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July 2011 Archive

    1. Wii U and 3DS to support premium DLC
    2. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition to be re-balanced
    3. Namco Bandai comments on perma-save decision
    4. Street Fighter x Tekken teasers hint at two new characters
    1. US News Wrap, July 30 - What Happened Today
    2. Saturday Shorts: Sales, Gunstringer, Supervision, From Dust, more
    3. Quick Quotes: John Carmack on violent games being cathartic
    4. Ono reveals characters not in SFxT, says Blanka might be if they can "find him"
    5. It's time to kick butt and chew tobacco with latest Awesomenauts video
    6. Shift 2 Unleashed and Madden 12 hitting iOS next month
    7. Hard Reset gets a new video, explanation for PC-exclusivity
    8. Games part of the 3DS Ambassador Program getting multiplayer upgrade
    9. Microsoft working on relaxing Xbox Live rules for F2P, says Hi-Rez boss
    10. Screens and more details on RIFT update 1.4 released
    11. DICE details new dynamic dog tag system for Battlefield 3
    12. The Weekly Wrap – 3DS hits skids, Ubi DRM “succeeds”
    1. US News Wrap, July 29 - What Happened Today
    2. Friday Shorts the Third: Mario FPS, Rock Band 3, SCII, Minecraft, Move
    3. Rumor - Blockbuster UK list has PS Vita down for October 28 release
    4. Quick Quotes: Original Xbox co-creator on proudest career moment
    5. Dragon Age Legends and Marvel SHSO talks announced for GDC Online
    6. Quick Quotes: Kinect can potentially revolutionize player-character interaction
    7. Vindictus Europe teaser site opens, video released
    8. Bioware releases SWTOR developer walkthrough for Esseles flashpoint
    9. Ubisoft announces EG Expo line-up
    10. More rumors of Mirror's Edge 2 using Frostbite 2 pop up
    11. Brink's Agents of Change DLC releasing next week on August 3
    12. Norway store cans 51 brands after Oslo, Ut?ya murders
    13. Ocarina of Time 3D becomes first million seller on 3DS
    14. Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team hitting PSN on August 2
    15. Toy Story content hitting LBP2 on August 3
    16. European News Wrap, July 29 - What happened today
    17. ArenaNet to reveal new Guild Wars 2 demo and PvP at gamescom
    18. Various digital offerings from Ubisoft on sale at Get Game
    19. Sega posts ?17 million quarterly loss, sees sales fall
    20. Heroes of Newerth goes F2P
    21. "We're buoyed by the innovation that's ahead of us," says Rare
    22. EA Sports unveils global cover stars for FIFA Soccer 12
    23. Iwata owns 3DS issues, halves his salary in the process
    24. Nintendo to bring Zelda: Skyward Sword to gamescom
    25. London-based Call of Duty XP tournament announced
    26. Report - RAM for PlayStation Vita not reduced
    27. Deus Ex gets high score from PC Gamer in first review
    28. Koch Media to distribute Guild Wars 2 in UK
    29. Friday shorts II: Groove Coaster, Trenched, DCUO
    30. Kojima hints at 60FPS for Peace Walker HD
    31. Upcoming DNF patch to up Duke's arensal, increase weapon slots
    32. EA seeing "very poor returns" for 3D gaming, says Riccitiello
    33. GameStop launches eStore-only presence in mainland UK
    34. Humble Indie Bundle - now with extra Minecraft
    35. Rovio partners with Madhouse to bring Angry Birds to China
    36. BULLETCAST, July 29 – What you need to know now
    37. Fighting genre saturated? "I don’t think it will ever get quite that far," says Ono
    38. SSX shots go nuts on Moby
    39. AU News Wrap, July 29 - What Happened Today
    40. Namco Bandai confirms gamescom line-up - Dark Souls, Ace Combat, Ridge Racer
    41. Friday Shorts - ESPN 3, The Sims leaks, IndieCity announce, more
    42. 3DS price cut: Nintendo's Midas touch fails at last
    43. Nintendo stock plummets 21 percent
    44. Samsung to manufacture PS Vita CPU
    45. EA Sports looking to publish indie games
    46. Konami picks up El Shaddai for Europe
    47. Langdell claims nearly 100 errors in Edge vs Future High Court ruling
    48. EA Sports must respond to ex-NCAA lawsuit
    49. Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer gets chatty
    50. 30 minutes of Street Fighter x Tekken gameplay
    1. New Crytek shooter IP in the works
    2. Pachter blames crunch time comments scandal on "out of context" replies
    3. NCSoft, Carbine Studios tease gamescom announce
    4. Marvel Universe dev emphasises gaming's transition to service model
    5. Gamestop to kick off digital game sales with Human Revolution
    6. US News Wrap, July 28 - What Happened Today
    7. Thursday Shorts II: ESPN, Mobage, League of Legends, EVE, Idea Factory
    8. WWE 12: Soon you will smell what The Rock is cooking
    9. Analysts: Nintendo "really feel the heat" from Vita
    10. Driver: San Francisco videos explain shift mode
    11. Ubisoft says its DRM “is a success” due to reduction in piracy
    12. Loads of Final Fantasy Type-0 screens land, are lovely
    13. DICE and Infinity Ward discuss MW3 and BF3 rivalry, separately
    14. Rising Star Games lists releases for Q4: Harvest Moon, KoFXIII, DonDonPachi
    15. Wilshere and Rooney to grace FIFA 12 cover
    16. Japanese charts - 3DS and Everyone's Rhythm Heaven tops
    17. Early access to Resistance 3 public beta starts in August
    18. PSA: Black Ops Annihilation pack now available for PC and PS3
    19. Supremacy MMA to eventually release on Vita
    20. European News Wrap, July 28 - What happened today
    21. LinkedIn profile reveals three cancelled PS3 projects
    22. Ubisoft always on DRM not required for From Dust's single-player
    23. Rage Behind The Scenes video discusses enemies
    24. Quick Shots: New Kinect Star Wars screens released
    25. Resistance 3 beta participant releases 10 minutes of raw footage
    26. Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One weaponry video is the first in a series
    27. Quick Shots: SSX Psymon, character renders, comic art
    28. Court ruling forces BT to block access to Newzbin2
    29. Second part of Metro: Last Light E3 demo released
    30. PES 12 dated for October 14, new video released
    31. Last 12 months have seen record growth for XBL, says Burrowes
    32. Alleged PS Vita RAM cut could be "good for developers"
    33. Thursday Shorts: Street Fighter, Tekken, Harada, Ono, more
    34. Bowling "not too worried" about reactions to NYC terrorist attack in Modern Warfare 3
    35. Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games release date announced
    36. Quick Shots: Need for Speed: World shows off Porsche 959 and Treasure Hunt
    37. Scotland Yard arrests LulzSec frontman on Shetland Isles
    38. Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 confirmed for Eurogamer Expo
    39. Cave developing exclusive shooter for Windows Phone 7
    40. Final Fantasy XIV producer addresses balance tweaks and combat changes
    41. Female Shepard vocal talent talks voice acting and favourite FemShep
    42. Nintendo confirms holiday release for Super Mario 3DS and Mario Kart 7
    43. Madden NFL 12 demo coming August 9
    44. Capcom Q1: Sales down, profits up
    45. Heavy global 3DS price cut confirmed as sales stiff
    46. Valve testing new matchmaking system for DotA 2
    47. Nintendo Q1: 3DS sells 0.7m, hardware price cut promised
    48. Sony Q1: PS3 hardware slumps, software rises slightly
    49. Report: 50% of US Netflix usage is via console
    50. EA responds to Dragon Age II Steam disappearance, blames Valve's "restrictive" TOS
    1. US News Wrap, July 27 - What Happened Today
    2. THQ Q1 - Net loss of $38.4M, Red Faction shelved
    3. Wednesday Shorts II: Deus Ex, Wii U, study, Rise of Nightmares, Black Ops
    4. Humble Indie Bundle 3 earns more than $500,000 in less than 17 hours
    5. Free Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack hitting RDR in September
    6. Report: US Cities encounter disparities in game download speed between them
    7. Crunch time: More industry vets voice opinion on topic du jour
    8. Kung Fu Hight Impact coming to Kinect in November
    9. Sony sheds light on its PSP Remaster Project
    10. Driver release slips a few days in the US
    11. NFS: The Run video shows an unforgiving Nevada desert
    12. McNamara: Rockstar were "brave enough to take the risk" with L.A. Noire
    13. European release date announced for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2
    14. Shots and videos released for Resident Evil HD remakes
    15. Dragon Age anime Dawn of the Seeker moves into 2012
    16. Worms: Ultimate Mayhem officially announced
    17. Warhamer 40,000: Space Marine video is cinematic
    18. Quick Shots: Rise of Isengard takes you to Rohan
    19. Origin: "We hope to be HBO meets Netflix for gaming," says Riccitiello
    20. Quick Quotes: Ubisoft has high hopes for its free-to-play model
    21. EA Sports convinced Wii U can "do anything" PS3 and 360 can do, and vice versa
    22. European News Wrap, July 27 - What happened today
    23. Croteam goes asset mental with Serious Sam: Double D
    24. Arkham City: Hugo Strange interviews the Joker
    25. Report - Disney offering to purchase UTV Software for $454 million
    26. New Arma 3 shots - Planes, plains and automobiles
    27. Quick Shots: DeathSpank gets pimped out in The Baconing
    28. Japanese industry impressions of Wii U, Prof. Layton ports a possibility
    29. Dstroyd and Rigonauts: Broadside take first and second in Activision Independent Games Competition
    30. Euro PS Store update: Section 8, L.A. Noire, Black Ops, Homefront
    31. Driver: San Francisco PC requires constant internet connection
    32. Dead Island novel launching alongside game
    33. Video: Skulls of the Shogun dev diary
    34. BULLETCAST, July 27 – What you need to know now
    35. Ultimate MvC3 started life as DLC
    36. Final Fantasy concerts set for LA
    37. Video: Frank West vexed in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record trailer
    38. AU News Wrap, July 27 - What Happened Today
    39. Wednesday Shorts - Creepers, N7 rifle, Facebook, more
    40. Stronghold 3 pre-orders net original game for free
    41. Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions features perma-save
    42. Harmonix celebrates 3,000-strong Rock Band library
    43. Anarchy Reigns trailer has a story to tell
    44. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D delayed into 2012
    45. Dragon Age II pulled from Steam as Legacy DLC launches
    46. Soul Calibur V trailer drops story hints
    47. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition trailered
    48. DICE: Battlefield 3 frame rate issue blown "out of proportion"
    1. Rumour - PS3 exclusive shooter from EA's Black Troll
    2. Mass Effect 3's FemShep almost certain to be blonde
    3. Street Fighter x Tekken to use updated netcode
    4. Duke Nukem Forever Hail to the Icons Parody Pack inbound
    5. US News Wrap, July 26 – What happened today
    6. US PS Store update: DA2 Legacy, Homefront, BTTF, DW7
    7. EA Q1 - Cash climbs, BF3 and TOR pre-orders rocket
    8. Quick Quotes: Epic on giving credit where credit is due
    9. THQ's holding a 50% off sale on PSN
    10. Tuesday Shorts II: Phantasy Star, FFT-0, Sims, MSP, Humble Bundle
    11. Uncharted 3 panel at Comic-Con videoed
    12. PopCap CEO: "Every indication is, that EA like us as we are"
    13. Report - Xbox Soho working on “family entertainment games”
    14. Coming soon to XBLM: Mass Effect 2 and MS Studios add-on sales, more
    15. EA Sports: NCAA Football 12 moves 700,000 copies in two weeks
    16. Double Dragon 2 revamp Wander of the Dragons hitting XBLA in September
    17. Quick Quotes: Kinect 2 is already here thanks to software innovation, says RARE
    18. GAME now has digital offerings in 1,200 stores
    19. From Dust reviews round-up, launch trailer and screens
    20. European News Wrap, July 26 - What happened today
    21. Battlefield 3: DICE discusses multiplayer differences between console and PC
    22. Bear necessities being added to Kinectimals this autumn
    23. Arkham City storytelling: Rocksteady and Paul Dini talk narrative
    24. Splash Damage: Crunch time "inevitable", but "respect for staff" is key
    25. New Xbox 360 wireless headset with Bluetooth and 360 media remote announced
    26. Watch Evo 2011 fight tournament in PlayStation Home
    27. Garry's Mod moves over 1 million lifetime
    28. ESA seeking $1.1m payout from California after Supreme Court ruling
    29. PS Vita playable at gamescom
    30. Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino gives a video message to overseas fans
    31. League of Legends: Season One surpass 15M registrations, over 1.4M daily players
    32. Team Meat's next game involves ninja stuff, a box
    33. New studio formed by ex-Bohemia Interactive and 2K Czech members
    34. Hello Games talks making indie development pay
    35. Madden NFL 12 good to go after NFL league lockout ends
    36. Report: Mobile games contribute to doubling of gamers from 'older demographics'
    37. Suda has 100 social game ideas, wants to make NMH "social game with the most blood"
    38. Eurogamer Expo doubles in size, moves to Earl's Court One
    39. Tuesday Shorts - Zynga targets China, Dwarf Fortress class, iPad magic, more
    40. BULLETCAST, July 26 – What you need to know now
    41. Batman and Catwoman's Arkham City relationship explained
    42. Assassin's Creed: The Chain to continue comic canon
    43. Itagaki chalks up Japanese game dev woes to lack of action, "social skills"
    44. Epic affirms it is "very interested" in the Wii U
    45. Giant Battlefield 3 weapon customisation videos surface
    46. Machinarium hitting iPad in August
    47. inFamous 2 update adds free UGC vehicle pack
    48. AU News Wrap, July 26 - What Happened Today
    49. Get your shift together - Driver multiplayer hands-on
    50. Square Enix executive predicts "big leap" in graphics tech with next gen
    51. Analysts predict PS3 pulling ahead in console war
    52. Guarini: Single-player games "nowhere close to being doomed"
    53. Pachter: Developers should expect long hours
    54. From Dust PC delayed into August
    55. Battlefield 3 alpha and beta testing entry detailed
    56. The Old Republic trailer asks you to join the fight
    1. Sony explains PS Vita's online features
    2. Disciples III: Resurrection announced
    3. Renegade Ops available for pre-order now
    4. Avatar Kinect is now available for download
    5. Short film Assassin's Creed: Embers announced
    6. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 confirmed for PS3 next year
    7. European News Wrap, July 25 - What happened today
    8. There will be "a time somewhere at some point in the future" where subs are introduced, says EA Sports chief
    9. BioWare: The Old Republic to "last for decades"
    10. Suda, Inafune, Naka sign up with social games network Mobage
    11. NIS release schedule mentions Disgaea 3 for Vita
    12. Report - Amazon US suspends 3DS sales
    13. Take Two COO: "We're a great investment," but still opting to remain independent
    14. Codemasters: GP2 inclusion in F1 "not possible" right now
    15. UK charts: Zumba still going strong, CoJ: The Cartel enters top three
    16. Monday shorts: Tekken Bowl, League of Legends, Asura's Wrath
    17. Public to get first Vita hands-on at Tokyo Game Show
    18. BULLETCAST, July 25 – What you need to know now
    19. Brazil gets own PlayStation Store, PS Blog
    20. Tekken Hybrid to include playable Tekken Tag Tournament 2 prologue
    21. Mortal Kombat: Legacy wraps up with final episode
    22. Houser brothers make MediaGuardian 100 2011
    23. AU News Wrap, July 25 - What Happened Today
    24. Mass Effect 3 to allow more consequential player choices
    25. Trine 2 developer diary spotlights a revamped Knight
    26. I can move any mountain: From Dust hands-on
    27. Quick shots - Wargame: European Escalation holds a tank battle
    28. Dead Rising 2 saves unlock Off The Record content
    29. Zelda producer thinks Majora's Mask remake is possible
    30. Acti always planned on Goldeneye 007: Reloaded HD releases
    31. Skyward Sword to feature upgradable items
    32. Assassin's Creed: Revelations to sport more recruiting action
    33. Id's mobile development not yet "all planned out"
    34. New Soul Calibur V characters profiled
    1. ME3's default FemShep look open to fan feedback
    2. Twisted Metal gives up Teen rating ambitions
    3. Devil Survivor Overclocked trailer is incomprehensibly tempting
    1. US News Wrap, July 23 - What Happened Today
    2. Saturday Shorts: DCUO, Shiva, Minecraft, sales, Shatner
    3. First screenshots from Telltale's The Walking Dead released
    4. Skyrim footage out of Comic-Con is lovely
    5. PSN breach spawns 55 class-action suits, Sony insurer to not pay legal fees
    6. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Comic-Con walkthrough demo released
    7. Ubi's making sure AC: Revelations doesn't collapse "under the weight of our own mythology"
    8. Latest El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron video focuses on story
    9. Mass Effect 3: Producer describes sense of verticality, vistas, and talks DLC at Comic-Con
    10. Opening scene to Starhawk videoed
    11. Tennis balls become a weapon in latest DR2: Off the Record video
    12. 343 Comic-Con panel discusses all things Halo
    13. Quick Quotes: "We haven't been giving [Unreal series] the attention it deserves," says Capps
    14. Quick Shots: Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Tales of the Abyss assets get out of Comic-Con
    15. XBLA game prices have gone up, folks still buying
    16. Videos - Gears of War 3 panel at Comic-Con
    17. Uncharted 3 at Comic-Con: Mo-cap, voice acting, books, Nolan North
    18. GameStop pre-order exclusive for DR2: Off the Record is the Cosplay Warrior Skill Pack
    19. New E3 demo video walkthrough for Halo CE Anniversary released
    20. Resident Evil 15th anniversary HD revamps get US release dates
    21. Epic: Bulletstorm "didn't make money," for the firm, but it has no regrets
    22. Analysts expect Battlefield 3 sales to hit 11 million in first year
    23. Rumor - Resident Evil 6 to be revealed at TGS
    24. The Weekly Wrap – EA downplays consoles, AU goes R18+
    1. US News Wrap, July 22 – What happened today
    2. Friday Shorts II: Walmart, YES, Ono x Harada, WoW, indie
    3. Inafune's first game is a mobile titled The Island of Dr. Momo
    4. Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition shot pops up
    5. Deus Ex Comic-Con panel discusses creating a believable world
    6. Aliens: Infestation gameplay video shows Space Marines doing battle
    7. Prague-based Warhorse formed by former Mafia and ArmA developers
    8. Rumor - AC:Revelations Seizure video is a Ubi project
    9. Kirby Wii now known as Kirby Returns to Dreamland
    10. Quick Quotes: Bowling on the various studios working on CoD franchise
    11. Paragon chats about City of Heroes: Freedom at Comic-Con panel
    12. Videos for Resistance 3 Comic-Con panel and Global Resistance released
    13. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning may be released in February, says McFarlane
    14. Quick Shots: Two screens for Silent Hill HD Collection released, shaky-cam footage out of Comic-Con
    15. SWTOR video asks you to Join the Fight
    16. Quick Shots: Silent Hill: Downpour screens are dreary
    17. PlayStation Official App Version 1.1 Is Now Available
    18. Ed Boon added Freddy Krueger to Mortal Kombat because he "made sense"
    19. European News Wrap, July 22 - What happened today
    20. Call of Duty Elite beta walkthrough video from Beachhead released
    21. The Gunstringer comes with a token to download Fruit Ninja Kinect
    22. Quick Shots: A couple new screens of Modern Warfare 3 turn up
    23. F1 2010 comes to iOS
    24. Banding together: Kirton on EDF and Namco's future
    25. Turbine to launch Rise of Isengard beta on July 27
    26. APB Reloaded open beta goes into detail overload with next update
    27. Nintendo 3D Video Service launches on 3DS
    28. Quick quotes - Turn 10: Forza 4 five weeks away from going into submission
    29. SWTOR Comic-Con panel discusses personalized classes, light speed
    30. SCEE confirms gamescom presser for August 16
    31. Team Bondi: Cut LA Noire content wouldn't fit one Blu-ray
    32. PSN Japan tsunami appeal brings in over ?1 million
    33. First VG247 vs Eurogamer TF2 match ends in total confusion, extreme violence
    34. Bethesda confirms gamescom showings for Skyrim, RAGE, Prey 2
    35. House of the Dead: Overkill: Extended Edition gets trailered
    36. Talia al Ghul makes Arkham City debut at Comic-Con
    37. Resistance 3 multiplayer beta to kick off in early August
    38. Kinect Star Wars at Comic-Con: "There are 100 million Star Wars fans, but not all of them play games"
    39. Catherine confirmed for Europe, Deep Silver to publish
    40. BULLETCAST, July 22 - What you need to know now
    41. Japanese charts: 3DS sees sales double week-on-week
    42. AU News Wrap, July 22 - What happened today
    43. Friday Shorts - Just Dance 3, Theatrhythm, Bastion bonus, more
    44. Blizzard to publish Diablo lore book
    45. Gears of War 3 dev diary escapes Comic Con
    46. Star Wars: The Old Republic pre-orders limited for staggered launch
    47. New vids go behind scenes of X-Men: Destiny dev
    48. Gnox shown off in new Crimson Alliance trailer
    49. Dragon Age: Redemption series expected this year
    50. Driver dev diary details "game-changing" Shift
    51. Former Blizzard chief to head up Marvel at Disney Interactive
    52. Saints Row: The Third trailer asks, "Who doesn't want to be Johnny Gat?"
    53. AU: RAGE comics exclusive to JB Hi-Fi pre-order
    54. National R18+ category to be introduced in Australia
    55. Gears of War 3 at Comic Con: Epic talks story and gameplay
    56. The Penguin cackles madly through Batman: Arkham City trailer
    57. Harrison: Crunch time so last century, F2P the future
    58. Payday: The Heist is replay friendly
    59. "Darkstalkers are not dead" Ono declares
    60. Freddy Krueger to be Mortal Kombat's final DLC kombatant
    1. Batman voice actor teases Arkham City DLC
    2. Driver San Francisco's multiplayer is "chaotic", "Matrix"-like
    3. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine has "old school" multiplayer
    4. Wilson: Gamers won't always fork out $60 for FIFA updates
    5. US News Wrap, July 21 - What happened today
    6. Microsoft financials: Q4 game division up 30%, full year 48%
    7. Thursday Shorts II: Nintendownloads, Zelda concert, Pokemon, more
    8. SWTOR beta weekends starting worldwide in September
    9. Mega Man Legends 3 Project cancelled due to lack of interest
    10. Namco staying at arm's length when it comes to Dark Souls development
    11. Quick Quotes - Pete Hines multiplayer for the sake of multiplayer is "a waste of time"
    12. Live-action Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer is bleak
    13. Limited Edition Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360 bundle is awesome
    14. Puzzle Quest 2 canned for PSP
    15. Report - Some Steam keys for EA games redeemable on Origin
    16. Quintin Smith joins Paradox
    17. Poison, Steve Fox and Yoshimitsu confirmed for Street Fighter x Tekken
    18. NBA 2K12 getting three covers featuring Jordan, Bird and Johnson
    19. Gotham City Impostors video is full of insanity
    20. European News Wrap, July 21 - What happened today
    21. Quick shots: Panic Room screened for PAYDAY: The Heist
    22. Resistance 3 Survivor Edition trailered
    23. Super Meat Boy Ultra Rare Edition detailed for UK
    24. Bondi's McNamara: Rockstar "looking at" MotionScan for upcoming games
    25. New Battlefield 3 multiplayer trailer goes epic – watch
    26. Quick shots: Two lone screens of Dragon Age II's Legacy DLC
    27. Team Fortress 2 gets Soldier Victory Pack
    28. McMillen releasing Isaac on Steam because "past experiences have been amazing," likes 3DS
    29. Dead Island available for pre-order on Steam with bonuses
    30. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record video is shocking
    31. Bane featured in latest Arkham City digital comic
    32. Tales of Xillia gets 12 short gameplay snippet videos
    33. Brighton Rock: Relentless's Eades on life beyond consoles
    34. Activision dates X-Men Destiny, Spider-Man: Edge of Time for US
    35. UPlay Passport to cost ?8, 800 MS points in UK
    36. Soul Calibur V gets colossal assets blowout ahead of ComicCon
    37. Rayman Origins gets ComicCon trailer
    38. BF3 gets leaked screens, 7-minute long alpha beta multiplay video
    39. Thursday shorts: Battlefield Heroes, Glitch, EVE Online, Twisted Metal
    40. South Australia to sticker-over MA15+ games
    41. RAGE dev diary talks the Wasteland, touches upon multiplayer
    42. Kotick: Activision so "excited" for DJ Hero it "abandoned" Guitar Hero
    43. Split/Second 2 assets are likely its first and last showing
    44. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 a disc-only release, says Capcom
    45. BULLETCAST, July 21 – What you need to know now
    46. Wii U Overstrike release possible
    47. Atlus needs a distribution partner for EU Catherine release
    48. McCaig: 2015 for Respawn game was just "wild guess"
    49. BioWare kicks off pre-order for The Old Republic
    50. Nintendo drops Zelda: Skyward Sword ComicCon trailer
    51. El Shaddai designer modelled character on himself
    52. Ubisoft to bring top franchises to tablets soon
    53. Rare boss says industry 'on the path' to holodeck games
    54. Quick Shots - Fun in the sun in Tropico 4
    55. Take Two shares to rebound, predicts Wedbush
    56. Exclusive: Jaffe rejects BF3 hate and context-warping
    57. Braben: Kinect Disneyland Adventures is "more than just an advertisement"
    58. Rovio betting the bank on Angry Birds
    59. CryEngine 3 licensed for online golf sim
    60. Mortal Kombat dev diary talks Rain
    61. US PS Plus subscriber area overhauled
    62. Warner Bros. boss calls out "slash and burn" management
    63. BBC to go into global indie games publishing
    64. UKIE drops ?30,000 into digital industries fund
    65. Gaikai secures an additional $30 million in venture funding
    1. Three comic-themed launch windows from San Diego
    2. Mojang tops Develop Industry Excellence Awards
    3. Namco "exploring new opportunities with Enslaved," says UK marketing boss
    4. Prototype 2 gets confirmed April 2012 launch in US
    5. Wednesday Shorts II: RIFT, LostWinds, Darksiders II, BTTF, Gears 3 cosplay
    6. Folks behind The Fighter to create a film based on The Darkness
    7. Quick Shots: Rise of Isengard goes to Dunland
    8. Baverstock: Nintendo "completely obsessed with retail," Iwata's GDC speech was "smack talk"
    9. Street Fighter III: Third Strike releases on August 23 for PSN and XBL
    10. Sony: Bonus content included in ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection
    11. Inafune apologizes for Megaman Legends 3 cancellation
    12. BF3 beta reminders being emailed to MOH: LE owners
    13. DICE details Battlelog in latest BF3 blog update
    14. SEGA announces Aliens: Infestation for Nintendo DS
    15. Confirmed: Limbo PS3, PC has extra "secret" additional content
    16. Konami reveals Teammate system for PES 2012
    17. GameCube titles playable on Wii U via WiiWare, says NOA executive
    18. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 announced by Capcom
    19. McCaig: Respawn's first game not arriving until 2015
    20. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - multiplayer hands-on
    21. Ubisoft reports 103 million in sales for Q1 FY12
    22. Full Quakecon line-up confirmed, Carmack keynote dated
    23. Legacy DLC to address some player feedback in Dragon Age II
    24. Epic's Rein "not in a huge hurry" for next-gen consoles
    25. Rugby World Cup 2011 demo hitting next month
    26. Latest War in the North trailer is all about the Fellowship
    27. Western Australia still for R18+, but Victoria remains undecided
    28. PEGI App for Windows Phone 7 launches in 11 languages
    29. Call of Juarez: The Cartel US launch trailer released
    30. Grasshopper's Lollipop Chainsaw unveiled in Famitsu
    31. Sony initially wanted LBP to launch as a free-to-play title
    32. Darksiders II gets first proper gameplay video
    33. Euro PS Store Update: Limbo, EA sale, LBP2, Fallout:NV
    34. SWTOR collector's edition to be insane, insanely expensive
    35. Nintendo files various Wii U trademarks in Japan
    36. Amazon Germany lists God of War: Master Collection
    37. MW3's Survival mode - hands-on, Bowling face-time
    38. Bowling explains Raven and Sledgehammer's involvement with Modern Warfare 3
    39. Goldeneye 007: Reloaded made official for PS3, 360
    40. SSX: Griff becomes first SSX3 character to be revealed
    41. Microsoft to hold gamescom Play Day on August 16
    42. MM: 1.5 million new users came to LBP after PSN outage
    43. PopCap to bring titles to Android in Europe
    44. THQ details new Homefront map pack "The Rock"
    45. Seven-minute gameplay video of Type-0 gets out
    46. Shadows of the Damned director Guarini leaves Grasshopper
    47. EA: Tiger Woods '12 PC, Mac requires Origin to play
    48. Summer of Arcade launches: Supergiant on Bastion
    49. BULLETCAST, July 20 – What you need to know now
    50. Bethesda release commentary videos for Prey 2 trailers
    51. Bethesda on not-quite-successes: "Nothing is a hundred percent in this industry"
    52. Final Fantasy Type-0 finally dated... in Japan
    53. Wednesday Shorts - Trailers, comics, Facebook, Robin Williams, more
    54. Playtesting 'dominates' Valve's development process
    55. Cancelled Star Wars game linked to Red Fly lay-offs
    56. Pachter: No "dispute" that Nintendo has best exclusives
    57. Epic's Samaritan demo is playable
    58. Hulk Hogan to join Saints Row: The Third voice cast
    59. Riccitiello: Consoles are just 40 percent of the industry
    60. Grab GRID for $5, help charity efforts
    61. Valve voice actor predicts autumn release for DotA 2
    1. Amazon developing social game
    2. Apple posts huge Q3 results, iPad sales way up
    3. Silent Hill composer takes active games dev role
    4. Catherine warns you to climb or die
    5. US PS Store Update - 2K DLC sale, Limbo, Final Fantasy Tactics
    6. Tuesday Shorts II: Planetside 2, GOG, Rocketbirds, Star Trek
    7. Ear Force gaming headsets designed for Modern Warfare 3
    8. SNK Playmore releases eight pre-NEOGEO era classics on US PS Store
    9. Wilson: EA Sports to continue supporting retail as long as it's viable
    10. The Darkness II moved from October to February 2012
    11. Vigil: Wii U has plenty to work with, "manage memory" issues with Darksiders II PS3 development
    12. Naughty Dog details Uncharted 3 goodies and panel for Comic-Con
    13. PSA: Limbo releasing today in US for PS3, Japanese release date confirmed
    14. Irrational co-founder leaves to form his own studio
    15. BBFC rates Resistance 3, God of War Collection Vol. II
    16. Bastion confirmed for PC by end of the year, no PSN plans
    17. Pokemon Rumble Blast hitting 3DS October 24
    18. Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-Men Destiny voice talent announced
    19. Closed beta for Auto Club Revolution starts July 25
    20. Steam revenue for Zeboyd Games beat out Xbox Live sales in just six days
    21. Retailers list Splinter Cell HD for September 27 release in US
    22. Tourney letter states Valve's presence at gamecom is for DotA2
    23. SEGA delays Shinobi into November, CRUSH3D into 2012
    24. Don’t fear the reaper: Eyes-on with Darksiders 2
    25. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters hitting PC and Mac September 6
    26. Sony signs LBP Vita developer Double Eleven to exclusivity deal
    27. Bastion reviews rounded-up ahead of tomorrow's launch
    28. Epic president Mike Capps to give GDC Europe keynote
    29. Rumor - Polish retailer lists STWOR pre-order information
    30. Manchester City Football Club gets new virtual kits courtesy of EA Sports
    31. PSA: Rain DLC hits Mortal Kombat with klassic Jade and Kitana skins
    32. Amazon lists GoldenEye Reloaded for Xbox 360 and PS3
    33. Supergiant: Warner “bought into” our “vision” of Bastion
    34. Ted Woosley offers advice to aspiring XBLA developers
    35. Social game maker RockYou forms new third-party publishing unit
    36. Warner confirms Arkham City collector's edition
    37. PSM3 relaunches new look with Skyrim world exclusive
    38. Develop 2012 gets dated as 2011 event kicks off
    39. Microsoft unveils Indie Games Summer Uprising line-up
    40. Kojima: Any potential Snatcher game would need to sell at least 200k in Japan
    41. Asura's Wrath gets new gameplay video
    42. Notch: Minecraft 360 "designed to work better on console"
    43. Guillemot: “Transition” to PS4 and next Xbox “coming soon”
    44. Capcom to possibly show something at TGS regarding Wii U
    45. Quick shots: Dragon's Dogma shots are dragontastic
    46. Ubi on Far Cry 3: PC has "more grunt," but console differences "might not be as much" as expected
    47. Tuesday Shorts - Zynga sued, Shinobi's Creed, indie delights, more
    48. NCSoft to show Guild Wars 2, new City of Heroes content at ComicCon
    49. New Uncharted movie director "starting from scratch," thinks Nathan Fillion's "a good actor"
    50. Bleszinski: More Gears of War is "Business 101"
    51. BULLETCAST, July 19 – What you need to know now
    52. 343 to spill Halo 4 info at PAX next month
    53. Loving FemShep: BioWare’s first lady finally steps forward
    54. Harmonix dishes out new Dance Central DLC today
    55. Hocking pushes 3D and VR ahead of Develop keynote
    56. UTV Ignition lays off "fraction" of Faxion Online staff
    57. All-new character for SSX unveiled - Tane Mumea
    58. Arkane not interested in limiting player choice in Dishonored
    59. EA Sports opens Austin studio
    60. Team Meat doesn't effing care about piracy
    61. First Voltron: Defender of the Universe details
    62. PopCap beta testing new title Pig Up!
    63. Carmack champions popular gaming genres
    64. Orcs Must Die to hit PC and XBLA care of Microsoft
    65. Microsoft "not dogmatic" about Kinect, won't "force" it on core gamers
    66. Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer checks out combat
    67. Capcom cancels Megaman Legends 3
    68. The Darkness II limits Black Hole use to drops
    69. Saints Row: The Third Power trailer deconstructed
    70. Gamestop predicts 2014 next-gen console launch
    71. El Shaddai delay confirmed
    1. Wii Play Motion development suffered "all kinds of trouble"
    2. Rumour - Avatar Kinect to launch next week in wake of system update
    3. Square announces ComicCon line-up - Deus Ex, FFXIII-2, Dead Island
    4. EDF: Insect Armageddon out this week - HD look with VO
    5. Square Enix confirms FFXIII-2 for January western launch
    6. NCSoft confirms gamescom press briefing for August 17
    7. Crystal Dynamics rebooted Lara Croft because she was "losing relevance"
    8. Nintendo confirms ComicCon line-up - MGS 3D, Skyward Sword, Kirby Wii
    9. Microsoft details pre-order goods for Halo: CE Anniversary
    10. Update 2.6 for Aion to go live on August 3
    11. Bethesda won't "rule out" external development for Elder Scrolls
    12. Activision: No CoD Elite beta for PC until autumn
    13. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile re-rated by ESRB
    14. Wednesday's Develop Awards to break event attendance record
    15. Modern Warfare 3 UK pre-orders "on track" to beat Black Ops, says GAME
    16. Demo release for SSX confirmed by EA
    17. UK charts: Zumba makes five weeks up top
    18. Harada: Tekken x Street Fighter development at "zero percent"
    19. Report - NSW attorney general to abstain from Friday's R18+ vote
    20. BULLETCAST, July 18 – What you need to know now
    21. Guillemot: Assassin's Creed Wii U to take place after Revelations
    22. Fable: The Journey is about "freedom"
    23. Hardboiled - Call of Juarez: The Cartel hands-on
    24. Monday Shorts: WWE '12, NFS: The Run, Capcom and Resi Evil
    25. Everquest II trailer reminds you it exists
    26. EA: App Store is in "freefall"
    27. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record will feature 30 percent more zombies
    28. Gameloft accused of illegally overworking staff
    29. Rau: South Australia to replace MA15+ ratings with R18+
    30. Nexon hiring for 3DS development
    31. Emissary of War revealed by ex-BioWare iOS dev
    32. Assassin's Creed: Revelations to bridge Ezio trilogy and Altair's story
    33. AMD boss talks up next Xbox's graphics and AI
    34. Retailers push back El Shaddai's US release
    35. Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition pops up
    36. Mass Effect 3's James Vega slips out of his armour
    37. Retailers lists Andy McNab Battlefield 3 novel
    1. Microsoft downplays Sony domain registrations
    2. Activision takes CoD URL gaffe to Arbitration Forum
    3. Free Witcher 2 DLC confirmed for patch 1.3
    4. Another 30 minute Resistance 3 video
    5. Snake Eater 3D to cherry pick features from MGS4, Peace Walker
    1. Saturday Shorts: StarCraft Universe, Sdatcher, Skulls of the Shogun, sales
    2. Durkin: Xbox 360's first-party titles are "superior to our competition’s"
    3. Lucasarts: Making SWG free-to-play "just isn't financially viable"
    4. Quick Quotes: Game critics should cut their teeth on "below average" games
    5. Report - Netflix to expand streaming service to UK and Spain in 2012
    6. Market analysis: Industry to grow 10.4% in 2011 to $74.4 billion despite June woes
    7. Quick Quotes: Kojima on the possibility of a Snatcher sequel
    8. The Binding Of Isaac set for release on Steam in August
    9. Modern Warfare 3's story will "build up on the key themes," started in MW2, says Bowling
    10. Valve upgrades Steam with new content delivery system
    11. Arkane releases interactive world map for Dishonored
    12. Float like a butterfly, drop like a brick – Inversion hands-on
    13. Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta ends with 1.9 billion total kills
    1. Friday Shorts III: Fast Draw Showdown, Gears Rock, Fillion, RB3
    2. Quick Quotes: Ubisoft on nailing down Ghost Recon's identity
    3. BioWare planning SWTOR announcements at Comic-Con
    4. Rumor - Ultimate MvC3 for Comic-Con announcement
    5. Kojima dishes on Peace Walker HD, Vita with Sony
    6. D3 updates game information on White Knight Chronicles II's US release
    7. Epic's Gamble: Studio closures can be a good thing as it leads to new ideas and companies
    8. Ubisoft updates its 2011 release schedule
    9. Relic to lend hand with Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online if needed
    10. Ubisoft announces Uplay Passport online initiative
    11. Analyst - GameStop's digital business revenue to hit $1.5 billion by 2014
    12. Starhawk video goes behind-the-scenes of creating a new universe
    13. SSX team listened to fan reaction to Deadly Descents
    14. Mortal Kombat: Rain gets a character vignette video
    15. Wilson: Government support increases investment in EA Sports
    16. Star Wars: Clones Wars Adventures update Mission on Iceberg Three is live
    17. Study - Women who play online prefer games to sex
    18. Arkham City: Two-face is the latest to be spotlighted
    19. Bastion gets super-lush launch trailer
    20. Two Worlds II: Velvet Game of the Year Edition hitting in October
    21. Quick Shots: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
    22. ESRB is latest to out WayForward's Aliens: Infestation
    23. Famitsu lists best-selling game makers in Japan through June 26
    24. Report - Future UK to lay off 100 staff
    25. Friday Shorts II: Develop, Heavy Rain, PS Video Store
    26. Prototype 2 video discusses the power of tendrils
    27. Sony World Game Project to feature western titles
    28. Final Fantasy Type-0 gets short gameplay videos, development on home straight
    29. Blizzard to test out Real ID Party in WoW
    30. Microsoft to create new partnerships, not compete, with TV partners for LiveTV
    31. Nintendo officially issued Last Story trademark in US
    32. Rumour - Microsoft to bring in Xbox, PC, mobile under one ecosystem
    33. BULLETCAST, July 15 – What you need to know now
    34. Black Ops: Annihilation PC and PS3 to launch on July 28
    35. Patti hints at additional content announcement for Limbo
    36. Lost at Sea: Playdead's Patti on porting Limbo
    37. Friday Shorts - FFXIV update, Star Fox cute attack, Global Agenda sale, more
    38. EA to borrow $550 million for PopCap purchase
    39. Explodemon! coming to PC
    40. BloodRayne: Betrayal delayed to the end of August
    41. Microsoft registers odd Sony-related domains
    42. Meier: Civilization will come to PC as long as fans want it
    43. Halo's "30 seconds of fun" designer now at Sucker Punch
    44. Respawn makes second Hollywood art hire
    45. Just Dance 2 breaks third-party Wii records
    46. GamersFirst denies APB: Reloaded retail release reports
    47. Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy swallowed by Revelations
    48. Tomb Raider Turning Point trailer dissected in making-of video
    49. Report - Unannounced Rockstar DS title unearthed
    50. Quick Quotes - Rob Wyatt on the inevitability of the cloud
    51. Call of Duty Elite beta is go
    52. Playdead CEO doubtful over showing new IP this year
    53. Crytek: CryEngine 3 "the best engine" and "going everywhere"
    54. Ex-THQ Digital Warrington staffers launch new companies
    55. Eiji Aonuma 'always wants to work on something new'
    1. El Shaddai best on PlayStation 3
    2. NPD: LA Noire tops again, slumps in all sectors
    3. From Dust not intended as a god sim
    4. InFamous 2 takes home top spot in June NPD
    5. Thursday Shorts: Brave Company, Cthulhu, SFxT, Cave, Devil Survivor 2, FFXIII-2
    6. Heironymus: Some ex-staffers who left years ago "want to see Team Bondi destroyed"
    7. Report - Ubisoft to introduce Uplay Passport with Driver
    8. Cursed Crusade dated, priced, screened, trailered
    9. Twisted Pixel to offer regular, free DLC for Ms. 'Splosion Man
    10. Capcom: At least four Vita games planned, one based on popular IP in Japan
    11. Single-player for Driver: San Francisco trailered
    12. Gamestation adds and then pulls GTA V listing
    13. First shots from Battlefield 3's Battlelog hit the net
    14. RAGE video takes you behind-the-scenes with The Arsenal
    15. Modern Warfare 3: Infinity Ward discusses Party Chat, map making, and hotspots
    16. Online games market in Japan increased during 2010
    17. Binary Domain trailer shows off the weapons
    18. The Nuclear Family revealed in new Baconing screens
    19. Paradox Interactive unveils line-up for gamescom 2011
    20. APB Reloaded releases at retail later this year
    21. The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut shots, art, and features posted
    22. Along for the ride: Hands-on with Journey's beta
    23. MetaCritic co-founder admits removal of games site due to "corrupt practices"
    24. Saints Row: The Third to get $99 Platinum Pack
    25. Uncharted 3 beta extended by 24 hours, basic stats added
    26. NHL 12 trailer shows men beating each other
    27. Microsoft at Comic-Con 2011: Gears 3, Kinect Star Wars, Frank O’Connor
    28. First part of Metro: Last Light E3 demo is go
    29. Nintendo: Netflix hits 3DS with update, service used by 1.5M Wii owners
    30. Keita Takahashi to blog experiences at Tiny Speck
    31. Capcom hints at new Devil May Cry-related game
    32. Bethesda: No Skyrim demo before release
    33. Resistance 3 gets half-hour video
    34. Analyst: EA-PopCap deal shows Activision as "myopic"
    35. Assassin's Creed: Lineage to get DVD, Blu-ray release
    36. Joint Sony-Namco Bandai studio handling Ridge Racer for Vita
    37. GAME lists Sonic Generations Special Edition
    38. Microsoft "working to resolve" Trenched European release, says Double Fine
    39. Amazon selling Brink, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Skate 3 for sub-?20
    40. BULLETCAST, July 14 – What you need to know now
    41. NBA Jam creator Turmell leaves EA Sports, heading for Zynga
    42. First Call of Duty: Elite beta invites going out today
    43. Capcom Vancouver opens new site, starts hiring
    44. Report - Zynga offered $1 billion cash for PopCap
    45. Danger zone – Ace Combat: Assault Horizon hands-on
    46. PSA: Old QuakeCon forum details compromised
    47. Netflix to hit US 3DS eShop tomorrow
    48. Call of Duty XP ticketing and event info released
    49. THQ teases Metro: Last Light E3 gameplay video
    50. Halfbrick joins forces with award-winning animation studio
    51. Dark RPG shooter Hard Reset announced
    52. Apple adjusts international App pricing
    53. FF Versus XIII development "challenged," yet to hit prod
    54. Mass Effect digital comics free today
    1. CryEngine has 40 licensees in multiple genres
    2. Quick Quotes - Sony network boss calls PSNgate a "good time"
    3. Analysts keen on PopCap purchase
    4. Wednesday Shorts II: Bushnell, All 4 One, L.A. Noire, Metal Sonic
    5. Tribes: Ascend to publicly debut and be playable at QuakeCon
    6. EA: Competition from Zynga was not a factor in PopCap acquisition
    7. Pirates of the Black Cove gets a new trailer
    8. Gamestop officially adds Impulse to online store
    9. Pachter expects EA to spend between $45-$50 million on BF3 marketing
    10. Call of Juarez: The Cartel's multiplayer trailered
    11. Japanese charts – L.A. Noire debuts, PSP hits the top once more
    12. W40K: Kill Team - The first 10 minutes walked through
    13. Ubisoft details its plans for Comic-Con
    14. Rovio has been approached with buyouts, none found suitable as of yet
    15. Sony: HDMI required for HD video only, not games on new PS3 models
    16. Quick Shots: First images of Cities XL 2012 released
    17. Rumor - EA to offer Android titles through its own Flexion Store
    18. Sony to invest $20 million in exclusive PSN game portfolio
    19. Spooky Squid Games releases trailer for They Bleed Pixels
    20. ESRB lists Parasite Eve II for US PSP and PS3
    21. Quick Shots: The Secret World environments shown off
    22. Ms. Splosion Man, 40k: Kill Team go live on XBLA
    23. Catherine demo's English dub - HD video with voiceover
    24. Quick Quotes: Treyarch has nothing to do with map pack pricing
    25. Blizzard drops details on BlizzCon's StarCraft II and WoW tournaments
    26. Guild Wars 2 to appear at Eurogamer Expo
    27. Forza 4 video shows hands on with wireless wheel
    28. Ratio of indoor and outdoor environments will be balanced in Planetside 2
    29. EU PS store update, July 13: LBP2, LA Noire, Dead Nation
    30. EA puts a ring on PopCap: What fits and what doesn't
    31. Square looking into Vita version of Final Fantasy XI
    32. SSX gets new Zoe comic
    33. Relic: Customisation, building armies to be "a big part" in Dawn of War 3
    34. Gears of War 3 to go on sale uncut in Germany
    35. New South Park game inbound for 360
    36. Report: Rovio about to take part in another fund round
    37. Kingdom Hearts III hints within KH 3DS, says Nomura
    38. BULLETCAST, July 13 – What you need to know now
    39. Wednesday shorts: Type-0, Black Ops, Amnesia, Rabbids
    40. Game Dev Story 2 to feature more social features
    41. Final Fantasy Versus XIII update - cutscenes, lighting, and voice recording details
    42. Grab some popcorn: Eidos releases 30-minute Deus Ex video
    43. Need for Speed: Most Wanted drawing 5,000 matches daily
    44. Naughty Dog: Uncharted 3 beta data gone for good
    45. 2K studios "don't want to do the same things all the time"
    46. EA to shut down 17 ageing games servers
    47. Rayman Origins middleware to go open source
    48. Trenched-blocking board game to release as video game
    49. Virtual Console titles dictated by regional managers
    1. US PS Store Update: Catherine, AssCreeBro, Summer sale
    2. Uncharted 3 eschews dedicated servers to foster long-term support plans
    3. Zelda producer sheds light on Miyamoto's famous tea table quote
    4. Microsoft: Xbox Music reports are "inaccurate" - details
    5. Tuesday Shorts II: Analysts, GoG, Black Prophecy, Theatrhythm, Future on PSN
    6. Megaton Shocker: EA buys PopCap for $750 million
    7. Hawkins: Gaming currently in the dark ages due in part to "software licensing"
    8. Nintendo Video launching in Japan tomorrow, US later this summer
    9. Video shows Schafer pitching Once Upon a Monster to Sesame Street exec
    10. Farrell: Large game companies need to adopt a start-up approach in order to survive
    11. Codemasters would like to see cross-cooperation between UK devs to compete with other dev regions
    12. PSA: Xbox Live Summer of Arcade starts today
    13. “Full Circle” developer diary released for Resistance 3
    14. Latest Deus Ex trailer is heavy on conspiracies
    15. Ubisoft acquires Owlient and Howrse Brand to expand free-to-play portfolio
    16. Lead gameplay designer for Mass Effect 2 and 3 joins Riot Games
    17. Region Linking coming soon to StarCraft II
    18. Comic-Con panels and speakers include Capcom, Arkham City, Bleszinski, Stan Lee
    19. I’m on a boat: Hands-on with Resistance 3′s SP demo
    20. Ex-president of MS's IEB to sit on GameStop board
    21. Mode 7 Games co-founder believes Steam is important to indie success on PC
    22. Codies "really want" to include historical races as DLC in Formula One series
    23. Forza 4's E3 trailer fights the power
    24. EEDAR: Sony's Welcome Back Program assisted PS3 sales
    25. Trion holding Summer of Savings sub plan for RIFT
    26. PSA: Catherine demo now available on XBLM
    27. Burnout Crash coming next month, confirms EA
    28. MetaCritic co-founder says game ratings are unbalanced
    29. EA buys social games firm Ohai
    30. Valve details making of Meet the Medic
    31. EVE Online to feature more high-priced items, says CCP
    32. AMD trolls Nvidia with super-speed laptop GPU
    33. Sony: Gaming industry "will stall" if we don't support garage devs
    34. SSFIV AE PC to remove DRM from non-Steam edition in new update today
    35. Oops: leads to Battlefield 3 website
    36. BioWare notes "Secret Feature X" for Mass Effect 3
    37. SOE: Upcoming contract expiration, Old Republic release led to Star Wars Galaxies closure
    38. Quick quotes: Codemasters would "love" to revisit TOCA: Race Driver
    39. Capcom to unveil new game at ComicCon next week
    40. Tuesday shorts: The Witcher II, DCUO, NFS: The Run
    41. BULLETCAST, July 12 – What you need to know now
    42. $100 Batman: Arkham City collector's edition listed on Best Buy
    43. SOE: Planetside 2 originally F2P update for original game
    44. Why Valve needs to come clean on Steam's EA-aversion
    45. Namco Bandai opens up new countdown site, ends next week
    46. Levine: "No plans" to develop Wii U titles at Irrational in foreseeable future
    47. Rumour - Windows 8 to play Xbox 360 games
    48. Saints Row 3's Professor Genki's Hyper Ordinary Pre-Order Promotion detailed
    49. Mortal Kombat's Rain due July 19
    50. Ex-2K pair found Uppercut Games, first title inbound
    51. Pachter predicts MW3 will outsell Black Ops
    1. Journey - Beta's first two levels in HD with voiceover
    2. King of Fighters XIII gets shouty in screens and trailer
    3. European Nintendo Video app arrives July 13
    4. Quick shots: FFXIII-2 screens look purdy and nice
    5. SCE UK and Trine Games team up on R.A One video game
    6. Microsoft: "We lost our way" with latest Halo releases
    7. Left 4 Dead 2 DLC Dead Air to launch on week of July 22
    8. Fallout: New Vegas: Old World Blues gets trailer before next week's launch
    9. Operation Raccoon City gets six-minute gameplay video
    10. Report - Microsoft to launch Xbox Music this autumn
    11. First Dishonored info comes with first screen
    12. Riddler drops riddles in new Arkham City trailer
    13. Resistance 3-Battle: Los Angeles demo "exclusive through 9/8/11"
    14. NPD: $5.9 billion spent on videogames in Q1 2011 in the US
    15. SSX multiplayer to get gamescom unveil
    16. Criterion: Burnout Crash originally started out on Wii
    17. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy gets big blowout on info, screens
    18. Dust 514 to have intital cover charge, says CCP
    19. Yamaoka's Play for Japan now available from iTunes
    20. Gazillion launching two F2P MMOs in Europe
    21. UK charts: Zumba in number one spot shocker
    22. Monday shorts: WWE '12, NCAA Football '12 launch, Deadliest Warrior
    23. BULLETCAST, July 11 – What you need to know now
    24. Mega Valve comic book to be published in November
    25. BioWare: "Stay tuned" for Mass Effect 3 demo news
    26. "Fantastic" Marvel vs Capcom 3 news promised for ComicCon
    27. Quick Shots - Dragon's Dogma shows off Chimeras and Pawns
    28. WipEout, Syphon Filter join EU Xperia Play catalogue
    29. id worked on "entirely different project" before RAGE
    30. Quick Quotes - Human Revolution director on meeting Deus Ex expectations
    31. Wish you were here – Dead Island hands-on
    32. Quick Shots - Action-packed Armored Core V assets
    33. Viking editorial rebutted: "Making an issue of gender is the issue"
    34. Quick Quotes - BioWare listens to feedback "probably more than any other developer"
    35. Bleszinski on the Wii U: "What's old is new"
    36. Quick Shots - Dark Souls screens show multiplayer
    37. Dragon Age II: Legacy stage demo for your viewing pleasure
    38. US - Tekken: Blood Vengeance film showing for one night only
    39. Nobuo Uematsu involved in two unannounced projects
    40. WWE Brawl footage surfaces
    41. Lord of the Rings: War in the North trailer explains franchise overlap
    42. Katamari creator joins Glitch developer
    1. Clone Wars Adventures upcoming content outlined
    2. LittleBigPlanet 2 development visualised in triptastic video
    3. Tribes: Ascend F2P model explained
    4. Starhawk influences include Plants vs Zombies, PixelJunk Monsters
    5. Report - EA overlooks Steam in Battlefield 3 purchase options
    6. The Monkey Island Special Edition Collection hitting Europe on September 9
    1. Saturday Shorts: GTAV, APB, Dead Island, Pachter on PSN Pass
    2. Bungie posts letter thanking fans for 20 years of support
    3. Sid Meier explains how the developmental process of CivWorld is different to normal releases
    4. The Binding of Isaac in the works from Team Meat's McMillen
    5. IO discusses why it took six-years to develop a new Hitman game
    6. Quick Quotes: Epic's Mark Rein on the importance of PC to the future of gaming
    7. Latest SWTOR dev blog discusses map making
    8. EA posts openings for various Dead Space franchise positions
    9. Quick Quotes: Iwata on 3DS's slim launch line-up
    10. Sony extends AllClear ID Plus Identity Theft Protection offer in US through July 31
    11. PSA: Check your inbox for COD: Elite pre-beta survey
    12. PAX 10 indie selections announced for PAX Prime
    13. Levine delves deeper into the role Elizabeth plays in BioShock Infinite
    14. Dark Souls allows you to unleash pain and suffering on other players
    15. Riccitiello: EA's "just beginning to realize," what it can do with Wii U
    16. Far Cry 3 alternate E3 2011 demo video released
    17. UC3 MP beta lands 1M players, new map and co-op incoming
    18. The Weekly Wrap – Rockstar boots Bondi, Burnout goes downloadable
    1. Friday Shorts II: Champions, Atlantis, Zynga, F2P iPad, movies
    2. Deus Ex video details the process of designing the game's cities
    3. Boone hints at possible Tanya DLC for Mortal Kombat
    4. Demo for Pirates of the Black Cove released
    5. Planetside 2 details come out of SOE's FanFaire
    6. Skyrim to be less confusing as "opposed to making it more accessible," says Howard
    7. SCEA working on PlayStation Plus issues
    8. Rumor - Zune Marketplace getting revamped as streaming video service on Xbox 360
    9. Limbo PS3 to release from July 19, worldwide Steam launch on August 2
    10. Yoshida: Vita's price point of $249 was the goal from "the very, very beginning"
    11. League of Legends trailer and shots shine spotlight on Leona
    12. holding an 18-day "Hidden Gem" Extravaganza Sale
    13. Epic details program schedules for Developer Day and Unreal University initiative
    14. F1 2011 gets first gameplay video and new screens
    15. PS Move Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters Bundle announced
    16. Rumor - NA localization finished for Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story in the works
    17. New PS Vita Trailer shows off cross-play, party features, more
    18. Battlefield Heroes Wicked Island video is a bit comical
    19. Assault, Engineer, Recon and Support detailed for BF3
    20. UC3's UK launch brought forward to November 2
    21. PC Digital Deluxe version of Mass Effect 3 is exclusive to Origin
    22. GameStop lists minimum and recommended specs for BF3 on PC
    23. Tough love for all – Hands-on with Dark Souls
    24. Totem Games formed by ex-Bizarre man and Blur designer, Matt Cavanagh
    25. Quick quotes: IO "interested" in revisiting Freedom Fighters
    26. Xenoblade European release brought forward to August
    27. BBFC: Resistance 3 to include three PS3 demos
    28. Carmack: Mobile to pass consoles in a "very short time"
    29. Friday shorts: Epic Mickey, Monolithsoft, GameCity, Resident Evil
    30. Criterion on Burnout Crash: "Looks different," but core of game "exactly the same"
    31. Capcom to release Resident Evil 15th anniversary boxset
    32. The Secret World gets 18 minute gameplay video from EA showcase
    33. Tales of Xillia gets six-minute trailer, still looks amazingly nice
    34. Call of Juarez: The Cartel video tryptich introduces the crew
    35. Kojima announcement is Snatcher radio play, Grasshopper's Suda and Yamaoka involved
    36. BULLETCAST, July 8 - What you need to know now
    37. Jawdropping BioShock Infinite E3 demo goes live
    38. Report - Gears of War 3 build stored on unsecured server
    39. From Dust coming to PC, gameplay shown in dev diary
    40. Capcom to patch SFIV AE PC on Monday
    41. Mad Catz signs Xbox 360 publishing agreement
    42. Dragon Age II Legacy DLC trailered and screened
    43. New James Bond game to debut at Comic Con
    44. Planetside 2 shows off in first trailer and screens
    45. Modern Warfare 3 to feature optional colour assist
    46. Driver: San Francisco trailer introduces some sweet rides
    47. Report – Namco Bandai suing CD Projeckt over Witcher 2 publishing deal
    48. Report - Neil Burger in talks to helm Uncharted film
    1. Vita to be Sony's "easiest" and best supported platform for devs
    2. Age of Conan subs climb in wake of F2P conversion
    3. Ghost Recon must "balance" hardcore demand and commercial needs
    4. Binary Domain's robots to span visual divide
    5. Thursday Shorts II: War in the North, Deathsmiles, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, stats
    6. Castlevania Harmony of Despair hitting PSN this summer
    7. Burnout Crash, DAII DLC announced at EA showcase
    8. Japanese charts - Tales of the Abyss brings 3DS back to the top
    9. Study: Games are most popular smartphone app
    10. Levine wants games to be featured on mainstream outlets
    11. Hideo Kojima to announce something today
    12. Street Fighter X Tekken teaser obviously shows Dhalsim
    13. PSN Summer Sale 2011: Take 30% off 11 titles, Plus members take 50% off
    14. Harmonix confirms work on Vidrhythm
    15. "The era of dedicated handheld gaming platform is over," says LG CEO
    16. Final LA Noire DLC gets trailered
    17. EVE Online to be released by CCP and Nexon in Japan this fall
    18. Take-Two trademark for RockstarFilms approved by USPTO
    19. MCV goes live with new redesign
    20. RAGE: Go behind the scenes with The Dawn
    21. Infinity Blade surpasses $11 million sales in six months
    22. Microsoft dismisses need for Nyko's Kinect peripheral, Zoom
    23. Bethesda announces Dishonored for 2012 release
    24. Certain Affinity releases colorful shots of Crimson Alliance
    25. Bethesda confirms Skyrim, Prey 2, RAGE demos for QuakeCon
    26. Fan-made Marathon for iPad available now
    27. Apple announces over 15 billion apps sold to over 200 million users
    28. EA: Origin could support other publishers
    29. Nintendo downloads for July 7: Qix, Fortified Zone, Farm Frenzy
    30. Steve Ballmer to keynote CES 2012 on January 9
    31. 7 minute Call of Juarez: The Cartel video gets shooty
    32. Reggie: Netflix on Wii U is "theoretically possible"
    33. SOE Fan Faire opening speech to be streamed online
    34. Blizzard confirms SCII: HotS, Diablo III for gamescom
    35. Thursday shorts: FFXIV, Jane McGonigal, every PS2 game under the sun
    36. Creation Kit release to come at least "very close" to Skyrim launch, says Howard
    37. Gearbox: Wii U a "stop-gap" between current and next-generations
    38. Gears 3 360 bundle now available to pre-order at GAME
    39. First dev diary for Soul Calibur V is go
    40. Sony to stop updating Digital Comics for PSP
    41. New Secret World video shows off cinematic
    42. BULLETCAST, July 7 – What you need to know now
    43. Growing Pains: Australia's struggle with new media
    44. Australia: Register for next week’s Call of Duty XP tournament
    45. Paraodox sees retail sales as just "a bonus"
    46. Valve lures Left 4 Dead 2 beta testers with early DLC
    47. Civilization World beta open to all
    48. Nintendo accused of 3DS tech patent infringement
    49. Mass Effect movie coming to Comic Con – details
    50. BioShock Infinite's protagonist revealed
    51. Iwata discusses the decline of Wii and rise of Wii U
    52. Halo soundtrack recreated for Anniversary release
    53. Hines: Don't carve off content for DLC
    54. Quantic Dream, Jonathan Blow and Gameforge join GDC Europe 2011
    55. Microsoft: Xbox Live cloud storage not yet available
    56. EA committed to offering games on Steam
    57. BioWare ramping AI and enemy design for Mass Effect 3
    58. Epic "dying to be a part of" Kinect line-up
    59. Indie developer lashes out at XBLIG
    1. Wednesday Shorts: BSGO, AoC, Urban Champion, Zoom, NMH: Red Zone
    2. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked video released
    3. Reggie doesn't think Wii U is "going to be a hard sell"
    4. Torchlight sells 1 million units across all platforms
    5. Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward to "push things to the limit" with Modern Warfare 3
    6. Cologne to host PES World Finals 2011
    7. Gold and Platinum Club Nintendo users are getting free gifts
    8. Rising Star says not to buy Deadly Premonition off Xbox Live just yet
    9. Ubisoft: Strength of next-gen systems will be in AI not graphics
    10. Sony confirms "network pass program" PSN Pass for PS3
    11. Harmonix files trademark for Vidrhythm
    12. Steam summer sale, July 6: Left 4 Dead 2, GTA IV and DLC, Prototype, Arkham Asylum
    13. Nintendo maintains stance on mobile despite Pokemon Say Tap announcement
    14. SEGA celebrates one millionth Spiral Knights registration with free update
    15. Aussie R&D tax credit could help its games sector become "one of the top three territories in the world"
    16. EA confirms August 16 date for gamescom presser
    17. EVE Online: Incarna's multiplayer to launch sometime this year
    18. PS Plus turns one, celebrates with update, prizes, statistics
    19. Soderlund hints at new Mirror's Edge-related project
    20. Hi-Rez Studios would like consoles to be more open platform
    21. Final Fantasy XIII-2 confirmed for EG Expo
    22. Euro PS Store Update: SEGA Rally Online Arcade, EA sale, Spelunker HD
    23. The Secret World trailer focuses on Kingsmouth, Savage Coast
    24. Sensui becomes Xbox Japan general manager
    25. Crystal Dynamics bigs up new IP on studio podcast
    26. Level 5 RPG Cinderellife announced for 3DS
    27. Square Enix suing 15 Italian nationals over Deus Ex leak
    28. Two new Soul Calibur V characters teased for ComicCon reveal
    29. Arkham City's Robin gets new concept art, explained
    30. First Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon reviews get decent scores
    31. BULLETCAST, July 6 - What you need to know now
    32. Steam summer sale, July 5: STALKER, Deus Ex, Monday Night Combat
    33. Deus Ex: HR gets 12 minute video walktrhough
    34. PlayStation Store officially returns in Japan
    35. Where There's Smoke: Team Bondi's Sydney "sweat shop"
    36. Square Enix announces ridiculously named 3DS Final Fantasy rhythm game
    37. Firefall scripted by Orson Scott Card
    38. Black Ops multiplayer network issues resolved
    39. Pachter lowers Take-Two revenue estimates
    40. Catherine demo due July 12
    41. Aliens Colonial Marines to answer fans' questions
    42. Rumour – Resistance 3 to require online pass
    1. Fat Princess dev team founds Carbon Games
    2. Skyrim's missing TES features cut "for the same reasons" as Oblivion's
    3. EA to stream US summer showcase on Thursday
    4. LucasArts leader calls for better-balanced workplaces
    5. SOE promises Planetside 2 info for Friday morning
    6. Tuesday Shorts: CoD4StarWars, The End, NiGHTS into Dreams
    7. Reggie elaborates on Wii U's "flexible" online system
    8. "As of now," DICE doesn't have plans to release mod tools for Battlefield 3
    9. US PS Store Update: Ape Escape, LBP2, MotorStorm Apocalypse, DiRT 3
    10. Pokemon Say Tap hitting iDevices and Android in Japan this summer
    11. Quick Quotes: Darkness 2's project director Sheldon Carter on iPad
    12. PSA: Uncharted 3 beta goes live, runs until July 13
    13. SWTOR Bounty Hunter progression video released
    14. Zynga IPO states it paid $53.3 million for Newtoy back in December
    15. Rise of the Immortals open beta goes live
    16. Quick Quotes: Kojima's interested in L.A. Noire tech, but not using it in his next title
    17. Report - $74 billion to be spent on gaming in 2011
    18. Sony is top-valued brand in China despite recent security woes
    19. Capcom signs with Gaikai service
    20. War in the North to be released this fall, collector's edition, pre-order incentives detailed
    21. PSA: Kenshi enters the Mortal Kombat arena today
    22. Quick shots: Old World Blues screens go boom
    23. DICE plans on catering to both the single and multiplayer crowd with Battlefield 3
    24. Kikizo relaunches as entertainment site, VGD put on hold
    25. Super Mario 3DS to include more classic power-ups than just the Tanooki suit
    26. Report - Sony "quietly testing" new PSN redesign
    27. Report - XBL Cloud storage live for some titles
    28. Far Cry 3 to feature ten times more scale than previous games, says Ubisoft
    29. "Our goal" with BF3 "isn’t to make controversy," says DICE
    30. Team Ninja: "We're not trying to be Splinter Cell or Metal Gear" with NG3
    31. Ms 'Splosion Man spotted for PC
    32. GTA IV PC mod makes game look insanely great
    33. ICO, Shadow of the Colossus PS3 vids are simply amazing
    34. Ex-Eden devs form Blossom Minds
    35. BULLETCAST, July 5 - What you need to know now
    36. FF Type-0 80 percent finished, most likely delayed until fall
    37. Report - Rockstar "will not publish" next Bondi project
    38. You had me at Hello - Just Add Water talks all things Odd
    39. Nomura: FF Versus XIII update expected soon
    40. Sega takes on EA distribution in Japan
    41. Quick Shots - Dragon's Dogma screens get gritty
    42. The Neverhood targeting mobile release
    43. Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer tourney to debut in Melbourne next week
    44. Mass Effect 3 "pushing variety" in art design
    45. BlazBlue producer: "Now is the time for fighting games"
    46. Resistance 3 has nerfed the Auger
    1. Transgaming says "jitters" spell doom for OnLive
    2. Halo 4 to revisit series' roots
    3. Xperia Play is a "phone first"
    4. Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta updated, goes public shortly
    5. Team Ninja producer says Ninja Gaiden 3 isn't dumbed down to please newcomers
    6. EA planning "big" announces for US summer showcase
    7. Steam summer sale, July 4: Fallout: New Vegas for nearly ?10, Bully for under ?2.50, Singularity for fiver
    8. Quintin Smith leaves Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    9. Perry: Latency is the biggest challenge cloud gaming faces
    10. Valve gamescom page mentions "strategy" title, is probably DOTA 2
    11. Mass Effect 3, NFS: The Run confirmed for EG Expo
    12. Final Fantasy VII costume pack to finally arrive on LBP next week
    13. Naughty Dog would "love to go back" to Jak & Daxter "at some point"
    14. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine to feature 100 minutes worth of cut-scenes
    15. Microsoft: Crytek has "really fallen in love with Kinect," "a perfect marriage for us"
    16. Sony teases "World Game Project" event for Japan
    17. SSX livestream confirms Moby, Psymon for character list
    18. Resi Evil: Mercenaries save system unlikely to be implemented again, says Capcom
    19. Media Molecule-Harrison keynote to headline Develop
    20. Langdell returns to games development with EDGEBobby 2
    21. EA launches competition for two Need for Speed spokesmodels
    22. ESRB rates Crysis for PS3 and 360, EA refuses to comment
    23. "There's more capability for expression in games" with new tech, says Kojima
    24. Rumour: PS4 to feature Kinect-like motion support, 2012 launch mentioned
    25. Bethesda end goal with acquisitions to "build internal development capacity," says Hines
    26. UK charts: Zumba still maintains top spot
    27. Microsoft: Leaked Gears 3 build "not representive" from final game
    28. BULLETCAST, July 4 - What you need to know now
    29. PlayStation Store to return in Japan on Wednesday
    30. Show-and-Tell at E3: Supergiant's Rao on Bastion
    31. Monday Shorts, overnight edition - Metroid design notes, PSOne imports, Katamari video
    32. Tales studio head gives good and bad news
    33. PSA: Portal 2 OST volume two now available
    34. The "timing was right" for Infamous's Cole in Street Fighter x Tekken
    35. Free Mortal Kombat character skins with Compatibility Pack 2
    36. Battlefield 3 to be "inviting to everyone"
    37. Capcom USA “pushing” for local release of PSP Remasters
    38. Zelda Wii U tech demo "not necessarily" franchise's future
    39. BioWare yet to decide on revealing Tali's face in ME3
    40. Sony extends Welcome Back package for PS3, PSP in US
    1. Viz to bring Professor Layton film to US
    2. Metal Gear Solid HD collection priced by retailers
    3. Rocksteady focussed on balancing Batman: Arkham City's villians
    1. Amazon holding buy-one-get-one July 4th sale
    2. Pac-Man is all-time arcade favorite says survey
    3. Uncharted once resembled Bioshock according to dev
    4. Gears of War 2 huge multiplayer XP boost this weekend
    5. Awesome custom Dead Rising 2 Chuck Greene Action Figure
    6. EVE Online controversy gets resolution
    7. Original Everquest gets recruit-a-friend program
    8. Final Fantasy Tactics iPhone version delayed
    9. Ultimate Game Gear mod adds big screen, rechargeable batteries
    10. Today I Die dev announces new project, Storyteller
    11. Zoo Tycoon creators hit with massive layoffs
    12. THQ sets WWE All-Stars DLC schedule
    13. Iwata handles an odd investor at shareholder meeting
    14. The Weekly Wrap – Sony's shuffle, violent games law fails
    1. New York art museum holding video game exhibit
    2. Platinum Club Nintendo members get commemorative pin set
    3. Supergay iOS game has "first gay superhero"
    4. Microsoft merges Games for Windows with
    5. Minecraft passes 10 million users
    6. Zynga aims for $1 billion in IPO
    7. Battlefield Heroes getting classic map Wake Island
    8. 12 minute Arkham City video shows Catwoman on trial
    9. Pretend you're Daigo Umehara in next Street Fighter
    10. World of Fourcraft turns Foursquare into real-world Risk.
    11. Nintendo investing even more money in new R&D facility
    12. Red Fly, Wii Thor developer, hit with layoffs
    13. Ubisoft launching "Ubicollectibles" merch
    14. EA holding Summer sale on July 4th
    15. Firefall developer takes publisher to court
    16. Job listing reveals Codemasters working on new racing IP
    17. Deathspank gets bored in new Baconing trailer
    18. Capcom launches Street Fighter IV: Volt for iOS
    19. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine dated for Europe
    20. RAGE to be playable at EG Expo
    21. Korean Ratings Board rates Crysis 1 for Xbox 360
    22. Brink goes live on Steam for sub-?25
    23. Media Molecule "stepping away" from LittleBigPlanet
    24. Age of Conan goes F2P, launch trailer released
    25. Submissions for IGF 2012 now open
    26. PS Move-compatible Cricket title in development for PS3
    27. Tales of the Abyss 3DS confirmed for November launch
    28. Confirmed - Split/Second dev Black Rock to close
    29. VG247's Team Fortress 2 server is alive, usable
    30. Friday shorts: Team Fortress 2, Rocksmith, Blacklight
    31. BULLETCAST, July 1 – What you need to know now
    32. New Halo novel to launch in October
    33. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon release date confirmed for Japan
    34. Call of Juarez: The Cartel shots show single-player, multiplayer
    35. A flood from the stream: Gaikai's boss on the turning tide
    36. BioWare "committed" to avoiding past mistakes
    37. 146 companies to exhibit at Tokyo Game Show
    38. Prope's new game arrives on the App Store
    39. Vita facial recognition tech demoed
    40. 40 Infinity Ward staffers on Respawn team
    41. Yasumi Matsuno discusses Level-5 appointment
    42. DC Universe Online adds microtransaction support
    43. Treyarch designers "weren't always good" at multiplayer maps
    44. Gearbox once held the Blade Runner license
    45. Source and Crysis Mod SDKs released
    46. Heroes of Ruin to sport 80,000 weapons and StreetPass shops