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January 2009 Archive

    1. Halo 3 Mythic map pack officially detailed
    1. THQ wireless division to drop 100 jobs
    2. Kotick confirms DJ Hero
    3. Wolfman joins DC Universe Online team
    4. Iwata aiming to topple PS2 sales record with blockbuster E3
    5. Gridplane reveals rejected NXE mock-up
    6. PSN video store gets Carrie
    7. Metacritic helps business objectivity, says Sega's Hayes
    8. Kotick: The cost per hour of videogames is lower than any other form of entertainment
    9. Playstation 4 hasn't even been mentioned, says Reeves
    10. Reeves: "The line-up for PSP in 2009 is two or three times stronger than it was last year"
    11. "We don't have to go to Capcom or Take-Two and ask for an exclusive," says Reeves
    12. Reeves: "I know I'm not going to have to ring up the customer careline saying I've got three red lights"
    13. Sony must be like an armadillo throughout recession, says Reeves
    14. Reeves: Videogame industry is about survival of the professional, not cutting prices and destroying the market
    15. "Xbox 360 is not ahead by a million units," PS3 now market's number 2, says Reeves
    16. Reeves: The plan wasn't to hit sales, it was to hit a profit target
    17. Buzz! Brain of the UK announced - screenshots
    18. Sony: Killzone 2 ad-campaign to launch "mid Feb"
    19. Pachter anticipates weak EA fiscal Q3 09 results
    20. DSi for Europe in spring/summer
    21. Killzone 2 screens show open warfare, Japanese release date [Update]
    22. Dejobaan Games announces AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for PC
    23. EA: 4th Need for Speed game in development by Black Box
    24. Sony plans Killzone 2 web game as part of ?2m marketing push
    25. Epic working hard on making Gears of War PC playable
    26. No level cap in next Fallout?
    27. Revamped NFS series launches this year
    28. Sony to spend ?4m on advertising this quarter, half of that on Killzone 2 alone
    29. Co-op patch for Killzone 2? "No plans," says Sony
    30. Sony: We are on track
    31. Nintendo and Sony stock falls on financial results
    32. Midway announces Booty as chairman
    33. Don King Boxing for Wii and DS end of March [Update]
    34. Platinum Games opens Western site
    35. Nintendo releases über PDF - first party 09 release schedule, best seller list and much more
    36. Survey says: 47% of PC purchases are digital downloads
    37. Ex-THQ exec starts Mamba Games
    38. Yakuza 3 to get mandatory 5Gb install
    39. Majesco updates fiscal 08 results
    40. Police coming to Burnout Paradise?
    41. Ensemble involved in Halo Wars' future
    42. MGS always looking for new genres to tell Halo stories in
    43. Rumour: EA to axe more staff, Need For Speed PSP dead
    44. Halo 3 Mythic Pack shots and info leaked from Austria
    45. Kamide quantifies "something big has gone wrong" at Nintendo remark
    46. LBP packs most downloaded PSN content in January
    47. Japanese hardware sales - January 19-25
    48. Faith and a .45 on hold due to lack of publisher
    49. Disney cuts 50 North American staff
    50. US PSN update, January 29
    51. Shelley: Two new studios to emerge from Ensemble
    1. THQ "closing down" rumour is actually wireless division restructuring
    2. Analyst: "Something big has gone wrong" at Nintendo [Update]
    3. New Starcraft II screens show Zerg madness
    4. Euro PSN update, January 29
    5. Killzone 2 intro movie released
    6. Gold farming site sells for $10 million
    7. Batman: Arkham Asylum gets impressions, screens, movie
    8. Eurogamer Killzone 2 review - it's a 9 [Update]
    9. First Warhammer Online "live" expansion is Call to Arms
    10. Activision job listing confirms "bullshots"?
    11. PopCap games confirmed for PSN
    12. Rumour: Crackdown 1.5 out "early 2010", Ruffian IS working on it despite Realtime Worlds statement
    13. Star Ocean: The Last Hope for "spring" in PAL regions, new shots
    14. PoP "Epilogue" DLC detailed
    15. Official: Games Convention is dead
    16. Street Fighter HD patch in the works
    17. Nolan Bushnell to receive BAFTA Fellowship
    18. Mario and Luigi 3 - movie and screens
    19. PSP PixelJunk Monsters to have "50% more content"
    20. Nintendo shows sales growth in nine-month financials
    21. Nintendo slashes profit forecast, cuts Wii target, raises DS estimate
    22. Main Killzone 2 review embargo is Monday, February 2
    23. Baverstock confirms Kuju lay-offs
    24. Grim reading: PlayStation revenue, hardware and software sales decline in Q3
    25. Japanese software sales, January 19-25
    26. Analyst: WoW accounted for half of Acti-Blizz's 2009 revenue
    27. Boom Blox 2 to release this spring
    28. Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers not canceled, gets swank trailer
    29. Mirror’s Edge DLC chased right into February
    1. First big Killzone 2 reviews go live tomorrow
    2. Interactive Achievement Awards to be televised
    3. Nintendo gives faith for Japan's future, says ex-Sony boss
    4. MCV: UK market will overtake Japan this year
    5. Houser: Freedom worth more than respect
    6. Euro FFXIII trailer to be distributed at 4pm tomorrow
    7. New FFXIII trailer confirms 2009 for PlayStation 3
    8. New Final Fantasy XIII trailer is live [Update]
    9. GTA IV is the best selling title in Europe and the US for 2008
    10. Sony released PSP, but never put enough of a push behind it, says Smackdown CEO
    11. Rock Band may have 5,000 songs this year, says MTV
    12. Preview NXE themes before you buy
    13. Alan Wake footage "not real" says Remedy [Update]
    14. Rumour: Leaked Alan Wake footage surfaces [Update]
    15. ESA: Computer and videogames tops $21 billion in 2008
    16. Street Fighter HD reports are false, site had no contact with Capcom
    17. Rumour: Warner to reboot Lara in new film, Megan Fox to star
    18. Blue Dragon bestseller for 360 in Japan
    19. Capcom says Dead Rising 2 talk a "mistranslation"
    20. Two new The Lost and Damned images show sawn-offs
    21. Rock Band Wii to get Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    22. Microsoft will continue to invest in PC gaming
    23. Famitsu 360: Ninja Blade to get worldwide release plus other titbits [Update]
    24. Famitsu 360 gives Star Ocean IV 34/40
    25. Crysis Warhead patch adds Windows 64-bit support
    26. Ubisoft launches official Far Cry 2 map editing guide
    27. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts sold under 150k units in the US last year
    28. Japanese URL suggests Final Fantasy IV 360 [Update]
    29. Dead Rising and Lost planet sequels might go multiplat
    30. Pachter: Xbox Live a proverbial goldmine
    31. Halo Wars DLC a real possibility
    32. Atari Australia re-sign to distribute Konami titles down under
    33. Muzyka: One-platform console future could happen
    34. Sins of a Solar Empire expansion delayed
    35. Avatars get national soccer strips
    36. Dawn of War II multiplayer beta now open to all
    37. SCEE refuses Street Fighter HD in Europe due to "faults"
    38. Nexon closes Vancouver studio
    1. Pessner takes control of Games for Windows
    2. Empire: Total War gets March 3 date
    3. "Source" goes offensive over PSP2 rumours
    4. World at War tops Live play charts
    5. Mr Megaton, Satoru Iwata, to keynote GDC
    6. US PSN stats show all time downloads
    7. Banjo-Tooie XBLA to be released in April, new screenshots
    8. Red Alert 3 expansion gets new cast members [Update]
    9. Flower priced at $9.99 (?)
    10. Halo 3: ODST premiere in concert
    11. Comic Con's gaming space up 50%
    12. Latest Singstar Store update gets Kylie
    13. Interview: Brian Etheridge on Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard
    14. WipEout Pulse on way to PS2?
    15. Guitar Hero World Tour February set-list includes Wings, Incubus and Ryan Adams
    16. New Godfather II images look menacing
    17. Three new Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard movies and loads of pretty pictures to look at
    18. Eurogamer gives Fallout 3 DLC Operation Anchorage 5/10
    19. Marketing and PR jobs to be cut at EA UK?
    20. WipEout HD updated to v1.26 - no-one knows what it does
    21. LocoRoco Hi coming to mobiles
    22. Family Trainer Wii sells one million worldwide
    23. Nintendo announces Wii Fit Body Check Channel
    24. Future blames "tough conditions" for fiscal end of 08 though still up Y-o-Y
    25. Major publishers snub Writers Guild awards
    26. Sony denies PSP2 rumours
    27. New DSiWare titles for Japan
    28. Remedy: You will see something interesting when the time is right
    29. Eutechnyx boss fears the "decimation of the British game development community"
    30. EVE Online wormholes explained
    31. Wii Fit still top of UK charts
    32. Drug dealing in GTA: Chinatown Wars a good way of making some extra cash
    33. Huge Unreal Tournament patch to get Steam achievements
    34. WipEout innovator Designers Republic shut down
    35. HanbitSoft: Hellgate London will continue as free-to-play title
    36. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time dated for US
    37. Contests offer early access to Halo Wars demo
    38. Fallout 3 Operation: Anchorage DLC goes Live
    39. Wrath of the Lich King solid at top of US PC charts
    40. Stormrise units detailed
    41. Restriction of "adult liberty" is "small sacrifice," says Australian's Atkinson
    42. PSP2 "coming soon," according to IGN
    1. First large Motorstorm 2 patch imminent
    2. FFXIII site updated with promise of trailer
    3. Crysis Warhead DRM deauthorization tool released
    4. ESA lobbying spend up 25% in 2008
    5. Ninja Turtles 25th anniversary means new game, dude
    6. Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box gets trailered
    7. Lionhead denies Fable II PC rumours
    8. Pachter predicts Nintendo to raise hardware expectations after strong Q3 results
    9. New Street Fighter IV shots show Ryu and Rose getting it on
    10. Bethesda responds to Fallout 3 critcisms
    11. EA: Reviewers were punishing us for doing something new with the Godfather franchise
    12. New Mortal Kombat game in the works
    13. Criterion and Bright Light safe from EA lay-offs
    14. THQ to make more de Blob for Wii
    15. Tecmo and Koei announce Koei Tecmo Holdings
    16. Race Pro slips to February 20
    17. UK Guitar Hero World Tour/Rock Band ratio closer to 4:1, says Red Octane
    18. New Halo Wars images show tanks, Hunters, Banshees - looks great
    19. Six new Grateful Dead tracks for Rock Band
    20. The Sims 3 release date slips
    21. No PS3 patch for Fallout 3, says Bethseda
    22. Resident Evil 5 PC version confirmed?
    23. No Elites in Halo: ODST
    24. Guitar Hero World Tour outsells Rock Band 2:1
    25. GTA IV PC patch adds new sliders
    26. Resident Evil 5 360 demo is now live
    27. Videogames outsell DVD and Blu-ray in 2008
    28. Head of Games for Windows Live sacked
    29. Sega: New IP is likely to suffer this year
    30. Capcom: Resident Evil 5 can still "loosely be considered a survival horror game"
    31. Dark Void gameplay shows jet-packs and huge mechs
    32. Blue Dragon Plus English trailer is dramatic
    33. PSP gets "carnival colors" in Japan
    34. Pardo - Piracy "hurting" single-player games
    35. 10/10 scores revisited, ridiculed
    36. Braid creator hard at work on 2D RPG – for now
    1. Rockstar invites you to meet Billy Ray and Malc
    2. Yakuza 3 trailers and images look so good it hurts
    3. Lost Planet movie working with nearly $200 million budget
    4. Full Guitar Hero: Metallica tracklist unveiled
    1. Star Ocean: The Last Hope trailer looks like Japanese Mass Effect
    2. Dawn of War II beta keys on Eurogamer [Update]
    3. Microsoft's Gamefest slips to 2010
    4. 360 to get red Resident Evil 5 bundle
    5. Halycon mulls Terminator MMO
    6. The Old Republic gets new screens
    7. Gears of War movie trilogy planned
    8. Microsoft game testers next to face chop
    9. Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for Wii, DS this spring
    10. Joystiq to relaunch next week, opts for "spokes" approach
    11. LA Noire team seeks staff, isn't anywhere near releasing game
    12. Bungie makes new-old Halo: ODST pictures
    1. Uncharted: Among Thieves screens are pretty, big
    2. Resistance 2 patch adds new Trophy conditions, other things
    3. 10 new Madworld shots posted
    4. LBP lords over Interactive Achievement Award nominations
    5. Criterion details free Burnout Paradise update for Feb 6
    6. Microsoft confirms ACES closure
    7. Halo Wars gold, demo confirmed for February 5
    8. Analyst: PS3 continues to lack a clear 'must-own' title that will drive sales
    9. European parliament sees PEGI rating system as right way forward
    10. New The Lost and Damned screenshots draw us back in
    11. Euro PSN update, Jan 22
    12. New Metal Gear Online 'Bomb Mission' gametype added
    13. New Resident Evil 5 packshot released (without 2-16 player system link)
    14. 24 Season 7 HD in this week's US PSN video store update
    15. Sega: No plans for Yakuza 3 Western release
    16. Pachter: Sony "is a distant third, and is falling behind at a rapid pace"
    17. Square Enix bans hundreds of FFXI players
    18. New Street Fighter IV gameplay footage is jaw dropping
    19. EA: Reductions needed to "make the company stronger"
    20. More Yakuza 3 screens reveal Karaoke mini game
    21. THQ looks to capitalise on Red Ant closure
    22. The Secret World to get "big changes," says Funcom
    23. More Chronicles of Riddick screens released as launch date looms [Update]
    24. New PlayStation Home space revealed
    25. This week's PAL releases, Friday January 23
    26. Red Alert PS3 "announced too soon," says EA
    27. EA: No concrete information on Mass Effect 2 at GDC09
    28. Source: Criterion will not face redundancies
    29. EA: Battlefield Heroes release date news "soon"
    30. Confirmed: Eidos closes Manchester studio
    31. Fight Night Round 4 details from Game Informer
    32. Ubisoft share prices down 19%
    33. Microsoft and Sony's stock slides
    34. Rumour: EA UK now facing staff cuts [Update]
    35. New Ghostbusters images make us feel good
    36. THQ unlikely to break even this financial year, says analyst
    37. Skate 2 gets Time is Money DLC that unlocks everything
    38. Rumour: Eidos closing its Machester studio
    39. Japanese hardware sales - January 12-18
    40. Forbes writer defends Rock Band "shameless knockoff" accusation
    41. US PSN update, January 22
    42. Rumour: EA Canada GM note on Black Box lay-offs leaked
    43. Australians to get Killzone 2 early and late
    44. Microsoft's Entertainment Division hit by lay-offs, Flight Sim and GS Blog staff given papers
    1. Ubi expects next console generation in 2011
    2. EA holds company-wide meeting, Black Box sees mass lay-offs
    3. Tomb Raider: Underworld DLC date confirmed
    4. Mass Effect PS3 rumours are "inaccurate," says EA
    5. Splinter Cell: Conviction still a 360 exclusive
    6. GTA IV: The Lost and Damned gets playtest netsplosion
    7. I am Alive delayed, requires more development time
    8. Far Cry 2, PoP and Shaun White all break 2 million sales
    9. Ubi sees sales jump 13% to 508 million in Q3, full year guidance tweaked
    10. Ubi confirms Assassin's Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction for upcoming financial year
    11. Age of Conan 360 still in development, says Funcom
    12. Rockstar prices The Lost and Damned [Update]
    13. Microsoft to cut 5,000 jobs as 360 sells 6 million in 3 months
    14. Four new Spore titles announced
    15. Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena details confirmed
    16. amBX launches free downloadable SDK
    17. Sony has no plans to reduce SCEE headcount [Update]
    18. Square Enix's Crystal Defenders for Wii/PSN/XBLA - Yosumin Live for XBLA
    19. New Sackboy costume packs announced
    20. Sega Europe is "in great shape"
    21. Sony to reduce headcount in gaming division
    22. Ubisoft hiring for a "new cross-platform music based game"
    23. EA: New official Fight Night Round 4 images on the way, release information soon
    24. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix heading to get PSN release
    25. Mario & Sonic Olympics 2 on the way?
    26. Five new Mafia II screenshots look stunning
    27. Capcom doesn't expect Australian delays
    28. F.E.A.R. 2 single player demo now on Xbox Live
    29. Sony potentially looking to roll out PSP playback venture to other clubs
    30. Guitar Hero: World Tour 360 gets Aussie Track Pack
    31. Spore 360/PS3 would have to have the "right design" to be considered, says EA
    32. Greenberg feels fortunate 360 is half the price of PS3, expects continued momentum in 2009
    33. New high res Fight Night Round 4 scans show glistening sweat
    34. Noby Noby Boy is not a so-called "game," released worldwide next month
    35. Sony: Game operating income is expected to be lower at end of fiscal year
    36. World in Conflict expansion dated for March, consoles TBD
    37. Mines of Moria patch to fix Captain class issues
    38. Gamestop surges on back of secondhand market
    39. Riddick Dark Athena intro movie posted
    40. Pachter: Greenberg and Hirai are both right
    41. EA confirms Tiburon lay-offs
    42. Killzone 2 goes gold
    43. God of War III event dated for February 10
    44. Japanese software sales, January 12-18
    1. Arsenal to trial live action replays via PSP
    2. FFXIII site counts down to... something
    3. Judas Priest singer trademarks "Metal God" game
    4. Lord of the Rings: Conquest demo passes 1 million downloads
    5. EA's new Wii tennis game has balls, says Moore
    6. Ex 1UP Show staff launch Co-Op
    7. Battlefield Heroes beta re-opened
    8. Monster Hunter was most-sold game in Japan last year
    9. Killzone 2 Euro game and bundle dates confirmed [Update]
    10. Watch Obama's inauguration on Xbox Live
    11. Team Fortress 2 to get new map and game mode
    12. Capcom signs Monumental Games deal
    13. Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic detailed
    14. December NPD: Sales for LBP, MGS4 hits 1 million, and more
    15. Lost and Damned achievement details, new screenshot
    16. H.A.W.X. promises to open up Ace Combat's closed gameplay
    17. First fake games consoles seized in UK raid
    18. Capcom: Our box art lies!
    19. Survey says: Playing Madden increases your NFL IQ
    20. Capcom says Resident Evil 5 box art "isn't lying" [Update]
    21. Rumour: Resident Evil 5 to have offline multiplayer up to 16 players? [Update]
    22. Command and Conquer PS3 due in March
    23. Rock Band Wii gets Nine Inch Nails
    24. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes level cap to be upped, two new dungeons announced
    25. Home director Buser to talk at Engage! Expo
    26. Wii Play tops 2008 multi-format NPD software charts
    27. Gears 2 title update released, fixes exploits, makes improvements
    28. Correction: I am Alive to be released by the end of March
    29. Ubisoft's full release schedule includes Grey's Anatomy
    30. New Dead Rising Wii images show waggle
    31. The Maw now on XBLA
    32. Dawn of War II early beta now open, Eurogamer giving keys away
    33. Nintendo: Trade prices for Wii-make games are lower than usual
    34. Tenchu: Shadow Assassins gets fixed Euro March release
    35. Ubisoft refuses to comment on Pachter Ass Creed 2 and SC: Conviction rumours
    36. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood gunning for Q2 09
    37. European press invited to exclusive God of War 3 sneak preview
    38. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. gets March release date
    39. I am Alive to ship in Q1 09
    40. Still no Street Fighter IV PC date as console launch looms
    41. Accept gold farming as it will never go away, says RedBedlam boss
    42. Microsoft: 360 great option for Wii owners as they progress through gaming into high definition
    43. Steam flogging Dawn of War Soulstorm cheap
    44. Sony to announce grand restructuring plans this week
    45. Prototype comic coming in April
    46. Greenberg belittles Hirai's "longevity" snipe
    47. God of War III shown to press next month [Update]
    48. Halo Wars review embargo lifts on February 20
    49. Sites pull Battlefront III footage after Lucas threat
    50. Pachter: Assassin's Creed 2 out before March 2010
    51. Velvet Assassin will retain morphine references
    52. Street Fighter IV story trailer is cool
    53. US Outrun exclusive to XBLA
    54. Riccitiello: It's too early to talk about my legacy
    55. Sega confirms 30 job losses in US
    56. PS3 Firmware 2.60 now live
    1. Rumour: Sega US lays off 30 [Update]
    2. EA Tiburon next in line for lay-off rumours
    3. GTA Chinatown Wars shots show talking, scowling
    4. America's Army 3 to release this year
    5. Ubisoft gets a Brazilian
    6. Dawn of War II may receive first DLC "weeks" after launch
    7. PS3 Firmware 2.60 to add photo gallery and DivX 3.11 support [Update]
    8. Jacobs responds to Mythic lay-off rumour, EA declines to comment
    9. Rebellion wanted to up PS2 Battlefront III to 360 and PS3 versions
    10. World of Warcraft patch adds 3D vision, Death Knight freedom
    11. Marvelous Entertainment site counts down to something
    12. 2K Games: Games industry is recession-proof
    13. Acti Blizz to release December quarter and calendar year 08 results in February
    14. EA can learn a lot from World of Goo, says Peter Moore
    15. New dating site for gamers opens
    16. Five new MadWorld images released
    17. Analyst: Sony's ten year plan is about continued internal development, not just time on the market
    18. Gridrunner+++ coming to XBLA in April
    19. Bungie's Staten outlines Halo: ODST
    20. Piracy will never be fixed, says SI Games boss
    21. Who's to blame for late PSN releases? Sony, says publishers
    22. Nintendo: Wii Fit's been stocked weekly since launch
    23. As many Street Fighter IV screenshots as you could throw a fireball at
    24. Mario Power Tennis Wii dated [Update]
    25. Star Ocean: The Last Hope official US site opens
    26. Australian games market grew 47% last year
    27. Sega pens new digital deal
    28. First I am Alive image published?
    29. Wheelman gets worldwide release date
    30. BlazePro PS3 wireless keyboard $11 compared with $50 Sony branded model
    31. Square: PS3 must have attractive games to improve attach rate, FFXIII demo detailed
    32. US PC sales charts - week ending January 10
    33. Wii moving to break PS2’s record, PS3 trailing like GameCube
    34. Sony unveils official Killzone 2 bundle for UK [Updated]
    35. Steve Miller Band songs now available for Rock Band
    36. New Gears 2 achievements listed, patch imminent?
    37. Ruffian Games now open, major title already in the works
    38. Deadly Creatures coming February 9
    39. Hirai: We're not in competition with Nintendo, 360 "lacks longevity"
    40. MetaCritic pressure on devs is "ridiculous," says Splash Damage boss
    41. EA shrugs off Forbes Rock Band plagiarism accusation
    42. Australian distributor for Capcom and Konami under receivership [Update]
    43. PSP Firmware 5.03 imminent
    44. House of the Dead Overkill "Hand Cannon" is ?10
    45. Lead characters rumoured for SAW game
    46. Rumour: Mythic latest to suffer EA job cuts
    47. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix demo Flashed for free
    48. Midway’s Wheelman delayed, demo announced
    1. Amazon offers Live Gold sub for $30
    2. CCP has "nothing to add" to World of Darkness date
    3. Wii Fit back on top of UK chart
    4. SOE acquires PoxNora game, forms new studio
    5. EA's Skate 2 PS3 version "runs like a dog," says Aussie review
    6. Flower to release on Feb 12
    7. Halo 3: ODST soundtrack to air this Saturday in Seattle
    8. DivX not happy with third party 360 support
    9. Uncharted as, if not more, popular than Tomb Raider, says Naughty Dog
    10. Final Fantasy Legends 2 official site opens
    11. Football Manager Live is too deep to spend money on, says Champ Man dev
    12. Official Killzone 2 box art unveiled
    13. MadWorld, House of the Dead and The Conduit to drive ‘broader market success,' says Sega
    14. Square announces 160Gb PS3 FFVII: Advent Children Complete console
    15. New Yakuza 3 trailer has got it all
    16. Sony says PS3 only console powerful enough for Killzone 2 as OPM UK announces first official review
    17. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II goes gold
    18. Lifesize Jack Sparrow being auctioned off for Games Aid charity
    19. Euro Resident Evil 5 PS3 demo confirmed for February 2
    20. "Nacht der Untoten" playlist unlocked, zombies for all
    21. New DC Universe Online screenshots looking good [Update - trailer added]
    22. Rockstar: Chinatown Wars is finished
    23. There's more money being spent on the PC than ever before, says BioWare
    24. Circuit City to close
    25. Harmonix interested in making Amplitude sequel
    26. Fallout 3 soundtrack on iTunes
    27. The Beatles to be an "art object," says Rigopulos
    28. Write a story, win a Star Trek Online beta slot
    29. Madworld given 15+ in Australia
    30. Eidos announces 'Mini Ninjas' from Io Interactive
    31. Matt Matthews pulls December NPD apart
    32. SOE MMOs hit Steam
    33. FFXIII demo dated for Japan
    1. Violence doesn't make games more enjoyable, says study
    2. Report: Sony refused Sony Ericsson PlayStation brand use for phone
    3. Forbes: Rock Band is "shameless knockoff" of Guitar Hero
    4. Valve: "Pirates are under-served customers"
    5. Rumour: World of Darkness to launch in 2010
    6. Godfather II combat "best in the genre," says EA
    7. Free Realms PS3 still TBD, says SOE
    8. CCP to drop EVE Online classic graphics support
    9. December NPD: Canadians spend a record $2.09 billion on consoles
    10. Phantasy Star Portable gets new DLC
    1. New 6 minute Resi 5 trailer and screenshots
    2. New Sonic and the Black Knight footage shows hack'n'slash
    3. Mass Effect Two-Disc Edition coming in February
    4. New Fragile video is impressive
    5. Star Ocean: The Last Hope to land in April? New screenshots and trailer
    6. Microsoft stands by 360 pricing strategy
    7. F.E.A.R. 2 demo available to all on Jan 22
    8. US gets much better Resi 5 limited edition box set than Europe
    9. Play Resistance Retribution demo early with US pre-order deal
    10. A bundle of new Deadly Creatures screenshots let loose
    11. Penny Arcade’s annual Child’s Play charity comes to a close, demolishes records
    12. Game over for Microsoft’s Gamerscore blog
    1. US PSN video content update
    2. FFXIII Euro dates still to be decided, says Square Enix
    3. Eidos confirms takeover talks
    4. Killzone 2 US demo on PSN day before launch, says Sony
    5. SouthPeak unveils new X-Blades images
    6. New Ninja Blade video shows manic gameplay
    7. Gary Dale leaves Take-Two
    8. Rumour: Battlefront III heading back to Pandemic
    9. Sony may not be able to cut as early as April, Wii sales to level out in '09, says Pachter
    10. EA details and dates Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
    11. Seven new Fuel screens from Codemasters
    12. New Street Fighter footage is mental
    13. December NPD: All the news in one place
    14. New Yakuza 3 shots show Don Quijote shop
    15. US and EU PlayStation store updates, January 16
    16. Source: Battlefront 3 footage is real
    17. Square confirms 2009 FFXIII Japanese release, Europe and US in 2010
    18. Rumour: Why Pandemic's Dark Knight never was, reason for studio's closure
    19. December NPD: 360 surpasses 28 million sold worldwide, says Microsoft
    20. Jaffe: MGS4 devs had "a whole hell of a lot of tenacity and vision"
    21. Epic: Gears 2 surpasses 4 million in 2 months, double that of its predecessor
    22. Japanese harware sales, Jan. 5th - 11th
    23. December NPD: "Wii figures are not any indication that is demand slowing down," says EEDAR
    24. December NPD: The year in graphs
    25. December NPD: Sony's PlayStation brand showing continued sales momentum, software up 116% Y-o-Y
    26. December NPD: Nintendo we offered "offer consumers an expanded definition of what a video game can be"
    27. December NPD: Microsoft boasts "biggest month in Xbox 360 in history"
    28. December NPD: PS3 sales up 40% Y-o-Y - holiday season sales decline
    29. December NPD: GTA IV 360 sales almost double that of PS3 for 2008
    30. December NPD: December NDS sales head record breaking year for US games industry
    1. December NPD: Nintendo holds top four titles in 08 annual software sales
    2. December NPD: Wii Play beats Call of Duty 360 to number 1 spot
    3. December NPD: DS clear winner as 360 outsells PS3 2:1
    4. A plethora of Pikmin Wii-make screenshots
    5. FIFA 09 Live Season 360 gets price reduction
    6. Lips january DLC schedule reveals Rihanna
    7. New Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshots
    8. Resident Evil 5 limited edition PS3 packaging for Europe revealed [Updated]
    9. GTi Club+ now on US PSN - new screenshots
    10. Eurogamer visited by over 3.7 million unique users in November 2008
    11. Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage leaked?
    12. Low pound price makes UK a better proposition, says Tiga
    13. Dragon Age: Origins to get prequel novel
    14. EA to distribute Red Eagle's Wheel of Time titles
    15. Halo Wars soundtrack detailed
    16. New Heavy Rain concept images emerge
    17. Three new Operation: Anchorage images released
    18. Mafia II storyline and new screenshots unveiled
    19. Sega's MadWorld gets BBFC rating - no cuts required
    20. Nathan Drake is not your typical videogame hero, he doesn't shoot 50ft aliens, says Naughty Dog
    21. Eurogamer Portugal releases new Killzone 2 gameplay footage
    22. Nintendo Wii and DS break European sales records
    23. Magic Ball available from US PSN today
    24. Molyneux nominates LBP as most creative of '08
    25. New Resident Evil 5 trailer says "Survival is sometimes worse than death"
    26. Guitar Hero World Tour 360 gets Travis Barker Track Pack
    27. British Fantasy author Graham Joyce to write new Doom
    28. Zork to return as browser MMO
    29. Crimecraft coming to PC first, consoles maybe later [Update - new trailer added]
    30. New Moto GP Wii screenshots
    31. Sony and Capcom saying nothing as to a Resident Evil 5 PS3 demo release
    32. Latest Japanese software sales sees Sony well represented
    33. Left 4 Dead PC patched, 360 patch available in "coming weeks"
    34. Capcom: Still no Euro PSN date for Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
    35. Ultimate Ghost ‘n Goblins available tomorrow on US PSN
    36. Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce gets new images and trailer
    37. Brand new Skate 2 shots showing tricks for kicks
    38. Games market already being affected by recession, says NPD Group
    39. Sony Japan reveals Dress
    40. PSP to get new .hack//Link title
    41. Sony clarifies 17 million PSN users claim
    42. Resident Evil 5 360 demo confirmed for Europe
    43. Sony: "PS3 is still in its early adopter phase"
    44. Rumour: Brand new GTA game by the end of the year
    45. Live Avatars get new clothes
    46. BlowOut to be next Xbox Originals game
    1. Resident Evil 5 360 demo coming January 26 [Update]
    2. Guitar Hero Metallica Wii Euro date still TBC, says Activision
    3. DS to get Final Fantasy Legends 2 remake
    4. Capcom looks forward to strongest quarter ever, Resi 5 biggest yet
    5. US software sales expected to hit $10 billion in December, says analyst
    6. Kojima: 2009 important year, hopes to have at least one game out
    7. Australian software sales - week ending Jan 11
    8. 505 Games reveals We Rock: Drum King Wii - screenshots
    9. New Knothole Island images released
    10. Guitar Hero Metallica confirmed for May in Europe
    11. Pachter: Majesco has mixed but positive Q4 results - expectations raised
    12. Famitsu gives Left 4 Dead (35/40), Fragile (31/40)
    13. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Euro release announced
    14. 2K: Wii market is “flooded by crappy titles”
    15. New Call of Juarez game to be a prequel
    16. EA: BioWare is "working towards Mass Effect 2"
    17. Nintendo doesn't see itself in competition with Sony or Microsoft
    18. First White Knight Story DLC announced - images [updated]
    19. No Killzone 2 collectors edition, says Sony
    20. Rumour: DSi US launch date and price
    21. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky announced
    22. Rumour: EA shuts Pandemic's Australian office
    23. Rock Band Music Store now available for Wii
    24. First reviews of Street Fighter IV are in - does very well
    25. Pixel Junk Eden patch on its way
    26. Command and Conquer: Red Alert Ultimate Edition coming to PS3
    27. Nintendo strikes deal to put Wii Music in US schools
    28. Guitar Hero: Metallica set for March 29 in the US?
    29. Midnight Club content went live, shouldn't have, you should delete it
    30. Andrew Lloyd-Webber to make rhythm action games
    31. New Tenchu Wii trailer shows cutscenes
    32. Castle Crashers 'King Pack' DLC releases today
    1. PS2 hits 50 million in North America
    2. Mirror’s Edge DLC coming January 29
    3. Fallout 3 DLC dated for January 27 - patch released too
    4. New FFXIII footage appears in dev diary
    5. Geo Wars 1 and 2 soundtracks released for free
    6. New DC Universe Online dev walkthrough shows character composition and gameplay
    7. Knothole Island now on Xbox Live Marketplace
    8. Eternal Sonata PS3 gets firm Febraury date
    9. Binary Tweed announces Clover for XBLA
    10. French site reveals Activision's Indiana Jones and the Sceptre of Kings Wii
    11. Star Ocean: Second Evolution gets PAL date
    12. The Boss to make Guitar Hero debut - get tracks early for free
    13. New WoW customisation tool enables sex change
    14. Microsoft: Knothole Island not free
    15. Lionhead: Knothole Island to have over 4 hours of gameplay if you don't rush it
    16. GAME says there was "exceptional consumer demand" platform exclusives over Christmas
    17. Download Knothole Island for free? [Updated]
    18. US politician wants health warnings on videogames
    19. UK console installed base hits 22 million
    20. New Resident Evil 5 screenshots
    21. US PC sales charts - week ending January 3
    22. New inFAMOUS gameplay looking very good indeed
    23. Tomb Raider Underworld DLC to hit next week?
    24. New X-Men Origins: Wolverine 360 screens look decent
    25. New off screen Killzone 2 footage released - still looking great
    26. Resurrection shrine to appear in Knothole Island, says Lionhead
    27. Konami announces new Metal Gear Online campaign
    28. Greenberg: The only two winners right now are Microsoft and Nintendo
    29. Tokyo Beat Down to get DS release in March
    30. Monolith reveals Project Origin system specs - new Mech video
    31. LucasArts "committed" to new Indy title
    32. Left 4 Dead Patch coming this week
    33. The Maw Wednesday's XBLA game
    34. Pachter: PS3 at $299 in April, 360 price cut too
    35. Pachter: Wii sold 3.25 million in December, 360 almost 2:1 over PS3
    1. Swedish site removes Killzone 2 review
    2. Official Avalanche site teases big news as AionGuard is revealed to Edge
    3. Rumour: Bioshock Mac bound
    4. UK Charts - week ending Jan 10th
    5. "I absolutely wish we could have spent more time polishing Underworld," says Tomb Raider dev
    6. Nintendo patents in-game assistance idea
    7. EEDAR: Nintendo saved Christmas
    8. Lips gets Superstar
    9. Phantasy Star Zero given winter 2009 release date
    10. Lenny Kravitz Pack winging its way to Rock Band
    11. SOE hopes PS3 will be half its business
    12. FFXIII demo Japan only, says Square Enix
    13. More than half of Conan servers merged to oblivion
    14. Unity Technologies appoints former Criterion CEO as chairman
    15. New Konami Marbles! to use Wii Balance Board
    16. Namco Bandai to publish Magna Carta: Crimson Stigma
    17. FFXIII demo to ship with FFVII: Advent Children in March
    18. Japanese hardware sales see a happy new year for all
    19. Braid blog complains as MS charge for theme - doesn’t like giving things for free
    20. Lara Croft needs to change successfully like Batman, says Eidos
    21. Uk Charts - week ending Jan 3rd
    22. Neversoft palms off Tony Hawk to focus on Guitar Hero
    23. Greenberg: "we’re not even thinking about the next generation at this point"
    24. BBFC gives Chinatown Wars an 18 rating - a DS first
    25. Microsoft to increase Live Friends limit
    26. First online review of Killzone 2 awards game 4 out of 5 [Update]
    1. New Star Ocean: The Last Hope screens show item creation
    2. FIFA 09 and Mario Kart Wii top UK 2008 charts
    3. Atari re-confirms Ghostbusters release dates
    4. Resistance Retribution coming to America in March
    5. 30 laid off at Crystal Dynamics after poor Tomb Raider performance [Update]
    6. Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars to include Ecto-1, General Lee and KITT
    1. Fable II title update live
    2. Arkham Asylum to have RPG elements
    3. "We absolutely would not want to trade places with Sony," says Greenberg
    4. Guitar Hero first game ever beyond $1 billion in sales
    5. New Diablo III screens show magic
    6. "No plans" for Star Ocean: The Last Hope PS3, says Square
    7. New Dawn of War II footage shows Tyranids
    8. Nintendo president thinks DSi downloads will drive system sales
    9. Star Ocean: The Last Hope NA release moved up, no changes elsewhere
    1. CES 09 - All the news
    2. F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin demo confirmed for Europe for 360/PS3
    3. FFXIII and FFXIII Versus official sites go Live
    4. New Flock trailer and screenshots
    5. Stringer: PS3 and PSP combined userbase now over 61m
    6. Eidos lowers expectations after poor sales of "triple A products"
    7. Sony CES 09 keynote video
    8. "It will be a huge Ghostbusters week!" says Terminal Reality boss
    9. Latest Japanese software sales sees White Knight slip to 6th
    10. 5 new Killzone 2 movies are positively stunning
    11. New inFAMOUS gameplay shows electricity
    12. US and EU PlayStation store updates, January 9
    13. SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update released
    14. Gamestop: PS3 "a great machine," but pricey
    15. Three new off-screen Halo Wars CES 09 videos posted
    16. Star Trek Online Q&A update
    17. Sony: We probably announced Home too early
    18. Dawn of War II multiplayer beta details [Update - 2 new offscreen vids added]
    19. New EndWar DLC and images
    20. Wada: "We have to be global"
    21. F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin demo exclusive to Qore subscribers
    22. MTV shows to air on PlayStation network
    23. Halo Wars US release date not 28 February but March
    24. Bach on Blu Ray for 360: "We have no plans in that space"
    25. CES 09 screenshots show Resi 5 looking better than ever
    26. New Street Fighter IV screens and video from CES 09
    27. Resistance Retribution gets new trailer
    28. New Dead Rising: Chop til You Drop images
    29. EA announces Home sports complex
    30. Off-screen Kodu footage from CES 09
    31. Two new Knothole Island shots show special armour - new dev diary
    32. Red Alert 3 expansion pack announced for March
    1. Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic out early March
    2. Flower to release in Febraury
    3. Halo Wars UK date still Feb 27, demo date also for Europe
    4. Sony’s CES stats: LBP sells 1.3 million, 17 million PSN users served
    5. VidZone set for release on PSN June 4th
    6. Patapon 2 available for download from Euro PSN 19 Feb
    7. SOCOM Confrontation to be available to download from Euro PSN on Feb 5
    8. EVE Online: Apocrypha release date announced
    9. Super Stardust HD soundtrack to be released on PSN
    10. William Shatner to make PAIN appearance
    11. God of War 3 and Uncharted Among Thieves trailers to hit PSN on Jan 22nd
    12. Resistance Retribution gets firm Euro date
    13. Fallout 3 DLC to raise level cap to 30
    14. Mass Effect 2 to appear at GDC 09
    15. Killzone 2 gets firm Euro release date
    16. Lionhead cements Knothole Island release date
    17. Godfather II gets firm release date
    18. Ferrari Challenge DLC "may never see the light of day," says System 3
    19. Deloitte survey says average UK household spends over 6 hours a week on gaming
    20. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice to get PAL release
    21. We can make another 5 Bioshocks, says 2K president
    22. Activision stock rises 11% after analyst support
    23. Gears 2 Flashback Map Pack now available to all
    24. PSP to get Asian makeover
    25. Square Enix and Ubisoft strike Japan deal
    26. US PC sales charts - week ending December 27
    27. LittleBigPlanet sold over 200,000 copies in the UK
    28. SCEE plans to merge Liverpool and Evolution Studios
    29. First Magna Carta: Crimson Stigma shots show girly looking faces
    30. Call of Duty 4 stat-watch reveals over 10 million unique users
    31. Sony promises "ten years of value" with PlayStation 3
    32. UGO boss on 1UP: "We really have largely left it alone"
    33. Sony Pictures lets Ghosbusters game date slip [Updated]
    34. Harmonix: No Rock Band 3 this year
    35. Qore episode 8 to feature F.E.A.R. 2, Killzone 2 and Heavy Rain
    36. CES 09: Capcom demos Dark Void - screenshots
    37. Bach: 25 million Halo games sold
    38. Full audio of Microsoft's CES 09 Keynote
    39. Nyko unveils new Wii wand at CES
    40. Xbox Live Primetime set for Spring
    41. Microsoft announces new creation game Kodu
    42. Halo Wars release date and demo solidified
    43. Home content update coming
    44. New Prototype video is incredible
    45. 7 Skate 2 trailers out on the streets
    46. GTA Chinatown Wars screenshots show driving and shooting
    47. Two new Flower videos released
    48. Blood on the Sand gets Euro date
    1. NCSoft will defend itself "vigorously" against a lawsuit that has "no merit"
    2. Saints Row 2 gets US PC release, Europe end of the month
    3. Nintendo is listening to its fans, says Reggie
    4. Cuboid coming exclusively to PSN soon
    5. Bomberman DS 2 gets dated, 21 new screenshots
    6. Sony has to service LittleBigPlanet user-generated content properly
    7. Lionhead "very close" to Fable II DLC release date and patch
    8. Five run away together
    9. Confirmed: Bioshock 2 screenshot and info fake
    10. Rumour: Bioshock Sea of Dreams to be "mostly a prequel", new Big Daddy revealed [Update]
    11. Skate 2 demo to hit PSN Jan 15
    12. Japanese hardware sales - DSi reigns supreme
    13. Japanese software sales - December 22 to 28
    14. Koei "sure" Warriors Orochi Z to be given Euro release
    15. Ubisoft set to reveal new Clancy shooters this year, says CVG
    16. White Knight Chronicles to get US release, online could be region locked
    17. Wii Fit sells 3 million copies in Japan
    18. Ubisoft's I am Alive first details unveiled - to be first-person shooter
    19. Sony expects Killzone 2 to fare better than MGS4
    20. ELSPA: Video games are "bringing families together"
    21. Activision stock falls 6.5%, lowest since November 2006
    22. UK games market worth ?4.03bn in 2008 whilst Wii software rises 112%
    23. Ninja Blade Euro release 'Q1 2009', says Microsoft
    24. ERA: Videogames UK’s fastest growing entertainment retail sector of 2008
    25. Left 4 Dead 360 update stops cheating
    26. Dawn of War II PC specs released
    27. Japanese PS3 owners to get Resi 5 bundle too
    28. King of Fighters XII trailer amazes
    29. New Ninja Blade screens show shiny armour
    30. New Star Ocean: The Last Hope images look colourful
    31. Ziff Davis quits, EGM closed, 1UP sold
    32. New Street Fighter IV shots show Cammy in thong [Update]
    33. Midway Presents: Bankruptcy possibly delayed until February
    1. Magna Carta: Crimson Stigma announced for 360
    2. US PSN Movie Update includes Monty Python
    3. "We wanted to show this wasn’t just a jungle game," says Naughty Dog
    4. Greenberg: We expect a PS3 price drop
    5. Wii Fit being used for rehabilitation purposes in UK hospital
    6. New Starcraft II screenshots
    7. Mark Rein details Gears 2 patch
    8. Japanese 360 owners to get Star Ocean 4 and Resi 5 bundles
    9. White Yakuza 3 dragon PS3 for Japan only
    10. UK Killzone 2 pre-order deal unlikely, says source [Update]
    11. Interpol on XBLA this week
    12. "Interest has been very strong" in Free Radical sale, says ReSolve
    13. CES 09 attendance to be 15-20% down, says Pachter
    14. EVE reaches 45,000 users online at one time
    15. Forza 3 images leaked
    16. Early Killzone 2 demo only available for Gamestop pre-orders - 2 new videos
    17. New LocoRoco 2 screenshots and four videos released
    18. Crysis Warhead patch and SDK "sooner rathan later," says Crytek
    19. Reeves: Most important thing in 2009 is to make money
    20. Greenberg: 2008 "biggest year ever in Xbox history", 28 million consoles sold [Updated]
    21. 2008 "pivotal" for PlayStation, "best software line-up in the industry," says SCEA VP
    22. Witcher Enhanced Edition gets patched
    23. God of War influence on new Wolverine title, says Raven
    24. Variety critics list their top 10 games from ?08
    25. Microsoft wants Radiant Silvergun for Live Arcade
    1. 2008 saw Xbox brand grow faster than any of our competitors, says 360 Europe VP
    2. Microsoft prepares to sue over loss of Woolworths stock
    3. 2008 not so great for Japanese game market
    4. Pachter estimates Wii sales up 100% over Christmas - 360 will see a slight rise, PS3 a slight drop
    5. Patcher expects "software sales to moderate to the low single digits in December"
    6. Eurogamer responds to Peter Moore's “WTF?”
    7. No Lego Harry Potter in 2009, says Eurogamer source
    8. Capcom announces "stellar" line up for first half of 2009
    9. We need a "team that can compete alongside the rest of the world," says Kojima
    10. Left 4 Dead DLC coming soon, says Valve
    11. Championship Manager has 90% piracy rate
    12. Resi 5 producer "worried" about Western developers
    13. Shin Megami Tensei MMO goes into open beta
    14. New Resistance Retribution screenshots
    15. New Wii TV channel "the stuff of television producers' nightmares"
    16. Halo 3 tops Xbox Live play charts for 2008
    17. ...and we're back - Christmas news round up
    18. files suit against NCSoft over multiplayer virtual environments
    19. PS3 production costs down 35 percent - still selling at a loss
    20. PS2 2008's most played console, says Nielsen
    1. Rumour: Lego Rock Band in works at TT