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September 2011 Archive

    1. US News Wrap, September 30 - What Happened Today
    2. XBL Activity for week of September 19 - Gears 3 comes second to Black Ops
    3. Friday Shorts II: ABBA, Ultima, SWTOR email goof, Gotham City, UC3 Subway
    4. Konami announces Limited Edition for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
    5. Bioware open to the idea of a Mass Effect MMO
    6. Free Portal 2 "Peer Review" DLC hits October 4
    7. Nintendo Power lists 42 Wii games which moved 1 million or more copies
    8. Rocksteady: With Arkham City being open-world, "we needed a load of villains to toss at Batman"
    9. Rise of Immortals launches on Steam with multiple exclusive items
    10. Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky dated for Europe
    11. Battlelog video discusses how to create a personalized Platoon in Battlefield 3
    12. Sonic Generations video shows off Dreamcast-era levels
    13. Bloodbath Arena DLC delayed for Dead Island
    14. Square prices Army Corps of Hell for Vita's Japanese release
    15. EU News Wrap, September 30 - What happened today
    16. IndiePub launches "Steam for indies," distribution service
    17. Fez delayed into early 2012
    18. Mythic co-founder Mark Jacobs forms casual gaming firm City State Entertainment
    19. Reed: Why Dark Souls is the hardest game I've ever played
    20. Persona 4 anime hits Blu-ray, DVD in US next year
    21. "Two more major features" to be implemented into Minecraft before November release
    22. DICE ends Caspian Border playtime on BF3 PC beta
    23. Serious Sam 3 delayed into mid-November
    24. Report - Vita 3G downloads limited to 20Mb
    25. Fan reaction to Dragon Age 2 "caught us off-guard," says Muzyka
    26. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 coming to 3DS, PSP in Europe this November
    27. Video - SSX's Mac, Kaori, Elise to appear in NBA Jam: On Fire
    28. Friday shorts: Persona 2, Saints Row: The Third, Nier
    29. Syndicate gets first proper gameplay footage on GTTV
    30. Miyamoto's Zelda: Skyward Sword presentation from 3DS event turned into English
    31. Newell: Origin "does some things well"
    32. BULLETCAST, September 30 – What you need to know now
    33. Ancel: Beyond Good and Evil 2 going next-gen due to scope "limitations"
    34. Pre-order Arkham City from OnLive, get free Micro Console
    35. Uncharted 3: Lemarchand, North go deep on storytelling
    36. AU News Wrap, September 30 - What happened today
    37. HotD: Overkill Extended Edition trailer gets saucy
    38. AU: ALRC proposes overhauled classification framework
    39. Skyward Sword snippets: Three HUD options, dialogue choices, more
    40. Katamari Amore on iDevice today
    41. Three secret projects at Vicarious Visions
    42. SSX trailer invites you to Defy Reality
    43. Saints Row: The Third trailer carries serious seizure warning
    44. Forza 4 inspired by Pokémon, World of Warcraft
    45. Inversion trailer introduces the three Gs
    1. FIFA Street confirmed for March 2012
    2. DICE needs "to hold back a bit," "ashamed" of imperfections
    3. New Mortal Kombat game and film in 2013
    4. Glitch invites delayed to counter overcrowding
    5. Falcom makes The Legend of Heroes Vita official
    6. US News Wrap, September 29 - What Happened Today
    7. Winds of Change Part 2 released for Guild Wars
    8. Thursday Shorts II: DAoC, World of Minecraft, Psychonauts, Broken Sword, Chrono Trigger
    9. Quick Quotes: Volition may use Red Faction's Geomod engine for future titles
    10. Ratchet, Clank and pals battle the Octomoth in latest All 4 One video
    11. Modern Warfare 3 tops Nielsen's annual Christmas "wish list" survey
    12. More content providers rumored for Xbox Live TV
    13. Bleszinski discusses "the rule of threes," when it comes to boss battles in Gears
    14. Skyward Sword videos show intro, Miyamoto talking cost of development
    15. Report - PC version of Assassin's Creed: Revelations delayed
    16. Battlefield 3 Caspian Border PC beta footage videoed
    17. Final gameplay video for RAGE takes you into Jackal Canyon
    18. War in the North developer diary discusses co-op
    19. End of Beta and Hook Blade videos released for Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    20. It lives: I Am Alive becomes PSN, XBLA affair this winter
    21. EU News Wrap, September 29 - What happened today
    22. Nintendo Downloads: Super Mario Land 2, seven new trailers, Four Swords
    23. Johann Urb to play Leon Kennedy in RE: Retribution
    24. Willits: New IP creation needs to be considered a franchise from day one
    25. New story details and characters revealed for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    26. Prepare to Die: Dark Souls to last for "many years"
    27. Gears 3 moves 3 million first week, franchise hits $1B sales
    28. Quick Shots: Screen samples of The Art of Skyrim Official Artbook released
    29. Syndicate release date Feb 21, first trailer rocks socks
    30. The RAGE Anarchy Edition - video shows what you get
    31. Thursday shorts: Team Bondi, Planetside 2, Wildstar, more
    32. Ruffian Games on hunt for new art director
    33. PSN getting more maintenance this evening
    34. GAME, GameStation MW3 pre-orders to get double XP at launch
    35. Go time: Battlefield 3 beta opens on 360, PS3 and PC
    36. Game Informer goes live with Last Guardian preview
    37. Internal PayPal email points to November 15 release for new Xbox Dashboard
    38. BULLETCAST, September 29 – What you need to know now
    39. Blizzard: No Titan unveil at Blizzcon next month
    40. AU News Wrap, September 29 - What happened today
    41. All the Rage: An Evening with id Software in Sydney
    42. BioWare: The Old Republic is not premium MMORPG model swansong
    43. AU: Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land due November 24
    44. TellTale: Spielberg-style feel "essential" to Jurassic Park: The Game
    45. Adventure Time creator keen on a game adaptation
    46. Thatgamecompany: “Gamers are not stupid”
    47. Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC appears for PC version
    48. Bladeslinger trailer shows off Unity Engine's chops
    49. Crowdsourced gamers identify two potential new planets
    50. Cameron: Avatar MMO would work, but launch timing needs care
    51. The Binding of Isaac storms Steam charts
    52. Capcom: 3D character models "much easier to animate"
    53. Report - Need For Speed: The Run demo due October 18
    1. Third party dismisses Sony's claims to better developer support
    2. RAGE will "change the perception" of id Software
    3. The Cursed Crusade pushed back again - have a consolatory new trailer
    4. US News Wrap, September 28 - What Happened Today
    5. PS Home will go offline tomorrow to load client 1.55
    6. Might and Magic Heroes VI trailer asks you to choose your allegiance
    7. PSA: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition available
    8. PAYDAY: The Heist - Green Bridge cinematic trailer released
    9. Blow: The Witness will skip consoles, specs for 360 and PS3 "are over five years old now"
    10. Wednesday Shorts II: Worms, charity, Felicia Day, SWTOR, Alan Wake
    11. The Humble Bundle is back with Frozen Synapse
    12. Cage: No Heavy Rain 2 because "I’m not in this business to make money"
    13. Dark Souls: All Saints Trailer released ahead of next week's launch
    14. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Trilogy HD gets US launch trailer
    15. DICE opens up 64-player Caspian Border BF3 map to PC beta players
    16. Bioware clarifies Early Game Access for SWTOR
    17. Japanese charts: Dark Souls debut tops, Gears 3 boosts 360 sales
    18. L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition hitting PC in November
    19. Foo Fighters to perform at BlizzCon
    20. Amazon announces Kindle Fire Tablet, demos Fruit Ninja
    21. Square signs on with Xperia Play, Lara Croft hitting in November
    22. Euro PS Store and Plus Update, September 28 - Rochard, FIFA 12, BF3 open beta, FONV
    23. Naughty Dog is pleased that Neil Burger will be directing Uncharted film
    24. Witcher 2 DLC to remain free on PC, same can't be said for Xbox 360
    25. Kazunori confirms GT5 Spec 2.0 update for third week of October
    26. Battlefield 3 beta - Attack vs Defense in HD video with VO
    27. Vita Japanese launch originally planned for early December, admits SCEJ boss
    28. Soul Calibur V gets ten minute Maxi-Siegfried video
    29. Analyst predicts Titan unveil for Blizzcon
    30. Report - Syndicate gets February 2012 release at EA Vegas event
    31. New IO job listings suggests Kane and Lynch 3 development
    32. GAME Group sees ?51.5 million loss for first-half 2011
    33. BULLETCAST, September 28 – What you need to know now
    34. PES 2012 PS3 patch to include 3D support, introduces myPES
    35. AU News Wrap, September 28 - What happened today
    36. Wednesday Shorts - announces, trailers, and bad news for fighter fans
    37. 250Gb Arkham City 360 bundle spotted on
    38. Trademark suggests Yakuza: Of the End's headed West
    39. Star Wars: The Old Republic to include achievements
    40. GameStop: Consoles will continue to be industry's "gold standard"
    41. Matsuura: Lack of international teams a problem for games industry
    42. Dead Nation: Road of Devastation trailer splatters zombie hordes
    43. Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD launch trailer brings the drama
    44. Disaster Report 4 cancellation unrelated to Tohoku quake
    45. Howard: Skyrim's advances as significant as Oblivion's
    46. Counter-strike: Global Offensive will allow for bigger tournaments
    47. Warriors Orochi sequel announced for December release
    48. Football Manager 2012 Steam log in requirement sparks outrage
    49. Zynga report shows core gamers increasingly keen on social
    50. Cliff Bleszinski wants to talk Marcus Fenix in Mortal Kombat
    51. Shank 2 inbound via EA Partners
    52. Quick shots - House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Edition sports retro 3D
    53. US PS Store Update - Uncharted, Castlevania, Fallout NV DLC
    1. Battlefield 3 tourney offers $1.6 million prize pool
    2. Glitch comes out of beta: why it's a new breed of MMO
    3. US News Wrap, September 27 - What Happened Today
    4. Tuesday Shorts II: The "Not as Long as the Previous Shorts" edition
    5. CryEngine 3 SDK downloaded over 430,000 times since release
    6. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition hitting PSN October 4
    7. Sweeney sees movie quality graphics and pixels as "two major milestones," in gaming's future
    8. ITV mistakes ARMA 2 as 'Secret IRA Terrorism Footage'
    9. PSA: Code Veronica, Dead Nation, Rise of the Samurai out, Once Upon a Monster demo
    10. Bioware: "Aggressive" post launch plans for SWTOR include fan feedback
    11. Rise of Isengard expansion launches for LOTRO
    12. Lionsgate to adapt Dead Island trailer into feature film
    13. The Battlefield 3 beta - impressions, HD video, screens
    14. EA and Sports Illustrated team up in Need for Speed: The Run promotion
    15. Apple sends out invites to October 4 iPhone event
    16. PSA: Courier’s Stash and Gun Runner’s Arsenal now available on Steam and XBL
    17. Video Unlimited preview hits PSN in North America
    18. Buy Mnt Dew and Doritios, get double XP in Modern Warfare 3
    19. Mojang and Bethesda heading to court over Scrolls trademark
    20. Valve believes Steam on Xbox 360 is still a possibility
    21. Bethesda announces Skyrim voicecast - Von Sydow, Wonder Woman, more
    22. Sony confirms TGC's Journey for spring 2012 - info inside
    23. Parappa The Rapper may return through Vita or new business models, says creator
    24. Final Fantasy brand "greatly damaged," says Wada
    25. Battlefield 3 beta live for early birds on PSN - details
    26. ArenaNet: Closed Guild Wars 2 beta this year "for sure"
    27. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record gets PC specs
    28. CDPR's next game "should take less time to create overall"
    29. BULLETCAST, September 27 – What you need to know now
    30. AU News Wrap, September 27 - What happened today
    31. Tuesday shorts - Please Make it Stop Edition
    32. New 360 transfer cable enables swaps between Slim models
    33. Crouching Spider, Hidden Dragon: Hands-on with Skyrim
    34. Modern Warfare 3's dedicated servers a lesson from MW2's failures
    35. BioWare "looking for" a way to bring back Jade Empire
    36. GAME UK details FIFA 12 midnight launch plans
    37. Team Ico HD collection fronts beautiful launch trailer
    38. Minecraft Android to release September 29
    39. Quick shots - Dark Souls screens are rich in spoilers
    40. More details on Fallout: New Vegas Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC
    41. The Darkness II trailer delves into franchise origins
    42. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon stars in double feature
    43. AU House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Edition RC decision overturned
    44. Renegade Ops Steam version features nod to Half-Life 2
    45. A Valley Without Wind offers first public beta client - go get 'em!
    46. Rumour - Dead Space 3 script details leaked
    1. Riot launches League of Legends: Dominion Mode
    2. Activision: Services like CoD: Elite soon to be mandatory for mainstream games
    3. New Rayman: Origins trailer takes you around the world
    4. X-Men: Destiny gets launch trailer
    5. New nVidia drivers said to up Battlefield 3 performance by 38 percent
    6. Black Wii Fit Plus bundle announced for UK
    7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim perk tree and racial abilities detailed
    8. Mysterious Sony trailer teasing new PS Home?
    9. Extended AC: Revelations E3 trailer features new Ezio VO
    10. Full BF3-Jay-Z TV ad goes "above and beyond the call"
    11. Brief PSN maintenance scheduled for today
    12. EU News Wrap, September 26 - What happened today
    13. ESRB rates I Am Alive: "These guys kept me as their pet, or mascot, or something"
    14. BioWare opens new Galway customer service centre, creates 200 jobs
    15. Modern Warfare 3's achievements out in the wild
    16. Guild Wars 2 gets 40 minutes of off-screen videos from EG Expo
    17. Dark Souls update to fix online problems
    18. Tecmo Koei "definitely see split between Japanese, Western developers"
    19. The Witcher II 360 to be on two discs, says CD Projekt
    20. Bethesda and Wii U "a possibility," says Hines
    21. BULLETCAST, September 26 - What you need to know now
    22. Sony Santa Monica, Plastic collaboration gets first video
    23. UK charts: Gears 3 tops, F1 2011 lands second
    24. Monday shorts: FFXIII-2, Gears 3, FIFA 12, ACR
    25. Crysis PSN-XBLA gets October 4 release date
    26. TOR news puts Eurogamer Expo on games show map
    27. AU News Wrap, September 26 - What happened today
    28. FIFA 12 review round up - git 'chor scores here
    29. Wizardry Online enters beta October 7
    30. CD Projekt not finished with The Witcher 2, expansion teased
    31. Access FIFA 12 Ultimate Team with Web Start
    32. Weekend PSN downtime reportedly resolved
    33. War in the North trailer issues dramatic call to arms
    34. Zynga profits nosedive by 95 percent
    35. Survey finds gamers unimpressed by 3DS
    36. End of Nations delayed
    37. Persona PSP pub "looking into" digital AU releases
    38. Gears of War 3 leaderboards point to unreleased maps
    1. US News Wrap, September 24 - What Happened Today
    2. Deus Ex DLC includes new boss battle made by Eidos instead of Grip
    3. Saturday Shorts: Sales, City of Heroes, Salem, DCUO, Ed Vaizey, more
    4. Bethesda details Gun Runners’ Arsenal DLC
    5. EA uses FIFA as an example of how to take the market share away from rivals
    6. RAGE: Willits explains why PS3 has an 8GB install, why 360 has multiple discs
    7. Slightly Mad crowdsourcing new games, first up is C.A.R.S.
    8. PSA: PSN maintenance tomorrow in Europe brings some titles offline
    9. Super Mario 3D Land uses StreetPass, P-Winged Assist Blocks
    10. The Darkness II trailer gets you caught up on the story
    11. EG Expo: Arkham City kapowed, Catwoman demoed
    12. Quick Quotes: Vince Zampella on the protection of creative control
    13. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning gets a story trailer
    14. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair hitting PSN September 27
    15. EG Expo: AC Revelations session and demo detailed
    16. Star Wars: The Old Republic gets release date and pricing
    17. EG Expo hands-on: Mass Effect 3 goes into overdrive
    18. EG Expo: Ray, Greg talk BioWare – SWTOR dated, more
    1. US News Wrap, September 23 - What Happened Today
    2. Friday Shorts II: Forza 4, Dark Souls, RE: Retribution, $800 3D headset
    3. Quick Quotes: Team Ninja not responsible for Other M's story
    4. PS Plus subs get Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD 50% off
    5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Missing Link DLC gets a developer walkthrough
    6. EA inserts class-action prevention clause into Origin EULA
    7. Bethesda's bid for a restraining order against Fallout MMO developer denied
    8. Irrational shows off Dungeon Duel, its cancelled RTS
    9. Battlefield 3 TV spot teased with Jay-Z track
    10. Epic doesn't believe mobile games need to be sold cheap in order to succeed
    11. Battlefield 3 beta entry explained in layman's terms
    12. EU News Wrap, September 23 - What happened today
    13. Conan O'Brien shows the sensitive, less violent side to Gears of War 3
    14. EG Expo: Tecmo gores up London with Ninja Gaiden 3
    15. L.A. Noire Complete Edition spotted in the Czech Republic
    16. Batman: Arkham City trailer shows The Joker and his henchmen
    17. Black Rock tried to change Split Second to fit Disney's shift in focus
    18. Skyrim team "more comfortable" developing on consoles than with previous Elder Scrolls titles
    19. Turn 10 explain why you can't drive the Warthog in Forza 4
    20. Bioware discusses companions in latest developer dispatch
    21. Forza 4 Demo detailed
    22. CCP has listened to players, promises many changes are in the works
    23. Concept art for cancelled Aliens RPG released
    24. Michael Phelps: Push the Limit for Kinect Trailered
    25. Forza 4 gets new screens, interview incoming
    26. DCUO going free-to-play will "open up" the game to more players, says SOE
    27. Guild Wars announces their annual Halloween Contest
    28. Diablo III to ship in early 2012, beta test extended
    29. Bioware: "We have to be ready for the biggest online launch in history"
    30. EG Expo: GW2 Charr character creation and gameplay shown
    31. Deus Ex: Human Revolution mod pulls the gold filter, makes the game look better
    32. Friday Shorts: Ninja Gaiden Vita, GoldenEye Stealth, RISK and more
    33. PlayStation Home to get free-to-play FPS
    34. Katamari Amore hitting iOS next week
    35. Valve push up DotA 2's release
    36. Revisit Another World on iOS
    37. Final Fantasy XIV finally gets Chocobos
    38. EG Expo hands-on: Battlefield 3 brings out the big guns
    39. Tetris Axis shakes up a classic on 3DS
    40. Ninja Gaiden 3 adds an element of remorse
    41. Blizzard: Diablo 3 "feels even better" with a gamepad
    42. Aion's anniversary celebrated with events, new game content
    43. THQ confirm UFC Undisputed 3 Pre-order Bonuses
    44. Minecraft 1.9 leaked - by Mojang
    45. Max and the Magic Marker PS3 gets a date
    46. A look inside Berlin's Indie Game Jam
    47. Max Payne 3: You can stop worrying, now
    48. Atlus to continue Demon's Souls server support into 2012
    49. EG Expo: Hitman Absolution – Get your Qs answered by IO
    50. Diabolical Pitch trailer shows how this curveball really spins
    51. Xbox 360 Tropico 4 delayed, arriving October 18
    52. Visit a horror hospital in this House of the Dead: Overkill: Extended Cut trailer
    53. Darksiders 2 experiments with Four Horsemen and Wii U
    54. The Sims 3 Pets launches demo, lets you make monsters
    55. Social games responsible for drop in console sales
    1. US News Wrap, September 22 - What Happened Today
    2. CCP Newcastle working on future PC and console tech
    3. Uncharted's original conception drifted more towards fantasy than reality
    4. Thursday Shorts II: GoG, Rocketbirds, Rotastic, Neversoft FPS, Aion turns two
    5. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One video shows boss battle in Luminopolis
    6. Dragon Quest X direct feed footage released by Square
    7. First developer diary for XCOM released
    8. Ninja Theory shelves plans for an Enslaved sequel
    9. Witcher 2.0 detailed, sales promos start today
    10. PSA: Black Ops Rezurrection out on PC today
    11. Batman: Arkham City trailer focuses on The Joker - US ONLY
    12. Wiseau would "absolutely" direct a movie based on a game
    13. Witcher 2 on 360 to have an extra four minutes worth of CGI cutscenes
    14. Rockstar re-releases Max Payne 3 trailer with pop-ups
    15. EG Expo: Naughty Dog shows UC3 - Read what happened
    16. EU News Wrap, September 22 - What happened today
    17. Microsoft UK to take new Kinect titles on the road
    18. Quick Shots: Namco releases tons of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon shots
    19. Tag Mode in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 becoming popular outside of Japan may be challenging
    20. EG Expo: Willits celebrates 20 years of id - Read what happened
    21. Rising Star Games reveals King of Fighters XIII's PAL Pre-order Package
    22. A Game of Thrones - Genesis gets an official trailer
    23. Forza 4 'Season Pass' Confirmed, to offer six add-on packs
    24. EG Expo: Human Head drops Prey 2 - liveblog from 3pm
    25. Layton's London Life Trailered
    26. CD Projekt to livestream The Witcher 2 version 2.0 announcements, gameplay
    27. Battlefield 3 expansions to have week long exclusivity period on PS3
    28. Producer letter reveals target date for major Final Fantasy XIV patch
    29. RAGE to have lengthy single-player campaign, plenty of diversity
    30. EG Expo: OnLive launches in UK at EG Expo 2011
    31. Dragon Quest Collection tops the Japanese charts
    32. Square Enix reveal the Invadercade
    33. EG Expo: DICE demos Battlefield 3 – we're live!
    34. Thursday Shorts: Street Fighter Patch, Red Alert Reborn, NCIS, Hasselhoff and more
    35. EG Expo: "Not many places can take an event of this size"
    36. EG Expo: Denny talks PlayStation Vita – read what happened.
    37. EG Expo hands-on: Skyrim is the “RPG of forever”
    38. Valve reveals Arsenal modes for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    39. Nintendo UK outline Zelda Anniversary Plans
    40. Space Channel 5, SEGA Bass Fishing head to XBLA and PSN
    41. Eurogamer Expo 2011 - Showfloor video, every game
    42. More direct-feed Dragon Quest X screens get out
    43. "Games Transfer Phenomena" author slams British media
    44. Layton and Ace Attorney Creators talk about their crossover title
    45. EA to release free-to-play titles through Aeria
    46. OnLive reveals UK pricing, Service partners
    47. OnLive’s UK launch titles revealed
    48. Infinity ward "doesn't care" about sales numbers for MW3
    49. Uncharted 3 gets a 320GB console bundle
    50. Notch reveals new Minecraft mob for 1.9
    51. Sony: TOS changes prompted by US Supreme Court ruling
    52. Eurogamer Expo 2011 - The VG247 liveblog is gogogo!
    53. Gears of War 3 will not tie up every single loose end
    54. Saints Row: The Third - Itagaki and the octopus gun
    55. Why Star Fox 64 3D has no online multiplayer
    56. Army Corps of Hell: Meet Pikmin's evil twin
    57. Export your Dance Central songs to Dance Central 2
    58. God of War developer hiring for new, open-world IP
    1. US News Wrap, September 21 - What Happened Today
    2. Quite a few Skyward Sword screens hit the net
    3. [Update] PSN is down, Sony working to resolve the issue
    4. Wednesday Shorts II: Gotham City Impostors, Rovio, SCII, Steam sale
    5. Rise of Isengard dev diary and screens released
    6. Assassin's Creed: Revelations video shows people in pain, getting stabbed
    7. Nintendo added to "Companies Where Employees Are Losing Hope" list
    8. Death awaits those unlucky enough to get Dark Souls before official release
    9. RIFT 1.5 Ashes of History detailed, shots released
    10. id: "A dozen or so," sources inspired the look and feel of RAGE
    11. Limited beta for League of Legends: Dominion has started
    12. SWTOR: Phase 2 of guild formation allows for alliances
    13. Diablo III closed beta footage shows wizard gameplay
    14. Paradox developing Syndicate-inspired action-RTS called Cartel
    15. Epic "felt the need to properly represent" women in Gears 3
    16. EU News Wrap, September 21 - What happened today
    17. Final Fantasy XIII-2 to ship on a single Xbox 360 DVD
    18. NFS: The Run video introduces you to the story
    19. Euro PS Store Update, Sept. 21 - RE4 HD, Rezurrection, Lonesome Road
    20. UFC Undisputed 3 game play video shows off The Ground Game
    21. US PS Store Update, Sept. 20 - Resident Evil, Lonesome Road, Nirvana, SR2
    22. Dan Stahl leaving Star Trek Online dev Cryptic
    23. Gears of War 3 UK TV ads to display live in-game stats
    24. Wednesday Shorts - The morning edition: Gears 3 Easter Eggs, Link statue, Kirby, lots more
    25. Epic: No new Unreal game in development
    26. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC receives 2.6GB patch, removes DRM
    27. Marvel seeks video game partner for The Avengers
    28. Dead Or Alive 5 prides itself on being "entertaining"
    29. Vita capable of ad-hoc multiplayer with PSP
    30. Battlefield 3 VG247 community impressions: Chris's take
    31. Rumour: Smash Bros. Universe named in leaked document
    32. Glitch beta officially reset in preparation for launch
    33. EA: Traditional retail outlets here for the "foreseeable future"
    34. OnLive's UK launch: Perlman on the cloud revolution
    35. A little story time video, from Anarchy Reigns
    36. NHL 12 sets a new PB for first-week sales
    37. Viacom sues former Harmonix shareholders
    38. Firefall has pets, a Frag Doll, and a love of moustaches
    39. Minecraft's block-carrying Endermen: "A horrible idea"
    40. Steam unveils two great indie bundles: 5 games for the price of 1
    41. Mass Effect movie will be all about (male) Shepard
    1. US News Wrap, September 20 - What Happened Today
    2. Closed beta testing for Diablo III has commenced
    3. Tuesday Shorts II: RE4, BF3, OMD, GDCO, other abbreviations
    4. Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure only video game on Toys R Us Holiday Hot Toy List
    5. Analyst: Battlefield 3 hits 1.5 million pre-order milestone
    6. Deadly Premonition designer Hidetaka Suehiro directing Lord of Apocalypse
    7. RE: Operation Raccoon City "definitely locked in" for winter release
    8. Quick Quotes: Epic's Capps on the challenges of remaining independent
    9. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney TGS video released
    10. SOE: SWTOR the "last large scale MMO" to use subscription business model
    11. Coming soon to XBLM: Burnout Crash, Resident Evil 4, Once Upon A Monster demo
    12. PS3 firmware update 3.72 out, adds system stability
    13. Gamers help AIDS researchers decipher structure of virus protein
    14. Verizon comments on FiOS TV for 360 rumor
    15. Suda explains his various roles at Grasshopper Manufacture
    16. EU News Wrap, September 20 - What happened today
    17. The FIFA 12 demo – why it points to a sweet taste of PIE
    18. Gearbox wants your input on Duke Nukem Forever
    19. September UDK beta adds Mac support
    20. id's Hollenshead: Developing multi-plat enables for richer game experiences
    21. Yasuda explains Hero Mode inclusion in Ninja Gaiden 3
    22. Warner delays Arkham City PC into November
    23. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition dated for Europe
    24. Forza 4 demo dated for October 3
    25. Battlefield 3 PC: Required, recomended system specs confirmed
    26. Borderlands 2 to contain a "richer, larger world" along with new UI
    27. Battlefield 3 beta kicking off on September 29
    28. DICE: "A lot of things" to consider before offering mod support for Battlefield 3
    29. THQ announces Crytek as Homefront sequel developer
    30. Kinect's Panzer Dragoon - TGS shows off Project Draco
    31. Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road released on 360 and Steam
    32. Report - The Sims Social hits 50 million MAU
    33. Capcom goes TGS stage show video mental
    34. Deus Ex DLC to last around 5 hours, says Eidos
    35. F1 2011 goes slow in launch trailer
    36. Aliens: Infestation shows off retro look in new trailer
    37. Pachter: GTA franchise leadership won't last forever
    38. TGS 2011 hits 222,000, 2012 event gets dated
    39. EA closes Visceral's Melbourne Studio
    40. Tuesday shorts: Monster Hunter 3DS, EVE Online, Street Fighter IV
    41. Gears of War 3 out now – the first 10 minutes narrated in HD
    42. FPS Freek EPIC - an X360 add-on that doesn't bring much to the party
    43. BULLETCAST, September 20: What you need to know now
    44. Zynga knows exactly what you want. More FarmVille.
    45. FFXIII-2 gets second 360-led TGS trailer
    46. Japanese AR pop star comes to smartphones to sell cars
    47. Assassin's Creed: Revelations PS3 to feature original AC
    48. Inafune on why he thinks both portable and mobile gaming can co-exist in future
    49. Binding of Isaac gets release date, incredibly sad plushie
    50. Ono discusses the Pandora mode in Street Fighter X Tekken
    51. Gears of War 3 launches worldwide, story DLC coming
    52. Uncharted novel, comic series get release dates
    53. Capcom refused Inafune's offer to complete Megaman Legends 3 under contract
    54. Team Ninja lead explains why Ninja Gaiden 3 doesn't allow freeform dismemberment
    55. Inafune on why Capcom couldn't succeed with new IPs in the past
    56. Halo CE Anniversary: “Why are we doing this game now?”
    57. Sony displays PS Vita in a number of eye-popping hues
    58. Harmonix spills the beans on what happened to Rock Band Japan
    59. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney looks at localisation
    60. Netflix splits in half - DVD service Qwikster also to include games
    61. Batman: Arkham City - Future uncertain for Scarecrow
    62. Harmonix considering developing non-music motion control games in future
    63. Vita to feature less "intrusive" firmware upgrades
    1. Starbreeze confirms work on brand new IP
    2. New Dragon Quest Monsters title announced for 3DS
    3. PS3 Call of Duty Elite beta now live - details
    4. Chrono Trigger coming to Android and iOS devices
    5. Footage from canned THQ game Avenger leaked
    6. Watch these Gears of War 3 multiplayer videos, see skins, weapons, other stuff
    7. EU News Wrap, September 19 - What happened today
    8. Watch Vergil and Iron Fist in action in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
    9. Monday shorts - The post-TGS edition: Gunstringer, Warhammer, Dragon's Dogma, Street Fighter x Tekken
    10. DC Universe Online going free-to-play in October
    11. Brink, Enslaved, The Curfew up for Writers Guild award
    12. Jesper Kyd to soundtrack Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    13. Itagaki: TGS too early to show Devil's Third
    14. FFXIII-2 DLC to include additional monsters, costumes, more
    15. MW3 final game confirmed for Eurogamer Expo
    16. Armored Core V gets new January release for Japan
    17. The End: Gears of War 3 launches worldwide tonight
    18. World of Darkness details emerge from the Grand Masquerade
    19. UK charts: Dead Island stays up top for second week
    20. BULLETCAST, September 19: What you need to know now
    21. Battlefield 3 VG247 community impressions: Colin's take
    22. NeverDead trailer is a mind-bending must-see
    23. Steel Battalion reboot lacks control of the original
    24. Street Fighter X Tekken gets a little inFamous Vita gameplay footage
    25. Early 2012 MGS 3DS launch confirmed, ZoE HD Collection aiming for early-to-mid 2012 launch
    26. Gravity Rush for Vita is Newton's worst nightmare
    27. Kojima: Zone of the Enders 3 in development at one stage, intention still to make it
    28. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance gets four minute gameplay clip from TGS
    29. Ouch: Vita memory card pricing revealed
    30. Tokyo Game Show 2011 sees record-breaking crowds
    31. Crytek developers "very happy" with HD Wii U
    32. Capcom hints at Monster Hunter 3G, Monster Hunter 4 localisations
    33. Street Fighter creator Ono wants to do Vita fighting games properly
    34. Infinity Ward says No to Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Edition
    1. The Weekly Wrap – Gears 3 breaks cover, TGS dissected
    1. Awesome MGS and Zone of the Enders figures debut at TGS
    2. Life-size papercraft Link is pretty incredible
    3. Black Knight Sword gameplay video from TGS
    4. New Sine Mora footage from TGS
    5. Level-5 absent from TGS, planning their own convention
    6. A video history of console boot screens
    7. Inafune says bad relationship spoiled Bionic Commando
    8. New Suikoden announced for PSP
    9. Rumor: Apple holding Oct 5 press conference to announce iPhone 5
    10. New Silent Hill Downpour trailer debuts at TGS
    11. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Vita gameplay footage is go
    12. Importing is go: PlayStation Vita is region free
    13. Uncharted: Golden Abyss Video Walkthrough takes you places
    14. No Portals, No Problem: Swift on Quantum Conundrum
    15. Beyond the Bounds: ZoE3, ZoE 3DS no shows at TGS
    16. Need for Speed: The Run gets December 1 release in Japan
    17. Pre-order BF3 from Origin, get Dead Space 2 free
    18. Bleszinski: Epic aiming to "find a partner" to finish Shadow Complex 2
    1. US News Wrap, September 16 - What Happened Today
    2. BF3: Longer Guillotine trailer goes live – awesome inside
    3. Itagaki's team using modified version of Relic's engine for Devil's Third
    4. Gaikai: "Targeting 100 million" users "as quickly as we can," says Perry
    5. Quick Quotes: id's Willits on lightening up with RAGE
    6. D'toid's Nick Chester takes a gig at Harmonix
    7. Ballmer: Xbox Live TV in planning stages, out this year
    8. Falcom decided to re-imagine Ys IV with Ys Celceta: Sea of Trees on Vita
    9. Rather large patch releasing for Deus Ex: Human Revolution "very, very soon"
    10. Friday Shorts: Nevermind is 20, Daytona USA, China, Orcs, KOTOR
    11. Capcom in talks with MadCatz on making a SFxT Vita peripheral
    12. Report - Australian arm of Visceral Games possibly shutting down next week
    13. Quick Shots: Silent Hill: Downpour, HD Collection screens get out of TGS
    14. EU News Wrap, September 16 - What happened today
    15. PS Plus subs get 50% off Resident Evil 4 HD
    16. Square releases video for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy on 3DS
    17. Activision devs have discussions "all the time" concerning Call of Duty's annualization
    18. Luigi's Mansion 2 gets some new footage
    19. SCEJ president doesn't see 3DS or smartphones as Vita competitors
    20. Ni No Kuni to get US release early next year
    21. F1 2011 reviews start hitting hard ahead of next week's release
    22. Buy Gears 3 at HMV for ?1.99, Calibur11 releases Gears-themed 360 Vault
    23. Deadshot latest villain reveal for Batman: Arkham City
    24. Adventures ahoy: What’s in the Minecraft 1.8 update?
    25. Finishing the Fight: Bleszinski on Gears 3 and the future
    26. MGS: Peace Walker HD gets new TGS trailer
    27. Wipeout 2048 trailer details features, more
    28. Yoshida: Vita to have external battery option
    29. Portal goes free on Steam until Tuesday - get it now
    30. Ridge Racer Vita teaser trailer released
    31. Sound Shapes preview name-checks Child of Eden, Rez, Lumines
    32. Final F1 2011 dev diary details safety car, more
    33. Telltale details Back to the Future: Deluxe Edition
    34. A first look at Katamari Damacy for Vita
    35. ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection videos still impress
    36. DMC TGS stage show introduces gamescom demo
    37. Soul Calibur V gets TGS trailer
    38. New Dragon Age II story DLC announced for October, starring Felicia Day
    39. TGS '11: Asura's Wrath is a badass Buddhist beat em'up
    40. Metro: Last Light gets knockout shots from TGS
    41. Deus Ex: Human Revolution now features Star Wars
    42. The Secret World approach to groups revealed
    43. Street Fighter X Tekken's Pandora Mode detailed
    44. Gears of War 3 gets timeline, 22 weapon skins
    45. PopCap releases Plants vs. Zombies hip hop video
    1. US News Wrap, September 15 - What Happened Today
    2. Bioware re-inviting group one testers for beta weekends
    3. Infamous 2: Festival of Blood dated for October 25
    4. Rare boss says the studio hasn't fallen "off the map"
    5. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures nets 8 million registered players since launch
    6. Quick Quotes: Valve isn't "noobing" CS:GO with Casual Mode
    7. Battlefield 3 Caspian Border shots show a gorgeous game
    8. Sonic Generations video shows Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Sky Sanctuary
    9. Itagaki to be a playable character Saints Row: The Third
    10. Thursday Shorts: 1000 Tiny Claws, All 4 One Gemini Wars, LucasArts, UMvC3
    11. TGS 2011: Namco releases complete prologue for Dark Souls
    12. Itagaki believes the industry in Japan lacks confidence
    13. Sony: "Ask Capcom," if you want to know why Monster Hunter 4 isn't on Vita
    14. DICE details Battlefield 3's multiplayer modes
    15. Quick Shots: TGS screens for Lumines, Michael Jackson, Rayman Origins
    16. TGS 2011: Wada and the paradigm shift of gaming's future
    17. Sony changes online ToS and user agreement to prevent class action suits
    18. EU News Wrap, September 15 - What happened today
    19. Dead Island DLC might see a delay as focus is on bug fixes
    20. Guild Wars 2 video featurette highlights the Asura and Rata Sum
    21. Team Fortress 2 video pays tribute to Skyrim trailer
    22. RAGE TV Spot features shooting, explosions, enemies, Perfect Circle
    23. Yakuza: Of the End: "If" it were localized, the controls would be tweaked for westerners
    24. Mortal Kombat sells 3 million units worldwide
    25. Starhawk trailer goes long on space combat
    26. Pre-order bonuses announced for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
    27. Inventing Asura: Guild Wars 2's Ree Soesbee and Jeff Grubb
    28. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD gets debut trailer
    29. Dead Island ships 1 million in first week in US, 2 million worldwide expected by week's end
    30. Lord of Apocalypse gets first trailer
    31. First Tales of Innocence R trailer goes heavy on anime
    32. MGS HD Collection TGS trailer shows MGS2 HD for first time
    33. Gravity Daze gets new videos from Tokyo
    34. F1 2011 gets first Vita footage
    35. Namco Bandai at TGS - Vita, 3DS, Soulcalibur V
    36. Off-screen Persona 4: The Ultimate footage is what you'd expect
    37. Final Fantasy Type-0 TGS trailer features explosions, cheesy J-pop
    38. FFXIII-2 TGS trailer dropped by Square Enix
    39. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron going 2D, coming to Android
    40. Bethesda: Why we turned down A Game of Thrones
    41. Kingdom Hearts 3DS gets spring date in Japan, World Ends with You characters
    42. Gears of War 3 reviews go live - every score here
    43. Diabolical Pitch footage lurches out of TGS
    44. Early Soulcalibur games being considered for DLC release
    45. Dragon's Dogma's TGS 11 trailer goes large on environments, combat
    46. More white-haired Dante shown in TGS 11 DMC trailer
    47. Take-Two ships more than 22m copies of GTA IV
    48. This is how your PS Vita game boxes will look
    49. TGS Kojima show: MGS HD pack releasing November 23
    50. TGS 2011 Vita Showcase: AR, Remote Play, PS Suite, more
    51. PlayStation 3 Remote Play demoed at Vita TGS presser
    52. PlayStation Suite SDK makes cross-platform content easy
    53. Use your Vita as a PS3 controller
    54. PlayStation Vita set to revolutionise AR
    55. Resistance: Burning Skies showcased in TGS Vita keynote
    56. FFXIII-2 gets formal dates, special PS3 hardware bundle
    57. Minecraft hit by Adventure Update 1.8
    1. US News Wrap, September 14 - What Happened Today
    2. Windows 8 dev preview downloaded 500,000 times
    3. Wednesday Shorts: Layton, Serious Sam 3, Flying Fairy, RE: Revelations, Coheed and Cambria
    4. Trine 2 video shows off the lovely environments
    5. Hi-Rez starts accepting beta applications for Tribes: Ascend
    6. Microsoft shows Forza 4, announces DC2 tracks and Happy Wars at TGS 2011
    7. EU News Wrap, September 14 - What happened today
    8. PayPal for Diablo III and announced by Blizzard
    9. GameStop outs possible Catwoman DLC for Arkham City
    10. Halo: CE Anniversary adds Headlong classic map to multiplayer
    11. Second PES 2012 demo released on Xbox 360
    12. Rockstar drops first Max Payne 3 trailer – watch it now
    13. Quick Shots: MGS3: Snake Eater 3D screens from TGS 2011
    14. Tekken 3D: Prime Edition shots get out of TGS 2011
    15. Dead or Alive 5 gets debut trailer
    16. Super Mario 3D Land - new screens, details
    17. Street Fighter x Tekken video features Rolento gameplay, new screens
    18. Lonesome Road DLC video released for Fallout: New Vegas
    19. God Eater 2 confirmed for PSP
    20. Rumour: Resident Evil 6 to be unveiled at Tokyo Game Show
    21. 2K announces Sid Meier’s Civilization V GotY Edition
    22. Ninja Gaiden 3 gets TGS trailer
    23. US and Euro PS Store, Plus updates: From Dust, God of War: Origins, Renegade Ops
    24. Goldeneye 007: Reloaded gets November 1 US release date, PS3 Move pack
    25. Sony lists over 70 work in progress titles for Vita
    26. Team Ninja unveils Dead or Alive 5, Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    27. PixelJunk Lifelike renamed to PixelJunk 4am
    28. Eurogamer Expo 2011 final line-up announced
    29. Bodycount developer Codemasters Guildford to close
    30. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon demo drops onto Xbox Live
    31. Grasshopper details Codename D, becomes Diabolical Pitch
    32. Report - Deep Silver to launch Catherine in Europe in Q1 2012
    33. Zone of the Enders HD Collection gets teaser from Sony event
    34. Nyko's range-reducing Kinect accessory Zoom now available to purchase
    35. Sony confirms 3-5 hours play-time for Vita battery
    36. Majesco turns a profit in Q3 2011
    37. Street Fighter x Tekken TGS gameplay trailer shows more new characters, new game modes
    38. PS3 owners to lead the charge in the growing 3D market
    39. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to feature 'casual' game mode
    40. PS Vita's real TGS headline - the genius of pre-pay 3G
    41. PS Vita's JP launch line-up confirmed - all the games
    42. Namco making Tales of Innocence R for Vita
    43. PSA: MLG Global StarCraft II Invitational begins tonight
    44. Activision praises 3DS Circle Pad add-on
    45. MGS, ZoE HD Collections confirmed for Vita
    46. Jetpack Joyride gets free update, adds bonus unlockables
    47. Undated Final Fantasy X HD announced for Vita, PS3
    48. Monster Hunter 4 teaser trailer released
    49. Vita dated for December 17 in Japan
    50. GameStop confirms iOS trade-in program, plans to launch own tablet lineup
    51. UMvC3, Ninja Gaiden and Katamari coming to Vita, Square commits to launch
    52. Metal Mario and Lakitu added to Mario Kart 7 Roster
    53. Microsoft bringing Xbox Live to Windows 8
    54. Preview your abilities early with the Diablo III Skill Calculator
    55. Game ads to hit $7.2 billion by 2016
    1. US News Wrap, September 13 - What Happened Today
    2. Tuesday Shorts II: Clone Wars, AGoT, Levine, SingStar '80s, NCAA 12
    3. PSA: LBP2 Move pack hits US PSN, Move peripheral 50% off at GameStop
    4. Guild Wars 2 blog updated with Asura environments, short story
    5. DICE responds to Battlefield 3 dev build asset leak
    6. SWTOR companions to eventually receive same-sex romance options
    7. Zelda: Skyward Sword details, videos and Four Swords dated
    8. Sony TGS Conference 2011: Vita dated for December 17
    9. Analysts predict 3DS won't hit Nintendo's annual sales target this year
    10. Modders release fixes for Dead Island on Steam
    11. Report - EA offering refunds to Tiger Woods 12 PC owners
    12. Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition announced by Rockstar
    13. EU News Wrap, September 13 - What happened today
    14. EA: BF3 360 to span two discs, DLC planned post launch
    15. Tuesday Shorts: Grease, Beyond the Labyrinth, Kinect for the elderly, Dungeon Defenders
    16. Report - Android Market reaches 6 billion app downloads
    17. Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater trailer shows Snake vs Ocelot
    18. PSA - God of War: Origins Collection hits PS3 today, gets launch trailer
    19. Angry Birds downloaded over 350 million times, 300 million minutes played a day
    20. Nintendo UK, US not planning launch of pink 3DS - details
    21. Saucy GAME ads spark consumer complaints
    22. Persona 2: Innocent Sin Collector's Edition is full of swag
    23. Mario Kart, Super Mario 3DS get UK dates
    24. EA Sports takes female NHL fans into consideration, thanks to teenage girl
    25. Capcom: The Great DMC Defense Starts Now
    26. Ratchet & Clank: All4One trailer goes all in on single-play experience
    27. Next PlayStation Access event to feature playable Uncharted 3, Arkham City
    28. FIFA 12 demo goes live on XBLMP
    29. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon gets ten-minute helicopter footage
    30. 20,000 stores worldwide to have Gears 3 midnight launch
    31. Starbreeze: Syndicate reboot "definitely paying as much homage" to Bullfrog originals
    32. Gunstringer DLC gets 15 minutes of footage
    33. Final Fantasy XIII-3 domain registered by Square Enix
    34. BULLETCAST, September 13: What you need to know now
    35. AU News Wrap, September 13 - What happened today
    36. PSA: Preload Red Orchestra 2 for Wednesday release
    37. Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011: Pink 3DS, MH4 outed
    38. Psychological study evaluates Angry Birds addiction
    39. Hocking: Annualisation 'significantly diminishes' sequels
    1. Rumour - L.A. Noire GotY due November
    2. White PS3 Slim to retail in PAL territories
    3. Street Fighter x Tekken trailer shows Rufus, Zangief, Bob, more
    4. Counter-strike: Global Offensive to unite Source, 1.6 fanbase
    5. Nostalgia and Masochism: Hands-on with Hard Reset
    6. Sonic Generations gets November 4 release date
    7. EU News Wrap, September 12 - What happened today
    8. Assassin's Creed: Revelations beta extended to Saturday
    9. Microsoft EG Expo lineup confirmed - Halo Anniversary, Forza 4, Gears 3, more
    10. Saints Row: The Third trailer takes the p**s out of Tron
    11. Skyrim gets 20+ minute gameplay blowout - watch
    12. EG giving away Vindictus beta codes
    13. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy gets first gameplay trailer
    14. Dead Island: Feminist Whore was "bad joke during crunch"
    15. Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet shows Asura race with VG247 chat
    16. Football Manager 2012 gets October 21 UK release date
    17. Battlefield 3 360 dev build pictured, three new videos appear online
    18. New Tales of teaser site opens up ahead of TGS
    19. TGS Rumour: New Bayonetta unveil soon, Sega considering Sonic Generations for Wii U and Yakuza 5 for Vita
    20. UK charts: Dead Island is new number one, Space Marine and R3 fill top five
    21. BULLETCAST, September 12: What you need to know now
    22. Quantic Dream: 10 million lost from second hand Heavy Rain sales
    23. FF Versus XIII now in full development, says Square
    24. AU News Wrap, September 12 - What happened today
    25. It's official: Syndicate reboot confirmed for early 2012
    26. Tokyo Game Show 2011: The Cheap Seats Guide
    27. Aonuma: Wii U tech will help Zelda "change and evolve"
    28. Dragon Quest X's playable races and story premise unveiled
    29. Trenched to take Iron Brigade rename worldwide
    30. Hayes: Sega can't rely on nostalgia and classic IP
    31. Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney to appear at TGS
    32. Bastion director: Player choice makes for richer, rewarding play
    33. Final Fantasy XIII-2 90 percent done, release date reveal at TGS
    1. Persona 2: Innocent Sin advises on chatting up demons
    2. EA headlined in US tax break report
    3. Black Knight Sword trailer shows slice-and-dice gameplay
    4. Two new FIFA 12 videos demo skill moves, Football Club
    5. Info, screens on Syndicate reboot leak from Origin
    1. US News Wrap, September 10 - What Happened Today
    2. LOTRO Gap of Rohan dev diary released
    3. Quick Shots: Talon, Nunu and Vayne in League of Legends
    4. Quick Quotes: THQ CFO on recent studio closures
    5. House of the Dead: Overkill- Extended Cut trailer has more gore, shooting, strippers
    6. Howard confirms that players can become vampires in Skyrim
    7. Saturday Shorts: Borderlands, Xperia, MineCon, EQ, Mega Man, sales
    8. Marvelous more concerned with fun than making an HD Harvest Moon
    9. Ubisoft: Downloadable Child of Eden not "in the plan at the moment"
    10. CD Projekt: Witcher 2 "the beginning of much larger events," third-installment possible
    11. iOS updates and source code for Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum and DOOM Classic released
    12. Report - Online retailer in Norway breaks Gears of War 3 street date
    13. Frictional dissects Dark Descent figures, announces console future
    14. Judgement: EA within First Amendment rights to use ex-Rutgers QB image in NCAA Football
    15. Smuggler progression video released for SWTOR
    16. Former Ubisoft and Eidos employees form Tribute Games
    17. Quick Shots: Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD screens released onto Facebook
    18. The Sims Social bests FarmVille in daily active users
    19. Diablo III artifacts allow for useful destruction of items
    20. The Weekly Wrap – Dead Island’s disastrous launch, US sales fall again
    1. Zampella/West-Acti lawsuit goes to trial in May 2012
    2. US News Wrap, September 9 - What Happened Today
    3. Friday Shorts: Weezer, Conan, Steam sale, GT5, Dead Space 2, Katy Perry
    4. Quick Quotes: 42% of US XBL Gold members watch one hour of video a day on average
    5. Linger in Shadows developer working on new Move project
    6. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine absent from Steam in UK
    7. Origin has 4 million client installs, third-party offerings coming "very soon"
    8. PSA: Open beta for XBL Dashboard update next month, previews go live
    9. Report - Wada and Kimura exit Grasshopper Manufacture
    10. EU News Wrap, September 9 - What happened today
    11. BF3 gets small Guillotine teaser, more next week
    12. Team Ninja to announce new game at TGS next week
    13. Multiplayer maps in MW3 discourage camping, have more verticality
    14. Kojima Productions to feature Zone of the Enders TGS stage show
    15. Metallic Rose Nintendo DSi XL hitting US on September 18
    16. Crysis for consoles to be downloadable, priced at 1600 MSP/?15
    17. League of Legends Dominion release isn't too far off
    18. SOE's Smedley: Planetside 2 to be free-to-play
    19. Deus Ex: Human Revolution ships 2 million worldwide
    20. First Max Payne 3 trailer hitting next Wednesday
    21. Eurogamer partners with Nintendo Life in ad deal
    22. 320Gb White PS3 making its way to UK, Republic of Ireland
    23. Report - Ex-Witcher producer Gop working with City Interactive for new game
    24. Tales of Xillia ships 500,000 units in first week in Japan
    25. Respawn's Zampella, Sony's Hocking to headline 3D Gaming Summit in California
    26. Resident Evil: Revelations gets TGS trailer
    27. Team ICO HD Collection hits Meta 90 - roundup
    28. BULLETCAST, September 9 - What you need to know now
    29. AU News Wrap, September 9 - What happened today
    30. Axed THQ studios were 'not consistent with' publisher's strategy
    31. Original Crysis arrives on PS3, X360 next month – first trailer
    32. California blackout troubles SOE servers
    33. Dead Island's "Feminist Whore": The Tip of the Iceberg
    34. InFamous 2 patch brings new UGC options
    35. Tippl: Guitar Hero needed "nurturing and care" to survive
    36. Ubisoft finds success with casual, freemium
    37. Xbox Live banhammer hits DLC thieves
    38. The Last Guardian a TGS no-show
    39. Need for Speed: The Run trailer shows off latest Porsche 911
    40. From Dust PC DRM removed
    41. More mysterious Tekken x Street Fighter character teasers
    42. Definitely no zombies for Modern Warfare 3
    43. Dark Souls prologue trailer details the dragon's downfall
    44. Japanese Charts - Grand Knights History knocks Monster Hunter down
    45. US News Wrap, September 8 - What Happened Today
    1. NPD: US sales fall 23 percent yoy, Deus Ex tops charts
    2. Watch a 20 minute playthrough video of Hard Reset
    3. Square sends out Final Fantasy XIII-2 shots and Historia Crux Q&A
    4. Thursday Shorts II: Ice T, Square teaser, XBL banhammer, LIVE activity
    5. Quick Quotes: Cliff Bleszinski on Gears of War's legacy
    6. Dead Island's Bloodbath Arena DLC set for a late September release
    7. Watch this 22 minute walkthrough for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
    8. Uncharted 3 TV spot debuts tonight during the 2011 NFL Kickoff game
    9. Max Payne 3 could cost Rockstar $105 million to develop, says analyst
    10. Tippl: Six "proven property" releases from Blizzard expected over the next three years
    11. Berger: Elite's creating a "true community," of healthy respect and socialization
    12. Left over code for "Feminist Whore" skill not in final version of Dead Island
    13. Ubisoft's The Smurfs & Co Facebook game has 10 million MAU
    14. Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Missing Link DLC detailed
    15. Yasha introduced as a playable character in Asura's Wrath
    16. Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena debut trailer released
    17. EU News Wrap, September 8 - What happened today
    18. Uncharted 3 gets the sand art treatment from Natalya Netselya
    19. Epic: 3D on 360 has "room for improvement", Gears 3 still looks swank though
    20. Microsoft confirms TGS lineup
    21. THQ CEO Brian Farrell predicts disc-free future, talks Saints Row DLC
    22. RAGE gets first co-op video
    23. From Dust launching on PSN next week
    24. Sony Bend planned Resistance Retribution sequel before Uncharted Vita
    25. SWTOR beta canceled this weekend, larger beta events planned for future
    26. Original Max Payne to go HD for mobile
    27. Rockstar confirms Max Payne 3 for March 2012
    28. Sony TGS presser confirmed for Wednesday – details
    29. Modern Warfare 3 PC to feature LAN support
    30. Harmonix launches VidRhythm for iOS
    31. FF Type 0's Japanese boxart is a winner
    32. F1 2011 gets championship co-op dev diary
    33. Report: Retail sales to be surpassed by digital in two years
    34. Chahi's Another World coming to iOS on September 22
    35. BULLETCAST, September 8 – What you need to know now
    36. Quick quotes: Aonuma "never actually finished" original Legend of Zelda
    37. Activision wins case against pranksters
    38. AU News Wrap, September 8 - What happened today
    39. Thursday Shorts - Fruit Ninja, Skyrim box, Neverdead fibs
    40. The day I realised always-on DRM moaners have a point
    41. PSA - Dead Island PC patch wipes save files
    42. AssCreed: Revelations beta opens to all PSN members
    43. Rumour - Dragon Quest X in development for six years
    44. Star Wars: The Old Republic launch modeled on World of Warcraft's
    45. A Game of Thrones: Genesis to release September 29
    46. Nintendo confirms 3DS circle pad peripheral
    47. Sony boasts indexed software lead in console wars
    48. Harvest Moon series notches up 1 million sales in PAL territories
    49. Dragon's Dogma is a "strategy type of action" game
    50. Rumour - Wii U hardware development troubled
    51. Disney confirms layoffs at Cars 2 developer
    52. Halo-related Mission Icefly ARG kicks back into action
    1. EA pleased with Online Pass, Sims Social
    2. US News Wrap, September 7 - What Happened Today
    3. Mr. Freeze's intelligence and backstory will challenge Batman in Arkham City
    4. Wednesday Shorts II: Tales of Xillia, Spiral Knights, Cthulhu, LBP2, Persona 3
    5. Persona 4: The Golden and Ultimate Mayonaka Arena shots, website
    6. Battlestar Galactica Online passes 5M registered players, gets an update
    7. Jim Brown discusses making maps more dynamic in Gears of War 3
    8. Battlefield 3 pre-orders hit 1.25M, SWTOR still on for Q4
    9. Professor Layton and the Last Specter video tells the story so far
    10. Madden 12 sells through 1.4 million copies in first week
    11. Giving back with gaming: Pros vs GI Joes' Greg Zinone
    12. Sledgehammer's Michael Condrey discusses MW3's Kill Confirmed mode
    13. The Legend of Zelda gets next Game Informer cover
    14. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D hitting 3DS in March 2012
    15. Hard Reset demo live on Steam, other places
    16. Call of Duty XP 2011: Marisa Miller and Nick Swardson play paintball
    17. Quick Shots: Red Dead Redemption DLC Myths and Mavericks character screens
    18. Sonic Generations Collector's Edition announced
    19. God of War: Origins Collection bonus content videoed
    20. EU News Wrap, September 7 - What happened today
    21. Activision: 500 developers working on Call of Duty
    22. WaterTower Music to release Batman: Arkham City- The Album
    23. Euro PS Store and Plus Update, Sept. 7 - Resistance 3 pass, Persona 3, Revelations beta
    24. First PES 2012 demo for 360 scrapped by Konami
    25. LBP2 update 1.06 live, contains Move support
    26. Konami to livestream Kojima Productions event at TGS
    27. ESRB rates Devil May Cry 1-3 for PS3, 360
    28. Blizzard "very close" to starting Diablo III public beta
    29. Famitsu drops nine Vita titles in new issue
    30. PSN to go offline from 5pm tomorrow evening
    31. Fergal Gara becomes Sony Computer Entertainment UK MD
    32. Sledgehammer's canned Call of Duty effort "like Dead Space"
    33. Ni No Kuni PS3 gets beautiful-looking new trailer
    34. European testing on The Old Republic delayed by BioWare
    35. Cryptic drops F2P details for Star Trek Online
    36. RAGE system requirements are meaty
    37. BULLETCAST, September 7 - What you need to know now
    38. AU News Wrap, September 7 - What happened today
    39. Wednesday Shorts -Screens, trailers, and random musings
    40. Space Marine reviews begin trickling in - everything here
    41. EA: Battlefield 3's Battlelog won't go premium
    42. Synchronicity: Ten minutes of Dragon Quest X footage
    43. The Politics of Trust: Sega's Nagoshi on Binary Domain
    44. Famitsu leaks point to second 3DS circle pad - details
    45. Insomniac: Resistance "asks more of players"
    46. Pachter expects 30 percent year-on-year drop in August NPDs
    47. Modern Warfare 3 more easily updated than previous CoD games
    48. Borderlands 2's revamped weapons and AI detailed
    49. Report - Gamestop to add iDevices to used hardware range
    50. The Sims Social nearing 30 million MAUs
    51. Quick shots - Cities XL shows off 2012 update
    52. From Software makes "the kinds of games we want to make"
    1. Bigpoint chief lampoons EA, Ubisoft and Valve's attempts at monetisation
    2. Forza 4's Autovista easing license negotiations
    3. Madden NFL 12 predicts Packers and Steelers to dominate
    4. US PS Store Update - Bloodrayne, Red Dead DLC, Qore
    5. US News Wrap, September 6 - What Happened Today
    6. Hobby-horse weapon lets you impale zombies, send them flying in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
    7. Steam Trading out of beta, Spiral Knights first third-party to join
    8. Tuesday Shorts II: Team Meat, London Comic-Con, NFL, Gears 3, Tiger Woods
    9. Dragon’s Dogma video shows Pawns in action
    10. Road of Devastation DLC announced for Dead Nation
    11. Patch released for Dead Island, fixed Steam version on the way
    12. Valve and Blizzard would like to see online unification between consoles
    13. Coming soon to XBL Marketplace - Crimson Alliance, BloodRayne, Rockstar sale
    14. Minecraft Adventure update gets a trailer
    15. New PSP SKU aimed at "teens and much younger"
    16. Cryogun shown in Resistance 3 launch trailer, all "survivor" videos posted
    17. Ubisoft announces free Driver: San Francisco multiplayer content and Driver Club
    18. Avalanche: "If a DRM system constantly needs to be defended, something must be wrong"
    19. Deep Silver: "Final version" of Dead Island to be released "during the day"
    20. EU News Wrap, September 6 - What happened today
    21. Uplay Passport missing from 360 copies of Driver: San Francisco, Ubi issues workaround
    22. CoD: Elite to pull $50M in revenue and 3 million subs by end of 2012, says analyst
    23. Rubin: IW more concerned with Modern Warfare 3 gameplay than tech
    24. First Resistance 3 DLC announced for next month
    25. Final Fantasy XIII-2 to feature time travel system
    26. Ninja Theory boss: AAA is "crushing innovation"
    27. Sony appoints ex-Homeland Security official for security role following PSNGate
    28. Tales of for Vita news coming soon, says producer
    29. Deus Ex gets last-minute delay in Japan to October
    30. Modern Warfare 3 gets another multiplayer trailer
    31. Ryan Payton leaves 343 Industries to found Camouflaj
    32. Battlefield 3 beta – "Hundreds" of changes from alpha, day one patches likely
    33. BULLETCAST, September 6 - What you need to know now
    34. AU News Wrap, September 6 - What happened today
    35. Tuesday Shorts - Crysis tease, Angry Birds PSN update, Uwe Boll back again
    36. Resistance 3 reviews start popping up - all the scores
    37. PS Plus Update - Resident Evil, Star Wars PSP, more
    38. Epic's Capps: Gears of War 3 and the next generation
    39. Another bonkers Rise of Nightmares trailer
    40. Dragon Quest X requires Internet connection after introductory hours
    41. Battlefield 3's unlocks may take 100 hours to collect
    42. Namco Bandai's TGS line up detailed
    43. Dead Island to receive extensive day one patch
    44. Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer to track and reward progress
    45. Nine new Vita titles to be revealed this week
    46. Rumour - PS Vita to release in Asia November 12
    47. Halo 4 to explore Master Chief's story
    48. Ono: Street Fighter I and II have "the ideal" UI
    49. Final Fantasy Type-0 trailer is five minutes of characters
    1. EU News Wrap, September 5 - What happened today
    2. LittleBigPlanet image teases "something awesome" inbound
    3. GAME to stop selling pre-owned Xbox 360s
    4. Kojima confirms online four-play co-op for Peace Walker HD
    5. IO Interactive to present Hitman Absolution at EG Expo
    6. Rumour: Syphon Filter 4 coming winter 2012, says Italian OPM
    7. Dead Island to get strategy iOS app at release this week
    8. Kevin Butler leads Resistance in new TV ad
    9. UK charts: Driver held off top spot by Deus Ex
    10. Crytek slams "misleading accusations" over unfair dismissal
    11. BULLETCAST, September 5 - What you need to know now
    12. AU News Wrap, September 5 - What happened today
    13. Dead Island reviews start going live - all the details
    14. Monday Shorts - Gears of War LE selling out; Mass Effect statue scandal; Dead Island's famous family
    15. MLG Pro Circuit: Full Results from Raleigh
    16. Report – Rockstar to show Max Payne 3 next month
    17. Sports Showdown: Madden, FIFA, PES, NHL and NBA 2K
    18. Dragon Quest X unveiled, Wii U version announced
    19. Halo 4's Master Chief shines in new teaser artwork
    20. Gears of War 3 informed by fan feedback, other games, metrics
    21. Insomniac halts Resistance 3 development for Freddie Wong vid
    22. Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition to cost $100
    23. New Pokémon Centre to support victims of Tohoku quake
    24. Rock of Ages marks launch with new trailer, screens
    25. Riot shutters OS-X support for League of Legends
    26. AMY tech demos show off facial animation
    27. Forza 4 trailer shows off Infineon Raceway
    28. Sony: Microsoft's publishing guidelines 'protect consumers from great content'
    29. Resistance 3 survivor documentary is a tearjerker
    30. No DLC for Bastion because it feels "complete"
    1. Mutation Station turns up on Australian classification database
    2. Persona 2: Innocent Sin US launch trailer
    3. At least three city hubs cut from Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    4. See 45 minutes of direct feed Dead Island gameplay
    5. New Square Enix COO to push mobile and social development
    6. Dead Island US street release date broken
    1. New maps, screenshots for Red Orchestra 2 beta
    2. Is Slavery: The Game even real?
    3. CoD fan film, Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish now online
    4. Bit.Trip.Complete New Trailer
    5. Fourteen minutes of leaked Borderlands 2 gameplay
    6. Tera "The Journey" Cinematic CG trailer
    7. New Solatorobo: Red the Hunter combat videos
    8. The Weekly Wrap – CoD vs Battlefield, Jaffe speaks
    9. Batman: Arkham City achievements have been leaked
    10. Deus Ex "Missing Link" DLC coming in October
    11. New screens from Final Fantasy Type-0
    12. The making of McFarlane's Halo toys
    13. Valve games now on rival EA's Origin service
    14. Rage gets a lengthy cameo on Breaking Bad
    15. Kirby: Mass Attack NDS trailer
    16. XBL Indie Games Summer Uprising Continues, Day 8
    17. Fallout fan makes working Pip-boy 3000
    18. MW3 multiplayer: All the facts, first screenshots
    19. Sighting MW3′s multiplayer: Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling
    1. Grasshopper selling Shadows of the Damned soundtrack
    2. EVE Online offers bulk subscription for first time
    3. New Aliens: Infestation trailer (that other Aliens game)
    4. Activision exec explains why Call of Duty will continue growing
    5. Diligent fans uncover secret Deus Ex DLC "Missing Link"
    6. Update: Black Rock Studio officially closes today
    7. Call of Duty Elite: All the details from Los Angeles
    8. First MW3 multiplayer trailer escapes CoD XP
    9. Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders get CoD4 free on Direct 2 Drive
    10. Bioware founders Zeschuk, Muzyka headline Eurogamer Expo
    11. Call of Duty XP - Watch the opening briefing live here
    12. Updated: Child of Eden now $10 in US from Best Buy
    13. inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood cinemative trailer
    14. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine gets free Exterminatus DLC in October
    15. Video Game History Museum Kickstarter runs $20,000 surplus
    16. EA releases Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare trailer
    17. Square Enix set to unveil next Dragon Quest next week
    18. EU News Wrap, September 2 - What happened today
    19. Driver dev defends Ubisoft's DRM
    20. Friday Shorts - Arkham City Achievements, SSFIVAE PC patch, meta Minecraft
    21. Modern Warfare 3 gets two separate language versions in Japan
    22. Quick Shots: Asura's Wrath
    23. GAMEfest tickets selling out, Saturday fully booked
    24. Traditional retail outlets sell lion's share of Xbox Live Gold memberships
    25. Section 8: Prejudice DLC arriving on PSN
    26. Valkyria Chronicles 3 Extra Edition trailer
    27. Bullet Time: Sold-out Call of Duty XP event detail blowout
    28. AU News Wrap, September 2 - What happened today
    29. Faction choice in The Secret World is permanent
    30. Xbox Live Rewards now caters to AU, NZ
    31. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine post-launch co-op confirmed
    32. Super Effective: Hands-on with Mass Effect 3 at PAX
    33. London: Resistance theatre experience this weekend
    34. PSA - Assassin's Creed: Revelations multiplayer beta tomorrow, preload now
    35. Sledgehammer's third-person Call of Duty game was "compelling", but Modern Warfare 3 too good to miss
    36. Konami calls for ceasefire in UK price wars
    37. First DCUO expansion to be free, out September 6
    38. EA Sports targets ex-college football players for Madden dev team
    39. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One shows off more weaponry
    40. Corpse Party confirmed for PSN release with debut trailer
    41. Dragon's Dogma strongly influenced by Devil May Cry
    42. Japanese Charts - Monster Hunter triumphs again, 3DS still spiking
    43. Respawn: IP ownership is empowering
    1. Madden NFL 12 online servers down
    2. Two more Street Fighter x Tekken character teases
    3. Uber Entertainment talks going free-to-play
    4. GamersFirst says Realtime Worlds had big plans for All Points Bulletin
    5. Call of Duty Franchise on sale on Steam
    6. Activision sells 18 million Black Ops map packs
    7. Sony says PSN has recovered from attack, adds 3 million users
    8. Street Fighter X Tekken Final Box Art
    9. Red Dead Redemption "Myths and Mavericks" DLC Detailed
    10. Dark Souls gets second prologue video
    11. Dungeon Siege III DLC announced
    12. Capcom explains Dragon's Dogma pawn system
    13. Capcom details Street Fighter III DLC plan
    14. Square Enix reponds to Deus Ex racism accusations
    15. More than 40 staff whacked from Mafia dev 2K Czech
    16. EU News Wrap, September 1 - What happened today
    17. Is EA planning a Mass Effect Facebook game?
    18. Report - Eidos Montreal to create 350 new jobs by 2015
    19. GAME, GameStation get dibs on Arkham City Robin Pack
    20. Ronaldo gets stuck onto PES 2012 cover
    21. Perfect World: Star Trek Online going F2P, Torchlight MMO aiming for late 2012
    22. First Yakuza: Black Panther 2 details story
    23. Social gaming "not where" Bethesda's "interests lie," says Hines
    24. PlayStation Certified Sony tablets dated, priced
    25. Mass Effect 3, Need for Speed: The Run, FIFA 12 part of EA-HMV Gamerbase UK tour
    26. 3DS Ambassador Program kicks off in Europe
    27. The Binding of Issac gets first official trailer
    28. PlayStation Vita to make UK bow at Eurogamer Expo
    29. F1 2011 gets early October release in Japan
    30. Capcom bringing Street Fighter x Tekken, Asura's Wrath, more to TGS
    31. Sony bringing 19 unannounced Vita titles to TGS
    32. BULLETCAST, September 1 - What you need to know now
    33. AU News Wrap, September 1 - What happened today
    34. Thursday Shorts - 3DS Metroid crashes, CoD XP tickets, Diablo III intel
    35. PAX Prime 2011 hits 70,000 attendees
    36. Jaffe 2.0: David Jaffe on putting gameplay first
    37. Burnout Crash dated for September 20
    38. Nintendo to stream online pre-TGS 3DS event
    39. Into Dust: New Gears 3 cinematic trailer goes live
    40. Report - Team Bondi goes into administration
    41. Final Fantasy XIV to drop two level system
    42. FIFA 12 demo dated for September 14 in Australia
    43. Australian PS3 sales quadruple after price cuts
    44. Capcom looks to West for mergers and acquisition opportunities
    45. Pachter: Sony set to win the holidays
    46. Sony: Vita is all about games
    47. XSEED teasing creepy new horror title
    48. Batman: Arkham City to have New Game Plus option
    49. Doom and Doom 2 de-indexed in Germany
    50. Videogame History Museum reaches funding goal