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July 2014 Archive

    1. Beyond Good & Evil 2 is finally happening
    2. Gods Will Be Watching PC Review: Horror is What You Do to Survive
    3. Abyss Odyssey PC Review: Training Wheels
    4. Pokemon stage starring Reshiram teased for Super Smash Bros. 3DS
    5. Some of these Minecraft Floating Island builds are amazing
    6. You've Been Chosen to watch the latest Bioware teaser
    7. For two weeks Final Fantasy 14 will be free in the UK and US
    8. The Game Boy Legacy: A 25th Anniversary Celebration
    9. Final DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts will arrive next week
    10. Far Cry 4 devs trek dangerous paths in latest video
    11. Titanfall PC Season Pass goes on sale with release of Frontier's Edge
    12. FIFA 15 video is all about ball control
    13. GTA Online gets double RP this weekend!
    14. Kojima will talk about MGS 5: The Phantom Pain for an hour at gamescom
    15. F1 2014 is not coming to PS4 and Xbox One
    16. You can't play Xbox games online with your buddies right now
    17. Wildstar: 1,000 free trial keys to give away!
    18. Happy 25th birthday, Game Boy! You still work after all these years
    19. Super-amazing free RPG Path of Exile to get new add-on soon
    20. Assassin's Creed: Rogue - why we're betting it's real
    21. Has Titanfall's carbine been nerfed?
    22. This video makes us want to liberate more Far Cry outposts
    23. GTA Online gets more casino DLC proof, zombie add-on rumoured
    24. PlayStation consoles outselling Xbox by more than 3:1
    25. Finally some details of Destiny's six-player raids
    26. The Sims 4 sure has a lot of feelings
    27. Rogue Legacy PlayStation Vita Review: Rogue Rage
    28. The Elite: Dangerous beta now "only" costs ?50
    29. PlayStation Now open beta: over one hundred games available
    30. Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty PS4 Review: Hello! Follow Me!
    1. Free-to-play MMO Neverwinter is coming to Xbox One
    2. Crytek USA switches from development to CryEngine licensee support
    3. You can now pre-purchase Far Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed Unity on Steam
    4. Assassin's Creed Rogue could be codename Comet for PS3 and Xbox 360
    5. Europe's getting a retail version of InFamous: First Light
    6. Homefront IP acquired by Koch Media, development moved to Dambuster Studios
    7. Watch Dogs players venturing to a new city this fall
    8. August PlayStation Plus goodies include Road Not Taken, Crysis 3, FEZ
    9. Tons of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita offerings included in EU PS Store Summer Sale
    10. Shin Megami Tensei 4 finally gets a date with Europe
    11. Square Enix will have over 180 hands-on stations at gamescom 2014
    12. Advanced Warfare is "a brand new franchise within Call of Duty"
    13. Millions of you participated in the Destiny beta
    14. You don't need Xbox Gold for EA Access unless you play online
    15. Xbox One will cost five hundred and ninety-nine US dollars in China
    16. Xbox One gets Chinese launch date and games
    17. GTA Online: with patch 1.16 and Heists inbound, stop banning money glitchers and fix the game
    18. Sony: EA Access subscription for Xbox One isn't "good value"
    19. Four of the most promising Game of Thrones mods
    20. Is Battlefield Hardline make or break for the series?
    21. RPG-Unit has recorded a dope-as-f**k Borderlands rap EP
    22. Big discounts on Battlefield 4 Xbox content this week
    23. Titanfall Black Market patch adds new daily challenges and crushes bugs
    24. Mario Kart Wii U sells 2.8m but Nintendo still loses money
    25. Massive League of Legends patch 4.13 introduces 40+ changes
    26. Midna speaks English, and other secrets of The Legend of Zelda
    27. What's the deal with Destiny's Gold Chests?
    28. Bring your Diablo 3 characters from Xbox 360 to PS4, if you like
    29. The Halo speedrun world record has been broken, again
    30. This is one of the strangest Oculus Rift games we've seen
    31. Devolver Digital, indies offer cash support for GaymerX convention
    32. This game controller will give you better orgasms
    33. Rocky Balboa is stalking Dark Souls 2 PvP players
    34. Over 20 million spectators tuned into The International
    35. Learn how to fight in Dragon Age: Inquisition
    1. USstreamer: Plumb the Depths of Crown of the Sunken King with Bob at 2pm PST/5pm EST [Update: Now with YouTube!]
    2. What has pre-order bonuses and a release date? LittleBigPlanet 3, of course!
    3. Here's another glimpse of Team Deathmatch in Unreal Tournament
    4. You'll never look at Sonic the same way again after watching this
    5. Choose one of three special editions for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    6. Power determines "who's right" in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    7. Subscription-based service for Xbox One players announced by EA
    8. The Last of Us actors hope film versions of Joel and Ellie "get it"
    9. Arno must stop Elise's beheading in this Assassin's Creed Unity video
    10. Watch gameplay and the opening scene from The Last of Us: Remastered
    11. Here's the Story of Warcraft - so far
    12. History repeating: Xbox One is following PS3's rocky first year
    13. Indie dev issues YouTube strikes for negative reviews, Greenlight page removed
    14. We have 3,000 Nosgoth beta keys to giveaway!
    15. Stained dev won't be releasing Steam keys through indie bundle
    16. Spaceventures! Check out the first part of Brenna's Mass Effect 3 Renegade play-through
    17. Video: Does Titanfall's Black Market equal microtransactions?
    18. How to play as 700 different characters in GTA Online
    19. Listen and watch The Last of Us: One Night Live right here
    20. PS4 Firmware Update 1.75 is out now
    21. GTA Online: double RP on offer before Independence Day content disappears
    22. We need to talk: we've switched to Disqus
    23. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster includes "September 11" and exploding skyscraper
    24. Scope out these first images from the Hitman: Agent 47 movie
    25. Rust's Garry tells fans to chillax over Riftlight
    26. You won't be able to decapitate enemies in Assassin's Creed Unity
    27. GTA 5 PC mods incoming: what CJ from San Andreas looks like in 2014
    28. Rocket Raccoon and the Guardians of the Galaxy are coming to Minecraft
    29. Halo producer wants to "transform" how we "experience" master Chief
    30. What are Team Aqua and Team Magma's mega evolutions?
    31. Four freerunners hit the rooftops in new Assassin's Creen: Unity promo
    32. The Last of Us secret ending scene revealed
    33. Destiny really does have the best skies of any video game
    34. These Pokemon pick up lines probably won't get you laid
    35. Take a look at one of Destiny's new Crucible maps
    36. Five minutes of shaky Halo: The Master Chief Collection footage escapes SDCC
    37. Yes, FIFA 15 will have a Transfer Market
    38. Wii Sports Club Wii U Review: Party Like it's 2006
    39. GTA 4 looks absolutely stunning at 4K
    40. Assassin's Creed: Unity is three times as big as AC4
    41. A grenade isn't just a grenade in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    42. The Destiny "beta was water wings", months of "compelling content" in final game
    43. Ellie discusses punching Joel and other The Last of Us secrets
    1. Halo's Zanzibar map sure has changed over the years
    2. Dishonored and Crimson Dragon are free on Xbox in August
    3. Hurry if you want this awesome limited edition Assassin's Creed Unity poster
    4. This 'GayStation' PS4 can be yours - if you're feeling very charitable
    5. The Last of Us, Halo and Firefly Online: all the news from San Diego Comic-Con
    6. The Chuckle Brothers are in Half-Life mod Black Mesa
    7. Wildstar: 1,000 free trial keys to give away!
    8. TwichPlaysPokemon heads to Pokemon X/Y
    9. Video: Lords of the Fallen could be the surprise hit RPG of the year
    10. How to make Skyrim look like Mario
    11. GTA Online money glitching: "Rockstar police" go on ban spree
    12. Will GTA 5 patch 1.16 be released this week?
    13. Lego Minecraft is about to go into full set production
    14. Here's 40 minutes of Rainbow Six Siege live gameplay action
    15. Assassin's Creed Unity: watch 8 minutes of shaky-cam gameplay
    16. GTA 4 modder quits due to harassment, negativity
    17. The Last of Us: Remastered reviews - all scores here
    18. The Last of Us PS4 screens get up close and violent
    19. Watch the Guardians of the Galaxy defend pinball this week
    20. The Last of Us Remastered PlayStation 4 Review: Surrogates and Shotguns
    21. Doom runs on anything - including ATMs
    22. How many missions does Destiny have?
    23. Everything we learned about Mass Effect 4 from the BioWare Comic Con panel
    24. The Walking Dead will be back for a third season
    1. Nintendo announces disc-based NES Remix Pack
    2. Halo: Nightfall panel drops more details on Master Chief Collection
    3. You need this Optimus PSOne in your life
    4. Single-player plot in Battlefield Hardline revolves around a framed cop
    5. Superman and Wonder Woman can't catch a break in LEGO Batman 3
    6. Here's the first trailer for E.T. landfill documentary Atari: Game Over
    7. Looks like Journey, Unfinished Swan and Until Dawn are coming to PS4
    8. Talion's wraith in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is none other than Celebrimbor
    9. Empty slots in Battlefield 4's code could point to more DLC after Final Stand
    10. Drama surrounding the Mishima clan comes to a head in Tekken 7
    11. This video shows how to use The Last of Us Remastered's Photo Mode
    12. Rob Zombie's Assassin’s Creed Unity short is as bloody as expected
    13. Next week you can play Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge
    14. Adventures in Building a Gaming PC
    15. Five Critical Moments in Platform Game History
    16. USgamer Community Question: What's Your All-Time Favorite Controller?
    1. Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King PC Review: Monkey's Paw
    2. Yes, Tekken x Street Fighter is still in development
    3. Crytek sets the record straight on its financial situation
    4. Game of Thrones' Arya Stark a contender for Ellie in The Last of Us film
    5. USstreamer: Jeremy and Mike Play the Destiny Beta at 2pm PST/5pm EST [Update: YouTube!]
    6. Halo 2 map Zanzibar will be remastered for Halo Master Chief Collection
    7. In The Crew it takes you 40 minutes to drive across the US
    8. This Destiny video demonstrates how to gain Glimmer by "Loot Looping"
    9. This what life is like for a 'normal' citizen in GTA 5
    10. Nathan Fillion and the rest of Serenity's crew return for Firefly Online
    11. If you pre-order Lords of the Fallen you'll get the Day One Edition
    12. Strap a physics-based kangaroo head to your crotch in Sunset Overdrive
    13. This GTA 4 mod makes it look absolutely stunning
    14. Here's what Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth looks like in 4K
    15. Looks like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will arrive a few days earlier than expected
    16. Tomb Raider GOTY is less than ?10 on the Square Enix Store
    17. Advanced Warfare's exoskeleton could fundamentally change CoD multiplayer
    18. Pokemon Red speed-run beats world record
    19. This is what Valve looked like in 1998 (nice CRTs)
    20. Fallout director: "there’s interesting potential for an online version"
    21. Shadow Realms: did EA just out BioWare's video teaser?
    22. Is the next Titanfall game a third-person adventure?
    23. FIFA 14 summer transfers go live, Suarez still listed as Liverpool
    24. Check out Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's exoskeleton in 1080p
    25. Here's how to get your Gamertag in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    26. What is Bioware's "You've Been Chosen" teaser video? Watch it here
    27. Destiny's brain: inside Bungie's next-gen nerve centre
    28. Destiny could be the next Call of Duty
    29. Watch and compare Destiny gameplay on Xbox One and PS4
    30. The minimum time between two Sonic Booms is one week
    31. This Far Cry 4 video may appal you
    32. Wanna play Far Cry 4 on Mt Everest?
    33. Radial-G: Fear Not F-Zero Fans, The Futuristic Racer Isn't Dead
    34. This 2K teaser sure looks a lot like BioShock
    35. WTF is Devil's Third?
    1. Google is paying how much for Twitch?!
    2. Destiny beta to open to all
    3. Whiteark's a HUGE desert city in Minecraft and it's not even finished yet
    4. All known Hyrule Warriors characters show off their moves in latest video
    5. Here's your first look at Halo: Nightfall in action
    6. Join the PayDay 2 Crimefest and earn some free stuff
    7. GOG embraces the penguin: 50 Linux titles now available
    8. Everyone looks determined in Halo: Nightfall's key art
    9. Gods Will Be Watching is out today, here's a reviews round-up
    10. Online co-op details and images for Bayonetta 2 surface
    11. Sigourney Weaver, other castmates reminisce in this video for Alien: Isolation
    12. The latest game to sell over 1 million copies is Trials Fusion
    13. There will be a Tomodachi Life stage in Super Smash Bros. 3DS
    14. Obsidian broaches the subject of KOTOR 3 "every three to six months"
    15. Restricted chat has increased win rate for a number of League of Legends players
    16. Theory of everything: Destiny is the real next-gen
    17. Intrepid PC gamers host DOOM LAN-party on Mt. Elbert
    18. Will GTA 5 for PS4, PC and Xbox One release November 7th?
    19. Take a virtual tour of an Unreal Tournament redux map
    20. Hideo Kojima is hanging out at Comic Con and taking cool photos
    21. This is what GTA Online Heists could look like
    22. Quake's original ad campaign featured a giant pie
    23. Turn Michael into Chop! How to mod GTA 5 characters via USB
    24. Honest Trailer takes on Pokemon, is completely hilarious
    25. MLG suspends pro Call of Duty player over "repeated harassment"
    26. GTA Online jobs hark back to GTA 3, GTA 4, Vice City and San Andreas
    27. Will the dream of a new Tenchu game finally become reality?
    28. Why Destiny isn't "just a generic shooter"
    29. You can nab a slice of Sony's $15 million PSN outage settlement
    30. Do you want to look at 166 screenshots of The Last of Us: Remastered?
    31. Soon, the PS4 will be able to play Blu-rays in 3D
    32. Destiny Ghost Edition in such short supply that pre-orders are being cancelled
    33. This is how Batman would look as a Final Fantasy character
    34. How Call of Duty helped catch a robber
    35. A bad moon is rising in Lords of the Fallen footage
    36. USstreamer: Jaz and Mike Play The Crew Closed Beta at 2pm PST/5pm EST (Now With YouTube!)
    37. No more QQ - Persona Q has a western release date
    38. I Thought I Could Finish My Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King Review in Time. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.
    39. Get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection entirely free
    40. Titanfall now has in-game currency - but microtransactions are not on the cards
    1. This Xbox ghost story is the nicest thing you'll read all day
    2. Build your own Game Boy with a Raspberry Pi
    3. Even Ellie from The Last of Us thinks the lack of women in Assassin's Creed is bulls**t
    4. These Minecraft players are building the biggest world yet
    5. A thumbstick has been added to Valve's Steam Controller
    6. The Last of Us' Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson discuss their hardest scene - video
    7. Uncharted film's theatrical release dated for June 10, 2016
    8. Titanfall Runoff DLC map review and guide - video
    9. Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King walkthrough & boss guide
    10. 8 things PC gamers are always wrong about
    11. Release date set for Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
    12. EA would like to release Star Wars Battlefront close to Star Wars: Episode VII
    13. DJ Afrojack learns how Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare guns go boom
    14. GameStop Batman: Arkham Knight pre-order bonus will be sold post-launch
    15. Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and Dragon Age: 2014's holiday showdowns
    16. Star Conflict: 2,000 closed beta keys to give away!
    17. Was Visceral right to delay Battlefield: Hardline?
    18. No, the Guardian didn't leak Metal Gear Solid 5's release date
    19. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer will be playable at Gamescom
    20. This is what competitive Pokemon play looks like
    21. EA Sports employee recreates FIFA game in real life
    22. Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King reviews - all scores here
    23. Get the The Last of Us: Remastered for $25 when you trade-in your PS3 copy
    24. Destiny beta on Xbox One hit with stabilisation issues
    25. 3.7 million viewers can't be wrong: this LoL cinematic is the s**t
    26. The "definitive" version of this game sounds a lot like a dodgy mobile port
    27. It's TJ Dillashaw vs Takeya Mizugaki in the first free UFC update
    28. Check out these new images from Halo: Nightfall
    29. The new Liara statue is a lot better than the last one
    30. But ... we just had a new Peggle game?
    31. The new PS4 firmware is pretty boring
    1. One of the best Legend of Zelda characters joins Hyrule Warriors roster
    2. Uncharted PS4 Remaster bundle would be "nice", says Naughty Dog
    3. The Square Enix Humble Bundle packs in some proper good games
    4. When does the Destiny beta come back online? Now, apparently
    5. This is how much money US game developers took home in 2013
    6. Video: Beating Hearthstone's first single-player spider boss
    7. Xbox One sales figures missing in Microsoft's latest financials
    8. FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup play stats total complete insanity
    9. Dragon Age Inquisition release moved to November
    10. Battlefield Hardline delayed into 2015
    11. Story of Seasons' Yoshifumi Hashimoto on Building a Better Farm Sim
    12. Halo composer and Bungie reach settlement over unpaid benefits
    13. Troubled Areal Kickstarter suspended after funding goal reached
    14. First wing of HearthStone's single-player adventure mode now open
    15. New tech for Assassin's Creed Unity makes it a "true new-gen experience"
    16. Free Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer maps arrive today and tomorrow
    17. Here are 100 cars you can drive in Forza Horizon 2
    18. BioShock as a PSOne game makes Big Daddy look less intimidating
    19. Monsters in Hyrule Warriors are no match for Link's Power Gloves
    20. Save your pennies for 2014's killer holiday game releases
    21. You're going to want this controllable Battle Robot for Minecraft
    22. Nvidia Shield tablet announced as first one "built for gamers"
    23. Celebrate 75 years of Batman with Jim Lee and DCUO
    24. Remember the original GTA poster? It was pretty cool
    25. Money can't buy these customised Xbox One consoles
    26. Schoolboy penis joke employed in Japanese Vita marketing
    27. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire screen comparison points to monster upgrade
    28. Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King - Cave of the Dead, Afflicted Graverobber, Ancient Soldier Varg, Cerah the Old Explorer
    29. Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King walkthrough - Dragon's Sanctum, Elana the Squalid Queen, Sinh the Slumbering Dragon
    30. Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King walkthrough - Shulva, Sanctum City
    31. Final Watch Dogs 'E3 2012 demo' mod released
    32. Halo: Nightfall gets first character image
    33. Check out every Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas card ahead of today's launch
    34. Minecraft and LBP are influencing the new game from The Sims creator
    35. Britain just decriminalised online game piracy
    36. Newbee wins record $5m prize to become Grand Champions at The International
    37. Minecraft players are d**ks (according to this video)
    38. We wouldn't have believed you could finish Ocarina of Time this fast
    39. You can now port your games and data between Wii U consoles
    40. Early access winners crack game, distribute it for piracy
    41. This is not how Destiny looks on Xbox One - yet
    42. Toxic League of Legends players will be named, shamed and permanently banned
    43. Destiny producer's secret message took 17 years to surface
    44. LittleBigPlanet follow up revealed via the wonderful medium of rendering errors
    45. The Last of Us is now a theatre experience
    46. Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage to star alongside Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders
    1. Yager and Spec Ops: The Line are never, ever, ever getting back together
    2. How does Destiny PS3 compare to PS4?
    3. News of the next PS4 firmware update is coming soon
    4. Not considering The Last of Us 2 "would be a disservice to ourselves and fans"
    5. Assassin's Creed: Unity has not one, but four different pre-order bonuses
    6. Here's what you get if you pre-order Destiny
    7. Watch this charming live-instrument cover of the Banjo Kazooie intro
    8. Is the new X-Wing fighter going to be in upcoming Star Wars games?
    9. Dota 2 International finals are happening today and you can watch them here
    10. Street Fighter's Ryu is 50 years old today
    11. Does the game have microtransactions? It will no longer be called 'free'
    12. Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty reviews travel forward in time
    13. USgamer Community Question: What Was Your First Video Game Death?
    14. Destiny beta now offline, opens back to Xbox owners on Wednesday
    15. Dark Souls 2 DLC launches tomorrow and here's a patch to prep you for it
    16. Uncharted 4 is targeting 1080p, 60fps
    17. From Baldur's Gate to Syphon Filter: 14 games that need a HD remake
    18. The Last of Us: Remastered needs 50GB of PS4 HDD space
    19. Destiny beta tips: all secrets, Hunter, Titan, Warlock class guide
    20. Oddworld: New n Tasty is ready for launch
    21. GTA: Liberty City Nights looks like Need for Speed: Underground
    22. The Witcher 3 papercraft is dangerously cute
    23. This is what The Last of Us would look like on PSone
    24. The Crew: here's a full walkthrough of today's PC beta
    25. Squeeze more out of the Destiny beta: secrets, collectibles and pastimes
    26. You probably don't remember the latest last-gen game to get a remake
    27. You probably won't get to see Doom until 2015
    28. So now they're making a Space Invaders movie
    29. Why Destiny doesn't allow cross-play
    30. Here's one guy we know for sure has left Crytek
    1. This 20 minute demo for The Sims 4 reveals more than we bargained for
    2. One of the PS3's most beautiful games is coming to PS4 and Vita
    1. Clint Dempsey will appear alongside Messi on North American FIFA 15 cover
    2. Titanfall players on Xbox 360 will be Marked for Death next week
    3. Harmonix survey asks all sorts of questions about Rock Band
    4. Iron Banner event added to Destiny beta, play your Guardian on both last and current-gen
    5. Princess Zelda uses the Wind Waker to smash enemies in this Hyrule Warriors video
    6. Win a Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One Limited Edition console at SDCC
    7. Grand Theft Auto V's Virtual War Correspondents
    8. Painted Into a Corner: 10 Game Franchises with Nowhere Left to Go
    9. How Nintendo is Offering New Perspective on a Legacy Through Mario Maker
    10. Five Weird and Wonderful Nintendo Stories of Success, Failure and Sleight of Hand
    1. Power Rangers' Owner Saban Brands in Talks With Chroma Squad Dev
    2. Listen to these Bioware panels on romance and representation in games
    3. Xbox One August update adds remote purchases, automatic download
    4. USstreamer: Take a Bite of RetroN 5 [Update: Over!]
    5. New FIFA 15 trailer goes for emotion and intensity
    6. Staff reductions at Microsoft spread to Xbox Europe
    7. There's "definitely not" going to be more single-player DLC for The Last of Us
    8. Elder Scrolls Online subs stand at 772,374 according to SuperData report
    9. Trust no One: Microsoft burns bridges with developers just like it did Xbox fans
    10. Square issues cease and desist to fans working on Final Fantasy Type-0 translation patch
    11. Russian news uses Metal Gear Solid 5 image to discuss child soldiers in Africa
    12. First footage of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. wannabe Areal doesn't do it any favours
    13. Titanfall: Frontier's Edge - your first look at new Export map
    14. New The Last of Us and Destiny special edition PS4s are for Japan only
    15. Quantum Break escapes Xbox TV cull
    16. Destiny: your detailed guide to Titans, Warlocks and Hunters
    17. Your all-purpose beginner's guide to the Destiny beta
    18. What's new in the Destiny beta?
    19. Why id Software is calling it "Doom" and not "Doom 4"
    20. The Evil Within's release date has changed - and for once, that's not bad news
    1. The PS4 has been the US's top-selling console for six months straight
    2. You'll be able to play Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas next week
    3. Chainlink mode, ground drones, a dinosaur skull - this is Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth
    4. Recruit famous allies and defeat rival players with Assassin’s Creed Memories
    5. Join The Crew a few days early via the closed PC beta
    6. Dota 2 The International will be presented live on EPSN3
    7. QuakeCon 2014 Steam bundle goes live with 19 items
    8. Save Winston Churchill in three part Sniper Elite 3 DLC campaign
    9. Destiny beta: exploring The Tower Plaza hub
    10. Destiny beta: run and gun through the first single-player mission
    11. Watch Destiny's epic opening sequence here
    12. Is Destiny multiplayer as good as Halo?
    13. PSN servers bogged down due to Destiny beta
    14. Being a Demon Hunter sounds like an interesting choice in Risen 3: Titan Lords
    15. The Tactile, Tangible Evolution of Yoshi's Wooly World
    16. Microsoft will close its Xbox Entertainment Studios division
    17. There's finally a release date for The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 4
    18. Uncharted movie will start shooting early 2015
    19. The Elder Scrolls Online heads to Steam later today
    20. Job losses at Microsoft will have "limited" affect on Xbox hardware
    21. Super Smash Bros. 3DS tourney, other Nintendo SDCC festivities announced
    22. Sony's Gamescom press event kicks off August 12, 7pm
    23. The Last of Us on PS3: "we were envisioning something that couldn't quite be achieved"
    24. Titanfall: Frontier's Edge - Dig Site map analysis
    25. WildStar PC Review: This Planet Revolves Around the Fun
    26. Project Zero 5 for Wii U looks terrifying
    27. GTA Online: Hipster jobs are the latest to get Rockstar verified
    28. Future proof: 2024's hottest industry trends
    29. "Chief parkour officer" is now a real games industry job
    30. It only costs $10 to kill Hitler
    31. Cosplay as Claptrap and Moon Moxxi in Borderlands 2
    32. Destiny will run at 1080p on Xbox One - but not during beta
    1. Xbox One sales have doubled since dropping the Kinect like a hot rock
    2. Bottom burp and do some planking with latest Killzone Shadow Fall DLC
    3. Check out this explosion-filled accolades trailer for Rainbow Six Siege
    4. Minecraft Star Wars 'A New Hope' project is looking fantastic
    5. Games are your Club Nintendo Elite rewards this year
    6. The Destiny Companion App has been released for iOS and Android
    7. Sony isn't offering PS3 users an upgrade discount for The Last of Us Remastered
    8. Murderous dictator sues Activision for portraying him as murderous dictator
    9. Call of Duty sale goes live on EU PS Store - games and map packs galore
    10. EA says dag dag to technical support for The Sims 2
    11. The Last of Us PS4 frame-rate can be locked at 30FPS
    12. 9 pieces of video game art money can't (and can) buy
    13. Titanfall: Expedition - Swampland map review and guide
    14. League of Legends patch notes: 14 Champion tweaks, Intro Bots and Jungle Timers
    15. Battlefield Hardline: Visceral details 10 welcome changes for the final game
    16. Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge – check out the scale of the new Dig Site map
    17. Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King screens: phantom fights and lethal traps
    18. PSOne to PS4 - the victors of the console wars, part two
    19. Tuesday USstreamer: TIE Fighter 20th Anniversary Stream (Update: Watch it Here!)
    20. The new female Thor could come to Disney Infinity 2.0
    21. You don't have to kill anyone in Alien: Isolation
    1. Get a load of this stealthy new Xbox One controller and headset
    2. Surprise, surprise: The Wolf Among Us is coming to retail
    3. Get MGS 5: Ground Zeroes for $19.99 through this 2-for-1 sale on US PS Store
    4. SDCC will be the witchiest yet when The Witcher 3 comes to town
    5. You'll be surprised at how much content is in the Destiny beta
    6. Civilization: Revolution 2 iOS Review: Back to the Stone Age
    7. Mini-expansions and new car packs are in the works for Grid Autosport
    8. Don't try and resell your Oculus DK2 on ebay, you'll get busted
    9. Money continues to roll in for Star Citizen as $50 million stretch goal is announced
    10. Pharrell Williams is handling the NBA 2K15 soundtrack for you
    11. From "every man's nightmare" comes the Sting pre-order bonus for WWE 2K15
    12. Sunset Overdrive is trashy, hyper and violent - but does it have long-term appeal?
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    14. Former Modern Warfare devs get to work on new first-person shooter
    15. Titanfall: C.A.R. SMG gun review with a 20K/0D ratio
    16. The Faces of Skyrim portraits are beautiful
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    18. Magnavox to Game Boy - the victors of the console wars, part one
    19. This new Assassin's Creed Unity video highlights the power of revolution
    20. Could you finish Spelunky in under two minutes?
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    22. Reignite your love of Fallout 3 with these gorgeous mods
    23. What will David Goldfarb do after Payday and Battlefield?
    24. Humble Bundle has found yet another way to slowly leech all your money away
    25. You won't have to wait long for more Mass Effect 4 info
    26. We want to believe all these Dishonored 2 rumours
    1. Male Draenei's Warlords of Draenor overhaul is not exactly an Extreme Makeover
    2. Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content looks well shiny
    3. Pokemon's newest mega evolution, Metagross, is the most spectacular yet
    4. EVO 2014 Highlights: The Matches We'll be Talking About Until Next Year
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    6. Can you guess who's on the cover of FIFA 15?
    7. Lucina, Robin and Captain Falcon are the new Super Smash Bros. characters
    8. Here's a five-minute walkthrough of the Destiny mobile app
    9. Watch Battlefield 4's Dragon's Teeth being played live right now
    10. Battlefield 4 gets a large football and fireworks in this World Cup easter egg
    11. Nvidia is working on a game-streaming device for PC
    12. Mortal Kombat X will have at least one guest character
    13. This person worked on VR and thinks it's "bad news"
    14. Valve is considering The International-like event for Counter-Strike
    15. New Assassin's Creed Unity gameplay trailer is brutal
    16. Is this the PC release date for GTA 5?
    17. You'll soon be able to pre-order games digitally on Xbox One
    18. PS4 system architect Mark Cerny is working on a new game
    19. You can no longer buy skin codes for your League of Legends characters
    20. Watch Dogs sells less this week and still tops the charts
    21. Frontier would be "stupid" not to consider Xbox One, PS4 Elite: Dangerous
    22. EA's FIFA correctly predicted the World Cup winner last month
    23. Mass Effect's Garrus seems to be in the new series of Doctor Who
    24. Razer's moddable Xbox One fighting stick costs $200
    25. Minecraft gets the Honest Game Trailers treatment
    26. Assassin's Creed Unity: cosplayers protest lack of female characters
    27. Destiny beta: "this is science - you're the lab rat"
    28. Destiny beta: maps, multiplayer and co-op details leak
    29. BioShock Infinite, Modern Warfare 3 lead Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale - day seven
    30. You can help make Skywind happen
    31. Watch Tekken 7's first trailer right here
    32. Tekken 7 wasn't what Harada meant to announce today
    33. What do you think of Don't Starve's controversial multiplayer?
    1. Dark Souls 2 vs Attack on Titan is all your dreams come true
    2. TIL: Rob Zombie made an animated Assassin's Creed movie
    3. Sounds like Homefront: The Revolution is in a lot of trouble
    4. Shock: Raiden is in Mortal Kombat X
    5. Why aren't you watching the Evo 2014 finals?
    6. Whoops! Tekken 7 announce leaks ahead of Evo 2014 reveal
    1. Sony's looking into an Early Access program for PS4
    2. Madden 15 videos show you how to control the defensive line, survive The Gauntlet
    3. PC gaming hardware worth double console market value - report
    4. You can now try and unlock game demos on Xbox One
    5. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor's storyline is respectful of Tolkien's lore, says Monolith
    6. The Australian ratings board says Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 is a thing
    7. Lower prices and content changes announced for Nosgoth Founders Packs
    8. New Super Smash Bros. character to be revealed on Monday
    9. Celebrate EVO 2014 with one of these Street Fighter titles
    10. YouPorn interested in sponsoring Dota 2, HearthStone or LoL eSports team
    11. Get Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie in an bundle on XBLA
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    13. Weather changes in H1Z1 shown in new images
    14. South Park, L4D2 headline Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale – day five
    15. Wii U version of Project Cars won't release in November alongside PC, new-gen
    16. Maya is the latest fighter reveal for Killer Instinct: Season 2
    17. When Nazis Ruled the Earth: The Tricky Politics of Wolfenstein: The New Order
    1. Enjoy this 30-second teaser for Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth
    2. Got a dollar? Then you can afford the games in this PSN Flash Sale
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    6. USgamer's Daily Classics
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    11. You'll be able to try Pillars of Eternity next month - if you're a backer
    12. Farewell, Neversoft: I've never met a MF'er quite like you
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    14. Hey, hardcore Sony fanboys! Here's that special edition Frozen PS4 you wanted
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    17. 3D print your in-game characters with this Kickstarter project
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    20. Kim Kardashian's mobile game will probably make $200 million this year
    21. Counter-strike pro's police raid broadcast live on Twitch - watch here
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    1. What should Deep Silver put in the Dead Island 2 collector's edition?
    2. GTA 5 and The Sopranos go together even better than you'd expect
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    8. On Saturday Mornings, Sonic the Hedgehog Turned Platforming into Pathos
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    11. The Elder Scrolls Online update focuses on guilds and personalisation
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    13. White PS4 will be sold without Destiny later this year
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    22. Microsoft Flight Simulator lives again! Kind of
    23. You could help shape TF2's new maps
    24. The modern PlayStation family is now over 100 million strong
    25. Bluestreak players will be able to "take down the trust fund kid"
    1. You can get your hands on the Heavenly Sword movie in September
    2. So now Game Journalism Simulator is going to be a thing, too
    3. Grim Fandango is also coming to PC, Mac and Linux
    4. Watch 16 minutes of raw Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay
    5. UPDATE - Another Microsoft u-turn: Xbox One consoles no longer double as dev kits
    6. Devs prefer PS4 over Xbox One, but PC is still king, survey says
    7. Assassin's Creed: Unity is taking "full advantage" of Xbox One and PS4 hardware
    8. There is one place where Wii U is outselling PS4
    9. Evo 2014: what's on show and how to watch it all
    10. Destiny competition: win beta keys right here
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    12. Cheer up: it's only a game
    13. Alien: Isolation will let you play as original 1979 movie cast - but only if you pre-order
    14. Assassin's Creed: Unity is a "new narrative start" for the series
    15. Check out this Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth map analysis
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    32. Welp, that Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth release date was real after all
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    11. Europe's Far Cry 4: Ultimate Kyrat Edition includes the Season Pass
    12. Don't forget: the Grand Final for FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 is tonight
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    7. Sony can't keep up with demand for the Vita in North America
    8. For the first time, the next Assassin's Creed won't be made in Montreal
    9. Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 will finally be released outside of Japan
    10. Over 100,000 Oculus Rift development kits have been sold
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    24. Legally, Dungeon Keeper can no longer be called 'free-to-play' in adverts
    25. This big PSN sale discounts lots of Japanese games
    26. UPDATE: S.T.A.L.K.E.R successor scandal is media-fabricated, dev claims
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