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January 2011 Archive

    1. Anarchy Reigns character intro trailer - Sasha
    2. True Crime: Hong Kong screenshots emerge from delay silence
    3. APB: Reloaded future features teased
    4. Nintendo: 3DS is "indispensable", will "surprise" you
    5. Final Fantasy Versus XIII battle system detailed
    6. Pac-Man Championship Edition going live for PS minis tomorrow
    7. FF Type-0 gets screened to death
    8. Sega Rally Online is very much a real thing - first screens
    9. Grand Theft Auto was "almost canned," says original developer
    10. MvC3 intro leaks out early
    11. Hirai: No NGP pricing, battery life details as console still in prototype phase
    12. Sony "still dedicated" to bringing PSone games to PSN
    13. Square to announce details of 3rd Birthday Twisted Edition "soon"
    14. Square screens Creation mode, third form costume reveals for Dissidia 012
    15. Darkstalkers 3, MegaMan 4 coming to PSN in Japan
    16. Hydrophobia this week's Live Deal of the Week
    17. UK charts: Dead Space 2 tops LBP2 for first place
    18. Euro morning news bulletin – January 31, 2011
    19. Final Fantasy Type-0 to feature XP system, is 60 percent done
    20. Nintendo wheels out 3DS prototypes
    21. Black Ops getting double XP weekend
    22. Final Fantasy Versus XIII battle screens get out
    23. IGF Audience Award voting open
    24. Warhammer Online teases new features
    25. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles online features revealed
    1. The Sims 3 arrives on Steam
    2. Two Worlds II second developer diary shows off menus and magic
    3. Dungeon Siege III's multiplayer stiffs players out of XP
    4. Two early Awakened trailers plus 15 minutes of Hero
    5. Bulletstorm EULA falsely implies always-on DRM
    6. EB Games gets Homefront Collector's Edition
    7. Chime Super Deluxe heading to PSN
    8. PlayStation Move Heroes demo confirmed
    1. Saturday shorts: Minecraft things, Kinect hacks, Zelda, other minutiae
    2. New Ni no Kuni PS3 footage shown on Japanese talk show
    3. Remedy shares its thoughts on Alan Wake inspiration, what consitutes a thriller, Mr. Scratch
    4. "Game designers need to become more effective storytellers," says Visceral's Bagwell
    5. BioWare explains how Flashpoints work in SWTOR
    6. Menu system for The Elder Scrolls V explained in great detail
    7. Rewatch the reveal of Sony's NGP
    8. Phosphor Games' Awakened is based on Midway's canned open-world game Hero
    9. Lanning: Just Add Water creating Abe's Oddysee HD
    10. Ed Fries joins Razer's Board of Advisors
    11. Media Molecule announces the LittleBigPlanet Wiki
    12. Paradox insistent that fixes are coming to Magicka
    13. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Party Battles, MogWeb, Quest Creation and more detailed
    14. New solo instances detailed for Age of Conan
    15. Sony working with devs to bring digital versions of UMD games to NGP
    16. 3DS developers say it was hard to sell 3D to co-workers after Virtual Boy failure
    17. PlayStation Move Heroes gets a bundle, box art shown off
    18. Capcom's next Fight Club venue is all about Marvel vs Capcom 3
    19. LOTRO dev details how the team reminds players of new content
    20. Angry Birds Rio movie tie-in arrives on mobile in March
    21. Catherine's multiplayer detailed a bit more
    22. Valve: Portal 2 console versions to be "identical," but PS3 to be better updated
    23. 3DS Friend Codes to be 12 digits long, support surprisingly robust feature set
    24. Rumour: PlayStation cloud-saving a Plus-only Firmware 3.60 feature
    25. Battlestar Galactica Online open beta beginning on February 8
    26. Dead Space 2 Hardcore mode unlockable captured, amazing
    1. Death in SWTOR to be neither a "cakewalk," nor overly harsh
    2. Bleszinski lecture confirmed for GDC, gets a time and a date
    3. The Explodemon saga explained, screened
    4. Report - 3DS pre-orders "outpacing Wii’s total number of advance orders," says UK retail
    5. Xenoblade still listed as TBA on Nintendo’s 2011 Release Calendar
    6. Kaos provides in-depth look at Homefront’s PC-specific features
    7. Official Strategy Guide for Dragon Age II gets a Collector's Edition
    8. PayPal teams up with Blizzard to stop Gold sellers in WoW
    9. Visceral interested in Dead Space on other platforms, not if it's a "shabby conversion"
    10. Plants vs Zombies hitting PSN in February, more games announced for the service
    11. Rein: NGP a "pretty huge deal" for all gamers, not just PlayStation fans
    12. Light controls mode detailed for SSFIV 3D
    13. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars delayed into March
    14. Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike shots show Map Pack's environments
    15. Mortal Kombat's bone breaking X-Ray gameplay detailed
    16. Former Codies CEO Nick Wheelwright named new CEO of Monumental Games
    17. Professor Layton, Kirby, sell over 1 million units between April and December
    18. Watch a preview of the Killzone 3: Behind The Scenes featurette
    19. Shower scene in The 3rd Birthday viewed over 80,000 times in Japan
    20. Latest PS3 firmware update bans Black Ops multiplayer cheaters
    21. Hunted dev diary wants you to get to know your enemy
    22. Iwata's GDC keynote dated for March 2
    23. Yerli: Crytek "discussing" TimeSplitters 4 development
    24. QuakeCon 2011 dated for first week of August
    25. PSA: It's a free Xbox Live Gold weekend in the US, postponed in the UK
    26. Tower of Pandora heading to Wii, Zelda Skyward Sword in the final phase of development
    27. Iwata: Nintendo "developing Pokémon-related products for 3DS, Wii"
    28. Ico Collection gets some hands-on time
    29. Operation Flashpoint: Red River video takes you into Tajikistan
    30. The Cursed Crusade gameplay trailer contains lovely swordplay, choral music
    31. SOCOM 4 multiplayer mode gets a sneak peek, details
    32. First Anarchy Reigns trailer features Jack, horns
    33. Weekend PC game sales are happening now
    34. Sony "decided to forgo 3D" on PSP2 "for the time being", wont "go off the deep end" with pricing, says Hirai
    35. Nintendo wants you up, and moving, with 3DS
    36. Sega Rally Online Arcade rated by Korean Game Rating Board, Sega gives "no comment"
    37. Report - Dark Tower getting game treatment with 2013 movie release
    38. Play Crysis 2 devs on 360 tomorrow night
    39. Visceral: Dead Space movie won't be "just a cheap cash-in"
    40. Magic: The Gathering XBLA title passes 500,000 sales on XBLA
    41. Dragon Quest IX sells 1 million units in US, Europe
    42. Dissidia 012 shots feature Aeris
    43. New Kirby game heading to Wii, clip already out in the open
    44. The Conduit 2 gets month-long delay to April, new shots
    45. PSP2's new user interface shown in more detail
    46. GAME confirms closure of 19 stores
    47. Namco mentions Enslaved and "going forward" in the same comment
    48. Square: Keep your FFXIII saves for FFXIII-2
    49. BioWare doctors, Morhaime, Cerny confirmed for DICE keynote panel
    50. Euro morning news bulletin – January 28, 2011
    51. Back to the Future to get retail release
    52. Iwata on 3DS vs NGP battle: "The customers will decide which is correct"
    53. Relic sets up Brian Wood Memorial Game Internship
    54. Crysis 2 to get PC multiplayer demo
    55. Rumor: 3DS eShop, DSiWare transfers given May arrival date in Japan
    56. Microsoft brands 11 year-old autistic 360 player a "cheater"
    57. Pokemon Black and White to feature PC connectivity, rankings, other web-based goodies
    58. Tretton: Sony will "avoid repeating" PS3's launch problems for NGP, global launch unlikely
    59. The Last Story sells out in Japan
    60. Dynasty Warriors 7 post-launch DLC plans
    61. Tilt to Live to receive multiplayer patch
    62. Gods Eater Burst details include corpse eating and customisable bullets
    63. Analyst: South-East Asian online gaming market to double in next few years
    64. Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll gets EU release date and trailer
    65. Latest PS3 firmware already hacked
    66. SOCOM 4 dated, new multiplayer trailer
    67. Harmonix has "no plans" for Rock Band and Kinect
    68. The Clash's London Calling hits Rock Band
    69. Record-smashing year for Xbox Live, Case Zero and Limbo lead pack
    1. Job ad outs mysterious new 343 title
    2. Developer: 3DS and NPG utilise a "PSP1-like strategy"
    3. Analyst: Dead Space 2 "significantly outselling" original
    4. CD Projekt: The Witcher 2 "designed with console in mind"
    5. Microsoft reports record Q2 ending December 31 with revenue of $19.95 billion
    6. Sony: Only one NPG model will support 3G
    7. Shuhei Yoshida says more western developed games for PSP2 will be announced at E3
    8. 3DS battery life range explained
    9. Latest TDU2 trailer goes Jaguar-mental
    10. Codemasters introduces Hacked Account Restart Programme for LOTRO
    11. Sony: PSP2 will not support 3D, will talk about extra services "later"
    12. Latest Bulletstorm video shows off three Skillshots
    13. New gameplay trailer for Shogun 2: Total War released
    14. L.A. Noire website goes live
    15. Norway: Sony breached Norwegian Marketing Control Act by removing Other OS
    16. Court grants Sony a temporary restraining order against GeoHot
    17. Operation Flashpoint: Red River dev diary talks about changes, improvements
    18. GameStop taking pre-orders for NGP, laughter ensues
    19. Catherine PS3 demo videoed
    20. Industry analysts and John Carmack weigh-in on Sony's NGP
    21. Rift gets a second cinematic trailer, and it is good
    22. Nintendo: Lifetime DS sales hit 144 million, Wii almost 85 million
    23. Kojima shows MGS4 on PSP2 in Tokyo
    24. Japanese hardware charts, January 17 - 23: PSP takes top spot from PS3
    25. Sentinel and Hsien-ko confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom 3
    26. BioWare issues workaround for Mass Effect 2 on PS3, patch coming soon
    27. Yoshida on PSP2 pricing: "It's not going to be $599"
    28. EA releases some really nice Shift 2: Unleashed shots
    29. Platinum's Max Anarchy gets western rename, Autumn 2011 release confirmed - first screens inside
    30. Sony: NGP is not a phone, PlayStation Suite already "addresses," the phone market
    31. Nihilistic Software to develop Resistance PSP2 title, Sony Bend making Uncharted
    32. Japanese software charts January 17-23: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix topples Monster Hunter 3rd
    33. Catherine demo out now on Live, PSN in Japan
    34. Brink dated for May 20 in Europe, Hunted out in first week of June
    35. Guardian gets detailed for Guild Wars 2
    36. Uncharted PSP2 gets shown off at Tokyo event
    37. AMD Radeon HD 6990 unveiled, and it's rather large
    38. Autolog for Shift 2 detailed, new loyalty program to be introduced
    39. Sony NGP previewed: "It's light, and it is beautiful"
    40. PSP2 pricing to be "affordable," says House
    41. PSP2 is NGP - everything in one place
    42. PEGI UK age rating implementation delayed until September
    43. RAGE, Skyrim releases confirmed for Japan
    44. FF Type-0 trailer is go for launch
    45. Square releases two new FFXIII-2 screens, Lightning CG render
    46. Nintendo Q3 profit drops 46%
    47. Rumour: NGP battery life at 4-5 hours
    48. Versus XIII trailer released from Square event
    49. Full list of third-party NGP publishers confirmed
    50. Sony outs tech specs for NGP
    51. "Power in Your Hands" PSP2 video shows Trophies, more
    52. House: NGP is "first step" in offering "PlayStation experiences to a wider audience"
    53. PlayStation Suite to bring PS content to "Android and tablets"
    54. First official PSP2 images released by Sony - get them all here
    55. Tretton: NGP to continue PlayStation's "rich history of redefining industry standards"
    56. Next PSP is "Next Generation Portable" - all details, first videos
    57. Full Report: Sony's Tokyo PlayStation Meeting - PSP successor revealed, PS Suite, PS Store for Android announced
    58. NGP takes all comers: Call of Duty, Metal Gear, Yakuza, Lost Planet, Monster Hunter, more demonstrated
    59. Uncharted demoed on NGP, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance, more announced
    60. Nomura explains link between Kingdom Hearts 3DS and KH3, says it forms "pair" with Versus XIII
    61. Heavy Rain film adaptation fast tracked
    62. Bethesda: Skyrim's landscape is "epic reality"
    63. APB beta testers invited back for relaunch testing
    64. Mario Sports Mix footage a'spolosion
    65. 5th Cell explains leap from Scribblenauts to Hybrid, cites Naughty Dog as inspiration
    66. More in-game footage of The Last Story surfaces
    67. Microvolts trailer welcomes you to the playground
    68. Rumor: Epic Mickey spin-off was in the works for 3DS
    69. Crysis 2 to support DirectX 11
    70. Takeuchi: "Nobody has a set answer" to financial success
    71. City of Heroes double XP weekend inbound
    72. Bungie co-founder to head up Disney Interactive's development studios
    73. Rockstar bids farewell to two studio heads
    74. EA stays quiet over Gray's FIFA future
    75. Nintendo boss defends Friend Codes with Street Pass
    76. PS3 gets Firmware 3.56 update
    77. Volition: Red Faction series backtrack is an "evolution", retains "possibilities"
    78. Dead Space 2 bonus DLC workaround for Silver Live subscriptions
    79. Analysts: Nintendo and EA hot stock, Sony and THQ cold
    80. Unannounced Twisted Pixel title shooting promo
    1. Crytek "working to resolve" Crysis 2 multiplayer beta issues
    2. Darkspore gets dated for March 29 in US
    3. Spector: Deus Ex born out of frustration with Thief
    4. Rumour: Sentinel shown in MvC3
    5. 8-bit Funding platform launched for indie developers
    6. Bloodline Champions launch trailer shows big hats and weapons
    7. Drakensang: The River of Time released
    8. L.A. Noire crime scene screens released, official website launching tomorrow
    9. Shift 2: Unleashed Career Mode and helmet cam previewed
    10. Age of Empires Online video spotlights the Egyptian faction
    11. Stacking to include "Hijinx" mode, all sorts of bodily functions
    12. 5th Cell releases first screenshots of its XBLA title, Hybrid
    13. Online and two-player features revealed for Catherine
    14. Homefront timeline chronicles events leading to game's Korean invasion of the US
    15. All eyes pointing east tomorrow for possible PSP2 reveal at Sony's PS Meeting in Tokyo
    16. Killzone 3 jungle terrain revealed in new trailer
    17. PS Phone: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play hands-on video released by Engadget
    18. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime set for March release
    19. MotorStorm Apocalypse 3D trailer released in 2D
    20. New Arkham City trailer shows Batman and Joker fighting together
    21. Ridge Racer 3D teaser trailer gets your engines revving
    22. Magicka sells over 30,000 digital copies in less than 24 hours
    23. MotoGP 10/11 demo hitting PSN next month, new screens released
    24. Report - New Avalanche title to be announced "in a month or so"
    25. Sony releases hotfix for DC Universe Online voice chat, other issues
    26. "Heyday of piracy is over," 3DS more resistant to it than Wii or DS, says Nintendo
    27. Crysis 3 story planned, development "depends on the success of Crysis 2," says Yerli
    28. Atomic's Breach releases on XBLA
    29. Codies: "We didn’t want to do a 'token' competitive online experience with Red River just to tick a box"
    30. Mad Catz to create Gears of War 3 licensed merchandise for Xbox 360
    31. Report - The Old Republic set for September release
    32. Massive amount of Dead or Alive: Dimensions screens released
    33. New Rage shots show killer visuals
    34. Killzone 3 single-player demo releasing on February 9
    35. Kingdom Hearts 3DS to feature new Disney worlds
    36. Euro PSN update, January 26 - Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm, various publisher sales
    37. Interview - "The biggest year in our company's history," by Bethesda's Pete Hines
    38. PS3 Black Ops update includes Xbox Live message
    39. Nintendo to distribute Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
    40. Analyst predicts "blowout quarter" for Activision
    41. Develop 2011 opens submissions
    42. Hydrophobia "Listening Post" announced
    43. Ebert: "3D doesn't work and never will"
    44. 400-page Valkyria Chronicles artbook coming west
    45. Report - UK dev industry may shrink by a quarter over five years
    46. Atlus confirms summer release for SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked
    47. Platinum Games announces Max Anarchy, aiming for fall 2011 worldwide release
    48. Create a sculpture for Silent Hill: Downpour, get it into the game
    49. Kongregate Arcade back up on Android Marketplace
    50. Euro morning news bulletin – January 26, 2011
    51. Angry Birds hacked for Kinect use
    52. Square: FF Type-0 renamed due to "growth"
    53. Wesker voice actor calls out Capcom on RE6 casting
    54. Capcom to announce two large scale original games by this summer
    55. SOE CEO drops next PlanetSide Next render
    56. Disney Interactive appoints EA Mobile's Adam Sussman as senior VP
    57. Dragon Age Legends DA2 unlocks detailed
    58. Zynga fires off cease and desist order over "ville" trademark, Blingville fights back
    59. Wolfenstein 1D eschews regular dimensions
    60. Katamarai Damacy designer offers Global Game Jam keynote
    61. Three unusual custom StarCraft maps up for beta
    62. US PS Store Update, January 25: Dead Space Extraction, Bulletstorm demo
    63. Knight's Contract goes gold for February release
    64. Epic: "Anything in the Apple world is perfect"
    65. King's Quest III Redux nearing release
    66. US politician makes another push for game health warning labels
    67. Diner Dash pops up on Facebook
    1. Report: Mass Effect 2 PS3 save files easily corrupted [Update]
    2. More Skyrim details wriggle out
    3. Halo 2600 cartridge available at Classic Gaming Expo
    4. Reggie Fils-Aime: Third-party 3DS launch lineup "probably the best we've ever had"
    5. Updates to Officer profession, Galactic Civil War in the works for Star Wars Galaxies
    6. Notch: Mojang needs to take better care of modders
    7. Fallout: Nuka Break fan film
    8. Okamiden trailer shows small screen with gameplay
    9. Paradox issues patch for Magicka
    10. Capcom: Inafune's departure brought us together
    11. Atlus to release "extensively remastered" of Divinity II: Ego Draconis
    12. Report - Kaos employees worried over possible move to THQ Montreal
    13. Cryptic celebrating Star Trek Online's first birthday with C-store sale
    14. Paradox pleased with success of its NYC event, next stop GDC 2011
    15. SOE says DC Universe Online's monthly fee is "exceptional value for the money"
    16. Pachter and Gamers' Voice in war of words over buggy CoD: Black Ops
    17. Dead Space 2: Severed announced for PSN, XBL, won't be going to PC
    18. Rumor - PSP2 to have similar CPU and GPU of Apple's next-gen iPhone and iPad
    19. Nintendo provides feature details on Pokémon Black and Pokémon White
    20. APB: Reloaded to include anti-cheating feature called PunkBuster
    21. Operation Flashpoint: Red River to be both fun and challenging, says Codemasters
    22. Black Ops' First Strike DLC gets a gameplay trailer, zombies spotted
    23. PSA: Dead Space out on iPad and iPhone
    24. Outfit7's Talking Friends collection for Android and iOS surpasses 60 million downloads
    25. Valve "not worried about" Portal releasing on PS3 after recent hacks
    26. Monday Night Combat launches on PC, gets TF2 crossover
    27. Ex-Namco and EA execs move to Gaikai
    28. Latest EVE vid details Sansha's incursions
    29. Dead Space 2 review round-up: horrifyingly good
    30. Champions Online is now free to play
    31. Resistance 2 and 3 to be bridged by William C Dietz novel
    32. Russian media points to Modern Warfare 2 over airport bombing
    33. UK retailers peg Last Guardian for early October
    34. MAG turns one year old
    35. Kinect hack shows off holographic tech
    36. 2K games sale hits XBL with Borderlands, GTA IV, RDR, more
    37. MLB 11: The Show contains one-button game mode for disabled players
    38. Namco teases potential new Tales game
    39. Premium packs and social features announced for Age of Empires Online
    40. Nomura hints at 2012 release for Versus XIII, next big update coming at E3
    41. Steam version of Dead Space 2 refuses to "activate"
    42. Test Drive Unlimited 2 car customization shown off in video
    43. Pirated games "4:1 against legitimate sales," says UKIE
    44. Hollywood "intensely interested" in 3DS, says Iwata
    45. FFXIII-2 will feature darker story, returning characters from FFXIII
    46. CoD: Black Ops PS3 patched to v1.06
    47. Bulletstorm demo now live on Live Marketplace - shots, video
    48. Infinity Ward looking to fix PS3 MW2 security problems "as quick as possible"
    49. 360 Crysis 2 multiplayer closed beta now live - shots, video
    50. Dragon Age 2 given BBFC 18 rating
    51. Disney restructures into digital-only publisher
    52. Activision reported to UK Office of Fair Trade by Gamers' Voice
    53. Euro morning news bulletin – January 25, 2011
    54. EA Tiburon: "Business as usual" on Tiger Woods PGA Tour despite controversy
    55. Future Bethesda titles to "take advantage" of Skyrim engine, says Hines
    56. SCE HK boss: "Licensing" issues behind PSN delays in Asia
    57. First shots from Black Ops DLC First Strike released
    58. More avatars coming to PSN today
    59. Homefront gets unofficial minimum system specs
    60. Rumor: First official PSP2 shot leaks out [Update: Sony comments]
    61. Procedural MMO Love drops price, adds tons of new content
    62. Ghost Recon 3DS to be turn-based squad game with "Advance Wars feel"
    63. Bulletstorm "revenge" trailer looks obscene, obscenely fun
    64. Battlestar Galactica Online trailer drips nerdnip
    65. Crytek: No other engine can match CryEngine 3
    66. Rift's fifth beta to be twice the size of past tests
    67. Skyrim's combat detailed, no more "chopsticks"
    68. Rumour: half of Disney Epic team laid off
    69. Namco: Ridge Racer 3DS adapted for American tastes
    70. Warner Bros. confirms Mortal Kombat web series
    1. Killzone 3 transforms PlayStation Home
    2. Explodemon coming February 8
    3. Dead Space 2 launch event live stream today
    4. Analyst: EA investors expect The Old Republic to fail
    5. Report - Homefront single-player to last over 8 hours
    6. Dance Central DLC goes on sale
    7. Guerrilla shows off Killzone 3's guns, guns and more guns
    8. Mythos closed beta starts February 8
    9. 11 US PSN download titles halved in price
    10. Cousens backs rumour that PSP2 is as powerful as PS3
    11. Potential new Angry Birds game spotted in TV report
    12. Second LA Noire trailer gets official release
    13. PlayStation Meeting meeting set for 6.00am GMT Thursday
    14. Portal 2 gets co-op-focused shots
    15. Nintendo aiming at "core gamers," "Nintendo loyalists" for 3DS launch
    16. UKIE: 42% of all Kinect sales come from UK-developed titles
    17. Eshiro: Okami bombed due to PS3, Wii launches
    18. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath patched to v1.1
    19. GAME pegs 9 3DS titles for day one availability
    20. Smedley: DC Universe Online is SOE's "fastest selling game ever"
    21. Ocarina of Time "beautifully remade" for 3DS - Keza goes hands-on
    22. LA Noire confirmed for May 20 in Europe
    23. Silent Hill: Downpour confirmed for "autumn," first shots and more details
    24. Mass Effect 2 now available from EU PSN for a brain-melting ?48/60
    25. MvC3 3DS "not impossible, but requires a bit of thought," says producer
    26. UK charts: LBP2 goes in at number one, ME2 PS3 charts at seven
    27. ShopTo taking sub-?200 3DS pre-orders for "limited time only"
    28. Samus in DoA: Dimensions not playable, can help you, says Team Ninja
    29. Portal 2 to feature user-created levels on all platforms, two end credit sequences, says Valve
    30. Team Ninja: Ninja Gaiden 3 will be "more accessible"
    31. Euro morning news bulletin – January 24, 2011
    32. Report - Fight Night Champion demo releasing on February 2
    33. Bethesda confirms more New Vegas DLC for this year, remains coy on Dead Money for PS3, PC
    34. First Rodea the Sky Fighter trailer
    35. Mortal Kombat Aussie release day set, new Mileena trailer out
    36. Japanese kids take portable gaming record
    37. MLB 2K11 trailer boasts the "perfect game"
    1. Kinect hacked to build 3D maps of reality
    2. Dead Space 2 producer: Visceral "really needed to adjust" Dead Space's weapons
    3. Half-life fan film Beyond Black Mesa is go
    4. Cthulhu Saves the World fundraiser goal met - and exceeded
    5. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles screens show RPG features
    6. LittleBigPlanet 2 online users "massively outstrip" original
    7. Nikkei: PSP2 has 3G but no phone functionality, out this year
    8. Argos selling Mass Effect 2 for ?7.99, Gamestop drops to 6
    9. Mortal Kombat PS3 box art appears, complete with Kratos
    10. First FIFA 12 details appear in OPM UK
    11. 2 Player Productions working on Minecraft documentary
    12. UK consumer group targets Black Ops
    13. SOE working on DCUO chat issues
    14. Nintendo announces "invite-only" 3DS UK tour dates
    15. DC Universe Online v1.03 now live
    16. Evil Ryu gets first SSFIV: Arcade Edition footage
    17. Hands-on with 3DS pre-installed software: Mii Maker, 3D camera, Face Raider and alternate reality games
    1. Saturday shorts - DoWII: Retribution stuff, Halo art, videos, screens, more
    2. ArenaNet to reveal guardian profession for Guild Wars 2 next week
    3. Minecraft site up and running again, game launcher coming soon
    4. Square puts Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Ultimate Pack up on its store
    5. Direct2Drive offering games for limited rental at $5 a pop
    6. Industry vet Bill Budge to be second recipient of the AIAS Pioneer Award
    7. 3DS impressions videos from Holland and North America events
    8. Core Portal 2 game is the same "whether you buy it on PS3 or 360", says Valve
    9. EFF says Sony's hacking suit sends a "dangrous message to researchers"
    10. World of StarCraft week "flipped my life upside down", says modder
    11. Limited Edition announced for Hyperdimension Neptunia
    12. StarCraft AI competition winner describes how his team bested pro-StarCraft player Oriol Vinyals
    13. John Romero no longer with Slipgate Ironworks, working on social game Loot Drop
    14. Unreal Development Kit January beta includes PhysX support for iOS
    15. Breach gameplay videos show players protecting convoys, handling bio-weapons
    16. Kaos: Dedicated servers for all versions of Homefront "means everything is bigger"
    17. LA Noire trailer confirms May 17 release date [Update]
    18. Bethesda: First Tango game "a ways off"
    19. Latest Shift 2 movie details pre-order bonuses, melts monitors
    20. Killzone 3 multiplayer footage shows MP03 Bilgarsk Boulevard
    21. US TV reports shows Gears 3 multiplayer, talks NC
    1. Marvelous releases another Night of the Sacrifice trailer
    2. The Last Story website gets updated with gameplay details
    3. SOE releases assets for EverQuest II expansion Destiny of Velious
    4. Nintendo: eShop and browser hitting at 3DS launch with firmware update
    5. Culture Brain working on three games for Nintendo 3DS
    6. Latest RIFT developer video is all about PvP
    7. IGN review hands Dead Space 2 a solid 9, calls it "a new gold standard" in horror
    8. 3DS's pre-installed augmented reality shooter Face Raiders gets detailed
    9. 343 Industries posts 12 job openings for "new high profile Halo experience"
    10. Bulletstorm video shows off the Tug-O-War skillshot
    11. Rumor: Metal Gear Solid HD Trilogy in the works for PS3
    12. Kaos: 360 getting Homefront DLC first due to strong support from Microsoft
    13. Hines: Bethesda "own the rights" to Fallout MMO, not Interplay
    14. Riot Games to release co-op vs AI mode in League of Legends
    15. Davide Bowie tracks hitting Rock Band 3 next week
    16. Killzone 3 open beta coming to PSN February 2 in US, February 3 in Europe
    17. EA to release 360-exclusive Crysis 2 multiplayer demo on January 25
    18. PSP version of Thor "removed" from SEGA release schedule, cancellation confirmed
    19. Sqaure announces Bust-a-Move Universe for 3DS
    20. Mortal Kombat confirmed for April 18 UK launch
    21. Rumor: Sony to implement PC-style serial key system for PS3
    22. Report - PSP2 to be revealed during Sony's PlayStation Meeting in Japan
    23. UKIE claims chipped or modded consoles cost the UK industry dearly in 2010
    24. Duke Nukem Forever confirmed for May 3 in US and May 6 elsewhere, trailer released
    25. Visceral: Dead Space 2's max team size was 150
    26. Bomberman, DECA Sports Extreme and Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle announced for 3DS by Hudson
    27. Visceral confirms "against the dev" Dead Space 2 multiplayer events
    28. Ubisoft to develop Smurfs game based on the feature film
    29. EA Sports signs Virgin Gaming as its official "worldwide provider" of online tournaments
    30. Magicka still planned for other platforms once "development issues" are addressed
    31. Bulletstorm PC supports Nvidia's 3D Vision
    32. Disclosure: EA's Dead Space 2 press swag bag unboxed
    33. Virtua Tennis 4 gets player trailer
    34. DCUO Smallville alert trailered, detailed in entirety
    35. Dead Space gets reduction on Steam, further reduction if DS2 is pre-ordered
    36. Report - Nintendo to ship 900,000 3DS units in Europe for launch
    37. Interview: Dead Space 2 producer Shereif Fattouh on "real space, real terror"
    38. Two Worlds II gets GameStop-exclusive pre-order content
    39. SFIV hacked for Kinect
    40. DoWII: Retribution adds new hero and an extra map to Last Stand
    41. Romero, Molyneux, Braben giving GDC post-mortem sessions on classic franchises
    42. Moto Racer 2 pulled from GOG over copy protection issues
    43. Kongregate: Decision to pull Arcade app "bizarre"
    44. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit patched to v1.020
    45. New CoD: Black Ops PC Patch released on Steam
    46. Play, Create, Share pack for Move coming to LBP2
    47. Naka's "sky fantasy" Wii, 3DS title called Rodea the Sky Soldier
    48. Audio – Euro morning news bulletin, January 21, 2011
    49. Kojima digs out old-school Metal Gear documents
    50. Visceral: Isaac is not a "chatty Cathy," no monologues in Dead Space 2
    51. No western demo coming for God Eater Burst
    52. Virtua Fighter 2 launched on iPhone
    53. Dead Space Extraction Move edition is "way, way" better looking
    54. Rumor: Telltale about to unveil Walking Dead game, four other new titles
    55. Pachter: Nintendo has "completely blown it" with Wii 2 strategy
    56. Dead Space 2 includes Dragon Age 2 bonus content
    57. Street Fighter producer loves idea of Nintendo x Capcom, wants to pitch to Smash Bros lead
    58. Hwah? Microsoft encourages Geohot to jailbreak Windows Phone 7
    59. Gamersfirst: Australians are welcome on APB servers
    60. World of Tanks open beta announced
    1. Blizzard: "never our intention" to shut down World of Starcraft mod
    2. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles detailed, new Dynasty Warriors 7 CG art
    3. Capcom: smartphones have replaced handhelds
    4. Rumour: UK 3DS pricing includes 27% mark up
    5. LittleBigPlanet 2 behind-the-scenes and Prius promotion trailers
    6. Paradox Interactive announces Mount & Blade expansion, Salem, Pirates of the Black Cove, Gettysburg
    7. Court filings claim Infinity Ward delayed CoD map pack at EA's request, EA claims email "was a joke"
    8. Report: Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward co-developing MW3 for November release
    9. Hearts of Iron III expansion "For the Motherland" announced by Paradox
    10. Swarm developer diary explains how to control your blue fellas
    11. Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy confirmed for March 22 US launch
    12. Level Editor and Portal for Super Meat Boy expected within "the next two weeks"
    13. Xbox Live updates: 2K Games sale, Dance Central add-ons, Gold trial
    14. NASCAR 2011 shots and dev diary released
    15. Ubisoft provides release dates for its 3DS titles
    16. Bethesda's Hines: "I don't see a demo for RAGE on the cards"
    17. Hands-on with Top Spin 4 – the tennis game that’s too complex for Kinect
    18. UKIE: Black Ops biggest selling UK game of 2010
    19. Frontier's The Outsider not canceled, says Braben
    20. Yakuza 4 being released in UK on March 18
    21. Amazon announces acquisition of LOVFiLM
    22. EA purchases the domain
    23. New Brink gameplay video is heavy on guns, still on for spring
    24. 3DS and Kirby's Epic Yarn partly to blame for The Last Story releasing only in Japan
    25. Nintendo releases handy fact sheet for some of its 3DS games
    26. Red Faction: Armageddon still on for May, says THQ
    27. Sale: Cryptic slashes lifetime sub prices for STO and Champions Online
    28. Five LittleBigPlanet 2 records set during Sony's three-day event
    29. Sony announces PlayStation Access for London, Glasgow
    30. Konami to take over Hudson in April
    31. Homefront being localised for Japan by Spike
    32. Final Fantasy XIII-2 - the first English trailer in HD
    33. Dead Space 2 gets big gameplay blowout
    34. Rockstar holding XP event for Red Dead Redemption
    35. Red Dead Redemption leads IAA nominations
    36. The western 3DS launch: What you need to know right now in text and audio form
    37. Yarnton: 3DS launch line-up announcement "not that far away"
    38. Madden NFL Football 3DS gets trailered
    39. 3DSmageddon: Off-screen Kid Icarus, Resident Evil, Zelda, more get videoed
    40. 3DS infosplosion aftershock: Mii importing, eShop details, parental controls
    41. Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 3DS trailer is 3D-less
    42. Report - Australian 3DS presser to take place on February 8
    43. Report - Deus Ex: Human Revolution to feature three difficulty levels
    44. Japanese queue for 3DS pre-orders after shortage warning
    45. Sims 3D shots feature sims in 3D
    46. Retailer listing suggests Pikmin 3D imminent
    47. First Dead Space 2 iPhone trailer pops out, shouts "boo," repeats
    48. Breach trailer features spiffy spy gadgets
    49. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Volume 2 unveiled in Final Mix secret ending
    50. Tenchu developer reveals modern day action Akiba's Trip
    51. The Witcher 2 dev diary talks broader scale and villains
    52. Xbox 360 update foils Call of Duty pirates
    53. Bethesda confirms Skyrim toolset release
    54. Stacking due early February
    55. WWE All Stars trailer boasts Randy Savage narration
    56. King Arthur: The Druids expansion out now
    57. Red Faction: Origins cast detailed
    58. Hunicke: large publishers can learn from thatgamecompany
    59. World of StarCraft mod videos pulled
    60. Monster Hunter knocked from top spot on Japanese software charts
    1. LittleBigPlanet 2's music sequencer could have been a game
    2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS screenshots
    3. Nintendogs + Cats screenshots are adorable
    4. Interview: Nintendo UK GM David Yarnton
    5. Bilson: THQ's "whole world isn't around Homefront"
    6. 3DS game price round-up
    7. Yarnton: 3DS is "really good value"
    8. Propaganda Games closed down
    9. Reggie: 3DS will be "mass-market" 3D
    10. Yarnton: 500,000 Brits will physically sample 3DS by April
    11. Dead or Alive: Dimensions video gets a cameo from Samus
    12. Yarnton: No official 3DS bundles planned for launch, price won't stop "biggest" hardware launch ever
    13. Sony adds mid-January updates to European PlayStation Plus
    14. 3DS hardware and pre-installed software images released
    15. Konami confirms region lock for PES 2011 3D, details Street Pass a bit more
    16. Nintendo details 3DS Friend Code revamp
    17. 3DS launch game trailers YouTubed for both US and EU
    18. Sonic creator developing "sky fantasy" game for Wii and 3DS
    19. Amazon and GamesStop taking pre-orders for 3DS
    20. Super Monkey Ball 3D - screens, video, "rolling" pun
    21. Ridge Racer 3D gets new screens
    22. Buy Killzone 3, get early access to SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta
    23. Ubisoft 3DS line-up gets a massive amount of screens
    24. Second LA Noire trailer launches next Monday
    25. Asura's Wrath trailer and screens released, show fighting
    26. Capcom releases 3DS screens and trailers for RE: Mercenaries, SSFIV 3D
    27. PES 2011 3D gets details, video, shots
    28. Molyneux confirmed for GDC Lifetime Achievement award
    29. 3DS to launch for $249 on March 27 in US, will cost between ?219-?229 in Europe on March 25
    30. Nintendo 30+ 3DS titles to arrive before E3 in US and Europe
    31. Eurosport, Sky 3D, Aardman content confirmed for 3DS
    32. European 3DS packaging revealed
    33. Confirmed: Cosmos Black, Aqua Blue 3DS SKUs for European launch
    34. Nintendo details EU and US 3DS launches in Amsterdam and New York - full report
    35. Euro PSN update, January 19: Brotherhood and R.U.S.E. DLC, January sale
    36. Activision makes "recommendation" to close Bizarre Creations
    37. Zynga details RewardVille, its new rewards scheme
    38. Bilson: "It would be horrible" if new hardware came out right now
    39. Funding sought for PC port of Cthulhu Saves the World
    40. En Masse forced to go "deeper" for TERA westernization
    41. No Gears of War Triple Pack for the UK - statement
    42. Windows XP recreated in LBP2
    43. Kinect dev ups sticks, goes to Google
    44. Ubisoft's Fit in Six coming to PS3 and Wii
    45. Audio – Euro morning news bulletin, January 19, 2011
    46. Halo Pixel Force is 8-bit version of Halo
    47. Report - Wii, DS hardware numbers at 1.3 million for Spain and Portugal in 2010
    48. Amazon offering buy two games, get third free deal
    49. Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies for Android dropping "summer 2011"
    50. Test Drive Unlimited 2 - the first 10 minutes, and other video
    51. Google pulls Kongregate Arcade from Android Market
    52. Report - Sony to announce PS Phone at Mobile World Congress next month
    53. PS3 iPlayer usage beats 7 million "requests" in December
    54. Left 4 Dead 2 achievements restored with title update
    55. Updates to and Live this week
    56. Rovio "moving into production" with Angry Birds animated series
    57. Good Old Games adds Zork and Police Quest packs
    58. The Last Story shines in another TV spot
    59. More Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance details emerge
    60. Dead Space 2 trailer looks "through the eyes of a necromorph"
    61. US PSN update, January 18 - Mass Effect 2, Spare Parts, PS Plus offers
    62. More Dynasty Warriors 7 character scans
    63. Report: Activision says closing Black Ops PSN servers may be "viable"
    64. Hands-on tester calls out 3DS stability issues
    65. Dream Drop Distance "prologue" to Kingdom Hearts series finale
    66. Pachter: 3DS will outsell PSP2 as Kinect outsold Move
    67. Analyst: Nintendo must drop Wii price point
    1. Black Ops infographics reveal staggering numbers
    2. Epic trademarks Gears of War: Exile
    3. Rumour: Next iPod to feature 3D display
    4. Steam mid-week madness: Bionic Commando Rearmed
    5. Massachusetts looking into tax incentives for game industry, but it has opponents
    6. League of Legends admin dismissed for abuse of power
    7. Kinect hacks get all surgical and hadouken
    8. Video Games Live to debut first live performance of music from Halo: Reach
    9. Tales from Space: About a Blob gets details, screens, trailer
    10. PS3 users experiencing Cerberus Network issues with Mass Effect 2
    11. PSA: LittleBigPlanet 2 US launch day DLC is a go
    12. Killzone 3 "feels more fluid" and "stutters less," says Guerrilla
    13. SNK Playmore launches eight new NEOGEO titles for PSP
    14. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair stage pack DLC now available on XBL
    15. Dawn of Fantasy MMORTS set for release June 3
    16. THQ puts out two new Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine shots
    17. IL-2 STURMOVIK: Cliffs of Dover to launch on March 25
    18. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Animus Project Update 2.0 DLC now available
    19. Conduit 2 gets new release date, weapons trailer and screens
    20. Ubisoft tries its hand at social gaming in Japan
    21. Top Spin 4 gets March 18 UK release
    22. Video released of user-created StarCraft MMO made using mod tools
    23. Gears of War Triple Pack landing February 15
    24. DJ Hero 2 gets trance anthems mix pack
    25. Rhys Davies added to Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 as "brand ambassador"
    26. ModNation Racers to get premium unlock key
    27. Atari releases lovely PSN screens for The Undergarden
    28. Fan-made Chrono Trigger sequel gets release
    29. DanceEvolution gets more DLC, demo
    30. XPERIA Play gets a couple more benchmark tests and reviews
    31. FFXIII-2 announced in Tokyo, to hit EU and US "next winter"
    32. GFI announces Cannon Fodder 3 for PC and 360 for Russia-only release
    33. Final Fantasy Agito XIII renamed to Type 0, confirmed for summer 2011, trailer launching on January 27
    34. Square Godzillas Tokyo: FFXIII-2 announced, Agito XIII renamed, Versus XIII stays PS3-exclusive
    35. Ninety-Nine Knights to launch as Far East MMO
    36. Audio – Euro morning news bulletin, January 18, 2011
    37. Nintendo confirms 3DS region-lock
    38. Report - Capcom, Konami, Tecmo-Koei all confirmed for 3DS Amsterdam event
    39. Portal 2 to feature PS3-PC/Mac cross-platform play, Steam key included with PS3 version
    40. EU PS Store gets massive DLC, games sale
    41. Half-Minute Hero sequel delayed in Japan, gets trailer
    42. Bulletstorm's armies began with one bald bloke
    43. Tales of Xillia screens are pretty
    44. PopCap popping the cap on Peggle, Plants vs. Zombies for Android
    45. Pokémon Black & White features streamlined gameplay mechanics
    46. Massive New Vegas mod adding bullet time, sprinting, cybernetic implants, vision modes, tons more
    47. IGMA 2010 nominees chosen
    48. Rumour - New Fabula Nova Crystallis title to be announced at Square event
    49. Report: Nintendo World 3DS players suffered side-effects
    50. PS3s bricked by custom firmware
    51. Skyrim's new engine detailed, fully-scripted quests ditched for semi-random encounters
    52. Analyst: app download rate to overtake music, software
    53. Rock Band Network 2.0 due February 15
    54. Runescape's Wilderness to be reinstated
    1. Codemasters seeks focus testers
    2. Dynasty Warriors 7 screenshots show weapon system
    3. Halo's secret is "something for everyone"
    4. Dead Space 2 German launch delayed
    5. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood patch disables Xbox 360 multiplayer
    6. Mass Effect 2 requires 4.5 GB install on PS3
    7. King Arthur II announced, trailered
    8. Funcom about to "be a lot more candid" about Secret World, still says nothing
    9. Homefront gets BBFC 15 rating
    10. Nintendo Europe to live-stream Amsterdam 3DS presentation on Wednesday
    11. Black Ops First Strike DLC gets trailer premiere
    12. Minagawa: "Currently no plans" for "any other remakes" in Ogre Battle series
    13. Dawn of War II – Retribution multiplay beta launches January 31
    14. New APB will support customization from old APB
    15. EVE drops support for Pentium 3, Athlon XP and "older CPUs"
    16. Steenberg to help out on Minecraft graphics
    17. Bejeweled Blitz hitting XBLA this quarter
    18. Bleszinski tags PC gamers "grumpy" over lack of Bulletstorm demo
    19. Interview: Tactics Ogre director Hiroshi Minagawa
    20. New LBP2 trailer does the do ahead of release this week
    21. Top Spin 4 US release date announced, Move support confirmed
    22. Plants vs Zombies this week's Live Deal of the Week
    23. Another PS Phone video appears online
    24. Report: Eidos Montreal confirms 25 hour playtime for Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    25. Rumour: Microsoft preparing Kinect drivers, SDK for PC
    26. New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 screens get punchy
    27. Catherine demo releases next week
    28. First X-Men Destiny screens appear in video
    29. SOE: Planetside Next due late Q1/early Q2, Free Realms PS3 probably launching next month
    30. Kaos admits Homefront crunch
    31. Mature 3DS box-art to feature black banners
    32. Ballmer: "Xbox isn't a gaming console"
    33. Test Drive Unlimited 2: Get your questions answered by Eden Games
    34. New Elemental expansion "a new game," says Stardock
    35. Rumour - iPad 2 display to be twice as sharp as current model
    36. Bowling: I-Ward will "not rely solely on platform security" after PS3 crack
    37. Akuma, Taskmaster confirmed for MvC3
    38. UK charts: Black Ops back on top, DCUO enters top ten
    39. Audio – Euro morning news bulletin, January 17, 2011
    40. Report - 1 in 10 children in Singapore addicted to games
    41. 3DS info dump, One Piece and Hamster's Sudoku
    42. Rumour: 3DS shipment less than one-third expected size
    43. Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 mod in the works
    44. Project M turns Super Smash Bros. Brawl up to eleven
    45. EA XBLA sale saves you 50%
    46. Kinect hacked to control humanoid robots
    47. Camarillio: Crysis 2 must and will score above 90
    1. Blue Mars abandons PC for iOS
    2. L.A. Noire contains 50 hours of dialogue
    3. No Tomb Raider voice actress yet, official merchandise inbound
    4. Danny Bilson talks what gamers want and how to make it
    5. The Last Story Japanese TV spot
    6. Sonic 2 HD trailered, alpha release "coming soon"
    7. Junction Point job listings point to possible Wii, PS3, 360 game
    8. Svensson: I’ll "continue to push" for Street Fighter IV on PC
    9. Best Buy offering three games for price of two
    10. Gran Turismo Anywhere coming next month
    11. ESRB lists MLB Bobblehead Pros for PS3 and Xbox 360
    12. Priestly: Mass Effect 2 "PS3 demo was old build"
    13. New video shows mother's disgust at Dead Space 2
    14. Square registers Type-1, 2 and 3 trademarks
    15. Mortal Kombat to get webisode series
    16. Latest Shogun 2 gameplay looks super-hot
    17. Magic the Gathering: Tactics gets Blue Mana trailer
    18. Moore: Boxing not what it once was, but it's not dead
    19. Sakaguchi: The Last Story won't use "shake controls"
    20. Jonathan Ross: 3DS capabilities “far better than I would have thought possible without glasses”
    1. Saturday shorts - Pinball FX 2 compo, Last Story, Kinect hacks, Monday Night Combat PC delay, more
    2. Lima Sky stops issuing "trademark warnings" to App makers using the word "doodle"
    3. Crystal Dynamics explains how the Tomb Raider Trilogy was remastered for PS3
    4. A couple videos surface for Midway's canned Hero game
    5. DCUO: Auction Houses and chat improvements to be addressed soon, says SOE
    6. Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy has battle watching mode
    7. Four new L.A. Noire screens sneak out
    8. Nicolas Games has acquired Frontline Studios
    9. Patcher expects console prices to be cut this year, Sony first to do so
    10. FilePlanet subscribers get 15% off on Direct2Drive games
    11. No plans to release a PC demo for Bulletstorm "at this time"
    12. Crytek hiring for iOS developer to work on iPad and iPhone project
    13. Hothead explains why it won't be making a third Penny Arcade Adventures game
    14. Telltale's Jurassic Park gets first screens
    15. Harmonix dropping Wii Rock Band Network support
    16. Report: SOCOM 4 releasing in April
    1. Bethesda's Mark Lampert walks you through the sounds of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    2. EverQuest II expansion Destiny of Velious to see a slight release delay
    3. GameTanium is Android's answer to games on demand
    4. Bulletstorm dev diary discusses Weapons and Anarchy Mode
    5. Judge postpones ruling on whether Sony can sue Hotz in California
    6. Konami teases Castlevania Lords of Shadow DLC Reverie
    7. Blacklight: Tango Down sequel to be free-to-play
    8. Traveller's Tales releases new videos for LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
    9. Another brain study predicts videogame aptitude using an MRI
    10. Pachter: Kinect bundles outsold Move bundles by 5:1 during December
    11. Developers need both design and business sense, says InXile's Brian Fargo
    12. Move Heroes shipping March 22, pre-order bonus detailed
    13. LittleBigPlanet 2 TV spots show game levels and the VP of Infinite Infinity
    14. Metro 2033 wasn't "nurtured," sequel will address this, says Bilson
    15. Mileena gets a bit toothy in this Mortal Kombat video
    16. THQ didn't sign West and Zampella due to Respawn wanting to retain IP ownership
    17. SEGA puts out its 2011 UK release schedule
    18. Breach goes Gold, dated for January 26 for PC and XBLA
    19. The first 30-minutes of Portal 2 gets previewed, video
    20. PS3 "Trophy Unlocker" threatens to break Trophy system
    21. F.E.A.R. 3 developer video talks co-op, abilities, fragile alliance
    22. Latest RIFT video shows to switch your Warrior's abilities on the fly
    23. SCEE confirms February 23 EU, February 25 UK launches for Killzone 3, goes gold
    24. Homefront DLC to come first to Xbox Live, exclusive map also confirmed for 360
    25. Watch heroes try and stop Lex Luthor in this Smallville Alert trailer for DC Universe Online
    26. Confirmed: Bulletstorm demo lands January 25 on PSN and XBL
    27. Double Fine wanted "a compelling story" for Stacked
    28. Bilson: I wouldn't have put Taliban in Medal of Honor
    29. Original Broken Sword included with Director's Cut on GoG
    30. Yakuza of the End gets two new trailers, celebrity zombies
    31. Codemasters hiring staff for new F1 browser game
    32. Earth Defense Force 2 gets double UMD pack
    33. Geohot being sued over PS3 jailbreak for "making Sony mad"
    34. Smedley outlines monthly DCUO content updates, promises "absolutely" no charge
    35. Report - Social gaming market set to pass $1 billion this year
    36. Latest Kinect hacks show Flash, Silverlight integration
    37. Audio – Euro morning news bulletin, January 14, 2011
    38. Valkyria Chronicles III gets trailer blowout
    39. Report - New Starbreeze title to be shown behind closed doors at GDC
    40. NPD December 2010 - Xbox 360 sees YoY increase with 1.86 million units, Black Ops is software winner
    41. Medical servers hacked to host Black Ops matches
    42. PlayStation 3 to launch in China as Sony opens local facilities
    43. This is happening: A live-action Pac-Man reality show
    44. ESA enacts pre-emptive strike on anti-games research
    45. NPD 2010 figures show sales downturn
    46. Monster Hunter Portable Third and MGS 3 crossover event
    47. EA Sports's Peter Moore to keynote GameSupply summit
    48. Dreamcast Collection due late February
    49. Jonathan Coulton's Portal 2 song penned
    50. Nintendo tops US console sales for past five years
    51. Marvel vs Capcom 3 art shows Akuma
    52. Minecraft patches to v1.2
    53. Call of Duty: Black Ops tops NPD's 2010 best sellers list
    1. Forbes applauds Activision Blizzard share performance
    2. Nine more Black & White Pokemon detailed
    3. NBA 2K11 patching in 3D support
    4. Tales of Monkey Island Collector's Edition trailer
    5. The Cursed Crusade trailer hacks its way across the globe
    6. Ubisoft "set out to be the leading third-party publisher" for Kinect, and "it worked", says Detoc
    7. SOE opens up two new PvP servers for DC Universe Online
    8. Dynasty Warriors 7 trailer shows weapon switching
    9. Todd Howard chats to Game Informer about himself, the industry and Skyrim in three new videos
    10. Ed Boon tweets hints about possible DLC characters for Mortal Kombat
    11. Capcom responds to Twisted Pixel's allegation it copied 'Splosion Man with MaXplosion
    12. Guinness World Records and Sony team up for LBP2 challenge
    13. Catherine's "Rapunzel" mini-game gets detailed
    14. James Cameron is impressed with Crysis 2 in 3D, says Crytek
    15. The Undergarden coming to PS3 this "winter"
    16. Game Informer opens up Skyrim's Wall of Alduin
    17. Interactive Achievement Awards to be broadcast by G4
    18. BioWare community manager explains the reason for trickling SWTOR information
    19. Company of Heroes Online gets new Beach Assault map
    20. Bloodline Champions officially launches
    21. PEGI implementation delayed into July at the earliest
    22. Shogun 2 campaign movie confirms ninjas, XP, Geisha assassins
    23. GeoHot and fail0verflow respond to Sony's legal action over hacking
    24. MotorStorm: Apocalypse dates confirmed for Europe and North America
    25. Deadly Premonition, Rock Band 3, Toy Story 3 lectures added to GDC 2011
    26. Beenox named lead developer on future Spider-Man titles
    27. Kojima Productions hiring staff for "Next Generation Metal Gear Solid Series"
    28. Walfisz: PS3 piracy could become more rampant than PSP piracy
    29. Zombie Cow cancels plans for, "Time Gentlemen Please, Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican"
    30. Microsoft launches new Refer-a-Friend promotion on Xbox Live
    31. Keith Vaz: "I’ve never been against games"
    32. Blizzard details StarCraft II Master League, announces Grandmaster League
    33. Cosplay as Twisted Pixel character, win appearance in game
    34. Shift 2: Unleashed confirmed for March 25 UK release, March 29 US launch
    35. Champions Online FAQ details new free-to-play business model
    36. F.E.A.R. 3 Collector's Edition outed, glowing Alma featured
    37. Activision celebrates Megadeth and Soundgarden Grammy nods with free Black Rain MP3
    38. Blizzard: WoW Cataclysm dungeons "intended to be challenging"
    39. Star Trek Online: Cryptic provides new details on Episode 1 of Series 3
    40. Sledgehammer making "next" Call of Duty title
    41. Heroes of Might & Magic VI dev diary talks orc
    42. God Eater: Burst pre-order goods detailed
    43. Rumour - Hacked PS3s can be banned even without PSN access
    44. Cityville passes 100 million MAU
    45. Nintendo details March line-up for 3DS in Japan
    46. Nelson: Microsoft "ran out" of consoles over Christmas
    47. Funcom: "Safe" to assume digital release for The Secret World, no hint at date
    48. 3D video-recording hinted at for 3DS by Iwata, Miyamoto
    49. New Conduit 2 trailer is go
    50. Audio – Euro morning news bulletin, January 13, 2011
    51. Rumour - PSP2 "as powerful as the PS3," uses "media format"
    52. Rumour - Dead Space 3 teaser included in Dead Space 2
    53. Unannounced Twisted Pixel game to be playable at PAX East, announced before then
    54. Max Payne hacked for Kinect use
    55. GameStop looking to link ID system with console accounts
    56. Feature: Sony in the Hotz seat
    57. Relic to contribute to Devil's Third
    58. Splinter Cell 3DS, Rabids Time Travel dated for Japan
    59. THQ "really" wants to publish more Double Fine games, but money's the deciding factor
    60. Killzone 3 rated 18 by BBFC, contains at least 70 mins of cutscene
    61. Uh-oh: Street Fighter IV preview mentions 3DS friend codes
    62. Browser-based puzzler crowdsources serious science
    63. Rockstar: LA Noire release date "announced soon"
    64. UK Wiinjuries increased over the holidays
    65. Square Enix nabs Final Fantasy XIII-2 domain name
    66. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to segregate rage quitters
    67. Blizzard wants challenged players to man up
    68. Three more ex-Ubi staffers for THQ Montreal
    69. Cryptic at work on "Top Secret" project
    70. Ignition confirms Reich still in development
    71. Al Alcorn: developers must take risks
    1. Minecraft reaches one million sales
    2. Guillermo del Toro's Insane trilogy to include developers' "dream features"
    3. Tales of Graces F plays dress ups with classic characters
    4. More MK HD Kollection evidence emerges
    5. SCEE "aware" of PlayTV issues, hopes to have a solution "shortly"
    6. Verizon to eventually offer iPad to its wireless customers
    7. Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 hitting retailers on February 1
    8. Bulletstorm trailer shows off skill kills
    9. Report: Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs hitting iPhone in February
    10. Dead Space 2 video features Smashing Pumpkins song, glowing quotes
    11. BioWare announces extra pre-order bonuses for Dragon Age II
    12. Next RIFT beta event starts January 25 as players log over one million hours
    13. Bethesda court filings claim Interplay "is wrong" to use Fallout assets in its MMO
    14. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd once again king of Media Create software charts
    15. PS3 tops Japanese hardware charts, combined DS SKUs still clear winner
    16. Ex-Blizzard North president David Brevik promoted to president and COO of Gazillion Entertainment
    17. Over 26K people attended Nintendo World 2011 over the weekend
    18. Twisted Pixel accuses Capcom of plagiarizing 'Splosion Man with its MaXplosion App; won't pursue legal action
    19. Mass Effect 2 PS3 gets PSN-Blu-ray sim-launch, release trailer
    20. Microsoft files opposition with USPTO over Apple's App Store trademark application
    21. 2K: BioShock 2 DLC for PC should have certification process finished soon
    22. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime screenshots show Proton Streams everywhere
    23. Tactics Ogre given EU release date
    24. Microsoft details 1 vs 100 replacement, Full House Poker
    25. BioWare releases new developer diary for Dragon Age II
    26. iPad 2 video gets out from CES
    27. Confirmed: F.E.A.R. 3 delayed into May from March
    28. THQ reveals experimental pricing plan for MX vs ATV: Alive and another "major franchise"
    29. Tim Clark to head up Future's Games portfolio content
    30. Supremacy MMA screens and trailers get out, feature UFC champ Jens Pulver
    31. Tekken Tag Tournament gets new playable wrestler character, sees characters return
    32. Grasshopper Manufacture trademarks Diabolical Pitch
    33. Remedy: Death Rally iOS release a "fun test case" to learn the ropes of mobile platforms
    34. New THQ logo revealed in New York
    35. UK shops start 3DS pre-orders, mark March 18 as release date
    36. First expansion pack to Elemental called Fallen Enchantress
    37. Donglu Yu's Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood concept art is rather lovely
    38. Gray Matter still hitting North America next month, Viva Media to publish
    39. Limbo, Red Dead Redemption lead GDCA nominations
    40. EU PSN update, January 12 - Angry Birds, Tomb Raider Chronicles
    41. Team Bondi's motion capture process enlists a volunteer from Game Informer
    42. Conan 360 moves to "no plans" status, PC version is "full steam ahead"
    43. LittleBigPlanet 2 PS3 bundles hitting at release
    44. Lovely indie platformer NightSky gets a demo
    45. BlazBlue 3DS hitting day and date with PSP version
    46. Ruffian working on "a couple of new games"
    47. Chinese site takes PSPhone apart, puts pictures on internet
    48. Report - New Bond game "recently got go-ahead"
    49. ThinkGeek introduces another joystick for iPad
    50. Source - Sony to announce PSP2 in Tokyo on January 27
    51. Super Soviet Missile Mastar to get iOS release
    52. FFX's Yuna confirmed for Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy, Tifa gets extra costume
    53. Activision's NASCAR pushed into March for polishing
    54. Marvel Vs Capcom pre-order bonuses detailed for UK and Ireland
    55. SCE UK encouraging schools to bring on board game design course
    56. New MK trailer shows off Johnny Cage
    57. El Shaddai gets April 28 Japanese release date
    58. LBP2 getting Toyota-themed content
    59. Audio - Euro morning news bulletin, January 12, 2011
    60. Pokémon Black & White sells 5 million units in Japan
    61. Super Monkey Ball 3DS launching on March 3 in Japan
    62. "No plans" currently for western Last Story release, new 5-minute trailer appears
    63. SSFIV, NFS: Shift, Crackdown 2 appear on Live GoD
    64. Jenova Chen: Hardcore games are not useful, relevant or accessible
    65. Nintendo boss: MS and Sony have brought "powerful" products to gaming
    66. Fillion on Wahlberg's Drake: "He has mad skills"
    67. Silicon Knights' X-Men game to include customizable characters, moral choices
    68. More 3DS images show inner workings
    69. Mindjack screenshots turn up pre-launch
    70. Gameloft on cloning accusations: The gaming industry has "maybe one new idea a year"
    71. US PlayStation Store update, January 11: LittleBigPlanet discounts, DLC-splosion
    72. Rumour: 3DS colours limited by region
    73. Sony sues hackers over PS3 root key publication, custom firmware
    74. Riccitiello: Discs not going anywhere, but EA make services, not products
    75. Starcraft II patched to v1.2
    76. Fight Night Champion trailer details new stamina system
    77. Blizzard to address Tol Barad balance issues
    1. Sony may be able to detect Jailbroken PS3s
    2. Atlus's Pandora Saga enters open beta
    3. GH:Warriors of Rock gets January Mega Pack DLC featuring three tracks from NIN, more
    4. Southpeak reclaim access rights to My Baby franchise
    5. Indie game winner Gemini Rue getting release on February 24
    6. Developers provide opinion on the most influential games for PlayStation
    7. Champions Online goes free-to-play January 25
    8. Windows Phone 7 is the closest you'll get to a handheld from Microsoft, says the firm
    9. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 info blowout: new characters, DX11 support and more
    10. LEGO announces LEGO Battles: Ninjago for DS, new Ninjago area for LEGO Universe
    11. Nintendo Channel gets a dose of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong this week
    12. Remedy to release Death Rally in March for iPad and iPhone
    13. Gameloft CEO believes massive App sales can possibly threaten innovation
    14. PC "still an important platform" for Assassin's Creed franchise, says Ubisoft
    15. New Tomb Raider shots now available to all
    16. Concept art shows canned Midway project "Hero"
    17. Square's Shiba "looking forward to hardware improvements" in PSP2
    18. Interview: Lord of Arcana producer, Takamasa Shiba
    19. Bungie looking for mobile programmer with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile experience
    20. Just Dance 2 beats 5 million sales
    21. Verizon to start offering iPhone to customers on February 10
    22. Latest Bulletstorm trailer parodies Halo 3's "Believe" TV spot
    23. Todd Howard shows you around the Bethesda offices, teases Skyrim in new video
    24. Various Activision titles and add-ons are 50% off on Xbox Live
    25. Bigpoint in "talent acquisition" from Citizen Kabuto dev, Planet Moon
    26. Star Trek Online: Cryptic looking into more ship traits and "exciting ways to use shuttles" in 2011
    27. Satoru Iwata confirmed for GDC keynote
    28. PlayStation app now live for iOS, Android
    29. JoWood suing Koch over underpayment of 6.4 million company shares
    30. Bungie trademarks "Osiris," "New Monarchy," "Seven Seraphs," more
    31. Sniper: Ghost Warrior sequel confirmed
    32. Rumour - Nintendo Japan confirms 3DS region-lock in newsletter
    33. Nintendo planning Mario push for 2011
    34. Ubi stonewalls GI Far Cry 3 assumption
    35. Nintendo UK: DSi to be "manufactured and supplied in 2011"
    36. Ex-Ensemble chap releases Clandestiny on Mac App Store
    37. Killzone turns into card game
    38. New Catherine trailer features monstrous baby
    39. Nintendo confirms March 4 date for Euro Pokémon Black & White
    40. Rumour - DSi set to be phased out
    41. Nagoshi: Yakuza 3D was created
    42. Man makes full-length movie in GTA IV
    43. Eades: "There clearly is room for a hardcore handheld"
    44. Persona 3 PSP to be published by Ghostlight in Europe
    45. Audio - Daily morning news bulletin keeps you in the loop
    46. DC Universe Online gets Oolong Island video
    47. BFBC2 gets server fixes
    48. Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Exed Exes now available on Virtual Console
    49. Report - 3DS to go on sale in China as iQue 3DS
    50. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, DJ Hero 2 get price-cuts
    51. Report - Arizona shooter was "big video gamer"
    52. Penny Arcade Adventures strikes gold on Mac App Store, Hothead makes promises it can't keep
    53. EEDAR: 360, Wii big winners in December NPD
    54. Avatar Kinect tech demo shows facial mesh in action
    55. Bulletstorm get minimum specs, no mention of developers wanking
    56. PixelJunk Shooter 2 details, releasing "soon"
    57. Gearbox sets record straight on alleged Aliens: Colonial Marines delay
    58. Naoki Yoshida wants FFVII atmosphere for FFXIV Online
    59. Jon Hare: 3DS "is just a hardware gimmick which might do well"
    60. EA confirms GDC reveal for Battlefield 3
    61. Capcom devil-bringing Devil May Cry 4 to iPhone later this month
    62. Natural Selection 2's engine measured against Valve's Source, Goldsource
    63. New Donkey Kong champion crowned
    64. Angry Birds out now as PlayStation Mini
    65. Nightly Minecraft build releases planned
    66. Dragon Age 2 dev diary talks narrative
    67. Castle Crashers tourney grand prize is a gold plated Xbox 360
    1. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded launch trailer
    2. Stardock would rather make a loss than alienate gamers
    3. Unlock 3DS game content with exercise
    4. Qore episode 32 includes Killzone 3, Mass Effect 2 goodies
    5. ESA clamps down on E3 ticket scalping, stops pre-mailing
    6. Unmodded PS3 shown running pirated game
    7. Xbox Live Deal of the Week is zombie-themed
    8. Iwata promises to avoid Wii-style "gap in software" with 3DS
    9. Interplay slams "absurd" Bethesda legal claim over Fallout MMO
    10. The WSJ describes GT5 and Mass Effect 2 as having "existed under the surface of the hype"
    11. ONM: Pokémon Black & White out in Europe on March 4
    12. Wesley Snipes working on Julius Styles game from actual jail
    13. Flash review of Flash game redefines "awesome"
    14. Gamersfirst details APB-Reloaded beta entry instructions
    15. Sony lords 20-strong exclusive 2011 line-up on PS Blog
    16. E3 2011 registration opens, exhibitors confirmed
    17. Jacobson: "Still a lot of work to do" to get games industry properly recognised
    18. First-month WoW: Cataclysm sales hit 4.7 million
    19. Pachter: 360 outsold PS3 over 2-1 in the US last month
    20. Dude hacks Kinect to take photos, post them in Minecraft
    21. R.U.S.E.: The Chimera Pack DLC releasing on January 18
    22. Test Drive Unlimited 2 dev diary talks "love" ahead of Feb release
    23. New PS Phone video shows off Resident Evil 2
    24. First info on Telltale's Jurassic Park gets out: it's inspired by Heavy Rain
    25. LBP2 storyline trailer is go
    26. UK charts: FIFA 11 maintains top spot
    27. New Mortal Kombat trailer shows off Mileena
    28. Omek shows off gesture controls for PC at CES
    29. EA Partners to co-publish The Secret World, Funcom "leaving options open" on 360 version
    30. Nintendo World 2011 Day 3 conference report - Iwata appears at Nintendogs panel
    31. CES 2011 sees 10 percent attendance increase over 2010
    32. Nintendo UK launches 3DS portal, implores you to "see it"
    33. IGF Student Showcase winners announced
    34. Iwata: 3D image warning may prevent lawsuits
    35. PSP continues to dominate Japanese hardware charts
    36. Dawn of War II: Retribution gets Aussie release date
    37. Bloodline Champions axes VIP membership
    1. Iwata: 1.5 million 3DS units shipping this FY in Japan, 2.5 million elsewhere
    2. Dead or Alive: Dimensions' frame rate drops in 3D mode
    3. Fruit Ninja is the best-selling Windows Phone 7 game
    4. Interview: Halfbrick's Phil Larsen on Fruit Ninja and Windows Phone 7
    5. Hydra-exclusive Portal 2 gameplay filmed at CES, controller to get "level pack"
    6. Man hacks Kinect, plays CoD4, Zelda, DOOM
    7. Eye-controlled game shown at CES
    8. Jade & Goro confirmed for Mortal Kombat
    9. Orb Blu-Ray software coming to PS3
    10. DC Universe Online gets first TV Spot
    11. Beyond Good & Evil HD footage shown at CES
    12. Portal 2 to get Razer Hydra-specific stages
    13. PS Phone sized-up in new photos
    14. Nintendo World 2011 Day 2 conference report - movie overload, SF and RE 3DS detailed
    15. Saturday shorts - MLB11: The Show footage, Fable Coin Golf shakycam, more
    16. NCsoft details some of the changes coming to Aion with update 2.5
    1. Ramsdale: UK "tax credits have their place", supporters need to be more "pragmatic"
    2. Nintendo 3DS' tech origins started with GameCube
    3. WSJ source says Verizon will announce iPhone deal on Tuesday
    4. Videogame hardware and software weakest sales sector for Toys R Us during holiday 2010
    5. DotA 2: "We'd be pretty hard-pressed to improve" on the core gameplay of DotA, says Valve
    6. Torchlight CES demo shows the game running on Xbox 360
    7. Games industry hoping 3DS pulls market out of its year-long slump
    8. PixelJunk Shooter 2 CES demo shows first level, contains spoliers
    9. "The very first prototype of Bulletstorm was a third person shooter," says Jessen
    10. Famitsu dishes up new 3DS Zelda screens
    11. Challenges in Deus Ex: Human Revolution are "multi-path" and "multi-solution”
    12. Best Buy reports decline in holdiay software sales due to "decrease in gaming"
    13. Blizzard decribes the process of coming up with pets for WoW
    14. Direct-feed LBP2 gameplay videos show plenty
    15. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - details outed on combat, leveling, races, more
    16. Silent Hill 8 titled Downpour, first details revealed from Game Informer
    17. Nintendo World 2011 Day 1 conference report: Japanese 3DS launch line-up confirmed, battery life at 3-8 hours, more
    18. Bethesda clarifies Skyrim's enemy level-scaling feature
    19. EA's Riccitiello: "No question" that digital will overtake retail this year
    1. Sidhe: Shatter dev plans to eventually wean itself off third-party publishers
    2. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light DLC finally released on Steam
    3. Zenimax trademark applications suggest possible names for upcoming New Vegas DLC
    4. Amnesia: The Dark Descent moves 200K units since September
    5. Fling iPad controls "feel like the joysticks on a PSP"
    6. Enterbrain: Japanese games market shrunk 9% in 2010; Nintendo dominates the year
    7. inFamous 2 gameplay shot off-screen at CES
    8. 2K Sports enters into NBA 2K11 sponsorship agreement with ESPN
    9. Diablo III PvP gameplay shakycam shows hard action
    10. "We're going to be hard-pressed to be able to fulfill demand" for Kinect, says Microsoft
    11. Schaefer: Torchlight to cost 1200 MSP on XBL; DLC coming if it sells well
    12. Ballmer: Kinect to support PC in "formal way in the right time"
    13. Konami releases Winning Eleven 3DS trailer
    14. Report: 3DS to launch with 10 games
    15. Nintendo "exploring the option" of reprinting Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition for Wii
    16. Indie title Kentucky Route Zero has cats, robotic country singers, helpful eagles
    17. Frogster issues screenshots of Mythos stress test
    18. Dead Space: Downfall and Dead Space 2: Aftermath DVD and Blu-ray bundles coming soon
    19. Mac App Store downloads top one million first day of launch
    20. More Bulletpoints, this time with Cliff Bleszinski
    21. Recommended and minimum PC specs for Dragon Age II released
    22. Shafer "very confident about where things are going" with Stardock's Elemental
    23. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded gets new shots
    24. Gearbox: News on Duke dropping early February at the latest
    25. First MotorStorm: Apocalypse dev diary explains Festival Mode
    26. DC Universe Online alert trailer introduces the city of Bludhaven, new screens as well
    27. Razer unveils Onza Standard and Tournament Xbox 360 controllers
    28. First Dragon Age II DLC, The Exiled Prince, announced
    29. "iPad 2" shell casing spotted at CES
    30. GeoHot releases video of PS3 Firmware 3.5 running homebrew
    31. Guild Wars' bedroom beginnings detailed in video history
    32. Epic "still debating" over Gears 3 beta content
    33. NVIDIA shows off new 3D PC monitor at CES
    34. HMV lists Killzone 3 Helghast Edition for ?112.33
    35. Mad Catz details 3DS accessory line-up, announces new Wiimotes
    36. Report - DS biggest selling hardware in UK last year
    37. SSX: Deadly Descents detailed in new EGM
    38. Torchlight II to "probably" have 4-8-player co-op, "considerably more content", PvP
    39. Interview: Runic's Max Schaefer on Torchlight and Torchlight II
    40. Diablo II gets community multiplayer update
    41. Donkey Kong Country Returns art is amazing
    42. Two Worlds II gets small UK delay
    43. Necromachina renamed to Moon Diver, releasing this spring
    44. Iwata: "Pikmin is perfect for 3D"
    45. Analysts: 8 million-selling Kinect "a surprise to us all," "premature to say Move is beaten"
    46. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep cut-scenes get repolished for Final Mix
    47. Microsoft: Hulu Plus 360, Kinect Netflix aiming for spring release
    48. Game Informer's Elder Scrolls cover already translated
    49. Rock Band gets Linkin Park tracks next week
    50. Persona 2: Innocent Sin gets delay in Japan
    51. NOA boss talks competition from Apple, declining Wii sales, Nintendo's demographic
    52. PlayStation Phone blown wide open, fully previewed in China
    53. Mac App Store cracked on day one
    54. Steam offers banned Rockstar games on Australia portal
    55. Civilization for Facebook renamed "Civ World," entering alpha on Jan. 12
    56. Direct2Drive throws massive MMO sale
    57. Uncharted 3 extended debut trailer is old meets new meets more old
    58. Total War: Shogun 2 tech specs detailed
    59. LG "superphone" supports cross-platform multiplayer
    60. Portal 2 in the hands of Australians April 21
    61. Xbox Live update: Activision and EA sales, free Gold trial weekend
    62. Rock Band DLC gets a sale
    1. Red Dead Redemption patched
    2. Rock Band Mobile first multiplayer title on Verizon 4G GTE [Update]
    3. Modders' clamour sees Morrowind 2011 pulled
    4. Koei Tecmo releases 31 screens for Dynasty Warriors 7
    5. The Last Story online multiplayer detailed
    6. Fable III being shown running on PC at CES 2011
    7. LOTRO revenue has tripled since going free-to-play, says Turbine
    8. 2K Sports brings back $1M perfect game contest with MLB 2K11
    9. Writer's Guild of America VG Award nominees include AC: Brotherhood, God of War 3, New Vegas
    10. Spector disappointed by devs focusing more on "combat mechanics" than interactive storytelling
    11. Zarksoft Games announces Empire of the Eclipse MMO for iDevices
    12. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 videos show off Augusta and San Antonio courses
    13. Michael Jackson: The Experience moves 2 million units over the holidays
    14. Sony "looking into" hacks compromising security features on PS3
    15. Game Informer sequel is Silent Hill, Skyrim gets cover treatment
    16. Capcom CES: Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, MotoGP 10/11, Okamiden, Mega Man Legends 3 overload
    17. THQ announces collector's edition and race packs for Dawn of War II - Retribution
    18. Killzone 3 trailer highlights the game's storyline
    19. Razer announces a new mobile PC gaming concept design called Switchblade
    20. Mike Haggar and Phoenix confirmed for MvC3: Fate of Two Worlds
    21. Gameloft 3D titles to be accessible on Panasonic's 2011 line of VIERA HDTVs
    22. Newell calls PC format the "center of innovation" and is "excited" over its future
    23. Kirton makes Namco marketing director: "Our goal is still to be a top five publisher"
    24. GDC gets Thief 4 talk, more Battlefield 3 included
    25. GameStop reports over $3 billion in holiday sales thanks in part to Kinect
    26. MX vs ATV franchise ships over 10 million units lifetime
    27. Report: Mac App Store to launch at 5.00pm GMT today [Update]
    28. Square announces Tomb Raider Trilogy pack for March release
    29. Trion Worlds job listings suggest its SyFy MMO may hit Xbox 360
    30. World of Tanks hits another record with over 74K people playing on one server
    31. Newell: Intel's Sandy Bridge provides "console-like experience on the PC"
    32. Danger Close hiring for "unannounced AAA first person shooter title"
    33. Nyko details 2011 peripheral line-up at CES
    34. Fallen Earth's state of the game letter details upcoming new content
    35. PES 2011 confirmed and detailed for Windows 7
    36. Mytheon closed beta to relaunch later this month
    37. NCSoft West signs Channon as PR director
    38. Namco signs Yoostar 2 for Kinect and Move
    39. TurboGrafx-16 titles hitting US PSN next week
    40. Blue Toad dev Relentless going digital-only
    41. Runic confirms console Torchlight is a 360 exclusive, drops shots and info
    42. Ridge Racer 3DS gets new, speedy screens
    43. 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors restock on the way, says Aksys
    44. Nakatsuru and Yano confirmed for new Soul Calibur project
    45. Sega debunks 360 Shogun 2 GAME listing
    46. Okamiden demo gets select roll-out
    47. Report: Building OnLive direct into hardware "bypasses latency"
    48. New LBP2 trailer shows off Sackboy's adventures
    49. Jungle Green DualShock 3 launching in Japan on February 24
    50. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved gets new DLC
    51. Homefront to use THQ Pass
    52. Microsoft and Sony CES 2011 pressers - everything you need to know
    53. Microsoft CES keynote video and audio posted in entirety
    54. Monster Hunter PSP hardware bundles announced
    55. Custom Dissidia 012 PSP bundle shown off
    56. 'Uncensored' Fight Night: Champion story trailer
    57. Beyond Good & Evil HD, Torchlight join Xbox Live Arcade House Party
    58. Microsoft reveals Fable Coin Golf, Game Room for Windows Phone 7
    59. PlayStation Network users reach 60 million
    60. Xbox 360 breaks 50 million, 30 million now on XBL
    61. Avatar Kinect revealed, brings gesture to 360 chat
    62. Kinect worldwide sales at 8 million after only 60 days [Updated]
    63. Sony unveils prototype 3D headset
    64. Kaz Hirai nods and winks at PlayStation Phone rumours
    65. Watch the Sony CES 2011 Press Conference
    66. Unearthed Crystal Dynamics art suggests long shadow to new Tomb Raider
    1. Red Dead Redemption tops GameFly's most requested all-format chart in 2010
    2. EA Mobile expanding to Android
    3. Walker Digital suing Zynga and Activision over patent infringement
    4. EA and Visceral throw out a few more Dead Space 2 screenshots
    5. Xbox and Sky join forces for Got to Dance contest
    6. Pre-order Mass Effect 2 on PS3, get Terminus Armor and M-490
    7. Amazon's opening its very own Android AppStore
    8. Report: Kinect accused of causing RROD in older Xbox 360 models
    9. Toshiba shows off glasses-free 3DTVs at CES
    10. PlayStation Plus content announced for January and February
    11. THQ releases game schedule for the first part of 2011
    12. Chronicle Mode detailed for Dead or Alive: Dimensions in latest Famitsu
    13. Game Informer threatens RPS with legal action over Tomb Raider images
    14. MSI debuts mega gaming notebooks GT680 and GT780 at CES
    15. Black Ops most torrented game of 2010
    16. Beyond Good & Evil HD teaser trailer released
    17. Sony makes amends over Tales of Monkey Island PSN snafu
    18. Citibank study estimates App Store market will hit $2 billion by year's end
    19. You Don't Know Jack delayed into February
    20. Rumour: Raven working on Call of Duty-related project
    21. Gamers for Health program launched by ECA
    22. Camel 101 announces sci-fi RTS Gemini Wars
    23. Kinect hack #486 - The one that shows your ribs
    24. Rumour: Infinity Ward developing Ghost-based Call of Duty 4 prequel
    25. CES: Consumer electronics market to grow 10% in 2011 to $964 billion
    26. ilomilo released on XBLA
    27. Unannounced sequel to be announced in new Game Informer
    28. Global Agenda gets Friends with Benefits deal
    29. PSP go hacked, Kingdom Hearts shown running in videos
    30. Jeff Minter's latest game hits iOS
    31. Kaos: "We could do a Homefront London"
    32. EU PS Store update, January 5: Borderlands full-price, no Angry Birds
    33. Official GT5 wheel detailed further, out now for ?450/500
    34. Naruto 3DS title announced in Japan
    35. THQ takes Mattel rights, plans Pictionary game
    36. iPad 2 case spotted at CES, mock-up iPad 2 included
    37. Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle gets new screens
    38. EA announces massive list of online shutdowns
    39. Treyarch: Movement problems in Black Ops "now fixed"
    40. DC Universe Online beta to end with Battle of the Legends event
    41. Former Henry Hatsworth devs release first trailer of Monster Tale
    42. New Mega Man heroine named as Aero
    43. Disgaea 4 confirmed for Europe in 2011
    44. News on fan-made "Sonic 2 HD" coming soon
    45. Study: Mobile games ads up 1,000% in next five years
    46. Child's Play holding MAGFest festival auction
    47. Ubisoft not done with "always-on" DRM just yet
    48. Yakuza: Of The End features driveable forklift
    49. StarCraft II mod takes 6v6 combat into space
    50. Riccitiello: Motion controllers won't replace traditional controllers
    51. Kinect hacked to provide real-time motion capture solution
    52. Atlus announces first 3DS project, mostly leaves out the "3D" part
    53. Forerunner-based novel, Halo: Cryptum, now available
    54. Capcom ships 4 million units of Monster Hunter: Freedom 3 in Japan
    55. Moto Racer 3 lands on GOG
    56. Report - Custom Firmware now able to be installed on PS3s
    57. Atlus releases first Catherine gameplay footage
    58. HMV to close 60 stores after UK retail slump
    59. Shots show FFIV running on PSP
    60. US PS Store update, January 4: Angry Birds, Arc the Lad III released
    61. GameStop Spain lists 3DS release for April 7, French newspaper mentions March 19
    62. Ex-Infinity Ward staffers cry financial hardship in Activision battle
    63. BioWare offers Free preview of Mass Effect: Evolution comic
    64. Rift trailer taunts WoW as pre-orders begin
    65. MS details Kinect's "brain" ahead of CES keynote
    66. Author Dave Stern joins Stardock's Elemental team
    67. Second The Tester champion decided
    68. Ghost Mania trailer drops in
    69. Top 10 bestselling games on Amazon UK, US and Japan [Update]
    70. Games industry driving Texas job creation
    71. The Sims Medieval trailer and screens arrive
    72. Former IGN editor joins EEDAR
    73. God of War concept art shows radically different Kratos
    74. ESRB: Two Worlds II features bondage and buttocks
    75. Paradox to reveal seven unseen titles this month
    1. Conservative activist calls for bans on violent game sales to children
    2. Rumoured delay to Western TERA release
    3. Tropico 4 to feature 20 new buildings and possibly volcano theme parks
    4. Rock Band 3 Fender Squier Stratocaster now on pre-order
    5. Stardock hires Civ V's lead designer Jon Shafer to work on Elemental
    6. Heroes' Paradise screens show Travis Touchdown with his Beam Katana in hand
    7. Motion control debunked as fitness aid
    8. Rovio announces availability of Angry Birds via Intel AppUp center
    9. Dead Space on iDevices hits January 25, gets previewed
    10. Fight Night Champion to have revamped analog stick controls
    11. AMD finally releases Fusion line of combined CPU/GPU processors
    12. Minecraft nears 1 million sales
    13. OnLive discounted 33% through January 9, surround sound coming soon
    14. RIFT set to release on March 1, founders sub program unveiled
    15. Capcom blames Sony for lack of visible alternate SSFIV costumes on PS3
    16. Android and Apple gaining on Symbian smartphones in UK
    17. Valve "not schizophrenic" despite its release schedule being a bit sporadic
    18. New DC Universe Online vid shows off Gorilla Island "alert"
    19. Which? survey shows secondhand stores paying peanuts for trade-ins
    20. Shogun 2 UK pre-order incentives detailed
    21. PSP Phone shots show Xperia and PlayStation logos
    22. VAT increase pushes up game prices in UK
    23. EA announces Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 Collector’s Edition, access to The Masters, Tiger-less cover
    24. Eight-pack of Johnny Cash tracks hitting Rock Band 3 today
    25. Study: Brain MRI while gaming allows scientists to "map the ethereal concept of attention"
    26. Capcom's CES line-up revealed
    27. Third Homefront dev diary shows off consequences of war
    28. Boon: Kratos in MK 2011 will "look and feel" as fans expect
    29. Portal 2 packshots come out to play
    30. Dead Space 2 Excavations trailer catches up on plot
    31. Nintendo: DS and Wii hit 47 million and 34 million US milestones
    32. Firemint acquires Puzzle Quest dev
    33. First LBP2 reviews start coming in - Eurogamer goes with 9
    34. Sakurai: Keep 3DS steady whilst playing Kid Icarus: Uprising
    35. PopCap moves on WiiWare with Bejeweled 2
    36. UK games market in 2010 raked in ?2.8 billion
    37. OnLive to be "integrated" into VIZIO HDTVs, phones and Blu-ray player
    38. Report - Viacom sold Harmonix for $50
    39. Jim Wilson becomes new Atari CEO
    40. World of Tanks hits 1 million registrations
    41. Midway's canned Day to Night shown off in art form
    42. Disgaea 4 looking swish in new 6-minute trailer
    43. Lionhead: News on Fable III PC coming "hopefully soon"
    44. Ghost Trick gets Dr. McNinja comic crossover treatment
    45. Rumour - Microsoft set to announce Avatar Kinect at CES keynote
    46. Scientists measure water evaporation with Wiimote
    47. iPad gets suction-based analog stick solution
    48. Post-apoc MMO Xsyon launching March 1
    49. UK charts: FIFA 11 overthrows Black Ops from top spot
    50. Pokémon Black and White gets first English language trailer
    51. Edgar Wright "too scared" to own console for "10 years"
    52. Official GT5 racing wheel unboxed in epic ISR video
    53. Marvel vs Capcom 3 Achievements break cover
    54. Facebook takes new games boss from News Corp
    55. VG247 becomes first and only 24-hour UK-based videogames news site
    56. Toshiba unveils glasses-free 3D laptop, one-ups 3DS
    57. Renegade Kid in talks with publisher to bring existing game to 3DS
    58. Analysts predict imminent "second tier" announce for CoD multiplay
    59. Ubisoft removes constant connection requirement from controversial DRM
    60. More 3DS shots make their way online
    61. Virtual-On Force boasts import-ready English translation
    62. Microsoft streaming tomorrow's CES keynote
    63. Gamestop offers Poké-trio as launch downloads
    64. New Crysis 2 screens get shooty
    65. Killzone 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2 get bonuses at 7-11 Slurpee machines
    66. Latest Fight Night Champion trailer details Champion mode
    67. Koumajou Densetsu II released, is love letter to Castlevania
    68. Mario Sports Mix to reach Australia first
    69. Recettear passes 100,000 sales, Chantelise confirmed as dev's new project
    70. Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes destined for PSP
    71. Former Pandora COO takes up OnLive role
    72. SEGA staffer interview outs new sports title
    73. Enslaved art director tackles DmC
    74. Game Dev Story studio releases Waiwai! The Game Dealer
    75. Kinect used to play World of Warcraft
    76. APB Reloaded spurs overhaul of GamersFirst network
    1. Gamers poll more than $2 million for Child's Play's coffers in 2010
    2. 20 million Black Ops players log 600 million multiplayer hours
    3. Midway's canned Hero turns up on ex-staffer's site
    4. Castle Crashers hits 2 million players
    5. Morrowind 2011 mod finished, 4Gb hosting solution required [Update]
    6. New Tomb Raider reboot art shows a darker adventure
    7. 3DS video shows augmented reality, Mii creation
    8. LA Noire's latest shots are face-tastic
    9. Stacking gameplay movies signify flat-faced doll-based win
    10. Final Fantasy Type-0 domains registered
    11. Kinect creator announces hands-free PC controller for living rooms
    12. Latest Steam survey shows gradual XP decline
    13. RUSE PC played with Kinect, future mere moments away
    14. Bethesda demakes Fallout 3 as 8-bit JRPG
    15. Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair getting Symphony Of The Night DLC
    16. CityVille attracts largest ever Facebook audience
    17. IGF finalists announced, Minecraft and Amnesia big cheeses
    18. ESRB: Bulletstorm is about a "space pirate" and "mutant cannibals"
    19. Bowie's son "hugely jealous" of Raimi directing WoW movie, could be first "good" game film
    20. Bulletstorm clip has Epic president in a shower
    21. DICE: Battlefield 3 PC getting "special effort"
    22. Canabalt goes open source
    23. Dude steals 3DS from Chinese assembly line, uploads pictures and video to internet
    24. BioWare promises "cinematic" gameplay for The Old Republic
    25. MicroBot out now on XBLA, this week on PSN
    26. Raw Games: Portal comparisons welcome, but The Spire doesn't have any
    27. 2011 game release schedule promises vintage year
    28. Fabula Nova Crystallis conference renamed, delayed, to be streamed
    29. Angry Birds hits PS3, PSP this week
    30. Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection dated, priced for Japan
    31. Avatar gear headlines first Live Deal of the Week for 2011
    32. Path of Go is first 360 game to use F Sharp code
    33. Tales of Graces fan translators take on Tales of Vesperia
    34. Nintendo holding European, US 3DS events on January 19
    35. Battlefield 3 to drop support for Windows XP
    36. New tournament Galaga world record set
    37. Nintendo reiterates 3DS 3D warning for young children
    38. Hacker publishes PS3's root key as Fail0verflow claims complete PS3 crack
    39. PopCap to "look at" IPO in back-half 2011
    40. Japanese Software Charts Dec. 20 - Dec. 26: Monster Hunter reigns supreme (again)
    41. Video - Super Mario 64 beaten in five minutes
    42. Catherine demo on the way, says Atlus
    43. Unpublished Wii and DS Burnout outed by staffer
    44. Pokémon Black & White reportedly hits Europe on March 4
    45. Sega announces mysterious "projects" for Sonic and Puyo Puyo's birthdays
    46. NightSky PC release bumped to satisfy fans
    47. French Nintendo figures reveal love for red Wii
    48. Team Meat's next project likened to "the ginger between sushi entrees"
    49. Kotick: UK tax break u-turn was a "terrible mistake"
    50. Tsujimoto hints at 3DS Monster Hunter
    51. Operation Hastings unlocked for all BF: Bad Company 2 Platforms
    52. PS3's Tales of Xillia gets first trailer
    1. Bioshock: Rapture novel due in March
    2. Christmas break 2010 news round-up - Deus Ex delayed, new LA Noire footage, tons more
    3. Miyamoto: Zelda: Skyward Sword "over half complete"
    4. LittleBigPlanet 2 hitting UK on January 21
    5. First Black Ops map pack launching on February 1
    6. Final Fantasy XIV producer promises to "reboot" and "rebuild"
    7. EA Partners to publish Portal 2 at retail
    8. Resistance 3 gets VGA director's cut trailer
    9. Riccitiello: Battlefield 3 out in "second half" 2011
    10. Mass Effect 2 PS3 uses ME3 engine
    11. Mass Effect 2 to get more DLC, Cerberus Network on hiatus
    12. Dead Space 1 saves unlock original plasma cutter for sequel
    13. Blizzard confirms Titan codename for next MMO
    14. Gears of War Ultimate listed for February 15