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December 2011 Archive

    1. Holiday Retrospective: What happened in September 2011
    2. Mastertronic's Payne given OBE in New Year Honours
    1. Holiday Retrospective - What happened in August 2011
    1. Holiday Retrospective: What happened in July 2011
    1. Holiday Retrospective: What happened in June 2011
    2. Chris Grant, McElroy brothers leave Joystiq, Kietzmann takes boss job
    1. Holiday Retrospective: What happened in May 2011
    1. Holiday Retrospective: What happened in April 2011
    1. Holiday Retrospective: What happened in March 2011
    1. Holiday Retrospective: What happened in February 2011
    1. RIFT database hacked: "No evidence that full credit card information was compromised"
    2. Holiday Retrospective: What happened in January 2011
    3. DICE discusses Back to Karkand, BF2's Dragon Valley in latest edition of PWNED
    4. Christmas 2011: We've called it
    1. Grateful Dead game in the works, apparently
    2. Razer secures $50 million in funding, remains "opportunistic" on future IPO
    3. Quick quotes: Tetris manager believes Angry Birds is a fad, will go away like most crazes
    4. Latest Inside Reckoning dev diary takes a look combat and the art of Kingdoms of Amalur
    5. GameStop apologises over Last Guardian cancellation rumour
    6. All Zombies Must Die! to release on PSN and XBLA at the end of the month
    7. SWTOR: Public test server in the works, no ETA on availability of server transfers
    8. SCEA announces Vita launch titles, details starter kit
    9. Arnar Gylfason steps down as EVE Online senior producer
    10. Analysts unsure whether Vita 3G will be popular with US consumers
    11. Playdom's Gardens of Time bests Zynga offerings as most-played Facebook game
    12. Xbox 12 Days of Deals: Day 3 is all about Fallout DLC
    13. Harvey Norman chain to sell GST-free games through direct import site
    14. Quick quotes: BioWare had MMO "back up plans" in case SWTOR negotiations fell through
    15. Judge rules against EA's request to dismiss Activision claims, suit goes to trial
    16. Sky launches 3D Games Review, hosted by Johnny Minkley
    17. Festive Sale on over 100 titles starts December 23 through the PS Store
    18. EA holding buy two, get 50% off on Origin deal
    19. Latest A Game of Thrones video introduces you to The Wall
    20. Nintendo Downloads: Tetris, Mighty Switch Force, small firmware update
    21. Quick quotes: BioWare's Muzyka discusses "emotional engagement" in games"
    22. Uncharted Success: Naughty Dog celebrates 25 years
    23. Street Fighter x Tekken trailer goes female heavy
    24. Atlus to release Gungnir on PSN and PSP June 12
    25. First Modern Warfare 3 DLC gets first teaser screen, info
    26. Sony to launch three new PSP UMD Dual Packs in US
    27. Spec Ops: The Line trailer protects Dubai from you
    28. Nagoshi teases "Project A," which is probably Yakuza 5
    29. Planetside 2 beta signups kick off
    30. Machinima highest-viewed YouTube channel in 2011
    31. Starhawk closed beta to end January 3, open beta dates coming "next few weeks"
    32. VG247's Holiday Gift List: What we want and why
    1. Infamous Xbox Live Indie dev releases "Homeless"
    2. Zenonia 4 releases on iOS today, free
    3. Mega Man X releases on iPhone with copious microtransactions
    4. Square Enix holding half-off iOS sale
    5. Next up in Xbox holiday deal is Kinect
    6. Ubisoft announces huge Just Dance 3 stats
    7. Capcom is holding a huge PSN super sale
    8. World of Tanks boasts 18 million registrants
    9. Humble Indie Bundle adds five more games
    10. SSX gets pushed to March, first gameplay trailer goes (mostly) old school
    11. Jurassic Park Episode 2 now available on iPad
    12. Limbo now available in Mac App Store, Steam will have to wait
    13. EA holiday iOS mega-sale goes live
    14. Microsoft drops CES keynote, booth presence from 2013
    15. Rift client $5 through holiday, gets bonus XP event
    16. Nintendo to release Wii Channel to fix Zelda saves
    17. BioWare doctors lecture BAFTA on art: watch it now
    18. Game of Thrones RPG trailer, details finally out
    19. Japanese charts: Vita launch fails to topple 3DS, FFXIII-2 debuts with 524k
    20. High-risk, high-reward: Sony's play for the indie win
    21. Gears 3 gets Fenix Rising map pack, new level progression system on January 17
    22. Sony: 'No mass Vita problems, we haven't apologised'
    23. EU PS Store update, December 21 - Jurassic Park, Team ICO HD, Oddworld
    24. First Modern Warfare 3 DLC dropping next month
    25. Tekken 3D Prime Edition launching on February 17
    26. Flick-book fantasy: OPM charts "Skyrim disaster timeline"
    27. Merry Christmas: You're nothing but a punk, says EA
    28. Touch My Katamari cinematic is somewhat hysterical
    29. Panzer Dragoon vets working on Project Draco
    30. Saints Row: The Third's Warrior Pack video shows more crazy
    31. Devil May Cry HD Collection gets April 3 EU/US sim-ship
    32. Physical Warfare Pack for BF3 out now for PC, 360
    33. Kojima: Project Ogre an open-world affair
    34. Monster Hunter 3G hits 1 million shipped in Japan
    35. FFXIII-2 360 to get exclusive weapon DLC
    36. Counting pennies? It could be worse: you could be Danish
    37. Batman: Arkham City DLC bundles out now
    38. No personal data compromised in Square Enix Members hack
    39. Media Create reports 325,000 Vitas sold in Japan launch week
    40. Borderlands 2 drops enemies on you - from the moon
    41. UK retail shifted almost 3 million games last week
    42. Report - Sony shipped 500,000 Vitas for Japanese launch
    43. Watch the last 10 minutes of Star Wars Galaxies
    44. Guild Wars 2's Mesmer "more difficult to develop" than archetypical classes
    45. Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer introduces characters
    46. Skyrim PC patched to 1.31 with 4GB RAM support
    47. EA won't subject Syndicate to "arcane censorship" for AU release
    48. US PS Store Update, December 20 - Sega sale, Sonic CD, Trine 2, and L.A Noire
    1. Sony reveals two most popular Japanese Vita games
    2. Dead Island sells 3 million copies
    3. Bioware says Old Republic "will never end," releases behind the scenes vid doc
    4. NPD: Non-traditional spend overtook retail in Q3 2011
    5. Square Enix makes a pair of "Underworld" trademarks
    6. Star Wars: The Old Republic heading to AU, NZ
    7. Muzyka: Next Dragon Age may draw from Skyrim
    8. Respawn releases another blurry image from first project
    9. UFC app arrives on Xbox Live today
    10. Epic 20-minute Halo fan film made in-game
    11. Director says FFXIII-2 will have easier-to-follow story than XIII
    12. MGS3: Snake Eater may get first-person mode in 3DS remake
    13. Dance Central 2 gets Rihanna DLC
    14. Space colony sim, Epic Astro Story released on Android
    15. Iranian spy implicates game dev as US propaganda arm
    16. Oddworld: Strangers Wrath HD reviews go live
    17. Death Rally sees 1.5 million downloads, says Remedy
    18. Square confirms Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for 2012 western release
    19. Quick quotes: Vita a "premier product" compared to development-friendly Xperia Play, says Sony
    20. One Life Left launches game-inspired album on Amazon
    21. Sith service: Star Wars: The Old Republic goes live
    22. PC Gamer: Relic developing new Company of Heroes
    23. Warner launches bargaintastic Steam bundle, features Arkham City
    24. Yakuza: Black Panther 2 gets March 22 JP date
    25. Microsoft kicks off 12 Days of Xbox, Bastion goes half-price today
    26. Armored Core V trailer goes wall-bouncing mental
    27. The Darkness II clips show off Vendettas characters
    28. Lightning Strikes Twice: Yoshinori Kitase on FFXIII-2
    29. Quick quotes: thatgamecompany "could definitely see" past efforts on Vita
    30. Nintendo confirms Wii U media presence for CES
    31. Alan Wake's American Nightmare: Remedy shows off, commentates Fight Till Dawn mode
    32. Dual Shock support added to Sony Tablet S
    33. GamersGate CEO dismisses OnLive, Origin and Steam
    34. Unannounced Ubisoft titles outed by AU classifications
    35. Devil May Cry HD Collection expected in Japan in March
    36. Japanese Vita shifts 321,000 units in first two days
    37. Naughty Dog not keen on "terrifying", "tough" next-gen transition
    38. AU: Syndicate Refused Classification over violence
    39. Update: Sony apologises for Vita launch day problems
    40. UMvC 3 patched; DLC delayed; Vita features trailered
    41. Marvel MMORPG retitled as Marvel Heroes
    42. New DmC trailer shows secret worlds
    43. Zynga stock continues to drop
    44. Heavy Rain Move Edition still missing extra content
    45. HMV financials note further losses, "significant doubt" on retailer's future
    46. Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land coming to iPhone in January
    1. Man sues Sony for ToS update forbidding suing
    2. BioWare taking SWTOR queues issue "seriously"
    3. Steam launches massive holiday sale, servers falter
    4. Thieves pocket-dial police after video game heist
    5. Square Enix releases bizarre Bravely Default trailer
    6. Zipper releases new trailer for Unit 13
    7. Square Enix releases new Theatrhythm trailer
    8. Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Vita trailer
    9. Vita not sold out in Japan, some users report problems
    10. New Ninja Gaiden 3 screens released
    11. GameFly PC now in open beta
    12. PSA: Jetpack Joyride is free today
    13. Champions Online reveals new character type, definitely not a Sith
    14. Analyst: Up to 1.5 million could be playing SWTOR pre-access
    15. First Dragon Quest X story details drop
    16. Alan Wake's American Nightmare gets extended reveal trailer
    17. Alan Wake's American Nightmare dreams of the future
    18. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance goes big with 8-minute trailer
    19. Pocket-burner? prices Vita games up to ?45
    20. Report: Nintendo to show Wii U at CES
    21. F1 Online closed beta application now open, first trailer goes live
    22. UK charts: Skyrim takes Christmas number one
    23. Prototype 2 dev diary aims at hunting, killing, becoming
    24. Activision launches Skylanders: Spyro's Universe
    25. LA Noire releasing on PSN this week
    26. Dear industry, grow up: Why the VGAs aren't the problem
    27. Notch's Ludum Dare entry Minicraft playable now
    28. Pokémon x Nobunaga's Ambition unveiled
    29. Report - Video quality down with new Xbox 360 dashboard
    30. Play your 3DS Ambassador Game Boy Advance games in original resolution
    31. XSEED Sale of Unrivaled Insanity is quite well named
    32. Tri-Ace contributed to Final Fantasy XIII-2
    1. Battlefield 3's exploding forklifts featured in new TV spot
    2. Modern Combat 3 available on Android
    3. Vita user manual available online
    4. Possible Battlefield 2142 sequel hint spotted in BF 3
    5. Trine 2 arrives on consoles this week - look at the trailer
    6. Battlefield 3 makes Google's 2011 Zeitgeist report
    1. League of Legends champion spotlight, Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox
    2. Get your face in Max Payne 3 in Rockstar contest
    3. Square Enix announces Japanese FFXIII-2 DLC plans
    4. Assassin's Creed Recollection Dev Diary
    5. Rumor: Beyond Good and Evil 2 will release this generation
    6. Court sides with THQ in Ubisoft talent-poaching case
    7. Perfect World announces new MMO, Fantasy Condor Heroes
    8. Left 4 Dead Boomer action figure is grotesque
    9. Persona 4 Golden shots are golden
    10. Flynn Lives: Tron Legacy makes it into Kingdom Hearts 3DS, March JP launch confirmed
    11. New Life: PlayStation Vita launches in Japan
    1. FIFA Vita trailer shows off new features
    2. Armor expert expounds on women's battle armor
    3. Indie Game: The Movie showing at SXSW
    4. Apple may introduce new iPad sizes in 2012
    5. Twisted Metal trailer introduces Mr. Grimm
    6. Blizzard introduces BattleTags to
    7. Zynga stock surges, plunges, surges, regulates in turbulent first day
    8. Skyrim mod brings online play to the PC
    9. $100 car available in Need for Speed World
    10. Star Wars: The Old Republic pre-orders get two-day grace period
    11. The Louvre is buying 5,000 3DS handhelds
    12. Analyst: Market shrinking for gaming handhelds, but there's hope
    13. Video: game controller works by monitoring muscle impulses
    14. I Am Alive trailer goes tips-heavy
    15. Double Fine's Stacking coming to PC
    16. End of Nations dev diary details PvP hopes
    17. Square confirms Army Corp of Hell for EU Vita launch
    18. Remedy to self-publish Alan Wake PC - all the details
    19. Report: Vita Japanese launch shipments at 700,000 units
    20. EA holding BF3 gameplay community contest
    21. Report: Rovio aiming for 2013 Hong Kong-based IPO
    22. Beatshapers shows off StarDrone in new trailer
    23. Kojima teases Project Ogre, posts screens on Twitter
    24. Alan Wake's American Nightmare gets XBLA cover
    25. Guild Wars 2 closed beta kicks off today
    26. HADOUKEN: Ono, Harada on bringing together SFxTK
    27. Quick quotes: Rockstar on why GTA III's lead was mute
    28. Plants vs Zombie iOS update adds I, Zombie mode and more
    29. Star Wars Galaxies servers closed forever
    30. Rumour - Zynga prices IPO at $10 per share
    31. End of an era - Goodbye ERTS, hello EA
    32. SCE Santa Monica: Sorcery not possible on Kinect or Wii
    33. Quick Shots - Armored Core V brings some colour to the battlefield
    34. APB: Reloaded hits 3 million registered players
    35. Tales of Xillia pays tribute to past Tales games
    36. Syndicate trailer hacks everything, all the time
    37. Skyrim ships 10 million units worldwide, sets Steam record
    38. AMY trailer outs human enemies, enemy encounter strategies
    39. PS3 firmware 4.00 removes quick and easy PSP install option
    40. Mysterious Atlus title is the fourth in a series
    1. Sony backtracks on Vita accounts, now one account per system
    2. Report indicates next-gen Xbox coming 2013, design lead swapped
    3. Play as Resident Evil All-Stars in Operation Raccoon City Multiplayer
    4. SF X Tekken new screens, collector's edition and preorder details
    5. PS Vita spotted in the wild, caused by shipping mishap
    6. The Dark Meadow Deluxe Edition VGAs trailer released
    7. Skyrim 1.3 patch live on Xbox Live, waiting for full PSN approval
    8. Apple somehow selling more iOS devices than ever
    9. Modern Warfare 3 is Redbox's #1 rental of 2011
    10. PSN game Malicious finally getting English version
    11. Humble Indie Bundle gets competition, Little Big Bunch Indie Bundle
    12. CD Projekt Red on why they billed pirates 1000
    13. Need for Speed World gets interactive trailer
    14. Fruit Ninja Kinect free Christmas DLC out now
    15. Marathon 2 now available on iOS, free
    16. Square Enix Members hack affected 1.8 million
    17. EA denies Garriott's claims of new Ultima
    18. Anarchy Reigns gets delayed, locked July release instead
    19. Report: Doctor Who title to be part of Vita launch
    20. Final Fantasy XIII-2 video and screens do monster mash
    21. Nintendo brings Eurosport App to 3DS eShop
    22. Hirshberg, Jaffe, Xbox creator to speak at D.I.C.E.
    23. Gravity Rush pre-order box suggests December 27 demo launch in Japan
    24. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon appears on Steam, gets 25% discount
    25. PSA: GTA III 10th Anniversary Ed out now, gets trailer
    26. "Nokia Wii" used to play Halo, PoP in 2004: pics, details
    27. Sony still aiming to sell 15 million PS3s by end of FY2012, says House
    28. Metal Gear Rising development leading on PS3, says Platinum
    29. Lack of Alan Wake PC day one launch "hurt," says Remedy
    30. Report: 360 design boss takes new role at MS
    31. Stop the silly: Of course Xbox 720 won't release in 2012
    32. Asura's Wrath demo to launch on January 10
    33. Ninja Gaiden 3 to ship with Dead or Alive 5 alpha demo in Japan
    34. Report: The Last of Us originally due to get E3 unveil
    35. GameStop selling Brink new for 97p
    36. 3DS officially Australia's fastest-selling console
    37. Gran Turismo 5 DLC and update drop next week
    38. 3DS Ambassador Game Boy Advance games due Friday
    39. Zynga's Forestville revealed as latest iOS game
    40. New Modern Warfare 3 modes this weekend
    41. Nintendo to fix glitched Skyward Sword saves
    42. New Pokémon announcement expected in January
    43. Capcom Digital Collection bundles XBLA games on disc
    44. SCE Japan launches PlayStation Game Music service
    45. Risen 2: Dark Waters to release in April
    46. Rumour - Zynga's IPO set for Friday
    47. Japanese Charts: 3DS sees biggest sales week ever
    1. EA unveils future plans for Star Wars: The Old Republic
    2. SOE suspends 700 Everquest players
    3. Super Street Fighter IV DLC on sale through Jan. 10
    4. Sound Shapes to feature tracks from Deadmau5
    5. Demigod released on Steam
    6. Aksys teases two unannounced 2012 releases
    7. Plants vs Zombies' Crazy Dave releases hip hop song for charity
    8. GamersGate holiday sale offers up to 90% off
    9. Activision Blizzard parent faces credit drought
    10. Nexon receives $1.2 billion in Japanese IPO
    11. PS Move title Sorcery reappears with new graphical style
    12. Bossa Studios head says Vita will die "horrible premature death"
    13. Fifth South Park RPG class is...The Jew
    14. Max Payne 3 "Gang Wars" multiplayer details revealed
    15. Fable developer Lionhead seeking MMO programmer
    16. Guild Wars 2 mesmer gets official reveal, shots and video
    17. New screens of From Software's Gundam game
    18. Ultimate MvC3 out February 15 for Vita
    19. Alan Wake PC confirmed by Remedy for Q1 2012
    20. MGS: Rising would have been more "bushido" under Kojima's watch
    21. Report - Just Cause movie finds writer, JC3 in development
    22. Stunning Last of Us concept art appears online
    23. EU PS Store update, December 14 - Need for Speed: The Run, Burnout Crash, Sonic CD
    24. PixelJunk Shooter 2, Limbo top indie PSN charts
    25. YouTube, Blinkbox, others arrive on Xbox 360
    26. The Last of Us avatars, themes, trailer PSN-bound
    27. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances announced by EA
    28. Ex-Visceral Melbourne devs open PlaySide
    29. Quick quotes: Activision on why THPSHD likely won't have original soundtracks
    30. Swingworm discounted, Azkend free "for a very limited time"
    31. GTMature: How Rockstar grew up with this generation
    32. Aion to go F2P in February
    33. Asura's Wrath demo to drop in January
    34. PR firm fined $7,000 over San Francisco Homefront balloon stunt
    35. Ninja Gaiden 3 to launch in Japan on March 22
    36. Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer reminds you it exists
    37. Square Enix Members service suspended after "unauthorised access"
    38. Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned me out this week
    39. Modern Warfare 3 players hit with 5,000 day ban
    40. Humble Indie Bundle 4 launched with star-studded line up
    41. Sonic CD out tomorrow for iDevice, consoles
    42. Coming Soon to the Xbox Live Marketplace - Alice: Madness Returns, LA Noire, Gears of War DLC, more
    43. MGS5: The Boss, Cobras one of “several ideas,” says Kojima
    44. US PS Store Update, December 13 - New bundles, DNF DLC, PS Plus discounts
    45. “Truth Behind RISING” vidoc describes troubled project
    46. Dragon Age, Journey, and Space Invaders talks added to GDC 2012 line up
    47. The Last of Us trailer pulled for copyright infringement
    48. Social games companies to cut costs in 2012, says games on demand boss
    49. Go behind the scenes of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer
    1. Four Winds Fantasy out now on iOS
    2. Miyamoto interested in more Western collaborations, including Zelda
    3. Platinum Games boss defends Revengeance, KojiPro
    4. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 sports new netcode, exclusive content
    5. Crush 3D story trailer is a perfect primer
    6. Classification reform champion Brendan O'Connor exits home affairs
    7. Google axes Street View shooter
    8. Zynga tops DAU on Facebook with CityVille pulling 10 million a day
    9. Atlus teases game release with letters "G" and "R" - could be Gungnir
    10. The Last of Us not a "zombie game," but a father-daughter-like "love story"
    11. American McGee studio announces BigHead Bash for Facebook
    12. South Park combat will consist of "kids being little bastards"
    13. Kalypso to release Hard Reset: Extended Edition in US March 2012
    14. Circle Pad Pro looks to be a GameStop exclusive in the US
    15. Epic launches Twelve Days of Gearsmas
    16. Early registration opens for E3 2012
    17. PSA: Ancestors Pack released for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
    18. Indie Royale Xmas Bundle moves 15,000 digital units in 24 hours
    19. Ten new videos released from PS Vita event in San Francisco
    20. LEGO Batman 2 insert shows up in new LEGO Super Hero sets
    21. Polytron's Super Hypercube to be released as a Kinect title
    22. Obsidian dev unimpressed with RPG advances which "undermine" the thrill of exploration
    23. Report: CD Projekt pursuing legal action against German Witcher II pirates
    24. Alter Ego: Book contains photos of MMOs players and their avatars
    25. Vita can be used as a PS3 controller with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
    26. BF3 360 gets Back to Karkand, new title update date
    27. PSA: SWTOR early access is live, queuing issues reported
    28. Alan Wake pops up on Steam, Remedy seemingly teases PC release
    29. Sumioni video shows off the Vita actioner's first stage
    30. 3DS and Minecraft featured on Time's Top of Everything 2011 lists
    31. Batman: Arkham World mention reference "good fun only," says Warner
    32. Kojima hints at Zone of the Enders 3-Fox Engine combo
    33. Mojang aiming at Friday release for Cobalt
    34. Metal Gear Rising gets extended VGAs trailer
    35. Nintendo drops Q1 2012 release schedule for Wii, 3DS
    36. Plants vs Zombies coming to PS Vita
    37. NetherRealm on break with Mortal Kombat, working on something else
    38. Child's Play hits $1.5 million in donations for 2011
    39. Report: The Last of Us aiming for late 2012-early 2013
    40. How the bad-ass bow quest made me love Skyrim
    41. Telstra to launch streaming games service in Australia
    42. Uncharted: Golden Abyss - 15 mins of gameplay action
    43. Vita ads outline PS3 connectivity, dual controls, more
    44. Non-Rising fans should "patiently wait" for stealth-based MGS sequel, says Kojima
    45. Bleszinski: Any future Gears game would be "fresh and new"
    46. Modern Warfare 3 update fixes lag, launch glitches
    47. Obsidian wants to go digital - and kill off used games
    48. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD to cost "about $15", developed by Robomodo
    49. Three times a charm: Valve debunks Half-life 3 ARG talk
    50. Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer and screens explain everything
    51. Miyamoto's new projects to be "different", impossible on smartphones
    52. Starhawk testing a "real beta"; games "need time in the pressure cooker"
    53. Coming Soon to the Xbox Live Marketplace: Indie DLC, Joe Danger Special Edition
    54. Mac App Store dishes out 100 million games
    55. Contribute to Metal Gear Solid's Saga
    56. Tickets on sale for EVE Online Fanfest 2012
    57. GSC Game World: "Nothing is certain", studio will do its "best to continue"
    58. Rumour - Microsoft chasing original TV content for Xbox Live
    59. Mesmer revealed as final Guild Wars 2 class
    60. Garriott working on Ultima Online successor, in "discussions" with EA
    61. Fortnite has freeform construction and destruction
    62. Gotham City Impostors trailer welcomes you to Bats HQ
    63. Team ICO boss Fumito Ueda leaves Sony - details
    64. PS3 Other OS class action suit dismissed
    65. Final Fantasy Type-0 is Vita-compatible with network play, twin sticks
    66. Quick Quotes - The Legend of Zelda to stick with motion controls
    67. Second Naughty Dog team at work on The Last of Us for two years
    1. DiRT Showdown launching on PS3, 360, PC in May
    2. Minecraft among winners at Indie Visibility Awards
    3. Modern Warfare 3 hits $1 billion in 16 days - info
    4. PSN to receive maintenance downtime on Thursday
    5. New PS Access events to wheel out Vita before February launch
    6. Namco to introduce Tales of browser title
    7. UK charts: Skyrim topples MW3 after a month
    8. Batman: Arkham City currently ?18 at
    9. Kamiya not involved with Metal Gear Rising
    10. Ellen Page not involved with The Last of Us, Enslaved design lead on board
    11. Car Crash: Why VGAs are in a serious need of change
    12. Thatgamecompany's flOw and Flower both topped annual PSN charts
    13. Skyrim to see meaty DLC packs that "make the game better"
    14. Darksiders 2: Death Lives trailer escapes VGAs
    15. Quick Quotes – Bethesda may retain Skyrim’s bucket theft technique
    1. Binary Domain trailer is all dramatic action
    2. Quick Quotes - Cliff Bleszinski on Epic's "no dudebros" Fortnite
    3. First Prison Architect trailer released
    4. Metal Gear Rising not a direct sequel to MGS 4
    5. Stranger's Dream DLC goes back to the Bastion December 14
    6. Dungeons of Dredmor: Realm of the Diggle Gods expansion inbound
    7. Debut trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man swings into the VGAs
    8. Hitman: Absolution video shows Agent 47 in hospital shoot-out
    9. Transformers: Fall of Cyberton VGA trailer shows a fight for survival
    10. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 announced for holiday 2012
    11. Watch a Thresher save Shepard's skin in latest Mass Effect 3 video
    12. Rainbow Six: Patriots VGAs trailer takes on greed
    13. Diablo III VGA trailer shows the opening cinematic
    14. BioShock Infinite VGAs trailer takes a step back
    15. Joker teases "Batman: Arkham World" at VGAs
    16. Epic's Fortnite announced at VGAs - teaser released
    17. Remedy unveils Alan Wake's American Nightmare
    18. Bioware announces Command & Conquer: Generals 2 for 2013
    19. Naughty Dog's The Last of Us announced at VGAs
    1. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD going digital next year
    2. Quick Quotes: Team Ninja on why it's not interested in DoA vs Tekken
    3. Level-5: Future Ni no Kuni titles planned, will expand the current world
    4. Quick Quotes: Double Fine aren't "averse to making sequels"
    5. NIS goes screenshot bonkers with Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
    6. Game composers create album to benefit Sweet Relief charity
    7. IGN posts an exclusive shot of Remedy's new Alan Wake game for XBLA
    8. MGS Rising VGA trailer confirms Platinum as dev
    9. Rayman Origins moves 50,000 units for November US debut
    10. Double Fine says to expect a less bountiful release slate next year
    11. Cryptic release video showing the new opening cutscene to Star Trek Online F2P
    12. Indie Royale's Xmas Bundle available for pre-order, 8-Bit Christmas album is a bonus
    13. SWTOR: Sith Inquisitor progression and space battle videos emerge
    14. Skyrim: Nine things you didn’t know you could do videoed, detailed
    15. Tales of Graces F hitting US on March 13, English debut trailer released
    16. Quick Quotes: Team Ninja believes DLC should add to the game experience
    17. Lockdown, Mirror's Edge top Friday's iPad charts
    18. Agarest: Generations of War 2 releasing on PS3 in summer 2012
    19. One Piece: Kaizoku Musou Treasure Box PS3 bundle announced
    20. Final Fantasy XIV market ward and player search improvements detailed
    21. Blacklight: Retribution developer video shows off a few of the customization options
    22. Virtual wallet coming to Blizzard's "in the weeks ahead"
    23. Watch how Siri works with Scribblenauts Remix on iPhone 4S
    24. Capcom and Nyu Media bringing Japanese indie games westward
    25. Club Nintendo members can purchase downloadable games with Coins
    26. Sony: Ueda "committed" to finishing The Last Guardian
    27. Remedy teases Alan Wake XBLA before VGA unveil tonight
    28. THQ lets go 30 from uDraw team
    1. NPD: 360 tops with 1.7M, MW3 and Skyrim storm software
    2. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning limited editions will run you $80-$275
    3. Rumor – Crytek’s Ryse slated for next-gen Xbox console
    4. PAYDAY: The Heist Xmas Update released on Steam
    5. Instructions on how to block Xbox Dashboard ads pop up online
    6. DNF: The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC set for release next week
    7. EQII characters created before December 6 being "grandfathered" into Age of Discovery
    8. Rock Band 3 gets a three-pack of RUSH, adds Black Veil Brides, Volbeat
    9. US PS Movie Store Update - Hangover Part II, Cowboys & Aliens, Men in Black 3 trailer
    10. Rumor - US voice actor claims to be working on "Half Life Episode 3"
    11. Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure announced for March
    12. Nintendo Channel lists upcoming schedule for Europe
    13. Watch the first 20 minutes of Gears 3 DLC RAAM’s Shadow
    14. GSC to release statement on state of affairs Monday
    15. BF3 superkill video leaves us utterly speechless
    16. All future Xbox apps to contain Kinect functionality
    17. Angry Birds turns two on December 11, Rovio celebrates by unlocking all levels
    18. Boom City: Skyrim wins GOTY, Best RPG at 2011 VGAs
    19. Crytek's Ury Zhilinsky joins FireFall dev Red 5 Studios
    20. UKIE announces Dr Jo Twist as its new CEO
    21. Vietnam's Emobi Games to release FPS called 7554 based on First Indochina War
    22. Game Connection Europe 2012 winners announced
    23. Indie developers upset over new XBL Dashboard interface
    24. Mirror's Edge goes free on iOS today only
    25. Sonic 4: Episode 2 rated by Korean Game Rating Body
    26. First developer diary released for MechWarrior Online
    27. Magic Voodoo: Bastion added to Google Chrome game library
    28. BBC makes Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock official
    29. Miyamoto on retirement: "That is not the case"
    30. Spacetime Studios says its titles are the first cross-platform MMOs on the market
    31. Xbox Live Gold is free this weekend, includes chance to win an Xbox entertainment package
    32. Report: Argos pulls out of second-hand game market
    33. Warner Montreal working on more DC Comics games thanks to Batman's success
    34. Serious Sam: BFE gets a Santa multiplayer skin
    35. Just Dance 3 Wii to get Mario song
    36. Wired's Kohler stands by Miyamoto retirement story
    37. Zynga predicts subs rise ahead of IPO
    38. Persona 4: The Golden clip is personified awesome
    39. Man plays White Knight Chronicles II for 8,000 hours
    40. New Mass Effect 3, Hitman Absolution trailers promised for VGAs
    41. Mega Man to "remain" a "key brand" for Capcom, says US boss Svensson
    42. New TDU2 DLC to finally bring bikes
    43. La Dolce Vita: Why I’m psyched for Sony’s new handheld
    44. The King of Fighters XIII patch inbound, demo out now
    45. Battlefield 3 PC patches locked to Origin
    46. Sonic creator's studio debuts Flick Pig
    47. Apple Game of the Year Awards honour Dead Space, Tiny Wings, more
    48. Borderlands "really about the loot", sequel to be less repetitive
    49. Nintendo extends 3DS WiFi coverage to US airports
    50. Shepard "much more dynamic" in Mass Effect 3
    51. APB: Reloaded hits US retail tomorrow
    52. End of Nations has globe-spanning events, 52 players on each map
    53. Notch to stream Ludum Dare entry
    54. Keith Vaz calls for parliamentary debate on harmful effects of games
    55. U-Turn: Peter Moore didn't execute Dreamcast
    56. Rumour - The Last of Us teased in Uncharted 3
    57. Vita PSN IDs locked to memory cards, not consoles
    58. MLB 12 The Show saves shared between PS3 and Vita versions
    59. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action trailer shows off cinematics
    60. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Vita touch and Near features detailed
    61. Moore: "No two ways about it", digital transition will have casualties
    1. Halo Waypoint, ATLAS real-time map app headed to mobiles
    2. MechWarrior: Tactical Command announced for iOS debut
    3. Ninja Gaiden 3 multiplayer's modes, stealth and more detailed
    4. Rumour - Dead Rising 3 set in California, stars Rick the mechanic
    5. LucasArts hiring for two unannounced titles
    6. Analyst: Nintendo "left for dead" by investors but won't "roll over and die"
    7. Rumor - Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock slated for multi-plat release in early 2012
    8. EA Sports Challenge Series lays $1 million in cash and prizes on the line
    9. Infantry Weapons highlighted in latest DUST 514 developer update
    10. Borderlands 2: Lilith auditions have started, check out some of the ladies
    11. Nintendo Downloads - Pushmo, Castle Conqueror, Paper Wars
    12. Ono "keen" on more collaborations assuming TKxSF success
    13. PSA: Ubisoft 25th Anniversary sale going on over at XBLM
    14. Report - 3DS Circle Pad Pro provides 480 hours of gameplay on one battery
    15. Sine Mora to release exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade
    16. Square files trademark for Gunslinger Stratus
    17. Soul Calibur V video demonstrates Critical Edge system using Patroklos
    18. SEGA developing action-simulation title Samurai & Dragons for Vita
    19. OnLive would "love" to have its service on next-gen Microsoft and Sony consoles
    20. Latest Devil May Cry video shows Dante trying to escape the city
    21. PS Plus: Over $1,200 in savings, 17 free games and 132 PS3 game discounts in 2011
    22. Saints Row: The Third Explosive Combat and Z Style DLC get trailered
    23. World of Tanks breaks a new record with 250,000 simultaneous players
    24. LOTRO Update 5: The Prince of Rohan to launch December 12
    25. Dear Esther to release on Steam February 14
    26. Quick shots: Sony drops Jak and Daxter HD Collection screens
    27. Raptr: Most Played Game and Most Played RPG of 2011 was Skyrim
    28. Katamari Damacy shots look very, very pwetty
    29. Quick Shots: Ayane and Hitomi punch it out in new Dead or Alive 5 screens
    30. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown now available for iDevices
    31. PlayStation Home goes V1.60
    32. Resistance 3's Brutality Pack video is full of shooting, Mastadon
    33. VVVVVV dev releases At A Distance for Free
    34. Music Unlimited PS3 to offer free two month trial
    35. Capcom teasing something Dead Rising-related
    36. inFamous 2: Festival of Blood becomes fastest selling PSN game ever
    37. NCSoft EU boss heads to Warner Bros
    38. Joe Danger: Special Edition hitting Xbox Live Arcade next week
    39. Nintendo confirms February EU Last Story release
    40. Epic's Tim Sweeney to be inducted into AIAS Hall of Fame
    41. USK rates Alan Wake's American Nightmare
    42. Chrono Trigger iOS to release tomorrow
    43. APB Reloaded launches on Steam
    44. Need for Speed World now global through Aeria Games
    45. Jaffe not keen on Online Pass for Twisted Metal
    46. A Guiding Light: The indie journey of Waveform
    47. Namco Bandai awarded distribution rights to The Witcher 2
    48. Bethesda offers Skyrim PS3 save issue workarounds
    49. Nintendo debunks Miyamoto partial retirement claim
    50. OnLive Android, iOS apps out now - stream L.A. Noire right to your tablet
    51. Quick Shots - Ninja Gaiden 3's multiplayer
    52. Quick Quotes - Where's Fruit Ninja 2?
    53. Gotham City Impostors animated short features a lot of giggling
    54. SWTOR early access kicks off December 13, pre-load now
    55. The Last of Us teaser website updated - new wallpaper, video extended
    1. Richard Garriott's next game is Ultimate Collector: Garage Sale
    2. Ninja Gaiden 3 gets March release date
    3. Levine: BioShock games are "improvisational" combat, "fantastical" setting
    4. Epic doubtful about Vita, not keen on "port-itis"
    5. THQ lowers Q3 expectations by 25% due to weak uDraw sales on 360 and PS3
    6. Take Two boss dismisses exclusives, annual releases, and CoD Elite
    7. X?: Albion Prelude announced for December 15 release on Steam
    8. MCV launches 2011 salary survey
    9. Japanese charts: 3DS sales soar due to Mario Kart 7
    10. Microsoft launches Xbox Live iOS app
    11. Blizzard announces WoW holiday sales
    12. Warlock: Master of the Arcane closed beta applications being accepted
    13. PopCap launches freemium Bejeweled and Blitz games on iOS devices
    14. Kalypso to publish retail version of Telltale’s Jurassic Park: The Game
    15. Koei Tecmo acquires Atelier series developer Gust
    16. GDC 2012 to include lectures from Naughty Dog, Volition, PopCap
    17. Story trailer and screens released for Soul Calibur V
    18. Quick Quotes: SEGA's Nagoshi on recent wave of developers exiting big firms
    19. Skyrim Update 1.3 now available on Steam
    20. Exclusive trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man to debut during the VGAs
    21. New XBL EULA prevents class-action suits, limits liability to $5
    22. Serious Sam 3 punishes pirates with unbeatable enemy
    23. FFXIII-2: Game Plus mode, perfect Famitsu score, 1 million shipped
    24. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath dated for Europe and US
    25. Moore: "I don't think there's any doubt" that BF3 took share away from MW3
    26. Mojang to implement one sign-in for all games
    27. Modern Warfare 3 eighth most popular topic on Facebook in 2011
    28. Steam now supports coupon codes
    29. Arkham City DX11 patch is live, 32-bit users may wish to wait a bit
    30. Games on Demand: RE5 and Dead Rising 2 price drops
    31. Keighley: The Last of Us VGAs unveil to be "in-game"
    32. Euro PS Store and Plus update, December 7 - LEGO Harry Potter, Resistance 3, Pink Knight, BF3
    33. Catherine confirmed for February 10 in Europe
    34. New Epic IP to be "radically different" than anything beforehand, says Capps
    35. Last Guardian producer Hayama quits for London-based social company
    36. Bethesda debunks Obsidian dev's Skyrim PS3 lag theory
    37. Ninety-Nine Nights Online announced for Japan
    38. Frozenbyte: Trine 2 to get “substantial DLC” next year
    39. New Xbox Dashboard: A ten minute video tour - watch
    40. Tony Hawk hints at new game unveil for VGAs - details
    41. Trine 2 launches today, original sells 1.1 million on PC, PSN
    42. How Assassin's Creed: Revelations ended our love affair
    43. GRIN veterans introduce Pid, due 2012
    44. Quick Quotes - Pachter thinks Gears of War 3 won't sell consoles
    45. 3DS firmware update live, includes accomplishments
    46. US PS Store Update, December 6 - FF VI, Dragon Age II, Back to Karkand
    47. PSA: Xbox Dashboard update rolling out now
    48. Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer admires the scenery
    49. Skyrim PS3 fix not in next patch, says Bethesda
    1. Nintendo acknowledges game-breaking Skyward Sword bug
    2. Sledgehammer recruiting for next Call of Duty game
    3. Journey's desert setting to "encourage a connection" between players
    4. Survival mode coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition
    5. The Scorched Desert for The Secret World looks a bit formidable
    6. MLG Pro Circuit 2011 most-watched in eSports history
    7. Ubisoft's bid to block sales of Get Up and Dance denied by US judge
    8. CrimeCraft's GangWars expansion is live
    9. Android Apps pass 10 billion downloads, discounts select games to 10 cents
    10. GameStop lists Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack DLC for AC: Revelations
    11. Killing Floor Twisted Christmas 2 starts tomorrow
    12. Gore Verbinski's studio working on XBLA Kinect title
    13. Video shows Skyrim being played with Kinect on PC
    14. PS Plus December preview: Free Tomb Raider: Underworld, Marvel Pinball, more
    15. 3DS gets closer to 3 million units sold, Mario Kart 7 moves 420,000 units
    16. UK's Education Secretary to back computer science in schools, more students should learn coding
    17. GamesAid Little Big Bunch indie bundle lets you pay what you want
    18. GTA III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition hitting Android, iOS next week
    19. Report - 39 million MMO gamers in the US play SciFi, 68% prefer F2P
    20. Quick Quotes: Heller's race in Prototype 2 is tricky, “nobody wants to touch it”
    21. Ubisoft Quebec posts job openings for MMORPG development
    22. BloodRayne: Betrayal is 20% off on PSN until December 13
    23. Awesomenauts' latest character reveal is Yuri the mad scientist monkey
    24. EA announces The Sims 3 Showtime expansion pack for March
    25. Persona 4: The Ultimate footage shows off Chie awesomeness
    26. UK shops say Metallic Red edition of 3DS is selling out
    27. BF3: Back to Karkand goes live on PSN, gets final look-in at Wake Island
    28. PSA: New Xbox Dashboard to go live in an hour [Update]
    29. 2K announces narrative four-player co-op for The Darkness II
    30. Zynga ends copyright lawsuit with Vostu
    31. GOG to bundle Witcher 1 and 2 together as part of Christmas sale
    32. Obsidian approached by South Park Studios directly for game
    33. Alan Wake XBLA isn't fully-fledged AW2, says Remedy
    34. Battlefield Play4Free gets weapon customisation
    35. ACB: Capcom to publish arena FPS Nexuiz
    36. Dynasty Warriors Next demo to appear at Vita Japanese launch
    37. FFXIV to start billing on January 6, discounted pricing until V2.00
    38. THQ to announce "very exciting" new title this month, says Bilson
    39. Mood Music: Dark Souls and The Silent Comedy
    40. Xbox Dashboard update includes Kinect voice control for Australia
    41. New BioShock: Infinite trailer to debut at VGAs - teaser image released
    42. Report - Theme Park iOS DLC items could set you back $60 each
    43. Beyond the Labyrinth combat takes rock, paper, scissors to a new level
    44. Resistance 3 Brutality DLC drops this week
    45. EverQuest admins issue final warning to cheaters
    46. IGF Awards expands with Microsoft-sponsored XBLA prize
    47. Fruit Ninja plushies arrive just in time for Giftfest 2011
    48. Gibeau: "Totally open" to real-world war stories in games
    49. Analysts predict November win for Xbox 360
    50. Warriors Orochi 3 trailer shows Ryu, Ayane in action
    1. Trine 2 PC and Mac version to release December 7, consoles to follow
    2. Good Old Games announces massive holiday sale
    3. 65% of Heavy Rain players saved Shaun
    4. SWTOR beta testers rack up 9 million hours over three day weekend
    5. Lego makes inevitable Minecraft connection, deal in progress
    6. Ueda still on board The Last Guardian
    7. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 coming to select US arcades
    8. New Final Fantasy XIII-2 details, commercial revealed
    9. Uncharted: Golden Abyss most anticipated Vita title according to Famitsu readers
    10. Quick Shots: Action-packed Max Payne 3 Screens released
    11. Rayman creator Ancel: "I don't really enjoy Mario games"
    12. Bleszinski to unveil "fresh, new experience" from Epic at VGAs
    13. Uncharted series sells 13 million, says Sony
    14. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd big winner at PlayStation Awards
    15. Nintendo UK appoints new head of communications
    16. PS3 Skyrim stutter-bug linked to Fallout: New Vegas glitches
    17. Keighley: Alan Wake XBLA is "effectively" Alan Wake 2
    18. SCEE boss: PS3 to aim at "younger demographic"
    19. Dynasty Warriors Next confirmed for EU Vita launch
    20. Driver: San Francisco 360 update goes live
    21. UK charts: MW3 sits top for fourth week
    22. GameStop UK selling Uncharted 3 for ?23
    23. Konami Vita download title to get freemium release
    24. Zynga registers ForestVille web domains
    25. Microsoft to release new Xbox Companion WP7 app tomorrow
    26. "The Future of TV": New Xbox Dashboard drops tomorrow
    27. CCP: EVE Online's Incarna "didn't really do any gameplay"
    28. Final Fantasy XIII-3 not on the cards despite domain registration
    29. Zelda series producer: I want to "make it my own"
    30. Touch My Katamari DLC rewards completionists and credit cards
    31. Capcom to ship 420,000 copies of Monster Hunter 3G
    32. Politician jumps the gun with detailed Fruit Ninja announce
    33. UMvC glitches go monochrome, reverse controls
    34. Playable Final Fantasy VII opening built with Unreal Development Kit
    35. Rumour - US digital Vita titles up to 40% cheaper than retail
    1. Quick Quotes - How EA influences BioWare's development
    2. Recruitment outs new Square Enix 1st Production Department title
    3. Vita restricted to one PlayStation Network ID per unit
    4. Command & Conquer Alliances outed by domain
    5. VGAs to introduce new PS3 exclusive, The Last of Us
    1. Rolston: RPGs reaching a boon period, still a market for structurally sound high fantasy epics
    2. RIFT's instance finder Instant Adventure goes live next week, big shake-up coming
    3. Zynga lowers valuation to $7 billion ahead of initial public offering
    4. Really Big Bundle adds soundtracks, Zeybold text adventures
    5. SWTOR "Choose Your Side" video pits the Imperial Agent against a Jedi Consular
    6. Slighty Mad and Eurogamer want you to create a track for Project Cars
    7. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online enlists 1 million players since April
    8. Quick Quotes: Ken Rolston says he's still confident in the single-player market
    9. Microsoft Flight beta applications now being accepted
    10. Nine new songs from Queen being added to Rock Band 3 next week
    11. BBFC lists Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition for February release
    12. MW3 Xbox Live Avatar sales to benefit Call of Duty Endowment
    13. ICRC investigating whether Geneva, Hague-conventions should apply to games
    14. Expired Online Pass codes found in new copies of EA games
    15. Battlefield 3 PC patch deploying December 6
    16. Phase 3 closed beta video released for Blacklight Retribution
    17. North American trailer released for Xenoblade Chronicles
    18. Report - Day 1 lays-off 95% of Silent Scope team after Konami backs out
    19. South Park: The Game details escape from Game Informer
    20. Killing in the name of: When does the blame game stop?
    1. Capcom files trademark for E.X. Troopers
    2. More rumored Wii U specs surface, hardware similar to Xbox 360
    3. Report - Alan Wake sales figures close to 1.5 million units
    4. Assassin's Creed "meta story" could be "carried on forever"
    5. Master Chief to look a bit different in Halo 4, Cortana in danger once again
    6. Onechanbara Z: Kagura stars a bikini-clad half-vampire
    7. Get 3D Classics: Kid Icarus for free when you register two eligible 3DS titles
    8. Ryan: Insomniac going multi-platform isn't "the end of the world by any means"
    9. Anaylst: Amazon has sold close to 2 million units of Kindle Fire
    10. This is Iron Man in Marvel Universe Online
    11. Ubisoft feels releasing new IP through digital platforms is less risky
    12. US PS Movie Store Update: Friends with Benefits, The Smurfs
    13. Xenoblade Chronicles to release in the US in April 2012
    14. Round of Rare hires include former Codemasters, Ubisoft and Relentelss staffers
    15. Notch quits as Minecraft lead for "rest and new projects"
    16. Just Dance 3 moves 700,000 units in the US during Black Friday week
    17. Rock out to these new Army Corps of Hell trailers
    18. Sony negotiating Vita Flash support, defends proprietary memory cards
    19. Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk cracking gameplay trailer
    20. Square Enix and DeNA unveil Final Fantasy Brigade
    21. Band recreates iOS games in real-life
    22. Saints Row: The Third: Sandpapering the nowhere man
    23. Dan Stahl plots a course back to Cryptic Studios
    24. Star Wars Galaxies final schedule outlined
    25. New Battlefield Heroes content every day til Christmas
    26. Bungie's first sci-fi trilogy released for free
    27. CityVille still top dog on Facebook one year on
    28. SSF IV AE ver 2012 outlined in massive change log, brief trailer
    29. Dream dreamer - Half-Life 3 t-shirt spotted on "Valve employee"
    30. Uncharted: Golden Abyss Japanese trailer makes us wildly envious
    31. Atlus requests patience over King of Fighters XIII online issues
    32. Namco x Capcom Fight Club streaming online tonight
    33. End of Nations beta signups open
    34. Quick Shots - Amusingly varied Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens
    35. Dead Island Christmas give away stuffs stockings
    36. Spot the Grimlock in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron cinematic trailer teaser
    37. EA launches new, subscription-based T-Club for Tetris fans
    38. Infinity Blade II iPad, iPod patch incoming
    39. First full Japanese TV spot debuts "If we play, we're friends" campaign
    40. Analyst: Pepper spray incident shows games are "a must have holiday item"
    41. Mod support, villager AI top of Mojang's Minecraft wishlist
    42. Gaze in wonder on this extended Fez screenshot video
    43. Nintendo Downloads - Adventure Island, House M.D., more
    44. PopCap: One quarter of social gamers make purchases
    1. Street Fighter x Tekken Vita footage shows Toro vs Kuro
    2. Gamescom 2012 floorspace upped to 140,000 square metres
    3. EA acquires Superhero City developer KlickNation
    4. Ex-BioWare and Pandemic boss nets $15 million for new studio, Rumble
    5. Final Fantasy XIII-2 videos show off expert battle mode
    6. Insomniac teases Resistance 3 news next week
    7. Gotham City Imposters animated video features a cabby Batman, bratty Joker clan
    8. PlayStation creator Ken Kutaragi working on "totally cool" project
    9. All Zombies Must Die hits XBLA through Square Enix
    10. UFC on Xbox 360 delayed to December 20
    11. Skyrim to support Steam Workshop, Creation Kit due January
    12. Back to Karkand hits PS3 Dec. 6, PC and 360 Dec. 13
    13. Hill and Worthington star in another Vet and n00b MW3 trailer
    14. Infinity Blade II launch trailer makes you want to smack your Android device
    15. BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend to release Q1 2012 in Europe
    16. Stray Sheep Edition of Catherine announced for Europe
    17. Acquire's ink-themed Vita actioner Sumioni looks lovely, interesting
    18. Witcher 2, Deus Ex, Amnesia, more discounted on Amazon
    19. First level of Super Mario Land created with 18 million Minecraft blocks
    20. Mass Effect 3 developer video focuses on combat
    21. New Resident Evil: Revelations video focuses on story, characters
    22. Steam announces the Daily Wishlist Giveaway
    23. DmC gameplay trailer has an abundance of hacking, slashing, shooting
    24. Square releases first image of its action-RPG in development
    25. South Park: The Game RPG announced, is next GI cover
    26. Brink free on Steam this weekend to celebrate Clans and Tournament launch
    27. Syndicate weapons trailer and screens released, co-op shots land as well
    28. Konami announces NeverDead for a February 3 release, screenshot extravaganza follows
    29. Grand Theft Auto IV PC event being held tomorrow
    30. 3DS passes year one sales of original DS in eight months
    31. Games dominate UK Apple App Charts
    32. Nintendo: 3DS Ambassador Program games to release "before the end of December"
    33. Sony: 12 Gifts of Christmas PS Plus promotion starts, Sonic 2 free for 48 hours
    34. Report - SCEA's Rob Dyer and Scott Steinberg exit the firm
    35. Updated battling shown in new FFXIII-2 trailer
    36. Lineage II now free, better than wanking
    37. NowGamer beats 1 million unique users in November
    38. EA rumour du jour: Army of Four built on Frostbite 2
    39. Konami to publish Choplifter HD, release pushed to "winter"
    40. Going Diablo? Square UE action-RPG to have online play, says Ichimura
    41. Super Mario Galaxy 2 won't be coming to 3DS thanks to "speck" graphics
    42. Dragon Quest X "communication" screens are depressingly ridiculous
    43. Soul Calibur V out February 2 in Japan, box-art carries Ezio
    44. Fils-Aime: Wii U to appeal to a "different consumer"
    45. Counter-strike: Global Offensive beta footage
    46. Infinite Moo: Why Dynasty Warriors can be milked forever
    47. Classification Board hints at Aussie release for Star Wars: The Old Republic
    48. Rumour - Resident Evil 6 leak points to Chinese setting
    49. Sins of a Solar Empire's graphical renovation complete
    50. Analysts dismiss Kotick's SWTOR unprofitability claims
    51. Infinity Blade II's crunch time "not worth it"
    52. Latest Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures expansion drops December 15
    53. Plant beans, harvest new equipment in Nippon Ichi's Legasista
    54. Quake removed from German index list
    55. EA Mobile to bring The Sims Freeplay to iOS