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November 2011 Archive

    1. Skyrim second only to Call of Duty on Xbox Live activity charts
    2. PlayStation Vita UMD Passport list published, major publishers AWOL
    3. IO Interactive to develop new IP after Hitman: Absolution
    4. Indie Game: The Movie selected for 2012 Sundance Film Festival's World Documentary Competition
    5. Armor Games' Shifting World coming to 3DS
    6. Quick Shots - Silicon's Orochi engine updated with Vita support
    7. First they're sour, then they're sweet: Sour Patch Kids game to release digitally from Capcom
    8. Glitch goes back into beta, expects major overhauls
    9. Quick Shots: LOTRO screens introduce you to The Prince of Rohan
    10. Square Enix has "two to three" upcoming games based on new IP
    11. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies hits iPad and iPhone December 1
    12. GDC 2012 to include lectures from IO Interactive, WB Games Seattle and Dear Esther sessions
    13. GamePro throws in the towel after 22 years
    14. Army Corps of Hell can support up to 200 goblins on Vita's screen at once
    15. Crucible launch trailer features in-game action using real EVE Online players
    16. Purchase a PlayStation 3D Display at Best Buy, get a 160GB PS3 for $100
    17. Gameloft releases new trailer for iOS actioner Six Guns
    18. Fractal: Make Blooms Not War lands on Steam
    19. Saints Row: The Third's stat tracking site is live
    20. Gearbox auditioning live-action Lilith models for Borderlands 2
    21. Play Killing Floor for free on Steam December 8 - 11
    22. Take On Helicopters demo released
    23. Evolution boss feared MotorStorm Apocalypse troubles spelled "the end" of the studio
    24. Euro PS Store update, November 30 - Sam & Max, Dead Island bundle, NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase
    25. Rumor: Ueda quits Sony, finishing The Last Guardian as freelancer
    26. Goda's prosthetic arm tuns into a gatling gun in Yakuza: Dead Souls
    27. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive closed beta begins today
    28. The Hattori Clan and Blood Pack released for Total War: Shogun 2
    29. Reminder: Today is the last day to register for Elite's Founder program
    30. Japanese charts: Skyward Sword debuts in top spot, Wii sales double
    31. Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce joins AIAS Board of Directors
    32. Sony looking to apply a "more tailored approach" to Vita game pricing
    33. Skyrim patch: Resistance breaking bug found, some PS3 users still have lag
    34. Monster Hunter 3G's introduction gets videoed
    35. Forza Motorsport 4 IGN Pack DLC to release on December 6
    36. Warriors mania: Strikeforce 2 HD, Susanoo, VS, 3 Z PSP
    37. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD takes a Eurogamer 9 in first review
    38. 3DS Circle Pad Pro add-on out January 27 in Europe
    39. Your disgusting life saved: Magna Mundi closed beta applications open
    40. Magicka: The Stars Are Left out now
    41. Rumour: Dragon Age getting multiplayer, Dead Space FPS
    42. BBC Micro turns 30 tomorrow, drops nostalgia bomb
    43. Z for Zynga-liar: Zelnick calls Pincus out over "sketchy metrics"
    44. DC Universe Online Lightning Strikes DLC launching on December 6
    45. Keighley takes blurry bulls**t VGA hype to seventh level
    46. Dark Age of Camelot getting ultra-special birthday lithograph
    47. Rumour: Final Fantasy Type-0 Ultimania confirms western version
    48. Report: Assassin's Creed: Revelations PC getting day one patch
    49. Gears of War author doesn't play games: "The less I know about something, the better"
    50. 38 Studios "wouldn't settle" for anything but a full-blown RPG
    51. Skyrim sounds really Japanese in Japanese
    52. Everyone's a Critic: Dynasty Warriors Next
    53. Corpse Party to release in Europe
    54. Carless puts GameSetWatch on "semi-permanent hiatus," focuses on
    55. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D a true remake
    56. Final Fantasy XII-2's chocobos, vendors and weather detailed
    57. Quick Quotes - Nintendo wants Mario games to be like taking a vacation
    58. Garriott: Consoles "fundamentally doomed", tech advance makes for "shallow" games
    59. ESA Q3 political spend tops $1.1 million
    60. Ultima VIII: The Complete Edition joins GOG catalogue
    61. PlayStation 3 firmware 4.00 due this week
    62. Brown: Battlefield 3 sells 8 million, ships 12 million
    63. Quick Quotes - BioShock: Infinite's plot not pulled from headlines
    64. Half-life: Origins fan film revists classic opening sequence
    1. Just 50% of free Frozen Synapse keys used
    2. PSA - Age of Conan: Unchained updated to 3.1
    3. US PS Store Update, November 29 - Darkstalkers, NBA 2K12 Legends, more
    4. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action set for global release in February 2012
    5. Diablo III: Book of Cain to release in US December 13, internationally February 7
    6. Magicka: The Stars Are Left due today
    7. Quick Shots: Get into the holiday spirit with The Sims 3 Pets
    8. Uncharted: Golden Abyss Hong Kong version is import-friendly
    9. Dance genre sales up 326% yoy, says NPD
    10. Humble Introversion Bundle reaches $500,000 in sales, new game added
    11. IndieVisibility honours UK's finest on December 10
    12. CD Projekt estimates The Witcher 2 has been pirated over 4.5 million times
    13. IndieRoyale launches the Really Big Bundle
    14. Cryptic releases a story trailer for its Neverwinter MMO
    15. Sony announces 12 Deals of Christmas PS Store promotion
    16. Xbox 360 sales Black Friday week hit 960,000 in US
    17. PSA: World of Goo now available on Android
    18. Battlefield 3 patch hits PS3 tomorrow, to follow on XBL "shortly"
    19. Quick Quotes: Naughty Dog doesn't "know at this moment" what it wants to do next
    20. Mass Effect 3 to contain cut Citadel content planned for the sequel
    21. Developer diary takes a look inside Infinity Blade II's gameplay
    22. Germany banning the sale of Dead Island wasn't "unexpected", says Techland
    23. Unity tech surpasses 750,000 registered developers
    24. GeForce 290.36 beta drivers improve Arkham City performance, add Ambient Occlusion for Skyrim
    25. Mobile games to receive ESRB ratings in conjunction with wireless association CTIA
    26. Verizon FiOS for Xbox 360 will cost $90 a month, comes with a year of XBL Gold, Halo Anniversary
    27. NVIDIA releases SE GTX 560 Ti with 448 CUDA cores
    28. Coming soon to XBLM: Ubisoft sale, Apples to Apples, NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase
    29. SCEE: Vita "primarily a gaming device," whereas PSP "ended up confusing consumers"
    30. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Vita confirmed for February launch in Japan
    31. League of Legends Champion spotlight video features Volibear, the Thunder's Roar
    32. Cryptic details Season 5 update for Star Trek Online
    33. Ubisoft celebrates 25th Anniversary with PSN game sale
    34. World of Warcraft: Hour of Twilight patch goes live with new video
    35. Quick quotes: FIFA Street rebooted due to people losing "interest" in past efforts
    36. Watch 8 minutes of Gunpoint, prepare to raise eyebrows
    37. Future's PS Access most downloaded free item on PSN
    38. Gilbert shows off art for Double Fine collaboration
    39. Ruffian: "A number" of projects sign to "biggest publishers"
    40. 200 people working on Rainbow Six: Patriots, says Ubi Montreal comms boss
    41. Team Meat: We're "jaded fools," our logo "looks like s**t"
    42. Skyrim app give lowdown on map locales, loot drops, more
    43. Asura's Wrath Japanese TV ad features big fiery finger
    44. 3rd Birthday director wanting to make sequel, framework for Type-0 sequel in place
    45. Nintendo to release new Nintendogs + Cats pink 3DS bundle for US
    46. Star Wars: The Old Republic "economics" won't work for EA, says Kotick
    47. Ezio costume to appear in FFXIII-2
    48. Report - Massive Unreal-powered Square RPG debuts in Famitsu
    49. Never Dead: Eyes-on with ex-vapourware I Am Alive
    50. Skyrim becomes first western game to get Famitsu 40/40
    51. Harada tweets Tekken x Street Fighter concept art
    52. Life-to-date Japanese sales of Kinect at 114,000
    53. Resident Evil 6 turns up on voice actor's resume
    54. Quick Quotes - Uncharted 3 director on squeezing the PS3
    55. Call of Duty: Elite trailer urges you to "play together better"
    56. Rumour - PlayStation Network revamp opened to beta testers
    57. Vigil: Wii U to be "easy" to develop for
    58. 3DS firmware update delayed into December
    59. Legend of Grimrock now in beta, celebrates with trailer
    60. Quick Shots - Beyond the Labyrinth lets you draw on your clothes
    61. Serious Sam pub: Piracy best battled by being "worth paying for"
    62. Battlefield 3 ban stings Iranian pirates
    63. Adventure World becomes official Indiana Jones prequel
    1. Fund Kinect game, score executive producer credit
    2. Vita won't support Game Archives at Japanese launch
    3. The Secret World's lack of classes lures players into trying new things
    4. Report - More details of Apple's rumoured iTV
    5. BlazBlue Revolution tourney has Japanese and US players face off
    6. Persona art books inbound, Udon holiday sale
    7. Skullgirls art introduces Valentine
    8. Former Call of Duty Vet plans to "dethrone" it
    9. Kitase on FF VII Remake: "I would be really tempted to delete things and add new elements"
    10. Angry Birds creator declined $2.3 billion bid by Zynga
    11. Skyrim Update 1.02 notes released, Xbox 360 and PC release on Nov 30
    12. Nintendo reveals Black Friday sales, Wii moves over 500,000 units
    13. Rainbow Six: Patriots gets new shots, info, target render video
    14. Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai has new boats, guns
    15. Quick Shots: Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots show Caius, side-quests
    16. New Battlefield 3 trailer focuses on Gulf of Oman map
    17. Assassin's Creed survey mentions conflicts, could mean anything
    18. Breadth in games combatting triple-A "content-churning"
    19. How to use Twitter on a PS Vita - video
    20. Report: Kinect 2 powerful enough to lip-read, more
    21. Privates, Just Dance 2 win at BAFTA's Children's Awards 2011
    22. UK Government warms to Next Gen, admits "reform" needed in computer education
    23. Rumour: Lego Batman 2 features Superman, Green Lantern
    24. Nippon Ichi's Legasista gets screens and box-art
    25. Skyrim PS3 patched to 2.01, stuttering "fixed"
    26. MW3 takes third UK chart number one, Saints takes third
    27. Konami preempts "cybercriminal" attack with new online security
    28. Eidos boss hoping for 'door to curriculum reform' from UK government today
    29. Report - Mafia Wars 2 sheds 900,000 players
    30. Vita pre-orders cause Hong Kong phooey
    31. Levine: Dialogue is the "least effective" communication tool in games
    32. EVE engineering working on fixes "people have been griping about for years" - dev diary
    33. Scribblenauts dev: Execs don't know "what it’s like to be in the trenches"
    34. Chrome update to support plug-and-play controllers
    35. Dynasty Warriors Next ad-hoc co-op, mini-games detailed
    36. Star Wars: The Old Republic video introduces Consular progression
    37. Kojima calls Project Ogre "subdued", "different" from past work
    38. Square Enix files two enigmatic trademarks
    39. Uncharted 3 patch adds alternate aiming options
    40. L.A. Noire creator's next game is Whore of the Orient
    41. GameStop outs US pricing for Vita memory cards
    42. Maple Story hack compromises 13.2 million Korean players
    43. Batman: Arkham City brings Batcave Challenge Room
    44. Terraria patch to bring a megaton of new loot
    45. Mad Catz offers three Rock Band 3 controller bundles
    46. Quick Quotes - Levine on 2K Australia BioShock Infinite collaboration
    47. Hayashi: Dead or Alive 5 to be "simple, but deep"
    48. Newell: Piracy is a "non-issue" for Valve
    49. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 draws anger from Spanish Royal House
    50. Rumour - First Modern Warfare 3 DLC details surface
    1. Rumour - Smash Bros-style fighter in the works at Superbot
    2. Valve gifts Notch a unique Team Fortress 2 hat
    3. Best Buy UK closing down sale offers up to 30% off
    4. Skyrim goodies: Printable world map, eBooks
    5. New Little King's Story coming to Europe
    6. Cyber Monday sales - Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Origin, Steam
    7. RIP, PC: How Ubisoft managed to be wrong and right
    1. Quick quotes: Irish president hits out at games
    2. Gamer pepper-sprayed in Black Friday sale
    3. GameStop UK reduces Battlefield 3 to ?23
    4. For British Eyes Only: TV content appears on UK PS VDS
    5. GameStop Ireland selling Uncharted 3 for 25
    6. SpecialEffect goes live with iOS app
    7. Gameloft to introduce 12 titles for Jetstar iPad rentals
    8. Blizzard releases Mists of Pandaria talent calculator
    9. GTA V trailer remade from GTA IV
    10. Handle With Care: PlayStation Vita's Balance Sheet
    11. 2K Australia working on BioShock: Infinite
    12. Quick Quotes - "Perfect" timing for WWE refresh
    13. PSA: AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome out now
    14. Ubisoft mail out suggests new Call of Juarez in the works
    15. Dear Esther re-release to launch in early 2012
    16. Patch to resolve Serious Sam 3: BFE PC save incompatibility issues
    17. Dynasty Warriors Next stars in triple trailersplosion
    18. Armored Core V walkthrough vid shows huge arenas, frantic action
    19. Pre-order beautiful indie title Waveform from $5
    20. Kevin Butler gives final honours to Long Live Play gamers
    21. New Suikoden set for release in February
    1. Dragon's Dogma release date set for for US, Europe
    2. Skyrim's myriad hazards catalogued in cheerful video
    3. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC shelved for free-to-play offering
    4. Patch inbound for Batman: Arkham City PC DirectX issues
    5. Rumour - Next gen Xbox bundled with Kinect, two model launch planned
    6. I Am Alive PC still on the cards
    7. Holiday sales - Amazon, Steam, and OnLive
    8. Report: People Can Fly developing Gears prequels
    9. Report - Future PS3 firmware to support Vita Remote Play for streamable titles
    10. Catherine EU release narrowed down to February
    11. Kojima: "It may be hard" for MGS traditionalists to get into Rising
    12. Rumour: Microsoft pushing Kinect for next-gen TVs, talking with Sony
    13. Gears of War 3 Booster Map Pack goes live on Marketplace
    14. Amazon selling Saints Row: The Third PS3 for ?25
    15. Microsoft buys Videosurf, will integrate into Xbox 360
    16. EA to give BF3 PS3 players Battlefield 1943 - details
    17. Future to merge UK, US businesses to make "a single global product line"
    18. Lionel Messi becomes new face of FIFA
    19. Quick quotes: Kitase on Lighting & Serah's "sisterly love" in FFXIII-2
    20. Anti-Multi: Online play isn't necessary for the right game
    21. Report - Ridge Racer Vita runs at 30 FPS, short on content
    22. Capcom commissions Thousand Pounds Action for SFxT film
    23. Trine 2 supports PC and Mac cross platform multiplayer
    24. Meet MechWarrior Online's latest unit, the Dragon
    25. Check out the 3DS's new Join Friend function
    26. Apple U-turns on App Store's first sub-based streaming game app
    27. European free-to-play launch of Lineage II coming December
    28. First Vita commercial tease looks traditionally bonkers
    29. Rumour - Nexon to go public at $1.28 billion in December
    30. EA Mobile sale: 80% off iOS, 40% off Android, Kindle down to 99c
    31. Miyamoto: designers need "desperation", "responsibility"
    32. Touch My Katamari originally planned for PlayStation 3
    33. Quick Quotes - Toriyama wants FFXIII-2 players in the action immediately
    34. Ninja Gaiden 3 players will "get their hands bloody"
    1. More Star Wars: The Old Republic testing invites sent
    2. Free Badman game added to Japanese launch line up
    3. FFXIII's "conspicuous" platform disparity reduced for FFXIII-2
    4. Gameloft handing out free Android titles this weekend
    5. Ridge Racer Vita trailer is all-out speed
    6. Max Payne 3 details - shoulder zoom, Last Man Standing, physics-animations
    7. Quick Quotes: Sony feels it would be "undesirable" for PS4 to launch later than its competition
    8. Writer's resume points to possible Dante's Inferno sequel
    9. World of Warcraft video showcases Hour of Twilight's new dungeons, Deathwing raid
    10. PSA: Elite's Friday Night Fights start this week, service at 95%, will be stable by Thursday
    11. Ubisoft patches inverted aim support into Splinter Cell Trilogy on PSN
    12. The Bard's Tale to release on iPad next week
    13. Wallets at the ready: Steam's Autumn Sale starts today
    14. Vita in 200-screen avalanche: Uncharted, LBP, WipEout
    15. Japanese charts: Modern Warfare 3 bests high-profile regional favorites
    16. Rumor: EB Games Canada to push used sales with confusing labels, hiding new items
    17. "Deeply concerned" Vaz tables EDM for MW3, Watson reacts
    18. Quick Shots: Soul Calibur V in-game shots and character art released
    19. Activision: Films and games "exploiting current events" are "received differently"
    20. Ubisoft: I Am Alive unlikely to hit PC, sales "not worth it"
    21. Gears 3: Watch a movie trailer, finish Horde on Insane, get free weapon skins
    22. FFXIII-2 cinematic shows epic Lightning-Caius fight in Valhalla
    23. I Am Alive screenshots show various shades of grey
    24. Report: Bigpoint nets 2 million from one in-game item in DarkOrbit MMO
    25. Epic, Monolith vets announce Strange Games
    26. Namco x Capcom UK industry Fight Club passes ?5,000
    27. Edmondson brothers take Thumbstar board roles ahead of Newcastle expansion
    28. Euro PS Store update November 23 - CoD4, Daytona USA, Rayman Origins, Dead Island
    29. Spec Ops: The Line shows off story, gameplay videos
    30. Shares in GAME Group down by half following forecast reduction
    31. Batman: Arkham City demo breaks day one UK, US record, claims OnLive
    32. Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk for Android, iPhone and iPad on December 9
    33. Kojima on Rising: "If something goes against" Metal Gear mainstays, "I’ll say something"
    34. Unit 13 gets first trailer following last night's unveil
    35. I Am Alive "started from scratch" following developer switch
    36. Doom 3 source code available now
    37. Fujibayashi: "Easier" to care for Zelda in Skyward Sword
    38. Test Drive: Ferrari announced for March release
    39. Original Silent Hill 2 voicework available in HD Collection
    40. League of Legends $5 million second season has begun
    41. Death Wish: The super-sizing of Darksiders II
    42. Bigpoint interested in Star Trek: Infinite Space
    43. IndieRoyale opens pre-orders for future bundles
    44. PlayStation 3 3D Display delayed in Europe, UK
    45. US PS Store update, November 22 - NIS America sale, Ratchet & Clank All4One, Batman DLC
    46. Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 may take in locations from past games
    47. All-you-can-eat streaming game subscriptions debut on the App Store
    48. Miyamoto: Mario Kart "pretty solid", "safe" to be "staid and traditional"
    49. Former CCP staffer on board Pathfinder MMO
    50. European Final Fantasy XIII-2 pre-order bonus detailed
    51. Red 5 focuses on PvP when balancing Firefall's classes
    52. PSA: Cave Story+ out now on Steam
    53. Crimson Alliance's poor reviews the "vengeful passion" of Diablo fans
    54. Starcraft II now $30 from Blizzard Store
    55. Japanese gamers keen on Vita, 3DS during holidays
    56. TechLand's new ATV racer officially titled as Haste
    57. Mythos Global to enter closed beta in December
    58. Earthrise to relaunch as free-to-play in 2012
    59. Nintendo, third party Wii devs embroiled in patent lawsuit
    1. Harmonix: "Rough" and "scary" competing with Guitar Hero
    2. Rumour - C&C dev Victory attached to EA BioWare label
    3. Video for Afterfall: InSanity goes all out on environmentals
    4. Windows-specific Kinect hardware due 2012
    5. Quick Quotes - Miyamoto makes Mario developers nervous
    6. Netflix Just For Kids available on Wii
    7. Uncharted fan visit to Naughty Dog "super helpful"
    8. Cryptic's parent company reports increase in profit and revenues for the quarter
    9. Dark Souls patched to 1.05
    10. Humble Introversion Bundle on sale now
    11. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning video tutors you on combat and fighting styles
    12. Game writers workshop to feature Naomi Alderman,David Varela, and Rhianna Pratchett
    13. Zeybold Games: Cthulhu and Breath of Death pack moves 100,000 units on Steam
    14. Vita gets EU launch line-up, Motorstorm RC and Unit 13
    15. GDC 2012 to include lectures on Diablo III, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
    16. Microsoft and GameStop land on Consumer Reports' Naughty and Nice list
    17. Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD releasing in spring 2012 on PSN and XBLA
    18. PSA: Corpse Party releases on US PSN today
    19. Max Payne 3 pre-orders at GameStop net early access to the Cemetery Multiplayer Map
    20. BioWare VGA teaser shows tanks, APCs - watch it now
    21. Skyrim: Morrowind and Cyrodiil accessed, gorgeous fan-made trailer created
    22. Market survey suggests WoW could lose up to 1.6M players to SWTOR
    23. Eidos: Lara Croft's new look is more about practicality than sex appeal
    24. PSA: Arkham City hits PC in the US, Robin Bundle Pack hits all formats
    25. RAGE demo goes live on XBL, launches December 6 on PSN
    26. Metroid II: Return of Samus hits Nintendo's eShop November 24
    27. MS "working closely" with Xbox Live phishing victims
    28. City of Heroes to introduce new loyalty program
    29. Elite: 1 million premium memberships sold within six days
    30. Spec Ops gets spring 2012 release, new screens, trailer
    31. Dizzy return teased by Codemasters, date coming tomorrow
    32. The Old Republic gets 20-minute character customisation video
    33. Serious Sam 3 launch trailer features shooting, aliens
    34. Activision corrects simultaneous MW3 launch player count to 1.4 million
    35. Infinity Blade II to cost $6.99 at release
    36. Dance Central 2 DLC to go big on Lady Gaga
    37. Amazon US offering Harry Potter PS3 hardware bundle
    38. DICE ships out massive Battlefield 3 PC patch
    39. Gravity Daze down for February 9 in Japan
    40. Final Fantasy XIII-2's story to be 30-40 hours
    41. Skyrim PC patch stems executable tinkering, LAA use
    42. MGS 3DS dated for Japan, MGS HD PS3 download edition delayed
    43. Pickford: UK BAFTAS "designed to discourage smaller games"
    44. New Xbox Dashboard launching on December 6
    45. Yakuza 5 set in five cities, first details spill from Famitsu
    46. Going Bonkers: Volition on Saints Row: The Third
    47. Mojang aiming for multiplatform release with Scrolls
    48. Quick Quotes - Pachter pooh-poohs Xbox 720 rumours
    49. Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin character customisation demo'd
    50. Everquest II update brings evil stylings to Freeport
    51. Free movies available through PlayStation Home
    52. Bayonetta designer lends talents to Soul Calibur V
    53. Battlefield Heroes introduces Capture The Flag mode
    54. No player death in The Secret World
    55. Chrono Trigger hits App Store next month
    56. Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Edition detailed in unboxing video
    57. US PlayStation Network sale offers up to 50% off
    58. OnLive exec jumps ship for Disney Interactive
    59. Infinity Blade II environments change over time
    60. Alleged World of Warcraft Law Enforcement guide leaked
    61. DC Universe Online daily revenue up 700% after freemium conversion
    62. GameStop announces a second Final Fantasy XIII-2 pre-order bonus
    63. CastleVille is Zynga's fastest growing game yet
    1. Square Enix Market for Android offers Crystal Defenders, Chaos Ring, more
    2. Desert Bus now available on iOS, Android - all proceeds to Child's Play
    3. GameStop's streaming service will require console game purchase
    4. Build your ultimate team with NFL Blitz Elite League
    5. SSX allows users to remix own music collection in real time
    6. Beyond Good & Evil 2 concept art shown at Montpellier In Game 2011
    7. Mario and Zelda limited-edition 3DS bundles due November 24
    8. Trion Worlds add new talent to boost its European Team
    9. Jak & Daxter HD Collection announced for Feb 2012 release
    10. Max Payne 3 special edition to cost $100
    11. Report - 22% of Brits regret iPhone purchase
    12. Square to open new Montreal studio, first project is Hitman
    13. Kojima: "We’ll probably have to make" Metal Gear Solid 5
    14. Sony announces Vodafone as Vita EU 3G partner
    15. Tomb Raider film reboot to be an origin story, says producer
    16. Microsoft offering $20,000 for Kinect development
    17. Blockbuster: Publishers giving "an awful lot of support" to boost rental over pre-owned
    18. New WoW ad features Chuck Norris
    19. Just Dance 3 PS3 releasing on December 9, sales up worldwide by 85% over JD2
    20. UK charts: MW3 holds to top spot despite ACR challenge
    21. Zelda: Skyward Sword's Hero Mode detailed
    22. Final Fantasy XIII "took a little too long" to come out
    23. Tales development studio to be dissolved
    24. First official European trailer for The Last Story
    25. Gearbox signs up for new office space
    26. Former MySpace CEO steps down from Zynga executive role
    27. Retro City Rampage joins forces with Splosion Man
    28. Murder, She Wrote 2 due early 2012
    29. Borderlands novel drops November 22
    30. Zoo Keeper headed to 3DS
    31. Dragon Age: Redemption web series draws to a close
    32. Final Fantasy XIII-2's motion capture glimpsed in trailer
    1. Watch the full MineCon 2011 keynote online now
    2. Pokémon announcement teased for next month
    3. MLG Providence National Championships – all winners
    1. Minecraft: 4,113,807 copies have been purchased, and other large stats
    2. WoW turns seven next week, new TV commercial to air tomorrow
    3. SWTOR Flashpoint video shows how to bring down the Hammer
    4. DICE to publish a "significant" update next week for BF3 PC
    5. Lemarchand videos go in-depth with Uncharted 3's co-lead designer
    6. Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 is still FFXIV and "nothing else", says Square
    7. Mojang: Cobalt's release to be similar to MineCraft's
    8. The Blood Lord is coming to League of Legends
    9. Report - New Line Cinema making film adaptation of arcade classic Rampage
    10. Blizzard has "never invested in" consoles to the degree it's "doing now" with Diablo III
    11. Over 1,600 Modern Warfare 3 players receive bans for cheating
    12. Closed beta testing for CS:GO starts November 30
    1. Have a look at Minecraft running on Xbox 360
    2. Class-action filed against EA over broken Battlefield 1943 promise
    3. Skyrim patch expected week after Thanksgiving
    4. Templar week continues with a video teaser from The Secret World
    5. Quick Quotes: Late hits taken out of EA's Blitz due to NFL's stance on safety
    6. Gears 3 video shows off the Bullet Marsh multiplayer map
    7. Private beta for Starhawk starts next week
    8. Activision plans to have Elite "up and running" by December 1
    9. Wright: HiveMind would use collected data in similar vein to Google Maps
    10. Rebellion moving away from games that are "good for business" but not for its "reputation"
    11. We Sing franchise surpasses 1 million units worldwide
    12. Over 4 million people play League of Legends daily
    13. PSA: Sharing restrictions between PSN games go in effect today
    14. SR3: THQ extends free Saints Row 2 offer on PS3 into Europe
    15. Reggie: The concept of releasing Nintendo games on mobile "really flies in the face of what we believe in"
    16. Prototype 2 developer diary welcomes you to NYZ
    17. Battlefield 3: Strike At Karkand gameplay video shows off some of pack's weapons
    18. Jurassic Park: The Game developers post glowing user reviews on Metacritic
    19. Rockstar chose Max Payne 3 development over Bully sequel due to "limited bandwidth"
    20. Analyst: Consumers have issues differentiating between MW3 and other shooters
    21. Report - Guerrilla making "Killzone follow-up"
    22. City Interactive announces Stuart Black-designed Enemy Front
    23. How Minecraft re-shaped the gaming industry
    24. Man raps about Minecraft on release day, puts it online
    25. Super Meat Boy celebrates first birthday with special Steam bundle
    26. Toys R' Us holding buy one, get one 40% off deal this weekend
    27. FIFA Street trailer shows off a mix of real-life and gameplay with style
    28. New SSX trailer gets Tricky
    29. WWE '12 launch trailer goes 'Bigger, Badder, Better'
    30. CD Projekt working on new IP, two AAA titles by 2015
    31. Saints Row: The Third – Don’t waste the inclusivity
    32. Report - Imported Super Mario 3D Land at Aussie retailers
    33. Netherrealm Studios teasing "unexpected surprise"
    34. This is Thor in Marvel Universe Online
    35. Quick Quotes - BloodRayne: Betrayal blends Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man
    36. Quick shots - Street Fighter x Tekken alt costumes
    37. Gauntlet designer nabs AIAS Pioneer award
    38. MechWarrior Online built on CryEngine 3
    39. Aonuma: Zelda players "most dedicated" of all fanbases
    40. The Secret World Templar teaser puts a name to Beanie Girl
    41. Serious Sam 3: BFE trailer contains both blood and guts
    42. Quick shots - Soul Calibur V's latest addition, Xiba
    43. Fallout: New Vegas comic on sale online now
    44. Magicka free on Steam, 75% off this weekend
    1. Del Toro: Game design like playing chess 20 moves ahead
    2. Arma dev notes piracy to buyer ratio of 100 to 3
    3. Report - Casual gaming on dedicated portables down 29%
    4. Nintendo Downloads - Kirby's Adventure, Pinocchio's Puzzle, more
    5. Ultimate Marvels vs Capcom 3 costume DLC dated, priced
    6. Quick Quotes - Peter Moore finds the Wii U "exciting"
    7. Charity group to play Borderlands 2 for 48-hours straight
    8. Epic uses DLC to combat used game trade
    9. Livingstone: "Walled gardens" to make way for hardware agnosticism
    10. Reggie: Nintendo's adverse to paid DLC because it wants to sell "a complete experience" upfront
    11. Quick Quotes: UT3 looks "even better" running in Flash than retail version
    12. Hideo Kojima to discuss plans for MGS5, Project Ogre in next issue of OPM
    13. U4iA Games: Activision vets developing "core games for a social audience"
    14. Nordic Games acquires Painkiller publisher with sequel developments in mind
    15. Atelier Meruru releasing in the US and Europe spring 2012
    16. Iron Brigade hits Europe November 30 with extra goodies for the wait
    17. Torchlight II delayed, 2012 release looks likely
    18. GameStop sold 600,000 Elite memberships, says company president
    19. Lightning Strikes: Second batch of DCUO DLC focuses on The Flash
    20. Resident Evil: Revelations co-op unlocks only after completing the main campaign
    21. CD Projekt "actively working" on bringing new releases to
    22. Max Payne 3 video focuses on targeting mechanics, movement and animation
    23. SEGA acquires Spiral Knights developer Three Rings Design
    24. Carmack rewriting Doom 3 source code to dodge legal issues
    25. Spec Ops: The Line getting trailer, impressions next week
    26. Skyrim PS3 users experiencing lag, workaround suggested until patch is released
    27. Layton: Lost Spectre trailer teases 3DS title next year
    28. Square Enix signs Unreal Engine 3 deal for unannounced projects
    29. GameStop reports 59% growth in digital sales, 4.8% increase in new releases
    30. NetEase profits and revenue rise on Chinese WoW
    31. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City gets 20-minute gameplay video
    32. EA responds to Origin suspensions, looking into policy changes
    33. Love Plus 3DS moved to Valentines Day in Japan
    34. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD finished, release date soon
    35. Next SWTOR beta testing weekend is November 25-28
    36. Reminder: Minecraft now available on iOS
    37. Modern Warfare 3 pulls $775m in 5 days, sets two XBL records
    38. MW3 tops Live play chart for week of November 7
    39. 3DS, Hatsune Miku head up Japanese charts, Peace Walker HD starts off slow
    40. Rift: From the Embers goes live, MMO taken to v1.6
    41. BioWare been looking to include multiplayer for Mass Effect since ME1
    42. Assassin's Creed 3 yet again rumoured for Egypt
    43. Lord of Apocalypse trailer shows off story action
    44. NeverDead gets February 2012 Japanese launch
    45. Ancel says Rayman Origins dev lasted two years in new video
    46. Splash Damage boss: "We're not working with Disney"
    47. Sony kicks off new Japanese PS3 campaign for Christmas
    48. Ryse director heads to ngmoco
    49. Capcom confirms Darkstalkers for PSN
    50. The Gentle Giant: Happy Birthday, PlayStation 3
    51. Metal Gear Solid: Rising producer replaced
    52. Del Toro: InSANE is "really, really nasty"
    53. Miyamoto: Skyward Sword's development "more like three years"
    54. Level-5 boss feels original Dark Cloud was "never right"
    55. New Zealand games jobs up 46% in last 12 months
    56. Quick Quotes - Zelda doesn't fit genre conventions
    1. Avalanche New York working on "Project Mamba"
    2. EVE Online urgent support request turnaround usually 15 minutes
    3. Saints Row: The Third PS3 version offers free copy of Saints Row 2
    4. Capcom going company-wide with social, mobile development
    5. League of Legends' Tribunal "actively changing player behavior"
    6. Skyrim map mod takes a cue from Google Street View
    7. Unreleased Irrational Games Bollywood adventure led to BioShock
    8. Parents name child Dovahkiin, get free Bethesda games for life
    9. The Secret World details Templar HQ, recruitment, and more
    10. Wednesday Shorts: LOTRO, PS Home, EVE, Sideway New York, Panzer Corps
    11. Quick Quotes: Irrationals Ken Levine on the "biggest mistake" developers can make
    12. Magicka prepares for The Stars are Left expansion with large patch and new video
    13. Stardock to release its library of PC games on Steam
    14. Ryu takes a bloody trip to Dubai in Ninja Gaiden 3
    15. Mass Effect 3 story might receive revisions based on feedback following script leak
    16. Full list of VGA 2011 nominees posted by Spike, MGS: Rising teaser hits
    17. Adorable Once Upon a Monster DLC set for release on November 22
    18. Blizzard handing out Diablo III beta keys via Facebook
    19. Rumor: Ubisoft in possession of next-gen Xbox dev-kits
    20. PSA: PlayStation Network going offline for maintenance tomorrow
    21. Will Wright’s next game confirmed as HiveMind
    22. Skyrim sells 3.5 million units in first 48 hours - all the details
    23. Spector teases "surprises" within future Junction Point projects
    24. GAME reports sales decline due to "very challenging" market
    25. Report - MW3 360 getting disc read errors
    26. Beta testers logged over 1 million hours in SWTOR last weekend
    27. Minecraft hitting iOS tomorrow
    28. Euro PS Store and Plus update - UC3 skins, Trial and Unlock sale, NFS: The Run, Toki Tori
    29. Grasshopper unveils Vita student development program
    30. Ancestor's Pack renders and screenshots released for AC: Revelations
    31. North: Ubisoft should adopt Naughty Dog's motion capture process with Assassin's Creed
    32. Starbreeze working on PSN title
    33. Double Fine: Iron Brigade "really close" to passing certification in Europe
    34. Lord of Apocalypse PSP demo hitting later this month in Japan
    35. Codemasters confirms F1 2011 as Vita EU launch title
    36. Gamespot hands out 7.5 for Zelda: Skyward Sword
    37. Revelations shows Assassin's Creed in need of a break
    38. Zelda: Skyward Sword scores 40/40 in Famitsu
    39. Origin catalogue extended to Capcom titles
    40. Risen 2's islands create "structure"
    41. Australia PSA: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on sale now
    42. Joe Danger Special Edition changes would be "really weird" on PSN
    43. UKIE: Government delay on PEGI adoption "disappointing"
    44. Dead or Alive, Zill O'll characters in Warriors Orochi 3
    45. Gears of War 3 title update tonight
    46. US PS Store Update, November 15 - Category change, Jurassic Park, Red Dead sale
    47. Sly Collection to release as individual PSN titles
    48. Quick Quotes - Ken Levine's start in the industry
    49. Vivendi reduces Activision stake to 60%
    1. Mass Effect 3 script leak not the most recent version
    2. Call of Duty Elite updated - founder bonuses available
    3. APB Reloaded encourages you to Be All You Can't Be
    4. Final Fantasy producer warns action RPGs can't be dismissed
    5. Bethesda prepping all-platforms Skyrim patch
    6. Naughty Dog teases Flashback Map Pack #1 for Uncharted 3 multiplayer
    7. Strap It On with Saints Row: The Third launch trailer
    8. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Cosplay Warrior Skills DLC looks a bit mad
    9. Need for Speed: The Run reviews get rounded-up, launch trailer released
    10. Tuesday Shorts: Penny Arcade, UC3, King Arthur II, Teen brains on games
    11. Minecraft, Python, Star Trek and other Easter Eggs pop up in Skryim
    12. Harry Potter PS3 bundle comes with 30-days of Plus, free Potter films
    13. First 20 minutes of Halo CE Anniversary get online
    14. Clan support and tournaments to be included in Brink update
    15. Volition: "Logically assume" more SR pending 3's success
    16. Ancestors multiplayer character pack releases for AC:Revelations on December 13
    17. Ninja master Rioichi Cooper and other ancestors to appear in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
    18. Sony Europe details PS Vita pre-order gift packs
    19. Halo maps, Robin Bundle, 2K sale and more coming soon to XBL Marketplace
    20. Uplay Passport unlocks exclusive multiplayer character for Revelations
    21. Activision "misspoke," goal has "always been to provide a PC offering for Elite"
    22. Syndicate - New England co-op trailer released
    23. Gareth Edmondson exits Driver studio Ubisoft Reflections
    24. Lewis: The "anticipation and excitement" for original Xbox was "enormous"
    25. Epic Game Jam competition winners announced for Make Something Unreal Live
    26. Relentless announces Kinect Nat Geo TV for spring 2012
    27. The Great Review Debate: Can we find our way back?
    28. Gravity Rush shots look gorgeous
    29. Levine: "No burning desire" to have BioShock movie made
    30. Two Blade units stolen from Razer
    31. Vita pre-orders set to restart in Japan
    32. It's not over yet: 2011's big gaming week looms large
    33. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy gets February release in Japan
    34. Reaching Double: Original Xbox, Halo turn 10 in US
    35. Robot Entertainment has two new games on the go
    36. Assassin's Creed: Revelations multiplayer highlights the Sentinel
    37. Vanguard Bandits arrives on PSN tomorrow
    38. Quick Shots - Dynasty Warriors Next screens show online mode
    39. Scribblenauts Remix tops App Store charts
    40. Saints Row: The Third PlayStation 3 exclusive content missing
    41. Rumour - Wii U online service to be provided by EA
    42. Mega Man X appears as DLC character skin in UMvC 3
    43. Infinity Blade II to deal with aftermath of God King's defeat
    44. Warner seeks player assistance with Arkham City lost save issue
    45. Long lost PS Move title Sorcery goes hands-on in December
    1. Cryptic: Neverwinter as MMORPG "just made sense", "no sacrifice"
    2. Full Ultimate Marvels vs Capcom 3 intro released
    3. Assassin's Creed: Revelations launch trailer catches up on story
    4. Quick Shots - Templar week kicks off at The Secret World
    5. Rayman Origins reviews show critical love
    6. EA forum bans blocking players from Battlefield 3
    7. Asura's Wrath pre-order bonuses almost as insane as the game
    8. Report: Next-gen Xbox details at CES, hex-core CPU inside
    9. Quick Shots: Lovely launch screens released for Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    10. Assassin's Creed: Revelations reviews start hitting
    11. "Cloud specific things" on its way to Xbox, says MS exec
    12. Dead Island Bloodbath Arena arriving on November 22
    13. Halo Anniversary reviews come online - all the scores
    14. Striking Gold: Minecraft goes Goldmaster
    15. Quick quotes: Ubisoft a creativity-loving "evil empire"
    16. The Pearly Gates: Assessing Skyrim's dynamic difficulty
    17. Nintendo to release new Mario Kart Wii bundle in UK
    18. Quick quotes: Levine reiterates why Irrational left Rapture for BioShock Infinite
    19. RPS giving away 12,000 SWTOR beta keys
    20. ESRB rates Dragon's Dogma, reveals "milady’s privates"
    21. UK charts: MW3 top, first-week sales less then Black Ops
    22. Persona 4 to get stage show adaptation in Japan
    23. Sony to update Torne with Vita support next month
    24. Hack, Slash, Suffering: Hayashi talks Ninja Gaiden 3
    25. Rumour - Internet trail leads to Grand Theft Auto V leading man
    26. Snow, Vivi, Aerith and more confirmed for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
    27. War on Terror coming to iOS
    28. Dead or Alive 5 to "push the genre" into next-gen territory
    29. Shinobi 3DS launch trailer breaks eight year series silence
    30. Strider and Street Fighter II headed to Wii Virtual Console
    31. Machinarium developer in "love" with iPad
    32. Battlefield 3 patch to address tactical light complaints
    1. Skyrim mod removes creeptastic spiders
    2. Stealth Bastard reaches 30,000 users in one week
    3. 343 puts down rumours of next-gen Halo 4
    4. The Graveyard now available on Android
    5. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning saves class decisions for later
    6. Irukandji and Bullet Candy Perfect join latest IndieRoyale bundle
    7. Last minute Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 pre-order bonuses detailed
    8. Rumour - Killer Freaks from Outer Space once a Rabbids game
    9. Pandora's Tower gets first European trailer
    1. Saturday Shorts: Saints Row Heavy, Dungeon Defenders, sales
    2. Quick Quotes: Weapons will reflect Infinite's "much greater ranges", says Levine
    3. SWTOR video offers a choice: shoot lightning out of your hands or wield a cannon
    4. EA bans and stat-wipes hundreds of BF3 cheaters
    5. Influx of Elite users "hit us a lot harder than we thought" it would, says Activision
    6. ESA: A little over half of US households own a gaming console
    7. Quick Quotes: Reggie on Nintendo's decision making process
    8. Report - taken offline due to alleged malware
    9. Analysts: Steam to continue dominating until competitors "meet or exceed" its performance and value
    10. UbiWorkshop releases launch trailer for Assassin's Creed:Embers
    11. DICE details design ideas behind BF3's Back to Karkand expansion pack
    12. Microsoft: Xbox Live gains a new user every two seconds
    13. NPD: BF3 moves “just under” 2 million, 360 still tops
    1. NPD October 2011: Nintendo 3DS moves 1.65 million units LtD in the US
    2. Over 200,000 people playing Skyrim on Steam
    3. Bethesda suggests 360 users hold-off on installing Skyrim until a patch is released
    4. Friday Shorts: Turbine, Stevie Wonder, DW7: Xtreme Legends, Amalur
    5. PlayStation 3 turns five in Japan today
    6. Quick Quotes: Characters being "too tough, and too snarky" can inhibit storytelling, says Lemarchand
    7. ArenaNet outlines how Cinematic Conversations will work in Guild Wars 2
    8. FIFA 12 patch causing crashes, EA explains work around
    9. Age of Conan tried by 600,000 players since going F2P in July
    10. Game piracy in the UK up 20% since 2006
    11. Sports Champions, Medieval Moves and Everybody Dance Move bundles hitting the US next week
    12. Activision donates $3 million to the Call of Duty Endowment
    13. Nvidia posts revenue and profit growth thanks to "highly anticipated blockbuster PC games"
    14. Flooding in Thailand to adversely affect PC shipments according to analysts
    15. Resistance 3 patch with two MP maps to tentatively arrive next week
    16. UK MP Diane Abbott: "Wii-Fit games are perhaps better than PlayStation games"
    17. US PS Movie Store Update - Harry Potter mania, vampires, Band of Brothers
    18. PSA: Update for is live
    19. MW3 sells 6.5 million units in US, UK within first 24 hours
    20. Video shows how to steal stuff in Skyrim
    21. Sony announces PSP-Vita UMD Passport program
    22. Saints Row: The Third reviews begin popping up – scores
    23. Zelda: Skyward Sword reviews are go - get the lot here
    24. Dov?kiin Scores: Skyrim hits worldwide, scores 96 on Meta
    25. NFL Blitz trailer shows off modfiers
    26. Saints Row: The Third to be slightly censored in Japan
    27. Official MineCon trailer hypes for next week's event
    28. Quick Quotes - Cave on building the Xbox 360's Japanese user base
    29. DC Universe Online snags 1 million players
    30. Zelda 25th Anniversary Edition 3DS exclusive to EB Games Australia
    31. NBA 2K11 multiplayer support extended to April 2012
    32. New IndieRoyale bundle features Nightsky, Scoregasm, more
    33. Freddie Wong takes revenge on Minecraft's creepers
    34. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge to be Wii U launch title
    35. Take-Two to borrow $200 million, spurring acquisition rumours
    36. Zynga boss: Stock scandal "hearsay and innuendo"
    1. Rayman: Origins sales could speed Beyond Good & Evil 2
    2. Steam forums back online after security breach
    3. Halo: Anniversary map DLC available day one
    4. Check out Visceral Melbourne's final project, Blood Dust
    5. Things you can do in SR 3: Stand on an airborne fighter jet
    6. "Of course we're working on GT6 already," says Yamauchi
    7. Retail has a place in growing digital market, says GameStop exec
    8. GameStop expects digital to grow 75% to $35 billion by 2014
    9. Quick Quotes: Move is "best suited to a first-person shooter", says Levine
    10. Rumor - Second 3DS CPU could unlock 25% more processing power to developers
    11. Watch the first 50 minutes of Skyrim if you dare
    12. Shots and clip of Yakuza's Kazuma Kiryu in Binary Domain surface
    13. Thursday Shorts: Garriott, The Sims, Nintendownloads, Firefall, Gaikai
    14. EverQuest II going free-to-play in December
    15. Users who downloaded BF3 on PSN having issues signing into Battlelog
    16. Premium Elite users getting extra month of free service
    17. Limbo sells over 1 million, Mac version before year's end
    18. Microsoft fills Mike Delman's head of Xbox marketing position as retirement date looms
    19. Ono: No disc-based updates for Street Fighter X Tekken, using new netcode
    20. Alan Wake gets an extremely short VGA video tease
    21. More God of War IV rumors circulate due to retailer listing
    22. Witcher 2 has moved close to 250,000 digital units
    23. Star Wars: Identities domain registrations "not" gaming related, says Lucasrts
    24. Gotham City Impostors to release on January 10
    25. Sony accepting application for PS Suite closed beta program
    26. Final Fantasy XIII-2 collector's edition coming to North America
    27. Bloomberg: Activision shares drop on loss of WoW subs
    28. McNamara explains L.A. Noire crunch, says reputation of being a "bully" unwarranted
    29. Boom: Uncharted 3 sells 3.8 million units on day one
    30. Ubisoft: AC Revelations PC to ship without always-on DRM
    31. Star Trek Online F2P switch happening in January
    32. OnLive UK userbase is at "millions," says CEO
    33. Angry Birds hitting retail near end of November
    34. Assassin's Creed: Revelations launch trailer goes big on story setpieces
    35. Beautiful Strange: Travels through A Valley Without Wind
    36. Quick quotes: "We need to ensure we have a strong lineup of games" for future Nintendo launches, says Reggie
    37. Two more Xperia models become PlayStation Certified
    38. BioWare drops massive list of ME3 co-op details
    39. Gish now included in Humble Bundle
    40. Escape Plan dev diary explains "noir" look, background
    41. Howard: Skyrim will feature infinite quests - info
    42. Dragonborn Rises: Skyrim reviews go live - all the scores
    43. Two classic RPG bundles due November 15
    44. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker story trailer translated
    45. Skyrim Australian street date broken
    46. Analyst: Digital game revenue to reach $24 billion this year
    47. Adobe drops mobile Flash support
    48. Call of Duty Elite still "challenged" but improving
    49. Dead Rising 2 demo now on Gaikai
    1. Sony confirms Jak & Daxter HD Collection - details
    2. Bethesda "enthusiastic" about "headache" of PC support
    3. Quick Shots - Dragon Quest X battle system explained
    4. Quick Shots: Newest Trine 2 screens are lovely as usual
    5. LA Noire creator's new game tackles a "great untold story"
    6. EA president mentions Battlefield 4 during college keynote
    7. Wednesday Shorts II: LoL, Xbox rumors, SR3, Dust 514, D&D Online, more MMO goodies
    8. A Game of Thrones screens turn up, available for pre-order in Canada
    9. Quick Quotes: Nintendo "talking recently" about revamping 2D Zelda games
    10. Report - Android and iOS ahead of DS and PSP in US portable games market
    11. The Simpsons Arcade Game pops up on ACB website
    12. Sony debunks Move add-on for BioShock Infinite
    13. Amazon adds more partners to its App Store for Kindle Fire launch
    14. Japanese charts: Super Mario 3D Land wins, 3DS stays on top
    15. Skyrim video showcases spells and combat animations, pre-loading now available
    16. Quick Quotes: Ian Livingstone on why he will never retire
    17. Bohemia Interactive explains how it uses FADE as anti-piracy tech
    18. Report - US spent 24% more on free-to-play MMO titles in 2011
    19. Microsoft updating with Beacons, new social and video features
    20. Yakuza's Kazuma Kiryu playable in Binary Domain's multiplayer
    21. Euro PS Store and Plus update, Nov. 9 - Elite, Legacy of Kain, SR:The Third Online Pass
    22. Browser-based Total Recall MMO on the way
    23. VidZone on PS3 relaunches today
    24. Assassin's Creed: Revelations shows life in Constantinople
    25. Saints Row: Initiation Station sees 1 million characters created
    26. Assassin's Creed: Revelations will have first-person missions, says Ubisoft
    27. "There's nothing like it" - Mark Rubin on Modern Warfare 3
    28. From Software making new Mobile Suit Gundam for PS3
    29. Wipeout 2048 JP release pushed to January, Gravity Daze down for February
    30. Multiplayer for Ridge Race Vita detailed by Namco Bandai
    31. Ninja Theory inviting hardcore Devil May Cry fans to playtest DMC
    32. Wednesday Shorts - Glorious Halo, Super Altair, Delicious PR Guff
    33. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection launch trailer tantalises rest of world
    34. Wipeout 2048 sends your face to competitors
    35. Check your inbox for SWTOR weekend beta invites
    36. Sledgehammer: "A lot of pressure" in co-developing Modern Warfare 3
    37. Report - Sony to produce BioShock: Infinite Move peripheral
    38. Atlus to publish Game of Thrones RPG
    39. Rumour - Nintendo to add support for second Wii U tablet
    40. Ubisoft announces new Wii tablet, Drawsome
    1. US PS Store Update, November 8 - Chrono Cross, All 4 One demo, Patapon 3 DLC
    2. Dark Souls trailer hypes for end-game play
    3. Activision Blizzard Q3: Digital revenue up 25% YTD
    4. T2 Q2 '12: Sales up 83%, XCOM delayed into FY13
    5. With SR: The Third everything had to be"over the top this time around," says Volition
    6. PSA: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record DLC packs arrive today
    7. Gearbox: Focus of Borderlands 2 team is to create "something worthy of the original"
    8. Quick Quotes: Sledgehammer on making life hard for campers in MW3
    9. Konami: PES has "lost ground" to FIFA in UK but EA's stats show "a fair bit of manipulation"
    10. Max Payne 3 multiplayer to have "elements of story in it"
    11. Ubisoft: New Assassin's Creed next year, Revelations pre-orders "significantly" higher than Brotherhood
    12. Amalur's world map shows an immersive fantasy world
    13. NPD: Black Ops has moved 15 million units since release
    14. Saints Row 4 already in the works and "wilder" than SR: The Third
    15. PSA: LA Noire: The Complete Edition now available for PC
    16. Ubisoft reports first-half FY12 results - sales come in at 249 million
    17. Quick Shots: Strike at Karkand screens released for Battlefield 3
    18. Dead Island patch for PS3 and Xbox 360 arrives this week
    19. Bethesda provides a look into the World of Skyrim
    20. Warner confirms new PC release dates for Arkham City
    21. Nintendo’s 2012 Concert Series for The Legend of Zelda kicks off in Dallas January 10
    22. Quick Shots: Activision releases Modern Warfare 3 shots for launch
    23. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon hitting Steam around the holidays
    24. Pandemonium: Blizzard's Lagrave on Mists of Pandaria
    25. Getting more out of 360 is "a matter of code magic, time and effort," says Bleszinski
    26. Quick Quotes: Infinity Ward dismisses "silly publisher talk" over BF3 vs MW3 rivalry
    27. Elite seeing "bottleneck" due to registrant influx
    28. The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Limited Edition is heading to Europe
    29. Quick quotes: Lack of info flow from Rockstar titles due to need to keep them "special," says Houser
    30. Analyst: MW3 could sell 6 million units today
    31. Rochard to jump to PC on November 15
    32. Japanese gamers not too interested in Vita, Wii U, says study
    33. Modern Warfare 3 is most pre-ordered title ever at GAME, Amazon UK
    34. Pachter: 360 US sales to decline for holiday period without price cut
    35. Tuesday shorts: Ace Attorney, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield 3
    36. Modern Warfare 3 hits 90 on MetaCritic - all the scores
    37. First console inventor calls violent games a "disgrace"
    38. Joe Danger XBLA okay by Microsoft and Sony
    39. Ubisoft: Wii sales still 45% of business, "big believers" in Wii U
    40. Play Battlefield 3 this weekend, win a trip to Sweden
    41. Tales of Monkey Island on iDevice today
    42. Quick Quotes - Skylanders to save toys from video games
    43. Skyrim to receive day-one patch, "substantial" DLC on 360 first
    44. DC Universe concurrent players up 1000%
    45. Rumour - Xbox 720 to be cheaper, smaller and use Windows 9
    1. Mass Effect 3 multiplayer characters never part of campaign
    2. Rumour - The Last Story to hit Europe in February
    3. Terraria and Binding of Isaac to see physical release in Europe
    4. BioShock: Infinite's voice actors have creative input
    5. New Alan Wake gets first teasing shot pre-VGA unveil
    6. Dan Bull's Skyrim rap rocks socks
    7. Analyst estimates Modern Warfare 3 preorders at 9 million
    8. Rumour - Blizzard lays off Titan designer
    9. Battlefield 3 server status info page launched
    10. Mass Effect 3 story files leaked
    11. Special UK midnight launch events for Skyrim detailed
    12. New BioWare project teased ahead of full VGA announce
    13. New Serious Sam 3: BFE trailer focuses on melee combat
    14. Steam forums taken offline after possible breach
    15. 12 minute Saints Row: The Third live-action epic is Genki-tastic
    16. Call of Duty: Elite console app goes live on XBL
    17. Final Uncharted 3 Behind the Scenes video details TE Lawrence, 'Atlantis of the sands'
    18. Ex-Factor 5 staff posts details on canned PS3 exclusive Animal Wars
    19. Quick quotes: Skylanders came about as "a new way to reinvigorate" Spyro, says Hirshberg
    20. Distant Worlds to return to Royal Albert Hall next November
    21. Modern Warfare 3 UK launch to be streamed online
    22. UK charts: BF3 fends off UC3 despite 54 percent sales drop
    23. Tomorrow’s world: The rise and rise of PC gaming
    24. 13-minute Mass Effect 3 gameplay video appears online
    25. Square Enix drops Dragon Quest X beta details
    26. Minecraft hits 4 million units sold
    27. Levine: Current hardware still has a "tonne of juice"
    28. Rumour - Truckload of Modern Warfare 3 highjacked as eBay prices soar
    1. Skyrim's second bonus race leaked
    2. First 15 minutes of Modern Warfare 3 on YouTube
    3. Confirmed- Best Buy UK to close
    4. Zynga posts 80% revenue spike, but profits down
    5. Kevin Butler Hall of Play inductions now with added dancing
    6. Sword & Sworcery EP tops Canadian Game Development Talent Awards
    7. Modern Warfare 3 not trying to be "gratuitous" with controversies
    8. Quick shots - Monstrous Devil May Cry concepts
    9. Modern Warfare 3 fronts star-studded live action trailer
    10. Canada Cup 2011 livestreaming now
    11. Ni No Kuni cutscenes bring animation to life
    12. Stealth Bastard available now - for free
    13. Quick Quotes - Epic on Gears of War 3's on-disc DLC files
    1. Microsoft's purchase of Twisted Pixel "made sense to both parties", says Bear
    2. Quick Quotes: Hayashi - There's not a "great need anytime soon" for next-gen consoles
    3. Saturday Shorts: Diablo 3, Dust 514, Orcs Must Die, Skyrim, sales, Zelda
    4. Binary Domain multiplayer supports up to ten players
    5. Persona 3 Portable now available through Australian PSN
    6. Brian Gomez exits Silent Hill: Downpour studio Vatra Games
    7. Xbox 360 has sold over 57 million units worldwide
    8. Konami reports increased earnings due to social games sector
    9. Warner confirms round of layoffs at Seattle offices
    10. Rumor: GTA V information leaks out of UK magazine
    11. PSA: Pre-loads available for Modern Warfare 3, Friday Night Fights start November 11
    12. Internal beta for Mass Effect 3 accidentally leaked through XBL fall preview
    13. Early access to SWTOR could be as much as five days, depending on pre-order
    14. Beyond the Brand: DICE’s Lars Gustavsson, Pt. 2
    1. Square Q2 financials - Sales fall 15% yoy, Deus Ex ships 2.18 million units worldwide
    2. Lionhead "was on its knees" before Microsoft buyout, says former environmental artist
    3. NFS: The Run trailer directed by Michael Bay released
    4. Gameplay video for Battlefield 3 goes Back to Karkand
    5. Obsidian: Publishers need to forget "gimmicks" when trying to combat the secondhand market
    6. LEGO Universe shutting down on January 31
    7. Funcom clarifies remarks regarding open beta for The Secret World
    8. Friday Shorts: Anno 2070, Tropico 4, Michael Bay, Uncharted music
    9. SR:The Third video demonstrates how to defend against zombies with a sex toy
    10. Kinect anniversary video released, Windows SDK beta moves into phase two
    11. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD story video released
    12. Joe Danger dev understands PS3 fan's resentment over XBLA announcement
    13. Nintendo's Aonuma confirms new Zelda title in the works for 3DS
    14. Expect "a new standard Sonic" for 2012, says Team Sonic producer
    15. New Assassin's Creed: Revelations videos focus on the game's multiplayer
    16. Quick Shots: Xenomorphs are everywhere in these Aliens: Colonial Marines shots
    17. Quick quotes: Other publishers interested in RedLynx besides Ubisoft
    18. Trine 2 Collector's Edition contains first game, other extras
    19. Multiplayer has become an "expectation" in games, says Syndicate producer
    20. Sony changes PSN game sharing policy for PS3 and PSP
    21. Rayman Origins demo coming to PSN, XBL next week
    22. Remedy: Alan Wake XBLA "structured like a full release"
    23. Harmonix developing new music titles outside of Rock Band, Dance Central
    24. Harada: Tekken x Street Fighter footage coming next year
    25. AC: Revelations US TV starts rolling out
    26. Rayman Origins trailer shows ten ways to die
    27. Rumour: Alan Wake: Night Springs front menu shown
    28. Devil May Cry HD Collection gets first video
    29. Microsoft: Early MW3 playing "may" risk Xbox Live ban
    30. Business and Boomsticks: DICE's Lars Gustavsson, Pt. 1
    31. Call of Duty Elite PC launch delayed - details
    32. Australia: All states sign off on final R18+ content guidelines
    33. Study - Just 44% of US gamers buy games
    34. Kirby's Return to Dream Land also a return to classic formula
    35. Gearbox: Duke Nukem Forever reviews weren't fair
    36. Quick Quotes - Hollywood doubtful on Assassin's Creed movie
    37. Pachter: Modern Warfare 3 sales to reach $1.1 billion in six weeks
    1. Chrono Cross, FFV and FFVI to grace US PSN
    2. Gameforge cancels games, lets go 20% of staff
    3. AMY and ICO share a focus on "empathy"
    4. Ex-Cryptic staffers launch crowd sourced developer, Mob Rules
    5. New Alan Wake to be digital affair, confirms Major Nelson
    6. 3DS friends list overhauled by Super Mario 3D Land update
    7. Eric Chahi to embark on "new and fresh" project
    8. Awesomenauts to be released on PSN and XBLA in February
    9. Thursday Shorts II: Facebook, Mount & Blade, iPhone 5, EVE, Cliff and ME3, Tribes
    10. SEGA: Sonic Generations was a way for everyone to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary
    11. DC Universe Online gains 120,000 new PC players after going free-to-play
    12. The Secret World open beta may possibly go live before Christmas
    13. Ridge Racer: Unbounded set to release in March
    14. Elder Scrolls V developer diary gives an inside look into the sounds of Skyrim
    15. MW3 Facebook and ELITE integration video released; tournaments being held at Walmart stores on Monday
    16. New Wake and BioWare, MGS Rising locked for VGAs
    17. Heavy Rain: Director's Cut releasing in the US on November 8
    18. Quick Shots: Devil May Cry screens full of action, nasty looking boss
    19. Rainbow Six: Patriots announced for 2013 launch
    20. PSA: Explodemon now available on PC
    21. Cancelled Project LMNO suffered from Spielberg's lack of input, says consultant
    22. Thursday shorts: Skyrim, Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, Live activity list
    23. SWTOR: Phase 3 of Pre-Launch Guild Program begins
    24. Ezio costume for Sackboy hitting LBP2 on November 15
    25. Three multiplayer classic skin packs now available for Uncharted 3
    26. Hitman Absolution gets 17 minute commentary walkthrough
    27. Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition announced for February
    28. Skyrim's four-disc original game soundtrack now available for pre-order
    29. Naughty Dog responds to single-player complaints over gunplay
    30. Chaos will be unleashed in December with Space Marine DLC
    31. GTA V set within Los Santos, surrounding regions
    32. Rising Star to bring Bit.Trip Collection to Europe
    33. Saints Row: The Third trailer has gimps, pimps, Burt Reynolds
    34. PlayStation Home reboot goes live
    35. Watch Act of Valor trailer, get free BF3 MP dog tags
    36. Joe Danger: Special Edition confirmed for XBLA
    37. A force to be reckoned: Hands-on with Amalur: Reckoning
    38. THQ boss shrugs off GTA V worries
    39. Quick quotes: "Games can be somewhat more artistic than movies," says Naughty Dog
    40. Ray Liotta not in GTA V trailer, says reps
    41. Konami dates three Silent Hill games for Q1 2012
    42. Multiplayer highlighted in NFS: The Run trailer
    43. ESRB suggests Fear Effect, Fighting Force headed to PSN
    44. Nintendo honoured with Variety Hall of Fame induction
    45. Where is my Heart free to PS Plus subs this month
    46. NBA 2K11 multiplayer servers to be closed
    47. LotR: War in the North demo exclusive to OnLive
    48. Dead Island developer trademarks Dead World
    1. Soul Calibur V shows off amazing character customisation
    2. $10,000 up for grabs in mad Uncharted 3 promotion
    3. Producer calls Deus Ex: Human Revolution a "nightmare"
    4. Rainbow Moon release pushed back to 2012
    5. Analysts: GTA V to launch before summer 2012, will sell 20 million+
    6. Dungeon Defenders PC pulls 200,000 sales
    7. Frozen Synapse iOS will support cross-platform play
    8. THQ Q2: Space Marine sells 1.2M units on all formats
    9. Unlock Michael Bay's NFS: The Run trailer by liking the game's Facebook page
    10. Wednesday Shorts: Dragon Quest X, Risen 2, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, SFxT
    11. Patch 1.2 adds survival mode, new maps, and other goodies to Hard Reset
    12. Quick Quotes: RE: Revelations runs $50 due to 4GB 3DS card
    13. Saints Row: The Third video features Sublime, ultra compact economy mayhem
    14. Timeline video catches you up on events leading to Modern Warfare 3
    15. Biometric controller application filed by Sony
    16. Japanese charts - Final Fantasy Type-0 moves close to 500,000 units
    17. Ubisoft acquires Trials franchise developer RedLynx
    18. Analyst expects "most successful hardware sales periods ever" this holiday season
    19. Ryu puts his Dragon Lineage to use in these bloody Ninja Gaiden 3 shots
    20. Epic and Train2Game announce Make Something Unreal Live
    21. Namco Q2 profits up 11.9% to $2.5 billion thanks to strong sales
    22. Thief 4 storyboards pop up online
    23. PlayStation Home reboot launching tomorrow
    24. EA confident BF3 DLC will retain players despite impending MW3 release
    25. Eutechnyx gains ?1.8 million of government funding
    26. Angry Birds hits 500 million downloads in less than two years
    27. Dead Rising 2: OTR gets BBQ Chef DLC pack
    28. Euro PS Store and Plus update, November 2 - Hydrophobia, Uncharted Pass, DCUO, price cuts
    29. Gears 3 to get free Versus Booster map pack on November 25
    30. Naughty Dog: Quality bar for future Uncharted titles "really high"
    31. F1 2011 3DS confirmed for November 25
    32. "You will not have to wait ten years for Street Fighter 5," says Capcom's Killian
    33. Extended DMC TGS trailer shows old Dante in parallel world
    34. Grand Theft Auto V to take place in San Andreas
    35. Drake's Arrival: Uncharted 3 launches in Europe
    36. Bastion goes half-price on Steam today
    37. Dark Souls ships 1.5 million worldwide
    38. Sony Q2 - PS3 business grows while corp takes hammering
    39. Misfire: Implications of Battlefield 3's troubled launch
    40. Silicon Knights "returning to its roots" with mystery project
    41. DOTA 2 beta invites open to friends, survey participants
    42. Australia: Mario Kart 7 release date set for December 3
    43. Jane Jensen signs on to new project, Cognition
    44. Bilson: Saints Row is the "comic book" of open-world crime games
    45. Mass Effect 3 squad roster reveal would "spoil" the story
    46. Dark Souls Ring of Fog-fixing patch due today
    47. Australia: PlayStation 3 is 2011's best-selling console
    48. European PSN maintenance on Thursday
    49. Price: Games evolving faster than other media
    1. Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry is set in an alternate universe
    2. US PS Store Update, November 1 - Harvest Moon, Uncharted OSTs, price cuts
    3. Garriott: Publishers ignore casual space at their peril
    4. Two more games added to Humble Voxatron Debut
    5. Just Dance 2, FIFA 2012, and Monster Hunter take out territorial software charts
    6. Volition releases Saints Row: The Third system requirements for PC
    7. Silent Hill: Book of Memories screens are suitably horrifying
    8. Xbox Live Fall update now available to be previewed
    9. Silicon Knights: "Just under 40" employees remain after round of lay-offs
    10. Marvel and Japan determining factors for UMvC3's format and release date
    11. Watch the first 30-minutes of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
    12. Tuesday Shorts: Tanks, To the Moon, Tales, Ni no Kunu, EQII
    13. Quick Shots: Max Payne 3 screens are high on gunplay
    14. Germans claim Origin EUA allows EA to spy on Battlefield 3 players
    15. Gears 3 DLC now available after earlier "technical difficulties"
    16. BioWare: Previous Mass Effect games were "just a preamble" to Mass Effect 3
    17. Modern Warfare 3 video walks you through multiplayer modes and match customization
    18. Uncharted 3 benefited from Naughty Dog's version of Google Fridays
    19. Buy Dr Pepper, get codes for Battlefield 3 goodies
    20. Bethesda provides a glimpse into the making of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    21. Killer 7 dev to create social mobile games in Japan
    22. PS3 release of Machinarium "will be the ultimate version"
    23. SSX dev diary hits Patagonia, Antarctica and New Zealand
    24. "All my dreams come true": A day at the GT Academy
    25. Dungeon Defenders 7.06 update adds features, tweaks balance
    26. Ubisoft: Rocksmith's frosty reception blamed on "lack of enthusiasm for something that is new"
    27. Limbo dev: "retail model has always been and still is broken"
    28. Coming soon to XBLM: Burger Time, CoD: Elite, Enslaved, Nightwing
    29. Resident Evil 4 and 5 didn't desert horror, were "different kinds of scary experiences"
    30. Space Marine co-op DLC hitting Xbox 360 tomorrow
    31. Diablo III features around 15,000 lines of spoken dialogue
    32. Nolan North: "We're not here to half-ass it"
    33. October UDK beta adds iOS Facebook support
    34. A modern re-boot: Syndicate, and the move to FPS
    35. Firefall gameplay and video interview talks unique elements and Manga art
    36. Modern Warfare 3 livestream happening right now
    37. Tales of Innocence R trailer big on spells and storytelling
    38. Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City beta due early 2012
    39. DOOM 3 source code release awaiting legal clearance
    40. Lord of Apocalypse trailer introduces characters
    41. Warriors Orochi 3 to feature Tecmo Koei guest characters
    42. Mario Kart 7 roster expanded to Wiggler and Honey Queen
    43. DICE and EA working "around the clock" on BF3 support
    44. Get the Corpse Party started in November