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September 2010 Archive

    1. PSA: MAG 2.0 patch with Move support goes live
    2. MS dropped standalone Kinect processor because there was "no need for it"
    3. Kinect video chat to work with Windows Live Messenger at launch
    4. Housemarque's PSN and XBL title Outland looks rather cool
    5. Darkspore trailer shows loads of gameplay footage
    6. Massive rumor: Linden Labs currently "entertaining offers" with Microsoft placing a bid
    7. Nintendo - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn gets UK date, so do other Q4 releases
    8. Xbox Live integration the “hook” that sells Windows Phone 7, says MS exec
    9. First set of screenshots released for NASCAR The Game 2011
    10. Lex Luthor stars in latest DC Universe Online screens
    11. Eurogamer Expo 2010 - the developer sessions at a glance
    12. Valve introduces the Mann Co. Store for Team Fortress 2
    13. Lionhead animator posts Dance Fortress video
    14. Sonic Free Riders to hit retail on November 4 in US alongside Kinect
    15. Homefront gets first multiplayer footage
    16. Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition announced, dated, detailed, priced
    17. Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy for Facebook will unlock content in Brotherhood
    18. Beyond Good & Evil HD - first screens
    19. Rumor: WoW Cataclysm pegged for early 2011 per retail listing
    20. PSA: Mods tools for Civilization V released on Steam
    21. Xbox Live activity for the week of Sept 20 - Halo reaches for the win
    22. DMC to use Unreal Engine 3, says Ninja Theory
    23. Undead Nightmare trailer for Red Dead Redemption is rather awesome
    24. F.E.A.R. 3 trailer drags you kicking and screaming into the Almaverse
    25. Eurogamer Expo 2010 - set-up pics and showfloor tour video
    26. Thrid Fallout: New Vegas developer diary discusses art direction
    27. Medal of Honor most pre-ordered title in franchise's history, says EA
    28. Top Gear and Forza Motorsport join forces for multi-year collaboration and Forza 3 Ultimate Collection
    29. McGee: Alice in Madness Returns has a "superhero persona" while in Wonderland
    30. Kieron Gillen leaves games journalism
    31. Interview - Eutechnyx's Dave Thompson on bringing NASCAR to the masses
    32. Activision confirms NASCAR The Game 2011
    33. Pre-order Vanquish, get Bayonetta free
    34. Supply issues kept 3DS from launching this year, says Iwata
    35. Supermarkets begin price war on FIFA 11
    36. Def Jam Rapstar tracklist announced
    37. "No plans" for a 3rd Birthday demo, says Square
    38. Dead Space 2 multiplayer beta videos show both sides
    39. 007: Blood Stone video outlines combat
    40. Beyond Good & Evil HD releasing next year for PSN and XBLA
    41. Arkham City brings back Riddler, adds interrogations
    42. Xbox Live Fall Update Preview Program now live
    43. Square Enix devs want to bring FFVII spin-off to 3DS
    1. Starkiller gets Guybrush Threepwood skin in The Force Unleashed II
    2. Report: Ignition Entertainment to close London studio by October 31
    3. Iwata: Nintendo plans to support third-party publishers more with 3DS
    4. Pro Mode DLC tracks for Rock Band 3 will cost $1 extra
    5. SEGA to release Super Monkey Ball and five other 3DS games in FY11
    6. Nintendo confirms Wii Remote Plus, more information coming "at a later date"
    7. Super Mario Collection Special Pack and Anniversary DSiLL detailed
    8. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword screens show gameplay
    9. Fatal Frame coming to Wii in 2011
    10. Euro PSN update, Sept. 29 - Lara Croft, FIFA, Mafia II, Borderlands
    11. Rockstar releases first set of Undead Nightmare DLC screens for RDR
    12. Guillermo del Toro confirms title in the works with THQ
    13. US PSN update, Sept. 28 - Borderlands, Mafia II, Telephantasm
    14. Nintendo's 3DS Tokyo showcase now online to watch
    15. 4 million 3DS units expected to be sold at launch by Nintendo
    16. Eurogamer Expo 2010 - what to expect and what to play
    17. Ono aiming to release Street Fighter x Tekken in "less then two years"
    18. Zombies confirmed for Black Ops co-op
    19. Level 5 unveils Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle for 3DS
    20. Ubisoft releases first shots of Splinter Cell 3DS
    21. Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater confirmed for spring in Japan
    22. SSFIV 3DS trailer shows off tag mode features
    23. Statement: Edge claims "entire game" was played for Hydrophobia review
    24. Nintendo releasing special 25th anniversary Mario DSi XL in Japan
    25. PlayStation turns 15 in Europe
    26. 3DS's Resi Evil: Mercenaries 3D announced, gets first shots
    27. 3DS to have its own Virtual Console with Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles [Updated]
    28. Conference report: Nintendo 3DS dated for February 26 in Japan, March in US and EU
    29. The Last Story gets January 27 JP launch
    30. Konami releases monster 11-minute Castlevania trailer
    1. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light launch trailer released
    2. Stranger's Wrath is coming to PSN only for now, says JAW
    3. WH40K: Dawn of War II - Retribution video introduces the Eldar race
    4. Criterion explains the social aspects of multiplayer in NFS: Hot Pursuit
    5. New DJ Hero 2 dev diary is all about freestyling it
    6. PSA: MMA demo and Borderlands DLC now on XBL Marketplace
    7. Hollywood composer Ramin Djawadi creating score for Medal of Honor
    8. Fable III: Lionhead launches teaser site for smartphone game called Kingmaker
    9. NPD: Only 6% of US console users have downloaded DLC
    10. 2K releases four DLC packs for Mafia II
    11. GAME and GameStation report 40% drop in Wii and DS sales
    12. Rockstar teases Undead Nightmare Pack for Red Dead Redemption
    13. First Resistance 3 images hit, knock world out
    14. Capcom to announce two new games tomorrow morning
    15. Sony dates and details Uncharted 2 GOTY edition for the US
    16. Dead Rising 2 reviews round-up: die zombie, die
    17. GT5 PS3 hardware bundle shown off
    18. Black Ops teaser site shows zombies on security camera
    19. MAG, COD4, World at War added to PS3 Greatest Hits
    20. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow reviews round-up
    21. Two Worlds II delayed into January 2011 for "heavyweight" QA
    22. New Fable III dev diary shows voice cast
    23. PlayStation Plus subs now at US retail
    24. Only "successful" Acti studios "earn the right" to make new IPs, says Kotick
    25. Interview - FIFA 11's David Rutter has the final word
    26. God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo hitting US PSN tonight
    27. Sonic 4 dated for October
    28. Pre-registration for PAX East 2011 now open
    29. NBA Elite 11 delayed, NBA Jam PS360 to sell as separate product
    30. Left 4 Dead The Sacrifice DLC releasing on October 5
    31. Ex-MyWorld dev confirms former Realtime chairman as MyWorld buyer
    32. Rumor: "Numerous" devs working with PSP2, prepping "significant" launch line-up
    1. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood gets beta launch trailer
    2. TGS 2011 formally dated
    3. Ron Gilbert joins Double Fine
    4. Enslaved video shows behind the game
    5. EA has "lost its way," says Kotick
    6. Square "making adjustments" to make Parasite Eve PSN releases happen
    7. Dead Rising 2 banned in UAE
    8. EA compensating APB buyers with free game
    9. World of Darkness is in playable state, says CCP
    10. Kotick "betrayed" by Zampella and West
    11. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood MP beta goes live for PS Plus members
    12. BradyGames mentions Nazi Zombies for Black Ops
    13. New L4D2 mutation mode is Survival Versus
    14. UK charts: F1 2010 passes Reach to get to number 1
    15. Report - 3DS to release on November 11 in Japan, spring 2011 in Europe
    16. FIFA 11 reviews start going live, EG goes with 8
    17. Rock Band this week: Anthrax, My Chemical Romance, The Doobie Brothers
    1. First Kinect TV ads revealed - watch them here
    2. Capcom releases "What would Chuck Do" trailer
    3. MAG joins Greatest Hits line up
    4. OXM gives Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 9/10
    5. Codemasters wants to give F1 the "FIFA" treatment
    6. Sony removes Modnation Racers region lock, Nathan Drake arrives
    1. Intat: EA feels Sony could "come back" in North America
    2. Report - MMO market is up, but down 10% in average revenue
    3. Crytek has seven studios, military contracts
    4. THQ to try out hybrid pricing scheme with next motocross title
    5. Wii Remote Plus outed then pulled by GameStop
    6. Leaked World of Darkness footage comes out of Grand Masquerade convention
    7. Brotherhood: Rome is the largest city ever created for an Assassin's Creed game, says Ubi
    8. Get MySims free with Kid's Meal purchase at Taco Bell
    9. DC Universe screens show off the environment and muscles
    10. Respawn hiring for multiplatform art and audios leads
    11. Borderlands gets Greatest and Platinum hits treatment
    12. Another source confirms Activision's take-over of NASCAR license
    13. NOA claims to have "no details" on 3DS press conference
    14. Medal of Honor system requirements released
    15. SWTOR dev diary discusses the Light Side
    16. The Writer DLC dated for Alan Wake
    1. DMC devs wanted to make Dante a bit "harder" and less "fashionista"
    2. Report: Ubisoft canned modern take on Prince of Persia
    3. MadCatz issues statement on PS3 firmware update issues
    4. Microsoft plans to support PC gaming more, but so must other publishers
    5. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures logs one million players during week one
    6. Ueda "flattered" Shadow of the Colossus is considered art by many
    7. Crysis 2 is a "choreographed sandbox" title, says Yerli
    8. Microsoft and Sky announce full Kinect integration for Sky Player
    9. BioWare details specialization for SWTOR's Smuggler class
    10. XBL demos: WRC FIA World Rally Championship, Gothic 4
    11. Milo tech could possibly make its way into Fable franchise, says Spencer
    12. Playr gives F1 2010 a 9/10 in HD video review
    13. Enslaved - 15 minutes of 720p video from Chapter 3, high-res shots
    14. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit gets kick-ass new trailer and screens
    15. Interview - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit's Matt Webster
    16. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Hands-on in London
    17. Fallout: New Vegas UK TV ad gets outed
    18. Civilization V launches today in UK - launch trailer inside
    19. CG Enslaved movie was pitched at one point, says Ninja Theory
    20. Enslaved demo now up on Live
    21. Yuji Naka to appear at Eurogamer Expo
    22. Sonic 4 trailer shows Casino Streets Zone
    23. Medal of Honor MP getting open PC beta on October 4
    24. Capcom: Case Zero "most dynamic sales weapon in our arsenal," beginning of true episodic gaming
    25. Dead Space 2 beta currently being rolled out to "dedicated fans"
    1. Foundation 9 reports $22M in sales from XBL games
    2. Nomura: Kingdom Hearts 3D takes place after Re:Coded
    3. Sony details Ghost of Sparta soundtrack with pre-order
    4. Castlevania's Gabriel started off as a barbarian, says Cox
    5. Bungie: Reach stats show over 70 million games played
    6. Xbox Live Activity for the week of Sept. 13 - Modern Warfare 2 tops
    7. Nintendo turns 121 years young today
    8. SSFIV getting more costumes starting next month
    9. Dead Rising 2 gets an 8 from Eurogamer
    10. Blockbuster files for bankruptcy in US
    11. Raptr report shows Halo: Reach dominating users' time
    12. PSA: Demo for Gothic 4 now available
    13. Irrational focusing on stepping up the "interaction between AI" in Infinite
    14. Cast your vote now for XBL's next Deal of the Week
    15. Treyarch: There's "definitely" some controversial topics covered in Black Ops
    16. "Talks" going on regarding Epic Mickey for Kinect and Move
    17. Sonly looking into reports of PS3 firmware 3.50 disabling legit third-party USB adapters
    18. New Witcher 2 video shows a prison break
    19. F1 2010 gets good scores ahead of tomorrow's UK release
    20. Fallout: New Vegas dev diary discusses Technology and Sound
    21. EA will "definitely beat Activision and Call of Duty" but not this year, says Intat
    22. Report - GOWII's Barlog working with Avalanche on Mad Max game
    23. Bulletstorm TGS demo shows off the cannonball gun
    24. First Enslaved DLC features Pigsy
    25. Video - Peter Molyneux's son begs for Half-Life 3
    26. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood beta to open early for PS Plus subs on Monday
    27. Danny Wallace to return for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    28. LittleBigPlanet 2 delayed to January 2011, delay is "disappointing," says SCEE
    29. GoG to reopen later today
    30. Rumour - Milo and Kate cancelled at Lionhead [Update]
    31. Dead Rising 2 - the first 15 minutes in video and HD shots
    32. Shadow of the Colossus movie isn't doing "montage sequences," is keeping Ueda in the loop
    33. THQ: Kinect/Move development provides cheap alternative to core games
    1. Sky-Lines in BioShock Infinite are like jumping from one roller coaster to another
    2. Team17 puts out new trailer and screens for Worms: Battle Islands
    3. WAR celebrating 2 year anniversary with veteran goodies
    4. Capcom and Ninja Theory compare DMC revamp to Bond's in Casino Royale
    5. MS: Sign up for a chance to participate in Xbox 360 System Update Preview Program
    6. First Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy trailer is go
    7. Capcom releases MvC3 screens featuring Spider-Man and Wesker
    8. Japanese hardware sales: DS SKUs see spike in sales
    9. Take-Two: Used game market is "interesting" and "something we should participate in"
    10. Report: H.A.W.X. 2 delayed on PC until November 16
    11. Euro PSN update, Sept. 22 - Sonic Adventure, Blade Kitten, RDR
    12. Coming soon to PlayStation Plus: AC Brotherhood beta, Lara Croft demo
    13. Nomura: FF Versus, Agito XIII TGS clips to go live in the coming days
    14. Win a limited edition Halo: Reach Xbox 360!
    15. Codies already working on F1 2011, has "exciting things" planned for it
    16. "Blu-ray is going to be passed by as a format," says Xbox UK boss
    17. Dead Rising 2 gets real-life Zombrex, launch trailer
    18. "Buttons are irreplaceable as an input device," says Sony
    19. Capcom denies "alienating" PS3 owners over Case: West 360 exclusivity
    20. Super Street Fighter IV PC not coming due to piracy, says Ono
    21. Dragon Age 2 confirmed for EGE
    22. Activision tipped for imminent NASCAR 2011 reveal
    23. Capcom, Level 5 teaming up on "some truly interesting things"
    24. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo appearing on PS Plus today
    25. Fallout: New Vegas DLC "up to Bethesda," says Obsidian
    26. Ninja Theory on DMC: "What was cool" in the past "isn't cool any more"
    27. SCEE brands LBP2 delay talk "rumour and speculation"
    28. EVE Online: Incursion to release on November
    29. Rock Band 3: London viewing shows new instruments and features
    30. Report: Full 3DS hardware specs revealed
    31. Microsoft: One Halo game every three years "probably not frequent enough"
    1. Rumor: GameStop lists then pulls Mortal Kombat HD Collection from site
    2. Amazon all PS3 Gold Box Event begins, new lightening deals on the hour
    3. Buy DeathSpank: TOV during launch week, get two bits of free DLC
    4. US PSN Update, Sept. 21- Enslaved demo, imports, DeathSpank, RDR
    5. Civilization V reviews get rounded up - scores are mostly in the 9's
    6. PSA: Civilization V demo now available on Steam
    7. Christopher Nolan "looking at" creating game based on Inception
    8. Zavvi lists Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia HD collections
    9. Tomb Raider Anniversary and Assassin's Creed II hitting XBL GoD this month
    10. PSA: Enslaved demo now available to PSN users in North America - sort of
    11. Square's online currency Crysta hitting Europe and US for FFXIV
    12. Halo: Reach causes 99% upswing in Xbox 360 sales over in the UK
    13. Blizzard developing mods internally for StarCraft II
    14. Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy announced for Europe and North America
    15. Pokemon Black and White sells 2.6 million in first two days in Japan
    16. Activision unveils complete DJ Hero 2 soundtrack with 83 mixes
    17. Planet Michael announced as "The Ultimate Michael Jackson Online Game"
    18. PSN and Steam online co-op delayed for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
    19. Plants vs Zombies shows up in WoW: Cataclysm quest line
    20. F1 2010 ships 2 million as Codies releases launch trailer
    21. Visceral keen on Dead Space 3
    22. BioShock: Infinite gameplay video released along with new screens
    23. Arkham City OPM info blow-out: plot, setting, moves, vehicles, co-op, more
    24. Riccitiello: Need for Speed quality decline down to "death march" regime
    25. Pre-order Darksiders digitally, get free game
    26. Fable III Achievements out of bag
    27. New Bond Blood Stone trailer shows much fighting
    28. Agito, Versus XIII presser will feature "other surprises," says Nomura
    29. Child of Eden for 3DS or Wii? "Not a chance," says Ubisoft
    30. PS3 Firmware 3.50 is live, adds 3D Blu-ray support and more
    31. Zune expanding to the UK this fall
    32. Naughty Dog's next game "too far along" to include Move support
    33. Itagaki developing Devil's Third with "yet unknown hardware" in mind
    1. Dunaway to leave Nintendo of America on October 1
    2. Bungie "probably the last remaining high quality independent developer," says Kotick
    3. Japanese hardware sales: PS3 passes Wii in 2010
    4. Alan Wake: The Writer DLC to be the last, says Remedy
    5. PSP "getting a bit old," says Yoshida
    6. Rumour: BioWare Montreal hiring for "military-genre FPS" and more
    7. Kudo: "Hardly anyone plays first-person shooters on the PC any more"
    8. Fallout Online teases "Church of Harold"
    9. Doctor Who: Adventure Games to return for second series
    10. EA hiring for "AAA multiplayer action game"
    11. US PC download sales surpass retail sales, says NPD
    12. Kojima: "It would be nice" to "introduce my own new game" at TGS 2011
    13. UK charts - Halo: Reach becomes 5th biggest UK launch ever
    14. TGS organiser still discussing 3-4 day week for next year
    15. Eidos Montreal bringing Deus Ex: Human Revolution to EGE
    16. Inafune: Japanese games dev "5 years behind," Capcom "barely keeping up"
    17. Good Old Games shuts down
    1. Harmonix: "Potential for Dance Central quite big"
    2. The Last Guardian may support Move
    3. Reach Campaign matchmaking next month
    4. New Catherine video contains very mild sexual content
    5. TGS 2010 has record attendance
    6. Ape Escape Fury Fury trailer debuts
    7. Rumour: Next Tomb Raider may be open world
    8. TGS closes with Japan Future Game Award winners
    9. New Force Unleashed II footage is bigger, better
    10. EA begins FIFA 11 build-up with TV ad
    11. Singstar Dance tracklist revealed
    1. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 gets a new look, smarter AI
    2. Shadows of the Damned was originally coming to PC and Wii as well, says Suda
    3. Third developer diary for Enslaved talks about the environment
    4. Check out this Joy Ride montage video from TGS
    5. Itagaki says Devil's Third is currently in the "basic preparation" stage
    6. Konami and Harmonix both dismiss "all claims and counterclaims" in patent suit
    7. Monkey Island games on sale via Steam and Telltale
    8. Peter Dille says PSP marketing is focusing on a younger crowd
    9. Spencer: Limbo is the number one selling Summer of Arcade title
    10. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 announced at TGS
    11. PSA: Xbox Live Gold is free this weekend
    12. New Medal of Honor video shows off single-player mode
    13. Dynasty Warriors 7 announced, more information coming next month
    14. Check out these Spidey and Wesker videos for MvC3: Fate of Two Worlds
    15. Capcom outlines new plan to attract consumers in annual report
    16. BioShock Infinite gameplay teased in latest episode of GTTV
    17. Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity gets Yum! Brand treatment in Japan
    18. Get custom bots with your Portal 2 pre-order at GameStop
    19. Video - Project Dark might be Demon's Souls 2 in disguise
    1. Move, multiplayer, and 3D being "looked into" for InFamous 2
    2. PSA: Rock Band DLC sale hits PSN next week
    3. Sign up for Quake Live, experience Premium service for free until Sept. 26
    4. Rumor: Odin Sphere and Muramasa getting HD remakes
    5. Square releases HD English TGS trailer, new shots and art of Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    6. Features and story video released for James Bond: Blood Stone
    7. Fallout: New Vegas gets its first developer diary
    8. Shuhei Yoshida pleased with Move, Microsoft reinvesting in Japan
    9. Two Worlds II delayed until October 5 in US
    10. Greenberg: "Kinect is more about the games than the tech"
    11. Ueda: "Developing a truly immersive experience" is very important
    12. Kamiya hits out at DMC's new Dante
    13. SCEA to launch Imports service on PS Store next week
    14. Lionhead releases video of Fable III Collector's Edition unboxing
    15. Ueda: "3D is not essential" to experience ICO and Colossus remakes
    16. WH40K: Space Marine screens slip out of TGS
    17. Zombie Cow cancels Privates for 360
    18. Move releases in UK and US today - video of full retail kit unboxing
    19. Spencer: Kinect to be "the biggest platform launch ever," no need for 3D right now "from creative standpoint"
    20. "Lots to see" of FF Agito XIII, Versus XIII "in the future," says Square
    21. Bayonetta 2? "I believe so," says Kamiya
    22. 3rd Birthday TGS trailer gets out
    23. 13-minute Civilization V walkthrough explains an awful lot
    24. Molyneux to show Fable III at EGE, Gears 3 playable
    25. Final Fantasy Versus XIII footage leaks from TGS [Update]
    26. FF Agito XIII TGS clip leaks out [Update]
    27. "Several" MGS regulars returning for Rising, says Matsuyama
    28. Report - Epic "potential buyer" for APB
    29. Tsunoda - Kinect will "blow away" iPad sales
    30. TGS 2010: All the press conferences rounded-up
    31. Disgaea 4 releasing February 24 in Japan
    32. GT5 gets stunning weather and X1 trailers, new screens and details
    33. Second Vanquish demo coming September 22
    34. Yakuza producer: "Kiriyu might become a kindergarten teacher in the next game"
    35. First Michael Jackson: The Experience trailer demonstrates how you will (not) play
    1. PixelJunk Lifelike: Teaser video shows Q-Games and Baiyon playing in a forest
    2. TGS trailer for Okamiden makes us happy
    3. Enslaved demo hits US PSN next week, 360 "soon"
    4. EA: "There’s been no significant pushback" over Online Pass
    5. BioShock Infinite propaganda posters are rather awesome
    6. Activision has "all the services" Bungie needs for a successful product
    7. MAG 2.0 patch detailed by Zipper Interactive
    8. Report: THQ's Homefront moves to March 2011
    9. White 320GB PS3 and new PSP colors hitting Japan
    10. Rockstar details Undead Nightmare Pack for RDR a bit more
    11. Netherrealm Studios says it has a PSP2 "in the house"
    12. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit starts HD Arms Race
    13. Guerrilla co-founders de Ronde and Mol form Vanguard Entertainment
    14. APB shut down, announces staff
    15. Japanese software charts September 6-12: One Piece rules
    16. Bob Marley's Legend hitting Rock Band next week
    17. Inspiration behind DiRT 3’s Gymkhana discipline shown in Ken Block GYM3 video
    18. Riccitiello: MOH's playable Taliban controversy "caught me by surprise"
    19. RDR Liars and Cheaters video shows nothing fair and honest
    20. SEGA announces Phantasy Star Online 2 via TGS video stream
    21. EA releases first HD gameplay trailer, screens of BFBC2: Vietnam
    22. Joe's Adventures DLC pack adds more story to Mafia II
    23. Quantum Theory trailer is full of bullet-riddled revenge
    24. Valkyria Chronicles III gets first trailer, shots
    25. Deus Ex: Human Revolution TGS trailer doesn't show much new stuff
    26. Hirai: 30.5 million PS3s connected to PSN, 15 million PS3 FY2010 target on track
    27. Last Guardian confirmed for holiday 2011 - new HD trailer, amazing screens
    28. ICO, Shadow of the Colossus: The Collection for PS3 coming next spring - first HD trailer and screens
    29. HD Vanquish story trailer blows up TGS
    30. Kinect will sell 3 million units this Christmas, says Greenberg
    31. First Yakuza: Of The End trailer, shots are really something
    32. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow gets killer HD trailer and screens
    33. Metal Gear Solid: Rising gets amazing TGS demo video
    34. Killzone 3 gets new TGS screens
    35. Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 - movie, screens, facts from TGS
    36. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - TGS trailers, X-23 and Tron screens
    37. Demon's Souls devs announce Project Dark at TGS
    38. Resident Evil 5 gets Move launch trailer
    39. PS3 Firmware 3.50 releases next week, adds 3D Blu-ray support
    40. GT5 dated for November 3 in Japan
    41. The 3rd Birthday confirmed for December release in Japan
    42. Metal Gear Solid 3DS officially dated for 2011
    43. All Sony TGS 2010 keynote news: Last Guardian for Christmas 2011, GT5 dated in Japan
    44. Report - FF Versus XIII, Agito XIII getting press conference next January
    45. Capcom and From Software announce Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor
    46. Microsoft and Phantom Dust creators partnering on Panzer Dragoon-like "Project Draco"
    47. Suda51 announces Codename D at TGS
    48. Microsoft: Reach made $200 million on day-one
    1. Microsoft TGS keynote: SEGA horror title, Suda51 on Kinect, Steel Batallion
    2. BFBC2 Vietnam: Onslaught multiplayer demo shown at TGS
    3. AMD and Valve team up for ATI Catalyst updates on Steam
    4. Schappert: EA's global and mobile strategies are working well for it
    5. Call of Duty games are "going to get richer, deeper, more engaging", says Kotick
    6. Team Ninja announces collaboration on Ni-Oh
    7. DOWII: Retribution first in series to use Steamworks exclusively
    8. Meet the Companions of Fallout: New Vegas
    9. Loads of screen released for Tales of Graces F
    10. PSA: Sonic Adventure now on XBL, dated for PSN
    11. Sony gives you six reasons to pre-order Ghost of Sparta
    12. ICO, Shadow of the Colossus PS3 reboots - first direct-feed shots
    13. Capcom's Asura's Wrath - first HD movie features huge finger
    14. The Last Guardian - new shots stop clocks
    15. Epic Mickey gets November release date
    16. EA shows off Shadows of the Damned at TGS showcase - first trailer and screens inside
    17. Capcom announces "DMC" for PS3 and 360 - first shots and HD trailer
    18. US PSN update, Sept. 14 - NBA 2K11, FIFA 11, Worms 2 demos
    19. Enslaved demo goes live on PS Store
    20. Euro PSN update, Sept. 15 - Enslaved, FIFA 11 and PES 2011 demos
    21. TGS: Ninja Gaiden 3 announced in Tokyo
    22. Pre-order Football Manager 2011, get 20 free SEGA games
    23. SCEE confirms ICO, Shadow of the Colossus PS3 for Europe, more details tomorrow
    24. Dead Rising 2: Case West announced - first trailer and shots
    25. All Capcom TGS presser news - DMC confirmed, Dead Rising 2: Case West, all media here
    26. Halo: Reach online campaign co-op no go for 4Gb 360 owners, Microsoft working on fix
    27. PES 2011 demo now available for 360, PC, non-PS Plus subs
    28. All news from EA TGS presser - Damned reveal and trailer, new Alice trailer, more
    29. TGS: EA press conference livestream is GO, video here [Update]
    30. Feder: PS3 with Move is Wii HD
    31. Capcom registers "DMC" trademark
    32. What a twist! Yakuza: Of The End is - no joke - a zombie shooter
    33. PSP passes 15 million sales in Japan
    34. EA, Mikami-Grasshopper horror called Shadow of the DAMNED
    35. Famitsu: Valkyria Chronicles 3 confirmed... for PSP
    36. Confirmed - ICO, Shadow of the Colossus getting PS3 HD updates
    1. Moore: "We're nowhere near mass market pricing," next-gen a few years out
    2. Vanquish gets limited edition for UK
    3. Ex-SOE director John Hayase to head Atari studios
    4. Blizzard to start banning StarCraft II cheaters
    5. TGS: Ninja Theory to announce new title this week
    6. Capcom working on sequel to Resident Evil: Degeneration
    7. More Sega Genesis games added to Steam
    8. Gatorade sales surge thanks to EA Sports
    9. Star Wars kicks off LucasArts sale week on Steam
    10. NFS: Hot Pursuit play area 400% bigger then Burnout Paradise
    11. World of Darkness reveal likely at The Grand Masquerade
    12. Codies shows off night racing in new F1 2010 video
    13. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light launching on PSN on September 28
    14. Rumour - Team ICO Collection out March-April for "around" ?25, "box-art" appears
    15. Warren Spector believes game industry's in a "Golden Age"
    16. SNES Wii controller (sort of) releasing in UK
    17. Fifth Resident Evil movie on way as Afterlife tops US box office
    18. Trials HD passes 1 million sales mark on Xbox Live
    19. Pre-order Civ V Deluxe Edition through D2D get Civ III
    20. Yellow, Blue and Green DSi XL SKUs coming to Europe on October 8
    21. Infographic: Mario game sales since 1985
    22. Stunning FFXIV HD CG trailer dropped for TGS
    23. Black Ops PC will be same as console "in a way that makes sense for PC"
    24. Rein: Epic Citadel downloaded over 1 million times, UDK coming for iOS
    25. 72% in favour of violent games ban to minors in US
    26. Nintendo celebrates Mario's 25th with Japanese TV ad
    27. superannuation takes the long walk
    28. Goldeneye for PS3 or 360? "Never say never," says Activision
    29. Study: Action games help you make fast decisions
    30. Steam gets a Wallet
    31. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood gets new trailer as MP beta is delayed in US
    32. Tokyo Game Show 2010 - Press conference timings
    33. Bizarre: No more Geometry Wars on "current horizon"
    34. Red Faction: Armageddon delayed; Saints Row 3, Space Marine get release windows
    1. Bungie developing new engine for next project
    2. Halo Waypoint updated for Reach launch
    3. FIFA 11's PC version - watch an entire match
    4. Heavy Rain: Move Edition dated in Europe, demo coming this week
    5. Motorstorm Apocalypse allows user-made game modes to be shared via PSN
    6. MGS: Rising producer fearful of GTA-like reaction
    7. The Halo: Reach launch - midnight openings, review scores, supermarket pricing, more
    8. Halo: Reach PR stunt sees Spartan jetpack in Trafalgar Square
    9. Super Mario Bros. 25 today, Anniversary Edition shown
    10. UK charts: Mafia II takes third week at number one
    11. TGS: Capcom to announce four new games this week
    12. New Kinect-enabled 360 dashboard shown in video
    13. HMV to sell Dead Rising 2 a day early
    14. Test Drive Unlimited 2 enters closed beta test
    15. BioShock Infinite will see Columbia under civil war, says Irrational
    16. Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy: first look at Lightning
    17. Civilization's new design lead on combat evolved
    18. No campaign co-op for Black Ops, confirms Treyarch
    19. TGS: "Some incredibly cool Kinect news" coming this week, says MS
    1. Rumour - Peripheral maker mentions November 20 release for 3DS in Japan
    2. SEGA accidentally confirms Valkyria Chronicles 3
    3. Tesco selling Halo: Reach for ?28
    4. Ghost of Sparta has "mini sex game"
    5. Deus Ex not toned down for consoles
    6. Enslaved developer diary talks Monkey, Trip
    7. First BioShock: Infinite gameplay video for September 21 release
    8. Halo: Reach reviews go live - get them all here
    1. Heroes of Stalingrad gets Red Orchestra 2 added to title
    2. Sumthing Else releasing Halo: Reach original soundtrack next week
    3. Madden NFL 11 Week 1 roster update now available
    4. DeathSpank enemies get some time in the spotlight
    5. R.U.S.E. reviews get rounded up
    6. Portal 2 could have skipped out on portals, says Valve
    7. LOTRO is now officially free-to-play
    8. Instructions given on how to play New Vegas' Caravan card game
    9. Rumor: BioWare working on unannounced handheld project
    10. Metacritic - Game Informer gives Halo: Reach a 95
    11. Part one of L4D2 online comic The Sacrifice hits next week
    12. GameServers exclusive dedicated PC server provider for Black Ops
    13. Final Fantasy XIV open beta ends September 19
    14. Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine asked to make exclusive track for Warriors of Rock
    15. Report: Online UK retailers break Halo: Reach street date
    16. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: Insomniac releases direct feed gameplay footage
    17. Walmart taking pre-orders for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus collection
    18. Michael Jackson: The Experience de-hee-hee-layed into 2011 on Xbox and PS3
    19. Dead Space 2 multiplayer reveal footage short on space, makes up for it with plenty of death
    1. NPD August 2010: Microsoft and Sony respond
    2. Sony exposes Move demo disc games in new video
    3. Make something Unreal: The Haunted gets a trailer
    4. LBP2: US to get chance at beta in "a few weeks"
    5. Bungie discusses Firefight in Halo: Reach gameplay video
    6. Warriors of Rock is the first Wii game with social networking support
    7. Activison formally announces Blood Drive with November release
    8. Aragorn's Quest video features Sean Astin and John Rhys-Davies
    9. Treyarch: Black Ops multiplayer is free, will always be free
    10. Report - Jedward to front new Nintendo ad campaign
    11. Scottish videogames industry at a crossroads, says TIGA
    12. Rock Band next week: Dio, The Smiths, Silverchair
    13. Justin Bieber video shows Kinect showcase, new boot-up
    14. Bethesda: Factions in New Vegas won't be so "black and white"
    15. EU PlayStation Move ads feature all kinds of stuff
    16. Last night's Halo: Reach London premiere released in arty photo format
    17. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood gets second dev diary
    18. Sega to stream TGS stage events
    19. Sony will never "out-spend" Microsoft in motion control marketing
    20. New Shogun 2 screens show map overviews, volcanoes, fighting
    21. New Mega Man Universe screens reveal build-a-Mega-Man workshop, level editor
    22. New Marvel vs Capcom 3 trailer is pretty much the greatest thing ever
    23. Japanese hardware charts - PS3 poised for year-to-date Wii kill
    24. Child of Eden is no downloadable title, says Q Entertainment
    25. Section 8 sequel announced for 2011
    26. MAG 2 listed online by US retailer
    27. FIFA 11 chief: Online Pass offsets the "human cost" of multiplayer
    28. First Yakuza 5: Of The End shots released
    29. Latest Butler Move ad has cake
    30. Medal of Honor needs to sell 3 million for a possible sequel
    31. Rockstar releasing last-gen GTA trilogy on Mac
    1. NPD August 2010: Xbox 360 outsells rival consoles again, Madden pushes for the win
    2. Relic's Brian Wood involved in fatal car crash [Update]
    3. CCP and deviantART hosting EVE Online starship design contest
    4. Stranger's Wrath the first of six Oddworld offerings from JAW
    5. Runic considering PvP for Torchlight II, happy to be venturing into the overland
    6. New Professor Layton video released leading up to next week
    7. Swarm trailer is short, sweet, rather zany
    8. SEGA announces Yakuza 5 as Ryu ga Gotoku of the End
    9. Valve releases HD version of Portal 2 co-op trailer
    10. Demo for Arcania: Gothic 4 hitting PC on September 24
    11. Enslaved pre-order DLC screens, trailers released
    12. High Value Target video released for Medal of Honor
    13. BioWare working on a fix for Witch Hunt's "continuity bug"
    14. Gearbox drops details on Claptrap DLC for Borderlands
    15. Valve would like Steamworks on Xbox 360, but it's "not up to us"
    16. F2P launch of LOTRO delayed in Europe
    17. Coming soon to PlayStation Plus: Swords & Soldiers, Red Faction: Battlegrounds beta
    18. SCEA celebrates PlayStation's 15th anniversary with discounts and Home items
    19. New LBP2 trailer shows off grappling hook
    20. Need for Speed World reaches 1 million players
    21. Kudo: Kinect features "really can't be done on any other console"
    22. Halo: Reach is "Halo 4 in all but name," says Microsoft
    23. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood beta kicks off on October 4, PC version delayed into 2011
    24. Capcom announces TGS line-up
    25. Valve to plan another L4D2-like quick sequel "at some point," says Gabe
    26. Blizzard releases first official custom StarCraft II map
    27. Nintendo registers special Super Mario aniversary logo
    28. Hands-on: Returning to necromorph hell in Dead Space 2
    29. Kinect: Scanning being saved for later, says Kudo
    30. Tecmo Koei announces TGS line-up, not many shockers included
    31. Man from "Fort Gay" banned from XBL by "mistake"
    32. Dead or Alive: Dimensions coming to 3DS
    33. Dead Space 2 halo jump footage brings the fear
    34. Quantum Theory 360 demo arriving "later this month"
    35. Cage: PS3 "perfect" for Heavy Rain due to "Blu-ray disc," a "more sophisticated entertainment experience"
    36. Battlefield 1943 finally released on PC [Update]
    37. Mindjack's head not in the game until 2011
    1. Report: Former Realtime chairman linked to MyWorld purchase
    2. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 revealed in Famitsu
    3. Tip of the Spear developer walkthrough video released for Halo: Reach
    4. Emmert: Neverwinter is online co-op with 4th Edition D&D rule set
    5. Treyarch: Balancing Black Ops was a challenge
    6. No online multiplayer for NBA Jam on Wii
    7. Survey: Only 4% of UK game industry staff are female
    8. Versus XIII "being developed specifically for the PlayStation 3," says Nomura
    9. Extended Deliver Hope trailer released for Halo: Reach
    10. Hirai: PSP go had a market - it was just smaller than PSP-3000's
    11. Tiger Woods Move HD vid - "Definitely authentic to a golf swing," says Creamer
    12. Dead Space 2 getting multiplayer reveal on Friday
    13. Rock Band 3 video highlights the keyboard peripheral
    14. Euro PSN update, Sept. 8 - SingStar, DAO, Mafia II
    15. First PES 2011 Wii trailer shows new features
    16. US PSN update, Sept. 7 - Quantum Theory, Witch Hunt, TerRover
    17. "Really active" LBP players getting beta invites for LBP2
    18. Confirmed: The Last Guardian will be at TGS
    19. Famitsu gives Pokemon Black and White 40/40
    20. "No reason" to bring FFXIII 360 International Edition west, says Square Enix
    21. Hands-on: Dragon Age 2's female rogue kicks serious ass
    22. DICE showing Bad Company 2: Vietnam at TGS next week
    23. Inafune "would like to work" with Blue Castle again
    24. Spector pitched Deus Ex-esque title originally before Epic Mickey
    25. Katamari creator leaves Namco Bandai
    26. Mass Effect 2 coming to Japan this winter
    27. MS confirms 250Gb Kinect bundle for ?300
    28. Kinect launching on November 20 in Japan, first video of Dr Kawashima Kinect game
    29. PAX attendance nears 70,000, third event hinted at
    30. FFXIII DLC plans were scrapped, says Toriyama
    31. EA MMA demo arriving September 28
    32. Report: EA-Mikami horror to be shown next week
    33. Dead Rising: Case Zero moves over 300,000 units in first week
    34. Dissidia: Final Fantasy sequel announced in Japan
    35. PC Shadow Broker DLC breaks, BioWare rides to the rescue
    1. NPD: Pachter predicts decline in hardware and software due to online offerings
    2. Spector not opposed to an Epic Mickey sequel
    3. Sony answers loads of your PlayStation Move questions
    4. PSA: DAO and Mass Effect 2 DLC out today
    5. Impressions: Corrupted Thongs take center stage in new DeathSpank
    6. R.U.S.E. demo now available on Xbox Live
    7. Hands-on shows Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's multiplayer is fun, if unfinished
    8. Impressions: Valve's Weier details Portal 2 co-op at PAX Prime
    9. Final Brink dev diary shows need to do crazy things
    10. Respawn title "starting at absolute zero," says DeMartini
    11. Tsunoda says Kinect software will be hard to replicate
    12. Top Spin 4 coming next year for 360, PC and PS3
    13. DJ Hero 2 and Warriors of Rock demos hit Xbox Live
    14. Old Republic trailer shows link to the past
    15. BioWare reveals Mass Effect 2 stats
    16. Rumour - FFXIII 360 hitting Japan this December, says Dengeki
    17. Next Nintendo console will "leave your mouth open," says Sakamoto
    18. Kinect Sports, Joy Ride trailered, soccer mom thrashes children
    19. PS3 Firmware 3.42 kills PS Jailbreak, others
    20. Activision confirms Black Ops voice talent - Gary Oldman returning from WaW
    21. Enslaved's first 15 minutes out in the open
    22. Tales of Graces F dated for December 2 in Japan
    23. Rare, Molyneux originally wanted buttons for Kinect
    24. GT5 gets 10 videos from Best Buy conf, one shows damage
    25. BioShock: Infinite shots show in-game Handyman
    26. Sakamoto: An Other M sequel "cannot be possible" without Team Ninja
    27. Uncharted VO work is just for some DLC, says Sony
    1. Insomniac aiming for Meta 90 with EAP title, says DeMartini
    2. Elena VO mentions new Uncharted work
    3. Driver: San Francisco shots are "frantastic"
    4. Tales of Graces F PSN demo detailed
    5. Enslaved - Get your questions answered by Ninja Theory
    6. Mafia II banned in UAE
    7. Crackdown 2 DLC gets re-release following crashing issues
    8. EA bringing Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, NFS: Hot Pursuit to EG Expo
    9. Spector PAX keynote addresses life of a geek
    10. 343 Industries still intent on making "an excellent Halo movie"
    11. UK charts - Mafia II holds top spot, Other M misses top ten
    12. Gears 3 Carmine campaign gains $150k for Child's Play
    13. Gearbox still "fully committed" to Aliens, more Borderlands on the way
    14. Gearbox's Pitchford: DNF demo "an important thing to do"
    15. Interview - Saving Duke Nukem Forever, by Randy Pitchford
    16. Gearbox announces free Borderlands level update, new Brothers in Arms during PAX panel
    17. Aliens Colonial Marines still alive, Gearbox provides visual evidence
    1. Duke Nuked: Gearbox new IP owners of Duke Nukem
    2. Kinect Motion Sports gets trailer
    3. Duke Nukem gameplay hits YouTube
    4. Video shows first 10 minutes of Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions
    5. Report: Realtime sells Project MyWorld
    6. Snoop coming to Rock Band next week
    7. BioShock Infinite gets special Game Informer cover treatment
    1. Rare: Kinect works in small lounges
    2. Swarm gets PAX video walkthrough
    3. PlayStation Move Ape Escape is on-rails
    4. Duke Nukem Forever photos show more than game
    5. Tron Evolution PAX footage is action-packed
    6. Killzone 3 gets Move demo footage
    7. Valkyria Chronicles II gets launch trailer
    8. Epic Mickey PAX footage is all ears
    9. Portal 2 co-op gamplay footage hits PAX
    10. Capps: Epic bringing triple-A to iPhone
    11. Company of Heroes beta site launches in North America
    12. New inFamous 2 gameplay released
    1. Enslaved goes Gold, confirms Namco
    2. Ueda hints at TGS appearance for The Last Guardian
    3. Interview - Gearbox's Martel on DNF: "He's the king"
    4. Duke Nukem Forever: Steph sends play impressions from PAX
    5. Duke Nukem Forever hitting PS3, 360 and PC "sometime in 2011"
    6. Killzone 3 dated for February 22 in North America
    7. BioWare premiering female Hawke from Dragon Age 2 at PAX
    8. Report - Batman: Arkham City content complete, says OPM podcast
    9. NfS: Hot Pursuit in HD: sun, sand, supercars
    10. Butler goes epic in new Move ad
    11. Alice: Madness Returns won't go "OTT" for M rating, says McGee
    12. Dragon Age: Origins: Ultimate Edition rated by BBFC
    13. EG Expo gets RAGE, Hunted dev panels
    14. Kirby's Epic Yarn trailer is a bit of a winner
    15. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest are Japan's most anticipated 3DS franchises
    16. Remade Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath hits PS3 next Easter - first shots
    17. Goldeneye 007 pre-order info detailed
    18. PS+ subs getting Pro Evo 2011 demo early, 360 version details "shortly"
    19. Mafia II to be a "profitable title," says Take-Two
    20. Empire: Total War to get Gold edition
    21. The Conduit 2 delayed into 2011
    22. Activision racer Blood Drive rated by BBFC
    23. First Shogun 2 Battle Report shows full gameplay
    24. Rumour: Dead Space 2 features necromorph versus "soldiers" multiplayer
    25. Nuclear launch detected: 2K to stream "something big" from PAX
    26. Telltale announces mega super-duper crossover... Poker game
    27. First Mega Man Universe gameplay footage actually shows how the game works
    1. Take-Two Q3 financials: LA Noire delayed into 2011, RDR sells 6.9 million
    2. Report - Medal of Honor yanked from GameStop military stores
    3. New FIFA 11 footage shows full match
    4. Ubi's Outland is Prince of Persia crossed with Ikaruga
    5. New Sonic 4 footage released
    6. PAX F3AR dev diary confirms mech combat
    7. Halo: Reach videos show more multiplayer
    8. OnLive announces WiFi beta
    9. Killzone 3 shots shock out, world places pre-order
    10. DJ Hero 2 gets RZA
    11. Mikami: Motion controls not mainstream for "10 years"
    12. Inafune: Devil May Cry 5 to have "western touch" to attract buyers
    13. Love goes free-to-play this weekend only
    14. Dead Rising aiming to replace Resident Evil as Capcom's biggest IP, says Inafune
    15. Second Medal of Honor Experience vid shows chopper combat
    16. Ubisoft sends over three spoof movie posters - why?
    17. Sam and Max: The Devil's Playground available now for free with PS Plus
    18. MS: Kinect launch line-up lacks adult content but will satisfy the core
    19. Black Ops co-op mode still to be announced, says Treyarch
    20. GPG hints at upcoming Supreme Commander 2 DLC
    21. Activision looking to pass MW2 sales record with Black Ops
    22. Call of Duty: Black Ops - multiplayer gameplay impressions from LA reveal
    23. Get hands-on with Killzone 3 multiplayer this weekend at PAX, win chance to get into beta
    24. New Yakuza 4 trailer shows low-lifes living the high life
    25. Sony makes no mention of The Last Guardian in TGS line-up
    26. First Resident Evil 6 info coming "shortly," says Inafune
    27. Black Ops multiplayer: new modes, bots, gun customization, Wager Match video
    1. Storyline explained in latest Front Mission Evolved video
    2. PS+ users get early access to God of War: Ghost of Sparta next week
    3. Famitsu scans show Final Fantasy Legend III remake for DS
    4. GTA: Chinatown Wars HD hitting iPad next week
    5. DJ Hero 2 video explains how tracks are created
    6. Puzzle Quest 2 announced for PSP
    7. PS3 Blu-ray 3D firmware update hitting next month
    8. Telltale enlists Christopher Lloyd for its Back to the Future game
    9. Mafia II video shows Jimmy's Vendetta DLC
    10. Kojima "wanted" to develop complete MGS4 edition, doesn't have time
    11. LucasArts confirms staff reductions
    12. Epic announces Project Sword for Apple devices
    13. Apple's Game Center finally hitting iPhone and iPod
    14. GoldenEye 007 diary discusses the challenges of reimagining a classic
    15. ME2: Lair of the Shadow Broker video shows an emotional Liara
    16. Dragon Age gets teaser video for Witch Hunt DLC
    17. Black Ops multiplay beta rumour is "completely false," says Acti
    18. The Witcher 2 has 16 endings, only four load screens
    19. Sony announces PSN music service, Qriocity, in Berlin
    20. First Arkham City shots get out, stop clock
    21. Schafer: Double Fine is not an "art-house" developer
    22. Euro PSN update, Sept. 1: Alien Breed, RDR, BioShock
    23. US PSN update, August 31: Castle Crashers, Valkyria Chronicles 2, LBP PSP
    24. Levine: "We're experimenting with lots of things in single-player and multiplayer"
    25. New Shogun 2: Total War screens: lightning, fighting, boats
    26. Report - Rocksteady confirms multiplay for Batman: Arkham City
    27. Three "big announcements" from Valve in next 12 months, says Gabe
    28. FFXIV open beta to start tomorrow
    29. EU Vanquish demo pulled back on 360
    30. Call of Duty: Black Ops gets subtitles in Japan
    31. Sign up for PS Plus, get Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty free
    32. Sega potentially teases Valkyria Chronicles III, VCII reviews rounded-up
    33. Open source jailbreak released for PS3
    34. Corre: No new IP from Ubisoft until next-gen
    35. StarCraft II sells 3 million in first month on sale
    36. No mainland European Kinect voice recognition till spring 2011
    37. Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions launch trailer features suit-changing
    38. Monster Hunter Portable 3 gets December release in Japan
    39. Diablo III team currently "building content," out of "discovery mode"
    40. Tales of Graces F getting PSN demo this month
    41. Square announces TGS line-up, doesn't mention Versus or Agito XIII
    42. PlayStation Move hardware and software reviews go live - get them all here
    43. White Knight Chronicles PSP detailed in Famitsu
    44. EA: Madden sales up 5% YoY, IP going to Facebook
    45. Kinect releasing in Australia on November 18
    46. Report: Sony debuting an iTunes-like media service for PS3 and PSP later today
    47. Guilded wars: Guild Wars passes 6.5 million sales mark, "when it's done" is the word on GW2