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April 2010 Archive

    1. Martin: Move doesn't "ruin the experience" of SOCOM 4
    2. First screens from Bulletstorm released
    3. Four more ex-Infinity Ward vets join Respawn Entertainment
    4. Fallout: New Vegas gets previewed
    5. SWTOR: Darth Malgus, Mandalore, General Garza get bios
    6. Liberal Democrats are "committed to support" Games Tax Relief
    7. Rockstar dishes multiplayer details on Red Dead Redemption
    8. Rock Band sales decrease by seven percent
    9. Main character for Persona 5 has an introverted personality
    10. THQ details exclusive PS3 content for UFC 2010
    11. Bungie: New IP to be "even better" than Halo
    12. Hurry - Max Payne bundle is just $3.74 on Steam
    13. Guild Wars 2 video shows the Elementalist in action
    14. Dead Space 2 site updated with visuals and some info
    15. APB formally announced for July 2 UK release
    16. Capcom ships one million SSFIV copies
    17. Lost Planet 2 video's loaded with goodies
    18. IW attorney: Activision covered up its horns with a Halo
    19. Activision: CoD: Black Ops will be the "most intense experience possible" [Update]
    20. Codemasters releases extended F1 2010 dev diary
    21. Split/Second Survival mode detailed in new clip
    22. Bungie may discuss possibility on developing other Acti titles
    23. Bungie says goodbye to Halo, says hello to Activision - everything in one place
    24. New Dead Space 2 art is just plain fantastic
    25. Call of Duty: Black Ops announced, releases on November 9
    26. Analyst: Bungie would be "very good fit" to replace Infinity Ward
    27. Japanese hardware charts - PSP still reigns supreme
    28. APB FAQ shows July 2 EU release date, June 29 launch for US
    29. Staten: Bungie "had to break through" Infinity Ward "noise" to announce Acti deal
    30. Steam hitting Mac May 12
    31. Report: Treyarch game is "Call of Duty: Vietnam"
    1. Mega Man Zero Collection hitting DS in June
    2. C&C4: Tiberian Twilight adds three new maps
    3. US PSN update, April 29 - Record Of Agarest War, more
    4. Star Trek MMO will not get a sequel, says Cryptic
    5. Codemasters to release International Cricket in June
    6. Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition to cost 1200 MS Points
    7. Portable gaming on the rise with US youngsters
    8. Free Realms gets first PS3 demo at E3
    9. Singularity - Cause and Effect video
    10. Penny Arcade founders land on annual TIME 100
    11. Splinter Cell Thursday hands out the FAMAS G2
    12. First DLC episode for Alan Wake included with copies of the game for free
    13. Tippl: Online "expected" to be a big part of Bungie's new game
    14. Euro PSN update, April 29 - LBP, SSFIV, FIFA South Africa
    15. Sony: Bungie/Activision deal is "great news for all gamers"
    16. Bungie: New game "might be" at E3
    17. Jarrard: Reach "for all intents and purposes" is its final Halo game
    18. Bungie: IW controversy does not put it off from working with Activision
    19. Interview: Bungie on signing with Activision for a decade
    20. Bethesda opens new offices in France and Germany
    21. Microsoft: Bungie partnership "remains unchanged" despite Activision deal
    22. Bungie: "We are still independent", new IP "has a concrete path"
    23. SSFIV alternate costume packs get dated
    24. Dead Space 2 teaser trailer decoded
    25. Pachter: Bungie/Activision project is "well along in development"
    26. Screens - Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
    27. New Alan Wake trailer rocks the boat
    28. Bungie signs exclusive 10-year Activision deal on "next big action game universe" [Update]
    29. New titles for 360 Game Room delayed "until further notice"
    30. Dead Space 2 trailer officially official
    31. Rare to deliver Develop motion control keynote
    32. Meier: Games trade "challenged" by "embarrassment of riches"
    33. THQ registers Red Faction domains
    34. China: 100 million new gamers in "the next few years"
    35. Big Stig reveals alternate GoW III ending
    36. Test Drive Unlimited 2 gets debut trailer
    37. Guild Wars 2 combat and elementalist detailed
    38. BioShock 2 Metro Pack trailered
    39. StarCraft II Mac beta out now
    40. Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition dated for May
    41. Mysterious figure appears on God of War "Spartans Stand Tall" site
    1. Halo: Reach beta to last until May 19
    2. Four more employees may have left Infinity Ward
    3. Gray Matter coming to Xbox 360
    4. Dante's Inferno: Trials of St. Lucia drops tomorrow
    5. Cohort Studios: The core will "come around" to new motion controls
    6. Dead Space 2 trailer leaked early
    7. Play BFBC2, get M24 sniper from Medal of Honor
    8. World premiere of Treyarch's Call of Duty hitting GTTV
    9. Buy Singularity, get Prototype for free
    10. Obsidian: Canned Aliens RPG felt "ready to ship"
    11. Spanish mag gives Alan Wake 93/100; says it's 16 hours long
    12. Red Steel 3 revealed, uses Vitality Sensor
    13. Check out the alt costumes for SSFIV
    14. Two more Tom Clancy games in the works at Ubisoft
    15. Jaffe and his PS3 game to skip E3
    16. Video - Explosives in Split/Second, demo up on XBL
    17. Analyst: Infinity Ward will be "essentially closed" after next map pack is released
    18. Hydrophobia is a timed exclusive; will come to PC and PSN
    19. Video - Skate 3 brings the co-op
    20. Conduit 2 will get "whatever it takes" for a win
    21. Tim Schafer to speak at Develop 2010
    22. Splinter Cell Conviction hits US Steam, Euro version to cost 50
    23. Mike Griffith quits Activision
    24. Interview: Blizzard's Chris Metzen on the WoW movie, Heart of the Swarm, more
    25. Red Dead Redemption Gamestop vid shows pre-order bonus
    26. Mad Catz forges "promotional alliance" with Daigo
    27. Ballmer: Natal is "the most exciting product we’ll bring to market this year"
    28. Next Mistwalker game laid bare in Famitsu
    29. New Vanquish screens are action incarnate
    30. Halo "Birth of a Spartan" live-action teaser springs forth from Microsoft's womb
    1. TDU2 players want depth, "not graphics" says dev head
    2. THQ handing out UFC 2010 demo codes this coming Thursday
    3. Blizzard cuts ties with Korean e-Sports Association
    4. Overdose yourself on a bunch of SSFIV videos
    5. Infinity Ward employees suing Activision for unpaid dues [UPDATE]
    6. Guild Wars 2 blog dishes out the details
    7. Mafia II preview says GTA IV's "dated" in comparison
    8. "God damn Frank West" to be in more Capcom games, says Killian
    9. Electronic Arts is number 494 on Fortune 500
    10. ModNation Racers pre-orders bring on the Sack, Drake and Kratos
    11. Video - Lost Planet 2: The Final Episode
    12. Capcom trademarks Mega Man Universe
    13. Report - More people buy a used instead of new PS3
    14. Dead to Rights: Retribution DLC hitting June 1
    15. DJ Hero DLC hits April 29 with Darude's "Sandstorm"
    16. The Sims 3 invading consoles this fall
    17. Denise Kaigler joins 38 Studios
    18. Show your love for Alan Wake with boxers
    19. PSA: BioShock 2 map pack coming this week [Update]
    20. Ninja Theory ain't afraid of no PS3
    21. Far Cry 2, Kane and Lynch on GoD
    22. New No More Heroes 2 vids show women, weapons
    23. Cecil: Heavy Rain was "deeply flawed"
    24. XBLA sales rise 41% in March
    25. PartnerNet snap hints at Shenmue II download
    26. Le Carre, Bagley pegged as Kojima influences
    27. Red Dead Redemption features "beyond Black" swearing, gets rated M
    28. Crackdown 2's Thompson: Modern games are "too easy"
    29. Black: EA treats dev team members as "building blocks they can mix and match"
    30. Bodycount boss: Lady Gaga "blew my f**king socks off"
    31. Black Wii rumoured for May launch in US
    32. 350,000 played Madden 10 online once only
    33. StarCraft II cut-scene intros Zeratul, gameplay vid shows fighting
    34. StarCraft II expansion Collector's Editions possible if "fan excitement" is there
    35. Enslaved gets teaser site, spangly music, countdown
    36. Rockstar Collection 50% off on Steam this week
    37. Farsight dev diary: Move "opens up PS3" to new range of genres
    38. More ex-IW vets join Respawn Entertainment
    39. Arcania – Gothic 4 gets new screens
    40. Halo: Reach up for pre-order now
    41. Report: Square announces Extreme Edges label
    42. Cohort Studios: Move is "so much more accurate" than Wiimote
    43. Syfy announces two-hour Red Faction movie, leaves "back door" open for full TV series
    44. Shock of the century: More devs leave Infinity Ward
    1. Watch a Bungie chap be very good at Halo: Reach
    2. Enslaved shots show prettiness, fire, jumping man
    3. Steam UI update available now
    4. We're hiring: US editor sought
    5. Super Street Fighter IV takes EG 10 - round-up
    6. The 3rd Birthday to release this year in Japan, says Wada
    7. US Supreme Court to decide future of violent games law
    8. Halo: Reach mutliplayer beta gets another video blowout
    9. Pachter on Splinter Cell: "You will see those games on PS3"
    10. Yet more Alpha Protocol movies detail protagonist, old man, fit woman
    11. Massive 35 minute Halo: Reach multiplayer vid goes "boom"
    12. Halo: Reach “Birth of a Spartan” live action short hitting April 27
    13. Pachter "certain" future Mass Effect titles going to PS3
    14. Halo: Reach teaser website opens up, promises "augmentation" on Wednesday
    15. Alan Wake - 20-minute movie from South Korea
    16. Early access to UFC Undisputed 2010 demo offered by THQ
    17. Bruckheimer: Games and movies indistinguishable in "next 10 years"
    18. Split/Second demo now live on Marketplace [Update]
    19. Sony adds in new, cheaper, more efficient PS3 graphics chip
    20. Infinity Ward staff disaster is "disturbing," says Bodycount chief
    21. Black: "F**k" realism over fun
    22. Surfer Girl: Metal Gear Solid to support Natal
    23. Off-screen Natal images show waving arms, Avatars for Ricochet
    24. UK charts: Splinter Cell: Conviction stays hidden at the top
    25. IGN's Matt Casamassina takes up new job at Apple
    26. Slim 360 for E3 debut, says Surfer Girl [Update]
    27. F1 2010 promises to have "the most authentic experience possible" - new shots, dev diary
    28. Weird Dead Space 2 art shows up
    29. L4D2 DLC also mentions Plants vs Zombies
    30. 360-exclusive Split/Second demo releasing this week
    31. Shadow of the Colossus movie still happening
    32. Man plays with Move in London, takes pictures
    33. French XBLA grab shows Jet Set Radio
    34. Halo 3: ODST sales will be "reinvigorated" thanks to Reach beta, says Microsoft
    1. Yoshinori Ono says to ask Capcom for another Darkstalkers
    2. Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead gets June release
    3. ESRB gives Red Dead Redemption an "M" rating
    4. Skate 3 trailer has falling, meat, zombies, metal
    5. Alpha Protocol video - So much for the vodka
    6. Oddworld games still coming to PC in 2010
    7. UK: Download RDR trailer, get 400 MS Points
    8. Check out these pimp-tastic Saint's Row 2 Avatar items
    9. Toy Box mode for Toy Story 3 revealed through video
    10. Madden NFL demo will feature the Colts vs The Jets
    11. StarCraft II to forgo cross-server play at launch
    12. Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack costs $15 on Steam
    13. Mad Catz to be worldwide maker of Rock Band peripherals
    14. Sakamoto says Team Ninja collaboration on Metroid: Other M "feels destined"
    15. Dead Island to possibly be published by Deep Silver
    16. "We're not trying to be innovative", says SCII designer
    17. Japanese software charts, April 12-18: NSMBW tops again
    18. LBP PSP Turbo Pack has construction vehicles
    19. Ian Livingstone given British Inspiration Award
    20. Activision registers website for possible Goldeneye revival
    1. Rumour - Metroid: Other M, Sin and Punishment 2 delayed in US [Update]
    2. Patch for StarCraft II Beta adds map editor, more
    3. Avatar's film producer blames Fox for bad game sales
    4. Don't worry, SOCOM 4 supports both Move and DualShock
    5. Four more team members leave Infinity Ward [Update]
    6. Digital weekend sale: L4D2, CoD4, Thief
    7. Meet the Lady Pirates of Lost Planet 2
    8. UFC 2010 gets HMV exclusive, demo codes coming
    9. Red Dead Redemption gets animated in May on Fox
    10. Kane & Lynch 2 screens show battered vehicles
    11. US PSN update, April 22 - Monkey Island, LP2 demo, UC2
    12. Conan: Rise of the Godslayer dated for May 11
    13. R.U.S.E. moves into September
    14. More Just Cause 2 Black Market DLC announced
    15. New Blur trailer released by Activision
    16. Modern Warfare 2 matchmaking tweaked on Xbox Live
    17. StarCraft II still on target for mid-year release
    18. Keiji Inafune named Capcom's global head of production
    19. Project K details and screens surface
    20. Starcraft II single-player blown to pieces - impressions round-up
    21. Codemasters holds on to LOTRO in Europe
    22. Japanese hardware charts - PSP comes out trumps again
    23. DJ Shadow working on DJ Hero 2
    24. ModNation Racers PS3 to release on May 21 in UK
    25. Report - Ubisoft's DRM software hacked
    26. Microsoft, Nintendo, Activision win big at MCV awards
    27. Third Bad Company 2 map pack getting ready for release
    28. Pachter: Call of Duty to see lower sales due to EA, Respawn competition
    29. First Madden NFL '11 trailer released
    30. Sega: Lay-offs help aim for "leadership position" in "digital space"
    31. Red Dead Redemption multiplayer modes get detailed
    32. Activision confirms Tony Hawk: Shred title
    33. First episodes of Alan Wake prequel air this Sunday
    34. Combat detailed in new Old Republic dev diary
    35. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Driver: San Francisco domains registered by Ubisoft
    1. MS Q1 2010 financials: Xbox 360 business generates $165M
    2. Eight ex-Infinity Ward staff join Respawn Entertainment [Update]
    3. Marvel vs Capcom 3 in development since 2008
    4. Vidzone launches Vidzone TV on PS3
    5. SEGA West lays-off 73 staffers through restructuring
    6. Alpha Protocol - Meet Scarlet Lake, boys
    7. Cybermen, arctic setting for next Doctor Who game episode
    8. Free DLC hitting MAG next week
    9. Frank West leaves a foreboding message in L4D2
    10. Pachter: Netflix users to increase by 3M this year
    11. Rumor: Arkham Asylum 2 to miss 2010 release
    12. Paul Anderson considering a game for his film adaptation of Buck Rogers
    13. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is coverboy for Madden NFL 11
    14. Report - Bethesda drops Interplay lawsuit [UPDATE]
    15. Ubisoft to hold press event at E3 on June 14
    16. Whitten: Natal is more than gaming and "learns about you"
    17. Win stuff: Capcom lays down MVC3 shadow character guantlet!
    18. Euro PSN update, April 22 - Lost Planet 2 MP demo, UC2, loads of sales
    19. SEGA's Move and Natal projects to court PS2 crowd
    20. Power-ups and co-op detailed for SMG2
    21. First L4D2 Mutation mode is Realism Versus
    22. West and Zampella's bonuses handed out to remaining Infinity Ward staff
    23. Halo: Reach Legendary Edition to cost ?100 in UK
    24. Uncharted 2 update includes Siege Expansion, Double Cash weekend
    25. Richard Morgan, EA in talks on future games
    26. New Halo: Reach vidoc released
    27. Interview: Crysis 2 author Richard Morgan (part 1)
    28. Halo: Reach to release in three flavours [Update]
    29. Eurogamer Expo tickets on sale now
    30. Future's "CVG Network" claims 2.3 million UU from Google stats
    31. Activision: More staff expected to leave Infinity Ward
    32. Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing now available on Marketplace
    33. Bungie: Halo 3 on GoD is still same great game despite slower loading times
    34. Final Fight: Double Impact requires net connection on PS3 to play
    35. Major League Baseball streaming coming to PS3 in US
    36. Bungie: Halo: Reach almost "content complete"
    37. UFC 2010 career mode mapped in movie
    38. ModNation Racers TV ad gets the Butler treatment
    39. Rank 50 in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 takes about 282 hours
    40. Blizzard appealing Starcraft II AO rating in Korea
    41. Activision: Three new Call of Duty titles in two years
    42. First movie of Mac Steam appears on YouTube
    43. L4D2 Passing out today, promo trailer brings the hate
    44. Latest PS3 system update prepares for third dimension
    45. Rumor: Rocksteady prepping new DLC for first Arkham Asylum?
    1. Blur: Best Buy and GameStop pre-order incentives
    2. Yamauchi: How we put the Top Gear test tack into Gran Turismo 5
    3. Tecmo Koei wishes Itagaki and Valhalla prosperity
    4. Kit Upgrade DLC coming to Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    5. Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo now available on XBL
    6. Alpha Protocol - Henry Leland is an arms dealer with a mission
    7. New Mario Galaxy 2 trailer is out of this world
    8. Fable III hero screenshot is rather smashing
    9. Pre-order StarCraft II at Gamestop, get beta access
    10. Rumor - Next Silent Hill game is an FPS
    11. GAME execs exiting the company as profits tumble
    12. Report - Formal Bulletstorm reveal on hold due to Icelandic volcano
    13. HMV outs possible Bond game - James Bond: Bloodstone
    14. Bungie may do another Halo "ten years down the line"
    15. Report: Microsoft in talks for XBL Channel, Conan was suggested for it
    16. Modern Warfare 2 makes $401M in first 24-hours, wins a Guinness
    17. Over 320K accounts banned from Warcraft III and Diablo II
    18. Halo: Reach multiplayer beta gets breached - round-up
    19. Hands-on with the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta
    20. Dead Rising 2 gets massive video blowout
    21. Okamiden footage, screens from Captivate are pretty
    22. Bungie: 3 million people expected to play Reach beta
    23. Lost Planet 2 video shows off multiplayer DLC
    24. Steam UI update coming next week
    25. Dead Rising 2 - new zombie-filled screens
    26. Captivate 2010 blown to pieces - everything in one place
    27. Capcom talks editorial integrity and more at Captivate
    28. Yamauchi will be "angry" when GT5 development finishes
    29. SCII beta gets map editor this week, Mac beta possibly coming next week
    30. Yakuza: Project K developed for PSP
    31. MGS: Peace Walker nabs 40/40 in Famitsu
    32. Sega not finished with mature Wii titles after all - just more casual-focused
    1. Turbine has been acquired by Warner Bros.
    2. John Romero looking for experienced UR3 coders for "exciting IP"
    3. US 7-Eleven stores to start selling used games in September
    4. EA launches free-to-play browser game Lord of Ultima
    5. Gears of War 3 Avatar goodies land on XBL
    6. Rumor: Project Natal development kit photos leaked
    7. Rumor: Mr. Freeze, Talia al Ghul to appear in Arkham Asylum 2
    8. Video - Super Street Fighter IV Tournament DLC
    9. L4D2: The Passing coming to Steam and XBL Thursday [Update]
    10. PoP: The Forgotten Sands - videos for preview build surface
    11. DLC for Metro 2033 currently being tested
    12. More Just Cause 2 and BioShock 2 DLC dated for XBL
    13. Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 confirmed for Q1 2011
    14. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective coming to DS this winter
    15. New Dead Rising 2 trailer is in your face
    16. Okamiden gets 2011 western release for DS
    17. DLC announced for SSFIV, Lost Planet 2, MotoGP 09/10
    18. Captivate 2010: Dead Rising 2 gets Co-Op; Prologue story details [Update]
    19. Marvel vs Capcom 3 formally announced for spring 2011 release
    20. Iceland's volcano causes some games to miss Australian release
    21. Rumor - Nintendo 3DS out in October
    22. Wii Classic Controller Pro now in US stores
    23. Bulletstorm is Epic's "dream sci-fi movie" in a "groundbreaking video game", says writer
    24. Gamespot handing out Third Echelon Map codes for Conviction
    25. Brink director says transition from "PC-only" development was challenging
    26. MGS4, PW team now involved with Metal Gear Solid: Rising
    27. Steam Achievements for The Passing reveal L4D2 content
    28. CCP hasn't been blown up by a volcano
    29. Halo 3 now available on Games on Demand
    30. 1 million 360's sold in Australia and New Zealand
    31. New Alpha Protocol movies show German saucepot, old Russian man
    32. 8% of Japanese people want to buy Nintendo 3DS, says poll
    33. Bushnell rejoins Atari as Harrison, Gardner, Bozek resign
    34. DS piracy blamed for 50% drop in European software sales
    35. Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 gets first trailer, includes jumping
    36. "Tony Hawk: Shred" dropped in tweet
    37. Battlestations dev Eidos Hungary shut down last year, says Square Enix
    38. Kojima working on second "confidential project"
    39. The 3rd Birthday will "exceed expectations", says Square Enix
    40. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 trailer hits YouTube
    41. Batman voice actor: Arkham Asylum 2 to be "really dark," will include Two-Face
    42. Jaffe "may" work on non-Sony platforms someday
    1. "Natal is challenging because it's so different," says Molyneux
    2. Fourth generation iPhone prototype leaked
    3. Ubisoft ditches paper manuals in green effort
    4. PSA: Halo: Reach previews embargo lifts 4pm tomorrow [Update]
    5. Report: Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 is real, was announced last week
    6. Alan Wake runs in 720p, Remedy not happy over recent leaks
    7. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 announced at Captivate
    8. Borderlands: Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is this week's Live Deal of the Week
    9. The Outsider still being worked on at Frontier
    10. Yerli: Console version of Crysis 2 "looked impossible"
    11. Splatterhouse movie shows ballet, gore
    12. Nothing is sacred in new Crackdown 2 dev diary
    13. Crysis 2 platform teams "always in competition"
    14. Interview: Crysis 2 exec producer, Nathan Camarillo
    15. New Sledgehammer CoD title "will broaden the audience", says Activision
    16. Crackdown 2 footage blows the stuffing out
    17. UK charts: Splinter Cell: Conviction gets top spot
    18. Kamiya: Force me to do new StarFox
    19. Split/Second footage blows up the boat
    20. Police stops Splinter Cell PR stunt in New Zealand
    21. First Doctor Who: Adventure Games footage is go
    22. New MMA vid features grunting, punching
    1. Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure outed for Xbox Live Arcade
    1. Violent games effect sleep patterns less than previously thought
    2. Monster Hunter armor in Lost Planet 2 exclusive to Japan
    3. Natal's River Rush outed and described by filmmaker James Gunn
    4. Microsoft investigating harsh working conditions in its China factory
    5. LOTRO is three, celebrates with goodies and a subscription sale
    6. Singularity gets new trailer, June 29 release date
    7. New MMA shots from EA show exactly what you expect
    8. Cavia already working on DLC for NieR
    9. Just Dance moves one million copies in the US
    10. First Doctor Who: Adventures Game episode releases June 5
    11. ModNation Racers PSP: Final Track Studio tutorial series hits the net
    12. Tippl: Activision treats its developers "extremely well"
    13. Former GRIN staffers form Might and Delight studios
    14. Infinity Ward staffer: "We are not dead"
    15. Sam & Max items make their way into Team Fortress 2
    16. Musician mentions "Sony" and "LittleBigPlanet 2" in tweets
    17. Red Steel 2 moves 50K copies in 12-days, according to NPD
    18. Massive patch for Supreme Commander 2 hits PC
    19. Unannounced Square Enix game will leave you "shocked"
    20. Halo: Reach multiplayer footage will rock your face
    21. OPM UK teases open-world game with user-generated missions hitting PS3
    22. StarCraft II given an AO rating in Korea
    23. Rock Band getting Coheed, Siouxsie, the Femmes next week
    24. Left 4 Dead 2 DLC The Passing hits next week
    1. Sony's Move brawler now called The Fight: Lights Out
    2. Red Dead Redemption to have three difficulty modes
    3. Infinity Ward insider says the studio is "dead"
    4. Grasshopper Manufature copyrights "Closer" with USCO [Update]
    5. DSi XL moves 141,000 units since March 28 US debut
    6. Telltale says fans would like for it to make a LOST game
    7. Crytek CEO says demos are "a luxury” and “prohibitively expensive”
    8. SEGA revises earnings forecast, expects profit in Q4
    9. US PSN update, April 15 - Sam & Max, Skate 3 Demo
    10. Age of Conan retail package to contain Rise of the Godslayer
    11. US PS Video Store update, April 15 - Party time, excellent
    12. Developer says fitness gamers will "benefit more" from Move and Natal
    13. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier multiplayer beta detailed
    14. Graphics for Sam & Max Season 3 went "up a level" on PS3
    15. Loads of Super Mario Galaxy 2 goodies hit official Nintendo site
    16. Infinity Ward sackings were "horrifying", says Insomniac
    17. Crytek taking 3D "very seriously", working close with Move, Natal
    18. Western version of MGS: Peace Walker uncut version
    19. Miyamoto plans to continue working should Nintendo retire him
    20. No Doubt wins first round in Activision lawsuit
    21. GT5 will be "totally different" than Prologue, says Yamauchi
    22. Up to 20 more staff could leave Infinity Ward, says Pachter
    23. New Halo Reach shots blow our minds
    24. Bungie "can't wait" to show Halo: Reach at E3
    25. Splinter Cell on PS3: "We’ll have to see"
    26. Ubisoft DRM software "vital to our business", says Conviction creative lead
    27. Interview: Splinter Cell Conviction's Maxime Béland
    28. Splinter Cell Conviction - the first 20 minutes in video
    29. PS Store updates to move to Tuesday and Wednesday
    30. How Infinity Ward job losses have affected MW2's credits
    31. Japanese hardware charts - PSP back on top
    32. Demon's Souls formally dated in Europe for June 25 by Namco Bandai
    33. March NPD - everything in one place
    34. NPD March 2010: Nintendo touts record-breaking portable sales
    35. NPD March 2010: Microsoft pleased with figures, says bring on E3
    1. NPD March 2010: "Consumer demand remains incredibly high" for PS3 despite shortages, says Seybold
    2. God of War III bests God of War II launch by 32%
    3. NPD March 2010 Analysis: Industry sales up 6% to $1.52B
    4. Original Xbox Live is dead
    5. NPD March 2010: DS comes out top in hardware stakes
    6. NPD March 2010: Raw Data
    7. NPD March 2010 Software - God of War III moves 1.1M units
    8. World of Warcraft gets new cosmetic pet and Celestial Mount
    9. Watch the first eleven minutes of Alan Wake
    10. Lost Planet 2 gets Dead Rising and Monster Hunter characters
    11. Things you may not know about Heavy Rain's development
    12. Sony cans plans for PSP Room
    13. LOTR: Aragorn's Quest to support Move on PS3
    14. New MS Points pricing structure is US-only for the time being
    15. Video shows Natal recognizing gender
    16. F.E.A.R. 3 to have "divergent co-op" and possession abilities
    17. Epic opens doors to new office in Japan
    18. Survey says: Xbox 360 failure rate is 42%
    19. Japanese software charts, April 5-11: NSMBW tops
    20. 3D firmware update for PS3 not compatible with Blu-rays
    21. Buy a Sony Bravia 3D TV, get four free 3D games
    22. Skate 3 demo now available from Xbox Live Marketplace
    23. Olin: Those that forget DS is the number one portable are "silly"
    24. Red Dead Redemption multiplayer shots look 'hawt
    25. cdv Software files for preliminary insolvency
    26. EU PS Store update, April 15 - GTA IV, Sam and Max Season 3, Skate 3
    27. Activision expects Q1 2010 to be better than original forecast [Update]
    28. First Pokemon Black/White shots get out
    29. Microsoft's European VP of strategic marketing resigns
    30. Gravity Crash reduced to ?4 on PS Store
    31. West: With Respawn, "the sky's the limit"
    32. Square Enix releases launch trailer for Nier
    33. Assassin's Creed II receives Guinness World Record [Update]
    34. First artwork for Level 5's Time Travelers revealed
    35. Kojima: I'll leave games industry if I "mess up" next project
    36. Namco Bandai "making full announcement" on Demon's Souls Euro release tomorrow
    37. USK lists Demon's Souls for European release by Namco-Bandai
    38. Split/Second gets first dev diary
    39. Original Xbox Live is still up and kicking
    40. Interview - Joseph Olin, AIAS president (part 1)
    41. BioShock Marin team not handling XCOM, says 2K
    42. Nolan North: Uncharted 3 is "common sense"
    43. Two more devs leave Infinity Ward
    1. MoH executive producer says games "can" be too authentic
    2. Video - PoP: The Forgotten Sands on Wii
    3. Tor to publish Dead Space: Martyr by B.K. Evenson
    4. Analyst says for 3D to be a success, it needs to lose the glasses
    5. Demon's Souls blows past Atlus' projected unit sales in the US
    6. Army of Two 2 DLC issues to be fixed "soon"
    7. Alpha Protocol on PC will use Uniloc DRM
    8. BioWare's Muzyka and Zeschuk to keynote Develop
    9. DLC for Splinter Cell: Conviction to hit XBL on a weekly basis
    10. Monster Hunter Tri gets 8.8 from IGN in first online review
    11. Crackdown 2 to have "thousands of enemies on screen"
    12. Street Fighter Fit, Street Fighter Exercise a "possibility", says producer
    13. Crysis 2 gets "slightly more performance" out of PS3 than 360
    14. Black/White introduces new Pokemons, store, visuals
    15. Concept art for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier surfaces
    16. International iPad launch delayed until May
    17. Rumor: 2K working on MMO set in BioShock universe
    18. Games without narrative from get-go will become "obsolete", says Yerli
    19. "A lot of work ahead" for DC Universe Online, says SOE
    20. Yerli: Uncharted 2 didn't do "justice to the medium of game"
    21. Interview: Cevat Yerli on narrative in Crysis 2 (part 2)
    22. Tomb Raider: Legend, Devil May Cry 4 available on GoD
    23. $300 360 Slim with Natal and 250Gb HDD on the way, says Pachter
    24. Rumour - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier supports Natal
    25. GTA IV on sale for Games for Windows for $15
    26. Triple trademark filings from Starbreeze mention Syndicate
    27. Take Two needs to "get bigger", says Zelnick
    28. PSA: Today last full day for original Xbox Live
    29. New Level 5 project is a time-travel game
    30. White Knight Chronicles 2 shots get out
    31. BioShock 2 team resurrects XCOM... as a first-person shooter [Update]
    32. Uncharted 2 "the perfect example" of storytelling, says Crysis 2 writer
    33. Four more development vets flee Infinity Ward
    1. Ubisoft chats about classes in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
    2. SAW 2 video is a bit gross
    3. Freezing issues being reported for Splinter Cell: Conviction [Update]
    4. Bruckheimer feels good movies based on games boils down to talent
    5. No one wants a "solitary experience" anymore, says Conviction's multiplayer director
    6. UFC 2010 developer diary discusses new fighting combos
    7. Road & Track Car Pack for Forza 3 hits XBL Marketplace
    8. Survey says average income of US Game Industry is $75,573
    9. Professional StarCraft players in Korea accused of cheating
    10. No more Green Day DLC coming to Rock Band - for now
    11. Level-5 to announce new game in next issue of Famitsu
    12. Karen Traviss announced as Gears of War 3 writer
    13. ESRB lists 15 PSP games coming from Sony
    14. Retailer GAME puts DLC warning stickers on used titles
    15. Russian StarCraft II players to be charged online fees
    16. Reggie: Nintendo 3DS is "our next handheld platform"
    17. Dead Rising was "too Japanese", says Capcom
    18. Report - Ken Levine creating an "original title"
    19. PS3 sales pass 5 million units LtD in Japan, says Famitsu
    20. "Several" Kingdom Hearts titles being planned, says Nomura
    21. Pachter: Respawn "is the ultimate screw-you to Activision"
    22. Gears of War 3 - first four screens
    23. Rumour - Apocalypse Now game in development from ex-Pandemic staff
    24. Gears 3: Rod Fergusson apparently confirms four-way co-op
    25. Halo MMO "was absolutely going to compete with WOW"
    26. Splinter Cell: Conviction reviews sneak in, round up
    27. MS confirms April 8 release for Gears 3, new Avatar COG armour out April 20 [Update]
    28. Rumour - Ninja Theory working on Devil May Cry 5
    29. Zampella and West Respawn back with EA - everything you need to know
    30. Bleszinski: Gears 3 "probably" releasing on April 8, 2011
    31. First Gears 3 trailer s**ts the bed
    32. Gears of War 3 formally announced
    33. Study: PS3 has highest percentage of Internet-connected users
    34. Fable III to let players impregnate their Xbox Live friends
    35. Infinity Ward loses another pair of veteran devs
    1. Fallon producer confirms CliffyB reveal is Gears of War 3
    2. Zampella: MW3 "held hostage" accusations are "false and outrageous"
    3. Remedy: Announcing Alan Wake as a open-world game "was a mistake"
    4. Crytek planning free-to-use CryEngine 3 for developers
    5. Rockstar releases new trailer of GTA: Eps from Liberty City
    6. EA: Respawn creating own IPs, not Battlefield or Medal of Honor
    7. Activision: West-Zampella/EA deal comes as "no surprise"
    8. EA Partners boss: Acti has "blown up" Infinity Ward's talent, EA "in this game to win"
    9. Zampella on Respawn: "This is a total reset"
    10. EA formally announces Bulletstorm for 2011 release
    11. EA announces new development studio headed by Zampella, West
    12. Crysis 2 writer: Halo's story is "bulls**t"
    13. UK charts: Just Dance gets 4th UK No.1
    14. Updated patent points at rumble to feature in future DS iteration
    15. Crackdown 2 rated M by ESRB
    16. PlayStation Move sub-controller is named "Navigation Controller"
    17. Silicon Knights given $4 million boost for new project
    18. Castlevania devs "decided against" using Move for Lords of Shadow
    19. Kojima seriously hints at Zone Of the Enders 3 as next KP title
    20. Miyamoto's best is yet to come, wants to see new Starfox
    21. Modern Warfare 3 being "held hostage", says Acti
    1. Conviction started out much different than final product, says producer
    2. Konami to release Rush'N Attack sequel this fall
    3. SAW 2 announced for an autumn release from Konami
    4. GOW3's "zipped up" too tight for certain types of DLC, says Asmussen
    5. GTA being shown to school children to teach them about violence
    6. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge screened
    7. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was almost a remake of 8-bit-classic
    8. Blacklight: Tango Down has normal multiplayer modes, mini-games
    9. Need for Speed World Beta 3 goes live on Wednesday
    10. Ubisoft drew inspiration from Uncharted, Max Payne for Conviction
    11. Modern Warfare 2: Everybody's Doing It
    12. Tracks for Green Day: Rock Band revealed
    13. PSA: Last weekend to play original Xbox games on Live
    14. Ian Livingstone gets sneak peek at Lionhead's super secret project
    15. UK games market drops 7.8% during Q1 2010
    16. Microsoft changes purchase increment for MS Points on XBL
    17. Splinter Cell: Conviction CE has faulty USB drives, drops by $10
    18. Activision's allegations "lose sight of the reality", says West and Zampell counsel
    19. Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter gets detailed, trailered
    20. Bleszinski to have two announcements on Monday
    21. Splinter Cell: Conviction gets 9.3 from IGN
    22. People Can Fly's Bulletstorm revealed as next GI cover star
    1. US PS Video Store update, April 8 - Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    2. Conduit 2 MotionPlus support in question, will stay on Wii
    3. Alex St. John: OnLive is a good business idea that's "doomed"
    4. Activision files Cross Complaint against Zampella and West [Update]
    5. US PSN update, April 9 - Just Cause 2, LBP, FIFA demo
    6. Screens for Lost Planet 2 are deliciously great
    7. PoP: The Forgotten Sands release slips by a few days
    8. Modern Warfare 2 was "an immense disappointment", says Crysis 2 writer
    9. Warner trademarks Netherrealm Studios
    10. Eidos' Fabled Lands and Abraxas MMOs may see new life on iPad
    11. Uncharted 2 gets third bit of DLC with Siege Expansion Pack
    12. Split/Second DLC outed by Play pre-order program
    13. Codies CEO: Traditional publishing's the "model of the dinosaurs”
    14. Yerli: Crysis 2 on consoles "not about sales"
    15. Yerli: Crytek UK, nee Free Rad, focused on Crysis 2 multiplayer
    16. Yerli: "There's nothing below" 30fps in Crysis 2
    17. Crytek: Crysis 2's about "making gameplay that’s unique" to both consoles and PC
    18. EA announces Richard Morgan as Crysis 2 head-writer
    19. Interview: Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli on Crysis 2 (part 1)
    20. Crysis 2: First full reveal trailer and new images from NY premiere
    21. Impressions: Crysis 2 gameplay world premiere in New York
    22. Konami confirms new Silent Hill game for PS3, 360
    23. Epic to reveal new title soon, says OXM UK
    24. 360 dashboard shows Gears of War 3 for April 2011 release [Update]
    25. Splinter Cell: Conviction gets 8 in latest Edge
    26. Feder: Take Two a lot more then "the ‘GTA company’"
    27. Crytek becomes TIGA member
    28. Splatterhouse to feature previous 16-bit editions
    29. FFXIV cut-scenes gets Alpha treatment
    30. Rumour - Star Wars: Battlefront Online canceled
    31. Japanese hardware charts - the "two out of three ain't so bad" edition
    32. Rumour - Portal 2 making its way to PS3
    33. Pokemon Black and White coming to Japan this fall
    34. Halo: Reach beta maps, details revealed
    35. David Cage: Heavy Rain on track to sell 1.5 million units by year's end
    1. Modern Warfare 2 DLC hits PS3, PC next month
    2. Castlevania "wouldn't be as good" without Kojima, says Cox
    3. John Koller explains why Move is better than Natal, what's in store at E3
    4. Sony announces "Big Boss" pack for MGS: Peace Walker
    5. Blizzard suggests playing StarCraft II 30-60 hours before going 1v1
    6. L.A. Noire script is not 22K pages long, says Bondi
    7. Halo movie to be made "when the time is right," says 343
    8. Rumor: Gears 3 has reworked cover system, underwater missions
    9. Fahey: Why iPad doesn't matter to you... yet
    10. Apple: 450K iPads sold, responsible for 3.5M downloads
    11. Debut F.E.A.R. 3 trailer is literally mental
    12. Red Dead Redemption multiplayer video has a posse
    13. Sony aims to help "lead the way" with 3D gaming
    14. APB Beta key giveaway from Eurogamer
    15. Starcraft II Collector's Edition revealed, date to be announced soon
    16. PB Winterbottom hitting Steam with new features
    17. F.E.A.R. 3 formally announced for consoles, PC
    18. Euro PSN update, April 8 - Just Cause 2, Blue Toad Murder Files
    19. Red Dead Redemption is "our most ambitious game to date", says Rockstar
    20. Call of Duty 7 to be featured in May issue of OPM UK
    21. Blizzard handing out StarCraft II Beta keys on Facebook
    22. Molyneux: Fable III has "greatest cast any computer game has ever had"
    23. Nintendo's Q2 European line-up revealed
    24. Rumour - Capcom vs Marvel 3, SSFIV PC reveals coming soon
    25. Rumour - EA "placed million-dollar bounty" for ex-Infinity Ward heads
    26. Super Mario Galaxy 2 dated for May 27 in Japan
    27. Bleszinski: "You'll like what you'll see" come Monday
    28. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games announced for PC, Mac
    29. Government passes Digital Economy bill
    30. Supreme Commander 2 demo up on Marketplace
    31. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker trailer capsizes the boat
    32. Crytek: Crysis 2 will set the graphical benchmark on PS3
    33. Cliff Bleszinski's big reveal bumped to next week
    34. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta about to kick-off
    35. Modern Warfare 2 defies space-time continuum, logs over 200,000 years of gameplay
    1. More invites for Need for Speed World Beta go out
    2. Final Fanatsy XIV score leaked onto the net
    3. Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package surpasses 2.5M its first week
    4. New Dead to Rights: Retribution video shows Jack's furry friend
    5. Gordon Van Dyke confirms DICE departure, now with Visceral Games
    6. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker has loads of product placement
    7. Problems being reported with PS3 firmware update 3.21
    8. Video - Check out Mirror's Edge on iPad
    9. Uncharted 2 didn't "redefine" action games, says Castlevania producer
    10. Iwata: Zelda team feeling graphical pressure from Monster Hunter Tri
    11. Suda: Ideas for No More Heroes 3 compared to diarrhea
    12. Modern Warfare 2 - Free PC Multiplayer weekend on Steam
    13. Splinter Cell: Conviction will be "a little bit harder and realistic" than the demo
    14. Alan Wake goes Gold
    15. Magazine writer fired for publishing Rockstar email
    16. FIFA World Cup demo releasing tomorrow
    17. PSA: Borderlands double game add-on pack now available
    18. XBL Marketplace release and sale schedule for April 12 - April 20
    19. Kojima: Console will be dead "in the near future"
    20. MGS: Peace Walker gets characters trailer
    21. Star Trek Online for consoles canned
    22. Sakaguchi: The Last Story is no Final Fantasy "rehash"
    23. Splinter Cell: Conviction's stealth showcased
    24. Peace Walker/Monster Hunter team-up gets screened
    25. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days gets extended trailer
    26. Alpha Protocol gets new dev diary
    27. Trials HD is Best Arcade Game of last year, says you
    28. Split/Second multiplayer vids are proper hardcore
    29. Alan Wake European release pushed forward to May 14
    30. R.U.S.E. open beta to end on April 12
    31. Professor Layton anime movie to get western release this September
    32. Mass Effect 2: Kasumi's Stolen Memory now available
    33. Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert bids audieu to Hothead Games
    34. First Crysis 2 video from Times Square, NYC
    35. Rumor: Gears of War movie loses director as story, budget "scaled way back"
    36. Big Peace Walker announcement is Monster Hunter collaboration
    37. EA releases new Skate 3 demo trailer
    1. Blur multiplayer demo now available on Live
    2. "First look" at Crysis 2 coming tonight, says Crytek
    3. Interview: Lost Planet 2's Jun Takeuchi
    4. Sony E3 presser confirmed for June 15
    5. Ubi CV says next Assassin's Creed is due this year, SCC PS3 also seen
    6. Halo 3 coming to Games on Demand on April 20
    7. Splinter Cell: Conviction demo release was "nerve-wracking", says Ubisoft
    8. Fallout 3, Fable II hit Games on Demand
    9. Official: Conviction vignettes blow the house down
    10. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier MP beta to be on Conviction disc
    11. More Crackdown 2 goodness released
    12. NCSoft trademarks City of Heroes 2
    13. UK charts: Just Dance moonwalks back into number one
    14. Koei-Tecmo confirms summer release for Quantum Theory
    15. 360 Flash drive support update now live
    16. No More Heroes 2 confirmed for May 28 UK release
    17. Reggie: Nintendo not afraid of Apple, iPad
    18. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker includes optional install
    19. Super Street Fighter IV TV ad is bonkers
    20. Mikami given "too much freedom" on God Hand
    21. Crackdown 2 gets kick-ass campaign walkthrough
    22. Cage: Microsoft was "lying" over "sci-fi" E3 Natal demo
    23. Yamauchi: GT5 will have 3D, Move support if it's "interesting"
    24. iPad sells 300k in opening weekend, says Apple
    25. Sega: Madworld on Wii was a "mismatch"
    26. Report - Quantum Theory releasing this summer
    27. Sony: Arrogance from recent years "has now gone"
    28. Splinter: Cell Conviction's Mark & Execute feature detailed
    29. Two more developers leave Infinity Ward following COD-Gate
    30. BioWare on lack of homosexuality in ME2: "We view it as a PG-13 action movie"
    31. MW2 Stimulus Pack day-one buyers get seven more days of XBL Gold
    1. Geometry Wars 2 is Live Deal of the Week
    2. Indian games firm gets 50% stake in Codemasters
    3. Natal will sell "millions and millions", says Greenberg
    4. GT5 gets stunning leaked McLaren replay footage [Update]
    5. MW2 "the game to beat", says DICE
    6. Square Enix promising a "little surprise" for this week
    7. "Big Peace Walker announcement" coming on Wednesday, says Kojima
    8. Valve doesn't see need to change Gordon Freeman for next Half-Life
    9. Sony: Killzone 2 not going 3D
    10. Pandemic's Legends revealed in portfolio
    11. Duke Nukem: Forever gets leaked footage, screens
    1. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade release confirmed
    2. Green Day: Rock Band gets full American Idiot album
    1. Rumor - First bit of DLC for Just Cause 2 to land April 7
    2. GameStop: Pre-order details for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
    3. NBA Jam will have big head mode
    4. ICL students create a way to play Pong using eye movement
    5. Bungie weekly update has loads of information on Halo:Reach
    6. Assassin's Creed 2 wins seven MI6 Marketing Awards
    7. Ninja Theory co-founder says 3D console tech is "limited"
    8. WHO claims obesity in kids can partially be blamed on gaming
    9. Loads of Easter sales happening for PC gamers
    10. Jaffe says Eat, Sleep, Play game's "falling into place"
    11. Greenberg: "Third parties have struggled" on Wii
    12. Rush mode from VIP map now available to all BFBC2 players
    13. Rockstar planning its biggest ad blowout ever for Red Dead Redemption
    14. Screens - Three for Darksiders PC
    15. Sharp shows off what could very well be 3DS tech
    16. Sega cans developer of Iron Man, Golden Axe: Beast Rider
    1. Split/Second goes Downtown in new trailer
    2. Free Realms hits the 10 million user mark
    3. Time's 100 Most Influential People poll shows Penny Arcade topping Obama
    4. Stealth will be "something you want to use" in Splinter Cell
    5. BioWare games are about "memorable moments", says Zeschuk
    6. GTA: Episodes from Liberty City gets first PC shots
    7. GTA: Chinatown Wars unit sales accounted for 50% of M-rated titles on DS
    8. Remedy: Consider Alan Wake DLC as "Christmas special"
    9. IO Interactive: Violence in games is criticized by the 'outside crowd'.
    10. Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution App hits iPad
    11. DAO marketing just showed what was in the game, says Zeschuk
    12. Blur Beta to be open to all XBL users, PS3 still not getting it
    13. Red Faction getting a film is part of THQ's "trans-media strategy", says Bilson
    14. US PS Video Store update, April 1 - Holmes, Austin Powers, Baby Mama
    15. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter gets a demo on Steam today
    16. US PSN update, April 1 - Heavy Rain, Dante's Inferno, DAO
    17. The core have "looked down their nose" at motion gaming, says Dille
    18. THQ has a $40M Natal game under consideration, says Bilson
    19. Dille: Sony's more prominent in consumer's "consideration zone" than ever
    20. DICE: Medal of Honor is no Bad Company 2 clone
    21. Itagaki says he can't "make a game without" his favorite vices
    22. Visceral: Dead Space 2 will "scare the pants off you"
    23. MS sues Datel over alleged controller patent infringement
    24. Bleszinski: No "weaponry" for Fallon announce
    25. 3D Realms: Duke Nukem Forever could have gone gold yesterday
    26. Borderlands half-price on Steam this weekend
    27. Portal 2 gets new screens, art
    28. Final Fantasy IX confirmed for Japanese PSN
    29. Qore: Killzone 2 going 3D this "summer"
    30. Japanese hardware charts - PS3 is weekly winner, PSP comes out trumps for March
    31. ME2: Kasumi DLC gets trailer treatment
    32. Dille: God of War III sells 1 million units in "just a couple days"
    1. Hydrophobia shots look rather nice, are full of water
    2. Enclave for Wii gets a publisher, still no date
    3. Mafia II gets first dev diary
    4. PSP Digital Comics Store update, April 1 - Beowulf, Eternal Decent
    5. New Halo: Reach vidoc has Halo chess
    6. StarCraft II has 40% more units than before, depending on your faction
    7. PoP: The Forgotten Sands CE for Europe has classic PoP included
    8. Meier: Civilization was not developed as an "educational game"
    9. Peter Dille details how Sony plans on "redefining the digital living room"
    10. Design a Gravity Crash Portable level and win a PSPgo
    11. Video - Red Dead Redemption: Life in the West Part II
    12. DAO Feastday gifts and pranks pack now available
    13. Resident Evil: Afterlife shots are a bit wet and wild
    14. AI in GT5 to be "more human-like", says Yamauchi
    15. Romero says Darksiders is what Quake should have been
    16. "Big" Halo thing is IGN-made Bollywood trailer
    17. PoP: The Forgotten Sands already in the works before last game was released
    18. Take-Two gets greenlight to sue former execs for stock fraud
    19. Pictures - Super Mario Galaxy 2 screen captures
    20. Bowling explains again why MW2's Stimulus Package is a great deal
    21. Xbox Live Arcade Inventory Blowout Sale has games 50% off
    22. Euro PSN update, April 1 - Heavy Rain, Army of Two, Dragon Age
    23. Ubisoft: Conviction PC delay not down to DRM
    24. No female Agents for Crackdown 2
    25. Yet more RUSE deception tricks detailed in video
    26. EGM cover hints at Metal Gear Solid: Rising re-reveal
    27. Japan gets Lost Planet 360 bundle
    28. MGS: Peace Walker gets last gameplay video
    29. DC Universe Online gets new Travelogue video
    30. Remedy's Matias Myllrinne joins GDC Europe panel
    31. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird confirmed as legends in NBA Jam
    32. Microsoft: MW2 DLC situation was down to "process failure"
    33. White Knight Chronicles 2 gets new shots
    34. Halo: Reach beta to contain "huge chunk" of sandbox play
    35. MGS: Peace Walker meets Assassin's Creed in new trailer
    36. PAX East brings in over 50,000 attendees
    37. SOE: The Agency playable "within weeks"
    38. Platinum's Vanquish suits up with new screens
    39. Sony removes OS options with PS3 upgrade
    40. Cliff Bleszinksi to debut new game next week
    41. Bizarre Creations: No plans for Geometry Wars "right now"
    42. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker suffers UK delay