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June 2008 Archive

    1. First FIFA 09 footage posted
    2. EA vet Neil Young now publishing iPhone games
    3. Infinite Undiscovery NA Box Art revealed
    4. New This is Vegas shots posted
    5. ESA collects $65,000 in legal fees from Minnesota
    6. Activision has no plans to expand in UK
    7. Soul Calibur on XBLA this week
    8. Industry revenues $57 billion in 2009, says DFC
    9. Limited edition Dark Knight 360 to be won
    10. MGS4 tops Spanish and German software charts
    11. Rock Band: The Who DLC now coming
    12. Valve hacker MaddoxX arrested in Holland
    13. One in five Canadians play games naked, says Microsoft
    14. Analyst boosts EA sharing rating
    15. Rare sales hit 100 million mark
    16. Funcom: AoC is "undisputed #2 subscription MMO in the western world"
    17. Stop slagging us off, says riled BBFC
    18. Huxley enters open beta in Korea
    19. Spore Creature Creator tops US PC chart
    20. Brawl goes top in the UK, Bad Company takes second
    21. Rumour: PS2 titles to hit PSN
    22. Too Human is 10 hours long, "isn't for everyone"
    23. Six things the Diablo III reveal can teach other publishers about unveiling games
    24. Exclusive Bourne dev video talks music and punches
    25. Criterion shows bikes in Burnout Paradise
    26. LittleBigPlanet live interview on Wednesday
    27. Confirmed: Firmware 2.40 for July 2 release
    28. Second, Trophy-showing Firmware 2.40 movie released by Sony
    29. Rock Band 2 release is "the same for Europe" (updated)
    30. Price-dropped 360s are refurbed machines?
    31. Jessica Chobot poses for VG247!
    32. Rumour: PS3 Trophy system revealed at 1pm today
    33. Rock Band 2 confirmed for 360 in September, "other platforms" later
    34. Eidos UK drops all internal PR
    35. Confirmed: Euro DualShock 3 for July 4 for ?39.99
    36. "Major retailer" confirms 360 price drop at E3
    37. Google search bar confirmed for PS3 Firmware 2.40
    38. Custom soundtracks confirmed for PS3 Firmware 2.40: all games supported?
    39. Part 1 of PS3 Firmware 2.40 walkthrough video shows new XMB features
    40. Blizzard Invitational: The final link round-up
    1. Watch American journalists rabbit about E3...again
    2. No to Diablo III on consoles
    3. Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe gets Catwoman
    4. Diablo III: World Lore and Environment Art panel movie
    5. New White Knight Story screenshots
    6. Super Smash Bros. Brawl custom stages can be shared between regions
    7. New Gears of War 2 footage
    8. Playstation 3 firmware 2.4 video coming tomorrow
    9. Blizzard Worldwide Invitational: Link avalanche
    10. Sony announces Playstation Edge?
    11. Huge class revamps coming in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King
    12. My Gamerpad picture proven fake
    13. Metal Gear Online hitting Japanese shelves on July 17
    1. Diablo III FAQ
    2. Pachter: 90 percent of last-gen sales were at $199 or below
    3. Yerli: Crytek sales to piracy ratio 1:15 or 1:20
    4. Acclaim announces Project "Top Secret" winner
    5. Gamesradar joins forces with N4G
    6. Diablo III: all the coverage in one place
    7. Diablo III gameplay video released
    8. Diablo III got its inspiration from WoW and Zelda, says Wilson
    9. Diablo III storyline and approx game length revealed
    10. Diablo III confirmed for Mac
    11. Diablo III to have new, in-house engine says Wilson
    12. Diablo III: "Too early to set date," says VP
    13. Live blogging the Diablo III European press conference
    14. First official Diablo III screenshots released
    15. reveals offical Diablo III image and logo
    16. "Diablo III is first and foremost a co-operative game," says lead designer
    17. Diablo III live demo details
    18. Confirmed: Diablo III announced at Blizzard Invitational
    19. Live blogging the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris!
    20. No Half Life 2: Episode 3 at E3
    21. Paris Blizzard Invitational: We're here! It's awesome!
    22. Samba De Amigo Wii to use maraca shells
    23. No Guild Wars 2 beta in 2008
    24. Playstation 3 Platinum titles to release on August 1 in France
    25. EA aware of Battlefield: Bad Company 360 connection issues
    26. Street Fighter IV arcade dated
    27. Guitar Hero World Tour to feature Hendrix, Ozzy and Sting?
    28. Sonic Unleashed Wii screenshots
    29. Killzone 2 website now live
    30. Penny Arcade Adventures episode 2 to feature Hat Spider
    1. Anne Diamond responds to controversy over Daily Mail anti-games piece
    2. 3D Realms: E3 “Irrelevant,” tiny screenshots are only way to go
    3. WiiWare platformer Eternity’s Child Europe-exclusive?
    4. Siren: Blood Curse Blu Ray to support English language
    5. Jumpgate Evolution teaser trailer unveiled
    6. New DC Universe Online details emerge
    7. First Tomb Raider: Underworld preview goes live
    8. Blizzard offering live streams of Invitational
    9. Valve: Why the PC is the future of gaming
    10. SOCOM: Confrontation - hands-on, video, shots
    11. Blizzard Worldwide Invitational: Live tomorrow at 11.45am CET
    12. now live
    13. New Saints Row 2 trailer released
    14. Diablo III forum found on Battle.Net
    15. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Fan Pack detailed
    16. TimeSplitters 4 scans posted from PSW
    17. Eternal Sonata PS3 shots released
    18. Subbuteo to kick off on DS
    19. New Playstation Home footage
    20. Microsoft: UK ratings could make games more expensive
    21. PlayStation 3 Wi-Fi network management: a how-to
    22. EuroClash to publish LGF guide
    23. Lego Indiana Jones demo now up on Live
    24. Brother in Arms: Hell's Highway dev diary posted
    25. Life with PlayStation video posted
    26. No movie companies have signed for PS3 download service
    27. New Disgaea 3 screenshots released
    28. Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford: Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway demo “definitely” on the way
    29. Castlevania Wii is a... one-on-one fighting game
    30. Wii Hanging was an accident, says coroner
    31. PS3 to get new Tales game?
    32. Win Bourne HMV special edition on PS3, 360, t-shirts, THE RESPECT OF YOUR FRIENDS
    33. First Guitar Hero: Aerosmith review posted
    34. The Force Unleashed team laid off
    35. Wright talks "cultural personality" in Spore
    36. PS3 sales crash back down in Japan
    37. "True generation" quality only on PS3, says Hirai
    38. 360 price cut makes sense, says Pachter
    39. Civ IV: Colonization previewed
    40. A first look at Damnation posted
    41. 360 price dropping to $299.99 on July 6?
    42. Blizzard announces WoW Authenticator
    43. "My GamerPad" rumoured for Live
    44. Sega announces London Summer of Sonic event
    45. US PSN update, June 26
    46. Ridiculous no-kill MGS4 completion movie posted
    1. Guitar Hero action figures coming this fall
    2. Age of Conan director compares WoW to McDonald’s
    3. PS3 to get smaller RSX graphics chip
    4. Ubisoft announces Prince of Persia: The Fallen King DS
    5. Xbox 360 DRM tool now available
    6. Mega Man 9 going to WiiWare
    7. Duke Nukem Forever not going to E3
    8. PAX announces attendees, looks cool
    9. Guinness World Records game finally announced
    10. Child commits suicide after parents confiscate Wii game
    11. Two Dissidia: Final Fantasy movies release
    12. Take-Two Geneva staff moving back to UK
    13. First Crysis: Warhead footage released
    14. New Final Fantasy Tactics A2 screenshots released
    15. PSN buddy-limit now 100
    16. Gosen: Microsoft getting "aggressive" in Europe
    17. Phil Harrison's influence on LittleBigPlanet was "pivotal"
    18. Fable 2 dialogue: 370,000 words recorded
    19. Sacred 2 announced for PS3
    20. Habbo announces 100 million avatar milestone
    21. European Guitar Hero: On Tour track listing revealed
    22. Commando 3 on Euro PSN next week
    23. Top Spin 3 demo on Live
    24. MGS4: 3 million copies "shipped"
    25. Sony: Achieving profitability top priority
    26. White Knight Story to release this fiscal year
    27. PS3 and PSP have sold over 50 million units, says Sony
    28. PlayStation Business Review posted in its entirety as PDF
    29. Over 9.8 million registered for PSN, says Sony
    30. Jumpgate Evolution beta sign-ups now live
    31. Search function shown for PSN Store
    32. PS3 set to deliver worldwide daily news
    33. Euro PSN update, June 26
    34. Sony: Cost cuts, better line-up to improve PS3
    35. PS3 movie downloads coming to the US this summer
    36. Gears 2 beta movies leaked
    37. Games Convention will happen in Leipzig in 2009, says Messe
    38. 360 ahead of PS3 in Europe, says Gosen
    39. Massive SFIIHD Beta movie released
    40. MGS4 knocked off top of Japanese chart
    41. In2Games shows next-gen console motion console motion controller
    42. Square launches Dissidia: Final Fantasy site, new screens
    43. Sony and Nintendo's shares boost on Fed assurances
    44. Echochrome out in Europe next week
    45. New Ghostbusters screens and hands-on
    46. EVE player council "pleased" with first CCP summit
    47. Rumour: Official Firmware 2.40 screens and walkthrough next week
    48. GamePro's Resistance 2 article scanned
    49. Eternal Sonata gets Japanese PS3 date
    50. MK vs DC Universe gameplay to be shown at Comic-Con
    51. Analyst: Buy Activision, not EA
    52. IGN goes hands-on with Crysis: Warhead, shots included
    53. SOE shows E3 line-up
    54. Government publishes Byron Review action plan
    55. New Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway footage released
    56. Supreme Commander 360 takes battering from IGN
    57. New York Senate passes video game bill
    58. Connecticut Senator can’t find rape scene in GTA IV – gee whiz, wonder why
    59. Watch 20 minutes of Far Cry 2 gameplay from Sweden
    60. Wii gets Taiwanese release date
    61. Fund takes 5.3 percent stake in Take-Two
    1. Chobot and IGN sign up for Xbox Live programming
    2. The UNSC Firebase and Warthog shown in Halo Wars
    3. Realtime Worlds donates $1K to All Points Bulletin fansite
    4. We won't patch Street Fighter HD Beta, says Capcom
    5. Blizzard’s Rob Pardo: Why MMOs don’t work on consoles
    6. Dyack tells "the Gaf": Stand up and be counted on Too Human
    7. Vote for a Prince of Persia 4 Achievement
    8. Microsoft’s letter to PC gamers is full of sunshine and rainbows
    9. Free World of Warcraft song for Guitar Hero III
    10. Over 1 million Spore creatures created in one week
    11. First MK vs DC action shots released
    12. Microsoft to show Mafia II, Borderlands on PC in SF today
    13. Gosen: Microsoft’s E3 will be "game changing"
    14. Seven whole minutes of Castlevania DS footage
    15. Siren gameplay video released
    16. Source: "There is Live-like stuff coming to PS3"
    17. Rumour: More PS3 gamer profile images posted
    18. European SingStore expands again
    19. New Mercenaries 2: World in Flames shots get chopper out
    20. "New" Resistance 2 footage released
    21. Nintendo still "least green tech firm", says Greenpeace
    22. 110,000 PS3s sold in Ireland
    23. IGN goes hands on with Gears of War 2 multiplayer
    24. Gears of War 2 multiplay movie released
    25. Sega confirms new dates for Hulk, Beijing PC and PictoImage
    26. Nintendo dates Wario Land and two others for US release
    27. Heap of new Soul Calibur IV info in this month's Famitsu
    28. PSN downtime paves way for video store?
    29. Insiders "sure" Diablo III will be announced on Saturday
    30. Nothing changes in Live play chart
    31. MGS4 finally gets Japanese launch event
    32. New Motorstorm 2 videos posted
    33. BBFC ratings could delay UK game releases, says EA
    34. CVG scoops Firmware 2.4 feature list
    35. SFIIHD Beta now Live
    36. Germany breaks through 1 million Wii barrier
    37. Blizzard confirms large announcement for Invitational
    38. Dyack talks Too Human "serving"
    39. Every Mortal Kombat fatality in seven minutes
    40. Capcom buys second Unreal Engine 3 license
    41. IGN makes content page update
    42. Crave left ESA because of company sale factors, says boss
    43. Rumour: Microsoft to allow third-party hardware to play 360 games
    44. Gears 2 multiplayer screens and video later today
    45. PSP Firmware 4.01 out now
    46. Rob Bowling does the Penthouse Pets "thing"
    47. Square Enix to release PSone oldies on PSN
    48. New inFamous shots and details emerge
    49. Super Turbo II HD Remix Beta hits Live today
    50. 2,676 people claim on Hot Coffee "scandal"
    51. Huxley video shows gameplay
    52. Sony announces PSP Firmware update 4.01
    53. Bayonetta makes cover of next month's EGM
    54. Three more Fallout 3 shots released
    55. Fable 2 rumoured for October
    1. Microsoft selects Jeff Bell’s replacement
    2. New Major Minor's Majestic March shots released
    3. English FFIV DS shots released
    4. Tales of Symphonia: in-game footage release
    5. PSN live again
    6. Doom creator all about graphics, doesn't care about user-created content
    7. Kratos rumoured as Soul Calibur IV character
    8. Wii hits 26 million units globally
    9. Sonic Unleashed not coming to DS
    10. World of Warcraft began life free-to-play and ad-supported
    11. Console gamers spend $30,000 during "peak gaming years"
    12. ESA: Crave's definitely out
    13. More EndWar beta keys released
    14. PSP will last for 10 years, says Sony
    15. Nintendo has success by not looking like Sega, says Miyamoto
    16. Fatalities Will be Returning in MK Vs. DC Universe
    17. New Viva 2 shots released
    18. EA Sports to bundle peripherals
    19. Rockstar denies Manhunt 2 Wii for August
    20. PSN downtime has nothing to do with Firmware 2.4, says Sony
    21. First Need for Speed Undercover details emerge
    22. Spore gets Galactic Edition
    23. Ubi opens development studio in Brazil
    24. God of War 3 to appear at E3
    25. Prizefighter demo up on Live
    26. In-game Dead Space footage is heavy on the action
    27. Rumour: Custom soundtracks for PS3 Firmware 2.4?
    28. EA shows Tiger Woods on Wii
    29. New Left 4 Dead screens released
    30. Investigation discovers 90% of traders sell violent games to kids
    31. The 10 most memorable games tradeshow press conferences of all time
    32. Full Wii and DS 2008 release schedules updated, Wario for September
    33. New Fable 2 dev diary released
    34. MGS4 sells 1 million in a week
    35. EA DICE: We have five Battlefield games in development
    36. Rage ambitions forced id to get serious about AI, says Hooper
    37. First Red Faction: Guerilla footage released
    38. New hi-res Killzone 2 shots released
    39. Tales of Vesperia movies show combat and talking
    40. Eutechnyx: Europe's games industry has been "decimated"
    41. Sonic celebrates 17th birthday
    42. Crave leaves ESA, brings tally up to five
    43. PSN to experience downtime today
    44. PS3 Trophy screens leaked?
    45. Next Halo novel to be released as audio book
    46. 2K programmer: "BioShock should have failed"
    47. SCEA: More MGS4 bundles on the way
    48. Infinity Ward launches new site
    49. Evil Avatar hits 1 million posts
    50. Pandemic releases barnstorming LotR: Conquest trailer
    51. Third Dead Space cartoon episode released
    52. New Red Alert 3 screens released
    53. New Huxley cinematic released
    1. Blizzard artist in Hydra rumour shocker
    2. Majestic responds to plagiarism charges over Limbo of the Lost
    3. Ensemble not sure if Halo Wars will be playable at E3
    4. Rune Factory site launched
    5. Hayter wants Sony to let him write MGS4 film script
    6. NOM reviews Alone in the Dark Wii
    7. CoD5 isn’t going back to World War II, says Treyarch
    8. Billy Corgan to feature in next Guitar Hero?
    9. Zack & Wiki sequel looking unlikely
    10. Supreme Commander 360 hits shelves
    11. First Wii Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels trailer released
    12. Quantic Dream considers second title
    13. Sony loses $3.31 billion on PS3 in two years
    14. Partnertrans to localize Lord of the Rings Online expansion
    15. US uni IT applications down 50%
    16. New Left 4 Dead gameplay video released
    17. SSFIITHDR Beta posted on Live
    18. CoD5 Wii Zapper support confirmed
    19. Lego Indiana Jones goes back to number one in UK
    20. Rockstar patches PS3 and 360 GTA IV
    21. Metro gives Metal Gear Solid 4 a 3/5
    22. "Stay tuned" on Uncharted 2, says Naughty Dog
    23. Crytek moves on Chinese dev market with CryEngine 2
    24. Banjo packshot released
    25. Halo 3 campaign kill count exceeds population of earth
    26. SCEJ posts timer for "OR2"
    27. Jaffe: Make Spider-Man: Web of Shadows more interesting
    28. Free DLC goes Live for Frontlines
    29. Good games don't need big teams, says Media Molecule
    30. US retailers list StarCraft II for December launch
    31. Watch American journalists rabbit about E3
    32. Exclusive: First Ghostbusters PKE meter and library ghost footage
    33. ices up
    34. MGS4 Database confirmed for June 26 Euro release
    35. PES 09 confirmed for autumn launch for PS3, 360, PC, PS2 and PSP
    36. Alone in the Dark 360 demo "in the coming weeks"
    37. Call of Duty: World at War has four-way co-op
    38. European console releases - week ending Friday 27 June
    39. Complete Guitar Hero: Aerosmith track-list revealed
    40. No more numbers in CoD game titles, says Treyarch
    41. NYT hunts for hidden meanings in MGS4
    42. Beatles people in talks with Activision and MTV
    1. Rumour: Nibris has DS Sadness in the works
    2. Sony PSN cards available at midwest retailer
    3. Rumour: Independent NZ gaming stores bought out by EB Games
    4. Age of Conan back after short outage
    5. No disc-swapping for Forza 3, say Indians
    6. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows video shows combat
    7. Titan to produce WoW graphic novel
    8. Christian Bale rumoured for Snake in MGS movie
    9. Hackers beat Wii Firmware with Twilight Hack upgrade
    10. SouthPeak gets $13 million in funding
    1. Excrutiating Guitar Hero: On Tour launch trailer released
    2. MGS4 is second-highest scoring console exclusive this gen
    3. UFC 2009 Undisputed: first screens, impressions, video
    4. Bungie releases new Cold Storage screens
    5. Call of Duty: World at War trailer and official shots released
    6. Post-release UK AitD reviews set to stun, ugly Atari rumours emerge
    7. RE5 is a simultaneous release, assures Capcom
    8. Win Resistance 2 beta keys in next GamePro
    9. More Resident Evil 5 racism allegations surface
    10. Payton: MGS4 pre-launch was "a blur"
    11. Wright to demo Spore in SF on June 21
    12. Dead Space strategic dismemberment movie is awesome
    13. New Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway shots and video released
    14. Worldwide Amazon charts, June 20
    15. Sadness is real, says creator
    16. Soul Calibur IV character customisation shown off
    17. EVE ambulation to be shown at Fanfest 08
    1. IGN UK gives Alone in the Dark a 7/10
    2. MMO revenues to hit $68.3 billion by 2012
    3. GTA movie is impossible, thanks to Ron Howard
    4. Tomb Raider portal launched, November release confirmed
    5. Forbes: Europe has biggest potential as games market
    6. Traveller's Tales details Guinness World Records game
    7. Braben: 95% of UK games uni courses are "waste of time"
    8. More Max Payne movie shots released
    9. Sony boss: PlayStation profitability is top priority
    10. First Battlestations Pacific trailer released
    11. Edinburgh announces top partners for 08 show
    12. THQ announces UFC 2009 Undisputed
    13. Violent games encourage knife crime, says Boris Johnson
    14. Tales of Vesperia: demo impressions
    15. Atari "happy" with UK AitD review scores
    16. Tales of Vesperia demo hits Asian Marketplace
    17. PC Alone in the Dark uses SecuROM online protection
    18. Gameplayer posts "mixed" thoughts on Too Human
    19. Loads more Infinite Undiscovery shots posted
    20. PCGames gives AitD 80%, goes 7 and 8/10
    21. More poor Alone in the Dark scores from Scandinavia
    22. DRM restrictions lifted from PC BioShock
    23. Rumour: FFXIII for December in Japan
    24. PS3 leaps forward on MGS4 launch in Japan
    25. Pyro update released for TF2
    26. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition dated for September
    27. John McCain uses MoH music in campaign video
    28. Euro Platinum PS3 designs posted
    29. BioWare MMO for fiscal 2010, says Riccitiello
    30. ERSB to stem game announce leaks from its site
    31. Datel admits Wii Firmware 3.3 screws Freeloader
    32. Atari threatens legal action over German AitD review
    1. US PSN update, June 19
    2. No MGS4 Database for Euro PSN
    3. Microsoft: We've got more games for E3
    4. New Guitar Hero: World Tour screens, instrument photos, words
    5. Rumour: Dark Cloud 3 in the works
    6. All the Metal Gear Solid 4 eggs in one basket
    7. LBP's status has come as a shock, says Media Molecule
    8. Playstation Patrol showing pre-release LBP
    9. Rumour: First PES 09 menu shots posted
    10. RPS goes hands-on with Multiwinia, shots included
    11. WoW maybe getting level 30 mounts
    12. SCEE: The PS3 install base is growing faster than PS2s
    13. Latest EGM cover is Killzone 2
    14. MGS Database on Japanese PSN has English language support
    15. Take-Two reaches agreement with FTC
    16. First 360 Raiden IV shots from Famitsu
    17. Levine confirmed for Develop
    18. New Wii and DS Star Wars Clone Wars games detailed
    19. Two Star Wars Clone Wars games confirmed for November
    20. Final Fantasy XIII confirmed for E3, dating hint possible
    21. Square: FF Versus XIII on hold reports "are false"
    22. THQ: Saints Row 2 more "tongue in cheek" than GTA
    23. Mario Puzo's son sues Paramount over Godfather game
    24. Microsoft posts another "temporary" Gears of War 2 box
    25. Gamereactor re-posts Alone in the Dark review - with the same score
    26. New Densetsu no Stafy DS game on the way
    27. Crytek: Warhead will run at high settings on a 400 PC
    28. Peter Moore: Rock Band will change the way we think about games
    29. Japanese software figures: MGS madness
    30. Caffeinated Games might bring Farmlands to Wii
    31. Lucasarts: No new games at E3 due to "noise"
    32. Tecmo slams "false and inaccurate reporting"
    33. Metal Gear Solid database sneak peak
    34. Home: dress
    35. Interview: Prototype's Tim Bennison
    36. MGS4 Database posted on Japanese PSN
    37. Australian GDAA boss quits
    38. EA bans porny Spore creature
    39. Tomb Raider Underworld confirmed for E3
    40. Neil Young quits EA
    41. First Infamous screens posted
    42. Mirror's Edge dev video interview posted
    43. More than 250,000 Spore creatures created in one day
    44. Age of Conan still topping US PC chart
    45. MGS4 Database for PSN release today
    46. Riccitiello: Dragon Age and Saboteur for Q1 09
    47. Dickensian Fable 2 goes Oliver - movie
    48. First Quantum of Solace screen released
    49. New Disgaea DS trailer released
    1. Alone in the Dark was only sent to Gamereactor yesterday, says Atari
    2. Gaming Industry to be worth $68 billion by 2012
    3. Wii Fit Girl on TRL
    4. NCSoft is hiring
    5. Opoona slips due to translation problems
    6. Court greenlights Ziff bankruptcy plan
    7. Age of Conan up for Joysticks
    8. Konami making a very limited edition MGS4 watch
    9. Top-selling casual games can cost as little as $25,000, says Jagex
    10. 10-minute movie of EndWar beta posted
    11. Next Need for Speed is Undercover
    12. FF Versus XIII on hold
    13. World of Warcraft promotes leadership qualities
    14. First Alone in the Dark reviews point to shoeing
    15. TF2 Pyro updates detailed
    16. Riccitiello details Need for Speed dev changes, shrugs off Pro Street
    17. EA expects online revenue explosion from Asia
    18. Riccitiello: "Dragon Age won't be a risk"
    19. FFXIII not playable at Square August event
    20. Even more Crysis: Warhead shots posted
    21. Gamers with Jobs talks to John Carmack about "patent trolls"
    22. CoD lords over Live, GTA digs heels in
    23. Ninja Theory: "We get along just fine with Sony"
    24. Satchell: "We don’t need BBFC or PEGI"
    25. Ubisoft issues ultra-"no comment" on new Driver game
    26. Tecmo moves to shut Itagaki up
    27. Tsunoda: "I'd give Gears of War 1 an eight"
    28. Tsunoda: First Gears of War gameplay was "repetitive"
    29. Blezinski: Gears of War female narrator revealed in Gears 2
    30. Cliff Blezinski won't rule out Gears of War 3 or 4
    31. Reflections "working on a whole new version" of Driver
    32. Major Resident Evil 5 reveal planned for E3
    33. New FFXIII and FF Versus XIII shots pop up in Famitsu
    34. Facebreaker confirmed for September 5 release
    35. Get your face into Eternity's Child
    36. SCEE stonewalls Siren Euro Blu-ray release talk
    37. Yakuza 2 to feature Japanese audio with English subtitles
    38. Google working on a PSP - photo
    39. PSP Firmware 4.0 available now
    40. Sony officially confirms in-game XMB and Trophies for Firmware 2.40
    41. PS3 Firmware 2.36 now live
    42. New Velvet Assassin screens and weapon details released
    43. Rumour: "Crucible" movie is Oblivion designer's console RPG
    44. TF2 Pyro Achievement list leaked
    45. Guitar Hero: On Tour site launches
    46. Riccitiello slams "cult" game reviewing
    47. Heap of Halo Wars shots released
    48. Meet the Sniper TF2 video is honestly funny
    49. StarCraft II - new screen and bit of art
    1. Riccitiello talks Godfather II
    2. Riccitiello: WAR won't rival WoW
    3. Riccitiello: Boom Blox sales have met our expectations
    4. LocoRoco 2 confirmed for 2008 release
    5. Marathon gets DLC
    6. E3 2008: Sony press conference confirmed for The Shrine
    7. Sony confirms new games for E3 - picture proof included
    8. New Dead Space screenshots looking 'good'
    9. Ninja Theory responds to Heavenly Sword 2 rumour
    10. Crysis: Warhead - decent shots
    11. Microsoft will attend E for All
    12. New Initial D screenshots look ropey
    13. Spector tired of guys in black leather, 100-hour games
    14. GameStation hosting SSBB Showdown on June 28
    15. New Sonic Unleashed footage released
    16. Leaked video of The Crucible... isn't
    17. Rumour: Heavenly Sword 2 canned
    18. MGS4 has minimal impact on UK PS3 sales, says Chart-Track
    19. Eurogamer gives MGO 7/10
    20. Take-Two to EA: Your offer isn't high enough
    21. LostWinds most downloaded on Euro WiiWare
    22. EA extends Take-Two offer to July 18, no price change
    23. Aaron Greenberg in bed with two women from Penthouse
    24. First proper Wario Land: The Shake Dimension images emerge
    25. Wheelman is "8-10 hours" long
    26. "82% of consumers react positively to in-game ads" says IGA
    27. Call of Duty: World at War movie on XBLM next week
    28. Spore Creature Creator demo released
    29. Fischer: Nintendo "working on solution" to Wii storage issue, but hard drive ruled out
    30. Official "temporary" Gears of War 2 packshot revealed
    31. VG247's looking for new contributors: apply within
    32. Wii update kills hacks, homebrew, Freeloader
    33. Nine minutes of English of the Dead footage
    34. MGS4 rush pushes PS3 sales to 80,000 in Japan in past week
    35. "47-button controllers" stifling games growth, says Bushnell
    36. Spore Creature Creator releases today
    37. Nvidia announces GeForce GTX 200 series
    38. PixelJunk Eden demo in July
    39. September WiiWare project confirmed from 1080 Snowboarding dev
    40. Hell's Kitchen for DS and Wii, says EB
    41. Lost Planet movie on the way?
    42. Levine in contract negotiations with 2K, says Variety
    43. Rough PS3 launch year third-party support was down to "miscalculation", says Yoshida
    44. Video interview with Shuhei Yoshida
    45. Hands-on and movie of Tiger Woods 09
    46. TF2 pyro update and new maps today
    47. GamePro gets hands-on with Halo Wars
    48. New Halo novel this autumn
    49. PSP Firmware 4.0 adds video speed control
    50. Joystiq celebrates fourth birthday
    51. Len Wiseman to direct Gears of War movie
    52. Perry's Project Top Secret winner about to be announced
    1. UK charts: Metal Gear goes top
    2. First Crysis Warhead screens posted
    3. PSP Firmware 4.0 to add Google to XMB
    4. Intellisponse on megaton death-leak: "We don't comment on rumours"
    5. New Siren: Blood Curse shots released
    6. Vote for Golden Joysticks finalists now
    7. EndWar beta goes live
    8. Mythic reveals 50 "things" about Warhammer Online
    9. Forced Unleashed gets comic and novel
    10. EA deadline for Take-Two buyout passes today
    11. Rock Band Pixies album costs ?13
    12. Rumour: Trioxide allows console games to be played on PC
    13. Sony dev boss Yoshida gives first interview since replacing Harrison
    14. First Call of Duty: World at War screens posted
    15. Tom Clancy's HAWX gets amBX
    16. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky shots, direct-feed video, interview
    17. Bioshock PS3 still set for October release date
    18. Intellisponse rumour round-up - lest we forget
    19. How Alone in the Dark got made - movie
    20. Rise of the Argonauts FMV released
    21. Actual fact: Eight Days and Getaway cancellation was a "global decision"
    22. Another rumour: PS3 Firmware 2.36 imminent
    23. Proto-rumour: No more dashboard revamps for 360
    24. Sony: Michael Denny and Scott Rohde appointed as WWS region heads for Europe and America
    25. May NPD anaysis graphs fail to deliver
    26. Rumour: Wii Fit causes ?20 million in damages to UK homes
    27. Rumour: MS to allow XNA devs to use avatars for free
    28. Wii Sports tops Famitsu 500 for 2007
    29. Rumour: Tony Hawk games to get unique Wii board peripheral
    30. Rumour: First video of Silicon Knight's The Crucible emerges
    31. Rumour: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II detailed
    32. Rumour: 14 Spider-Man game concepts revealed
    33. Rumour: Guitar Hero IV to cost $180
    34. Rumour: Call of Duty 5 boxart possibles emerge
    35. Rumour: Dozens of staffers leaving Team Ninja
    1. Rumour: Wii Yoga concept revealed
    2. Rumour: New Singstar-esque game Lips revealed
    3. Rumour: Microsoft to launch 360 "Avatars"
    4. Rumour: Forza 3 details leaked, two-DVD game, images of pricing, DLC, CE and information for US and UK
    5. New Sacred 2 screenshots look pretty diabolical
    6. New Halo 3 map Cold Storage revealed at MLG San Diego
    7. Schachter calls for more Wii third-party hits
    8. Afrika's gazelles are "extremely life-like"
    9. StarCraft II movie shows Terran action
    10. Spore Creature Creator demo leaked
    11. What Metal Gear is: "The joy, the smiling faces of people who accomplished the impossible"
    12. Battlefield Heroes beta security breached
    13. Darlings awarded in Queen's Birthday Honours
    14. Read Randy Pitchford talking over 10 pages
    1. IGN US and Gamespot give MGS4 a 10
    2. Interview: Chris Easton on Prince of Persia
    3. Pachter on Nintendo: "How the hell do they keep doing this?"
    4. American McGee's Grimm gets video and episode dates
    5. Halo Wars will ship "when it's ready"
    6. Siren devs talk Sight Jacking and "nightmarish world"
    7. GameTrailers shows Resistance 2 gameplay footage
    8. Get your face in Street Fighter IV
    9. MGS IV will shift more PS3s than GTA IV, says analyst
    10. Retro Studios looking for new staffers
    11. Atari reports $23.6 million annual loss
    12. CoD5 has to "redefine WWII genre"
    13. GAME customers name CoD4 as greatest game of all time
    14. Amazon sales charts, all regions, all platforms, June 14
    15. 360 sees slow week-on-week rise in Japan
    16. Rumour: "Break apart" PS3 controller... isn't
    17. Gears 2 flamethrower to have fuel meter, more new stuff
    18. Microsoft Game Studios launches Platform Biased podcast
    1. "Too early to tell" when next Xbox will be launched, says Bach
    2. A picture of Hideo Kojima's brain
    3. Cryptic counting down to Star Trek MMO (probably)
    4. New Too Human trailer shows co-op
    5. Fiddy Sand Blooder will be the Diablo of shooters
    6. Super Mario RPG coming to PAL territories
    7. Rumour: Developers already have motion-sensing PS3 pad
    8. Exclusive: Nintendo's Laurent Fischer "regrets" geeks and otaku remark
    9. Guitar Hero: On Tour DS bundle dated for Europe
    10. Funcom announces major Age of Conan additions
    11. Nothing as big as Halo 3 this year, admits Kim
    12. Civilization Revolution launch movie shows unit progression
    13. Virtual Console EU update, June 13
    14. First hands-on with Saints Row 2 published
    15. MGS4 sells 300,000 on day one in Japan
    16. Prototype's multiplayer may make it after all, says Radical
    17. PSP is a "cautionary tale" Zune won't replicate, says Bach
    18. PS3 exclusives sell "45% more" than those on 360 and Wii
    19. Jaffe slams Fischer over Wii storage comments
    20. PSP unassailable in Japan
    21. New, spoiler-filled Force Unleashed trailer released
    22. May NPD: Everything in once place
    23. New Conduit shots released, make Wii sweat
    24. No plans for Star Ocean 4 on PS3
    25. Upcoming US Madden event is PlayStation-only
    26. Square shows footage of MMO Concerto Gate
    27. Jim Rossignol talks gaming travel book
    28. Wii Move in the works
    29. Sixth and final Metal Gear retrospective episode posted
    30. Nintendo sues Nyko over Wii controllers
    31. Too Human gold master is "days away," say Dyack
    32. May NPD: Sony statement focuses on beating 360
    33. May NPD: Microsoft's statement keeps attention on "blistering GTA"
    34. May NPD: Nintendo reaction focuses on Mario Kart and Wii Fit
    35. May NPD: Lack of GTA hardware boost is a "surprise," says Frazier
    36. May NPD: PS3 outsells 360, Wii nearly beats 360 install base
    37. May NPD: Guitar Hero III leads "battle of the bands"
    38. May NPD: Year-to-date sales hit $6.58 billion
    39. May NPD: Total sales hit $1.12 billion, show 37% YoY increase
    40. May NPD: GTA IV beats Mario Kart to top spot
    1. Shane Kim: Japan is a "longer-term effort"
    2. UK releases, week ending Friday June 13
    3. House of Commons to debate gaming-related epilepsy
    4. members "guaranteed beta access"
    5. Caffeinated Games created by ex-SOCOM chap
    6. John Wendel announces Camp Fatal1ty
    7. Even more Lego Batman shots
    8. R-Type Tactics gets release date
    9. Songs from your HDD on your MGS4 iPod after FW 2.4?
    10. Shane Kim promoted at MGS, Jeff Bell leaving Microsoft
    11. New Alone in the Dark Wii movie released
    12. Capcom dates Onimusha and Clock Tower films
    13. Jackson: Children won't be protected by BBFC
    14. Far Cry 2 devs wanted to "get rid of island scene"
    15. GamesRadar wants a new section editor - it could be you
    16. US getting Guitar Hero DS bundle on June 22
    17. Game addicts maintain social skills, says psychologist
    18. MGS4 delayed in Spain
    19. Europe to get UT3 360 before America
    20. Happier photos from the Tokyo Metal Gear launch
    21. Japanese software figures: Dragon Ball Z goes top
    22. MGS Europe: We will never cancel a game
    23. Tri Synergy pulls Limbo of the Lost after Oblivion "similarities" found
    24. Ubi refuses to confirm simultaneous Prince of Persia platform release
    25. Euro PSN update, June 12
    26. Capcom to announce two new games at E3
    27. Microsoft to make "spectacular, desperate" play in E3 press conference
    28. No more Space Channel 5, says Mizuguchi
    29. EA Sports is "never satisfied" says Moore
    30. Photos from the MGS4 San Francisco midnight opening
    31. Photos from the MGS4 London Zavvi midnight opening
    32. Photos from the MGS4 Osaka launch: no one turned up
    33. More MGS4 gameplay - camo in action
    34. Even more Times Square MGS4 launch photos
    35. More photos from the MGS4 Times Square launch
    36. Guardian reviews "Ninja Garden 2"
    37. Flagship staffer does fast back-tracking on "droves" blog post
    38. TriSynergy "shocked" over Oblivion similarities
    39. Penny Arcade game released on Steam
    40. Gamers sue EA over "anticompetitive conduct" with Madden
    41. New Strong Bad movie released
    42. Spore Creature Creator price to be taken off full game's cost
    43. EA, Microsoft, Sony, Capcom, D3, Natsume and XSEED confirm E3 line-ups
    44. Shots from the MGS4 Times Square midnight opening
    45. UT3 to launch in US on July 7
    1. New Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World movie released
    2. ESA spends $714,000 on lobbying in Q1
    3. Site calls out RPG on Oblivion theft
    4. Everyone's getting MGS4 early
    5. Capcom celebrates 25th birthday
    6. Microsoft launches Xbox 360 credit card in India
    7. Four new PS3 game and controller bundles announced for Europe
    8. Three new Bioshock PS3 screenshots
    9. Janco's Hickey shows Saints Row 2 trailer the hand
    10. Audio of Jack Thompson's Miami hearing posted
    11. US PlayStation Blog is a year old today
    12. Nintendo denies involvement in "Wii Fit girl" movie
    13. Gametrailers to debut Resistance 2 gameplay
    14. Adam Beach rumoured for Turok movie
    15. Square announces first FFXIII showing for August
    16. SCEA confirms E3 press conference details
    17. Price admits Resistance 1 won't support Trophies and Home
    18. Fatal Inertia EX delayed slightly in Europe
    19. Easton hints at new Prince of Persia franchise
    20. Wii shooter The Conduit for Q1 2009 release
    21. Live rankings remain unchanged, GTA IV still third
    22. Age of Conan tit nerf fury left Funcom "very, very, very surprised"
    23. Tabula Rasa isn't screwed, says NCsoft
    24. EVE Online enters Empyrean Age
    25. New DS colours hit UK
    26. Atari UK boss to quit this month
    27. Analysts raise expectations on "powerhouse" ActiBlizz
    28. Dark Sector demo on Live now
    29. Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 up on Live
    30. The 10 most influential games journalists in Britain today
    31. The reason behind 360's RROD: "Microsoft wanted to avoid an ASIC vendor"
    32. IGN US refuses to review MGS4 until it can play MGO
    33. Fifth part of Metal Gear video retrospective posted
    34. Staff leaving Flagship "in droves," says programmer
    35. Sporepedia now live
    36. Get Psi-Ops for free
    37. New Resident Evil 5 producer interview posted
    38. Spore gets minimum system specs
    39. Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise - impressions, shots, movie
    40. Episodic move away from "hard goods" desirable, says Zelnick
    41. Turbine confirms console MMO
    42. Hands-on with Infinite Undiscovery
    43. Four more MGS4 gameplay videos show shooting
    44. Infamous headlines next Game Informer
    45. Gears of War 2 video to be included with 360 UT3
    1. New Spider-Man - first shots
    2. Age of Conan top of US PC Chart
    3. Ready at Dawn officially finished with PSP development
    4. Konami cancels MGS4 Japanese launch events
    5. New Force Unleased screenshots, Vader included
    6. Infinity Ward to LucasArts: We're hiring
    7. First screens of Wario Land: The Shake Dimension pop up
    8. Nintendo partners with Edinburgh Festival
    9. Pre-order Too Human, get free armour
    10. Crisis Core PSP announced for Europe
    11. Second Race Driver: GRID Demo Released
    12. Man makes ZX Spectrum sound like Radiohead
    13. Atari founder "thrilled" to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio
    14. New MGS4 gamesplay vid shows what to expect
    15. British Government reviewing French tax breaks for UK equivalent
    16. Civilization MMO "really intriguing," says Meier
    17. Bungie to keynote Develop 2008
    18. New Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise trailer released
    19. No PC-exclusive games in the future, says Nvidia
    20. Ubidays 2008 trailers now up on Uplay
    21. Star Ocean 4, Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery trailers posted
    22. Realtime Worlds moving towards "full public beta" of APB
    23. Rumour: Limited edition PSP hardware for Euro Crisis Core launch
    24. Square Enix formalises Euro 360 JRPG details
    25. Afrika priced and dated
    26. Prince of Persia co-op now a "possibility"
    27. Last Remnant will be released on Xbox 360 first, worldwide this winter
    28. Infinite Undiscovery gets staggered worldwide release throughout September
    29. Star Ocean 4 titled Star Ocean The Last Hope, confirmed for 360 in 2009
    30. Tales of Vesperia demo promised for June
    31. Tales of Vesperia to release on August 7 in Japan, August in US, 2009 in Europe
    32. Take-Two would be good fit for Ubisoft, says Forbes
    33. Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir announced
    34. Entire WWDC keynote video posted
    35. New Far Cry 2 PS3 screens posted
    36. Activision Blizzard on deadline to pick final name
    37. Criterion posts stunning Burnout PC screens
    38. New Darksiders video shows how the world ends
    39. 1C bringing IL-2 Sturmovik and Captain Blood to consoles
    40. Valve seeks VO actor for Portal 2, character and plot revealed
    41. New Halo Wars shots, co-op confirmation
    42. Sony and BioWare to keynote Women in Games conference
    43. MGS1 rumoured for XBLA
    44. New Siren shots show female character
    1. Civ IV: Colonization announced
    2. Rumour: Ironside dropped as Fisher voice for Conviction
    3. Yves Guillemot talks buying Take-Two and 3D TVs
    4. id may go back to ESA says, Hollenshead
    5. First PS3 Initial D footage drifts into view
    6. Cell powers fastest ever computer
    7. Sega, Pangea, Digital Legends show off $9.99 iPhone games
    8. Fifth EVE Fanfest dated
    9. Capcom US doesn't want Resident Evil 0 on Wii
    10. PSP takes 37% of Japanese market in May
    11. Lego Indiana Jones knocks GTA IV off top of UK charts
    12. Achievement system spotted in Wrath of the Lich King
    13. "No official plans" for Dungeon Siege 3, says Taylor
    14. Burnout Paradise Cagney update for July 10
    15. Entire CoD: World at War OXM article scanned
    16. Up to 40% growth expected in the US for May
    17. THQ Gamer's Day 08: Baja "has 300 miles of unrepeated terrain" in one race
    18. THQ Gamer's Day 08: Volition - "GTA and Saints Row 2 and then everybody else"
    19. Vader and Yoda on Soul Calibur IV box art
    20. THQ Gamer's Day 08: Baja - AI "will drive your car while you make a sandwich"
    21. Pachter: 360 outsold PS3 in the US in May
    22. Sebastian: No PS3 price cut this year
    23. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo on Live
    24. CoD5 has co-op, vehicles in multiplayer, CoD4 engine, every format apart from PSP
    25. CoD 5 called Call of Duty: World at War, set in Pacific
    26. Konami: MGS4 pre-orders are "huge", midnight opening at Zavvi on Oxford Street
    27. Alone in the Dark gold
    28. Fallout 3: Survival Edition - No "similar deal over our way at the moment"
    29. Call of Duty 5 will be revealed in "mid-to-late" June
    30. Third Dead Space dev diary released
    31. MGS4 install times revealed, Kojima makes in-game Blu-ray joke
    32. MGS4 street date broken, Kojima relaxed
    33. Bach denies Blu-ray Xbox 360 announcement today
    34. Heap of new Shiki-tei shots released
    35. Luc Bernard doesn't want to "live off noodles"
    1. Hands-on with Eternity's Child
    2. 67,000 shuttles whacked in EVE's Jita
    3. Laurent Fischer: Only geeks want hard drives
    4. OPSM scores Metal Gear Online
    5. Microsoft to hold "Xbox 360 RPG Premiere 2008" on Tuesday
    6. New in-game XMB vid posted
    7. Rumour: MS to announce 360 with Blu-ray tomorrow
    1. Ninja Gaiden 2 demo now available in the US and Canada
    2. The most ridiculous Guitar Hero video anyone will ever see
    3. Whedon's Firefly is inspiration for Mirror's Edge
    4. Buy Commando 3, get Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix beta invite
    5. More on Japanese Tenchu IV showing
    6. NIS America shows Disgaea 3, Witch's Tale and Rhapsody
    7. New Halo Wars shots and info in GamePro this month
    8. Crytek: All future releases will be cross-platform
    9. Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway demo confirmed
    10. Leo DiCaprio to star in Bushnell biopic
    11. New Tomb Raider Underworld shot surfaces
    12. Mario Super Slugger screens strike out
    13. New Dawn of War II shots released
    14. LucasArts confirms layoffs
    1. New Tenchu IV trailer confirms release date
    2. Amazon seals exclusive Fallout 3 SKU
    3. Tabula Rasa missing from NCSoft Q1 financials
    4. Secret Apprentice seen in new Soul Calibur IV video
    5. MGS4 Gun Metal Bundle sells out in seven minutes
    6. Analysts: Microsoft's efforts "disastrous"
    7. Fallout 3 Collectors Edition for US only
    8. EA predicts UEFA 2008 winner using game engine
    9. More Sega oldies head to British PCs
    10. THQ full year sales dead flat, profit turns to loss
    11. Afrika gameplay trailer released
    12. Qore now live on US PSN, first impressions
    13. New Wii Facebook app acts as unified friends list
    14. Pachter: GTA IV won't sell more than 12 million units this year
    15. First Tenchu IV shots, Ubisoft to publish in Europe and the US
    16. Microsoft: GTA IV DLC still on track for beginning of "fall 2008"
    17. PSN Resident Evil trailer differs from CAPTIVATE08 footage
    18. Sega dates Sonic Unleashed, Yakuza 2, others
    19. GRID to launch in Japan this year
    20. Army of Two DLC hits Euro Live
    21. Taylor confirms Dungeon Siege 3, drops parties
    22. Age of Conan passes 1 million units shipped
    23. Funcom to announce new Age of Conan areas, features and PvP revamp next week
    24. San Andreas is biggest game in American history
    25. Disgruntled LucasArts employee lists games, says KOTOR 3 is MMO, hates Fracture
    26. Disgaea 3: interview, screens movie
    27. Take-Two Q2 financials - All cash, GTA and Bioshock news in one place
    28. Secret Apprentice included in Soul Calibur IV
    29. Japanese hardware figures show slight boost
    30. Rumour: Up to 100 LucasArts staffers laid off
    31. Take-Two may enter rhythm-action space
    32. Survey shows possible Rock Band 2 box art
    33. Deus Ex available for free on GameTap
    34. Ubidays 2008 wrap-up video posted
    35. 80Gb MGS4 bundle goes on pre-order in US today
    36. ESA boss shrugs off departures, points to "fluctuation"
    37. First Dawn of War 2 in-game footage released, first impressions
    38. US PSN content update, June 15
    39. EA offer costs Take-Two $5.3 million in legal fees
    1. Bioshock movie may come alongside third game, says Zelnick
    2. GTA IV DLC: Same team and studio making content, delay nothing to do with dev issues
    3. GTA accounted for 78% of Take-Two's revenues for Q2
    4. Take-Two has 33 games in development, sports business to make loss this year
    5. Take-Two actively in discussions with a number a companies over buyout
    6. Rumour confirmed: Gore Verbinski to direct Bioshock movie
    7. GTA IV DLC delayed until Q1 FY 09
    8. GTA IV sells 8.5 million units out of 11 million shipped, Bioshock hits 2.2 million
    9. Take-Two profits beats expectations on strong GTA IV
    10. In-game footage of Duke Nukem Forever, here, now
    11. First mention made of PSP Firmware 3.96
    12. Konami responds over MGS4 review restrictions
    13. Apple could kill DS with iPod, says Forbes
    14. Crysis Warhead will support Games for Windows Live
    15. Guitar Hero III to get five DLC packs in June
    16. Tales of Symphonia Wii - movie
    17. PC Gamer US gets first look at Crysis Warhead, cover
    18. Sega Rally ran into "brick wall" of Halo 3 and FIFA
    19. Ferrari Challenge goes to Activision in the US
    20. First Crysis Warhead screens in late June, early July
    21. Crysis Warhead is "parallel story to Crysis", PC-only
    22. Develop Awards finalists announced
    23. Nintendo opens Fatal Frame Wii site
    24. Confirmed: EA puts Red Alert 3 PS3 on hold
    25. Ninja Gaiden 2 reviewed
    26. Euro PSN update, June 5
    27. MGS4 special edition artbook scanned
    28. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. may come to console, says GSC
    29. Rockstar: No new information on LA Noire
    30. Civilization Revolution demo now on Live
    31. DMC4 PC demo out now
    32. Older gamers prefer PS3, says Nielsen
    33. Saints Row 2 gets anti-GTA trailer, looks funny
    34. PSP needs direction, says Ubi boss
    35. Japan chart shake-up as Monster Hunter drops out
    36. Race Driver GRID now on Steam
    37. Jack Thompson set to be disbarred for 10 years
    38. First Trackmania DS screen released
    39. 1 billion virtual world users in the next decade, says report
    40. Resident Evil 5 producer admits Chris is "buffed up"
    41. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky: five new movies and hands-on
    42. Sup Comm 360 movie shows "control wheels"
    43. Konami announces Kojima world details for US
    44. First image of Batman in new Mortal Kombat released
    45. Tecmo stock crashes after Itagaki exit
    46. GameStop plans mass midnight opening for MGS4
    1. Bourne PS3 requires 5Gb install
    2. Sexy Snake MGS 20th anniversary figurines unearthed
    3. Red Alert PS3 cancelled?
    4. PC Gamer offers free Age of Conan item
    5. Variety Pack ships for PC CoD4
    6. GTA IV magic starts to wane, CoD4 back on top of Live
    7. PixelJunk Eden to support YouTube uploads
    8. EA: "The Sims may soon become a multiplayer game"
    9. No Resident Evil 5 for PC, says Capcom
    10. Sonic Chronicles DS trailer released
    11. Warhawk DLC to be bundled
    12. Turbine secures a further $40 million in financing
    13. EA agrees with FTC to not buy Take-Two until investigation is over
    14. Price: Resistance 2 to run at 720p and 30fps
    15. Price: Resistance 2 campaign "huge"
    16. Both Resistance 1 and 2 will feature Trophy and Home support, says Price
    17. Killzone 2 delay is good for gamers, says Insomniac president
    18. No loading screens at all in Resistance 2, says Price
    19. Eight-way co-op is a "big differentiating factor between" Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2, says Price
    20. Talk to Insomniac boss Ted Price live at 5pm BST
    21. Crytek launches Crysis Warhead site: first image
    22. SCEE development boss has "new remit," say the little birds
    23. SCEE cancels Eight Days and The Getaway (update)
    24. Dyack talks co-op and history of Too Human
    25. IGA secures PS3 in-game ads deal with EA
    26. Sony to partner with IGA for in-game PS3 ads
    27. Alex Trowers: the Bullfrog story
    28. Civilization Revolution demo this Thursday
    29. Neversoft rumoured to be off Hawk, Robomodo steps up
    30. Massive Mario Super Sluggers video released
    31. Fourth Tenchu could be Wii-exclusive
    32. Ken and Ryu not in Street Fighter movie, but may appear in sequels
    33. 2K working with third-party on Bioshock PS3
    34. Call of Duty 4 hits 10 million units
    35. Age of Conan tops US PC charts
    36. Famitsu scores MGS4 40/40
    37. Tecmo responds to Itagaki's "distortions" over unpaid bonuses
    38. MGS4 is for the fans, says Kojima
    39. Carmack confesses favourite id game, slams modern design
    40. Insomniac to open North Carolina studio
    41. New Alone in the Dark movie shows combat
    42. launches
    43. Dragon Quest IX will sell 5 million in Japan, says analyst
    44. EA buys ThreeSF and Rupture
    45. Ben Kingsley signs up for Prince of Persia movie
    46. Bruce Willis to star in Kane & Lynch movie
    47. CAPTIVATE08: Hands-on with 1942 and Commando 3
    48. Capcom on RE5: "We didn't set out to make a racist game"
    1. Afrika, the videogame, is "very SAFARI!"
    2. Castlevania for Wii this year, says comic mag
    3. DFC says PS3 will pass 360 next year
    4. ESA throws pathetic hissy fit over hellfire Governor coverage
    5. Hands-on with Spore's Creature Creator
    6. A PS3 consumes 500% more power than a medium-sized fridge
    7. Fallout 3 Collectors Edition detailed
    8. First Bionic Commando multiplayer trailer released
    9. Second CVG Presents is Metal Gear mag
    10. New EVE Online: Empyrean Age trailer released
    11. Nintendo to erase Club Nintendo Stars
    12. Kwari couldn't
    13. Quantic Dream to talk at Paris GDC
    14. Age of Empires: Mythologies announced for DS
    15. Go back to EverQuest, get some free stuff
    16. Future to launch Tesco magazine in the UK
    17. New PS3 camera pack announced for Japan
    18. Sony introduces subscription-based PSN show, Qore
    19. Good quality Gears of War 2 scans hit web
    20. "PS3mote" chatter starts to stick, goes off air
    21. CAPTIVATE08: Everything in one place
    22. New, embargo-busting Resident Evil 5 shots posted
    23. Ghostbusters script is 480 pages long, says actual Ghostbuster
    24. Paint for free on your homebrew DS
    25. Ninja Gaiden 2 demo on Live now
    26. More Too Human footage and screens focus on Beserker class
    27. Bungie spills all in giant Halo 3 retrospective
    28. Japanese get blue PSP next month
    29. E3 keynote Governor is religious nutter
    30. Japan to get red PS2
    31. TriForce to release life-size Gears of War armour
    32. Fourth part of GT's MGS retrospective posted
    33. Itagaki quits Team Ninja, sues Tecmo president for "unpaid completion bonuses"
    34. Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 gets 20 new maps
    35. Fallout, Descent and MDK to be free on GameTap
    36. GTA IV stays top in UK, Age of Conan bombs out
    37. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky for E3
    38. Ninja Gaiden 2 is 15 hours long, says Itagaki
    39. Ubisoft considering making game of Prince of Persia movie
    40. Jersey audience of 200 walks out of Postal movie
    41. Silent Hill V dev seeks to allay fan fears over changes
    42. Ninja Gaiden 2 demo today, but not in Canada and US
    1. Guitar Hero Metallica before Q1 2009
    2. New PoP is "spiritual successor to Sands of Time"
    3. Saints Row 2 confirmed for PC
    4. New Infinite Undiscovery screenshots published
    5. Rock Band to launch in Japan
    6. New Zealand Nintendo distributor gets it in the ass
    7. Namco Bandai: Eternal Sonata PS3 "Japan only"
    8. Pics from Hideo Kojima London signing posted
    9. Trion and Sci-Fi channel to work on MMO
    10. NHN to launch Huxley in "late 2008"
    11. Ted Price interviewed live on EG this Wednesday
    12. Tom Clancy's HAWX listed for September release
    13. Konami: London Kojima signing "very well attended," world tour detailed
    14. Three new Fallout 3 shots released
    15. UK MGS4 reviews were written from code supplied at two-day Paris event
    16. Kids reckon GTA makes their mates swear and act violently
    17. XBLA cull will force focus on quality, says Greenburg
    18. Shenmue III at E3? "No comment"
    19. Atari: No news on Eternal Sonata PS3
    20. New Alpha Protocol screens pop up
    21. First 007 Quantum of Solace shots outed
    22. CAPTIVATE08 embargo lifts at 1pm BST tomorrow
    23. EGM refuses to score MGS4 because Konami imposed censorship
    24. Guillemot outlines CGI movie future for Ubisoft
    25. Toki Tori reviewed
    26. Final Fantasy IV DS trailer released
    27. No more Crysis updates says Crytek, reason "in the very, very near future"
    28. Frontlines: Fuel of War patch and DLC sooner rather than later
    29. Havok dev tools made available for free
    30. Crackdown, Halo 3, Gears have "best" co-op, says Microsoft man
    1. Rumour: Ninja Gaiden 2 runs at 585p?
    2. The Cole Train hints at November 16 release for Gears 2
    3. Pachter on US Wii Fit shortage: "Americans will be just as fat a few months from now"
    4. Funcom desparately seeking community staff
    5. Street Fighter IV gets epic trailer
    6. GRID 360 experiencing lock-ups, patch promised