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October 2010 Archive

    1. F1 2010 patch now available for PS3
    2. New 360 dashboard update out tomorrow
    3. Off-screen GT5 footage shows off Top Gear test track
    1. EA Store weekend sale: Mass Effect, BFBC2, Dead Space
    2. Rumor: Capcom teases Mike Haggar for MVC3: Fate of Two Worlds
    3. Latest Bulletstorm shots scream of awesome
    4. Japanese hardware charts – PSP catching up with DS for the year
    5. Fries: Japan was a bit negative over the original Xbox
    6. PSA: Final Weekend to pre-order Ghost of Sparta to get Ultimate DLC Bundle
    7. Kinect: There "won't be a correlation" between game reviews and sales, says Greenberg
    8. Minecraft has sold over 500K units, and over 6K in the last 24 hours
    9. Jace Hall Show has some exclusive F.E.A.R. 3 footage
    10. It's business as usual at Capcom despite Inafune's resignation
    11. Sony starts sending out invites for PlayStation Rewards beta
    12. Star Trek: Infinite Space is free and looks rather awesome
    13. SEGA reports 41% increase in revenue for first half of fiscal year
    14. Vatra releases a Silent Hill 8 developer video
    15. Shadows of the Damned video is short and creepy
    1. Pigsy’s Perfect 10 DLC shots for Enslaved released
    2. Yee: ESRB issuing game ratings is like a "fox guarding the henhouse"
    3. Check out this awesome LittleBigPlanet 2 Sackbot featurette trailer
    4. Latest Left 4 Dead 2 Mutation is Bleed Out Versus
    5. Rumor: 35 people laid-off at IO Interactive
    6. Sony will announce new PSP product when "timing is right" as new PS Phone shots emerge
    7. Dance Central recalled, new copies will make launch next week
    8. Garry's Mod moves over 770K units lifetime
    9. Jax is back in Mortal Kombat 2011 and badder than ever
    10. Isaac Clark wants to wish you a very Dead Space Halloween
    11. Preview - Lord of the Rings Online goes free-to-play in Europe next week
    12. Nintendo releases video preview of 3DS Shopping Channel
    13. Xbox Live members log more than 1 billion hours a month
    14. CD Projekt wants to put your face in The Witcher 2
    15. Check out this GAME unboxing video of Kinect
    16. Blur getting double XP this weekend
    17. Tokyo Jungle confirmed for Europe
    18. Gears of War 2 getting massive XP weekend
    19. 28th Annual Golden Joystick Awards done and dusted, here are your winners
    20. Ben Feder to step down as Take Two CEO from January 1
    21. Keiji Inafune to leave Capcom
    22. F.E.A.R. 3 gets bats**t scary ahead of Halloween Sunday
    23. Kinect the "the centerpiece of our strategy," says new Rare boss
    24. DC Universe Online video details Metropolis Police Station
    25. Castlevania: LoS PS3 gets patched, 360 update on the way
    26. Interview - WoW: Cataclysm's Alex Afrasiabi on console MMOs, Hero Classes, Cryptic's "mediocre" MMO comment, more
    27. "I think one day we could bring you another Demon's Souls," says SCEJ
    28. Overarching narrative, multiplayer modes planned for future Minecraft updates
    29. Kinect will sell more units than Wii at launch, says Greenberg
    30. Monday Night Combat gets free DLC, whole lotta fixing in new update
    31. Sony PS division records FH profit as PSP sales half in Q2
    32. 5th Cell announces Hybrid for Xbox Live Arcade - first trailer inside
    33. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix to release in Japan on January 20
    34. Original Splatterhouse coming to iPhone next month as console reboot goes gold
    35. MAG Escalation pack hits PSN next week
    36. Steam holding Halloween sale - Dead Space, RE5, BioShock, more
    37. Nintendo to hold 3-day 3DS public event in Japan next year
    1. Mission creator tool for Star Trek Online hitting beta next month
    2. Japanese software charts Oct. 18-24: Super Mario All-Stars for the win
    3. Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack ships to stores
    4. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective hitting US on January 11
    5. Microsoft posts $16.2 billion in revenue for Q1 FY11, Halo and 360 helped
    6. Check out an introductory video for Persona 2: Innocent Sin
    7. Hi-Rez Studios looking for Tribes Universe alpha testers
    8. John Carmack wants you to rock the vote next Tuesday in the US
    9. Cataclysm digital pre-sale now available on
    10. PSP2 is codenamed "Veta"
    11. Watch Ellen groove to Dance Central, sign up with her to win a Kinect
    12. Final beta test for Test Drive Unlimited 2 starts this weekend
    13. Deathsmiles getting early 2011 release in UK
    14. AskMen names Bobby Kotick one of the most Influential Men of 2010
    15. Rumor: PSP2 uses memory sticks and has around twice the RAM of Xbox 360
    16. Glasgow-based auction house to disperse Realtime Worlds office equipment
    17. James Bond 007: Blood Stone screens are 360-degress of cool
    18. Pigsy’s Perfect 10 DLC announced for Enslaved along with 3D
    19. Killzone 3 Helghast Edition and US pre-order bonuses detailed
    20. "PC will always be the place that drives innovation", says Levine
    21. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood goes gold - new trailer
    22. WoW lead designer chats about level caps, changes, and badges in Cataclysm
    23. Sly Collection confirmed for November 9 in US
    24. Bloody Good Time and Haunted House now up on XBL Marketplace
    25. Sony to release standalone 320GB PS3 at retail
    26. Angry Birds hits 10 million downloads
    27. Second annual Team Fortress 2 Halloween Special goes live
    28. Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition hitting US on December 12
    29. Meaty square-shaped hero shows up in Southend's Ilomilo
    30. Lightbox Interactive "won't rush" next PS3 title
    31. Way of the Samuari 4 goes PS3-exclusive
    32. SVW's Universal Monsters MMO announced
    33. Boom: Zenimax buys Tango and Shinji Mikami
    34. EU versions of Black Ops banned in Germany
    35. Bobby Kotick "very supportive of"
    36. RDR getting double XP weekend from tomorrow
    37. F.E.A.R. 3 gets March 22, 2011 release
    38. Kotani "willing to bet" Patapon 4 ideas are incoming
    39. Camping Mama gets trademarked
    40. Capcom six-month profits down 40%
    41. Black Ops multiplay maps listed in screengrab
    42. Sebastian Vettel drives Red Bull X1 in new GT5 video
    43. Borderlands level cap increases explained, up to 58 for all players
    44. Cut the Rope hits 2 million downloads
    45. AC: Brotherhood isn't a 12-month game, assures Ubi
    46. Interview - StarCraft II's Kaeo Milker on multiplayer cheating, Real ID, Activision, the E-sport stigma, tons more
    47. Nintendo posts first FH 6-month loss in 7 years, DS sales crater
    48. Ice Cube confirms Black Ops VO
    49. Dead Rising 2 ships 2 million units worldwide, series at 4 million mark
    50. New Tiesto music video made entirely from DJ Hero 2 footage
    51. Notch's Minecraft biome video points to lush future
    52. Scott Henson takes control of Rare
    53. Pachter: "Bitter" press won't let Black Ops beat MW2
    54. Study: Kinect to be "big game winner" this holiday season
    55. Metro 2033 is over a fiver in THQ Steam sale
    56. Black Ops to feature "Multiplayer Online Split-Screen Support"
    57. PSN to go down for maintenance today
    58. Report - 100 jobs cut at EA Canada, Black Box
    59. Left 4 Dead now available on Mac
    1. Irrational digs up Monster Island game pitch, we cry a little
    2. THQ: The last thing the industry needs now are new consoles
    3. Days of Thunder: Arcade hitting Xbox Live this winter
    4. Create works of art with indie FPS White
    5. Curve Studios releasing PSN-exclusive Explodemon this winter
    6. FIFA Manager 11 demo now available with limited options
    7. Get the Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition over on GoG for a tenner
    8. Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition now available
    9. PS Phone: Zeus is "right name," it's "based on PSP1"
    10. Game Developers list all-time favorite PS2 games
    11. Hollis: Nintendo needs to bring more attention to DSiWare and WiiWare offerings
    12. PlayStation Phone is "still real" and codenamed Zeus, says Engadget
    13. 2K: BioShock 2 DLC Minerva’s Den and Protector Trials hitting PC after all
    14. Exclusive early access to FIFA 11 Ultimate Team now available for returning players
    15. Nintendo details third-party offerings for your holiday shopping list
    16. Dragon Age II to feature Cerberus Network-style DLC pipe
    17. MOH getting Hot Zone mode on November 2
    18. Twisted Pixel has two games currently in development
    19. Torchlight gets a birthday, goes on sale for $10
    20. Majesty 2 expansion Battles of Ardania gets a date
    21. Sony unveils PlayStation Rewards loyalty program
    22. Buy Stardock's Elemental before Oct. 31, get two free expansion packs
    23. FCC mentions ZigBee and Bluetooth in OnLive MicroConsole report
    24. New Blizzard MMO can co-exist with WoW, says Morhaime
    25. PSA: Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition now available in US
    26. Activision was originally interested in Rare, says ex-Xbox chief
    27. Team Ninja's doing just fine post Itagaki, says Hayashi
    28. EU PS Store update, October 27 - Time Crisis, PES 2011, NFS: Hot Pursuit
    29. Angry Birds Halloween sees 1 million downloads on App Store in 6 days
    30. MercurySteam, Kojima Productions relationship on Castlevania: LoS was "quite tense"
    31. Nintendo last in Greenpeace report again
    32. Square will announce Parasite Eve classics for EU "at a time that is correct for the market"
    33. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare's first 20 minutes captured
    34. Ex-Street Fighter chap working on new Move title
    35. Plants vs Zombies DS trailer has a zombie unicorn
    36. Everything you ever wanted to know about the CA SCOTUS decision
    37. DC Universe Online features The Scarecrow, shots prove it
    38. Target holding 'Buy 2, Get 1 free' sale - DJ Hero 2, MW2, Fable III, Halo: Reach all involved
    39. Blizzard: Diablo III is "suited to consoles"
    40. Kinect: Gamespot posts 1-hour video of launch title play
    41. Diablo III PvP has a "Call of Duty-style progression," says Blizzard
    42. PSA: Shank, Deathspank now available on PC
    43. Interview - Diablo III's Jason Bender and Christian Lichtner talk Demon Hunters, PVP, Blizzard on consoles, tons more
    44. id adds new QuakeLive levels for paying subs
    45. First 20 minutes of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn videoed
    46. Civ V gets first major patch and DLC
    47. Tony Hawk: Shred US TV ad has a moving house
    48. SSFIV DLC packs unavailable to download from Live, MS looking into it
    49. Mobile games "worth $10 billion by 2014"
    50. Apple nearly bought Bungie, says former Bungie lead
    51. US PS Store, October 26 - Blacklight: Tango Down, NFS: Hot Pursuit, RDR: Undead Nightmare
    52. Persona 2: Innocent Sin detailed for PSP
    53. First "PSP phone" pictures, specs branded "fake"
    1. Microsoft launches new MSN Games Channel with Iain Lee podcast
    2. Mortal Kombat 2011 will appeal to casual and professional players alike, says Boon
    3. LEGO Universe goes live with neat launch trailer
    4. Get your WoW on before Cataclysm goes live, suggests Blizzard
    5. Finally - Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator lets you command your own Starship
    6. Takeyasu Sawaki sticking with "Japanese conventions" on El Shaddai
    7. Sorry, no Super Meat Boy 2 for you
    8. Android Market now has 100K apps available for users
    9. Koei issues a Dynasty Warriors 7 screenshot blowout
    10. No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise hitting PS3 and Move exclusively
    11. Trine going to Mac in November
    12. WoW kid vs Blizzard lore master at Blizzcon - kid wins
    13. GameFly drops Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mass Effect 2, FFXIII to sub-$20
    14. Industry "forever changed" by PS2, says Tretton
    15. New HD Dragon Age II trailer charts Rise to Power, rogue detailed
    16. Diablo III: Demon Hunter designed to be "really gnarly" contrast to Monk
    17. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood beta ends with promised tweaks to chat, kill cams, more
    18. Blacklight: Tango Down now available on PSN
    19. Zynga VP says games lacking "strong social component" in the future will seem "old fashioned"
    20. 3DS gameplay vids: Ocarina, Ridge Racer, Resi Evil, more
    21. Telltale handing out first episode of Back to the Future for free
    22. Alternate online pricing for StarCraft II announced for Southeast Asia
    23. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Cosmic DLC now live
    24. Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy gets assets overload
    25. Royal Quest studio: MMOs are the "future of games," genre "stagnated"
    26. PSA: Rock Band 3 now available in the US with three free Doors tracks
    27. Microsoft: There isn't a Kinect "mandate" for first-party developers, says Spencer
    28. NFS: Hot Pursuit cops trailer is full of red and blue lights
    29. RDR: Undead Nightmare disc SKU gets US and EU dates
    30. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom demo now available on XBL Marketplace
    31. F1 2010 patch now in certification
    32. Champions Online switching to free-to-play
    33. Catherine gets new screens, more adultness
    34. RDR Undead Nightmare now live, PS Plus subs get discount
    35. VidZone passes 500 million stream milestone
    36. Zynga valued higher than EA at $5.51 billion
    37. Mad Jobs called Ballmer over Bungie sale
    38. Interview - Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya on God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Wii development, piracy and more
    39. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo available now from Live
    40. Building or porting a Wii game "not something we would do again", says Ready at Dawn
    41. Kinect "is as core to" 360 "as Live is," says Spencer
    42. Pardo signals "shift" towards full game PC downloads
    43. Free Lara Croft: Guardian of Light DLC detailed
    44. 3D Dynasty Warriors 7 gets Japanese March release on PS3
    45. Microsoft: HD remakes not a priority unless they can "provide real value to the customer"
    46. Gamestop lists You Don't Know Jack as Kinect-compatible title
    47. Bilson: Cross-media releases make games "more exciting"
    48. DOOM gets pulled from XBLA, will be available again "soon"
    49. PS2 turns 10 in US today, European anniversary next month
    50. Fable III reviews go live - get all impressions rounded up
    51. Capcom, Square Enix, Rockstar to support new GFW reboot
    52. Survey: Japan wants Mario in 3D
    53. BioShock 2 DLC is this week's Live Deal of the Week
    54. Treyarch aims for player "connection" with Black Ops protagonist
    55. Nintendo has sold 65.3 million Wiimotes in the US
    56. Ignition cancels WarDevil after five years
    57. Take-Two moves year-end to March 31 over "seasonality"
    58. Ready at Dawn's next game to be like Uncharted, reveal coming "soon"
    59. John Lennon's Imagine heading for Rock Band 3
    60. Japanese retailer lists and details PS3 Castlevania, MGS4 bundle [Update]
    61. Sega "reasonably encouraged" by Vanquish sales
    1. Back to the Future details: PC/Mac in December
    2. Cowen slashes Q4 DJ Hero forecast by 60%
    3. Bad Company 2 PC patch on the way
    4. "Patch notes" hint APB could get Lazarus treatment
    5. God of War: Ghost of Sparta - reviews round-up
    6. Kinect will sell for a profit, says Mattrick
    7. Mental analyst guess fingers EA, Facebook as Apple targets
    8. NFS: Hot Pursuit demo releases tomorrow
    9. Fable III gets midnight launch in London, co-op footage
    10. God of War: Ghost of Sparta gets Redemption trailer
    11. SCEJ confirms global PSP go price-drop
    12. First Halo: Reach map pack gets trailered in HD
    13. Pardo: Valve trademarking DOTA "doesn’t seem the right thing to do"
    14. Blizzard open to sharing MMO "advice" with Bungie, says Pardo
    15. Insomniac: 2011 launch for Resistance 3 is "music to our ears"
    16. Rumour: PSP2 screen bigger than current model, more
    17. Zynga to open new office in Ireland
    18. Killzone 3 shots do the do ahead of multiplay beta
    19. Minecraft developer forms new company, bolsters against DOS attacks
    20. Homefront novel officially announced by THQ
    21. The Blizzcon 2010 round-up of death - Diablo III, WoW: Cataclysm, StarCraft II, more
    22. Square "currently not working" with Hitman VO despite sequel mention
    23. Reggie: Apple bigger threat than Microsoft
    24. Parasite Eve re-releases dated and priced
    25. UK charts: Fallout: New Vegas enters at number one as DJ Hero 2 misses out on top 20
    26. Ninja Theory hiring for "unannounced title"
    27. RDR: Undead Nightmare TV ad shows more undead stuff
    28. Hi-Rez Studios developing new Tribes title
    29. Interview - Bizarre Creations' Jeff Lewis and Emma Jackson on James Bond: Blood Stone
    30. Blizzcon: Diablo III demon hunter, PvP impressions round-up
    31. Blizzard still making "significant changes" to SCII story arc
    32. DLC for Bond: Blood Stone? "Stay tuned," says Bizarre
    33. Blizzard mentions fourth WoW expansion, will be "pretty f'ing awesome"
    34. Epic Mickey to have multiple endings
    35. New video shows Sonic Free Riders in motion
    36. Shaun White PS3 recalled in US
    37. Two Worlds II trailer is epic in scale
    1. Amazon lists Uncharted 3: World of Deceit [Update]
    2. Black Ops HD footage shows Gun Game
    3. Back to the Future video introduces Marty McFly
    4. First Heart of the Swarm concept art gets shown off
    5. Blizzard confirms Diablo III beta
    1. Diablo III - 20 minutes of awesome demon hunter, PvP footage
    2. Blizzard: "We'd happily put a game on console if it played well on console"
    3. Blizzard: Diablo III "way over half-way" done
    4. Free Front Mission Evolved DLC on the way next week
    5. Mafia II: Joe's Adventure releases on November 23
    6. SCII: Heart of the Swarm won't be ready until after 2011
    7. Blizzard DOTA to be a "larger" project than other mods, release "further out"
    8. Blizzard: "Waves and waves" of new StarCraft II features to come out before Heart of the Swarm
    1. Metzen on WoW movie: "We are going to do it right"
    2. New Blizzard MMO not likely to be announced until 2012, says Pardo
    3. BlizzCon 2010 Diablo panel: "97 billion builds per class," more about Demon Hunter
    4. Rockstar details RDR Undead Nightmare's Land Grab
    5. Sony announces new Ghost of Sparta pre-order incentive
    6. PvP battle arenas confirmed for Diablo III - first screens, video and info
    7. Final Diablo III class is the demon hunter - awesome new trailer inside
    8. Morhaime: WoW: Cataclysm to be downloadable
    9. Blizzard announces new StarCraft II custom mods
    10. Blizzcon 2010 starts today - opening ceremony is go
    11. Black Rock working on unannounced arcade racer
    12. Agent 47 VO outs "gob smacking" Hitman 5
    13. No demo planned for 007: Blood Stone, confirms Bizarre
    14. Platinum may extend Sega partnership
    15. EG gets Test Drive Unlimited 2 beta codes
    16. Activision confirms November 5 release date for 007: Blood Stone
    17. 1 million flags planted in Fable III: Kingmaker
    18. Prinny 2 trailer explains everything
    19. ChuChu Rocket gets iPhone trailer, makes us feel 500 years old
    20. Hoard gets November 2 PSN release, $15 price
    21. Killzone 3 gets high-quality beta footage
    22. Interplay boss: Fallout Online launch in 2012, beta date re-confirmed
    23. "Have faith" in The Witness, says Blow
    24. Shaun White Skateboarding trailer features rail-extending, terrain-morphing
    25. 1C's first MMO, Royal Quest, to release in "spring 2012"
    26. Mafia II: Joe's Adventures gets debut trailer
    27. NFS: Hot Pursuit trailer shows off Interceptors
    28. New Undergarden screens precede November 10 launch
    29. Atlus US pegs profitability on Demon's Souls
    30. Sega Master System turns 25
    31. Indie Games Festival draws nearly 400 entrants
    32. Bethesda turned down chance to buy rights to Fallout MMO, says Interplay
    33. Molyneux talks "great" games, explains why he's never made one
    34. Red Faction: Battlegrounds beta for PS Plus extended
    35. Farmville now available for iPad
    36. Rock Band 3 review round-up: third time's a charm
    37. Remedy stays mum on Alan Wake 2
    38. Interview - Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne looks back on Alan Wake and the DLC
    39. Super Meat Boy suffers from auto-save glitch, patch coming up
    40. Microsoft to reboot Games for Windows Marketplace next month
    41. Gorgeous Sonic fan project releases demo, is pretty much the best thing ever
    42. Blizzard "miscalculated" over Real ID forum furore
    43. Catherine to release on February 17
    44. BioShock: Infinite gets 4 new screens
    45. Move sells 1 million in NA, production upped to meet demand
    46. Bethesda updates on Fallout: New Vegas fixes
    1. TF2 contest winners rake in the cash
    2. ArenaNet: no decision yet made on GW2 DLC
    3. Analyst: Initial Move sales "OK...not spectacular"
    4. Ace Team hasn't forgotten about Zeno Clash 2
    5. Remedy on long Alan Wake dev time: "We did not think it was going to take this long to get right," said Myllyrinne
    6. Time Crisis: Razing Storm to launch November 3-5
    7. Another zombie movie: RDR's Undead DLC multiplayer
    8. Fable 3 to include free launch DLC
    9. DICE: Battlefield 3 needs "special attention" on PC
    10. Wedgwood on Splash Damage: AAA or bust
    11. Parasite Eve classics release confirmed by Nomura
    12. Limited edition Mario anniversary Wii, DSi XL coming to US
    13. NBA Jam HD to release worldwide on November 17
    14. Games news versus Price and Bleszinski - Why it's time for developers to man up
    15. Force Unleashed II PC specs revealed
    16. Epic Mickey video details the anatomy of animation
    17. GAME to hold midnight openings for Black Ops
    18. Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam to release for 1200 MS points-$14.99 - new trailer
    19. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn trailer has magic, monsters, exploring
    20. Facebook users play games for 927,000,000 hours per month
    21. Developers go mad for Miyamoto on Mario's 25th anniversary
    22. First 'official' US ad for Kinect appears online
    23. Fallout: New Vegas PC patch now live
    24. THQ Montreal press conference now online to watch
    1. Jaffe: US Supreme Court activism "pointless and naive"
    2. CoD: Black Ops multiplayer broken down
    3. Capcom: Dante changes needed for "visibility"
    4. Angry Birds gets crackling Halloween trailer
    5. Miner Wars trailer goes deep, has music
    6. Minecraft servers to link via portals, but "not soon"
    7. David Braben proposes six fixes for used game sales
    8. EA buyout of Angry Birds publisher a done deal
    9. Insomniac's Price challenges press: cover the big issues
    10. Xbox Live Silver to be renamed Xbox Live Free
    11. Killzone 3 Limited, Collector's Editions outed on official website, then pulled
    12. New Medal of Honor PC MP patch incoming, detailed
    13. Australian Classification Board outs "Marvel Pinball"
    14. Cook: Steam on Mac is "a great shot in the arm"
    15. NPD group tiptoes towards digital sales tracking
    16. US to get new PS2 Toy Story 3 bundle
    17. God of War Collection to get PSN release on November 3
    18. Fallout: New Vegas patches on the way, says Bethesda
    19. Blue Toad Murder Files coming to PC this November
    20. Professor Layton, Ace Attorney sales numbers revealed
    21. Latest RDR Undead Nightmare trailer features "weapons"
    22. Super Meat Boy out now, on sale
    23. Lara: Guardian of Light 360 co-op patch next week
    24. Halo: Reach top-selling US title in 2010 so far, says NPD
    25. Report: EA poised to buy Angry Birds publisher
    26. Blizzard releases minimum Cataclysm PC spec requirements
    27. Yamauchi hints at bikes DLC for Gran Turismo 5
    28. CDP degrades Witcher 2 console release to "potential"
    29. Studio Liverpool hiring for "a high profile, futuristic racing franchise"
    30. Fallout: New Vegas bugs swamp YouTube
    31. LOTRO EU F2P delay down to "contractual" issues, says Codemasters
    32. Source: MercurySteam Castlevania sequel plans are "advanced"
    33. Bilson: North Korea has been "really cooperative" in helping with Homefront story
    34. EU and US PSN updates, October 20 - Costume Quest is go
    35. THQ's Bilson hopes PSP2 will "invigorate" Sony's handheld offering
    36. Ad firm's "top four connected devices" include PS3, PSP - not 360
    37. Atomic Games' Breach to be shown in London next week
    38. "80% of gamers are actually willing to wear glasses" for 3D
    39. Next C&C from EALA, not Visceral
    40. Space Channel 5, Sega Bass Fishing coming to XBLA, PSN next year
    41. UAE media firm mentions "the third instalment in the Uncharted series"
    42. No plans for western Layton vs Ace Attorney release yet, says Capcom
    43. Section 8: Prejudice getting PC multiplayer beta later this fall
    44. The Force Unleashed II available for $40 on Microsoft Store
    45. Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy will have 4-10 new characters
    46. Medal of Honor raked in $100 million, says Riccitiello
    47. The 3rd Birthday slated for Q1 2011 in west
    48. Fist of the North Star 360 demo out now
    49. Australian R18+ debate: waiting on "silent majority"
    50. Valkyria Chronicles III demo detailed
    51. Bond: Blood Stone dev clip features cars and vehicles
    52. Romero linked to dubious Facebook app company
    53. MS's Spencer: Time not right for 3D, but glasses-free 3DS is cool
    54. MoH Clean Sweep DLC explained in trailer
    55. Civ V hitting Mac this year
    56. Oprah hands out Kinect units, audience goes beserk
    57. New Last Story trailer puts emphasis on the "story" part
    58. Full Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright trailer is the most implausible thing you'll ever see
    1. DJ Hero 2 reviews has us falling in love again
    2. Shogun 2 “not going out the door until the AI is perfect”
    3. 60% of ACII players haven't completed game: Ubi
    4. On sale in Nov: the Black Ops Jeep
    5. Bilson on Homefront: "I promise you it competes"
    6. The Witcher 2: "It seems a really natural move to go to DLC"
    7. THQ plans four hits per year following Montreal announcement
    8. FFVII's Tifa to return in Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy
    9. New RDR Undead Nightmare trailer: Marston vs zombies in a graveyard
    10. Medal of Honor sells 1.5 million units in first five days, new MP mode coming next month
    11. Super Meat Boy to launch at discount price, will rise in Nov
    12. Splinter Cell: Conviction, Borderlands coming to Games on Demand
    13. Vanquish reviews aren't ARS: get every score here
    14. Ubisoft Montreal on Désilets’s move: It's a "shocker"
    15. PC Gamer rubbishes FFXIV with 30% review score
    16. The Shoot releases in US today, demo on PSN later
    17. Time Travellers - first screens and character info get out
    18. Remedy seeks producer for "AAA project," lists 360 as only platform
    19. Direct2Drive publishes minimum Black Ops specs
    20. No one better at PS3 dev than "world-class" Insomniac, says Price
    21. This is what FIFA 11 looks like on PS2
    22. to get "massive facelift" tomorrow, includes Windows Phone 7 support
    23. Professor Layton-Ace Attorney crossover announced at Level-5 Vision
    24. Complete Level-5 Vision conference report: Time Travellers 3DS movie, Layton-Ace Attorney crossover, more
    25. Désilets issues open letter on THQ move, promises "next few games" with publisher
    26. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood sets Ubisoft pre-order record
    27. MMA heads for US launch, gets final HD trailer and shots
    28. SCEE admits "incomplete version" of RDR DLC released, offers fix
    29. Dead Rising 2 gets Sports Fan DLC today - HD video
    30. THQ announces Montreal studio, adds Patrice Désilets as head
    31. THQ extends UFC deal until 2018
    32. Guerrilla giving away 300 Killzone 3 codes to random Twitter users
    33. Two Football Manager 2011 demos coming this week
    34. Men of War: Vietnam HD trailer drops Hueys, jungle, napalm in the morning
    35. Two-headed cow murdered in new Fallout: New Vegas vid
    36. Fan-made Mother 4 in development
    37. Demon's Souls finished in under an hour - video
    38. Report - Brazilian court seeks worldwide sales ban on GTA: Episodes from Liberty City
    39. EverQuest II braces for November server-merge
    40. THQ signs multi-year agreement for more Spongebob games, Kinect and 3DS titles on the way
    41. id's Willits: Zenimax saved the day with RAGE
    42. Foundation 9 CEO: 30 Percent of 360 owners buy XBLA Games
    43. ESRB rates Twisted Metal for PS1 Classics
    44. Capcom discusses Dino Crisis and Onimusha, but no revivals without "incredible" idea
    45. Android Angry Birds breaks 2 million downloads in 2 days
    46. Catherine intro movie features pants, pizza, a sink
    47. Trine 2 hitting PC, 360 and PS3 next year - new trailer
    48. Fallout: New Vegas reviews go for broke: round-up
    49. Rockstar's Dan Houser spills on RDR zombies
    50. EA's NBA Live 10 to be updated Oct 20th
    51. Blizzard to offer "limited" free streams from Blizzcon this week
    1. Mortal Kombat: Scorpion's tale revealed
    2. Halo: Reach level cap to be raised
    3. Farmville accused of data mining
    4. Civ V Mongol and Babylonian DLC launching next week
    5. Halo: Reach terror stat update: 16,445 "man-years" wasted so far
    6. UK PC charts: 5% of MOH sales takes Civ V down a peg
    7. New Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood trailer shows nemesis
    8. The first few hours of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - hands-on impressions
    9. Take-Two CEO: Digital distribution won't kill game boxes
    10. Mayhem racer coming from ExciteBike 64 dev, says ratings boards
    11. FF Versus XIII PS3 exclusivity questioned again after job ad
    12. Blizzcon 2010 ready for Friday kick-off, Justin and Nathan ready for liveblog action
    13. MS shows how Halo: Reach's Deliver Hope short was made
    14. Bethesda announces 360-exclusive New Vegas DLC
    15. Steam passes 30 million user mark
    16. Kinect to launch in US with 17 games, 19 titles planned for EU launch
    17. Rumour - Leaked Black Ops videos show intro, zombies
    18. Wii Netflix channel now available
    19. Visceral making C&C game
    20. MS to spend $500 million on Kinect marketing
    21. NES turns 25 in US today
    22. FFXIII focus feedback came "too late," devs admit
    23. MGS, PES, Contra and Frogger 3DS all confirmed for Europe
    24. Kojima's next project exists in a "beautiful world"
    25. Yakuza: Of The End gets giant gameplay trailer in HD
    26. Blacklight: Tango Down hits PS3 next week
    27. Special Mario DSi XL rumoured for US launch
    28. Kirby's Epic Yarn gets massive co-op video
    29. Bungie launches Halo: Reach campaign matchmaking
    30. Konami dates Kinect's DanceEvolution, confirms two launch games
    31. UK charts: Medal of Honor gets top spot
    32. Dawn of War 2: Retribution gets Tyranids
    33. Platinum disputes four-hour Vanquish claim amid pre-launch price-cutting
    34. AC: Brotherhood PS3 will be the same as 360 version, says Ubi Montreal
    35. No 60-player multiplayer in Resistance 3, confirms Insomniac
    36. Gamestop lists Dead Space 2 CE at $80
    37. Official: Krome Studios closes down
    38. WoW: Cataclysm intro cinematic features one fiery dragon
    1. New Last Guardian footage pops up in Ueda Japanese TV segment
    2. Warner re-confirms Arkham City for "autumn 2011" despite retail listings
    3. Black Ops footage shows 7-minute deathmatch
    4. Resistance 3 the last in the series? "I don't think so," says Insomniac
    5. Molyneux: Fable not limited to trilogy
    6. New Black Ops footage shows sniper
    7. Fallout Hardcode mode offers "special reward"
    1. Go behind-the-scenes in this GoldenEye 007 video
    2. Sixth Fallout: New Vegas dev diary highlights familiar voices
    3. Japanese hardware charts - PSP catching up with DS for the year
    4. Gearbox allows fan made Duke Nukem 3D revamp to be made with UR3
    5. Namco Europe working on Salior Moon game for 20th anniversary
    6. Warriors of Rock moves 86K copies in first five days
    7. Amazon Germay listing has Fable III on PC hitting March 1
    8. Uncharted 2 gets a one year multiplayer anniversary event
    9. You may now sit down while using Kinect if you wish
    10. Bulletstorm's depth proves it's not a typical shooter, says People Can Fly
    11. Rebellion games on sale through GoG
    12. PS3 requires Jailbreak firmware update to play Medal of Honor
    13. Blizzard files suit against alleged StarCraft II hackers
    14. Age of Empires Online goes into closed beta
    15. Valve releases Steam beta to test new recommendation settings
    16. Dark Void developer hiring for triple-A title
    17. Ace Team's Rock of Ages trailer is rather awesome
    18. FFXIV's free trial period extended by a month due to "current state of the game"
    1. RDR:Undead Nightmare features the Four Horses of the Apocalypse
    2. Moore: FIFA franchise will eventually evolve into a disc-less franchise
    3. Fable II is free on Xbox Live no longer
    4. NPD September 2010: Xbox 360 tops hardware, Reach moves 3.3M
    5. Microsoft expanding XBL and GFWL into nine other countries this fall
    6. Wii Remote Plus hitting Europe November 5
    7. Tim Schafer talks Cotsume Quest in new video, likes new studio format
    8. NPD: Non-traditional game sales rake in billions during first half of 2010
    9. Valve: No plans for Steam trade-in system
    10. Next week on Rock Band: STP and Jimmy Eat World
    11. Brotherhood: Harlequin and Officer revealed in multiplayer trailers
    12. Large Civilization V patch in the works
    13. Medal of Honor launches in UK - Frontline trailer released by EA
    14. Rumour - Game Room developer Krome Studios to close next week
    15. GT5 gets post-delay trailer, screens and info
    16. Dead Space 2, NFS: Hot Pursuit coming to iPhone
    17. New 360 bundle gets downloadable Alan Wake
    18. Langdell gets IGDA membership revoked due to "lack of integrity or unethical behavior"
    19. Suda 51 teasing news for tomorrow
    20. PSA: Lost Planet 2 PC available today
    21. Quake Arena Arcade gets new gameplay footage
    22. StarCraft II gets another update
    23. Medal of Honor gets PC multiplayer patch as game launches in UK
    24. GT5 delay will be a "short one," says SCEE
    1. SCEE expects "very, very strong" holiday sales in Europe, Move shifts 1.5M units
    2. Armada of the Damned canceled, lay-offs hit Propaganda
    3. Fearless Studios formed by ex-LucasArts execs
    4. GMA Legend Award goes to PC Zone - Pat's speech
    5. GMA 2010 liveblog over - catch up on winners, happenings here
    6. RDR: Undead Nightmare and other DLC to be released via stand-alone disc
    7. NBA Jam on disc coming "in time for the holidays"
    8. February gets a date with The Conduit 2
    9. Xbox Live update allows you to have 1,000 friends [Update]
    10. Dragon Age II limited BioWare Signature Edition announced
    11. RDR: Undead Nightmare hitting October 26
    12. Fifth Fallout: New Vegas dev diary talks about The Strip
    13. SCEA on Gran Turismo 5 delay: "We thought we had a good date"
    14. New F.E.A.R. 3 Assets and info acquaint you with the Mechs
    15. Netflix on PS3 goes disc-free next week
    16. First Halo: Reach map pack, Noble Map Pack, launching on November 30 for 800 MSP
    17. Championship Manager 2011 out now on App Store
    18. Gears 2 lands on Games on Demand
    19. Dance Central gets new trailer, tracklist
    20. Konami planning Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PS3 patch
    21. Test Drive Unlimited 2 gets Ferrari trailer
    22. Criterion explains Autolog in NFS: Hot Pursuit
    23. Harvest Moon, Little King's Story creators jump ship to Grasshopper
    24. First day Medal of Honor US sales are "great," says EA
    25. Yamauchi explains GT5 delay, chalks it up to "ironing out kinks"
    1. DJ Hero 2 getting two DLC packs in November
    2. Pachter reckons Valve will eventually accept game trade-ins on Steam
    3. SEGA feels it brought "too many Sonic games to market too quickly"
    4. Japanese software charts, Oct. 4-10 - Pokemon train keeps on rollin'
    5. Crysis 2 XBL beta invites being sent out
    6. Fable III's axed Kinect mini-games had tomato tossing, statue creation
    7. Valve/IceFrog collaboration announced as DotA2
    8. Rockstar puts out another Undead Nightmare trailer and more screens
    9. Rumor: EA lay-offs coming in November, $300M spent on SWTOR
    10. Nathan Fillion wants your help landing lead in Uncharted film
    11. Gran Turismo 5 delayed in Europe, Japan and the US, new date to be announced by the "end of the month"
    12. PS3 surround sound system hitting US retail next week
    13. Ghost of Sparta shots show Atlantis, volcano, death and killin'
    14. Rock Band 3 getting The Doors DLC at launch
    15. Euro PSN update, Oct. 13 - Split/Second, WRC, Moto GP 10 DLC, Ghost of Sparta demo
    16. US PSN update, Oct. 12 - Dead Space: Ignition, Arc the Lad, Dead Rising 2
    17. Saints Row Twitter hints at "something special" tomorrow
    18. Sonic 4 releases today on EU PSN and XBLA - watch the launch trailer
    19. New Sonic coming next year, says Sega
    20. Fable III US TV ad features a revolution
    21. Sony officially confirms LOVEFiLM PS3 partnership
    22. Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club available to normal Borderlands owners on Steam
    23. Yakuza of The End screens feature guns, zombies, apocalypse
    24. Split/Second PSP releasing in US on November 16
    25. Rumour: Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition leaked by Amazon
    26. Report - 30-60 people laid off at Tony Hawk studio Robomodo
    27. Latest GI issue unleashes tons of new Resistance 3 details
    28. New Homefront multiplayer shots show men, shooting
    29. Crazy Taxi re-releasing on November 24
    30. EA stock dips on lower-than-expected Medal of Honor scores, EA responds
    1. Rumor: PSP go price drop hitting US on October 15
    2. Course maker video for GT5 released
    3. Rumor: Rockstar San Diego working on "mind blowing" new project
    4. EVE Online getting new retail SKU just for beginners
    5. Visceral: Dante's Inferno sequel is a decision for higher-ups
    6. Kinect: Sold out at GAME, Amazon UK no longer taking pre-orders
    7. Rumor: Sonic Anniversary game coming to coincide with the Hedgehog's 20th
    8. hits one million unique users a month
    9. Treyarch: Black Ops is "a true PC title", "never wavered" on dedicated servers
    10. Pitchford: Colonial Marines was "announced too soon"
    11. Fable III artwork shows fashion challenged prostitutes
    12. Europe's PS Plus update gives free Fallout 3 DLC, KZ3 beta update
    13. Guitar Hero Rocktober: Let's do the time warp again
    14. NPD cans monthly hardware sales: "It shouldn't be up to NPD to release these figures," says Riley
    15. Survey: 80% of Japanese consumers think 3DS is expensive
    16. More WoW: Cataclysm beta codes being handed out
    17. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Facebook game now live
    18. WoW patch 401 goes live today, Cataclysm collector's edition DVD detailed
    19. Mortal Kombat's website countdown ends, goes live
    20. Medal of Honor reviews are go, Eurogamer gives 8/10
    21. THQ details WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 DLC program
    22. ngmoco bought by Japanese social games firm for $400 million
    23. HD Gun Loco trailer goes Nuts, gets sexually frustrated
    24. Alan Wake: The Writer now available on Live
    25. Venus Williams to promote EA Sports Active 2 in US
    26. Inafune hates his job, wants to "retire early"
    27. MoH: Taliban name change imposes "nationalism on entertainment," says US Marine
    28. Play Medal of Honor before you judge us, says Danger Close
    29. Fable III soundtrack releasing on October 26
    30. Medal of Honor hits the US - launch trailer released
    31. Force Unleashed II demo available now from Marketplace
    32. Game Informer shows off new Resistance 3 art
    33. Xs for eyes: EA officially cancels Steven Spielberg's Project LMNO
    34. MoH PC to have two exes, will need "constantly stabilizing"
    35. New Black Ops story trailer refuses to hand you a medal of honor
    1. GDC Online sees 3,000 attendees
    2. Mass Effect 2 DLC gets Live Deal of the Week treatment
    3. Report - 20-40 people laid off at Raven Software
    4. EG giving away WoW: Cataclysm beta codes
    5. Limbo devs working on new IP
    6. Tenacious D to close out Blizzcon 2010
    7. Windows Phone 7 to launch on October 21 in Europe, EA announces support with The Sims and more
    8. Arkham City gets hot new screens
    9. Dead Space: Ignition free with pre-orders of Dead Space 2
    10. MercurySteam mentions "second" Castlevania: LoS game on Spanish radio [Update]
    11. Butler gets more Move action
    12. Black Ops DS dev "down, but not out"
    13. Ex-sound creator "certain" Suzuki "wanted" Shenmue on "PS3 or Xbox"
    14. Guerrilla Games: Game budgets to continue rising
    15. UK charts: FIFA 11 keeps PES 2011 off number one, Enslaved and Castlevania enter top ten
    16. 25th anniversary Mario Wii, DSi confirmed for Europe
    17. Hands-on preview: Duke Nukem Forever brings it in London
    18. Heroes on the Move renamed PlayStation Move Heroes
    19. Would Harmonix like to revisit Frequency and Amplitude? "Yes", says Rigopulos
    20. LOVEFiLM coming to PS3 next month
    1. New Black Ops story trailer coming tomorrow, teaser hits internet
    1. Patent application for Wii Vitality Sensor shows the device can recognize breathing patterns
    2. More Sly Cooper Collection shots emerge
    3. Achievements earned in Guild Wars to carry over into Guild Wars 2
    4. Harmonix: There's still plenty of things to do with the Rock Band franchise
    5. Sony releases DC Universe Online NY Comic Con trailer
    6. Pitchford: Duke Nukem Forever is "not a nostalgia game at all"
    7. Campaign matchmaking coming to Halo: Reach October 19
    8. JAW shows how it's updating Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath in new dev diary
    9. SEGA releases 23 Vanquish shots, weapons trailer
    10. GOG puts classic Atari titles on sale
    11. David O. Russell back on board with Uncharted film
    12. Konami's classic X-Men arcade hitting PSN and XBL
    13. God of War: Ghost of Sparta – Legionnaire Kratos video
    14. Microsoft lists improvements and additions included with Xbox 360 dashboard updates
    15. Jimi Hendrix tracks for Rock Band 2 listed, priced
    16. Bleszinski: Dedicated servers will give Gears 3 players a "level playing field"
    17. PC to miss out on BioShock 2 DLC Minerva's Den and Protector's Trials
    18. Top Cow clearing up rights issues for The Darkness 2
    19. THQ to announce another "big-game maker" on October 19
    20. Homefront to get multiplayer demo, confirms THQ's Bilson
    21. Interview part two - THQ's Bilson on Guillermo del Toro, diversity of talent, the future of UFC Undisputed, tons more
    22. MvC 3: Sir Arthur, Spencer, Magneto and M.O.D.O.K announced, screens and trailer
    1. CD Projekt founders Iwinski and Kicinski resign from respective positions
    2. Captain America: Super Soldier trailer shows our hero kicking some ass
    3. Report: Microsoft to close its in-game advert unit Massive Inc.
    4. Report: IPTV functionality coming to Xbox 360 November 7
    5. LBP2: Second phase of US beta starts next week, Bounce Pad video released
    6. New Splatterhouse screens sure are bloody
    7. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood dev diary is all about Ezio's nemesis
    8. Witcher 2 gets previewed, screened, sounds awesome
    9. Will Wright's Bar Karma to debut on Current TV
    10. Killing Floor gets a sale, free expansion and DLC on Steam
    11. Black Ops pre-orders surpassing those for Modern Warfare 2 at GameStop
    12. PES 11 getting free DLC on October 12
    13. Alan Wake: The Writer gets new screens and trailer ahead of release next week
    14. NPD: Games as gift demand will be down 5% this holiday
    15. Watch Starkiller let loose on Vader in this Force Unleashed II launch trailer
    16. Enslaved launches today - watch the launch trailer in HD
    17. Direct-feed TGS Agito, Versus XIII clip now available
    18. Report - Langdell set to lose Edge trademarks
    19. Japanese hardware sales - DS Poke-rush drops off
    20. Dead Nation gets online co-op
    21. David Perry: Gaikai already feature complete, will be out of beta in "mid-December"
    22. THQ working on "really expensive" Move, Kinect title, coming by "the end of March"
    23. We know where Homefront 2 goes, says THQ's Bilson
    24. Interview - Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades answers your questions on Enslaved
    25. Interview part one - THQ Core boss Danny Bilson on Move/Kinect, creativity, MOH controversy, tons more
    26. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood MP beta now open for all US PS Plus subs
    27. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm at least 18 months away, says Blizzard
    1. PEGI and ESRB may end up having an issue with Duke Nukem Forever
    2. Report: Director Sam Raimi decides to start work on Disney film first instead of WoW flick
    3. Silicon Knights working on X-Men: Destiny, teaser trailer released
    4. Full Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy trailer from TGS released
    5. High Voltage "taking measures" to "preemptively thwart" hackers and cheaters in The Conduit 2
    6. Bon Jovi Greatest Hits collection getting DLC treatment in Rock Band 3
    7. inXile looking into split-screen co-op for Hunted: The Demon's Forge
    8. Origins trailer for Ghost of Sparta released, mentions Deimos skin
    9. Kaufman: Hunted is all about fantasy-based fast-action
    10. TimeSplitters 4 concept art surfaces
    11. Gearbox working with retailers on old pre-orders for Duke Nukem Forever
    12. Wired chronicles the "inside story" of Kinect from birth to impending release
    13. Rockstar releases more Undead Nightmare screens for Red Dead Redemption
    14. Killzone 3 gets multiplayer beta on October 25, new trailer
    15. Fourth Fallout: New Vegas dev diary details faction relations
    16. Dead Rising 2 outfit pack DLC hitting PC, date to be announced
    17. id Software: RAGE multiplayer will be different from DOOM and "what people expect"
    18. Wacky Japanese Kinect ad gets wacky
    19. Gears of War 3 multiplayer reveal - all the previews rounded up
    20. Gearbox estimates original Duke Nukem Forever developer lost $20-$30 million on the title
    21. Sony to stop distributing current PSP development kits in November
    22. World of Warcraft hits 12 million subs
    23. Gears of War 3 to get multiplayer beta next year along with dedicated servers
    24. Tesco selling PES 2011 for ?30
    25. Goldeneye gets new dev diary
    26. Rebooting Devil May Cry was a "no brainer," says Ninja Theory
    27. Nintendo releasing Wiimote Plus on November 11 in Japan
    28. Super Mario Collection getting EU release on December 3
    29. Nintendo releasing Pokemon Black & White DSi in Japan
    30. Average Sonic titles de-listed, says Sega
    31. Nintendo releasing 25th anniversary Mario-branded Wii
    32. Rumor: DreamWorks attempting to resurrect Halo movie, using novels as source material
    33. Battlefield Bad Company 2 iPhone-bound
    34. Shenmue Town announced for Japan
    35. Gears of War 3 multiplayer reveal coming later today
    1. Resistance 3 is next Game Informer cover
    2. SEGA releases first screens for Captain America: Super Soldier
    3. Ubisoft: Just Dance sells 4.3 million copies worldwide, Katy Perry DLC coming to Just Dance 2
    4. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded hitting Europe and North America in January
    5. Ubisoft confident shoppers will like its Kinect offerings this holiday
    6. SOE: Free Realms hitting Mac before PS3
    7. The Force Unleashed III not canned, still being "figured out"
    8. DJ Hero 2 pre-order bonuses announced, Europe gets original game included
    9. Coming soon to PS Plus: Bloons, Burn Zombie Burn, Abe’s Oddysee
    10. inFamous 2 cut-scene video from Eurogamer Expo gets released
    11. Yakuza 4 will see fewer cuts than Yakuza 3, says SEGA
    12. Check out the first 15 minutes of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    13. Zipper Interactive releases dev diary showing how Move works with MAG
    14. DeathSpank hitting PC this month, coming to Mac soon
    15. Levine: The industry has too many people "jumping into deals with some big movie director"
    16. Rumor: Bungie teases a "world that is always there for you" during GDC Online
    17. Euro PSN update, Oct. 6 - Ferrari: The Race Challenge, Phantasy Star Portable 2, MW2 sale
    18. Brink is "definitely a shooter at its heart", says Splash Damage boss
    19. US PSN update, Oct. 5 - Castlevania LoS demo, Alien Breed: Impact, MW2
    20. Dead Rising 2: Psycho, Ninja, Sports, Soldier DLC coming soon
    21. Homefront – multiplayer preview and developer interview with Kaos Studios
    22. Gears of War 2 coming to GoD next week
    23. Bizarre, Codemasters, Disney all confirmed for Develop Liverpool
    24. Criterion interested in making more Burnout, Need for Speed
    25. Castlevania: LoS Collector's Edition "not cancelled," says Konami
    26. Watch a girl with a siren on her head flip a car in GT5
    27. Ninja Theory would "definitely like to work" with Alex Garland again
    28. Guillermo del Toro: Games are art, more info on THQ game coming in two weeks
    29. Valkyria Chronicles 3 demo out next month
    30. Sonic 4 iPhone trailer has hedgehogs, will travel
    31. Platinum working on "big multiplayer title"
    32. Jack Thompson on Medal of Honor: gamers can "go to Hell"
    33. Military stores continue to oppose MOH, force it out of stores even after Taliban removal
    1. Dragon Age 2 will include more Fade, an importable world, and the Morrigan effect
    2. The Force Unleashed 2 demo hits PSN and XBL next week
    3. PSA: Valve discounts L4D and L4D2 with release of The Sacrifice DLC
    4. Study: 63% of console owners think a firmware update enables 3D in the home
    5. PSA: Modern Warfare 2 DLC gets discounted on Steam
    6. SEGA announces Captain America: Super Soldier for just about everything
    7. Blizzard reveals schedule of events for BlizzCon 2010
    8. Ballmer excited over Kinect, calls it the "next generation" of Xbox 360
    9. Ubisoft announces Prince of Persia HD collection for PS3
    10. Duke Nukem Forever demo key included with Borderlands GOTY purchase
    11. Coming soon to XBL Marketplace - Mass Effect and BFBC DLC sale, Fable III Avatar goodies, Dead Space
    12. Hunting and Trading Outfits pack for RDR coming, more Undead Nightmare screens released
    13. Dave Jones squelches rumor he's leaving Dundee for Epic Games
    14. Epic Mickey video goes behind the scenes with Warren Spector
    15. Rock Band to reach 2,000 milestone with the release of Are You Experienced? next week
    16. Capcom lowers financial forecast due to Lost Planet 2 sales and Dead Rising 2 delay
    17. Report - Just Cause film rights picked up by L+E pictures
    18. Eyes-on in LA - Call of Duty: Black Ops goes 3D in all formats
    19. Entire Kinect manual photographed - play distances, power details, more
    20. Heavenly Sword 2 could have seen Nariko playable in Hell, says Ninja Theory
    21. Media Molecule's Evans: LBP2 delayed because not all PS3s are connected
    22. Source: PSP2 to release Holiday 2011
    23. Tales of Graces F PS3 demo launching on Thursday
    24. Report - EA wins courtcase over "Edge" trademark
    25. Dead Rising taking a bite out of iPhones later this year
    26. FIFA 11 sells 2.6 million units in opening weekend, Ultimate Team coming next month for free
    27. OnLive gives boot to subscription fees
    28. GTA IV gets "Complete Edition" treatment later this month
    29. Panasonic announces new handheld console: Jungle
    1. Double Fine's Costume Quest launching on October 20
    2. DC Universe Online delayed until early 2011
    3. Ubisoft, Aardman team up for Rabbids pilot
    4. Eurogamer Expo 2010 sees 20,000 attendees
    5. Castlevania: LoS 360 demo goes live
    6. EG Expo 2010 - AC: Brotherhood gets MP footage as beta opens to all
    7. Win the chance to play Duke Nukem Forever in London this Thursday! [Update]
    8. WoW: Cataclysm confirmed for December 7
    9. NfS: Hot Pursuit uncovered in another awesome trailer
    10. Bayonetta 2 will come "when the time is right," says Platinum
    11. PS3 becoming less dominant as Blu-ray player
    12. A third of UK homes own a Wii, says Nintendo
    13. Medal of Honor PC MP beta is live
    14. UK charts: FIFA 11 becomes third biggest British launch ever
    15. FFXIII's Toriyama: "I'd like to make a story where Lightning ends up happy"
    16. Bethesda reveals Fallout: New Vegas PC specs
    17. Willits: RAGE DLC coming "soon after launch"
    18. NASCAR 2011 gets first trailer
    19. Level 5's "Vision" event dated for October 19, promises four unannounced projects
    20. inFamous 2 turns Cole from “superhero” into “demigod”
    21. EA Sports "trying to throw it all in" for NBA Jam HD
    22. Fallout 3 DLC goes half-price in this week's Live Deal of the Week
    1. Antoniades: Enslaved 2 would be possible, despite Devil May Cry
    2. Codemasters responds to F1 issues
    3. Live Duke Nukem demo footage arrives, shows urinal
    4. Tim Schafer to receive lifetime achievement award
    1. ArmA's development firm acquires three new studios
    2. Japanese hardware sales: DSi and DSi LL SKUs take first and third for the week
    3. The Marvel vs Capcom 3 roster so far - only two left to go this round
    4. Check out the gameplay in new PES 2011 video
    5. Guerrilla says Killzone 3 will have more variety than Killzone 2
    6. Tony Hawk: Shred gets a date and a website
    7. Vanquish trailer shows loads of massive enemies
    8. Ubisoft releases a mission trailer for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    9. LittleBigPlanet 2 to ship with multi-level Move demo
    10. Japanese software charts Sept. 20-26 - Pokemon Black / White trumps all
    11. Just Cause 2 infographic shows some amazing player statistics
    12. "Our community has been really understanding" over LBP2 delay, says Media Molecule
    13. Capcom expects MvC3 to outsell Street Fighter IV due to familiar Marvel characters
    14. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game getting DLC in November
    15. Closed beta for Dynasty Warriors Online starts October 12
    1. More Undead Nightmare screens surface for Red Dead Redemption
    2. Rock Band 3: Keyboard Bundles will not be sold for PS3 in North America
    3. Blizzard adds opt-out option to Real ID system
    4. inFamous 2 single-player is Sucker Punch's "main focus", still "considering"multiplayer
    5. Iwata addresses 3DS piracy meassures, price, and Wii connectivity with investors
    6. This is your foot-stomping Bulletstorm cover-art
    7. Blizzard bans or suspends over 5,000 users for cheating in StarCraft II
    8. Don Mattrick promoted to president of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft
    9. EG Expo 2010: RAGE session liveblog - more news on multiplayer coming next year
    10. Killzone 3 video shows how the game handles with Move
    11. Activision releases Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer customization trailer
    12. Goodrich: Keeping Medal of Honor respectful "keeps me awake at night"
    13. Kingmaker: Lionhead releases trailer for Fable III's mobile phone game
    14. EG Expo 2010 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution: 25 minutes of gameplay footage
    15. EA removes Taliban from Medal of Honor for "the men and women serving in the military"
    16. Gears of War 3 delayed to "fall 2011", delay was a "business decision," says Epic
    17. EG Expo 2010: Deus Ex session liveblog is go!
    18. Eurogamer Expo 2010 - New Fable III trailer airs, watch intro to Molyneux panel
    19. Eurogamer Expo 2010 - All coverage here
    20. EG Expo 2010 - Peter Molyneux's Fable III session liveblog - read what happened
    21. Eurogamer Expo 2010 - Dance Central keeps on dancing
    22. EG Expo 2010 is go, go, go - watch the queue of death
    23. Eurogamer Expo 2010 - Marvel vs Capcom 3 footage is go
    24. Eurogamer Expo 2010 - Off-screen GT5 footage shows Rome
    25. Eurogamer Expo 2010 - LBP2 rocking socks with off-screen co-op footage
    26. Eurogamer Expo 2010 - Fallout: New Vegas gets off-screen footage
    27. Eurogamer Expo 2010 - Crysis 2 PC gets videoed
    28. 3rd Birthday's extended TGS trailer is a bit awesome
    29. Enslaved review round-up: sleeper game of the year?
    30. Left 4 Dead "The Sacrifice" cinematic trailer is full of zombies, desperation, more zombies
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