people
    49. Witcher dev: 'DLC a service that shouldn't be priced'
    50. 38 Studios assets now belong to Rhode Island, Bank of New York
    51. Plants vs Zombies to spawn a multiplayer shooter - rumour
    52. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale leaks again; Raiden and Sackboy spotted
    53. Ghost Recon Online now in open beta
    54. Vindictus to add fluffy chicken pet things
    55. Fighting Fantasy titles to exit App Store next week
    56. Modern Warfare 3 marathon leads to hospitalisation of teenage boy
    1. Origin 9.0 client now available
    2. Ubisoft's Xbox Live Hits Collection coming to retail next month
    3. Assassin's Creed 3 Twitter fires up with cryptic messaging
    4. Super Stardust HD and DLC on sale for 5
    5. NPD: Digital sales up 17%, not enough to reverse industry decline
    6. Hybrid pulled from Xbox Live Arcade
    7. Silent Hill HD Collection Xbox 360 patch canned
    8. Zynga COO resigns from company
    9. Tera publisher lays off undisclosed number of employees
    10. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC alters ending – Report
    11. Bioshock Infinite development team loses key members
    12. 2K sheds light on NBA 2K13 partnership with Jay-Z
    13. Sleeping Dogs PC features unveiled in new video
    14. Steam to begin selling non-games software
    15. Dead or Alive 5 "Opening Declaration" trailer calls fighters to battle
    16. New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale video features PaRappa the Rapper
    17. Netflix "Just for Kids" feature available now on Xbox 360
    18. Persona 5 is in development, making progress
    19. Black Ops 2 MP perk and killstreaks leaked - Rumour
    20. Black Ops 2 to offer streamed eSport matches. Kinect support - Report
    21. Battlefield 3: Battlelog offline for maintenance tomorrow
    22. EA Sports: 'Kinect will be seen in more of our games'
    23. Papo & Yo gets pre-order details, launch trailer
    24. LOTRO: Riders of Rohan gets new screens and details
    25. Firefall gets massive patch, Biotech class added
    26. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn gets second trailer
    27. Namco Bandai in talks to distribute games on Ouya
    28. Game Party Champions coming to Wii U later this year
    29. Persona 4: Arena lag patch on the way
    30. Dragon Quest X sells 420,000 copies in first week
    31. Animal Crossing 3DS details surface: New customisation and shops revealed
    32. Zen Pinball 2: PS3 & PS Vita release date confirmed
    33. EU PS Store and Plus update, Aug 8 – King of Fighters XIII, Mass Effect 3 DLC, Dragon's Dogma, Darksiders 2
    34. GRID 2: Exclusive screenshot unlocked by community
    35. Harada: Sony, Nintendo and MS should make one console
    36. Scott Pilgrim DLC adding online multiplayer August 19
    37. Star Trek: Infinite Space canned over lack of publisher
    38. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate 'not trying to recreate Metroidvania' - Konami
    39. Crytek opens Shanghai Studio
    40. AAA's strength shown in lack of EA Sports decline: analyst
    41. NCSoft posts Q2 loss in competitive MMO market
    42. Mass Effect 3 Firefight Pack out now
    43. Xbox Summer of Arcade: Hybrid out now
    44. Thief 4 to launch on Xbox 720, PS4, says mag report
    45. Sony gamescom conference - watch it live next week
    46. Halo 5: 343 discusses its approach to what comes next for the Chief
    47. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch & Mac support incoming
    48. Sleeping Dogs review influx begins
    49. Angry Birds toys will make $400 million in 2012, says manufacturer
    50. Black Ops 2 multiplayer secrets: trailer analysis
    51. Minecraft Xbox 360 sells 17,000 copies a day, Mojang doubles profits
    52. Disney Interactive Q3 losses narrow, revenue drops
    53. Skyrim patch 1.7 release date confirmed for 360, PS3
    54. Game Informer now third largest magazine in the US
    55. Resident Evil 6 achievement list leaked
    56. FIFA 13 interview: Player Impact, First Touch, more
    57. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Steam pre-orders unlock a week early
    58. FIFA 13: 'Skill games will put hardcore players to the test' - EA
    59. Xbox 720 denied, Final Fantasy 7 for free (ish) - what you missed overnight
    60. GRID 2 releasing 2013, new trailer & screens revealed
    61. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will support arcade sticks
    62. Phantasy Star Online 2 servers closed to international players
    63. Games and violence: "No proven scientific link"
    64. Persona 4 Arena launch trailer combines at least two forms of madness
    65. Wii U box art is real, Ubisoft confirms
    66. EA trademarks JetSet Secrets, JetSet Detectives
    67. Tales of Xillia 2 features an alternate world
    68. Vanguard free-to-play client now available for download
    1. Madden NFL 13 to put franchise "right up there" with FIFA, NHL
    2. Lumines developer asks fans to demand Vita DLC
    3. Borderlands 2 is "about 50-60% bigger" than original
    4. Trion Worlds gamescom line-up boasts End of Nations, Defiance, more
    5. Sacred Citadel to grace console networks ahead of Sacred 3
    6. Never-before-seen Neverwinter content will be playable at gamescom
    7. Microsoft clarifies "new Xbox" remark, says comments "were not understood in intended context"
    8. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to be released digitally
    9. Foul Play is a side-scrolling brawler starring a retired Victorian daemon hunter
    10. MechWarrior Online developer video delves into controls, movement and strategy
    11. Payday: The Heist is 75% off on Steam
    12. Darksiders 2 - Death explains himself in final pre-release gameplay trailer
    13. US PS Store and Plus update, Aug 7 - ME3: Firefight Pack, Sound Shapes, Darksiders 2 Season Pass
    14. Super Smash Bros. 4 creator prefers classic controls, fewer "non-Nintendo characters"
    15. Black Ops 2 multiplayer reveal features knife fights, drones
    16. Appy Gamer provides 1,000 gaming articles straight to your mobile, tablet
    17. From Bedrooms to Billions film nets $28,841 in funding with 11 days to go
    18. Final Fantasy VII PC - refunds and free copy to be given to "accidental" purchasers
    19. Forza 4 August Car Pack releases on Xbox Live
    20. Crytek: 'Unreal Engine 4 doesn't surprise us. CryEngine 3 is the benchmark'
    21. Crytek interview: what's next for games development?
    22. Wargaming acquires Australian middleware company BigWorld for $45 million
    23. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale strategy videos feature Kratos and Radec
    24. Uncharted 3 - "biggest patch ever" lands on PSN today
    25. Aion update 3.0 releases in Europe next week, new screenshots posted
    26. Frontier opening new development studio in Canada
    27. Bungie scouting beta testers for its first Activision project
    28. SSX update 3.0 is live on PS3, contains two new game modes
    29. Battlefield 3 lead designer David Goldfarb joins Starbreeze Studios
    30. Shadowrun Online videos explain contextual gameplay and legwork
    31. Ouya console is small indeed, TuneIn and XBMC to be integrated
    32. 'Timesplitters 4 interest isn't high enough yet, surprises may come soon' - Crytek
    33. Minesweeper, Majong and Solitaire to be released under Microsoft's 'Xbox Windows' label
    34. Crytek: 'Next gen consoles are overdue, tablets catching up'
    35. Mass Effect 3: Firefight Pack, Half Life 2 kick off XBL Content update
    36. LittleBigPlanet Karting release date announced
    37. DayZ to release as standalone experience
    38. Zynga details Chefville: Calls it 'next-gen social game'
    39. Star Wars 1313 is 'mature, not for psychopaths' - Lucasarts talks violence
    40. Sir, You Are Being Hunted release date outed, first trailer released
    41. League of Legends: New trailer shows off new champion Diana
    42. Beyond Good & Evil HD hitting retail in September
    43. Wreck-It Ralph: Disney reveals how it bagged game character cameos
    44. Mafia 3 in development for Xbox 720 & PS4 - Report
    45. PS Store sale gets new additions, Metal Gear Solid goes cheap
    46. Halo 4 Spartan Laser: leaked footage shows it in action
    47. New Super Mario Bros. 2 'took 46 minutes to download' - Report
    48. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pre-orders go live today
    49. Kickstarter: Gaymercon obliterates funding target
    50. DayZ dev: 'Concerns over Windows 8 are legitimate' - PC studios speak out
    51. Kojima to host Metal Gear retrospective at Eurogamer Expo
    52. Minecraft Xbox 360 1.7.3 bug patch release, patch notes listed
    53. THQ: '4 unannounced games started in the last 60 days' - Rubin
    54. MLG Summer Fight Arena kicks off this Friday
    55. Minecraft - why I stopped playing it with my kids
    56. EA says 'thank you' to gamers for support in Zynga lawsuit
    57. Planetside 2: New dev diary live, Light Assault Class in the spotlight
    58. Pokémon 3DS apps get dated for Europe
    59. Ultima Forever: BioWare explains free-to-play model
    60. Diablo 3 character profiles now live: Blizzard explains features
    61. Magicka: Woot Tournament DLC includes Olympic-themed PvP maps
    62. Facebook claims 230 million users played games in the last 30 days
    63. Dishonored dev: 'We never want you to feel too powerful'
    64. Aliens: Colonial Marines 'Xenomorphs Vs Humans' dev diary now live
    65. Catch up now - Brenna and Pat quick-chat this morning's headlines
    66. Yakuza announcement teased for tomorrow - Report
    67. FIFA 13 Wii U: 'No Ultimate Team at launch' - EA
    68. Sony trademarks "Rain", leaked footage appears - Report
    69. Square Enix posts a Q1 loss during release drought
    70. Oddworld games headed to Vita "very soon"
    71. Notch keen to support Oculus Rift headset
    72. Witcher 2 producer's new game is Lords of the Fallen
    73. Wii U boxart images appear on
    74. Black Mesa Source gameplay footage turns up everywhere
    75. EA Sports Season Ticket to include additional $100 of content
    76. Capcom USA teases Wii U announcements
    77. Borderlands 2 experience like Diablo 3: Randy Pitchford
    78. DOOM 4 to avoid RAGE's marketing errors, id boss hopes
    79. Amazon Game Studios announced, first social game now live
    80. Dead or Alive 5 Collector's Edition includes swimsuits
    81. Batman: Arkham City writer explains his absence on next Rocksteady project
    82. Iron Brigade headed to PC next week
    83. Darksiders 2 Crucible mode adds 100 waves of survival combat
    84. Assassin's Creed 3 PS3 has an extra hour of gameplay
    85. Day Z now has 1 million registered players
    86. League of Legends Season 3 detailed, includes new pro series
    1. Guillermo del Toro InSANE trilogy shelved: THQ Q1
    2. Gamestop: 'Pre-owned good for the industry, doesn't harm developers'
    3. Scourge: Outbreak PSN detailed, release date 'soon'
    4. Gamescom 2012: Namco Bandai reveals line-up
    5. Gizmondo 'not a scam': accusations are a 'slap in the face' - Tiger founder reveals all
    6. LittleBigPlanet: 7 million levels created in 4 years
    7. Xbox 720: "new Xbox" is "coming out with Windows 8"
    8. Doom 3 BFG Edition screens escape Quakecon, look hellish
    9. Source 2: it's time for Valve to drop the baby steps
    10. God of War Saga, inFamous Collection on PS3 this month
    11. Diablo 3 player makes $10,000 in auction house sales
    12. EA's Sims lawsuit against Zynga is a "close call": Wedbush
    13. Witcher 2 developer launches new blog
    14. Bungie founder calls analogue shooters on touch screen devices 'braindead'
    15. Final Fantasy 7 PC launch was accidental - report
    16. Konami merges German and UK arms to launch new European HQ
    17. Gears of War FPS could happen: "Never say never"
    18. Planetside 2: Steam release confirmed, beta begins
    19. MW3: Official screens for August and September DLC appear
    20. Scribblenauts Unlimited 3DS Streetpass mode detailed
    21. 'Parents responsible for under-age gaming, not the industry' - Byron
    22. BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma announced, trailer shows three new fighters
    23. Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy patch is 516mb, live now
    24. F1 2012 Champions Mode revealed, new trailer shows all
    25. UK Charts: London 2012 holds gold for second week
    26. 3DS eShop releases: SpeedX 3D & Sword of Hope 2 hit store
    27. Dishonored: New screens show off freaky masks and powers
    28. PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale 'just a rip-off' - Kamiya
    29. Valve Source 2: Discovered files hint at developer's new game engine
    30. Game violence to blame for rise in knife attacks, says police commissioner
    31. Assassin's Creed 3 interview: Ubi aims bigger, better
    32. THQ "a little too late" to capitalise on "bonafide hit" Metro 2033
    33. Bit.Trip Runner 2 trailer takes in a number of art styles
    34. Ex-Spellbound devs launch Giana Sisters Kickstarter
    35. Atari founder's favourite game was 'putting competitors out of business'
    36. Assassin's Creed 3 beta: there won't be one
    37. Star Wars 1313 dev predicts graphics will be "indistinguishable from reality" in ten years
    1. SSX head-to-head multiplayer confirmed in teaser video
    2. Schappert name-dropped in EA vs Zynga copycat lawsuit
    3. Final Fantasy 7 PC released, then pulled for shonky DRM - report
    4. Rumour - Prince of Persia reboot screenshot leaked
    5. Down to Earth: Arcen Games and the Indie Recipe, Pt 2
    1. Changes coming to mining barges and exhumers in EVE Online
    2. Some analysts "concerned" CoD has peaked at retail
    3. Mistwalker - Wii U controller "works best for browsing and arranging information"
    4. Cutting Crew, Whitesnake and Hoobastank tracks release for Rock Band 3 next week
    5. Amazon listing shows Kinect support for NBA 2K13
    6. Vanguard Saga of Heroes goes free-to-play August 14
    7. "The idea of a 99c gamer on iOS is more myth than fact," says Telltale SVP
    8. Fallout: New Vegas UE, Fallout 3 GOTY 66% off on Steam
    9. No Doubt vs Activision suit still a thing, goes before a jury October 15
    10. BlazBlue series moves 1.7 million units worldwide
    11. Square wants to support Dragon Quest X with content for 10 years
    12. RAGE is 50% off via Steam's QuakeCon sale
    13. John Carmack's QuakeCon 2012 keynote is now online
    14. Mega Man 2 hits 3DS Virtual Console in Japan August 8
    15. Stream the Mars Rover landing on your Xbox 360 this weekend
    16. The Sword of Hope II, Shifting World hitting 3DS in Europe
    17. Legal expert says EA vs Zynga suit is "playing with fire", settlement a likely outcome
    18. Jace Hall wants to develop an updated version of Blood
    19. First MLG League of Legends Arena going on this weekend
    20. Neogen2 Creations announces 4X space strategy title Star Lords
    21. Konami's Kōhei Uchimura takes gymnastics gold at 2012 London Olympic Games
    22. Living the Dream: Arcen Games and the Indie Recipe, Pt 1.
    1. Ni No Kuni pre-order bonuses announced for GameStop and Amazon
    2. Oculus Rift headset Kickstarter lands $1.1M in funding, DOOM 4 will incorporate the tech
    3. Death Rally now available on Steam, get 15% off until August 10
    4. Black Ops Zombies hits Android, 30-day exclusivity on Sony Xperia Play Optimized devices
    5. BattleBlock Theater will have over 200 levels and unlockable characters
    6. Oddworld - Munch's Oddysee HD news at gamescom, help name Abe’s Oddysee HD
    7. EA slaps Zynga with a copyright infringement suit over Facebook game The Ville
    8. Firefall Beta Tournament being held at gamescom, grand prize is 10,000
    9. LBP Karting videos show the best user-created levels from the beta
    10. Call of Duty Online 'could launch in other countries' - Hirschberg
    11. EA Update refreshes your memory on Warfighter, Sims 3, SWTOR F2P
    12. SSX multiplayer: New screens hint at full online update - Rumour
    13. Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy patch hitting PS3 Monday
    14. Guild Wars 2 stress test brings changes to Engineer class
    15. Sony details plans for gamescom panel
    16. Bethesda reveals stellar Dishonored voice cast
    17. Microsoft patents show Kinect-like device working with mobile cameras, making movies
    18. Borderlands 2: Pitchford answers VG247 reader Qs
    19. SWTOR's transition to F2P was the "right decision," says SOE president
    20. Darksiders II TV commercial shows Death riding into Hell
    21. Square hosting 50% off sale for one week only in its store
    22. Conan O'Brien is totally clueless when it comes to Skyrim
    23. Rambo: The Video Game details, screens, video released
    24. World of Warcraft movie 'important' says Kotick, gets new writer
    25. Darksiders PC is ?4 through THQ shop
    26. The PlayStation Store Summer Sale updated with more discounts
    27. DotA 2 spectator mode updates, adverts incoming
    28. Star Wars 1313 dev explains why the hero isn't a Jedi
    29. Preferred Stats slots to be bumped from 3 to 6 in Diablo III Auction House
    30. Planetside 2 beta starts Monday
    31. Assassin's Creed 3: 'Making games too long is disastrous' - Ubisoft
    32. Far Cry 3: 'MP load-outs customisable over browser and mobile apps' - Ubisoft
    33. 'Piracy can't be stopped' - Dead Trigger dev
    34. Resident Evil 6: 17 screens of Ada's campaign
    35. Who's buying? UK games retail at all-time low
    36. Street Fighter X Tekken PS Vita producer: 'fighting genre is hot right now'
    37. The Far Cry 3 approach: damned to die, born to kill
    38. GRID 2 trailer teases announcement
    39. Skyrim: Dawnguard PS3 quality 'unsatisfactory', expect delays
    40. PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale leak 'real' - SuperBot confirms
    41. Mass Effect 3 Wii U screens show tablet features, gunplay
    42. WRC 3 dev diary talks style and graphics
    43. Rob Bowling details Human Element, Ouya prequels & more
    44. Resident Evil 6: Capcom 'pressured to live up to Resi 4 standards'
    45. Left 4 Dead 2: Valve pushes Linux version, better than Windows 7
    46. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy August DLC detailed
    47. Madden 13 has over 6,000 Kinect voice commands
    48. Call of Duty: Elite 12m players registered, 2.3m pay for it
    49. Anno 2070: Deep Ocean DLC release date revealed
    50. Batman: Arkham City writer won't return for Silver Age prequel - Rumour
    51. Dishonored Steam pre-orders include free copy of Arx Fatalis
    52. Way of the Samurai 4 hits US PSN this week
    53. Tiny Dishonored screens may have snuck out of embargo
    54. Sleeping Dogs video reminds us it's a police game, too
    55. Temple Run turns downloaded over 100 million times
    56. Pre-order Sleeping Dogs on Steam to score exclusive TF2 items
    57. Real Racing 3 trailer escapes EA Summer Showcase
    58. Namco Bandai Q1: Soul Calibur V sales hit 1 million, profits ups
    1. Quake Live Premium Pak 13 detailed; five maps, Standard arena cycling
    2. All id Mobile games 99 cents during Quakecon
    3. LucasArts president exits after two year stint
    4. Carmack: DOOM 4 "will be done when it's done", sorry about RAGE
    5. Dawnguard incoming for PC and PS3: but is it worth it?
    6. Explore the Lost Mission in this DOOM 3 BFG Edition trailer
    7. Quick shots - Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC, one shot of Firefight Weapons Pack
    8. Dawnguard is now available for download on Steam
    9. Quick shots - Battlefield 3: Armored Kill screens go cross-country
    10. The Sim 3 Seasons out November 16, shots and trailer released
    11. ActiBlizz Q2 - D3 sells 10M copies, WoW subs decline
    12. Quick shots - FIFA 13 on Wii U
    13. EA Summer Showcase: FIFA 13, ME3 for Wii U launch
    14. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC reveals the origins of the reapers, Firefight Weapons Pack hits Aug 7
    15. "We are not currently working on a Wii U version of Crysis 3," says Crytek
    16. Rise of the Triad remake in the works from Interceptor Entertainment
    17. Raids in Mists of Pandaria to be rolled out in stages, first lands a week after launch
    18. QuakeCon weekend sales live on Steam, id and Bethesda titles discounted
    19. GTTV to reveal the Lady Boyle level of Dishonored on tonight's show
    20. Crytek posts job listing for Ryse multiplayer producer
    21. Xbox Live Rewards list suggests NBA Live 13 will be a digital release
    22. World of Battleships will now be known as World of Warships
    23. Escape Plan Underground DLC discounted, patch 1.03 adds squeeze control
    24. EA's Peter Moore: 'Zynga is like a runner hitting a wall'
    25. Infinity Blade 2 comes to a close with free content
    26. Runescape lead Christoph Vietzke joins Eutechnyx to develop Auto Club Revolution
    27. Guild Wars 2: 'PVP about pure skill, not stats' - ArenaNet
    28. Guardian Hearts Online: 14 PS Vita screens emerge
    29. Public beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale announced for fall
    30. Lots of God Eater 2 screenshots released by Namco
    31. Skyrim: Watch testosterone flick 300 recreated in-game
    32. Assassin's Creed III trailer shows off AnvilNext engine
    33. LittleBigPlanet Vita out Sep 19 in Europe, Sep 25 in NA
    34. Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel to release in March 2013
    35. NCsoft, ArenaNet, Indigo Pearl to sponsor GamesAid cycle ride from Cologne to Brighton
    36. Sony, Sega, Sheridans, Standfast announce Games Invest 2012 presence
    37. EA labels president Frank Gibeau to provide introductory keynote to gamescom 2012
    38. Stompy Bot Productions to produce new Heavy Gear game
    39. The Elephantaur is a Minotaur hybrid brute you'll face in God of War: Ascension
    40. Sony hasn't "hit the spot" with killer Vita software yet, but it's coming, says Gara
    41. Rumor - leaked GameStop listing confirms Wii U launch titles
    42. Need for Speed: Most Wanted video shows Corvette ZR1, Koenigsegg Agera R and Hummer H1 Alpha
    43. MineCon 2012 to be held at Disneyland Paris
    44. Super Mario Land, The Lost Town- The Jungle hit US eShop
    45. Shadowrun Online Kickstarter adds Linux and Ouya support
    46. WildStar MMO: NC Soft's trailer details house building and more
    47. MW3 DLC: Final content drops confirmed, Spec Ops Chaos mode incoming
    48. Painkiller: Hell & Damnation closed beta announced, registration open soon
    49. MW3 PS3 weapon patch notes released, Terminal fix 'incoming'
    50. Bayonetta 2? Not before Viewtiful Joe 3, muses Kamiya
    51. Gamescom 2012: Win your way to the show with Sony
    52. 'Replay value is more than multiple playthroughs' - Hocking
    53. Total War: Rome 2 dev wants Saving Private Ryan-levels of 'horrific warfare'
    54. Wii U "offers deeper experiences, unique multiplayer" - Iwata
    55. 3DS XL: Nintendo selling power adapters online
    56. Mass Effect 3 Announcement Tonight - BioWare
    57. Far Cry 3: "Ignoring motivation for violence is a mistake" - Ubisoft talks maturity
    58. 'Nintendo's ecosystem will ultimately fall apart' - Ngmoco
    59. Ultima reboot is pure BioWare, 'focus on story and choice'
    60. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD trailer is insane
    61. MechWarrior Online trailer showcases the Atlas mech
    62. Minecraft Xbox 360 1.7.3 bug fix due 'next week' - 4J Studios
    63. Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Special Baffled Report
    64. Sony Q1 - Vita figures masked in latest financial report
    65. Paradox keen on iPad, but needs more memory
    66. PSA: first Quantum Conundrum DLC available now
    67. Quick shots - RIFT's Storm Legion is full of dragons and robots
    68. Nintendo victorious in yet another Wii patent claim
    69. Inaugural EVO scholarship now accepting applications
    70. Adorable yak available with Harvest Moon: A New Beginning
    71. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn trailer goes behind-the-scenes with the Warthog
    72. Pokémon Black & White 2 trailer full of baffling cheer
    73. Jagged Alliance: Crossfire dated for September
    1. Sleeping Dogs Night Market promo site offers exclusive content
    2. Dungeons of Dredmor Conquest of the Wizardlands DLC out now
    3. Sony seeks feedback on new DualShock colours
    4. US PlayStation Network down for maintenance early Thursday morning
    5. Capps calls for "more efficient" development to sustain next-gen
    6. Pachter backs SWTOR for 50 million monthly users
    7. EA Tiburon's "working hard" to get NBA Live 13 to beta
    8. Otherland making-of video takes a look at Five Isle
    9. Four hour Guild Wars 2 stress test being held tomorrow
    10. Kickstarter: Oculus-Rift virtual reality headset hits funding goal
    11. The War Z pulls in over 100,000 closed beta registrations in 24 hours
    12. Atlus' North American president and CEO steps down
    13. Limited edition brown Ouya and Vevo partnership announced
    14. Darksiders saves unlock a set of armor, scythe in Darksiders II
    15. Cyberpunk's character customization is "strongly tied with the plot"
    16. Capcom addressing camera, visual issues found in Resident Evil 6 demo
    17. Awesomenauts has arrived on Steam
    18. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition announced
    19. FIFA 13 Wii U contains features exclusive to GamePad
    20. Pachter: Zynga pulling Schappert off games is "idiotic"
    21. Deadmau5 and Beck remixed in Sound Shapes level editor video
    22. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.5.0 is live, adds Arcade, other features
    23. Max Payne 3 DLC schedule continues into October
    24. Far Cry 3 E3 co-op demo introduces characters, story
    25. Easy Mode being patched into Dragon's Dogma in Japan
    26. Resident Evil 6: Watch Ada Wong gameplay footage here
    27. Quick shots - Tokitowa screens go high-resolution, show limited edition
    28. Until games are photorealistic, it will be hard to "open up new genres," says 2K boss
    29. David Jaffe wants to make another Twisted Metal
    30. Splinter Cell: Blacklist developer video focuses on stealth gameplay questions
    31. Gree, MadCatz, NetDragon Websoft join ESA
    32. Pokédex 3D Pro hitting 3DS eShop November 8
    33. Borderlands 2: a well-earned vacation from the norm
    34. World of Tanks update 7.5 live in Europe, hits US tomorrow
    35. Arma 3 public hands-on confirmed for Gamescom
    36. New Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3DS XL take Japanese charts by storm
    37. Payday: The Heist Wolfpack DLC hits US PSN next week
    38. Minecraft update 1.3 goes live today
    39. 2K confirms Jay Z as executive producer on NBA 2K13, reveals soundtrack
    40. Hitman: Sniper Challenge now available for PC users with pre-order
    41. EU PS Plus and Store update, August 1 - Dead Space 2 free until September 5 for Plus members
    42. Medal of Honor: Warfighter video tells Preacher's story
    43. Final Fantasy XI director talks Seekers of Adoulin expansion
    44. Wii U to miss out on WWE '13
    45. Diablo 3 armoury teaser image appears on Facebook - Rumour
    46. Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic DLC out now
    47. Street Fighter X Tekken patch: Ryu nerfed, gems staying put
    48. 3DS XL: hoo-hah over week-one sales ends in pulled story
    49. Monster Hunter 4 is 60% complete, says Capcom
    50. Resident Evil 6: Ada Wong is playable, here's how you unlock her
    51. MW3 PS3 Elite DLC for August dated
    52. Deadlight on Xbox Live imminently, review round-up is a mixed bag
    53. Kixeye's hiring, doesn't imaginationitate other games, b***h
    54. Notch: 'Minecraft mod used to threaten my vision' - Minecraft creator speaks
    55. Left 4 Dead 2: Cold Stream Xbox 360 release date confirmed
    56. GTA 5: Epsilon Program site updates, Twitter feed begins
    57. TORn: the death of subs-based MMOs and F2P's new hope
    58. Resident Evil 6 adds Agent Hunt multiplayer mode
    59. Borderlands 2 to ship uncut worldwide
    60. Next Final Fantasy XIII game to be announced at anniversary event
    61. Steam Midweek Madness offers all indie bundles at 75% off
    62. Free-to-play RPG Guardian Hearts headed to Vita
    63. Rumour - Former EA executive turned Zynga COO kicked off games
    64. Katamari Damacy to be showcased at MOMA
    65. Matte Blue and Red DSi consoles headed to the US this week
    66. ESA: Average gamer age is 30, adult women more lucrative than teenage boys
    67. Age of Conan to transition to Dreamworld this month
    68. Updated Steam subscriber agreement prohibits class action lawsuits
    69. US Army opens bidding process on new Games for Training title